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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 24, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news.
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>> tonight at 10 investigators are on the scene following a report of a shooting in contra. costa county, thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock tonight. >> i'm justine waltman of jonathan mccall. we've been following this breaking news for you since kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. this has all happened around 7 o'clock on the west lanes of highway 4 in concord. we do know that there is a large law enforcement present on the scene that has now shut down the west lanes of highway 4 at willow pass road. we know this investigation, as we mentioned, has been going on since around 7 o'clock tonight. this is just the latest in a string of shootings that have happened on highway 4 and the last recent months, we are still working to get a lot of details about this ongoing scene that is unfolding right now. we do want to go to kron four's amanda hari who's live on the scene with the latest details of what she's learning it. >> good evening, jonathan. we still don't know a lot. i've been here since about 8.15,
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this evening. and police have been here that entire time. it's actually highway patrol that here and they've been investigating. i've seen detectives different types of officers when i was down another area, i could see where they closed off the highway. they had to different cars there to block it off that way that no one can get on. >> behind me. you can't see much and that's because that's where highway 4 is going. westbound. there's no lights on it right now because no one's driving there. >> because it's also down. it's being shut down for about 2 and a half hours. take a look at this video. this is what it looked like on highway 4 eastbound. i was able to i was on eastbound shooting over the westbound area earlier around 8.15 this evening. this is near diablo creek golf course. we're still waiting on a press release from california highway patrol. but they do tell me they should have more information available to us tonight. some time this evening. we know that cal highway patrol is
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asking drivers to find an alternate route for the rest of this evening because everything year is still shut down and i've talked to some drivers that have been driving by and they're very frustrated to see all the shutdown. it's saturday night. they're trying to get places. i just want to know what's going on and why they can't get on highway 4 here live in concord. amanda hari kron 4 news. again for us. what kind of da4age did you see. i just saw several cars pulled over on the side of the highway. so it's westbound. i was eastbound and all the eastbound lanes or in between me and where these cars were on the edge of the westbound lane. so it was hard to see any sort of damage. the vehicles it wasn't like the cars were in an accident and there was a lot of like damage to the actual cars. i couldn't see any sort of like bullet holes or any small it. i was just so far away. i had to be at least 200 meters away from
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the actual activity. but i saw several cars highway patrol, cars pulled over there, too, with the lights on and i can still see those far in the distance here. you see pulled over on the side there on the westbound lanes. >> yes, on the westbound lanes far behind ryan. now there are some police lights on still right now. i can see them blanket. so they're still here they're still investigating. i'm in the cars that were damaged. how many were that were pulled over. >> there were 3 there was a truck. there was a >> sedan type car and there's one other sedan. kron and harry will continue to gather information for us tonight here during kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. and as soon as we get updates, she will bring them to us. thank you, amanda. >> down to the latest covid numbers statewide across california. the saturday night. according to the california department of public health. there are now nearly more than 3.7 million
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cases of covid-19 here in the golden state. nearly 8,000 new cases reported in just the past 24 hours so far. 63,000 californians have died from the virus with 46 new deaths in the past day. there are also reports that 21 million californians have been fully vaccinated from covid-19 so far. but that number only represents 61% of the golden state. >> now to the east bay where 1 million alameda county residents are now fully vaccinated from covid-19 that makes up 70% of eligible residents public health officials say vaccine rates vary across communities in the country. excuse me in the county and they are seeing an increase in cases in areas where vaccine rates are the lowest. they say most recent cases are among people who are not vaccinated. now, if you work or visit a san mateo county facility face coverings will soon be required regardless of vaccination status. county officials say covid cases have doubled over
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the last 2 weeks. kron four's gayle ong was in redwood city today and has more on this story. >> san mateo county is seeing a rise in covid cases, particularly among those who are not vaccinated. so the mask mandate is returning to certain county facilities out of an abundance of caution starting monday face coverings will be required at san mateo county facilities. that goes for people want to pay their property taxes. >> that means people want to to the planning department if you don't want see, you know, hsa. what that means basically is now now whether you're vaccinated, you're not vaccinated. you have to wear. >> ask san mateo county supervisor david canepa says 89% of eligible county residents are fully vaccinated, but the increase of covid cases is a sign the pandemic is still here. we're trying to find a place where we're able to protect our employees protect the the public and really sort of. you
