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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 a crucial day of searching for the east bay father went missing while on a run. we're live in pleasanton as dozens of people look for philip kreycik for a 4th day. in confusion about masks once again, california reverses course on back to school guidance leading mask mandate decisions up to individual school districts. plus, after months of decline, us covid cases are rising once again. we'll explain what's driving the increase. >> now from the bay area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3.
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>> good afternoon and thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia top story this tuesday, the search for missing east bay. father continues for the 4th day 37 year-old philip kreycik one for a run at pleasanton ridge regional park on saturday and disappeared. kron four's. charles, the 3rd is live for us in pleasanton with the latest on the search efforts. charles. >> well, the search here pleasanton has not slowed down at all. there's still more than a 100 volunteers and search and rescue crews from dozens of bay area agencies here continuing the search. they just had kind of a shift change briefing just a short time ago and they are going to be working until dark tonight and they're shifting tactics a little bit to hopefully find mister craig jack. >> tuesday morning. the search for 37 year-old philip. right. check continued at full strength with dozens of teams and more than 100 volunteers scouring the area overnight fixed wing aircraft and drones with he testing equipment. look for signs of life but came up empty handed after
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spending several days conducting a broad search of the hills ravines. and for us here, crews are now narrowing their efforts down to the trail. they believe cry check had planned to use specifically going to focus on going. >> about a 100 meters off of each your trail down deeper into the the tree lines. meanwhile, the volunteers are methodically walking the many trails and roads in the area. it can be an exhausting effort. >> they're very tired when they get that rain is really hard even though the search is now in its 4th day. crews are hopeful. >> that philip right. check can still be found alive, but they admit that the window is closing. we hold on to hope that maybe we're missing missing. it, that that philip still up there, that he's in a survival mode. >> all right. back live now we learned just moments ago that the alameda county sheriff's office and east bay regional parks are going to hold a media briefing at 3.30 in about half an hour or so. and the media will be there and we will stream that live for you here on kron. 4 news coming up in about half an hour. but for
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now in the east bay, charles clifford kron 4 news, thank you, charles. >> to our coronavirus coverage now, covid cases in the u.s. are rising again after months of with new cases doubling over the past 3 weeks infections rose from 11,000 cases back on june 23rd to more than 23,000 cases on monday is according to johns hopkins university officials say this is being driven by the fast-spreading delta variant's a low in vaccination rates and 4th of july gatherings. according to the cdc about 56% of all eligible americans have received at least one covid-19 shots. the 5 states with the biggest 2 week jump in covid cases, all have lower vaccination rates. those states include missouri, arkansas, nevada, louisiana and utah. and there is some confusion surrounding mask mandates in schools. the state is updating an earlier guideline and forcing all students to wear masks. kimberly chang has more. >> used to it and 5 year-old
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braden who is attending summer school in person feels okay. wearing a mask. but distancing is a challenge. it's because they just want give them a hug. when school's out. can you give them school. >> i he says no, but the california department of public health said the goal is to return to full-time in-person learning. >> and since many schools can't fully accommodate physical distancing teachers and students in k 12 schools. >> we'll still be required to wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. there are, of course, medical oculus. really? i mean, you have families and adults and not wearing masks all sorts of public places far greater then you have in school. joel delmon apparent with california students united has a 12 16 year-old in la public schools. if you if you had the opportunity to get a vaccine and you haven't gotten that's
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your choice. and if you need to wear masks because you haven't been vaccinated. that's your to make fun of anybody for that. and if that's what's required for purposes. i do understand my kids are vaccinated. they don't need to wear masks reaction is mixed as fabian with parents. you know, communities of color low income communities where our parents have been. he the hardest by the pandemic. >> i think this is a mask mandate. it just. as a layer safety. >> for our kids. i think they should stay 6 feet up. >> it to feet apart, especially with the little one. >> that was kimberly chang reporting for us. governor newsome has signed the state's 100 billion dollar budget in some of the highlights include a $600 stimulus checks for nearly two-thirds of californians qualified families with children will receive an additional 500 rental assistance of 5 billion dollars to help low income
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renters and landlords also the state will invest roughly 12 billion dollars over 2 years to tackle the homelessness crisis. the budget also provides 2 billion dollars to help battle wildfires with new equipment and more firefighters. and finally, the state budget directs 5 billion dollars to drought and water supply projects. happening today. the santa clara city council is expected to approve a local drought emergency the city's director of emergency services has already declared a local drought emergency. but if the city council votes to ratify that declaration means more water restrictions will be put in place. some of those restrictions include no wasting water on sidewalks and streets. you can't wash your car without an automatic shutoff valve. and you can only water your lawn 3 days per week and you can't do it between the hours of 09:00am and 06:00pm and make sure you're not wasting water due to bad plumbing and irrigation systems. the city is also considering more resources to enforce these restrictions.
