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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 6, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. it is friday. the highly anticipated day of the week. august radar me first, we have to start this morning with a check of your weather and your traffic. john sabol has the morning off and in his stead days, far grayson us with his presence yet again. good morning, dave. got some good news for mitt. >> hey. a rainy good morning. and good morning, everybody. you know, today would have a one and a heat spike so if you want a little flavor of summer going on to can those inland valleys. we have temperatures bouncing to the middle to even upper 90's by this afternoon.
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but again, one day will be improving into the weekend and off into early next week. right now police told kind of wait for this fog kind of mix out there. you can see the layer just hovering right over the bay and along the east bay shoreline. however, we can see all the lighting going on here. so it's not that thick but may be thick enough to cause a little bit the way some breezy conditions don't up the golden gate bridge. but a quick shot of sfo as we get the day started. by the way, that fog. here's how it mixes out. most of it is done as we approach around noon. however, the haziness will not be smoke from distant fires has drifted into on top of us across the bay area's. we're going make that as an addendum for the general forecast. so we're going a little bit of influence from this high-pressure sell off towards the east that will provide some little extra heating again. one day program. what we're 60's cover a good chunk of the east bay 50's up to the north bay 58 for san francisco 61 san jose, a little bit warmer across midday, although a little cooler up in the north bay. the breakdown today. again, noting that haze
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this afternoon. we're up to about 61 come am by 1178. but we're still continue to climb born your forecast in just a bit. not a lot of traffic there. the bay bridge toll plaza. what's going on right now today things are looking great out there. if you're traveling from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 11 minutes for your drive times. so things are looking great. there. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge as your head in a cross towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 11 minutes of things. look great. and the golden gate bridge. will there be fog. it looks much clearer than it was at the start of this week. about 20 minutes into the city for your drive will have more on that coming up next. for now, let's get back to the news. a big story this morning. california and the bay area getting more aggressive on vaccine requirements to fight the highly contagious. delta variant this is an even stronger version of the virus that's now been spreading with in the bay area. you have both state and local leaders moving to increase restrictions and vaccination mandates. all to
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combat a deadly surge in coronavirus cases. santa clara counties issued a memo to roughly 20,000 employees ordering them to show proof a vaccination against covid by august 20th and san jose is requiring its city employees to be fully vaccinated by august 23rd those who do not get the shot will have to be tested regularly for the virus and napa county health officer joins 7 other bay area counties issued and indoor mask mandate. even if you're vaccinated. the ruling takes effect friday just after midnight. so in about 2 hours with the latest mandate. solano counties. now the only county in the bay area where masks are not required indoors. these new restrictions come as we now learn that a new strand of the delta variant has been detected here in the bay area. it's called delta. plus, officials say it's the most contagious variant we have seen thus far kron four's. michelle kingston has the details on that. >> what you see is like buy
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stuff just getting worse. mutating. >> the delta variant is the most contagious coronavirus mutant. so far in the pandemic and now there's a variation of that variant and it's gaining speed. the delta plus was first detected in europe back in march. doctors say it's more transmissible than the original delta variant and that it latches on to lung cells more easily. this delta plus has been identified in it. >> has changes that. >> suggest the possibility of it being a problem for us. it exploded. we've known about delta plus for a while now and it just hasn't exploded even where we first found south asia, the county of santa clara is already tracking it on their website, though they say it exists statewide and nationwide. >> and that there's not enough information right now to indicate that that should be more concerning than the original delta variant as of last week, 298 people in santa clara county have the delta
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variant in 47 tested positive for its sub strain that delta plus alameda county reports fewer than 10 cases as of last tuesday. >> and contra costa county health officials say less than 7% of their detected delta cases have been dealt a plus covid is 3 although rules out the window and the reason why is that? >> there's so much transmission all around the world that you're just getting more and more chances for mischief tucker. from the perspective of the virus. the cdc is recommending fully vaccinated. people return to wearing masks indoors because of the delta search and 8 bay area counties are requiring this because of the delta is high transmission vaccinated. people can get infected in this variant spreads more easily. we are still protected from serious disease. that's hospitalizations deaths and being on a ventilator. for example. >> but again, things may change over time as continued
