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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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quincy. we're allowed to go hnme. see if it's still here. this is mason steve's in-laws home. he says since they're older. they're being overly cautious about going home too soon. a choice. others in the area are making as well. regal, they let us go back. you know my uncle in a mine. they were my sister's house in quincy on with the trailer. they went back home the next night blew up. california's largest single was far showing no signs of letting up as disability continues to deteriorate. fire crews hoping the weather improves. in the meantime, they continue to protect structures and drawn lines to slow the fire down. plus around the community fight indian falls greenville and canyon dam thought devastation. >> fire crews are now trying to protect preston built. >> what happened greenville's us an absolute shame. steve hopes his in-laws home doesn't face the same fate, but he believes the dixie fire could have been avoidable and something needs to change. i think the people that i'm allowed to get like this need to hold accountable. that was gurajpal sangha reporting
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tonight the dixie fire has now burned 320,000 acres. the plumas county sheriff's office says there are 8 people who are unaccounted for after the dixie fire burned through the community of canyon dam. >> much of the small town which a couple dozen people call home was destroyed in the fire. the sheriff's office is trying to make contact with those people. the good news is firefighters are gaining the upper hand on the river fire that destroyed more than 80 homes in the town of colfax sense right off interstate 80 heading up in the sierra. >> cal fire says the fire which erupted on wednesday as burns 2600 acres and is 30% contained. >> and all of those fires leading to this. this is time lapse video of satellite images from noaa capturing the massive smoke plumes rising across the state of california. if you looked outside today, you probably saw the hazy skies across the bay area as a result of all the smoke. however, the air
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quality experts say the smoke that we could. that the smoke that we should not pose any health risk, at least not right now. kron four's. gayle ong has that part of the story. >> the smoke is not expected to cause widespread unhealthy air because of its high elevation. but those living up in the east and north bay hills and mountains, particularly in napa, sonoma and solano counties may experience worse conditions smoke coming from the mcfarland monument and river complex fires burning further north in the state has drifted into the bay area. quad copter, 4 shows smoky skies near taylor mountain near santa rosa friday afternoon. this video sent to kron 4 smoke over mount tam. >> the view from patty santa is walking corte madera and a smoky commute in walnut creek. looks like. >> but i thought was fog first and that around like now inside of my gun away. and my co-workers complaining about it. and like super smokey out while the hazy skies could be seen from much of the bay
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area. the air quality management district says the smoke should not pose any health risk. so the smoke is actually not affecting us at ground level. >> i mean, that most of different air quality monitors that worst that we're reading are in the moderate and good range. so there's no real, you unhealthy for sensitive groups are unhealthy air quality in the bay area. as of right now. but meteorologists don't feel comfortable calling a multiple day forecast. we want to take it one day at a time and see how it goes. a change in the wind is expected to bring relief. but this smoke model predicts smoky skies across much of the united states for the weekend. >> as of friday, the air district extended an air quality advisory until saturday. smoke exposure may cause individuals to experience irritation in their eyes airways and sinuses. >> coughing or a scratchy throat. if you are the higher elevation will be tell people is that if you smell smoke and you're probably being affected. >> and so if that's the case, you can take those preventive measures such as staying indoors. i'm having the windows and doors closed as long as he'd creating a clean
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a room and things like that. and the air quality district constantly updates. air quality readings online. >> meanwhile, the national weather service says this lesser smoke intrusion should be a reminder to all in the area to prepare for what is expected to be another active fire season reporting from walnut creek kron 4 news. >> yeah, that's true. we have any really hit the heart of the fire season yet that is yet to come as we head into september and early october outside tonight, we do have a mixture of of things going on. the atmosphere down below. we've got a sea breeze kicking in and that's some good news that helps to freshen up the air. but up above. we still have a whole lot of smoke. so here's the very latest air quality from our sensors around the bay area. the state, you see the san francisco air quality looking good looking good now in oakland, the same with freeman improved actually since early on this evening with that sea breeze kind of kicking in still moderate amounts of plumes building up towards san jose. and you look toward the east bay. look toward a little more moderate amounts of the cocker poor air quality right now in the bay point in
