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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 19, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. i'm reyna harvey. and it's monday. the start to an amazing week. hopefully for you and your family. john has a look at our forecast for sunday. and i know i think the heat wasn't really supposed to officially started today, but it was really warm yesterday and all last night. yeah. yesterday. definitely a hot one rain. and today it does continue across the bay area. we're looking at another hot one today with daytime highs climbing. >> well into the mid 90's for some of our inland cities. so
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something to think about as you're venturing outside and it's not just the heat either but also a chance of dry thunderstorms early this afternoon that is upping fire danger enough across the bay area that we have a series of red flag warnings in effect across upper elevations for much of the bay as we kick off this forecast after today things do cool off, though. and that's the plus side of all this looking outside at your center tower cam right now. you can see a mix of low clouds, but hey, this is good visibility considering you haven't even been able to see your center tower view and well over a week. so this is actually a bit of an improvement in that regard. some low cloud cover having pushed across the bay area. but if we zoom out across the region. what you are seeing is thunderstorm activity remaining pretty isolated as of this point to area southeast of fresno mostly along the kern county mountains in the sierra nevada foothills. we have had the series of lightning strikes up in the southern sierra haven't seen anything north or west of fresno, though. and that does include us in the bay area,
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although there are few offshore showers to know just west of the bay area. the area is nice and quiet as of this point as we do keep a close eye on any chance of afternoon thunderstorms that to result in some lightning strikes and obviously that does up fire danger and fire risk current temperatures range anywhere from the 50's 60's to just the low 70's and fairfield right now really mild way to start the morning for most areas temperatures not falling off much last night. that's actually a sign of the muggy feel that we do have for some areas when the air holds a little bit more water vapor in it. sometimes it takes a bit for those temperatures to drop and that's exactly what we saw last night. not a whole lot of dropping going on as far as our evening lows goes, we do have that chance of isolated thunderstorms mostly during early afternoon hours, which will be keeping an eye on all day for you today will be our warmest afternoon with high temperatures climbing as warm as the mid-nineties for some of our inland areas after this. we had lot cooler and well fire danger does improve. i'll be tracking what else to
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expect in the rest of this forecast all still to come, reyna don, thanks for that. let's get a look at your morning commute as you're heading from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 11 minutes for your drive time to make it to that fremont street exit was also head over look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues. and i'm tracking right now so it'll take a little under 40 minutes to make that commute. and let's head over look at the golden gate bridge heading into the city. about 20 minutes now, as john just mention, a red flag warning is in effect for the east and north bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. all areas are parts of the drought. but this warning was issued for the potential of dry lightning. a couple of strikes is all it takes. kron four's. gayle ong shows us how crews in the east bay. we're getting ready. >> the area. firefighters are staffed up with strike teams dozers and air support preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. firefighters are keeping a close eye on the hills and
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mountains. a red flag warning is in effect monsoonal moisture from arizona could create dry thunderstorms here in the bay area. the concern dry lightning sparking new wildfires. we do have. >> a few dozers that we can our disposal. you know, department we also have plenty of resources within our jurisdiction and the neighboring jurisdictions to assist each other with while in fires that. >> that could happen. alameda county battalion chief mark carter says preparations are in place since heels of this lightning >> it still there's a familiar reminder from from that that we do need to take wildfire seriously and just be prepared and do things such as you know, not have limit for you. so. barbecuing and open fires for cooking and things of that nature in the city of berkeley. those living in the hills are urged to be prepared for an emergency and know your