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transmission. well created variance that me be more vaccine in the days to than what we know about so far in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> across the state more than 5500 people are currently in the hospital with covid-19 across california. that's the highest number of hospitalizations since february. 25th more than 9500 new cases of the virus or reported yesterday and another 56 deaths. 60% of the state's population is now fully vaccinated. state health officials say because of the danger of the delta area poses health care workers across california must be fully vaccinated by the end of september. the state order applies to general acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities. well, state health officials say those same visitors to nursing homes have to now show proof of vaccination unvaccinated visitors will have to show a negative covid test within 72
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hours. >> we are hopeful that this will not in any way decrease access. between residents and visitors that it will just increase the safety elements and that it should go pretty smoothly. hopefully other we know that we're not past the pandemic. and that the residents are still increasingly vulnerable. it's it's time. i think it's time that all the staff vaccinated so that we have assurances that the residents are protected as much as possible. >> visitors who are seeing a patient in critical condition. are exempt but will have to follow health guidelines like wearing a mask ppe. >> and maintaining distance. >> with more and more restaurants and entertainment venues. requiring vaccination verification. >> many are wondering how you can actually prove if you don't have your backs and car with you. kron four's. dan kerman has the answer to that. >> but more and more places requiring vaccine verification to enter what's the best way to do it. there are several
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options in california. well, it's best not to carry the cdc vaccine card. you got at the time. a vaccination with you. you can always carry a limited copy or take a photo of the original and carried on your phone. but some places will not accept either originals or copies. if a digital certificate is required visit the state of california's digital covid-19 vaccine record page there. you can enter your name and date of birth and then you'll be linked to a qr code and a digital copy of your vaccination. take a picture of that and say an album on your phone. now some venues are requiring vaccine verification through a specific app. for example, if you're going to a show it bill graham civic auditorium. you'll need to download the clear app which will create a health pass for a specific show. this will show if you're vaccinated or if you've been tested in the last 48 hours. you can also create a digital vaccine card.
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digital vaccine cards can also be accessed through the backs. yes, ep the airside digital identity app and the common pass app. >> you're going to a bar restaurant or entertainment venue like the most important thing to remember is each place require something different. so it's important to check in with them. first to find out exactly what you need to enter. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> now to our wildfire coverage. there are urgent new orders to evacuate as the dixie fire continues to threaten homes and lives in plumas some blue counties. the fire is now interred lassen volcanic national park flames continue to burn in and around the town of greenville, which has been hit hard by that fire garage paulson. the has the very latest on that. >> the massive dixie fire burning intensely and unpredictable. it. small communities like chester nearly empty and causing major devastation for we were on our
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way to greenville to cover the aftermath of a fire that leveled most of the small community. but just lake. spillway, large flames towered both sides of highway 89 soon. the winds picked ability. we're seeing by the second and flames growing more powerful. this is a small glimpse of challenges crews on the front lines have faced over the past 3 weeks. >> the winds that we're experiencing day 30 miles an hour. the field conditions. feel moisture content of the fields that amber and again drought conditions over. so it really seeing after so many years of drought you're seeing what's really happening. how the how the fire behavior is acting with low humidity and dry conditions. fire crews hoping residents follow evacuation orders so they can save homes and not lives. >> i mean, one thing we need to change the weather. we could ask for. one thing, it would be that. gurajpal sangha fox 40 counties. well, there's
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another fire threatening lives in nevada and placer counties. >> the river fire has burned 2600 acres still no containment. there's destroyed at least 76 buildings and damaged at least 20 others. governor newson has currently declare a state of emergency in nevada county. this is california's 3rd federal assistance grant authorized this year to help during and after wildfires, there. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news a family mourns the loss of their daughter who was shot and killed in san francisco as police continue to look for her killer. and as covid cases rise across the bay area schools and open are preparing to welcome back. students next week. what school officials are doing to try and keep students. they're safe as possible. and after the break, as california continues to deal with a severe drought. there is a new plan to turn waste water into drinking to talk more about that we get reaction or get back from the