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antioch and you can see the north bay pretty good so far. so we're fortunate that way as most of the smoke at about 500 you're likely going to see that throughout the night tonight and possibly the first part of the day tomorrow. you see outside right now. you can see all that fog down below, then kind of a clean slate and between then up above that, that that layer of smoke that sitting outside. that's not cloud cover. that's actual smoke sitting above us out there right now. so all this coming down from the fires. we've been fortunate. we haven't had to deal with that with these fires continue in for quite some time. but you see the northerly component now kind of kicking in in and around these fires as high pressure started to build in the state. look at the smoke begin to drift further to the south and making its way toward our air. even some of the smoke that was up toward the quincy fire. some of that wrapping around the kind of seeping back toward the bay area. while some of the blowing off to the east. really kind of a mixed bag as we head through the night
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tonight. you've got high pressure in the pacific right now at the surface, you've got the clockwise rotation around that ridge and that is bringing more of that northerly component of the atmosphere and that pumps more that smoke back into at least the upper levels of our skies here in the bay area. now, tomorrow. things are going to change a little bit. there's some good news. looks like overnight tonight. we've got that sea breeze that's already blowing now in the air quality starting to improve a little bit. let's look at our forecast model. take you through time here. and as we head through the night tonight. you notice that sea breeze continues to kick in and you see all the areas shaded in yellow and red. those move further and further inland as we get more of that westerly component to the wind. that is fresh air coming in off the ocean in clearing out our skies. and it looks like that's going to be the case right through tomorrow afternoon. so i think tomorrow maybe a little hazy in spots. it's not going to be perfect. but i think the air quality is going to start to looks like for tomorrow around the bay area. but that shortlived as we've got more of a northerly component to win in the forecast, possibly, again starting on monday and that could likely bring some more
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smoke to the big smoke. more problems. yeah. all right. thank you, lawrence. well, right now a cropper dot com. we have tips for fire season just scan. the qr code on your screen with your mobile device and you'll be taken straight to our dedicated fire season page. >> you'll find information on how to create a defensible space around your property evacuation checklists and what to do after a wildfire is all right there at kron. 4 dot coms. >> turning now to our coronavirus coverage and state health officials. reporting a big jump in covid cases more than 14,000 new infections were reported today number we haven't seen since the winter surge back in january. the number of new cases has doubled since last friday when there were 7,000 new cases and hospitalizations are also rising with 5700 people now sickened with the virus. the numbers have many doctors and nurses simply feeling overwhelmed again. and the situation has gotten much worse over the course of the
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summer kron four's michelle kingston takes a look at how hospital staff was feeling before the state reopened on june 15th. >> and how they're feeling now. >> you know, now we're back at full capacity again and nurses and doctors and respiratory therapist are exhausted. we've had to do double shifts extra chefs. tammy, the check is an icu nurse at kaiser in walnut creek where the number of covid patients is rising. they're seeing upwards of 35 patients a day. that's hard because there's just not enough resources and where start having what we need to properly care for patients in need. so much more straight now in late spring, the number of covid patients at kaiser in walnut creek was down to 0. but now they're climbing right back up to where they were when covid first hit. it's a similar situation at ucsf in late may and june. they had a number of days where there is just one patient hospitalized with covid today. 39 patients are fighting the virus there and 12 are on ventilators 17
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are in critical care just before july 4th kron 4 interview to ucsf nurse and the chief of emergency medicine both were optimistic about where the bay area was headed. >> when i heard that we were going have access to the vaccine. just the words hope. >> just flashed across my eyes. a weight is lifted that this isn't something that we have to. continue to deal with. it looks like things are going kind of hold steady and that through the worst of this that sense of optimism has now shifted relief and hope now back to frustration and fear only going to get out of this by working together. and i know. >> you know, people are frustrated and they're tired because we've been in this so long and they're tired of isolating and they're tired of things being closed down. but. >> it's only going to get worse unless we do what we need to do to really put a stop to michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 10, the san francisco deputy sheriff's
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association is warning that the city's vaccine mandate could lead to a big loss in law enforcement personnel. san francisco's current policy is that any city employee who is not vaccinated will be fired. in a statement on social media. the association says about 160 out of 700 deputy sheriffs are not vaccinated and have no plans to do so. they go on to say, quote, deputy sheriffs are forced to vaccinate a percentage of them will retire early or seek employment elsewhere. the sheriffs association says that it would like san francisco to align with the state guidelines that offer weekly testing as an option instead of getting vaccinated at last check. city officials have not responded to this warning. >> theresa big milestone in its vaccination campaign today. according to the cdc 50% of the country's population is now fully vaccinated against covid. that's about a 165 million americans. another 27 million
