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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  August 4, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and thanks for waking up with us. it's a little give a gray outside. get through it. i'm darya folsom. i'm james fletcher. 08:00am as the time. >> and we're getting hungry here in the studio after we've seen stories of the raman houses were exploring olympics in the japanese culture. we may show that to you again a little low. one carl's junior commercial and handle it with them on the show talk about. but to be honest. >> a spicy chicken sandwiches. all john needs thinking about getting out of here. quick, a job. find reader j lunch today need it on a foggy day like today. a little self we're looking out there at some conditions that are on the gray side. you can see that right here at the embarcadero the exploratorium looks nice. good day to go in there and just enjoy a little bit. >> we are going to be seeing this low cloud cover hanging out for a bit longer as we see this persistent marine layer pushing in from the coast cooling things down for us today, too. temperatures have
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been very level all morning long. we do have a couple of 60's to know now though, san jose conquered in pittsburgh, each right at 60 degrees with oakland at 58 san francisco and berkeley each right now at 55 reyna. tom, thanks for that. and the south bay. we have a few accidents to tell you about. this one. >> 87 northbound south of curtner avenue in san jose. and another one here to 37 westbound east of lafayette street in santa clara. so we're keeping a close eye on that. but we are seeing some delays in the south bay head into the city this morning. no major issues down under 12 minutes as you're traveling from the east bay into the city and because traffic is light here, it's pretty light along 5, 1880, if you're traveling heading across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for your drive time. not tracking any major issues. if you are taking part this morning and the richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond. a little under 12 minutes daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot at 8. oh, one and the breaking news that we're covering this morning. a violent night around the east bay. 2 deadly shootings.
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>> yeah. one happening conquered the other in pleasant hill. you're looking at video from both scenes. we have team coverage on what happened. we will start with kron. four's will tran. he's out in pleasant hill this morning at the very latest on what happened and what the situation is now. well. >> actually the shooting took place when officers are literally in the neighborhood. they recalled by dispatchers to rush to this particular location because according to witnesses and i just spoke to one and all have her interview coming up at 9 o'clock. this man was going from car to car, trying to break into the cars and after that, they said that they were trying to keep him outside of their homes because he was literally grabbing the door knobs trying to get inside the home. we do know that the shooting took place at that building right there. this is on camelback and shadow mountain. let me show you video of the scene. this all happened at around 5.40, last night dispatchers. they were on the phone with people calling them and they actually
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could here the shots ring out. officers. they didn't know where it was so they rushed around this neighborhood. then they realize that happened in that particular building. they went inside. that's when they saw the man with at least one gunshot wound and he was shot in the living room. he was rushed to the hospital to john muir medical center. but his injuries simply too much where the doctors could not save his life. his name not being released at this time and they're not saying or they don't know james and darya whether or not he came into that house on purpose, meaning that they knew each other. but i can tell you that the homeowners we saw them this morning. they walked out and they refused to go on camera. so that appears that they were not arrested. in fact, they actually stayed around and cooperated with investigators at this particular point. again, no motive behind this. why this man was going from car to car and ultimately from door to door at the homes trying to get in again. i did talk to a we will hear from
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her coming up at 9 o'clock. and just to hear from aaron. it was terrifying descent. according to her sit inside. >> hearing all the commotion and that commotion gets closer and closer to our house. and then the man grabs door and tries to get she says fortunately her door was locked and very chilling all have her coming up in about 55 minutes from now. back to our story. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> well, again, let's continue our team coverage because the other incident happened conquer. that's where police are investigating a shooting. now that left one person dead in the middle of the and injured 2 others conference. camila barco live in concord with more camilla. >> yeah. what are you, james? one neighbor i spoke to earlier. he lives in that neighborhood. and he told me that he heard several shots were fired last night and now police are investigating that shooting as a homicide. take a look at this video. this is officers canvassing the scene for any clues. shots were fired around 10:00pm on pine street just off. clayton road near highway 2.42. and if you
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look here fully at this video, you'll see that bullets. here's to a silver car door. it's unclear if anyone was inside the car, when it happen. but investigators say a 22 year-old man was shot and killed at the scene. 2 more people in the area were struck by bullets and both were rushed to the hospital. now to other people i spoke with. tell me this. >> violence is not a rare occurrence in the neighborhood. according to crime stats from concord police department last night. shooting is the second criminal homicide in concord this year and that number doesn't include any statistics. >> from july. now police have not told us what led up to the shooting or if the victims and the shooter are connected. they also say that they don't have anyone in custody. this is still an ongoing investigation and once we have more information, we will let you now die. james, back to you. all right. thanks, camila. >> all right. now to the very latest on another big story that we're following this morning the coronavirus in the fact that cases continue to rise dramatically, especially
