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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the b y area'sglocal news station. you're watching . >> and with carjackings were also seen. it could be groups or gangs or individuals who are taking the vehicles and using them in other crimes. troubling trends in the east bay. police say carjackings are up nearly a 100%. >> from this time last year in oakland. thanks for joining us tonight, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus carjacking is raising concerns tonight. >> in one oakland hills neighborhood. you have a woman who was knocked unconscious right in front of her own home. concerned. definitely concerned. frightening.
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>> you know, and you wonder why it's happening. that is the reaction from these piedmont pines residents after learning that one of their neighbors was the victim of a violent carjacking near 6400 drive in oakland, oakland. police investigators say the female victim was in front of her home friday just before one 30 when sadly we are victim was standing in front of her residents when she was approached by a stranger. >> of the stranger did assaulter when she woke up. she discovered that her car keys and her vehicle is missing. >> this man says he was aware of highly publicized smash-and-grab incidents in oakland like this. one caught video earlier this week on lake shore. but he tells me he didn't expect to hear about violent carjackings. we moved to this oakland hills neighborhood earlier this year. >> you know, makes a little scarier. it's one thing to just bust the window and lever take what you want from a vehicle. but when someone's life is at risk like that. it's a little worrisome. so
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over the years. >> there have been. car thefts here. but not not of this magnitude this year. we have seen carjackings up 95%. >> it's a steep increase from last what we can share with you is that video surveillance witness identification and information regarding incidents is very helpful. >> investigators say the unidentified carjacker was last seen driving the victim's dark colored 2013 subaru anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police haaziq kron 4 news to the south bay. now san jose police once again calling on the public to help track down a hit and run driver in the wake of yet another pedestrian fist to the tally. >> as kron four's. rob fladeboe reports for us now 4 people have died on san jose roadways in just the past 2
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weeks alone. >> this was the grim scene early this morning. the san jose police wrapped up the initial investigation into the city's latest pedestrian fatality. they say a woman was walking here along tully road near laura geely avenue about 02:00am thursday. she was hit. and later died. the driver did not stop and remains at large. >> we are still looking for more information and asking the public in general that if they were in that area at the time. if they have any information videos stills of that vehicle or perhaps witnessed the incident occur to please come forward speed toward traffic investigations unit on tuesday. just a few blocks away at holly incurred under avenue. >> a homeless man walking outside the crosswalk was struck and killed the driver in this case stopped and cooperated with police. meantime, the community is mourning. 24 year-old, who's a u.s. who was killed last week when another hit and run driver ran a stop sign on mckee road. all 3 crashes
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occurred on streets, targeted for safety upgrades. but san jose's vision 0 pedestrian fatality program. the streets in san jose are very. >> much designed for cars. >> and when there's an increase in pedestrian fatalities as we have seen actually a lot of other cities in the u.s. have particularly since 2009. we need to think about how we can redesign the streets to be a lot more friendly to pedestrians in the latest hit and run. police are hunting for the driver of a vehicle thus far described only as a lifted suv. >> or box truck of some kind. police reminding the public that drivers involved in such crashes have a legal duty to stop. >> regardless of what may be behind the accident. what caused it. it's so much easier for folks just stop and talk it out with officers after the fact rather than run away because the implication in seriousness of the crime just compound saw further now this has become a felony investigation and the subject could be facing years of prison time as opposed to
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having to stay at the scene and dealt with what had happened. the name of the victim has not been released pending the notification of her family. >> the death is the 32nd traffic fatality of the year in san jose so far and it is the city's 7 fatal hit and run in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> san francisco police, meanwhile, are searching for the driver who they say hit 8.88 year-old woman and took off. the crash happened near alamo square. the woman was critically injured. police have not been able to release a description of the vehicle where the driver so they're asking anybody with information to contact them. to the east bay. now, walnut creek police have arrested this man in connection to a deadly shooting that happened early sunday morning. >> outside the spoontonic nightclub. 22 year-old jose okc s flores of brentwood was arrested during a traffic stop yesterday. officers then searched his home. they found a handgun and ammunition. the contra costa corner identified the shooting victim as 25
