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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 6, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday. always a little bit easier, isn't it. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. and we've got some pretty decent conditions this morning. albeit a little bit gray, but it's not as bike misty and wet as it was just so weird. i was like is this rain or what. yesterday dave. >> but that result, you know, that for a player has somewhere to fall. you know. yes, we sing a little bit out of that. just a but today we're looking for temperatures. inland are really start to spike a that's a one-day event. so it's almost like a bump in the road and then we see temperatures cool off a little bit into the weekend. but marine layer is here again this morning with the traditional that inversion in place as well. much drier above that line, that deck of that you see a fog right there. meanwhile, the golden gate bridge also dealing with this haze and glaze. again, a few hours, this will be taken care of by the mid morning hours. we should be into. well, we would be mostly sunny, but more of a hazy sunshine with all that smoke temperature. check. got a lot of 60's for the east bay 58 meanwhile, for a free month's
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56 for livermore still give us a little time 58. meanwhile, for san francisco cross midday. it's couple degrees warmer than yesterday. but up to the north. a couple degrees trailing as it is also in the santa clara valley to in livermore. we're looking at 71 4.10, o'clock by one. we're at 90 and still building on that bit more in your forecast in just a bit, right. check and area traffic reyna phyllis and say thanks for that. things are looking much better. we had an earlier accident in the city along one. oh, one southbound. >> that's since been cleared as you're traveling from the east bay to that fremont street exit will take you a little under 2 minutes to make that the meteor lights still off at this hour. 5, 1880 moving along just fine headed across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes. no major hazards. if you are taking bar at this hour. i'm not tracking any major delays for you over there. the richmond sandra fell can be as you travel to richmond. you can do that in a little under 8 minutes and in the south bay along one. oh, one to 1885, 82 no major issues we'll have more throughout the darya and james, send it over to you.
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>> all right. thank you very much. and one of our big stories this morning. the fact that napa county now like the rest of the bay area seeing a spike in coronavirus cases. and that's leading to more hospitalizations. this graphic sort of illustrates where in the county we're seeing the worst problems and this is a look at the entire pandemic from last spring all the way until now. spring of last year, i should say until now. and you can see the worst cases are in the areas that are darker in color and it's no surprise that the population center of napa itself. the city of napa is where we're seeing the most cases and that certainly is true here in the last few weeks where we've seen now a rise a spike in the number of positivity rates transmission rates and hospitalizations. and that is what's leading to some changes now. >> for napa. yeah. that's why napa is going back to masks new this morning because the spike napa county joins 7 other counties in the bay area issuing a mask mandate indoors. even if you've already been vaccinated and that rule went into effect at
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midnight kron 4. sarah stinson is live in napa county right now with more. hi, sarah. >> haidar, it's been just only a few hours since the mandate went into place. so it's going to be a transition getting back into the groove of putting on a mask. when you head in doors. i'm live here at a gym in american canyon where we've seen people, you know, not wearing their it's going to take some time and some reminders. that's why the health department is advising a lot of businesses to hand out disposable one so people can wear them and then it will be a good reminder for them. take a look at video just show. you can see people working out. >> maskless and i'm sure you know, they're being reminded as we speak right now inside us all a lot more people putting on their masks. when they saw me reporting out here, i'm i'm the reminder this morning and it's all because, you know, even even though you're actually have to wear the mask because we're seeing a major spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. 75% of the
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people who live in napa county are fully vaccinated, but they're still a concerning rise in hospitalizations, threatening hospital capacity says the health officer, the delta variant makes up the majority of the covid cases currently in california. this variant is more contagious and it's spreading to not just the unvaccinated but the vaccinated as well. the cdc says the vaccines are preventing people from getting those severe symptoms hospitalization and even preventing death. local health officials believe the vaccine and masking up are the perfect pair to get these cases down. so that's why nap is now joining 7 other bay area counties, napa county is a seeing a rise in cases. but specifically napa. the city of napa is, as you just heard, because that's where all the tourists go. my friend recently just went down downtown at but she said it was packed with tourists from all over the counwry, pub leave in the world coming here to course. enjoy wine country.