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places like contra, costa county where as you can see here on this graphic. the currently have 3,635 active new cases of coronavirus the delta variant is what's really driving these numbers up a lot of communities contributing to that total. and one of those is the city of danville where you can see here, they had a 102 new cases in the last 14 days now, despite the rise we're seeing in these case numbers. one danville business says that they are not interested in enforcing the new indoor mask mandate proper. sara stinson live for us out danville bowl with more. sara. >> james. that's right. as you were just saying, the delta variant spreading rapidly across the east bay. yet danville bowl where i'm at right now. they post on facebook saying they don't plan on enforcing the mask mandate requiring people to wear a mask and they go indoors and bowling alleys are indoors. so this is a example,
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an example, a place where you are supposed to wear a mask. but take a look at you screen. they do not plan on enforcing it leaving it up to the customer on whether they not whether they want to wear the mask or not a danville bowl wrote saying we believe everyone has the right to freedom and not constant retracting restrictions from the government. let's be honest. if they were intelligent, they wouldn't be working for the government there saying if you would like to wear your mask inside while you bowl feel free if you don't want to. that's ok, the choice is up to you. the bowling alley statement went on to say if you're vaccinated you shouldn't have anything to worry about anyways. but as we know, that is not true. health officers say the delta variant is spreading to not just unvaccinated people but also to a small percentage of vaccinated. people who are also able to spread the delta variant health officials put the mask mandate in place requiring people to wear a mask because they're trying to get a handle on the increased cases of coronavirus and to
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avoid more restrictions in the future, including capacity limits lockdowns. but it doesn't work if businesses are encouraging people not to mask up the contra costa county health officer has been getting some sobering sobering words about how critical it is to protect yourself. >> the number of patients in local hospitals due to covid have doubled in just the past 10 days and increased by more than 400% in the month of july. you know, people who are in the hospital with covid. they're really sick. they're gasping for air. they're struggling to breeze through the ice. you there likely a tube down there through machine breathing for them fighting for their life. >> the delta variant is proving to be more contagious and have very severe symptoms, especially for those who are unvaccinated. now, i've talked danville bowl and over email. they said they are willing to talk to us on camera. we would love to. we're trying to nail
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down a time with them. in the meantime, i reached out to the health department to see what happens to businesses when they don't enforce the mask mandate health department referred to me to the contra costa county district attorney's office reached out to them trying to get these answers because obviously we're curious as to what happened to businesses to get fined and they don't comply. what happens moving forward to stay tune to the kron 4 morning news for the latest for now. live in danville. sarah stinson back to you, ok. thank you very much. sara. >> and while surging cases of the delta variant have pushed the bay area to the indoor mask mandate that we're seeing now, new york city has gone further. they have just announced that they're going to have a proof of vaccination system where you'll have to show that you've been vaccinated to go inside and eat at restaurants. go to indoor gyms performance isn't and her team events and now it has some people wondering in the bay area is that going to happen next conference. dan
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kerman has more. >> right now. those who eat indoors are not required to show proof of vaccination. but the surge of the delta variant has some local and state lawmakers considering it. we have to get control of this pandemic and the best and most important tool that we have to control this virus is the vaccine san francisco supervisor. matt haney says he would support a health order requiring vaccinations in san francisco and the surrounding counties. those entering restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues, at least on a temporary basis. >> people do have the right to make decisions about their body, but they don't have the right to put other people at risk and people who are unvaccinated are largely the one spreading this virus still and so you don't have a right to make a decision not to get vaccinated and then go on to a restaurant surrounding with a bunch of other people and that actually get them sick. that is not something you have a right to do. this is the type
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of shift we need to make here in the state of california east bay state assembly member buffy wicks agrees saying she's looking to see if there can be state legislation mandating this. >> i don't want to go back to where we work. i don't want school shut. i don't want this is shut down. and so we need to do everything we can to combat that. which means we're firing proof of vaccination. i think with delta. >> we really have to sign. think a mother community as we hospitalizations increased and our resources get use again. >> ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says the number of those fully vaccinated is not nearly enough that the delta variant. he says an indoor vaccine mandate could change that. we do have. >> some evidence that in europe, particularly in france when they did a similar requirement. a million people went out and got shots on the first and millions san francisco's public health director says many businesses are already requiring vaccination on their own.