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evacuation zone. >> the national weather service says the main threat for dry lightning is over. the diablo range for the east bay, the red flag warning expires monday at 05:00pm. >> berkeley. gayle ong kron 4 news. well, right now there are at least 11 name fires burning across the golden state. >> one of the fires is the dixie fire which is burning near paradise. evacuation orders remain in place as it continues to spread in butte county. the fire has grown now to more than 15,000 acres. it's 15% contained cal fire says its crews are having a hard time containing the fire because of the steep terrain. more evacuations have been ordered as crews try to contain the growing tamarack fire that's burning near lake tahoe. that fire was sparked by lightning on july 4th. it's far more than 18,000 acres and is 0% contained. the fire is threatening about 200 homes in the tiny town of markleeville, which is near the california
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nevada border. 10 homes have already been burned and directly to the east of the dixie fire is the plumas national forests fire crews are still trying to gain an upper hand on the largest fire currently burning in california. the beckwourth complex fire has burned more than a 105,000 acres it's now 73% contained. mandatory evacuations remain in place for some residents out in lassen county at least 33 homes. there have already been destroyed. governor newsome declared a state of emergency saturday to help local governments insiste que last and and plumas counties. now, right now over kron 4. remember, we always have those tips for you, especially for fire season. just want to go ahead and scan a qr code on your screen with your mobile device and you're going to be directed over to our website. over in the east bay. one man is in critical condition this morning after a car plow him all over this all happened in richmond. the driver of that car sped off the incident was
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all caught on surveillance video. we have to warn you, this video may be hard for some of, you know, watch this is the surveillance video from a nearby business of the moment court in bail was hit. it happened tuesday morning at around 4.45. near san pablo and solano avenues in richmond. silver suv just kept driving after hitting him. they'll sister like me. should gartner says it's still hard to wrap her head around what happened to her brother. so devastating. >> that this has to my brother, even been very loving. loving person kind. joe jones star of the family. >> bell is awaiting to undergo numerous surgery and is currently in a medically induced coma. the family tells kron 4. they understand this may have been an accident, but they're disappointed that no one and that person did not stop to help him. also over in the east bay. wannacry police are investigating an early morning homicide. the shooting took place on s o s drive near
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north main street outside school tonic nightclub just after one 30 sunday morning when officers arrived, they found 4 gunshot victims. one died on scene. the other 3 were transported to a local hospital. a witness says the bar says they did not know what was happening until it was already over. >> what are going want the club know what's happening. this is a few people were yelling outside like like what happened. the cuts are coming out late running around this. the parking on likes asking people. >> that you see where the shooter who was the shooter. any will see anything. >> but then the little south. every every happened. the dew was shot on the ground. the police started coming over asking this. anyone saw anything. >> no information about a motive or suspect has been released at this point. today marks the 9th day since the disappearance of philip cry check the berkeley dad on your screen who was last seen after going for a run in the east
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bay on sunday. the alameda county sheriff's office use nearly 200 personnel. to the areas where they had searched before, including deep ravens and others to to rain. searchers also comb property next to the parks. but all of the efforts investigators say they did not find any new leads. they're urging anyone who may have information to give them a call. now to a big story we're following. covid-19 cases in the united states. a jump 70% in just one week. health leaders say the combination of the delta variant and on vaccinated. americans are feeling this latest wave of cases. our washington, dc correspondent alexandra le mon tells us why the fight against the pandemic is now a fight over social media. >> less than half of americans are fully vaccinated and louisiana has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. louisiana senator bill cassidy who is a physician blaine to vaccine hesitancy and democrats. we
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are going to be partisan. but over here you better trust us. that just doesn't work. senator cassidy encourage people to see medical professionals for accurate information and said he's trying to help share you choose either to be vaccinated or to accept a higher rate of unnecessary death and the information that's found on social media platforms is the topic of contentious debate here in washington last week, president biden blamed social media platforms for allowing the spread of misinformation 2 thirds of the people who. >> i have not gotten vaccinated say because they've got something off a social media. come on. >> senator amy klobuchar defendant president biden's comments. i really appreciate a president biden calling this out. >> and for months now i've been taking on the dirty dozen 12 people responsible for something like 60% of this misinformation the administration says social media companies must do more.
