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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 5, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >> it still took place has been identified has changes that suggest the possibility of being a problem for us. >> now at a local health experts say there is a more contagious covid variant out there and it has just been discovered in the bay area. we're talking about delta plus foreign travelers are flocking to sfo not just for their flights but for the covid vaccine. the latest on the vaccine tourists heading to the bay area plus the family of the victims of the vta shooting in san jose now
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fighting to be compensated for their pain and suffering details on the new law. they're hoping to get past. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. over the past week. there have been more than 69,000 covid infections in california in just the last 24 hours, health officials reported 9500 cases. that's up. >> there were 8500 on tuesday, 7300 on wednesday. more than 33,000 over the weekend and 10,000 last thursday that br aks down to nearly 10,000 new cases every day. tonight we are learning a new sub strain of the delta variant has been detected here in the bay area. as kron four's michelle kingston tells us it's called delta. plus. and officials say it's the most contagious variant we've seen. >> what you see is like bad stuff. just getting worse mutating. >> the delta variant is the most contagious coronavirus mutant. so far in the pandemic and now there's a variation of
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that variant and it's gaining speed. the delta plus was first detected in europe back in march. doctors say it's more transmissible than the original delta variant and that it latches on to lung cells more easily. this delta plus has been identified in it. >> has changes that. >> suggest the possibility of it being a problem for us. it exploded. we've known about delta plus for a while now and it just hasn't exploded even where we first found south asia, the county of santa clara is already tracking it on their website, though they say it exists statewide and nationwide. >> and that there's not enough information right now to indicate that that should be more concerning than the original delta variant as of last week, 298 people in santa clara county have the delta variant in 47 tested positive for its sub stream. the delta plus alameda county reports fewer than 10 cases as of last tuesday. >> and contra costa county health officials say less than
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7% of their detected delta cases have been dealt a plus covid is 3 although rules out the window and the reason why is that? >> there's so much transmission all around the world. that you're just getting more and more chances. so miss shift from the perspective of the virus. the cdc is recommending fully vaccinated. people return to wearing masks indoors because of the delta search and 8 bay area counties are requiring this because of the delta's high-transmission vaccinated people can get infected in this variant spreads more easily. we are still protected from serious disease. that's hospitalizations deaths and being on a ventilator. for example. >> but again, things may change over time as continued transmission. well created variance that me be more vaccine in the days to than what we know about so far in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> california has announced
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all 2.2 million health care workers must be fully vaccinated. governor newsome said last month. >> he would require health care employees to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. but the new order issued today by the department of public health does not give health workers a choice says all must be fully vaccinated by the end of september and in the south employees working for santa clara county will be required to get vaccinated. our roughly 20,000 such employees in santa clara county. >> while hundreds of thousands of people in the united states are still choosing not to get vaccinated tourists from all around the world. many who have been struggling to get vaccinated against covid in their home countries are flying into san francisco to get their vaccine shots. officials say since launching the vaccine clinic at sfo back in may. they have given more than a 1000 shots to visitors from 60 countries.
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>> it ensures that vaccine doses don't go to waste and puts them in the hands of people that really want them. people that maybe can access them in their home country. the other thing that it does is it helps stimulate tourism and spending in our region in brazil be waiting for months and didn't get my age. so i'm happy i couldn't have protect >> the vaccine clinic at sfo is available to the general public appointments can be made online. but officials say a majority of the new appointments have been made by people outside the u.s. with the delta variant surging. more and more restaurants and entertainment venues are requiring vaccine verification. so how can you prove you're vaccinated without physically having your card kron four's. dan kerman has some answers. >> but more and more places requiring vaccine verification to enter what's the best way to do it. there are several options in california. well, it's best not to carry the cdc vaccine card. you got at the time. a vaccination with you. you can always carry a limited
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copy or take a photo of the original and carry it on your phone. but some places will not accept either originals or copies. if a digital certificate is required visit the state of california's digital covid-19 vaccine record page there. you can enter your name and date of birth and then you'll be linked to a qr code and a digital copy of your vaccination. take a picture of that and say an album on your phone. now some venues are requiring vaccine verification through a specific app. for example, if you're going to a show it bill graham civic auditorium. you'll need to download the clear app which will create a health pass for a specific show. this will show if you're vaccinated or if you've been tested in the last 48 hours. you can also create a digital vaccine card. digital vaccine cards can also be accessed through the facts. yes, app the airside digital identity app and the common pass app. >> with you're going to a bar