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>> he says the city and county of san francisco is now exploring whether a mandate is necessary in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> right now on our website. we've got everything we know at the moment it's always changing about covid in the regulations and the like. and it's all on kron. 4 dot com, a special spot and this qr code will take you there you should regularly check it. we also have a way we can sign up for push alerts to get the very latest and just a tune to the kron 00:00am morning news. >> all right. coming up here on the kron 00:00am morning news after we take a quick break. we've got the latest with schools as they get ready to welcome students back here in just a couple weeks. what are they doing to try to keep students and staff safe as we're seeing this uptick in covid cases. we'll take a look. >> and the u.s. winning more olympic medals in track and field will have a live update from tokyo and at the coast today, you're going to need to keep the jackets on into the afternoon skies will stay. mostly cloudy out that way. highs in the 60's. >> inland of big change of pace, even though we do have the sunshine sticking around daytime highs the low 80's for
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some. your forecast is ahead. >> and we have a few problems spots in the south bay been keeping a close eye on and we're looking at your drive times for the most part, as you're heading int
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know the road to burn stubborn. that's the way wednesday. is john. they've got a little sunshine that we're not seeing are we hate no wednesday's as the eye have the best day in the book when was east been like monday say because but it was beautiful. it was of that. we actually have a really gorgeous wednesday afternoon so we can hit on wednesday morning, but we got a lot to look forward to later on today for sure. >> looking outside of san jose. there's definitely some brightness peering through there. you can see cloud cover in the distance, though, sitting right over the bay too. so there is a mix of both sunshine and cloud cover but definitely more intrusive. as far as clouds go this morning and hanging out closer to the coastline a bit lower. and that means we've seen some drizzle out there near the coast, especially up in marin county. this low pressure area moving pushing that high pressure ridge out and in the process temperatures have cooled down and cool down. noticeably 60's 70's along the
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bay and the coast while it's only 80's for most of our inland areas. we do have to 90's. that's antioch in vacaville. aside from that, though, all of us are out of that 90 degree threshold and tomorrow is going to be even cooler yet. so we can thank that low for giving us a little break again from the heat. temperatures will warm just a touch by friday and sarurday. but cool write that down into early next week. right thanks for that. we have 2 accidents in the south bay, though we're slowing things down. >> they just were able to clear this one off of the highway there. 87 north down south of carter avenue in san jose. so conditions along 87 should clear up in a little bit. also accident that is still here to 37 westbound east of lafayette street in santa clara. so we are seeing a delay along to 37 as you're traveling, not much of a delay along one. oh, one heading into the city this morning. no major issues. it's been a little under 11 minutes. all throughout the morning. so that's good news. 5, 1880 also looking great. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 9 minutes. and let's
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look at highway 4 and see what's happening up here about 23 minutes. so not too. too bad. so little delay as you're traveling along there heading towards conquer to 42 taryn. james, back to you. >> 6.19 and the usa is on to the semifinals in the olympics and women's basketball women's volleyball and men's basketball and baseball. yeah. in fact, men's basketball. we're saying we're going watch that with that tonight, our time around 9 o'clock or so yeah, so the medal count continues. the track, the track for a metal. i was was a track and field because that's big. 2 ad fact. melissa marino joining us live from tokyo this morning. the latest on that. and melissa. >> i was all getting this morning after seeing sydney mclaughlin. >> when gold and beat your own world record doing it. pretty impressive. >> yeah. what a crazy day in terms of all the athletic competitions. but as you mentioned, the 400 meter hurdles. and i actually just saw her here. she was at our
8:19 am
workspace. we got to interview her. she said she still taking it all in. she cannot believe she wanted. but she said, you know, her dad forever has said he knew she would be the greatest of all time and she proved that beating her own world record, that she set in the and get this she's 21 years old. she said her birthday is this saturday. she's going to be turning 22, can you believe it? and she talked about her time when she was in the olympics when she was just 16 in rio. she said it wasn't the best run for her. so coming here. she really knew she given her. also an incredible race. and as we know, 2 world records. she set the world record at she beat, i should say rather the world record and then dilella muhammad. she also beat the record and she got silver for it. so an incredible day on the track. all right. so things are going well for track and field for a lot of well, overall we've still goalie the medal count. what about we don't want to be leading anything when it comes to covid. can you just give us sense here in the bay area. we're all talking about new rules and masking is tough.