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but now it's causing rising cases and the people who live here are the ones having to pay for it having to wear that mask going back inside the gym. the grocery store, the nail salon, you name it. so make sure you remember to grab that mask as you head out the door this morning. for now reporting live in napa county. sarah stinson back to sara. i know you have enough masks that you could start handing them out. >> they're very stylish. >> it. i should just hand them he's hoping going to need them anymore. but i you know, keep you and a guest like that. nancy pelosi of kron, like always with a fashionable mask for every occasion. all right. thank you very much, sara. >> also for your health this morning. that new strain. there is a new strain. the delta variant was already strain of the original very now. there's a strain, a variant of the delta variant. they're calling it dealt applause. if it could be worse and it is. >> delta. plus, they say is even more contagious and more dangerous than the regular delta covers michelle kingston takes a look. what you see is
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like buy stuff. >> just getting worse. mutating. >> the delta variant is the most contagious coronavirus mutant. so far in the pandemic and now there's a variation of that variant and it's gaining speed. the delta plus was first detected in europe back in march. doctors say it's more transmissible than the original delta variant and that it latches on to lung cells more easily. this delta plus has been identified in it. >> has changes that. >> suggest the possibility of it being a problem for us. it exploded. we've known about delta plus for a while now and it just hasn't exploded even where we first found south asia, the county of santa clara is already tracking it on their website, though they say it exists statewide and nationwide. >> and that there's not enough information right now to indicate that that should be more concerning than the original delta variant as of last week, 298 people in santa
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clara county have the delta variant in 47 tested positive for its sub strain that delta plus alameda county repprts fewer than 10 cases as of last tuesday. >> and contra costa county health officials say less than 7% of their detected delta cases have been dealt a plus covid is 3 although rules out the window and the reason why is that? >> there's so much transmission all around the world. that you're just getting more and more chances for mischief to her from the perspective of the virus. the cdc is recommending fully vaccinated. people return to wearing masks indoors because of the delta search and 8 bay area counties are requiring this because of the delta's high-transmission vaccinated people can get infected in this variant spreads more easily. we are still protected from serious disease. that's hospitalizations deaths and i'm being on a ventilator. for example. >> but again, things may change over time as continued
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transmission. well created variance that me be more vaccine in the days to than what we know about so far in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> well, state health officials say that because of the danger of this delta variant the win. then the danger that opposes health care workers across california now have to be fully vaccinated by the end of september. that's the deadline they've been given the state order applies to general acute care, hospitals. skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities as well. state health officials say the visitors to nursing homes have to show proof of vaccination unvaccinated visitors. we'll have to show a negative covid test within 72 hours of their visit. across the state. by the way, more than 5500 people are currently in the hospital right now with covid-19. that is the highest number of hospitalizations since february. 25th more than 9500 new cases of virus were reported yesterday. another 56 deaths as well. 63% of the
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state's population now is fully vaccinated monday like to get that up to a 100% in the south say they're not taking any chances with the delta variant kron four's will tran is they're telling us about. >> 2 major employers and what they're making employees do now that will. >> they're making them get vaccinated prove that they're vaccinated or they will have to undergo tests every week. we're talking to major employees that you talked about. we're talking the city of san jose and santa clara county which employs 20,000 people. and of course, san jose. also has thousands of people. so it is a major workforce. but the south bay for those santa clara county employees like the ones right behind me. they have until august 20th to get vaccinated to prove that their vaccinated to their employers or they will have prove that they are negative for covid-19 every weekend. if they are positive for covid-19, then they will
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have to obviously stay own self quarantine until their symptoms go away. they're not taking any chances with the delta variant because the cases they have also gone up in the south bay and the city of san jose. we learned in the overnight hours there jumping in on the action as well. they're giving their employees 3 extra days. their mandate begins on august 23rd and same deal. i was in sonoma county yesterday and the same deal here for santa clara county and san jose employees that they too will have to prove that they are vaccinated as far as san jose. james and area. they're going to take this one more step. they're working on stage 2 and stage 2 requires that all employees are vaccinated. there are certain exceptions and i'm sure that they will really look at certain exceptions for each individual employee to see if they qualify for that exception. but those details are still working out because they know the delta variant is not going anywhere. back to
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you. >> thanks. we'll and the stories keep changing will just talked about the vaccine requirements changing. go to our website. the qr code take you there. big news is united 67,000 us employees. there's like 13,000. here they are they are requiring the vaccine for get the testing. you actually have to be vaccinated by fall or else can work. there will be yeah, this is a brand new role yet. but they have a great bonus. we'll tell you about it. after getting the vaccines, by the way, for united. yeah. it's a great one. we go to our lives that we've got delays are 2 because we've got much more ahead. 6.11 that i could be >> and the wildfires north of us are having impact here in the bay and the bay area. i'll talk about that coming up. and the journey is pushing for booster shots now. and we know pfizer already said that they wanted to give boosters. we're going to see what a bay area doctor next. >> and after the break, the
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u.s. bringing home. the gold in beach volleyball will have a live update from the olympics in tokyo.