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know, look at the data and the science. what you know, what are we seeing. so 2 weeks ago we've seen just nearly a double in cases. san mateo county is one of the 7 bay area counties. recommending mask, use indoors. according to a new poll conducted by inside california politics and emerson college. >> californians are split on a potential statewide indoor mask mandate. we surveyed more than 1000 california voters this week, 49% said they would support such a mandate while 39% say they are against it do it. carlson supports an indoor mask mandate. i just think with the advent of delta and it being >> being a catchable that it's a good idea. i don't usually wear them outside. i don't really think it's necessary, but it's too hard to take it off and on. but i do right now i think it's still a good idea to wear them inside. >> and the covid vaccine is widely available in san mateo
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county. you can get that at pharmacies health care providers and health care clinics here in san carlos, gayle ong kron 4 news the u.s. government has purchased an additional 200 million doses of the pfizer vaccine. >> the doses will be delivered from october through april of next year. president joe biden says he wants to have the doses on hand to prepare for future vaccination, including administering shots to children 12 and under and also having doses available for boosters if needed. the u.s. has purchased anywhere between 50600 million doses of the of those vaccines since the start of the pandemic. >> this is a fire nato swirling in the smoke of lake tahoe. fire fighters say these worlds are capable of spreading the fire even faster over a large area. there highway 3.95. that's close
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right now because of this fire. the tamarack fire is the one that this is all sparking from. >> and it was sparked by lightning on july 4th. it has now burned more than 57,000 acres and destroyed at least 10 buildings. it's only 4% contained. those fires literally starting their own weather system at this point with that. >> fire nato that we've been looking at tonight. just absolutely crazy. some of the pictures that have been coming out from all of these fires. all right. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we get ready for the start of sunday. >> meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us now with a look ahead. yeah, let's take a look right now in the east bay over berkeley on real with this amazing picture. we are tracking thicker marine layer so high and low clouds going to be the big weather story tonight, even through your sunday. we're seeing that marine layer increasing as it makee its way off the coast into the east bay shoreline with temperatures right now. 50's and 60's still in the low 70's, though, for livermore and conquered. but we are
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seeing widespread 60's as you start to make your way into the north bay with napa and delay. whoa. in the low 60's for your saturday night. so temperature change. not that much. a few degrees of warming and cooling warmer temperatures in the east bay valleys cooler. thanks to that stronger sea breeze and that thick fog bank along the coast with when tracker for tracking fairly calm winds. but for those of you in fairfield. you are seeing winds sustained at 24 miles per hour with gusts upwards of 30 but future cast for is going to show the increase in monsoonal moisture riding for the 2nd half of your weekend. so we are going to notice those high clouds cool down temperatures. just a bit tomorrow compared to today from coast to valleys. but overall we're going to notice very muggy conditions going to have more of a tropical feel monday and tuesday that could bring a slight threat and chance of pop-up thunderstorms really peaking on tuesday with a little bit of an unstable atmosphere. but so far looking dry and stable for us here in the bay area. but something
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we're certainly going to watch out for here at the kron 4 weather center. details on that and what you can expect in your microclimate sunday outlook in just a few minutes. jonathon, just back to you. thank you so much of breeze. about 120 people in east oakland are still without power tonight. all because of a warehouse fire that started late last night. but that number is down from the over 1400 customers. >> who are in the dark when this fire first started crews were able to get this 3 alarm fire under control at about one 30 this morning. and this was the scene when they arrived at 45th avenue and east 12th street just after midnight and officials say other buildings across the street. we're going to catch fire. but there were enough fire engines nearby to stop the flames from spreading. >> defensive tactics on the fire building. as you can see behind me, we were able to put latter pipes not in position to be able find the fire ice tribute to the building and we had other buildings across the
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street starting catch on fire. but we engines in the right to be able to ensure we had no extension. are the >> pg e says power might not be fully back on until midnight tonight, the fire chief did say that no firefighters were hurt and the cause of this fire is under investigation. so much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. >> im until being remembered on what would have been his 80th birthday. how lawmakers from his home state are now pushing for justice. >> and a community coming together to remember a san jose youth counselor killed in a hit and run crash, how they're hoping to help this family. >> another progress flag could soon be flying across san francisco. the more inclusive representation, the lgbtq plus community is now asking for it.