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year-old. look, the a bushy from san paolo. 3 others were shot outside the club that day and were taken to the hospital. this case now moves on to the district attorney's desk. >> a new exclusive inside california politics. emerson college poll shows that californians are split on a potential statewide indoor mask mandate and other potential pandemic related rules our state capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks down those numbers on how voters are reacting to the current state of the pandemic here in california. >> and how it might impact governor newsom's recall election. as covid-19 cases and hospitalizations rise across the state. voters are weighing in on how they would feel about the possibility. >> any requirements relating to masking and vaccines. >> in this latest poll that surveyed more than 1000 california voters. this week 49% said they would support a statewide indoor mask mandate while 39% said they would oppose will see this comes as
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governor gavin newsome ways the possibility of returning california statewide mask requirement. our polar say he's in a tough position. less than 2 months away from his recall election. if he had to go in one direction, he would probably go towards the mask mandate as he would have more support for that mandate. >> the problem is the opposition towards the mask mandate might be more intense than the people that actually want the mandate. so if he creates the mandate, those who are opposed to about 40%. they might actually vote at a higher propensity come the recall election on rules requiring businesses to verify vaccinations. 51% of voters said shops, restaurants and offices should not require proof while 35% said they should. but when the same question was asked for large public venues like concert halls and stadiums. 49 1% said those venues should require proof. >> when it comes to heading back to the classroom. california voters are split on mandatory vaccines for public middle and high school students ages 12 and up 52%
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said the vaccine should be mandatory for all students while 49% said it should not. the delta variant now accounts for the majority of cases sequence this month across california 61% of respondents said they were either very concerned or somewhat concerned about this strain of the virus. they're looking at this and very concerned. and then what we find is that there's regional if we go into the san francisco bay area. la county we're going to fight. you know, very strong concern about the delta variant. >> less concern for up in sacramento are open in fresno were down in san diego. it's a different attitude about the variant right now and we'll have to see if that changes over time. >> the governor says the state has no plans to use a vaccine passport system. he also says there are no statewide plans to impose capacity limits or lockdowns on businesses in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news, a group of parents is filing a lawsuit against the state of california. they say their kids shouldn't have to wear masks that school, especially if they're
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vaccinated. >> the attorney representing this group. let them breathe says covid-19 is not as dangerous to kids and that the decision for school districts to require masks for vaccinated. students is arbitrary. but not all parents are willing to take that risk. >> based on all the studies we've seen that kids don't really get very sick from covid and they don't tend to spread it. most of the teachers and staff are already vaccinated and honorable people are vaccinated kids under the age of 12 or vulnerable. >> i hate it's just going the easy for them to survive it. we don't know the long-term effects. >> the let them breathe group is asking for an emergency injunction of mask requirements that schools as well as quarantine and testing protocols and the bayearea family is vowing never to fly southwest again after they say they had to exit a flight because their 3 year-old son would not wear a mask first. and herman is live for us at
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sfo tonight with more on this. you know, this bay area family is not against the mask mandate on airplanes, but they think there should be a little bit more leeway for families having issues like they did. >> also. they don't like the way they were treated by southwest airlines. >> in their 3 day airline in the bay everything i can to not get on another one of their flights are tension go through another situation like this. >> bay area resident eric hanson says southwest airlines has lost his business after he and his family had to exit the san jose found plane when he couldn't get his 3 year-old son to put his mask on before takeoff. he says 2 flight attendants and gate agent treated them like criminals. and when they feared police were being called to arrest them. they voluntarily got off the flight and had to spend an extra night in las vegas without any of their checked luggage. they should giving us some more time they should have walked away. maybe said, okay, we'll give you 5 minutes or 10 minutes. but their flight was late. another an hour late. so i think they're just trying to make time.
