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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 21, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> and good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. i'm reyna harvey. let's start this morning with the check of weather here. we are july 20 first. my goodness. feel like we were just 2 into for the july celebration. and now i guess we have august that we're looking to right. >> crazy definitely a light in by. it seems like right summer got here. they got here right now and it continues to be that way. another dry forecast ahead of us. no changes as far as that goes. but we do have
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some cooler weather just around the corner. dow something that we can look forward to as soon as this afternoon for inland areas. so waving goodbye to the 90's for a whole lot of the bay area at least temporarily today looking outside at the bay bridge behind me. you can see it. that's always a nice little note. cloudy sitting above the bay. and you can also see all the way to the top of the transamerica pyramid this morning. sure is a cool look to it, though. that trees blowing in the foreground and this camera view and we can see that there's a nice coastal breeze that has again pushed in the low gray across the bay this morning, much as we experienced yesterday. today actually repeating a lot of yesterday's factors in that regard to start the morning. as for current temperatures, it's 50's and 60's concord at 61 pittsburgh 67 while dublin and livermore egypt 59 hayward, alameda and oakland all at 57 degrees currently later on today. a noticeable difference for our inland areas. daytime highs, inland mostly only in the 80's today. yesterday had that number in
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the 90's. so this is quite the change of pace bayside areas. mostly low 70's and the coast down in the upper 50's for some plenty more details on exactly what to expect here and how long this cool down. the last all still ahead, back to john, thank you for that. keeping a close eye on your wednesday morning commute. we're starting here at the bay bridge. no major issues or delays. >> as you're traveling into the sea there is a little bit of construction going on along 80. and this is going to be 80 westbound ashby avenue in berkeley. all lanes are closed there. but again, you can still take as you're traveling down into the city, 10 across and get a look at the san mateo bridge traveling towards the peninsula. there are a little under 13 minutes at this early hour. we do have a traffic collision in the south bay. this is on 85 northbound and union avenue down. they're not causing much of a backup and no major delays and we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city this morning i'm not seeing any major overnight construction
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about 20 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell comey also looks nice for you. we'll have more on that coming up. for now, let's get back to the news. a big story this morning the question of whether the oakland a's stay in oakland or find a new home is still up in the air. >> that despite the city council voting to approve a non-binding term sheet tuesday which could pave the way for a development agreement for a waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. but as kron four's phillipe dogs planes. the athletics do not agree with all those terms. >> by a vote of 6 to one with one abstention early tuesday afternoon. oakland city council voted to approve a term sheet with the oakland athletics. the non-binding agreement could allow the city and the a's to continue negotiating toward a binding development agreement for the taste proposed 1 billion dollar stadium at howard terminal part of a 12 billion dollar waterfront development project problem is the a's have not agreed to all of the
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language in the term that includes amendments by city staff to the proposal a's released publicly in april. there has been progress in the negotiations. you know, we've moved and made concessions. the city's main concessions. >> but i think it is important to remember that the current term she even with these amendments is not something that the a's have consensus around. it's not a term sheet that we proposed with edits that we kind of come together in mutual agreement in fact, a's president dave kaval stated during the nearly 4 hours long virtual meeting that the amended terms sheet includes language that the team has never seen. >> among the roadblocks encounter during the course of negotiations has been who pays for off site transportation infrastructure. the a's have said they should not be held responsible. the city now agrees saying local regional state, federal. >> and other funds could cover those costs the city now also once a 35 year term agreement
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rather than at least 45 years, though it would include a 25 year non relocation agreement. the city also insists that 35% of the residential component of the project should be dedicated to affordable housing. but the a's have not agreed to being held financially responsible for that. i just really want to stress that, you know, voting yes on something that we don't agree with or we don't have consensus around. >> is not an effective path for i don't know where we go from here. >> they're still telling us that they are not rooted in oakland that they are not willing to accept what the city staff has put together the city hopes it can come to a development agreement with the a's that could be up for a vote in the fall. >> meanwhile, kabel did not deny he is traveling back to las vegas this week to continue to look at potential relocation sites in sin city, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> shortly after the vote. oakland mayor libby shaft gave