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>> in san francisco. a castro based organization is looking to make a big addition to the already iconic castro landmark. they say they want to add a second flag to ensure there is inclusion and representation in the lgbtq plus community. >> the board of the castro lgbtq cultural district says it wants to replace the iconic gilbert baker designed rainbow flag pride pride flag with those progress flag. the new flag features a different shape along with more colors, including baby blue pink and
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white, which would represent the transgender community along with black and brown representing people of color. the organizations leaders tell kron 4 that in addition to the internationally recognized rainbow flag. they also want to install a new flag pole in the castro. >> communities that we're focused in our district, particularly with representation are our clear folks who are transgender non-binary women and lesbians. the elder and the youth as well as folks living with hiv and aids and folks are economically disadvantaged and what we're really trying to make sure again, this is part of the storm in the town hall. we want to hear as many was is possible to really, really get a sense about what representation means for our district particular those communities and how we as an organization can promote that both whether it be visible symbols, whether be business as whether the types of events that we host and the district, whatever it is we want to make sure that is responsive to the needs of the community and
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really, really represents all of the folks in our lgbtq ay, a plus rainbow. >> organizers say they want to hear your thoughts on the flag that can represent the community. the organization has a survey available right now on their web site in social media, you can share your thoughts with them right now through that survey, they are expected to hold a town hall in the end of december to decide on that design. >> 10 college students in alameda and contra. costa counties will start the upcoming semester with a little bit less to worry about today. the oscar grant foundation provided $10,000 in scholarships. the recipients had to write an essay describing how youth can contribute to society through social justice. the foundation was created by the mother of oscar grant to preserve his legacy and memory since 2014, the foundation has given out more than $100,000 in scholarship. money. grant was killed by bart police at the fruitvale bart station on new year's day, 2009.
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>> now let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. saturday night as we get you ready to head out the door for the start of your. >> sunday. our meteorologists respond joining us now with a look at what we can expect for the last day of the weekend. yeah, that's right. and we're tracking slightly cooler temperatures and an increase in cloud cover. and we're already seeing those changes out there right now for your saturday night live look outside san francisco international airport tracking those high and low clouds starting to make its way along. downtown san francisco golden gate bridge tracking visibility at or near 0. so please drive safely there. temperatures tomorrow, though, going to be a few degrees below average along the coast and most of the san francisco peninsula for that matter. downtown san francisco 64 degrees 65 degrees for those of you in the mission district with low 60's for daly city and pacific up winds out of the southwest. so still going to be a little bit breezy at times mainly for the san
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francisco peninsula out of the southwest 20 to 30 miles per hour. low 70's from brisbane all the way into burlingame. and the one thing we're going to notice is that increase in that high cloud cover. so our dense low clouds and fog going to clear out by midmorning and lift. but it's that high cloud cover that is going to stick around. cooling down temperatures just a bit from today's daytime highs still pretty seasonal, though, nonetheless, with redwood city 82 degrees mountain view in the low 80's as well. widespread low to mid and upper 80's. for those of you in the south bay. campbell, though, in saratoga in the low 90's. so 2 outliers there with livermore out of the mid 90's back into the low 90's. now you should be in the upper 80's this time of year. so you're going to be about 2 degrees above average union city and fremont in the low 80's with low 90's for concord and walnut creek and low 80's for renda and moraga berkeley and richmond in the low 70's. so very comfortable
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temperatures there and quite the spread for parts of the north bay, not the and vallejo in the mid 70's. mid 80's for those of you in sonoma. but mid-nineties for vacaville. so this is what we're talking about when we talk about microclimate forecast just a few miles can make a huge difference here in the bay area as much as 5 to 10 degrees at times and santa rosa and petaluma going to cool down into the low 80's with sandra fell, though a little bit mild there in the mid 80's and mill valley low 70's for the 2nd half of your weekend. so overall the outlook looking great. but as you take a look ahead at your 10 at 10 forecast muggy conditions monday into tuesday and we are going to see a very slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms, possibly producing dry lightning starting monday but really peaking on tuesday of this upcoming week. so going to keep an eye on that, then we're going to dry out as e are going to warm up as well. temperatures easily 5 to 10