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have gotten at least one dose of the pfizer or moderna vaccines. thousands of fully vaccinated. people are expected to come down with the delta variant of covid. but health experts want to remind you that those breakthrough cases are not likely to cause severe symptoms. the cdc says it's worried more people. more actually more worried about people not getting vaccinated and creating what they call a quote highway of transmission. the federal agency says that more people don't get vaccinated. we may see another surge of serious cases emerge. this winter much like we did last january. and although the economy is rebounding from the early stages of the pandemic. the biden administration says the delta variant's coupled with more than 90 million unvaccinated americans could be a roadblock to that economic progress. that's why as allison harris says, tells us the white house could soon withhold federal money as a way of encouraging people to get their shots. >> the economy adding 943,000
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jobs last month this is the fastest monthly job growth in almost a year. but 5.7 million jobs remain missing since before the pandemic wages up a $1.63 since the start of the pandemic still aren't making up for rising inflation and president biden is calling the delta variant a largely preventable tragedy that will get worse before it gets better because of the roughly 90 million americans who are eligible to get the shots but choose not to this pandemic of the unvaccinated. the president today saying he's not celebrating today. >> about 400 people will die because of the delta variant in this country. the tragedy because virtually all of these deaths are doctor change in tone as the white house goes back to the drawing board on how to get americans vaccinated. >> the white house confirming friday. it's considering a far more forceful strategy, withholding federal money to institutions that don't require employees to get vaccinated for example, withholding medicare, money
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from nursing homes and long-term care facilities that aren't vaccinating their workforce. yes, there are early conversations, early discussions about a range of options. those are all early stage this after months spent incentivizing vaccination with multimillion dollar lotteries and $100 payouts for those newly inoculated the messaging is changing because the virus is changing a former health and human services secretary tells news nation, the white house is using all its tools and now inventing more suggesting more aggressive game plan with all hands on deck. it's been a carrot for a long time now there's a bit of a stick attached to but frankly, i think it's very appropriate and. >> time. allison harris reporting for us tonight. this comes at the end of a week in which more major companies such as tyson foods and today united airlines have announced that their vaccine mandates for their employees. >> meantime, the fda says it could grant full approval for the pfizer vaccine by labor day. moderna has also filed for full approval. but the
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company still submitting the necessary data. in a statement the fda said it recognized that it has the power to inspire more public confidence in the shots. a recent study by the kaiser family foundation found 3 out of every 10 unvaccinated people say they would get the vaccine if it had full approval. >> governor newsom visited a school in san bernardino today. he was there to introduce his 123 billion dollar plan to revamp the state's public school system. he also reinforce his commitment to having all california schools reopen for in-person learning and making sure that they do so safely. this was a big week in public education. first bake. district to open this week. stockton opened as well. you'll start to see la unified another's. >> open over the course of the next few weeks. we're getting all our kids safely back in in person instruction. >> thousands of bay area. students are expected to return to class for the new academic year there will be no
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social distancing requirements. but masks will be worn indoors. students will be sharing some common touch points, of course, with others such as door knobs. so doctors say if your child is anxious about the virus. try explaining to them how the virus actually spread. it's one thing that we know is that covid is really mostly spread to aerosolize methods. so like wearing a mask isn't a protect your child. >> very well. droplet. but get from touching things is not the best way to the covid is that actually doesn't spread that well, that way. >> health officials say the virus is much more likely to spread at an indoor social gatherings that it is a school temperature checks have been found not to be effective in diagnosing a covid infection. so doctors say keep it simple. if your student shows any physical signs of illness. keep them at home. and if they are at least 12 years old. they are highly encouraged to get vaccinated. of course, we know this is a back to school
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season like no other and kron 4 and kronon want to help keep you read a tune in all next week for updates on covid protocols at various bay area school districts also advice for parents and information on how students are dealing with various challenges to get kronon ready for school. you can scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. now let's take a live look in tokyo where it is day 15 of the summer olympic games you're looking at should be square. >> the games are winding down the closing ceremony will be held on sunday night, which is sunday morning. our time yeah. and for many athletes feeling homesick has been a real issue. i mean, this big moment in their lives on this big stage without their family and friends in the stands because of covid. so as you can imagine, welcoming the athletes as they return. stateside has been extra special. >> aaron nolan shows us some of their emotional homecomings.