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facebook is pushing back saying it is promoting accurate information from sources like the cdc. >> facebook says the administration is looking for a scapegoat in washington. alexandra limon. >> well, coming next on the kron 00:00am morning news the search is on for the driver in a deadly hit and run in the south bay. also what we're learning about the victims. and over 40 people have thrown their hats in the ring to take on governor newsom in his upcoming recall election. we've got to break down those candidates and their political parties. once we get back.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you. doubt for and and you're probably wondering it was really warm over the weekend is are we going to be the same way john trouble has been busy in the weather center tracking things for us to get us started on another nice week out here in the bay area. good morning, john. yeah, another nice one. that's a good way to look at it as we do start the new week. we are going to be looking at some really nice conditions, especially later on this week. >> today on the toasty side and we may even see an isolated afternoon thunderstorm or 2, which as we know here in the bay area, especially this time of year reaching those later summer
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months. does result in increased fire danger. you look outside right now does show that low cloud cover sitting right across parts of the bay fog nor cloud cover really as much of an issue this morning. you are just seeing a few pockets of it there. san francisco out in the distance, though. and a little bit of the golden gate bridge also far out in the distance now where we sitting right now. we do have a few low clouds. obviously there are some showers actually situated just to the west of the bay area just off shore west of the golden gate itself. bay area has been quiet as of this point. but look at what happened yesterday up in the sierra nevada as well as the southern central valley. we saw afternoon showers and thunderstorms popping up in a lot of that convective moisture is trying to make its way our direction. what we're not seeing yet is any sign of any thunderstorm activity anywhere close to the bay area. but come late afternoon, especially if this monsoonal moisture does build enough during the heat of the afternoon. we could see an isolated thunderstorm or 2 building. and that is the concern. there as we do work
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our way into the hotte t afternoon that we do have ahead of us. if we do see some thunderstorm activity building lot of times at this time of year. you'll have a very dry layer closer to the surface of the rain won't make it to the surface. but you do have that chance of a lightning strike actually making its way down and that could result in the high fire danger. all this is due to the high pressure ridge that's pushing this monsoon moisture our direction still fog at the coast and then those clouds building come the afternoon for some of our in east bay areas of the diablo range, especially diablo where we are seeing the highest chance of an isolated afternoon. thunderstorm strike. 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's for your highs today. we've got livermore concord in antioch each in the mid to upper 90's. well, fremont hayward in oakland in the 70's san jose 84 san francisco. you'll be a nice 66 today. a look ahead shows that after today's heat and chance of isolated afternoon thunderstorms. we have a much calmer forecast shaping up
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after this highs will fall into the 80's at our warmest start as soon as tomorrow. and after that getting even cooler into wednesday and thursday start to the weekend on friday. also looking pretty good with some mid 80's inland 70's by the bay. >> don, thank you for that all right. well, we are following some national news this week congress could vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill as both the house and the senate returned today. washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us with the very latest. good morning. rush hour. >> good morning senate democratic leader chuck schumer announced he is going to call for a provisional vote on wednesday regarding that bipartisan infrastructure bill. but republicans say the bill isn't quite ready. the pressure is mounting for lawmakers to reach an agreement this week on a pair of massive domestic spending bills. one of them has a one 0.2 trillion dollar bill focused on repairing roads and bridges ohio senator rob portman. it's incredibly
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important legislation. we have a situation now in our country where we do have. >> crumbling infrastructure. it's hurting our. our efficiency. democrats like ohio senator sherrod brown are hoping to pass a 3.5 trillion dollar plan as well. >> that includes free community college for universal pre k and fighting climate change. >> these families can launch their children into a better life. if they have a little more support. >> and last week, senate majority leader chuck schumer said he is scheduling a procedural vote wednesday to begin debate on the still evolving bipartisan infrastructure bill. i think we need a deadline that enter schumer said i think we need to get going. the deadline was slammed by louisiana senator bill cassidy unless you want program failure unless senator schumer doesn't want this to happen. you need a little bit more time together right. and later today we'll hear from president biden as he updates the country on the covid-19 economic recovery reporting in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. thank you for that report was shot.