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degrees above average, mid 90's for inland valleys wednesday through thursday. and in the upper 70's for most going to stay in the 90's, though, for inland valley. the temperatures not returning to seasonal until 10 days from now. so we have quite a ways to go very mild and dry in the coming days. so those are going to be the 2 big key words after are muggy start to this upcoming week. don't forget moisture to. muggy monday. monsoonal moisture and the micro climates are. make end of may magnificent. i'm a yes. >> jonathan is just not part of this conversation. he's done. i've got nothing at >> maybe you do not have a the bust of a confederate general and early ku klux leader that had been displayed prominently inside of the tennessee capital for decades.
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>> was removed from its pedestal. the image of nathan bedford forrest has sparked protests ever since its installation in 1978 tennessee's black legislative caucuo was particularly vocal about how painful was to walk past forest between the house and this senate chambers says they carried out their work every day. tennessee state building commission voted 5 to 2 to remove the bust on thursday prompting its removal. the very next day, a special commemoration held at the graveside of emmett till today. who would have celebrated his 80th birthday. this weekend. >> today ceremony, the start of what is set to be a weeklong celebration of his birthday. the 14 year-old chicago in was killed in mississippi back in 1955 an all white jury found killer is not guilty. the events know crediting with starting the civil rights movement among the speakers at today's ceremony was congressman bobby rush who was passing, who is pushing to pass until in time
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lynching bill, which would make lynching a federal crime. >> another alleged capitol rioter faced a judge this week tips that help federal investigators tracked him down.
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[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪
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>> welcome back, everyone. rodney alcala also known as the dating game killer died this morning from natural causes. according to california prison officials, he was sentenced to death back
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in 1984 kidnapping and murdering 12 year-old robin sam. so in orange county there were decades of his conviction being overturned than reinstated over and over again until in 2010 when he was sentenced to death after his dna was linked to evidence in other murders. he became known as the dating game killer because he was actually a contestant on the dating game. the show back in 1978 rodney alcala. 77 years old. >> court records show another alleged capitol rioter was turned in by a match on the dating app bumble andrew quinn, take of houston, texas made his first court appearance on friday. according to the department of justice, he is accused of pepper spraying and assaulting police officers in what investigators described with what investigators described as a metal whip. the fbi says they received a tip after the riots from an individual who matched with take on bumble while he was still in washington, dc the match provided screenshots of the conversation in which take
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bragged about his participation in the breach. more than 535 people from nearly all 50 states have been arrested in connection with the riot over 165 have been charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement. and perfect cuddle weather out there right now in the bay area, especially along the coast. thanks to that fog bank keeping temperatures in the mid 50's. >> but low 70's as you make your way inland into the east bay. details ahead on what you can expect for your sunday outlook. in just a few minutes.
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>> an update now to the breaking news following tonight here on kron. 4 news tonight. one person has died after the shooting on highway 4 in concord. we just got this information confirmed with contra costa chp. here's what we know right now. the shooting happened about 06:30pm tonight on the highway and the westbound direction just east of port chicago highway in concord. this is video from the scene. one victim has died from gunshot wounds. another victim has suffered moderate injuries after being shot. the victims were in a black toyota camry from this video. we can see the windows. they're broken as a result of the shooting. the victims vehicle. according to the chp, then crashed into a metal guardrail at the top of the port. chicago off-ramp.