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there's already a mandatory 15% reduction in water usage. requirement across santa clara county. time now to talk about our weather. this is a live look from our mount tam camera showing wearing counties showing the blanket of fog hugging the bay area coastline. this afternoon. it's a pretty cool shot up here, though. we're joined by kron four's erica caturay for a look at these cooler temperatures that we're seeing this week. erica hansen, i definitely our inland areas also noticing. >> temperatures. couple degrees lower but a pretty similar conditions along the coast. like what we saw yesterday with some fog cloudy conditions as well. and that sea breeze going. we have a shot over the east facing some ruse skies and some local cumulus clouds as well out there. and here's a shot out in half moon bay looking grey just like we saw yesterday, if you like that weather, though, it's going to stay with us for the rest of today and through tomorrow morning along the coast. expect cloudy conditions that sea breeze again, kicking in tomorrow.
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you might want to get a sweater on if you're running any runs out there right now currently 56 and warmer out there and fremont at 70 78 in livermore, 80, though, in pittsburgh 78 up in fairfield where in the 60's in valais host 62 out in berkeley, 75 in petaluma right now. and currently 72 in santa rosa. so here's a look at our current gusts. you can see the red. those are gusts around 30 miles per hour here in the peninsula and parts of the east bay. it's going to stay with us for the rest of this evening as for temperatures. here's a look at our numbers so far inland areas by about 7 o'clock. we'll be down to the 70's by 9 into the 60's should mostly clear for our inland areas tonight. and then of course along the coast in our bay shoreline. we can expect to see some cloudy conditions of the 7 day forecast coming up in a bit. back to you. thank you, erica. california
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california is the largest wildfires burning a lot of the data state line. the back with complex fire has burned more than 91,000 acres in lassen and plumas counties. and it's 26% contained. >> flames jumped us highway 3.95 over the weekend. the small town of doyle has been hit hard. 600 people live there in 20 houses were destroyed one man says everything he owns is gone. >> i mean, after losing everything that i worked for and everything all these years. >> it's gone because they can do is focus on what's >> the back with complex fires. actually a combination of 2 fires. they're both started by lightning. no injuries have been reported. coming up at 3.30 dozens of wildfires are burning across the western united states and one is threatening the power supply here in california will have the latest on the firefight. now an airplane has crashed into a home near monterey. this is a picture sent out by monterey county
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regional fire details are still coming in, but we know it was near highway 68 in the montana ranch neighborhood. the crash that caused a small fire. we will work on gathering more information. and once we get that, we will find that to you. that's what big story out of the east bay. 3 men were arrested at a hotel during an undercover prostitution bust. the suspects were identified as 23 year-old geron meek 20 year-old markel shelton and 20 year-old marc ramirez, all from stockton. police say the undercover operation happened on july 9th when the man dropped off a woman at the hotel in san jose authorities also found 4 young women who may have been forced into prostitution in the hotel room, the 3 men have been charged with pandering possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle and possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. they have since posted bail. time for a quick break. but coming up, 2 puppies were stolen in the east bay and led police on a wild chase that didn't end so
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well. >> and a chaotic scene as a woman bites, a flight attendant and tries to open the door, the boarding door, the tools crews had to use to restrain her. and after the break, a new space city is struggling with the rise in a certain kind of specific cars that are being targeted.