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restaurant or an entertainment venue like the most important thing to remember is each place require something different. so it's important to check in with them. first to find out exactly what you need to enter. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> right now on our website, we have everything you need to know about mask mandates where you live. breakthrough covid-19 cases and much more just scan that qr code with your mobile device will be directed to our web page. dedicated to covid-19 coverage. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> family members of the victims of the vta railyard shooting are fighting for compensation. and to do that, they are working to change the law. they've contacted law makers to see if they can create legislation at the state or federal level that would allow the government to seize assets for mass shooters and distribute the liquidated funds to the families of the victims. kron four's amanda hari talked with one of those families about why they're pushing to make this happen. >> yeah. she says that having these funds would change her
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life and right now her life is at a standstill. she says she's still mourning her husband's loss but also trying to figure out how she'll survive financially. >> it's just a clear i didn't i. i don't care to get a i don't wanna do anything anymore. and that romo is just one of many family members that continue to struggle more than 2 months. >> after a disgruntled employee shot and killed 9 vta employees. romo says she misses her husband every day that they had to buy a minute by minute timothy romo was his wife's financial provider. now she's left trying to figure out what to do going forward. just kind of waiting to get to on the paper this company. >> to go forward from there to find out if they can still hold on to his medical and still get a job because the shooter is dead. romo and other victims. families can only take money from his estate in pension to a
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lawsuit. but they're told by the time they get through a conviction in civil suit. >> that money could be gone. now some of the victims led by tariff rich are trying to change that. i would have to stress as much about every day. thing. i mean. >> right now my stress is wanting to know if i can go back a workforce, get out there in the workforce. >> as well as. provide for myself. they're trying to work with lawmakers to create legislation that would allow the government to take a mass shooters assets. >> liquidated and distribute it to the families of the victims. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez says she looks forward to working on it with them, although it is only in its beginning stages. romo says think there's always hope. >> i mean, my husband saying never give up and help. there's always going to help somewhat. >> this is all just in the planning stages. but i'm told
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that if the assailant has miners that are financially dependent. a portion of the funds. we'll go to them as well. >> that's a such a difficult situation for those family members to be. and has she indicated whether or not she's talked to other families and that their thoughts on what they think of this legislation idea. yes, she says that all of the victims families are constantly in communication and that many of them do support this idea all right, amanda, thank you for that report. continuing our covers the white house sent an appreciation letter to san jose's victim services unit. it reads in part. >> it takes extraordinary bravery to respond to a tragedy of this magnitude. your efforts have been so important in helping families navigate the pain of losing a loved one. the santa clara district attorney's office posted this letter on twitter writing while none of us do this work for the recognition to receive a letter like this was deeply moving and brought an unexpected lift to our spirits.
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>> your because you really don't know what's going to happen in the next moment. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 8 heartbreak for the family of philip kray-chick for the first time since he disappeared. they are speaking publicly. >> residents in a northern california town forced to evacuate because of a raging wildfire today, many returning hoping their home was not destroyed. plus, why north a woman is being accused of a carpet crimes. and lot of fog in the bay area. now worried about possibly some smoke coming our way. we'll take a look at that next.
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>> for the first time today we heard from the family of philip kreycik just days after remains believed to be his were found in the hills near pleasanton. he went missing back on july. the 10th today, his parents and his wife. thank the hundreds of volunteers, the search teams, members of the community, all who spent weeks searching for him even as they now mourn his loss. >> life is chilly fragile. and 3, '04, weeks. show me crystal clear. there are really no words to really express how difficult this is just how much you everybody's come.
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your because you really don't know what's going to happen in the next moment now our focus is on preparing for the future and making sure >> it feels kids and his family have what they need to do the things that we know who would want us to do it. >> philip reay check leaves behind 2 children. the exact cause of his death is still under investigation. but authorities have said they do not suspect foul play. >> turning now to our wildfire coverage. thousands of firefighters are working to try to put out 2 major fires continue to rage northern california crews are into the second day of working to contain the river fire. so far. that's burned 2400 acres and destroyed or damaged about 80 buildings. the fire started at a campground and has now forced thousands of people to evacuate. this is near interstate 80 and colfax.