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>> and other national news. texas governor greg abbott was back at the border saturday. this time joined by florida governor ron desantis. well, the pair highlight at the partnership between the 2 states after florida answered the lone star state's call for help to tackle the surge in the border crossings. reporter wes rapaport has the latest. there. >> hi there. there's no clear timeline on when florida's resources will head back to the east coast. but governor desantis said it was no hesitation to send support here to the lone star state because during hurricane season, texas offers to lend a hand. >> this is a situation where all states need to be a part of the process of stepping up because the best place to interdict this criminal activity is not in florida is not an hour is right here on the border when texas governor greg abbott called florida's governor ron desantis answered. he sent boats planes and people to the lone star
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state. >> to help address the surge in border crossings. i asked some of my folks at the state levels is something we could support. >> but i didn't want it to be something we're like dragging people out here. the texas department of public safety tallied at least 58 personnel from the sunshine state to beef up presence along the border. that makes it safer for our troops because we can double up as opposed to single man units while abbott and desantis talked tough here along the u.s. mexico border. texas. democrats say it's all a distraction from other key issues lately it's certainly a hit among certain. >> republican governors to say, well, we're going to send troops and national guard to to the southern border that to help out. and i'm not quite sure what their plan is. democratic state rep alex dominguez who represents the border community of brownsville tells me the state should instead focus on the energy grid and the economy. this is certainly another tactic in his arsenal. >> to distract from mistakes
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failures and inadequacies in his leadership. in response to criticism about misplaced priorities. governor abbott tells me. >> the lives of people who live here along the border region are being disrupted by cut fences live start getting out and even some violent encounters. and he tells me if people in metro areas like houston or dallas, we're facing similar situations. they want a response just like this one reporting in del rio texas. i'm wes rapaport. back to you. they do that before. >> 41 challengers will take on governor gavin newsome is upcoming recall election in september. the secretary of state's office released the complete list which includes 21 republicans 8 democrats, one libertarian 9 independence and 2 members of the green party. coming up next to the kron 00:00am morning news just a few days before the start of the olympics. one us tennis stock is out. >> after testing positive for covid. and here's a live look
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outside at the golden gate
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>> already without serena williams. the u.s. olympic women's team was dealt another blow before the games even
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started. we'll show you a live look at tokyo right there. reporter andrew marden is in tokyo with the details. the coronavirus continues to be the biggest storyline of these olympics. the latest athlete to test positive for covid-19. >> tennis sensation coco gauff. she tweeted the news saying in part, it is always been a dream of mine to represent the usa at the olympics. and i hope there will be many more chances for me to make this come true in the future. we like to think so. coco gauff is just 17 years old. she is ranked 25th in the world. it is unclear if she has been vaccinated. by the way, coco gauff one of 3 athletes here in tokyo on sunday. the test positive for covid-19 2 soccer players from teams, south africa in tokyo. i'm andrew marden. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news business owners in chinatown are speaking out following the most recent violent attacks against members of the a p i community the effect they see it's having on their neighborhoods.
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>> welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news. let's get another check of weather this morning with john trouble. if you're just waking up now, you might have felt
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the warped over the weekend and you're wondering, is that going to stick around and just have anything to do with pose an extra risk when it comes to fires. yeah, absolutely rain and we are looking at a heightened fire danger day ahead of us. and part of that is due to that heat that we've already seen across the bay area and will continue to see for yet another day to day. in addition to that, we also do have the potential of some dry lightning, especially across the east bay hills. >> which ups fire danger just a little bit further on a hot and dry day like we have any sort of other factor that's added in such as a cloud to ground lightning strike could result in a fire. now looking outside right now we're not seeing nears foggy of the morning as what we had been seeing each of our mornings last week. you can actually see your view from our tower cam, which was not the case. any of those previous mornings i was talking about a nice clear morning for most areas. there's some low cloud cover in pockets and we are seeing some of that rising into the east bay hills resulting in some lower visibility as you drive right above the east bay
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itself over. although visibility is improved radar shows some really quiet conditions for the bay area. but let's zoom out across the region. i'm going to point out a couple of things to you. so first of all, we do have this monsoonal moisture pretty evident right here in those areas that i'm showing that's really basically a band across the region. we do see some thunderstorms having built yesterday, late in the day right along the sierra foothills and just southeast of fresno. as far as bay area activity goes, we've been quiet. there's a few isolated showers that have not resulted in lightning immediately to our west. but i'm going to be keeping a close eye on those east bay hills of the bay area specially come the afternoon as we do see a chance of thunderstorms building late this afternoon for areas like the diablo range just east of san jose. that's our highest risk of any cloud to ground lightning and any potential thunderstorm as for temperatures. right now, we're in the 50's 60's and 70's just for one city, though fairfield right at 70 degrees. this is a really mild start to this


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