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fencing coach in sunnyvale is now facing crime charges involving a child. the police say that this man, rod robbie a groomed. his victim. >> by purchasing her gifts treating her differently from other students and traveled alone with her to fencing competitions. now in the victim turned 17. that's when police say he began sexually molesting her. the suspect is the owner of the international fencing academy and police are looking for other possible victims. another news catalytic converter thefts in the city of san leandro are up 65% this year. and the police department says the problem has been getting worse for years. kron four's phillipe djegal says victims are being left with thousands of dollars in repairs. this is a perfect example. >> the truck going to convert every monday evening when hernandez says at least 5 their is shot big mufflers and areas. san leandro after discovering one or more
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catalytic converters have been ripped off of their vehicles. the damaged cars are all over. his loss is a nightmare for everybody. i can tell you that in fact, victors says thieves break into his shot every other week stealing catalytic converters from cars awaiting other repairs recently a crew knocked down his door to gain entry in broad daylight and in the day everybody has you know, it's not bad and there's nothing we can all that and put it in mice and it inside that we can. you know about this far. we lose in business. do you know? because. >> we star outside acting san leandro police captain only khan says on sunday an officer recovered 16 stolen catalytic converters during a traffic stop. >> one of 2 busts made within a week. but overall he says criminals have the upper hand. you're today. >> thus far we've seen a 65% increase in sunny related a catalytic converter thefts. he says 142 catalytic converter
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thefts were reported all of last year 117 have already been reported this year. >> and thieves are not just targeting the toyota prius hybrids trucks and suvs are getting hit too often during the early morning hours, vehicle inside a garage. a few potential can just eliminates the possibility of them. you know, the suspect's looking for your vehicle on the street. if you do have to park in the street park and a well-lit area. preferably somewhere surveillance camera captures your vehicle. you can also invest in a protective shield for your catalytic converter. but this mostly just slows thieves down. >> in san leandro all kron. 4 >> in the east bay. now a couple of puppies were stolen in hayward leading to a police chase that ended in a crash. now the dogs are ok this afternoon they were listed for sale online. the sellers agreed to meet a man in south hayward who said he wanted to buy one. but when he showed up, he had a gun and stole the truck with the puppies inside.
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police were called and gave in gave chase in the area of mission boulevard and highland. and that's when the thief flipped the truck. police say if you're going to make it private sale. you should do it in a public space. >> especially a place like that. you're a police department where we always have cameras to record the incident. there are a lot of places that are in public. they can go to thathdo have cameras. obviously that doesn't ensure your safety. but at least it's something that happens. it can be seen on camera. obviously we recommend taking friends or family somebody with you don't go alone. >> again. the puppies are okay. so that's good news. the man was arrested for carjacking, an animal endangerment. the mount diablo unified school district is hoping to hire more than 100 positions ahead of this school year. the district says they have a 112 special education, assistant positions available along with various other
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positions as well. the last year the district was unable to fill spots due to distance learning. so they're hoping to get qualified candidates to apply the district is also offering a hefty hiring bonus for the special education assistance. we offering a hiring bonus of $1500. >> well, for all of our professional instructional assistant positions for special education assistance and you get 5, get $500 up front. $500 halfway through than $500. at the end of the year. these positions are idol to the success of our students. >> qualified jobseekers can apply at the mount diablo unified school district website on the employment page. switching gears now to talk about our weather this afternoon. this is a live look towards of the exploratorium. it is gray out there. it is chilly as well. kron four's erica caturay joins us with a look at our forecast. definitely a bay area summer with the fog erica, he right about that sun. i've. >> and if you're going to be
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out near the golden gate bridge. you want to have a jacket on, especially if you're biking across or what not. you can see. we've got a little breeze going on. the flag, waving out in the distance seeing low clouds and some fog definitely shows up here on satellite and radar along the coast here, as you can see, try to temperatures tomorrow will be a pretty similar in san francisco. we're looking at lower 60's upper 50's along the coast as well. 62 for half moon bay tomorrow. 16 millbrae. so in the morning it will be pretty cloudy along the coast again and we could even see some drizzle. just like we saw this morning even along the peninsula when it's cloudy. tomorrow morning, 78 will be our high, though it should be mostly sunny in the afternoon for the south bay, a teaser high out in morgan hill tomorrow. 82 force in all. pretty nice out there in livermore tomorrow. 8870's from hayward down to fremont tomorrow. 79 for a high in rod a little cooler here from
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richmond down to oakland looking at mid to upper 6073 in castro valley 84 up in concord. annie up a little cooler. 79 tomorrow. upper 80's in vacaville and pittsburgh 86 degrees as for santa rosa 78 petaluma as well and point reyes, of course, much cooler at 65 degrees. stick around because i have the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. thank you, erica. still ahead at 3.45 as reservoirs are very low right now due to the drought some unexpected, something unexpected brother was revealed. we'll show you the once underwater discovery. >> athletes are descending on tokyo as we're just days away from the olympics. but one olympic swimmer is making headlines because of the controversial decision. he tells us why he's opting out of the c
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3 it's 03:23pm. we are waiting on a news conference out of pleasanton for an update on the missing runner that's now into its 4th day as soon as that begins. we'll bring it you live right here on kron. 4. in the meantime, we're 10 days away from the tokyo olympics. the city is in a coronavirus state of emergency as new cases are rising quickly and hospital beds are starting to fill. but despite this threat, one american olympian says he's not getting vaccinated marni hughes brings us the story.