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>> farther north the dixie fire flattened. the town a small town of greenville. cal fire says so far 45 buildings have been destroyed there. more than 300,000 acres have burned nearly 5,000 firefighters. dozens of helicopters and hundreds of engines are trying to control the blaze. it is currently 35% contained and some people forced to evacuate in colfax returned to their homes today to see if they survived that fire overnight as lonnie wong tells us many homes had little chance of being safe from the fast-moving flames. >> residents on hillcrest boulevard just above colfax high school. what back to their houses because vehicle traffic was being kept out of the evacuation zone. ryan rollins took cell phone video to show is dead. but their house was still standing is a very, very lucky feeling is a lot of emotions going up and down, especially when you're like, ok, that. >> you can see the red as much. and then all of a sudden few seconds id like the tire skies ready, getting a all right. just waiting for the inevitable. this house was
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turned pink, aerial fire retardant drop that likely saved from burning. but other homes at the top of the ridge weren't so lucky to homes and settle back blame were flattened. one belonging to auburn police officer philip, i we evacuated when flames got to within a 1000 feet. so the said initially he didn't think the flames would get this far. but later in the evening he found out otherwise. he told me that a lifetime of memories are gone, but it could have been much worse than wants station healthy. >> i'm just glad that no lives were lost. >> he said in a sense, tables were turned when you're deployed to the spires. >> other counties every year here you're helpless this porter and her family evacuated with what she thought were essential belongings before her burned to the ground. or pretty. but there were pretty good. but they're just not that bad. like. >> but then when it actually comes down to it and the skies orange. it's a very different
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experience of like trying to remember. but she too, says it's a matter of priorities. it to lose my high school yearbooks. but it's just stuff. bison is not replaceable. and my husband is not replaceable. so like those are the things that really, really, really matter. but for porter and others who have lost their homes stuff is hard to come by after losing nearly all their belongings. >> again, that was lonnie wong reporting right now. kron 4 dot com. we have tips for fire season just scan that qr code on your screen with your mobile device. it will take you straight to our dedicated fire season page. >> this take a live look outside now from our camera atop mount tam pious is still light outside and it's also pretty hazy. and the camera is bouncing around a little bit more signifies, i guess some wind, right. yeah. that healthy sea breeze has been blowing and that's been good for us as far as our air quality again, that nice on shore wind coming from the ocean and really the forecasted materialize. we thought we'd see a little more smoke in the bay area that hasn't happened saying good air quality. all around. in
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fact, the latest sensor showing good air quality from san jose to livermore up to fairfield back up into guerneville along the coastline just about green everywhere you go. >> of course you get in and around those fires is a different story. they've got a lot of smoke up there. but the bay area right now that fog is surging back on shore as we speak. and that will help to cleanse some of the smoke out of the atmosphere as well. up toward the golden gate bridge skies. partly cloudy. you got that breeze out there as well. and little more fog coming tonight. but those rolling into parts of northern california. you see it right here. this all part of an area of low pressure that moved in today and that help to cool things down all around the bay area. but look at the swirl in the atmosphere as some of that smoking is a change direction, a that low really interacting with the fires. the smoke suddenly tweet more easterly that low begin to move on through so you're going to see a change in the weather pattern overnight still some gusty winds across the high country. maybe some of those gusts 3540 miles per hour. so red flag warnings are up for much of the northern sierra
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nevada also the central valley, too. but we're going to see that area of low pressure start to stick a little further to the east. but the smoke forecast shows the circulation around that possibly helping to bring some more. that smoke into the bay area for tomorrow. and then i think maybe even a better chance to see more smoke as we get into early next week. so far we've been very fortunate all season long we've had almost a constant on shore breeze. and that's what we're seeing again tonight. i think as we get in toward this next week. everything changes low clouds and fog. that will be common throughout the weekend into next week, though. guess what, you get more of an offshore wind developing that could very well bring a lot of smoke to the bay area. i think that's a concern as we get into monday. this next week. all that smoke and suddenly flood its way back into the bay area from those fires in the north. all right. thank you, lawrence. well, a wildfire in greece has forced the evacuation of dozens of villages near olympia the side of the ancient olympic games. >> fire crews have so far managed to keep the flames away from the site. but at least 3 significant fires are
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burning in locations there, including on the outskirts of athens. no. this no injuries reported at this time. but there has been widespread destruction to buildings and to the shrinking farce in greece. take a look at what police are calling a carpet crime. a woman in santa rosa has been arrested accused of stealing $5,000 worth of carpet from her job. >> the santa rosa police department posted these pictures. they say 54 year-old teresa to bone was seen taking a large roll of carpet from a local flooring business during their investigation. police say they found a large roll of carpet in a driveway on full kurtz wrote in sebastopol some of the carpet had already been installed. but police say they were able to return other parts of the carpet to the business. bone was arrested for embezzlement and grand theft still ahead at 8, a new feature on yelp to help you figure out whether you'll need your vaccination card the next time you go to a restaurant or bar. we'll show you how it works.