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break. california could soon
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be turning its wastewater into drinking water as western states suffered through what
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is now being called a mega drought water managers and lawmakers say wastewater must be recycled southern of that already. does it. now one u.s. senator says must be done on a larger scale. >> for example, there's an opportunity for partner with california for california to actually recycle sewage water. >> nevada senator catherine cortez masto introduced a bill to help pay for large scale sewage water recycling projects, california senator alex padilla is a co-sponsor the bill is also included and the senate's chilean dollars infrastructure package. if passed it would bring 400, 50 million dollars to 17 western states for large scale water recycling projects. well, back here at home where it has been a nice break in the intense heat that we felt john shrable has the morning off dave spahr is here joining us this morning. dave, you're saying we're not going to have the same released that we had
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yesterday today know it's going to be a little bit on the toasty side today. sorry about that. but it's only a one-day spike in only in those very sensitive areas in eastern contra. costa county. will this kind of hang on a little bit. >> until maybe sunday. but you'll see feel the relief already starting by tomorrow. boy, what an inversion. we have this morning all tie. and it's very dry right above 50 1500 feet to 1000 feet or so it's go way up there to get some moisture back in place. but it's like the arctic in terms of the dew point values, way above us and also warm, though, 2 in the mid 70's. meanwhile, the ground level certainly have some fog reading us this morning. here's a shot from u c berkeley golden gate bridge with all the typical hasan blaze at work to get things started a little bit of a breeze worth noting i suppose bit around the delta you'll notice and with daytime heating that will drive a little bit later. but not really that great. so temperatures will still climb very nicely, even though will be aided or fought a little bit by an onshore wind to touch 60's and lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline 58 for freeman. rosa 58 for san
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francisco. not really much to see in this. but i want to just quickly run through it. there's the morning fog and some coastal drizzle mixes out. obviously nothing going on here. even with the daytime heating in the summer months. typically we see a flare up going on in the afternoon. okay. so heat spike is waiting at this point by tomorrow morning, fog is back again. it mixes out and still nothing. so it's going to middle of the week. that pretty much shut off, i guess in some ways it's kind of good news. a bit because sometimes that comes of lightning with that as well that we can use the rain today got morning fog warm conditions bay near about 80 going on. this is again, this one-day event here, hot inland with upper 90's working this weekend. sunny and warm on your saturday. upper 80's by sunday. it looks like 70's for the bay and then next week. it's a mild start. but then, you know, temperatures will be start to creeping up again. it will be back in the business of the middle 90's by the middle of the week. today 71 san francisco open checking with a pair of sevens 84 for san jose because of the distant fires in that smoke that's been put to the mid
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layers in the upper layers of the atmosphere that's going to be around a little bit until this low starts to clean us out a little bit as we go into the weekend and early into next week. here it is. for highs today antioch about 9798 for concord. these areas here will be kind very stubborn in terms of letting go there. he spikes. so expect the 90's to be there as late as monday. meanwhile to the north bay, we might get into some lower 90's at work there. 71 san francisco out more in your 4 zone forecast in a bit. right now, a quick check of the bay area bridges reyna phil dave, thanks for that. no major hot spots at this hour. if you're heading from the east bay into the city will take you. >> a little under 2 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit 5, 1880 also moving at the limit this morning. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes to make that drive. things are looking great. there. we'll have more on your friday morning commute. but for now, let's go back to the news. this morning. a family is grieving the loss of a 16 year-old girl who was shot and killed in san francisco. police are still trying to figure out why that shooting happened in the first
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place. kron four's haaziq has the story for us. >> no hate, no grudges. no one is perfect. and we want you to know. we forgive you. >> a message of forgiveness on the steps of san francisco city hall from the father of a 16 year-old girl killed during a shooting last saturday on bertha lane in the city's bayview district. my daughter was a very loving during. >> when brace wherever she came across with a smile and he she made sure everyone was taking care of san francisco police say 45 year-old woman was also wounded in the shooting and was treated for injuries and released from a local hospital. we need to make sure that essential is gun violence doesn't happen anymore. >> innocent families are being hurt by this violence and we need to make sure that just stops. nou know, they just want peace. >> and then they'd, you know, we're just like to keep the great memories that they have