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a statement over zoom. here's what she had to say. >> we are very close in full agreement with the a's. i know that it was disappointing today that what was voted on by the council did not have full consensus from the team. but i assure you. we are very close. >> well, tuesday votes in place as the a's play the los angeles angels at the coliseum kron 4 talk with some fans about the team's future and some say they are cautiously optimistic. others say the entire process has dragged on just far too long. >> been here before you know. so it's like, you know, just wants know also with it to worst completed that put the several underground that. i'll be excited right now. it all ok. >> one thing everybody appear to be on the same page about is warning the a's to stay right here in oakland, especially after losing the raiders to las vegas and the
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warriors to the city. so if that means moving forward with the waterfront ballpark. they're all for it. right now over on kron. dot com. you can track the fate of the a's on your fingertips. go ahead, take out your phone scan that qr code on your screen. you will be directed to our website over at kron 4 dot com. we have all is there be updating that regularly. now to our coronavirus coverage. governor gavin newsome not ruling out the possibility of a statewide mask mandate. so this is covid cases are sharply increasing throughout california. the 7 day test positivity rate has increased a 4% from last week. more than 4700 new infections were reported in the past. 24 hours, a 174 more people are hospitalized and 11 more people in the icu. most of this is due to the more contagious delta variant, which now counts for about 60% of cases sequenced in july. infectious disease. experts say while hospitals in the bay area are not getting
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overwhelmed. the numbers are definitely concerning. >> certain about is the trajectory of cases going up and it's going up fairly fast. and we need to go back to that old term that we all were talking about a year ago and that is flattening. the curve if i'm going indoors anywhere unless i know with a 100% certainty that everyone is excavated. i've got a good mask on. >> every county in the bay area now recommends wearing mask except solano county. now officer there says he doesn't believe the surge in cases justifies issue and a mask recommendation. and the east bay. there's been a dramatic increase in covid-19 cases and health officials are attributing it to those who are not vaccinated contra costa county health services has documented 875 new cases in the past week and case rates among the unvaccinated is about 11 times higher. and for those fully vaccinated and with new covid-19 cases
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beginning to search city leaders continue to urge all to get vaccinated. >> we need to take more stringent steps. and courage or if we have to force people get the surge is virtually a pandemic of the unvaccinated. you know, they're they're putting us all at risk. >> all people ages, 12 or older can get vaccinated at a contra costa health services site. even if they do not live or work in contra. costa county. there's no appointment required. also in the east bay, a concerned parent is going public with her frustration after learning of a covid outbreak at a church summer camp. at least 3 campers at hume lake. kristin camps have tested positive for covid-19. one mother shares at the can only ask for proof of a test and not proof of a negative result. it asked if a parent thinks their child was in contact with someone who has covid to only evaluate if that child should go to camp.
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she believes the severe lack of oversight put her daughter and others at risk. >> if a parent knew that their kid was exposed and sent them anyway. singing. i you're fault, too. but i don't play as blame on the parents i please play wants and the churches for letting this be the guidelines. >> he likes as the 3 kids. you tested positive for covid-19 at the camp were not from 3 crosses but a spokesperson for 3 crosses. kids have tested positive since returning home high school and junior high school in person meetings at 3 crosses have been canceled for the next 3 weeks. as covid cases continue to rise amid the spread of the delta variant. many tech companies are delaying bringing back workers to the office, including apple. so analysts say other companies will probably follow suit. >> want to get people back in the face to face learning whether it's in a corporate environment or an academic environment and this situation
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presents a challenge on how to do that. in that safe as matter to prevent the virus from resurgent seen an uptick infection. >> facebook reiterate it a policy announcement last month that it is working to all the most us offices at 50% capacity by early september and likely reopening fully in october. feeling. >> we're optimistic we're we still believe in our hearts that us going to be on his way home soon. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news the philip quite check remain optimistic about finding philip alive. nearly 2 weeks after he went missing this morning. we're hearing from his father. and we're going to take a look at the largest wildfire burning in california. plus, more details on what pg and e is saying about their possible role in starting the dixie fire. and next as the push to get americans vaccinated continues
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members from both sides of the aisle way in. we'll have a live report from dc with the very latest. that's up after we get back.