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>> new data from moderna that suggests its covid vaccine efficacy does not weigh in in the first 6 months after receiving the second dose however, the company says a 3rd booster shot may be needed before the winter season. according to clinical trial data moderna's booster shot has produced a robust antibody response against 3 variants, including the highly contagious. delta variant
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nearly every breakthrough infection from the vaccine has resulted in mild symptoms at worse. >> the popular app yelp is rolling out a new feature to help you figure out which business has vaccination requirements. the filter will show you if a restaurant or bar is asking for your vaccination card and another filter will let users see the vaccination status of the businesses staff. yelp says it's an effort to help consumers understand how businesses operating amid pandemic guidelines businesses would have to activate vaccination status filter on their yelp page for it to work. >> happening tomorrow. u.s. secretary of defense lloyd austin is expected to announce a mandatory vaccine policy for all active duty service members. the decision comes just days after president biden urged all federal employees to get the shot. there are currently about 1.3 million active duty service members roughly 64% of them are currently fully
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vaccinated. >> next. a date and a matter of days. the oakland unified school district will welcome students, teachers and staff back to campuses. we're taking a look at the major adjustments that will be needed because of covid plus fans safety is a priority for the forty-niners. what you need to know if you're heading to levi stadium this weekend. and if you're hitting the skies, make sure you check your flight status after another day of major
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>> monday is a big day in the oakland unified school district. that's when it will welcome students, teachers and staff back to the campus kron, four's, phillipe djegal all reports from east oakland where students say they're ready to return despite covid continue to spread in the community. >> the 133 million dollar project to renovate fremont high school in east oakland is mostly complete and like the rest of the oakland unified school district schools on monday. this campus is welcoming students back. >> for in person instruction. i love is nice to be that of miss being here and see my friends and my teachers with covid-19 still spreading throughout the community. it may take time for students, teachers and staff to adjust to life on campus. the school district says it will follow state and alameda county rotocols face. coverings wi be mandatory for everyone indoors. if i see somebody with that down and going to ask them, put it up. i don't feel safe in their so you're
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trying to keep everybody in, check the school district is not requiring covid-19 vaccinations but mayor libby schaaf encourages everyone to get inoculated against novel coronavirus. if you are not vaccinated, go out and get vaccinated because we can never closed our get ahead of their first day of school students receive free backpacks and school supplies. fremont high school thursday a news conference was held to celebrate the reopening. >> families have a chance based in new buildings fields and offices. this isn't just about getting fremont up to par now. it really is a model of what high school should be overall. the school district says more than 97% of all district students have opted to return to campuses for in-person instruction. >> oakland phillipe djegal all kron 4 news also in the east bay ac transit is expanding its service schedule in anticipation of residents returning to school and offices. >> starting sunday, the transit will resume bus
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service to schools in alameda and contra. costa counties as well as select transbay bus lines early bird express bus lines and overnight bus lines, ac transit officials say they expect to further increase service over the next 18 months in anticipation of ridership increases at the end of last month. they counted more than 70,000 riders per day compared to 59,000 riders per day back in march. >> there will be a new place to get your covid vaccine tomorrow in oakland. kaiser permanente will host a vaccination clinic at oakland technical high school. it will take place from 3.30 until 6 at night. this is. and in anticipation of the upcoming school year to ensure that underserved parts of oakland have easy access to get the vaccine anybody 12 and older can get it. no appointment is necessary. and this, of course is a back to school season like no other and clown 4 and