8:20 am
>> what's going on in tokyo. you know, it was a record breaking day, not just in terms of athletic competitions covid as well. >> they had more than 4100 cases in the city of tokyo that sets an all-time daily record for tokyo. unfortunately, as we know, they just extended their state of emergency. it was also in terms of the number of olympics related cases they saw 29 cases related to anyone in terms of staff or volunteers in terms of the olympic bubble. and guess what else the greek synchronized swimming team. they're completely out of the competition after 5 of their athletes tested positive for covid surges. not a good couple of days here in terms of the covid-19 pandemic, not a record. i want to be breaking all. yeah. >> and then you look at like the weird kind of the weather. i the tropical storm right making for the women. golf is a problem for and then an earthquake yeah. that because
8:21 am
japan earthquake cars. >> because the olympics what else could possibly go wrong. as you mentioned, we have the he i saw a number of the women who had to go off today with sweat dripping off their faces that a lot of athletes have been using umbrellas which we actually see a lot of the japanese citizens doing and then as you mentioned, an earthquake. now my teammates and i we were sleeping during this earthquake. i'm on the 28th floor of my hotel. i didn't feel anything, but also pretty tired from the long work and that's why colleagues here. they said they did feel it. they said they saw some lights swaying but the good news, no tsunami warning after and a lot of peogle didn't feel it. possibly i don't even say tsunami. absolutely. i love that. she's so heavy asleep or sleeping. well, long
8:22 am
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24 is the time the big story after a nearly monthlong search. >> authorities think they have found the body of the missing jogger in the east bay. yeah. it was in the pleasanton. >> ridge they have positively confirm the identity of, but they do think it is the body of philip kreycik. >> kron four's. dan storm has the story. >> the puzzling several weeks search for a missing east bay runner finally comes to an end. a body matching the description of philip create check was found tuesday afternoon in a remote area of
8:25 am
pleasanton ridge. regional park will >> a positive identification. but leads us to believe that that it's likely that we did find philip up there. >> on the rich investigators and volunteers have been searching for create check for nearly a month. he went on a run on the morning of july 10th and did not return alameda county deputies, pleasanton police and other crews as well as create chicks family trek through the park tirelessly very heartbroken here our our teams, our collective. >> a group of law enforcement partners as well in our community, search team has never wavered. never given up. >> we are going to be looking into further details on transpired. but at this point it's a very preliminary investigation. and i just want to reiterate that our hearts and thoughts go out to the >> police say the area where the body was found is not used by the public despite having hundreds of people on the ground and using advanced
8:26 am
searching technology such as drones, helicopters and thermal cameras was found in an area that was challenging to navigate and it's still unclear how he ended up in that specific location on behalf of the pleasanton police different. we'd like extend our sincere condolences in. >> to the project family as well as offer any support we can. >> to the family and friends just been. searching and spending countless hours looking for philip reporting in pleasanton. >> dan thorn kron 4 news. >> still ahead, san francisco is offering extra shots of the covid vaccine for people who've already received the one and done j and j shot. but it's not recommended for everyone will explain why. we'll be right back.