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>> welcome back. it's 6.14 for you had outdoor want to know if you need some kind with a contract to clean i did put my hood on yesterday. the drizzle was out there pretty good. it doesn't look like the pavement near as wet this morning, though. dave, good morning. okay. so the fog is not as aggressive this morning. yeah. this isn't as much drizzle a little bit them. maybe along the shoreline of touch. what
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we do have a heat spike. it's a one-day affair coming our way today got to take care of this fog, though. still, they're filling up the base. you can see covering things up in its wake. we're going to be left with hazy sunshine. the shot from the golden gate bridge can make up the sunshine off toward the distance. got to mix this out as well. what check when winds it is adrift coming on shore. when we get the inland heating, we'll see more of the winds per ticket on the delta but not going too much of a cooling job for us today. got the 60's for the east bay. for most of it 50's up to the north bay. 59 san jose. and in future cast, not much happens. the fog returns. it will get more aggressive by this weekend and into early next week as we start to cool off just a touch. but the mountains remained pretty quiet there. we don't see the flare up of afternoon showers and thunder showers complements the daytime heating. so that's been kicked aside for now. that is so for today, temperatures are going to pop in the upper 90's and those normally suspected areas this weekend. we pull back and we start off next week a bit on the cool side. let's see. a
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lot of 80's going on in london and then gradually get into 90's territory as we get to the middle to latter portion of the week. start things off against san francisco. it's 71 a high today 77 oakland 84 san jose upper 90's going on in the far east bay today with some lower 90's up to the north bay and that will be checking into your 4 zone forecast, let you know what's going on in your neck of the woods right now. rain as a traffic update right now. they've so we hcve another traffic collision in the same spot that we have that earlier one that has since been cleared now southbound 1, 1, at cesar chavez street, san francisco. we had one. they are in the 5 o'clock hour cause a delay all the way to paul avenue. >> they were able to clear that up. and now another one just happened. so we're starting to see some delays along one o one. there. no major issues along 2.80. we're going to be a close eye on that as you're traveling into the city via the east to 3 months to exit a little under 9 minutes. so no major issues there to tell you about 5, 1880, moving along just fine heading across towards the peninsula under 14 thanks. also look great. there. going
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to the south bay looking at one oh, one to 8085 82 about 28 minutes as you're heading towards memo parks. i'm not tracking any major issues. we'll have an update on your we'll have an update on your news. ion residue or any food residue on any of your surfaces. but that's what you could be doing if you're cleaning with a used dishcloth, even after you've rinsed it. so, switch to a fresh sheet of bounty for a more hygienic clean. unlike used dishcloths that can carry and redistribute residue, bounty keeps your surfaces cleaner. because better hygiene begins with bounty. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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>> 6.19. and let's do our olympic update because the u.s. women have won gold in beach bought volleyball and one of them is a stanford grad. the medal count continues. the game's winding down this weekend, though. and so is our coverage. melissa marino joining us.
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>> for the final time here on the kron 4 morning show live from tokyo. melissa, good morning, melissa. >> hey, good morning, gosh. it's been such a fun time talking to you guys. and yes, it was a great day for beach volleyball. the a team, of course, pulling out that gold medal when they have been undefeated the entire time and that final match. great news. they won gold. this is the 3rd medal for april ross her 3rd olympics. this is the first olympics for alex klineman. so a great start for her. certainly a bright career bright future ahead for her very first gold medal for the a team are california girls. i tell which one she is because she's 6 foot 5 and the 6 foot 5 and i can't believe you heard about her just taken and beach volleyball just started in 2017. >> she was it up pretty
6:21 am
>> yeah. she just got started. you know what's funny? i interviewed her a couple months ago and i asked her if you were beach volleyball, what would you do. can you guys guess what career she thinks maybe she would >> surprises me when they answer great. she said a cook and i don't know if you instagram, but she always post the most gore main meals. so i'm pretty sure she would be great at that hey, wait a minute. since you brought up cook and yes, i hear you've been out sample in some restaurants. now that quarantine is over. tell us what you've been doing. oh, yeah. i've been eating my way goodness. i love food didn't know i would say my favorite dishes so far i have the it was pork and leek fried rice never even heard that combination and then also dumplings. they have all kinds of dumplings here and they