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kron on want to help you get ready tune in all next week for updates on covid protocol that various bay area school districts also advice for parents and information on how students are dealing with various challenges to get crown on ready for school. you can scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. >> the forty-niners cutting the ribbon to the glitzy new cache creek casino resort club insight levi stadium today. it's been 18 months since fans. watch games inside the stadium. but that changes this weekend when the forty-niners host about 20,000 fans for a practice on saturday. then 70,000 fans will be welcome to week later for the first pre season game. everybody wore a mask while indoors today and fans will be expected to do the same while there are no rules about physical distancing the indoor mask mandate will be enforced. the team says and tailgating will be permitted. >> hundreds of travelers
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booked on spirit. airlines are still getting there. flights canceled just today. the airline canceled nearly 400 flights. it is the 5th straight day of major cancellations. the problem is being blamed on technical outages and staff shortages. american airlines has similar problems earlier this week if you're planning to travel, be sure to check with your airline before you head to the airport. and speaking of travel, here's a live look at sfo where you can see the fog hanging above the control tower. >> kind of obscuring a san bruno mountain in the background and promising a cool night. it sounds like laura. yeah, a little drizzle out there. not as much last. i mean, last night it was very wet out there as the drive home. you can see the fog rolling in and you get a little damp out there on the roadways have windshield wipers early on this morning, but that fog and cloud cover now stretching into san francisco. it's going to compress a little bit overnight tonight. >> high pressure is going to start to strengthen and these temperatures are really going to soar. i think by tomorrow afternoon as compared to day. but yet today the kind of a
8:34 pm
cool day outside compared to %pnormal these numbers running well below the average for this time of year. right now we're cooling things off to 67 degrees in la mer 65 in san jose 61 and breezy in hayward, 60 for the napa valley. 68 right now in santa rosa cool 59 with foggy conditions in the san francisco. all right. overnight tonight we'll see low clouds and fog maybe not quite as extensive as a summary. larry gets compressed. just that. not able to surge all the way on shore this morning with all the way into the central valley overnight tonight again, little drizzle along the coastline tomorrow as we head through the day, you can see that fog kind of hugging the coastline. but sunshine inside the bay and the valleys. and that's where the temperatures they're really going to soar tomorrow afternoon in san francisco. you'll find a variety of numbers. some 60's, maybe some low 70's into the mission about 62 degrees in the sunset and also golden gate park 64 in daly city may be starting out with some drizzle early on tomorrow morning. then drying out toward the afternoon 59 in pacifica, 62 overnight. up and
8:35 pm
62 also in half moon bay warmer in millbrae about 80 degrees. 68 south san francisco about 82 in burlingame foster city. checking in at 8481 in redwood city, about 80 in palo alto. the south really start to heat things up 80's some 90's by tomorrow afternoon about 91 in sunnyvale, 90 degrees, santa clara about 95 in saratoga and then we get hot inland getting near triple digits. in places like livermore about 99 degrees, 96 in pleasanton about 99 in walnut creek 95 in danville about 84 degrees in her achilles. so these temperatures getting pretty toasty outside numbers staying in the 80's 90's right through the delta. and then as we head back toward the coastline will cool you down just a bit. but still the 60's and some 70 some clearing by the afternoon. tomorrow. looks like we'll start to heat things up. maybe a little bit cooler, but still a bit hot inland on saturday giving these cool along the coastline, then we're all watching for monday. that's what expecting some of the smoke possibly from the fires to work its way back in the bay area.
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>> this one, the take american the other way. >> and you're not going to move that guys sometimes nap time just can't wait to buy-in getting comfortable in the middle of the road laying down, taking a snooze at yellowstone national park. the only problem is that sleeping buy-in created a traffic jam. park officials say this is a low rare. there are plenty of buy-in to see but not usually sleeping in the road when this happens there asking drivers not to honk their horns and to carefully drive around the animal. >> still ahead a day right place, right time for a couple of first responders when a family vacation to the beach takes a frightening turn. >> plus the power of social media, how southern california teenager helps trigger her grandfather's memory using tiktok. vacation to a maryland
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beach took a terrifying turn when a girl was bitten by what officials believe was a shark. yeah. it happened at ocean city beach there. luckily for that young girl to people nearby knew exactly what to do. a registered nurse and her husband who happened to be a fire lieutenant and paramedic. >> and while the couple was off duty with their own. 3 children. they did not hesitate to help out. >> our focus was to be on jordan and her parents because, you know, mom was