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>> chp once again has shut down all was lanes of highway 4 in that area as they continue to investigate the scene collect evidence and try to do everything they can with this investigation right now there is no exact time frame on how long this will be closed. so if you're traveling anywhere throughout the night. make sure you give yourself some extra time to get to destinations, find some alternate routes because that area is going to be closed for quite some time. according to chp in contra, costa because of this ongoing investigation. once again. one person now dead a second person injured in the shooting along highway 4. we are going to continue to stay on top of this story bring you updates right here on air at kron 4 throughout the night on kron 4 dot com. and also have the very latest for you. first thing in the morning on the show starting at 7 o'clock. meanwhile, tonight, sandra fell police looking for answers in a deadly overnight shooting in the north bay. this scene with 4 crime scenes that ended with
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2 people dead and 4 others hurt. almost all of the victims were in their mid to late 20's. we'll get the latest from kron four's camila barco. >> the shooting took place at this parking lot on who can space in downtown sandra fell. it's just one of 4 locations officers responded to as a result of that deadly shooting of i can look back at it right now. is this too despite bullet holes having shattered glass windows and damaging walls overnight, businesses running as usual on saturday at heroes and heroines in sandra fell in my town like this. is this has never happened in the 37 years that i've lived here like this >> unbelievable. the salons manager jakari us murphy was leaving town when he learned several people were shot steps away from the salon. this is not. >> does not rely on a side like i'm looking at this and i can't believe this is actually happening. shots rang out around 1040 friday night in the parking lot on lou vince place. >> when officers arrived. one noticed a black dodge charger
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speeding away. our officers took chase of that vehicle. that was eventually stopped and we did locate actual victims from the shooting in that car. back at the scene. officers came across another shooting victim. a 62 year-old local man who is expected to be okay. the 3rd crime scene involved a car crash near the police department officers found 2 men in that vehicle who had been shot. one was dead at the scene. the other was taken to get help a short time later, officers were then called to a local hospital where a man with gunshot wounds had been dropped off that victim later died. you can't even go out and enjoy yourselves. >> at a local nightclub and have to worry about either some type of violence happening to you, especially in a parking garage. sandra fell lieutenant dan fink says almost all the victims were not from the area. >> many of them had come to town to attend a rap concert center fell as a as a very safe community. we have a. >> we enjoy a very good night life down here. this is very
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uncommon for us to murphy says this is not a representation of their community. >> and was determined not to let it affect business. you know, it's an unfortunate thing that there was, you know, tragedy, but. >> it is a business and we have to continue our business. >> the owner of that hair salon plans to board up the windows today. right now, officers don't have the person or people responsible for that damage or last night's shooting. they ask anyone with information to contact the local police department in sandra fell camila barco kron 4 news. >> on the peninsula tonight. san mateo county deputies say they need your help, trying to find a man who used a gun to rob a home depot. it happened at the store in san carlos yesterday. investigators say the suspect threatened to shoot a worker. the suspect then taking off in a black chevy tahoe truck with more than a $100 worth of merchandise. the truck last seen headed south on industrial road anyone with the details. no urge to give the san mateo county sheriff's office a call. in the east bay
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fire officials in contra, costa county say that several fires were started after a man who they say was seen setting those fires along highway 4 in sand creek road luckily fire crews were able to put them out quickly. police managed to catch up with him and after a short chase was able to arrest him tonight. there's no word on the charges. the man now faces. >> our wildfire coverage and those fires are ravaging california and 12 other states putting firefighters in high demand. officials say that resources are being deployed at levels. normally seen way later in the year as dozens of large active wildfires are burning right now. reporter gerard jebaily has more. >> progress is being made on the fire in oregon. it has already destroyed an area about half the size of rhode island. but the nation's largest wildfires less than 50% contained and more mandatory evacuations were ordered last night. we're not
10:36 pm