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>> in national news as the highly contagious delta variant fuels outbreaks across
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our country. health officials are concerned the deaths and cases are going crease in the coming weeks. washington correspondent hudson joins us this morning with the very latest. good morning. were shot. >> good morning. rain and the cdc says the delta variant is now responsible for 83% of the cases we're seeing across the country. this is leaders on both sides work to fight back against vaccine. hesitancy. >> so if there's anybody out there. willing to listen. >> and his strongest way so far senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says getting vaccinated is the only way to beat the covid-19 pandemic the way to defeat getting back. >> into the position we were last year is to get vaccinated. this is not complicated. >> as cases increase. he noted that nearly all new virus hospitalizations in the country are among people who have not been vaccinated and
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tuesday. top health officials were back on capitol hill to testify on the path forward. >> we must continue to expand vaccine coverage by building trust and confidence in covid-19 vaccines. and this is particularly important in communities of color, rural communities and other population groups at risk. >> cdc director rochelle walensky says it's about protecting your family and community and president biden is renewing his push to reach the unvaccinated. >> first of all, the covid was a next to people. >> the white house says as this continues to be an uphill battle to get people who are not vaccinated vaccinated. they're looking at changing their strategy and expect to announce something soon. reporting live in washington rashad hudson, back to you. thank you for that report. was shop. >> all right. well, back here at home as you're waking up on this wednesday morning. you're probably trying to figure out what to we're okay. i don't even want to call it because yesterday i was like monday was the warmest day yesterday.
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john was certainly hot one. so will people still have to brave the heat over the next couple days. we're going to break. >> we are definitely looking at the break. rain and temperatures falling significantly in london today, especially coastal areas. pretty steady staff and bayside areas, although a little bit cooler will be a really noticeable difference today. i definitely say bring the jackets. whatever the case this morning because you're going to need them as you're stepping outside 2 water temperatures in the 50's. a pretty noticeable sea breeze. and yes, the return of some low gray. that's market street there in the distance in san francisco. it's about all you can see between the clouds that are shrouding the city right now. low gray will hang out in a similar time frame as to what we saw yesterday before it does eventually burn off. setting us up for some afternoon sun, high pressure continues its retreat and in the process we look at a much calmer forecast. little bit of a cool down ahead of us in the days to come, especially for those inland valleys and you'll see that in your 4 zone
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forecast 60's for your daytime highs in the sf a range of 50's and 60's right along the coastline while 60's and 70's for bayshore cities foster city at 72 redwood city palo alto and mountain view each at 76 degrees while south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 70's mostly at least couple of 80's mixed in there, too. fremont and union city in the 70's. well, hayward only at 69 degrees. same for you in san leandro. not often you see oakland one degree above you. but that's the case this afternoon right at 70 degrees in oakland concord, you'll 86 today well, only to 90's on the map vacaville in antioch. billy, how at 77 in napa right at 80 degrees. some low 80's and nevado and santa rosa as well. looking at tomorrow. temperatures, just as cool. before we do warm things back up into the weekend by the weekend summer. warmest of temperatures are back into the 90's with dry skies remaining through this forecast. partly cloudy to foggy starts to the mornings followed by clear afternoon's don, thank you so
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much for that. as you are waking up on this wednesday morning. we're keeping a close eye on your morning commute. >> heading from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes for your drive time. no major delays. the san mateo bridge also looks pretty light for you as you're traveling across towards the peninsula, not tracking any major issues about 13 minutes for you to make a cross towards the peninsula. we'll have a more on the richmond. sandra fell commute in the golden gate coming up. but for now, let's get back to the news. developing this morning. an orange county man who worked for the dea has been arrested on charges stemming from the capitol riot justice department says this man mark sandy, a broom, brought his service weapon and batch to the january 6 siege, flash them in several photos. he was also photographed holding a flag with the words liberty or death outside the capital. the former probation officer was off-duty at the time. he'd earlier been a guest on fox news and claimed he was only at the capitol as a spectator. >> but i did. you do anything criminal that day. no, not at
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all. tucker. i never even stepped foot on the the stairs of the capitol building. >> he's facing 4 felony charges include breaching restricted areas. the former college student who opened fire on a group of worshippers at a san diego synagogue and 2019 has pleaded guilty. 22 year-old john earnest admitted to firing an assault rifle inside a synagogue during passover saying it was because of his hatred for jews. one woman was killed, 3 others were hurt in that shooting. he also pleaded guilty to an arson charge at a mosque earlier that year. the judge told earnest he's guaranteed to spend the rest of his life in prison. a close friend of former president donald trump was arrested in california on tuesday. he's facing charges of failing to register as a lobbyist for a foreign country in a 7 count indictment. thomas brock is accused of using his access to trump to advance the interests of the united arab emirates then lied
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about it to federal agents. prosecutors say iraq is a flight risk they've asked that he be transferred to new york and held in custody here. coming up next on the kron news in all tie. >> billion dollars settlement by the companies accused of fueling the country's opioid crisis. why some people are still disappointed with the deal.