8:40 pm
obviously tearful but just really talking to both of them in a calm manner and us not for now is the most important thing to do. they had a beach towel that the kind of holding around her. but i held it up near face so she could look down and see the injury itself and was talking to her. i was talking to mom letting, you know what's going on here. get it to land those still lifeguard and i and my husband. and then the supervisor kind of brought >> boy. how lucky they with their 12 year-old jordan percent received 42 stitches at the hospital for the 20 cuts on her leg. she starts 7th grade in the fall and she will be ok to have quite a story to tell her classmates, the executive director of the shark research institute believes that jordan was bitten by what's called a black tip shark. and inglewood grandfather in southern california has become an internet sensation with millions of fans on tiktok. >> that's thanks to his granddaughter and their musical bond 85 year-old
8:41 pm
charles mallet suffers from alzheimer's and much of his time spent used to be in silence without a memory even for his loved ones and while his videos look like fun and games. his family says they've actually improved his health and his memory. i oh, wow. >> i just found something new that can help my grandpa on probably millions of other people to the change was >> it would walk up to my daughter. do you need me for a video he would dance and he would ask for it. he with seek it out in this war. we our with my granddaughter is due in. >> it's a maze. >> she is soon to tall should be a wall to this up to bat to get new things out. could that. >> oh, my gosh. that's great. as is great 14 bassey a mallet helped trigger something special or grandfather. she's posted more than a 100 videos with her grandfather and their tiktok account has more than
8:42 pm
4.7 million followers macias says she's hoping to inspire people to interact with their grandparents you're never too old for tiktok or any of the social and music is just reaches deep in the soul absolutely. all right. next to a cell phone solution. how apple is preparing to step up in the fight against child abuse and is force touch i and staff. >> maybe their most improbable comeback certainly for this seaso
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>> in san francisco. a grieving father says he wants no retaliation against the person who shot and killed his teen daughter that has police are still trying to figure out why the shooting even happens. kron four's has has the story. no hate, no grudges. no one is perfect. and we want you to know. we forgive you. >> a message of forgiveness on the steps of san francisco city hall from the father of a 16 year-old girl killed during a shooting last saturday on bertha lane in the city's bayview district. my daughter was a very loving during. >> brace wherever she came across with a smile and he she made sure everyone was taking care of san francisco police say 45 year-old woman was also wounded in the shooting and was treated for injuries and released from a local hospital. we need to make sure that essential is gun violence doesn't happen anymore. >> innocent families are being
8:46 pm
hurt by this violence and we need to make sure that just stops. and you know, they just want peace. >> and then you know, we're just like to keep the great memories that they have. >> of their daughter and their loved ones. san francisco police investigators told me that they are still working to determine a motive. whether or not the shooting was random or targeted and identify the shooter. >> i want to take this time to talk to whoever did this. well, there was one person. i don't know why. and i don't know what you're going through. but know this. no warm. i thought our kids. the same lessons that i was growing up. one of the most to lead with love and be quick to forgive. my daughter at the tender age of 16. exemplify
8:47 pm
just that. >> anyone with information about the identity of the shooter is asked to contact san francisco police. has it made kron 4 news. >> in the east bay san leandro police searching for at least one shooter that left 3 people hurt. this is video of the crime scene this morning. officers blocked off a section of his ferry and boulevard. according to police, shots were fired overnight at a birthday celebration being held at a banquet hall. officers say 3 people were shot. they all went to the hospital right now. no information on the shooter responsible. apple is planning to scan all us iphones for images of child abuse. the company says it will not be cryptic messages, but. >> it will report inappropriate images uploaded on the i cloud the new system will use a process called hashing where images are transformed into unique numbers that correspond to that image. if a match is found, the image will then be reviewed by person who can notify law enforcement if necessary.