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>> a trip to japan is a pretty cool vacation. but for more than 600 american athletes. this was a business trip. so on top of the world, it you know. being able to stand up their hand on the heart. just standing staring at the >> saying the words a huge income and for adoring fans across our country. it didn't matter if it was gold. silver bronze or simply an experience unlike any other. >> in that show as many olympians returned home from the summer games. >> to a hero's welcome. i feel so good finally feels like i just won the olympic gold is global stores were treated to balloons and hugs. >> others with firefighters and party buses. >> i didn't just win this medal for me in my country. i want for everybody that gets here tonight. >> from north america to asia and back again. these return home parties, prove passion and pride for national
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superstars. well, is a party worth having housing and family all just be like my family. and you know, maybe stop some pitches and some friends >> the guy just most i can play. i'm just happy to be here >> that was aaron nolan reporting for us tonight. perhaps the biggest star of the games also made her way home. these are pictures of simone biles. she posted the shots of her hugging her loved ones at home in houston. congratulations to her. here's where the tokyo medal tally. currently stands team usa open up a huge lead. now has 99 medals. one compared to china's 81. but china still has more gold medals with 37. the u.s. has 31 russia great britain and japan round out the top 5. >> still ahead tonight, a woman drives right off a cliff in santa cruz. her encounter with a stranger that police say led to this. >> plus a new fight is brewing on capitol hill over voting
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rights. what senate majority leader chuck schumer says he's prepared to do to get a new bill passed. >> and children growing up near the reid hillview airport may have unhealthy levels of lead in their blood. the latest findings that have put the fate of the airport in further limbo. that's next.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> this isn't something you see every day, a jet landing on a highway and might look like an emergency. what's actually a training exercise by the air force and michigan air national guard 4, a 10 thunderbolts and to see one 46 wolf pounds practice taking off and landing on a closed stretch of highway. the training is important because pilots need to be able to maneuver the large aircraft in unpredictable locations. this is the first time modern military planes have intentionally landed on a civilian road on us soil. for the 6th day in a row spirit airlines has canceled hundreds of flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded the airline says it had to cancel half of the scheduled flights for the week due to what it is calling operational challenges and staffing issues today
10:23 pm
about 41% of the flights were canceled spirit airlines president and ceo ted christie says he expects the disruptions to last until at least tuesday. >> community leaders in san jose are calling on county officials to close the reid hillview airport. as soon as possible. they call it a threat. the public health. the critics have been trying to shut down the airport for years now because of noise and potentially for crashes crashes. but adding to the urgency now is a new study which found children who live near the airport in this one and a half mile radius have elevated levels of lead in their blood, which the experts say can lead to long-term brain damage but they were you know, i don't want these airplanes passing by another dane now that i know all lead is in the my kids. we have to ask our supervisors. all of them to vote in favor of not only disclosing this airport closing this early so we could solve 90% of the problem right
10:24 pm
now. >> and then within a year have a 100% of the problem solved. no more lead coming out of the skies. >> the pilot groups, though, are offering to switch to an leaded aviation fuel in an effort to keep the airport open. in a statement, santa clara county officials say they are reviewing the study and they will be issuing recommendations on how to move forward at the end of next week. and take a look at this. santa cruz. police say a woman drove off a cliff after a stranger mistakenly opened her door that is the woman's car being hoisted up. police say the woman was sitting in her parked car when the person opened her door which caused her to speed off. in fact, right off the cliff. she suffered a minor injury to her foot but is otherwise said to be okay. police say this was an accident. the person who opened the door thought they were opening the passenger door to their own car which is a similar model and color. next at 10. a vaccine lottery for restaurant workers. the
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bay area business giving away thousands of dollars in incentives. >> all to try to get people to get the shots. plus concerts canceled music venue setting their doors for weeks. a new concerns about whether or not entertainment industry will last through this summer surge and will the california gop endorse anyone in governor gavin newsom's recall election. why some republicans say they're worried about voter turnout. >> and we've got some fog rolling in right now. the smoke up above one of the weekend forecast and your tenant, dan. coming up next. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm.