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>> and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news drugmaker johnson and johnson and the country's 3 biggest drug distribution companies are on the verge. the 26 billion dollar deal to settle opioid lawsuits lawsuits have been brought for by state and local governments across the u.s. over the toll of prescription opioids. >> now the cdc says nearly 500,000 people died from opioid overdoses in the u.s. from. >> 1999 to 2019 news of a settlement, though, is drawing mixed reactions. >> this doesn't to me discourage this from happening again because no one is going to prison of course, it's never going to be money. you know, it it did make up for the loss of lives hopefully it will be enough where people
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can start getting better access to treatment things like that at the local level where, you know, entire cities and counties that have just been decimated. >> well under that deal johnson and johnson would not produce any opioids for at least a decade. we have amerisourcebergen cardinal health corp. they would share prescribing information under a new system. more than 40 states would have to sign off on the deal which could take months. now a southern california couple faces 30 criminal charges for sparking last year's deadly eldorado fire with their gender reveal party. the fire burned more than 22,000 acres in san bernardino killing one firefighter and injuring 2 others. they accuse couple pleaded not guilty to those charges and they were released without bail. now the most serious charge they face is involuntary manslaughter for the death. a firefighter. charles morton. the couple is due back in court on september 15th. still ahead on the kron
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4 morning news, a remarkable rescue caught on camera. the bay area police officer leaps into action to save the man asleep at the his car is slowly. >> in gold and flames. we'll have a look at that once we get back.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now is 4.29. it was hot monday. it was hot tuesday. will it be a warm wednesday. i don't know. it's like i wish i could flip a coin to tell. you know, yes, maybe so we have something a little better than that. john sabol is in the weather center has been tracking that for us. good morning, john quinn flips are more fun, though, so you can keep doing that. if you want to. we are looking outside this morning at some gray skies sitting right overhead. the bay area much like we did yesterday. this morning is going to feel a lot like yesterday morning did staying great for a bit for at least our coastal and bayside areas. >> before we clear out quickly and then we look at some
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sunshine this afternoon afternoon hours are going to feel better than yesterday. a little bit on the cooler side. so that's a nice thing to know for your wednesday. a look outside right now. does show some of the low gray that's hanging out right above berkeley, not blocking out the view most of our visibility is just fine. a couple of pockets on the east bay hills. re may be running into a spot or 2 where you do see some low cloud cover. as for current temperatures, most of us are in the 50's san jose dublin and livermore each at 59 degrees. couple of 60's out towards pittsburgh in concord. well, oakland-alameda in hayward, each at 57 degrees. look at our daytime highs later on today. little cooler than yesterday only rising into the 80's for most of our inland areas as compared to yesterday's widespread 90's. so this is a step in the right direction. nice wednesday and thursday afternoon for that matter. tomorrow to get back out there. if you are in our inland valleys tom, thanks for that closely watching roadways this morning on this wednesday. >> traveling into the city from the east bay. this is a little un


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