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>> 29 right now. and we're taking a look at the blanket of clouds there is not a know from up top. it's beautiful down below. it's a little gray. we've got john in the weather center kind of given s a a detailed look at what we see, how how widespread is this right now. is pretty widespread this morning, guys. and it looks nice from up
8:30 am
above for sure. looks like nice and cozy. blanket for runners. you kind of like. >> being in the middle of it. but for the rest of us kind of makes hard to get up. sometimes the sunshine actually helps looking outside at the east bay right here. you can see your berkeley hills cam shrouded in that low gray. it is lifting some what we are in the process of the burn off. but it's taking some time. visibility is improved from earlier this morning. as this cloud cover lifts. and as i mentioned, it is pretty intrusive 50's for most of our current temperatures san jose conquered pittsburgh some of our brighter areas and temperatures have risen just a bit. you are seeing some evidence of cloud cover out there just not as dense as it is near the coast in the bay itself. i'm talking a cooler afternoon in your forecast. first, though, a look at traffic with how are the roads, the roads are ok, we have an accident here in the south bay something's a little slower down here. >> santa clara to 37 westbound just east of lafayette street. we had another one along 87 in the south bay in san jose. that is since then clear
8:31 am
travel into the city under 11 things of look great as you're heading from the east bay. they are also look created this hour. the richmond sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond a little under 9 minutes were up to about 13 last time we checked in here. so things are improving and using the golden gate bridge little pockets of fog. so take your time as you're driving. but about 20 minutes target. james, back to you. thanks a lot. rate. a 31 for your help. the san francisco health department has been quietly giving what they're calling supplemental shots to people who've already gotten the j and j vaccine that's city health officials, though, aren't recommending that everybody should do that with kron four's maureen kelly to explain why. >> according to the city's public health department. it's been going on for some time. supplemental vaccine shots of either pfizer or moderna going into the arms of people who already had the one and done johnson johnson dose across neighborhood vaccine clinics. >> and at san francisco, general hospital, the city's public health director doctor grant colfax says they still
8:32 am
believe in the j and j. it was on the menu today at their new vax to you mobile clinic that will show up at homes or job sites to vaccinate groups from 5 to 12 people in an effort to protect citizens from the growing threat of the delta variant. change is a good vaccine. it's a good vaccine. we will continue to administer it. well, as 50 ph and the cdc are not recommending those who have had the j and j shot go out and get an extra dose of one of the other vaccines available. >> the city's health department says they have accommodated case by case requests based on doctor recommendations right now we don't have a conclusive data on additional shots beyond what cdc is recommending. >> but again, in consultation with infectious disease experts. we do believe this is safe and that we will accommodate people face every class. here's video of mayor london breed getting her johnson and johnson vaccine. >> today. she says she's not planning to get the supplemental dose. it's currently not. >> recommended by our medical health experts on following
8:33 am
their advice. so i'm going to do it if i need to do it. but if i don't need to do it. i'm not going to do it. i didn't hesitate to take them up on this top for san francisco, resident and j and j recipient. corey warren says. >> he was turned away 2 weeks ago at a clinic when looking to get a different vaccine because of his concerns about his dose holding up against the delta variant and jumped at the chance when he was called back to get an extra pfizer shot. last week. i definitely feel more secure having the. >> pfizer booster on top of the johnson and johnson makes me think i've got a better defense against not only the delta variant but any other variant that might come along and the upcoming months. doctor grant colfax says breakthrough cases are still relatively rare compared to cases among the unvaccinated. >> and all the vaccines currently available are incredibly effective at reducing the risk of hospitalization, maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> well, there's some good news regarding vaccinations at least across the state right