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>> decision to go into the games unvaccinated is. >> 1, one we didn't take lightly us swimmer michael andrew is heading to his first olympic games with team usa. but the 22 year-old says despite the covid emergency in tokyo. he is standing firm in his decision. just. >> do as much research as possible. but one thing we have understood as as as an athlete, as a young individual. a very healthy and very strong immune system. i saw had covid in december and my process through that, it was very mild, very quick and easy. andrew says he has a specific reason for not getting vaccinated before the olympics. i did get the vaccine because i understand well as athlete everything we put our body has >> and for something that's come to the market so quickly. i don't know how my body is going and this is the most important couple of weeks of my life as an athlete and i just didn't want to risk anything happening or or taking away from my.
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>> training going into the games. olympic athletes don't have to get the vaccine in order to travel to tokyo. >> but the state of emergency because of increasing covid-19 infections led organizers to ban spectators and grateful that i have the freedom says american to make a decision like this. have that choice. andrew says he's following the rules set by team usa and plans to abide by covid-19 protocols in tokyo. all of the vaccinated and unvaccinated outfits and the team here are going through rigorous testing social distancing mask wearing in group settings we're pretty much quarantine away from the public here watching training. so if i took it tomorrow. >> so there's a lot of measures in place for us to be safe. whether you're vaccinated or not. he says he's also happy his teammates except his choice not to get vaccinated. so here we are getting reps. the greatest country on earth >> understand that. like they know i'm not doing this to try harder to put someone in harm's way. >> it's just that's my
3:26 pm
decision. and i think it's cool to see that they respect my decision to andrew will compete in the 100 meter breaststroke 200 meter individual medley and 50 meter freestyle at the games. >> and while he's been compared to michael phelps. andrew says he's excited to forge his own path. >> baby michael phelps, a little bit of a weird comparisons may want to leave my own legacy, create my own path. but it's an helps the ledge and to have even a portion of the success he has had in the sport would be amazing that so that was marni hughes reporting for us. >> tokyo. state of emergency will last at least 6 weeks and will be in effect throughout the games. the meantime, the olympic village open today. just ahead of the start of the olympics on july 23rd this all despite of the state of emergency athletes will wear masks and be tested in the village daily after being tested for covid-19 at least twice before leaving home. and again upon arrival about
3:27 pm
11,000 athletes are expected for the olympics and 4400 for the paralympics which commences on august 24th the international olympic committee says more than 80% of the village occupants will be fully vaccinated. first lady jill biden will be in tokyo for the opening ceremonies. she reportedly will also watch some of the events. up next, looking to get the kids out of the house this summer. san francisco is preparing its cable cars to return to service. we have details on when you can ride them on the city streets. >> plus the white house continues to push its infrastructure deal that promises lots of jobs on four's. catherine heenan spoke with the u.s. secretary of labor. she'll join us live in the studio with their conversation. and after the break, dozens of wildfires burning across the western united states and one is threatening the power supply here in california. we'll have the l bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? >> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3 we are waiting on a press conference with regard to the missing father out of the east bay. we'll bring that to you live once it begins. but for now, we're going go to our wildfire coverage. fast-moving wildfires have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes in california and oregon officials hope cooler weather will help conditions for the firefighters. kareen wynter reports. >> it's a race to save structures in life's as a
3:31 pm
dangerous heat wave that blanketed parts of the last few burning wildfires. the dozens erupted across the region. i hope everything is still there. when i get 2 of the biggest fire scorched forests and northeast california and southern oregon. >> the flames. so intense flames from the inferno shifted to neighboring states. we everyone to be ready to go at a moment's notice because as yesterday. >> things move very quickly and have to go straight to an evacuation order for many people. >> so we encourage and be ready to go. listen to the warnings and be prepared. the wildfire in oregon has burned thousands of acres of land triggering evacuation orders in some regions there as well with extreme heat causing a massive strain on the power grid. impacting california's power supply. the fires in oregon knocked out 3 major power transmission lines to california. 10's of millions of residents under excessive heat warnings and advisories on monday with many cities reaching record high. triple digit temps.