quite ready to say we've turned the corner, but we've had a couple of productive days and things are looking good state officials say the fire has slowed its growth but still threatens thousands of homes in eastern oregon day before yesterday, the fire put on 40,000 acres yesterday the fire put on a 1000 acres. so that's an indicator that fire behavior is moderated a little bit in montana. 5 firefighters were hurt when a thunderstorm with gusty winds blew a wildfire back on them. they were building a defensive fire line when the wind shifted suddenly, all 5 are still in the hospital crews from utah and california are headed to montana to assist their fire fight. in california. governor gavin newsome proclaimed a state of emergency for for northern counties. paving the way for more state support the tamarack fire just south of lake tahoe is threatening the communities on both sides of the california nevada state line. the fire was sparked by lightning on july 4th and has destroyed at least 10 buildings and fire crews in butte county say the dixie fire is now the largest fire
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in california. it continues to grow explosively prompting people living nearby to prepare for potential evacuation orders. i got everything packed up by the door and i'm ready to go as soon as the word comes. until then, i'm going to stay here and keep watering the lawn, the desert southwest, including southern california will continue to see scattered showers and thunderstorms due to the monsoon season. >> there's a chance for a few thunderstorms in northern california into oregon on tuesday. but lightning from those storms could spark new fires myers. >> when it comes to fighting these massive wildfires firefighters are getting some high tech help. calfire started using new computer modeling software that predicts how and where a wild fire will grow so far. they say that has helped hold 96% of this year's wildfires to below 10 acres firefighting agencies are also installing cameras in remote areas to detect smoke plumes early along with satellite imaging and new mapping technologies
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right now on kron 4 dot com. we have tips for this fire season just scan this qr code right now with your mobile device and you get sent straight to our website. kron 4 dot coms. you can get some information on how to create defensible space and also. other wildfire preparedness tips. >> now to our 4 zone forecast. this saturday night at 10 o'clock still saturday jump the gun just quite yet. so try to enjoy this out rush the weekend just yet of drone down to. we're almost there, though. well, i know for you to ensure you know, it's day. friday looking forward to this. this is your money. your tuesday monday, your monday arson. >> ok, let's go to the weather because that's what we do care of. all right. not are crazy work schedules because we work in neuse. so. weekends are monday and tuesday but just seems so we don't care so we don't care okay. forecast out we're dragging abnormal to exceptional drought conditions for most of the western
10:39 pm
portions of this country. in fact, the worst no surprise in california where we're tracking extreme to exceptional drought. >> even extending into nevada. and we're noticing extreme drought for those of you in this year. very smoky hazy conditions out there today because of those fires burning in plumas county. mainly for the dixie fire and the fly fire. we did notice calmer wind speeds today that allowed for that smoke and ash just release it and hover over most of this and now we're starting to notice winds out of the north northwest just really pushing and guiding all of that smoke and ash once again to the tahoe basin. so we do have a special weather statement in effect right now because this smoke and ash is going to linger and really isn't going to go away anytime soon, especially as new fires spark and as wind speeds calm down. so please limit outdoor activity as much as you can, especially those of you young and young at heart and one thing we're tackling here in
10:40 pm
the bay area is this thick fog being so thank this thick marine layer not only for keeping our temperatures on the relatively cool to mild side, but also pushing away all of that smoke and ash away from our bay area forecast that. so we haven't really had. and he poured a unhealthy air particles like they have been seeing today throughout the tahoe basin. so i know it's dangerous to drive through it, especially long golden gaither's. but visibility right now at or near 0. please drive safely stormtracker 4 tracking fairly calm conditions with the exceptio1 of the smoke and ash in this but we could start seeing some storms making its way throughout toes early as sunday afternoon mid 80's for south lake tahoe and upper 80's as well to low 90's. for those of you in truckee. but it's that monsoonal moisture that is going to bring that threat of pop up thunderstorms could also help really relieve areas as far as the smoke and ash goes by cleaning out all the air. but if any dry
10:41 pm