8:34 am
now. more than 69,000 vaccines have been administered in our state every single day. and that's a 63% jump. well, 63%, i should say, are fully vaccinated of people in the state. another 10% of the state is partially vaccinated and governor newsom shared this news about this uptick in vaccination rates on twitter saying, quote, over the last 2 weeks, california has seen a 41% increase in vaccinations. that's a good direction for those numbers to be going as vaccination rates to rise. so is the call for more covid testing in the bay area. local health officials say over the past month, health officials across the bay have seen more people asking to be tested for the virus. the cdc, of course, recommends that anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to covid-19 to get tested 3 to 5 days after that exposure as we've been reporting, the cdc says that even vaccinated people can contract and can transmit the delta variant of covid, which is of course now the dominant strain in the u.s.. >> and what about kids? some other big story we've seen a
8:35 am
significant jump in the number of children and teenagers testing positive for covid. the american academy of pediatrics reports nearly 72,000 new cases among children from july 22nd to the 29th and they think it's the delta variant that the kids are passing around. of course, as you know, kids under 12 are eligible to get the vaccine at this point. there is still testing underway in younger children. but the results should not be coming out for probably several months from now. in the meantime, the kids are getting ready to go to school in the bay area in person, in classrooms in just a few weeks and there are still questions about how the students and the teachers are going to cope with mask mandates in the south bay san jose unified district superintendent nancy alber and is confident they're going to be able to safely open the schools. she says that while there are a handful of parents who have objected to the mask mandate that for the most part, the greater population
8:36 am
is supportive of the mandates requiring masks to be worn indoors outside and everything unless you're eating lunch are doing a sports activity. you have half of our students. >> they were able to to come back. and so now we're going to all of our students that have that option. but again, we understand that some families might have some concerns and there's an option through the independent studies. we know that the factors that we used to that covid-19 virus that worked in the in the spring because we were very successful. and so we're going to continue to many of those things as school opens. >> and they showed off their a stockpile of thousands of masks. they'll be able to have access to and other ppe. >> some tense moments at an east bay school board meeting to discuss mask-wearing inside schools. in fact, things got he did enough between parents and the policymakers that police had to be called in this was that this animal unified school district board meeting members from the grassroots group that call themselves. let them breathe. well, they claim they should
8:37 am
have more say in whether their children are required to wear face coverings at school. >> good morning, everyone. this morning we're friday. i think that we're going to have to recess time eating until. >> i think in the next minute all day long. it's not natural. we didn't grow up with not obstruct any of their airways for their brain to for the brain to process. >> to not silence people will not see those requirements and let you decide. we will certainly >> superintendent. john malloy says the district is simply following the public health guidance, which as we know requires masks while inside schools, parents who refuse to wear masks during that meeting were asked to leave and watch it online or if they wanted to get public comments that have to do it from outdoors. some parents say that they will consider moving their kids out of the district altogether classes in the san ramon valley unified school district starts next week.
8:38 am
>> 8.37 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as california's drought is getting worse. state lawmakers are now debating who's to blame. and we have an update from 49 ers training can. we're going to hear from quarterback jimmy garoppolo. and conditions outside this morning. don't need me to tell you they're a little gray. much like yesterday was sfo. still the midst of the low gray can hardly see san bruno mountain. >> here's the deal, though, that cool marine air. it's cooling us off this afternoon. we're in for a treat once the skies clear out your forecast ahead. >> and we still have an accident in the south bay. we're keeping a close eye on and we're watching your drive times.