6:22 am
were homemade. oh, my goodness. they were so good. i'm getting hungry. now taking a look at some of the pictures from the story filed earlier this as you are going around sampling some that looks looks like rahm and give some robin too. >> oh, yes, definitely. we did actually a couple places that we were trying to decide which one we thought had the best one certain what had better toppings other ones had better brought. you know, it's all about the broth, absolutely. alright so and at this is where because again, we're not going to see you anymore. but it's not like the events are over because what basketball tonight from an old metal and gold medal. baseball for us. men tomorrow. tomorrow. any any looks ahead to those you can't leave haha. >> well, it's not just that i know. i was just saying how much i'm going to talk to you guys every morning or every evening for me. we also have the marathon events all weekend long. the heat impacting that they had to move it 500 miles north to sapporo. and it's still hot there. it's 90 degrees it's
6:23 am
unseasonably warm right now. also golf round force taking place tomorrow they're doing that early because of the the heat. and also it's supposed to rain is the trying to beat the rain, if not, they're going to have to move it to sunday or only count 3 rounds instead of so much talk about with weather but a whole lot more competitions going on the next 2 days before the closing ceremonies. hard to believe. yeah. and carry us >> when you look back now that we can kind of, you know, take take a stock of what you've experienced out there in a time where this is an olympic outside or any other olympic down in history. what memories you can take home with you from your time there from the competition from the culture from just a number or all of that. >> you know, this is my very covering the first of all, meeting all the athletes you never realize how dedicated they are. until you come here. you talk to them and you realize, ok, they just won a gold medal and they're not going home to rest their going right back to compete again
6:24 am
in. these are 1920 year-old to their entire life in the past 5 years has just been training for this and they've all been so nice and kind and humble said that was certainly one of my most favorite experiences getting out and seeing the culture that the sky tree tower and the amazing views there, but also the culture here in terms of they're so nice. and it's so clean here. and the one thing i'm going to take away from this is how they balance ted of shaking hands they bow and there's different you know, just courtesy bow like to say hello and then a deeper bow. if it's more formal and i jokingly say i'm going to go back in the for the first couple days. i think i'm gonna ballot everyone use and it's covid safe and it and it was last year. then this. that's okay. well, thank you, melissa. it has been an honor and has a very fun visiting with you. thank you so much for coverage. tokyo will see later. >> after the closing ceremony
6:25 am
on sunday. the attention, of course, will in shift to the paralympics and one american athlete is hoping to win a medal and the sport. david deguzman explains. >> i look up and there's a lot of myself in the finals in tokyo. nick mayhew has always wanted to represent his country on the biggest stage that the track was an in his initial plans. talking about it now. just thinking about it. you know, my my knees as the nominees are week. my hands are sweaty. you know, get really nervous because it's uncomfortable for me not to that. i don't know a lot about. >> the northern virginia native grew up as a soccer player playing collegiately at radford university before making the united states national team in 7 aside soccer, you know, being able to travel the world playing sport that i love. >> it was an incredible experience. but it taught me to, you know, really live in the moment. you know, just soak it all and really appreciate what you have. what nick has is a mild form of cerebral palsy a disability. he was born with and something nick took a long time to for
6:26 am
21 years. my life. i was very stubborn. very, you know, a negative towards the idea that meeting to myself that i was disabled admitting vo myself that i did have cp. >> i hit it from virtually everybody in my entire life for such a long time now nick focuses on what he's able to do. >> but it won't be soccer. his sport of 7 aside was dropped from the paralympic program for tokyo twenty-twenty citing a lack of international participation kind of setback was like, you know, there's got to be another sport. i can do. >> and my coach was actually like you. you could run track and field and it was just an idea. and i didn't really think about it like that. >> usa track and field recruited him to become a sprinter in 2019. fast forward to the paralympic trials in june when it broke a world record in his classification of the 100 meter dash an accomplishment. >> that didn't surprise him. i've done in practice ayers knew that in the back on line. that could do it. and i've actually, you know, you walk into my apartment and i have taped up on the walls. the times of the world. record, 10200. nick thinks he can run even faster in tokyo and has