3:32 pm
>> officials struggle to contain this fire sparked on sunday 70 national park and forced some residents flee to safer ground to some clothes in the bag in. >> grab my shoes. then he was dead. >> the drought impacting the west has included containment efforts due to the dry conditions fueling the flames, the largest fire in california. that was complex continue burning along the nevada state line as officials encourage the public to voluntarily conserve as much electricity as possible to help prevent additional power outages here in the small community of dual california in lassen county firefighters structures and residential property were destroyed because they can do is focus on what's its residents at while he's fortunate to have survived a major disaster. he's now left with nothing as he faces a heartbreaking reality of having to start all over again. i mean, after losing everything that i worked for and all these years. >> it's gone.
3:33 pm
>> that was kareen wynter reporting for us. now it's expected to be an extremely busy fire season that could break last year's record of wildfires. there's now concern that a jet fuel shortage of tanker bases in utah, arizona and oregon could affect air operations as we get further into the summer months will continue to monitor that situation. now for a closer look at where these fires are burning. we turn things over now to kron four's erica caturay in the weather center erica high. so not to have a map here of current khalaf. i california wildfires that are burning obviously been telling you about the beckworth fire, which is. >> the biggest fire right now in california, another one that's close to us to is the river fire right now. i believe it's 15% contained so far it's burned about 9 to 500 acres up in mariposa county. so temperatures in that region are in the triple digits right now. humidity only 15%, but luckily winds out there pretty light right now. speaking of temperatures out there, you
3:34 pm
can see tomorrow. triple digits from bakersfield, fresno. it has been hot not just there but in the area. good news is tomorrow. looks like our temperatures are going to be in the 80's versus what we've seen the last 4, 5 days out there when we actually had triple digit temperatures over the weekend for here's our current satellite and radar. you can see. some rain out in arizona and nevada as well as southern california. that is because of that monsoonal moisture that has actually trickled in to california. so that's why we're seeing a little bit of rain out there in southern california shouldn't be heading out to our region any time soon. if you do have any travel plans, coming up these next couple of days. we can expect to see, you know, monsoon storms popping up here and parts of arizona as well as in nevada. as for us, it should be dry we will see cloudy conditions along the coast tomorrow in the bay area with some drizzle. but mostly sunny skies and our east bay area's, thank you. our the
3:35 pm
white house continues to push its infrastructure deal, one that the biden administration promises it will provide lots of jobs. kron four's. catherine heenan talk to the u.s. secretary of labor about that today. >> and has more. catherine yeah. hi soon. as i asked secretary marty walsh about the fact wall street analysts say. >> president biden has dramatically overstated things spy promising millions of new jobs. they suggest there could be as few as half a million. >> the president's been very clear that this is a long-term investment. this is not going to be one 0.2 trillion dollars spent over the next 2 years is going to be over 10 year period. time. those investments again going to be really important. i think a lot of what the wall street's looking at is they're looking at the immediate impact of of investing right away. we think about those investments better connectivity, clean drinking water opportunity for electric grid. what it's doing is connecting communities that might be underserved right now might not have industry would allow them to opportunity to create more opportunity industry as well as job
3:36 pm
training. do you have a better number. i mean, numbers of been all over the place. what it? >> what are the latest projections? it's hard to project jobs in this because you thing about construction job. you thinking about long-term investments. you can't really i don't have exact numbers on it. and because quite honestly that the plan has changed over the last couple of months. >> as the president sat down with the bipartisan group of senators republicans and democrats. it went from from a a projection of almost 2 trillion dollar investment to one 0.2 trillion almost it was so very significant. the largest would be the largest investment in roads and bridges. in one time. >> bottom line, the labor secretary thinks there will be a slow but steady rise in new jobs. and yes, could take a while. you can see more of my conversation with walsh on inside california politics. this at 06:30am in the morning saturday sunday at 6.30, in the morning saturday. it should be 06:30pm. so thank you, catherine. >> president biden delivered a
3:37 pm
fires fiery speech from philadelphia today on his efforts to protect the sacred right to vote. his administration has been working with the justice department civil rights leaders and state and local officials to challenge new laws across the country that they say make it harder for americans to cast their ballot. our washington correspondent jessi tenure reports on the president's message. >> the president condemned the new laws and republican led states and urged congress to fight back against them. >> the big lie is just that a big y. >> president joe biden defended the 2020 election results and american's right to vote in the place where he noted we the people began philadelphia. it's up to all of us to protect that right. >> this is a test of our time. >> to push back on new state laws that he says make it harder for people, especially minorities to vote. the president called on congress to pass spending legislation. i will sign it and watch the whole. back in washington. we need the power of the
3:38 pm
presidency. congressman lloyd doggett urged the white house and senate to take action after his fellow texas democrats fled the state legislature in protest over proposed voting law. there is seldom been more that stake. that's why they're here. senate majority leader chuck schumer praised the texas democrats and is helping them plan their next move. the bottom line is this. democrats will not stop fighting to protect voting rights and defend our democracy but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is not impressed by their efforts. quite interesting to see the democratic majority in the senate concerned about minority rights. >> in the state senate and texas. >> i guess if you live long enough you see almost as i'm around here. >> and the white house confirmed vice president harris will meet with the texas democrats, but it's still unclear if president biden. well, he did say, though, that he applauds their courage in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> coming up next is a casual kickback that went viral.