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>> 8.41. is the time. happening now. police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man on highway 4 in antioch is actually an update to a story we first brought you yesterday morning here on the kron 00:00am morning news it happened monday night. authorities haven't released many details. but we know the contra costa county coroner's office has identified the victim as 26 year-old lawrence, as club on of stockton. now, the shooting comes just a week since 24 year-old india price was shot and killed while driving on highway 4 in concord and her aunt tells us that she just can't believe that another family now suffering the same trauma. a shooting on highway 4. >> there are families, little kids. they're just people on
8:42 am
the freeway going home and now i can only imagine the trauma that people are feeling driving on highway or comfortably trying to get home. >> both shootings are still under investigation. will let you know. want to find out more. >> 8.42. is a time in the walnut creek city council has unanimously approved a plan to allow police officers to work over time at the nordstrom store at broadway plaza. that is because they're trying to stop the increase in smash-and-grab thefts that have happened. city leaders say the recent rash could be tied to an organized retail crime ring. the plan is going to cost more than $230,000 in overtime for the officers. it will be paid for by the store. a 42. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back at a 45 as california deals with a severe drought. some lawmakers are now blaming governor newsom for his management of the state's water supply and for the forests to since we're in wildfire season as well. long and lonnie wong has more. >> they've lived here 40 years and i've never seen it. this
8:46 am
low this early in the year sharon rogers walks with her group along lake oroville every tuesday. it's not just the historically low water levels that worries are between 5 erin and >> drought. it's going to be a rough year standing on the world them in a curtain of smoke republican assemblyman james gallagher congressman doug lamalfa and state senator jim nielsen say this was avoidable. they blame democratic governor gavin newsome for not managing water better. ignoring the needs of agriculture in favor of a program of preserving fish in the delta that isn't working to begin with. at the same time. cutting back funds to reduce force fuels worst. the water. >> why are you managing it this way. >> wire to managing our forests. were you putting more investment into that. this is the kind of policies that are lling people. they're literally killing people. these policies. the frustrated protester at the presidtnt actually blamed their elected officials for not doing better. i'm going to be last. >> we've been working out.
8:47 am
it's not good for you the lawmakers say the governor has the power to fast-track permit approval of more water storage projects and to move faster on funding for steals the republican lawmakers didn't want to the obvious solution to their grievances. and that's the recall of governor gavin newsome. >> instead they're hoping for more support from california's who they say are being affected by administration policies we're seeing some more sympathy. and that's good. but they've got to be loud about in response, the governor's resource agency said in a statement climate change is driving multiple threats to california and the west this summer. it also says it is working with the legislature, local and federal partners and tribal groups to respond to urgent needs. while we continue to build climate resilience in butte county. >> lonnie wong, fox 40 news. >> 8.47. is a time we want to take a peek at the weather and see things are getting any better out there. the. >> palm tree have over you is allowing it is. yeah. and i'm seeing flags and some of our other cameras too. also
8:48 am
blowing in the wind fact john's got example that good morning, john. yeah. got the flag out there blown here at the embarcadero that cool sea breeze pushing in that early marine layer. you're nor cal honda weather center forecast is showing yet that we are going to be looking at some gray skies for a bit longer here. but we are starting to see the evidence of clearing. and you can tell beca se cloud cover is lifting and gradually more and more brightness is making its way down into the bay. you can actually see those little pockets of clearing now showing up here on radar. definitely not universal, though. a lot of cloud cover does still remain to be burned off low pressure area and that out that high. and this is good news. cooling us down helping with fire danger somewhat and also creating some lyft helping to get some of that smoke out of the central valley, especially hasn't been an issue for us in the bay. thankfully. but some of her in the neighbors out towards sacramento have been seen yet 50's and 60's for your highs. in san francisco. it 60's right along the coastline and then 70's for most of our bayshore cities burlingame at 74 same for you
8:49 am
in foster city, redwood city and san carlos beach at 77. really nice day in sunnyvale at 75 san jose. also nice at 79 degrees today. biggest differences for the inland valleys, though livermore and pleasanton down into the mid 80's today. san ramon in dublin, holy 80 degrees. each. really nice break from the 90's oakland 68 for your high will antioch in vacaville are only 2 90's on the map today and barely even making it there. do expect tomorrow less 90's antioch in vacaville. you'll be joining the rest of us in the 80's friday saturday, sunday will be a touch warmer than these next couple of days are going to be. but really no big spike in temperatures. this forecast remains dry remains calm and pretty comfortable, especially by the bay with 70's hanging on and 60's going nowhere at the coast reyna john, thanks for that. well, we had some accidents in the south bay. those have since been cleared. >> off of our highway. so things are looking great. there heading across towards sandra fell of under 9