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>> and they wanted us off the plane. they didn't give us any time to sit there with them and talking through it. >> and try to get him to put it on henson complained to southwest management which sent him this e-mail. >> apologizing for his experience. but indicating under the cdc's federal mask mandate. all customers aged 2 or over are required to wear a mask if the customer does not comply with crew member instructions. we may refuse transportation but hansen finds the policy is inconsistently enforced since his son didn't wear a mask and the southwest flight to las vegas or the rebook southwest flight the next day to san jose. it is not taking that seriously by the airline. they shouldn't be enforcing it on anybody. and if it is taken seriously, they should enforce it on everybody all the time. >> and that's where the inconsistency is. understand apples with young children travelers at sfo friday acknowledged it can be difficult and flying with kids. >> but those we talked to supported the mask policy. i
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don't have a problem with that at all. we're still in that, you know, transition period. we're not out of the woods yet. far as people being removed from planes that aren't wearing them. that's great. >> because the more people that we can keep safe the better. >> the faa says they have a 0 tolerance policy when it comes to not obeying flight attendants. they also tell kron 4 news that just since january. 1st of this year. they have more than 2600 reports dealing with passengers not complying with the mask live at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news. all right, dan, coming up on the kron 4 news at 5 breakthrough cases and booster shots. >> how vaccines are holding up as the delta variant surges and expanding childcare. californians how the governor is hoping to make programs more accessible to parents. >> and as wildfires continue to burn across our state crews are about to get some extra help from the air. we'll explain after the break.
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>> and tracking a shallow marine. thea're returning to our bay area forecast. but we are expecting to see the return of monsoonal high clouds this weekend. details ahead of any thunderstorms are threatening your weekend forecast in just a few minutes. stay tune. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good.
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>> welcome back. whether time as we get a live look outside. this is the bay bridge toll
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plaza on a friday night coming in. the city looks pretty light. chief meteorologists. >> also tell lawrence, i want be promoted to end. you should be promoted weekend. look, i think i'm mentally already there. you're already and you know what those most of the bay area. so let's take a look at your weekend forecast because. a truck a better weekend than where we were last weekend when we were actually worried about that dry lightning threat with that monsoonal moisture. >> right now, though, typical summer bay area forecast that the return of that shallow marine layer making its way throughout downtown san francisco radar for seeing that fog being creeping closer to the san francisco peninsula. but it is going to be shallow at-bats during the overnight hours. hope you enjoyed today's warm-up right on time for your friday. end of the workweek forecast temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer than where we were just 24 hours ago double digit warming. for those of you in hayward hope you're enjoying
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that temperatures for you in the mid 70's, mid 80's for fremont with san jose. very comfortable at 78 degrees in downtown san francisco, 64. but check out pacific a 69 degrees thanks to those light. the breezy northwesterly winds and we're in the mid 90's for conquered. so very toasty there with widespread 70's, 80's and yes, even 90's. for those of you in the north bay. quite the unique microclimate forecast for your friday evening. nevado in the low 90's with vallejo at 72 degoees and santa rosa out of the 80's but upper 70's instead. so future cast for tracking that shallow marine there. bring us some patchy coastal drizzle during the overnight hours into your saturday morning. plenty of sunshine by your saturday afternoon. a little bit cooler tomorrow compared to today. but very seasonable nonetheless. so we'll take it overnight lows tonight. a little warmer low to mid 50's. upper 50's for those of you in concord san jose and livermore
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with antioch only cooling down to 64 degrees. so we're going to be about 4 degrees above average for conquered in livermore should be in the upper 80's instead cooling down tomorrow in the low 90's with seasonal temperatures along the coast and east bay shoreline. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence and that shallow marine layer mid 60's for downtown francisco oakland at 72 degrees. and san jose, right where you should be in the mid 80's and we have our gilroy garlic festival. the drive-thru starts at 11 o'clock saturday morning temperatures warming up into the mid 80's there and your 7 day forecast monsoonal clouds arriving sunday, monday and tuesday, a little bit of that warm muggy feel. but overall, temperatures right about average and no threat of any thunderstorms or dry lightning in the extended forecast. grant vicki, back to you. >> all a breeze. the thank you that it will dry lightning will. wildfires are still raging in parts of california 10's of thousands of acres burning crews now getting some additional help in the air. governor newsom has secured.