3:39 pm
hundreds of people showed up in southern california for a party that soon got out of control details on the charges that could be filed against those behind it. plus, about a handful of flex alerts within last week. is this going to be the new normal why experts say the short answer is yes and the solutions in the works. and an airline passenger bites, a flight attendant on american airlines flight that fools crews had to use to
3:40 pm
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3:42 pm
breaking news crews and pleasanton hour, updating us on the missing runner. let's to them. >> during our meeting. >> this this is spending day 4 and what they for. you know, we have to work on probabilities. and so i want hand it over to chief sites with our search and rescue to talk specifically about what
3:43 pm
we've done, what we've covered and why we are starting to arrive at some conclusions as to where we need to go from here. yeah. thank you. rick. >> so the monitor over here to my right, sort of indicates the activities for the last 4 days that we've had and to kind of give you this is a good reference for scale to give you an idea of the coverage and so forth that we've had. right now today written a 135 search assignments that we put out in the field probably a 120 of those are complete and our goal is between the end of today and tomorrow to finish out written assignments that we currently how if we receive any additional clues or information that may allow us to right additional simons. we will go ahead and proceed with that today boots on the ground. there's over a 120 searchers in the field, physically yesterday was 90 this operation scaled up from saturday afternoon, about 02:00pm. there's about 40 personnel from pleasanton pd.
3:44 pm
east bay regional park district. i county sheriff's office in only county search and rescue that were on scene. starting about 4 o'clock on saturday which about 2 hours after he was reported missing so it is very exigent response personnel to try to get on this operation to locate all a lot of it was based on the conditions of the days and so forth. and the heat due to the day and search efforts continued on that night to about and then we re struck at 05:00am sunday and scaled up from there from another additional 50 searchers that were here on sunday to the numbers of a 100 plus on monday. and today's numbers of over a 120. so really scaled up with we have a lot of different resources here from ground searchers assets. we've had helicopters. we have drones. we've got fixed wing aircraft you could even bikes. we got a ton of different resources that we've put it this operation so forth. in
3:45 pm
addition to our efforts and so forth. there's tremendous response of local people to support philip with regards to converge and volunteers that have been doing concurrent with they're doing their operations and keeping us informed of their activities. now, which we are incorporating their information on the areas that they searched into our search planning and so forth. so we're not excluding have data and so forth. so we're the information with regards to the operation. so as we begin to sort of go into the next operational period for tomorrow. we're going to be doing what we call limited objectives. search. so we're going to today's assignments. what needs to be we're going to do some review and scale back of looking at what has been done and sort of look for gaps within our coverage powers and make sure there's no holes for any areas of significance that we may have missed that we can target on with that. we will still have assets here tomorrow. we'll still have assets available
3:46 pm
and responding available throughout the week. from the different agencies. we turned up clues information and sightings and so forth. i can tell you that this is in my career. this is an unprecedented search for only the county usually we get it or subjects located within the first 24 to 2628 hours and usually they don't last more than today. so for us this is very difficult president clinton, president and we're trying to kind of move forward to get through all this tried to come to some conclusions are efforts and so forth as well as put tosether what we have with regard to where we can take from here. so we've got turn this over kobe a little bit to talk about our operations. you can point out some information on map kobe had been operations section here assisting all for the past 2 operational periods. >> the operational period. you
3:47 pm
can see out. we've covered a tremendous of ground from the general area and close as well as extending part part of the south. also west up to the like mentioned, we have a tremendous amount of ground searchers here. i think in the past 3 days personally over to our including counties from all across the state. yesterday we focused on extending our reach further out in the and or is continue those efforts as well as searching further in close around. but we believe to be his intended we still have teams in the field right now. completing the last couple of times. ron we're hoping to get good, probably 85% of those times tonight as well some more hurt for tomorrow. so so far are operations have been tremendous. we a great amount personnel search rescue teams across the state who primarily so there's a lot of hard work has gone into and a lot of people as well. to to.