6:27 am
high expectations i've grown a lot. you know, richard, a lot of you know, i've i've experienced a lot of different things. i never thought we were going to be possible ever just dreams to be in position. >> just an incredible feeling >> in charlotte. i'm david de >> 6.27, coming up next as more kids head back to class. the biden administration is stepping up efforts to get more students vaccinat
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>> 6.29 right now. and we're taking a peek coit tower. just because i like to see it's still there. well, and it's a good barometer because when we can see it means the fog not as low as we've seen it 3 o and d doesn't or idea. we wish that that was actually like a thermometer would actually if they would somehow project a thermometer on the side on the tower and you watch climb as it got warmer and warmer way. i think that would junk it up a little i don't think we want to do. i think that already people. it's like shows that the haha anyway, good morning, guys. good morning, everybody. yes, the fog is a pretty much a loft right now. but however you get that son out. you get that mixing process going on and boom. we're going to go over to hazy skies as we go into afternoon. meanwhile. >> here's sfo. i know you see the fog there, but the no delays being reported this hour. here's the east bay shoreline shot. and as the fog green that positions itself. that's right. it's covered up just a touch to give a little couple of hours here before it does its magic and we go to
6:31 am
the hazy skies, lot of 50's over most of the northern bexar region. also peninsula 60's pretty much in the east bay so-called hazy sunshine. those temps to the 90's traffic. what's going on right now. >> we have an accident here in the city. this is a long one. oh, one southbound one. oh, one at cesar chavez street and we're starting to see delays starting to inch its way. hopefully not reach into the bay bridge. we're going to close eye on that traveling from the east bay into the city about 14 minutes or so. that's probably because of that accident. there were going keep a close eye on that and more darya and james, back to you. thanks a lot. 6.31 and the big story we're following this morning more than 90 million eligible americans who could get their covid shot. still have not. and this as covid cases. ard surging. yeah, 100,000 per day. and now the white house is stepping up. >> vaccination efforts, especially as kids are about to head back to school for in-person learning. we have our dc correspondent jessi tenure live in the nation's capital. now with the latest on the story. good morning, jesse.
6:32 am
>> good morning to you as well. james and darya the biden administration reports vaccinations are continuing to increase in the hardest hit areas and says that's going to be very important from a community-wide perspective as like you mentioned, more kids go back to the classroom. >> we're seeing increases in cases and hospitalizations in all age groups, cdc director doctor rochelle walensky warns the delta variant may cause more severe disease across the board than older covid-19 strains. we continue monitor this. not just in adults but also in children. but education secretary miguel cardona says the recent surge should not stop schools from reopening this fall. it's all hands on deck. instead, cardona has a message to governors who have banned mitigation measures like mask mandates. in classrooms. don't be the reason why schools are interrupted. my kids have suffered enough. the biden administration is ramping up efforts to get more students vaccinated, including pop up clinics in every district and incentives right now. children
6:33 am
under 12 years old, are not eligible for the shot and fewer than a 3rd age 12 to 15 have received at least one vaccine. it's our strongest tool. >> to combat the virus and get students back into classrooms on sports fields in school plays the white house is also encouraging doctors to ask students about their vaccination status during their physical exams. >> but is not requiring the shot for school still, the administration reports about 650 colleges and universities are mandating both students and employees to be vaccinated and many other institutions are stepping up and vaccination requirements. and cardona along with the second gentleman will be traveling to school districts across the country next week as part of the white house is back to school week of action. >> to encourage more younger people to get vaccinated live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. all right. thank you very much. se. >> well, millions of people in the u.s. are still choosing
6:34 am
not to get vaccinated tourists who can't get a shot where they live are coming from around the world. >> to san francisco international to get their shots. officials say since they launched a vaccine clinic at sfo. >> in may. they have given more than a 1000 shots to visitors from nearly 60 countries around the world. >> it ensures that vaccine doses don't go to waste and puts them in the hands of people that really want them. people that maybe can access them in their home country. the other thing that it does is it helps stimulate tourism and spending in our region. brazil be waiting for months and didn't get my age. so i'm happy i couldn't have protect >> the vaccine clinic. it sfo is available to the general public. so, you know, you can make an appointment on live at the majority, they say, of new appointment to the made from people in other countries and in other airline news, the big news is that united airlines becomes the first airline to say that all of their employees in the u.s. must the