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>> more aircraft. but as kron four's terisa stasio reports for us tonight. cal-fire officials admit. >> well, those new planes can certainly help the dry conditions are daunting. >> hazy skies face. the nearly 4,000 strong firefighters out on the front lines trying to out the dixie fire burning since july. 13th and now marks the biggest fire burning in the state of california as it has torn through 223 square miles destroyed 8 buildings and currently threatening 1500 homes. >> again, these fires that were seen in continuing to see as we deeper into the summer and into the warmer parts of the of the year. are just indicative of the conditions that we are facing regardless of the location. >> cal fire isaac sanchez says the exceptionally dry conditions created by the state's drought. hans the efforts to get this fire under control. the biggest challenge that we're facing is the receptive field out there. >> the drought vegetation that
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that, you know, esseniially covers the wild land areas of california. >> the heat that comes along with the with the dry and warm temperatures and when you add those see those things together. you get a spark in the environment. you're going to have destructive fires like we're seeing. >> the chief says governor gavin newsom's announcement of 12 additional aircraft beefing up the fleet to 60 will make the current air assault even more it adds an additional layer of the look of a firefight resources that are available to us and allows us to be aggressive with our initial attacks in our in our of fight. >> against the ongoing fires. but absolutely just another available 12 additional tools that we have in our toolbox as the weekend unfold and the battle continues. chief had this message. the biggest threat that we're facing out in the in the in the open spaces and across the state are human activity and that could be something as simple as a car accident reportedly maintain vehicle. >> or doing defensible space peer into the wrong time of
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day. as we very much have a significant role in preventing the next dixie fire. the next that could potentially impact the community or even an individual. >> to reset is stasio kron. 4 news. >> and now to our drought coverage a california water officials say the thieves are making off with billions of gallons of water. how. >> they say that by tapping into fire hydrants rivers and even stealing from small family homes and farms. now officials are having a place locks on hydrants are removed them all together. they say water theft is an ongoing problem, but it is certainly magnified now that the state's water supply is so scarce. it's estimated that more than 12 billion gallons of water have been stolen across the state since 2013, firefighters have been their mission in clearing debris from the site the deadly condo collapse in surfside, florida. the collapse in june killed at least 97 people. police and
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forensic specialists will continue their work to identify human remains in that disaster. the disaster site in surfside is actually empty now, but it remains a challenge for local officials. an engineer hired to help figure out, you know why the building collapsed warned that the site may still not be safe. >> killed while out on the delivery in east bay mother shares her frustrations with the investigation surrounding her son's murder. >> plus expanding childcare. the new health coming to working families here in california.
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>> governor newsome has signed a new law expanding access to child care for working families happened earlier today during a video conference, including lawmakers and child care advocates the new law will phase in 200,000 child-care slots over the next 5 years. nearly 3 fourths of those slots are expected to be available in the next couple of years. >> we've been advocating to raise awareness to to race. consciousness around the essential nature of our care economy broadly defined, but particularly childcare workers. >> more than a half a billion dollars will be used to support child care and preschool providers. another 250 million dollars will be used to build and renovate childcare facilities focusing
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on those in underserved communities. >> for your help tonight. there is a voluntary recall of bagged baby carrots grim way farm says pulling the products because of possible salmonella contamination. the carrots are sold under a bunch of names. you have buddy love khalil get organic and brim way farms package. lot numbers start with 1, 9, 5, 1, 9, 6, 9, 7, and with the bf or s p. no illnesses have been linked but contaminated products were detected in a routine internal test. anyone who has these carrots should throw them away. the info is on kron 4 dot com if you'd like to cross check next at 5 briefing and frustrated and east bay mothers issues with how her son's murder is being investigated. >> plus every day. it seems like we hear more about these so-called breakthrough cases. but what about the boosters? why fully vaccinated people becoming infected should cause
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>> stacey corley would have turned 26 this week. the concord resident was shot to death last month in walnut creek. >> yeah. he was the victim of road rage killed while making a delivery for doordash current forcefully to call
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spoke with his mother who says she is frustrated by this investigation. >> it and aspiring rapper 25 year-old stacy corley's mother kimberly bank says her son enjoyed being creative. >> and making people happy everyone. >> literally he just was a light in this world alight that on june 17th that night. bank says stacy was making a delivery for doordash and downtown walnut creek. >> and was involved in a road rage incident with people in another car. ultimately the contra costa county district attorney's office says 18 year-old dylan baker of martinez opened fire killing stacy. >> he has been charged with 2 felonies murder and shooting at an occupied motor vehicle. 22 year-old jason collazo of martinez and a 17 year-old boy were also taken into custody. but later released as of now r


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