8:48 pm
>> for your health. 2 million dehumidifiers are being recalled because of burn and fire risks. the recall includes a range of brands. the consumer products safety commission says the dehumidifiers can overheat and can catch fire. no injuries have been reported. but the faulty products involved in this recall have cause 17 million dollars in property damage. the agency says the dehumidifiers were sold by national retailers, including lowe's, walmart and costco between february of 2009 through august of 2000, 17. you can find a complete list of the brands and the models affected by this recall is all on our website. kron 4 dot com. pretty mild. pretty durable youngster trying her hand. at weightlifting. her mother says she's been inspired by watching the tokyo olympics com posted the video on social media yesterday. the young girl. >> his name summer and she
8:49 pm
looks at foam roller overhead letting out a triumphant giggle at the accomplishment of that feat, go summer. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> go summer. you love to see it. all right. welcome to sports. let's take a little trip down memory lane in 1993 bill clinton was president. the internet first went public. and while there it is by tag team was the number 2 song on the billboard charts. i will always love you. buy with whitney houston was number one, the field yet. 93 is also the last time the giants came back from a four-run deficit in the 9th inning. that is until today. best for 2021 now crashed in crawford. brandon crawford son taking in the game. he is just a cute e okay. he is to don't touch me. the giants trailed for nothing going into the 9th. but after cutting it to 42 lamont wade junior pulls a
8:50 pm
line drive into right crawford scores. steven duggar is coming home with the game. tying run. 2 rbi single for wade. >> the giants and probably come all the way back in the 9 to even it up in the 10th. kris bryant, my guy just came in from chicago down the left-field line into the corner. tommy la stella. there he goes with the go ahead. run bryant. second straight big hit as his double to lead off the 9th got the comeback started 5, 4, giants bottom of the 10th. jake mcgee gets true. fly out just what one was close, though, right. at the warning that ends the game against 24th save of the season. and here's another fun fact. this was the first time the giants won a game with 0 runs and down by at least 4 entering the 9th since june of 1941. that's more than 80 years with the wind san francisco extends its lead over the idle dodgers to 4 games in the nl west like to
8:51 pm
hear that. well, the usa basketball men's national team turning skeptics into believers in tokyo after shocking the world with 2 exhibition losses a month ago, opening olympic play with the loss. >> they're now heading to the gold medal game. the u.s. beat the aussies last night. the olympic semifinal 9778 kd led the way for the red, white and blue totaling 23 points. 9 rebounds 2 assists, 2 steals and a block. you just saw steve kerr, also an assistant coach with the squad. up next, the u.s. faces france, the number 7 team in the world. the 2 teams will battle for bold tomorrow night. tip off at 7.30 pacific time. big news in the soccer world today. argentinian superstar lionel messi is leaving his longtime club team barcelona. the 2 parties were unable to reach an agreement on a contract extension due to some money troubles for the club messi considered one of the greatest scores of this generation has been a mainstay for the club over nearly 2 decades. he played 778 games for barca and
8:52 pm
has scored 672 goals. both club records. farc has won 10 la liga trophies in 4 champs. champions league titles during his tenure. no word on where messi might be headed. you guys have any fun memories from 1993 take us back. well hoop. there it is, is a good. >> piece of knowledge that in 19. oh, >> was. i never did any think we would know. well, can yeah, i was. i was stuck. i'm back then in today and thank you. coming we're taking a bite out of japan going inside a japanese market. this been to killing the taste buds for 100 visitors from
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> as part of our olympics coverage. we want to continue to celebrate japanese culture across the nation and that includes a taste of japan reporter shannon halligan takes us inside a japanese market serving up some of the precious items near chicago. >> for more than 2 decades tend to gain market in the suburbs has offered an authentic japanese experience to shoppers in the chicagoland area. >> has the market is falling around 25 years jason shay is the general manager of the locally owned market and food
8:56 pm
court. we trying to. i thought our floor. the to kind of of japan in america. the market, which is in the process of expanding offers a wide variety of items from beverages and home goods to fresh breads hi pleasant. all custody. i temps. going pan use that to you. he has been preparing handmade foods at tense. okay. for more than 10 years. when you get it. >> 2 japanese rice bowl. and then sunday with >> and fresh fish is flown in daily for the food court sushi and sashimi selection. for all of these reasons. people continue to come back and often this is especially for japanese. >> it is of best place to fight. >> it's like stepping into a japanese market without needing to leave the u.s. if. >> awesome month want to use
8:57 pm
the u.s. japan use coach are and chip is then they come to test the market. is the best choice reporting in chicago. i'm shannon halligan. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 afternoon and joins us now with what's coming up on kron 4 news and thank you, pam. and can get coming up on kron, 4 news at 9. >> as the delta variant continues to surge nationwide vaccine companies are encouraging booster shots. what doctors are saying tonight about a push by moderna to get a 3rd shot, ok and california now requiring that all state health workers be vaccinated. we'll have details on the deadline in a live report. keep it here. the news at 9 coming up next.
8:58 pm
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california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts.
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they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 15 seed these vaccines may wait in the future right you're doing their job in terms of preventing people from getting hospitalized and dying. >> another major vaccine maker says it expects people would need another shot to fight covid-19 biotech company moderna announced today that a 3rd dose of its vaccine will likely be needed soon. to fight waning immunity and breakthrough infections of the delta variant. good evening. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan grant and vick


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