6:35 am
vaccinated by the fall or they can work there. >> well, this morning there are more questions about whether a covid booster shot is necessary to prevent new cases among people that already been vaccinated. so vaccine maker moderna as we know is pushing for authorization for a booster. the company says its 2 shot vaccine is 93% effective against covid-19 for at least 6 months. but they say as the highly transmissible delta variant spreads. moderna says its vaccine immunity will wane over time and that they believe the 3rd booster shot will be needed, but you see berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john, what are swartzberg says that this current vaccine is working fairly well so far. >> they're doing their job in terms of preventing people from getting hospitalized. and i'm i mean, we won a lot more from but given that we have to deal with the delta variant, which is a very different animal. it's really doing a very good job. the variants that we know are of concern, but not frightening because all of the variants that we
6:36 am
have currently identified respond to our vaccines in various degrees. but adequately. >> doctor swartzberg says boosters would likely go first to the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. also happening today. there will be a new place to get your covid vaccine in oakland, kaiser permanente is going to be hosting a vaccine clinic at oakland technical high school and it will take place from 3.30 until 06:00pm today. this is in anticipation of the upcoming school year and to try to ensure that underserved parts of oakland have easy access to the vaccine. anyone 12 and older can get it. no appointment is necessary. just walk up. >> now let's get the latest on the wildfires. there is an urgent order now new orders to evacuate as the dixie fire is still threatening homes and lives in plumas and butte county. his son burning out of control. cal fire says it's now the 6th, largest fire in state history. more than 360,000 acres has burned so far since it broke out in mid july. >> 35% containment. that's all
6:37 am
there is right now. one man in the town of greenville is being credited with helping his neighbors as the fire approached their town. erick rucker has their story. >> this fire was acting like a pack of predators that was circling us looking for a circling us looking for a moment. near the town of greeneville. tenn donald and his neighbors did what they could before the flames came for danelle. his weapon was information starting a texting tree about the latest info from his personal perspective. first friends, family refugees evacuees eventually almost 100 greenville residents were getting his updates in fact, it became so instrumental in providing real time information. he was noticed by website. plus news, dot com who asked him to come work with them. even have an official press pass. >> wednesday. he left town to grab that press pass. he would never make it back home. >> as it turned out that one possible by a small army fire. it just swept or not.
6:38 am
>> without entering his town of more than 2 decades danelle says he is certain his home in local business are gone and he has company. i would say at least 90% of from not say it's very likely that we're going to get. >> most are 200%. >> because donald left to pick up that press credential that would help them in for his neighbors, even better with more access. you never had a chance to grab his most valued items before his town was destroyed. however, the evening when he did danelle believes was about 4 more. >> the just reporting the news this is so clearly the work of a higher power that i find a lot of just knowing that i did everything i could. i'm eric rucker. back to you. >> there is another fire threatening lives in nevada and placer counties. it's the river fire burned more than 2600 acres. no containment right now. it's destroyed at least 76 buildings and damage
6:39 am
20 more. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency in nevada county. this is california's 3rd federal assistance grant authorized this year to help during and after wildfires. >> well, these fires are doing any favors for the bears air quality. in fact, an advisory from some of the smoke that's beginning to come our way. it's still going to be impacting us for the day today. so you might see the skies are hazy or smoky looking. let's check in with kron four's camila barco and see what it looks like. >> in contra, costa county. good morning. >> good morning, daryn james, so yeah. here in walnut creek, the skies are fairly clear and there's no smell of smoke. but some people in other parts of the bay area may notice some hazy skies as the morning rolls along. and if you take a look at this map. it will show you that air quality in california for today. we'll see a majority of the bay area is shaded in yellow and this means the air quality is moderate it's considered acceptable. but there is a risk for people who are sensitive to air pollution.