3:48 pm
>> readers type just the work that he's doing is very technical work we left with basically 2 probabilities. one is that we're not finding so here in the drain. >> getting pleasanton police and other city officials talk about day 4 of the search for the missing runner. they say that theyiare there are over now 120 searchers physically in the field list, looking for creigh check. they said they have crowned searchers canines helicopters drones fixed wing aircraft and even bites. they're going to review what's been done so far. they're going to go over some gaps in coverage and see if they can focus their search. they also said that this is an unprecedented search for alameda county. they see typically when someone goes missing, they're able to find that person within 24 to 48 hours. we are now in day 4 in the search for the missing and they continue their search. we'll have more for you on what they discussed for you throughout the day on
3:49 pm
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[announcement on pa] introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. california just had 3 power alert issued within the last week and after the recent heat wave, the concern remains. what can we expect over the next couple of months in our power alerts going to be the new normal. the short answer is yes, but there are some solutions in the works. the california independent system operator says a fire in southern oregon continues to cause transmission issues limiting the amount of
3:52 pm
imported energy. looking ahead with more hot days coming and western states not being able to give what they have a times. some researchers suggest expanding the power grid to the east. >> more transmission could definitely be part of the you know, being able to connect, you know, the midwest, for example, which is a really wind, rich region with the need for that energy, you know, out here in california is definitely something that could be part of meeting. our energy needs in the future. >> the ability to better transfer power as part of president biden's trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. there are now no power alerts for the bay area, at least for the next couple of days. we'll b
3:53 pm
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workers at a burger king restaurant in nebraska had a message for upper management we all quit. take a look at the now former employees left this message on the store sign they say they quit their jobs because of long hours, lack of staffing and poor working conditions. a former general manager at the restaurant said at one point the temperature in the kitchen reached into the 90's and the restaurant was continually short-staffed. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on tonight. tonight on the donlon report. lawmakers fleeing their state. the governor threatening to arrest them. a texas representative explains why he's taking off instead of doing the state's business and its controversial impact on voting rights in texas. >> plus, billionaire is blasting off in the new space race. why one ceo is unimpressed now here's
3:56 pm
marni hughes with a look at what's coming up tonight on news nation. prime. >> thanks, joe. tonight on newsnation prime the dhs cracking down on products coming into the u.s. from forced labor camps. in a news nation exclusive hear from a woman whose mother is trapped in one of those camps and we take you to a port where the products are being destroyed. plus, chaos in cuba. what's causing protest escalate and the push for the biden administration to get involved. all that and more coming up tonight on news nation. prime. you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we also have details build on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> let's get one a quick weather check with erica for tomorrow's daytime temperatures erica hace the not. if you're running errands this evening along the coast or in san francisco. we're seeing cloudy conditions and that sea breeze you might want to have an extra sweater and hand. here's a look at our normal high temperatures for this time of year as you can see, it's pretty close to normal tomorrow for daytime highs are looking at 88 in
3:57 pm
livermore tomorrow. 77 in san jose 79 in nevada here in san francisco. 63 degrees. so 7 day extended forecast. here's in the morning. cloudy conditions along the coast and in the inland should be mostly sunny in the afternoon. thursday temperatures do get a little bit, though. looks like we could be warming up next week. thank you so much, erica. that's it for kron. 4 news at 3. i'm tahernia. thanks so much for joining us.
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♪ ♪ >> she lives with her parents and -- >> dr. phil: she is 68 years old. her family claims she's a thief. because she stole my mom's jewelry and sold it. >> falls, show me the video. >> dr. phil: this is at 4:00 a.m. going into your parents bedroom in the middle of the night. >> i was going into the bathroom in the hallway. >> dr. phil: falls. you've been living with their parents for 15 years. >> yeah, probably. she's treating her like she's an invalid, she's not. >> i want to know if there's anything you haven't tried haven't tried. >> dr. phil: you haven't tried anything. let's do it. ♪ ♪


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