8:50 am
minutes, much improved richmond sandra fell commute throughout about 14 minutes or so earlier heading into the city down to under 10 minutes. things have looked great across the bay bridge. all throughout the morning. it's a good time to get some things done. if you thing and to do that heading across towards the peninsula under 14. no major hazards and the golden gate bridge looks great pockets of fog are here about 20 minutes. and if you're taking bart right now, no major issues i'm tracking at this hour, daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot, right. 8.50. let's talk football forty-niners are training in full pads. now let's take a peek. >> at training camp yesterday afternoon. a 40 yard bomb. watch this. rookie quarterback trey lance to the receiver lance got one rep with the starting players. the first line went to jimmy garoppolo. he took the rest of the first team reps and he says that the competition between the offense and the defense has been a lot of fun. >> though good turnover. would a couple big plays just the back and forth since i've been here really hasn't been much of that's one day offensive
8:51 am
dominate the next to the defense and dominate. >> and here's ben little him in one place them on plays a son. i've some good teams and that's that's good early mark of a good team. i'm not saying we're but it's just i it's a good market where we are right now. >> sounds a lot better about yesterday's practice them coach and he sounded about practice the day before he was saying everybody gets to need to work harder and be in better shape. so i guess they satisfying yesterday. i a 51 is the time right now. and big news about steph curry. we knew was coming. we hoped it was coming and it is the contract extension. he just signed a four-year extension for 200, 15 million dollars large chunk of change worth it. every penny. of course, every penny 33 and going strong. and by the time he starts with this new four-year contract will be which means it will take him to 38 with the warriors. you know, he's just he seems better with doesn't will again for another
8:52 am
4 after fees. if you still well and will be back with more in a minute. a 51 is the time.
8:53 am
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gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start. for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. coarse hair thin skin when i'm shaving down there not just any razor will do venus for pubic hair and skin with a patented irritation defense bar for a smooth shave with blades that barely touch skin >> some big changes are coming to the happiest place on earth. you can get the keeney and keys to the kingdom at
8:55 am
disney. they are rolling out a new annual pass program called magic key and chip yost has the details. >> disneyland's new magic key program looks a lot like the old annual passport program. it is replacing with one big difference. you now have to make reservations for the days you want to visit. but how did the prices compare after years of price increases with daily tickets and the previous annual pass program. you might be relieved to know that doesn't appear to be the case here like the old program, the new program comes with various price points with the various levels of access to the park ranging in price from $399 to $1399 from the high and with no blockout dates. disneyland is offering the dream keep asked for $1399 compared to the similar signature. plus pass port on the old program which sold for $1449. however,
8:56 am
the dream keep asked does not include all the perks, the previous program did such as max pass and you've been waiting for this news to come out today. excellently. all of us hasler's have. and we just yeah. it's been months and finally, rob, we're very excited. this former annual passholder approves of some of the changes. i think it's good because the reservation systems really easy to do. and for us. it's great because we'll know ahead of time that they're not going to get max capacity. >> there's really no difference. the biggest thing is just the reservation system. and if you do the highest pass gets you free parking, which that's pretty much what we're going to do because parking is insane over here. i'm chip yost. ktla 5 news. >> we'll take a break in a 56 coming up on the kron 4 morning news though, more questions about whether the bay area could be the next to require vaccines. if you're visiting restaurants and gyms, they're trying out new york with bay area. lawmakers think about we'll find out and at least 2 people are dead after 2 separate shootings in the east. bay will have team coverage coming up at top of the hour.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9.
9:00 am
>> good morning. and happy wednesday to you. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher just like that. it's 09:00am. yeah. yeah. just like that. just arrived. if you anything that happened before. this didn't really happen. know if you're waking up now you're waking up to the finest hour. right for morning news. so welcome for a little sunshine things are very fresh, john and john. yeah, it is very fresh out there. we've got that cool ocean air sweeping in. it makes for that cool feel for sure. so it's a jacket where the morning. >> but later on today that cooler shun air is really setting us up for what's going to be such a comfortable afternoon highs from the 90's yesterday and went to just the 80's today. so that's going to be a treat for sure. you look outside right now at half moon bay shows the same cloud cover that a lot of our bayside looking at we're seeing it more so now in pockets, though. so less and less of the widespread gray. you're definitely getting some brightness shining through and visibility is really no longer an issue 50's and 60's for current temperatures. pretty sleazy to spot where the sun


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