6:40 am
now the bay area quality management has been issuing an air quality alert this week. if you take a look at this video. it's right outside san miguel park here in walnut creek. as you can see, the skies are fairly lou ann, not a cloud in the sky, but some people will notice some smoky hazy skies in the north and east bay, especially in napa, sonoma and solano counties. experts say the smoke from the macfarlane monument and river complex fires is causing a health concern. smoke can irritate the eyes and your airways so you can have some scratchy throw an errant hated sinuses. so older people, children and people with respiratory illnesses are more susceptible to elevated air pollution. the levels. however, the bay area. quality management says the smoke should not pose any health risks. the best way to protect yourself from these conditions is to limit your exposure so air quality officials encourage people to stay inside with your windows and doors closed. if you smell
6:41 am
smoke now you can also have your a c and carbon since it karr fenton systems recirculate this way. you're preventing the outside air from coming inside their homes and their cars and darya james, the air district air district officials will be monitoring the conditions across the bay area. so any changes occur, of course, we'll update you started james, back to you. very good. thank you. camila. >> it's 6.41. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news despite the rising covid cases. the niners are getting welcome ready to welcome back. fans. we'll take a peek at what you need to know about covid safety at levi's. and for dine and dish. we're going to take you to an east bay favorite. the sunrise bistro in walnut creek. >> and temperatures are pouncing a little today in the east bay. we'll see him in the upper 90's in the far east bay there. but it's a one-day spike is things up. back off a little bit for your weekend. i'll have that. >> and we're seeing an uptick in traffic along the bay
6:42 am
bridge due to an accident in the city will get a look at drive times. they're and much more on your friday morning commute after we get back
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> 6.44. right now. want to get a peek at the weather and see if it's going to be as great as it was yesterday for his long. let's find out dave spahr in the weather center
6:45 am
for us this morning. had a good morning, guys. good morning, everybody. and we're still dealing with the overcast skies. the shot coming in from half moon bay. so at the coast, you know, overcast. but again, that should clear by the late morning hours and go to a hazy even though you may not smell it will still be the hazy skies. it looks like for good chunk of real estate going on today we got 64 at this hour. antioch 56, though, for livermore still bit cool. >> sun hasn't had much time to do is action 50's up to the north bay 58 for san francisco 59. meanwhile for san jose. i what's this this a tropical storm as we speak wise over here. but it does not look like it's going to be a threat, at least not from these projections becoming a tropical low really by next monday. so it's going to decrease in strength, but that moisture will still be out there least energy. so keep kind of an eye on it back on the home front. very quiet for us. we don't see the return of those afternoon showers and thunder showers happening up in the mountains. really all the way out to about tuesday in the meantime outside today
6:46 am
spike temperatures. pretty good as we get into the end of the weekend and early into next week. now, later, the southwest kind of explodes back again with the monsoon as we finish off the latter portion of the week. temperatures also warm-up for us as well. but for today, 100 fresno and bakersfield. one '02 for sacramento. we've got the 70's covering good chunk of the coast. as you can see down to southern california, particularly 4 zone forecast 71 for san francisco will do the upper 60's along our coast. it looks like. meanwhile, 82 for burlingame to the south will see many more 80's mid-eighties in the southern end of the peninsula down the south bay as well. 84 san jose, although popping some 90's when you get inland here in los gatos and also for morgan hill back to the 80's along the east bay shoreline is will probably be reduced. the 70's for tomorrow. tri valley mid-nineties 97 for walnut creek 98 for conquered 74 for berkeley, 77 for richmond. but hope comes in at 7488 for napa, 93 for sonoma and santa rosa 92 7 day
6:47 am
forecast temperatures fall to 88 by sunday and then gradually start to recover as we get into next week. 70's return to the east bay shoreline returning to traffic what's going on right we have this accident here in the city oce. oh, one southbound at cesar chavez street. >> and they just were able to clear that off of the highway there. but as you can see, we saw some backup and that started to stretch along 1, one, even reaching the bridge there. hopefully that's going to start to level out. now they've been able clear that accident off of the highway. >> but as you head into the city about 21 minutes because all that accident and that delay. once you reach the city there. so again, actively tracking that 5, 1880 still moving along pretty quickly just change the 22 minutes. we'll keep a close eye on that headed across the board, the peninsula, no major issues or delays a little under 14 minutes. our richmond sandra fell traffic starting to pick up a bit under 11. there as you're heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell and golden gate bridge to get that. the dense fog moving in there about 90 minutes. still want to take your time. darya james, back to you. thanks
6:48 am
right. >> so it has been more than a year. actually, 18 long months since 49 er fans have been able to watch a game inside levi stadium. but that's all going to change this weekend when the team's going to be hosting. >> thousands of fans for practice all in one place. with the coronavirus still spreading around kron four's. rob fladeboe takes a look at how they're going to handle >> the forty-niners on thursday cut the ribbon to its glitzy new cache creek casino resort club here inside levi's stadium. everybody wore mask while indoors. and when they come back to the stadium. fans will be expected to do. the same, says president al gore right now we're just following state and local guidelines and we formed a medical advisory committee with bob walker and monica gandhi. and so we're following advice. if you're outdoors in the stands or outdoors, right. we have an open air building. if you're indoors, whether that's in a restroom or whether that's in
6:49 am
a club space. you're really indoors and you should have your mask on. on saturday. the niners will welcome back. some 20,000 fans inside the squeaky-clean stadium. >> for practice on dwight clark day and then 70,000 fans a week later for the first pre season game. >> there are no rules per se about physical distancing. but the indoor mask mandate will be enforced as general manager jim mercurial. yeah. i mean, we listen. this is a highly technical stadium, right. there's cameras everywhere this personnel everywhere. but let's i'm not like to have to go to i really appreciate people. >> having the respect of each other and mindful of just putting on your mask and in the u.s. where we don't have to go to those levels. the forty-niners are no doubt hoping new attractions. like the reopening of the team museum and custom t-shirt printing here inside the team store. we'll help fans cope with any inconveniences. everybody's trying to be careful. >> and you know, we got vaccinated and stuff. so we just follow the guidelines and we should be okay. looking forward to getting out again.