lightning does occur. it could spark new wildfires near. and in this possibly. so. let's hope for the best there. but fortunately calmer conditions for us here in the bay area. jonathan just seen. back to you. >> but recent. thank you. today marking one week since a san jose man was killed in a hit run crash tonight. police are looking for the driver that killed 24 year-old host say as far as today, kron four's, phillipe djegal talked with the folks who knew him well, as a community fundraiser in east san jose. >> food brings everyone together for the good times and bad and 24 year-old jose scores as friends and family say he would have appreciated the way he's being celebrated around the homes looking and company. it's been amazing because everybody i never knew how much people my own cool everybody's heart and how important he was to everybody and that the whole community came to support is a community still reeling from his loss. the youth counselor and former
10:42 pm
standout athlete at over felt high school died last saturday morning. >> he was the victim of a hit and run collision. the driver behind the wheel of this car slammed into jose at mckee road and more 33rd street. >> it's a was ejected from his car and died san jose police say the suspect ran a red light speeding away from an attempted traffic stop. >> and left the scene on foot. it's heartbreaking and still processing your i feel like it's still going show up. one of these days. you know, i'm still. >> it is what those a's friends say. the suspect needs to come forward and accept responsibility for what has been done. a lot of what is our brother, chris, the venue. it's never too late to do the right in san jose filipe gaulle kron 4 news. >> tonight. oakland police are asking for your help to find this missing elderly man. his name is john do. and he's 85 years old lives in oakland. he was last seen yesterday
10:43 pm
morning in the chinatown area. joe walks with a walker or needs assistance. so anyone with information is asked to call police. a small dog. >> leading animal control officers on a pretty wild chase. nearly 5 hours long near oracle park. san francisco animal care and control says they got the call of that dog on some rail tracks near 4th and townsend officers reportedly spoke the dog. that's because she took off leading them on that chase. when they were able to finally catch the an 8 year-old they took her to the shelter and reunited her with her family where she is back home tonight. >> still ahead here on kron, 4 news at 10. the fight administration is trying to figure out how to spend 3 billion dollars in coronavirus relief money and they want to hear from you. >> the olympics have officially kicked off of many athletes are still be impacted by covid-19. we'll show you how team usa is holding the down in tokyo. and elon musk's
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space. x will be officially. it's of the moons of jupiter will show you how nasa plans to team up with the company on
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy.
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sign up today. >> still a big concern in the ongoing olympic games. some have had to be canceled and many athletes are now being impacted by the quarantine rules. jack tolls tells us how team usa is doing so far in tokyo.
10:47 pm
>> covid continues to be a big story here in tokyo. some of the medical and support staff for the french men's basketball team has been quarantined because of close contact on the airplane out here. they are not able to work with the team. also a dutch row are unable to compete because of covid and the first beach volleyball game of the olympic summer games in tokyo had to be canceled on saturday. >> because the czech player tested positive for covid-19 arcade. a slew covid tested positive earlier this week that knocks her and partner, barbara hermannova out of the tokyo games. the czech team is investigating a covid outbreak from their charter flight to japan. covid also not german cyclist simon guest, key out of the men's road race. he's a former stage. winner of the tour de france caskey said he feels fine but a mostly this was a terrible day which brings up the debate about vaccinated and unvaccinated
10:48 pm
athletes. there was some push back when swimmer michael andrews revealed he's not vaccinated the u.s. o c says 83% of all us athletes have been vaccinated, but they've instructed athletes to use every precaution. so when somebody asks me should the games go on. i can say emphatically that, yes, indeed, they should go on. i think the health and safety measures have been implemented. >> exceptional and i'm very confident that we can have a safe and successful games. >> in tokyo. i'm jack doles. >> this week the biden administration unveiled a new 3 billion dollar grant program run by the commerce department's economic development administration. now that department is calling on communities to come together and pitch their ideas for improving recovery kron 4 washington correspondent anna wiernicki is in washington with details. >> good evening. the department of commerce as their new grant program can help every single local community across the country. they're asking those communities to tell them what
10:49 pm