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of their daughter and their loved ones. san francisco police investigators told me that they are still working to determine a motive. >> whether or not the shooting was random or targeted and identify the shooter. >> i want to take this time to talk to whoever did this. well, there was one person. or few. i don't know why. and i don't know what you're going through. but know this. he was no warm. i thought our kids. the same lessons that i was growing up. one of them will soon lead with love and be quick to forgive. my daughter at the tender age of 16. exemplify just that. >> anyone with information about the identity of the shooter is asked to contact san francisco police. has it made kron 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news as the
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olympic games get ready to wrap up this weekend. we introduced you to one athlete who is preparing for the paralympics games. now to our
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olympics coverage after the closing ceremony on sunday. the attention now shifts to the paralympics. one american athlete is hoping to win a medal at a sport that is still fairly new to him. david deguzman explains. >> the track. and i look up and there's a lot of myself in the finals in tokyo. nick mayhew has always wanted to represent his country on the biggest stage that the track was an in his initial plans. talking about it now. just thinking about it. you know, my and these are week. my hands are sweaty. you know, get really nervous because it's uncomfortable for me not score that. i don't know a lot about. >> the northern virginia native grew up as a soccer player playing collegiately at radford university before makiog the united states national team and 7 aside soccer, you know, being able to travel the world playing sport that i love. >> it was an incredible experience. but it taught me to, you know, really live in the moment. you know, just soak it all and really appreciate what you have. what nick has is a mild form of cerebral palsy. a disability. he was born with and something
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nick took a long time to for 21 years of my life. i was very stubborn. very, you know, a negative towards the idea that meeting to myself that i was disabled admitting to myself that i did have cp. >> i hit it from virtually everybody in my entire life for such a long time now nick focuses on what he's able to do. >> but it won't be soccer. his sport of 7 aside was dropped from the paralympic program for tokyo twenty-twenty citing a lack of international participation kind of setback was like, you know, there's got to be another sport. i can do. >> and my coach was actually like you. you could run track and field and it was just an idea. and i didn't really think about it like that. >> usa track and field recruited him to become a sprinter in 2019. fast forward to the paralympic trials in june when nick broke a world record in his classification of the 100 meter dash an accomplishment. >> that didn't surprise him i've done in practice ayers knew that in the back on line. that could do it. and i've actually, you know, you walk into my apartment and i have taped up on the walls. the times of the world. record,
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10200. nick thinks he can run even faster in tokyo and has high expectations i've grown a lot matured, a you know, i've i've experienced a lot of different things. i never thought we were going to be possible ever just dreams to be in position. >> just an incredible feeling in charlotte. i'm david de >> one inspiring story. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as more kids begin to head back to school. the biden administration is stepping up efforts to get more students vaccinated we're going to have the details on that in a live report. time for
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you now for 28, am and let's get back to our friday celebration. we are actively stay on top of your traffic and weather for you this morning. john trimble has the morning off. dave spahr is here gracing us with his presence at this early hour. day. how are things going to be for us over the next few days, while rain and we're looking at a heat spike for today. good morning, everybody. and of the first things first. yes, sure. we've got all the fog and all that. but after that mixes out, boy temperatures will be climbing even. >> around the immediate. they but well inland expect those middle to upper 90's that work in those 9 is going to hang on and the far east bay as late as about monday. it looks like there's what things look like for right now. again, negotiate through some of the way the fog. this is sfo. no delays being reported out there. meanwhile, this is the shot to the east bay
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shoreline. it just has a little bit of that. haze is not like to keep that thicken, but it does line with a right above it. there's some very warm air in very, very dry. the kind of drier you get from the arctic really so high is going to allow conditions to stay in place like this until the slow starts to move for us a bit and we'll get some cooler temperatures coming into the weekend and early next week. what we're 60's line up the east bay shoreline for right now. 57 for freeman 58 off the tri valley little more 50's up to the north bay and 58 for san francisco. your breakdown should turn mostly sunny. but really hazy is what we're looking at as we get into the early afternoon 78 by 11 o'clock, but still this haze will be around probably until this weekend when this low starts to provide a little bit of mixing going on here for how the traffic right now, dave, things are looking great out there. actually, he had a close eye on the bay bridge traveling from the east bay. >> into the city this morning. a little under 10 minutes of things. look great. also headed a cross towards the peninsula via the san mateo bridge. no hazards,


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