6:50 am
you know. >> tailgating is okay. but with the tea's light rail down. parking has been expanded all other regular security measures remain in place welcome back. say the forty-niners get vaccinated. wear your mask and be nice. you know, despite your political affiliation or what you feel that you do or do not want to do. >> when you're inside the building here, it is inside the stadium it made to put on your mask. and let's not. >> a test that what i would tell our fans is they're going to come into a safe environment and we'll be prepared for whatever guidelines get rolled out rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> and the giants and the a's are doing the same thing. mask wise. here's a peek at some of the highlights from the giants game yesterday. the giants beat the diamondbacks 5 to 4. so when you go to a giants game in san francisco. you have to wear a face mask when you're anywhere indoors and lot of places. >> in oracle better indoors right restaurants bathroom stuff like that level. all that and the is are doing the same kind of thing where, you know, we're going to the indoor spaces. you have to a mask, which means you have to
6:51 am
bring a mask of these games even though you don't have to wear the stands. but remember the used to make a show. a negative covid test or show you have that don't have to do that. but mask up it handy to know what you're going to put it on. all right. 6.50, i is the time. >> here on the kron 00:00am morning news. we'll be right back. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> 6.53 and dine and dish were taken inside. one of the last family on restaurants in walnut creek sunrise. bistro has been serving up breakfast and brunch for 40 years. customers say is legendary crawford's vicki liviakis just had to try it out. >> serving up the local since 1981 sunrise bistro is one of the last standing family owned eateries and bustling walnut creek. >> try to get it's a family i love it. and kale that's joseph oh, my gosh. cindy is the mom who started it all. >> and joe is her son who is happy lets him. you do all the talking here about your community care about good food they all go together. he my son is is the leader of that. now we met joe back in 2003 when he was one of the first marines to go into the iraq
6:55 am
war. we refer to him as g. i joe he returned safe and sound and now runs sunrise bistro order from happy. it's still a family operation. hasn't high is the chef. he runs catering every day 7 days a got spun eating here since he was a teen. so what do you when you hear how are and would least once a day once a the food is both healthy and hearty this ample servings of everything from fruit salads and green salads and sauteed veggies to blueberry what's your favorite? >> burger ys are a big crowd he's really getting in there. and you can order your eggs to pick up, if you like, in walnut creek vicki liviakis
6:56 am
kron 4 we're always looking for great places to send vick. she's always looking for place used to she is never runs out. thanks to you. submitting your restaurants and you can do that with dine and dish online and. >> this takes you, this qr code to that special spot on kron 4 dot com. >> all right. we'll take a quick break. it is 6.56 coming up in the next hour here. the kron 4 morning news as the delta variant of coronavirus continues to spread bay area counties are now putting more mask and vaccine mandates in the place will have team coverage coming up at the top of the hour. plus wildfires raging out of control in northern california. firefighters struggling to gain the upper hand will have the very latest details coming up in just a few minutes. stay with us.
6:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at good morning and happy friday to you live. daria false. and i'm james fletcher. it is 07:00am 07:00am yeah. >> all 07:00am stretch. >> feeling good on a friday weather looks pretty decent on
7:00 am
a friday below grade. i wood says does that count is at all you're going to do today was that the stretch? yeah, that's the extent of my fist. okay. all right. i've got one over check that just gave good morning friday. james idea you know, i do walk in morning everybody. we do have that morning fog yet again here today to but that's pretty much aloft going on and has kind of mix out. we have some drier air aloft going on. so that's what creates that inversion yet again. it's also warmer too. but later on today we're going to replace that with basically hazy sunshine going on because of the smoke from the recent fires going on. meanwhile, this is the shot we have from half moon, bay overcast at this hour. now, although it's breaking up in the interior areas. here's the golden gate bridge. all covered up by the fog that you can see and again, give a couple of hours for this to mix out to the hazy sunshine that we have expected for this afternoon temperature check. we still have those 50's up in the north bay, though east bay shoreline lower 60's and mid 60's inland. however, a little more kind of trailing at 55 there for comparison. sake


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