they need to rebuild and how much money they need to make it happen. >> the u.s. department of commerce is asking communities to pitch their plan to bounce back from the pandemic. you're going to have to convince us. >> that your plan is going to include everybody. secretary of commerce gina raimondo says the department is ready to give out 3 billion dollars in competitive grants. this money is for states. cities. >> counties nonprofits universities. >> not for companies. the funds for the program come from this year's covid-19 relief bill. the money will be divvied up to support things like local infrastructure projects. rebooting tourism and job training programs. >> secretary raimondo says it will also help support moms who are forced to leave the workforce during the pandemic to take care of their kids are going to find you. we're going to get you train going to get you through it. and we promise you a job at the end there. other end of the training. raimondo says the grants could create up to 300,000 jobs. but
10:50 pm
she says getting the grants is a competitive process. recipients will be selected on the basis of the anticipated return on investment to taxpayers. >> secretary raimondo says the department will accept applications online until next september or until the money runs out in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> in miami, florida, rolling loud is under way. and that's the first of many major music festival set to return. but the festival also raising covid concerns since organizers are not requiring proof of vaccination for folks to attend this is covid-19 cases are starting to spike in the sunshine state. that's different in chicago where lollapalooza is now starting to set up organizers for this four-day music extravaganza are requiring a covid test or vaccination cards in order to get through the doors. other events from wisconsin to new york, texas in vegas have fans all excited for the months ahead. >> a snow leopard at the san diego zoo is now the second of
10:51 pm
its kind in the country to get coronavirus and now zoo officials believe the 3 other snow leopards that he shares a habitat with also have the virus reporter claire benitez has more from san diego. >> veterinarians notice that that snow leopard had a cough and a runny nose. so they decided to test its fecal matter, sent it to the lab and they detected the virus. but now we're waiting on national lab results to confirm it. bill family unfortunately was only able to see the leopard exhibit from a distance. so actually their right hand they close so we were able to just see to the little slice of the being actually had people in front of it has done. >> and the san diego zoo closing off the leopard exhibit after noticing their snow leopard rim l. >> had a cough and runny nose for turner jason to or
10:52 pm
>> and so we are closely monitoring both species from el the snow leopard and the other leopards now in quarantine. so fortunately, the signs right now are pretty minimal and they don't require any treatment. he will be under continuous observation we'll continue to provide the care that he l the snow leopard is a rare case of wildlife possibly contracting covid earlier this year a group of gorillas tested positive at the safari park in escondido. after getting the virus from an asymptomatic zoo keeper which veterinarian julio matt says is one of the reasons why zoo animals are now getting vaccinated the most recent way. says vaccinators the does. doing this and these animals need share and the in touch them clean to see them and getting
10:53 pm
their so that iran essentially as we >> so is obviously one of those places the san diego zoo says since they receive the vaccine, they have been vaccinating their animals on a daily. but unfortunately for him, all the snow leopard hadn't yet been vaccinated. will do officials still don't know how rim l the snow leopard contracted covid. they are still investigating, but they do believe he is going to be fine and recover. now you might have noticed a rim. l is missing an eye that is not related due to covid-19. >> he actually had a surgery to remove it back in 2017 after suffering from a chronic condition reporting from the san diego zoo claddagh benitez. >> so the content is official. nasa will head to jupiter in 2024. we'll show you how they
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
>> nasa is awarding space. x a 178 million dollar contract for the agency's first mission to done jupiter's moon, which is named europa, the europa clipper first mission is set for october of 2024 the space crash. >> kraft will launch on space x's falcon heavy rocket from the kennedy space center in florida. scientists will explore whether jupiter's icy moon could be suitable for life europa's about 90% the size of earth. whether jupiter's icy moon could be
10:57 pm
suitable for life. i was alive. well, i mean, i guess they mean if they're going to look to see of life lives there, but i don't know. 5. i don't want to go not a sea. you don't want beachy. >> you want to a flight or a seat on the on the on the rocket for that >> do you it. i mean, i can't even handle when it's like 69 degrees. >> welcome to >> so how's the weather for the wake-up forecast it's looking great. we're tracking some slightly cooler temperatures. but daytime highs a little bit cooler tomorrow. enjoy not ice our
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