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>> each restaurant, we're going to do 3 $1000 gift cards. so $21,000 worth of incentivize ation just trying to think of ways to encourage them to get vaccine. >> in an effort to get employees vaccinated north bay business is offering thousands of dollars in incentives. the owners of stark realty restaurants are giving away more than $20,000 in prizes. yeah. it's all in an attempt to convince members of the staff to get the shots for us. dan thorn has the story from santa rosa. >> the restaurant group says they already have about 85% of their employees fully vaccinated, but they want to make it 100% and they're hoping through these prizes. they'll reach their ultimate goal of keeping everyone safe. while working at a restaurant much of your time involves face to face interactions and working in tight spaces as
10:29 pm
covid-19 and its mutations continue their wrath a restaurant owner is offering thousands of dollars to their workers. through a vaccine lottery here inspired by the california lotteries and just thinking of ways to. push, you know, the person that might be thinking about getting it over the edge getting that shot $21,000 in gift cards will be spread out across stark reality restaurants 7 north bay businesses like willie's wine bar in santa rosa. most of the company's 470 plus employees have already got the shot, including all managers. but the hope is to get even more workers vaccinated. the money could be enough to motivate holdouts to get the shot seeing people that are has decide to to make that step will help other co-workers or friends and family do the same. the spread of the delta variant has created some fear and forced mask-wearing to return indoor settings in sonoma county. the
10:30 pm
restaurant group sees the lottery has a better way to get employees vaccinated as opposed andy and they're wanting other businesses to think about trying the idea anything that we need to do. to make sure that our employees are staff in our community and our guests are are safe and we're willing to do it. >> the lottery drawings for all fully vaccinated employees will be on september first. and as we get closer to that date. the restaurant group is expecting more employees will get on board reporting in santa rosa. dan thorn kron 4 news just as the bay area's live music scene was starting to show signs of life. it's now being threatened again by the surge in covid cases. take, for example, the ivy room in albany. >> it's canceled shows all weekend long after members from several bands who are scheduled to play tested positive for the virus concert. promoters are now worried the bay area's heading in the wrong direction and is threatening the entertainment industry. >> please get vaccinated it. it's like our livelihood depends on it. if people
10:31 pm
can't, you know, if we don't get enough people. vaccinated and safe and healthy. we can't go back to our jobs in all of these people are going to. it's it's it's going to change entertainment. you know, forever. >> meantime, the owner of the club deluxe on haight street in san francisco's canceled shows over the next 2 weeks. not because of any new infections. rather, they say it's because of the latest mask mandate calling it, quote, unrealistic to host live music, dancing and drinking. if everyone's faces covered, they say they plan to reopen. once that mandate is lifted. >> after being closed for most of the pandemic. san francisco's great highway. you see it here will soon reopen to cars the stretch between lincoln-way and slow boulevard has been very popular among pedestrians and cyclists. but the shutdown disrupts the traffic flow in the area which some of the neighbors who live in there in that area are not happy about. so the city leaders have come up with a
10:32 pm
compromise. cars will be allowed back on the road monday through friday but not on weekends or holidays. >> i think what the city is offering is a good balance. they're still trying to keep it open at times but allow the neighborhood to again, get back to kind of normal traffic routine. >> so starting august 16 cars will once again be allowed to drive on the great highway and then come fridays at noon until 06:00am monday morning the highway will once again set down to cars. a major hydroelectric power plant at lake oroville is offline. that's because the water level at the lake reached historic lows this week. this is the first time the water levels have ever force a plan to shut down since it opened in 1967. it is currently at a record low of about 641 feet as compared to 900 feet when it's full, although obviously the drought having the impact here. the plant provides electricity to at least 80,000 customers energy officials
10:33 pm
expect the grid can absorb this loss right now. but they add it raises the risk that there will be more blackouts in the meantime, they are asking all residents to reduce their water use by 15%. now the 4 zone forecast as we give you a live dark view of the city. >> and the transamerica building there is on the right hand side of the screen. but lawrence is kind of disappearing into the dark fog overhead fading away into the fog tonight as that starts a stretch back on shore. but it's good to see that fog just knowing that that's helping the clear out your skies from some of the foods were getting that on shore flow right now. up toward the golden gate bridge the dense fog is kind of lifted a bit. you see a little moisture in the atmosphere. but overall things are looking like we're going to see that nice fog kind of settle in for the night. now, the air quality for tomorrow. still a little hazy in the morning. so it will be a moderate amount of pollutants in the atmosphere. i think it will improve a bit by the afternoon. but there could be spots. we see a little bit of haze out there throughout the day as well. all right. long
10:34 pm
range forecast model for. you want to show this to you as we head into the weekend, high pressure kind of takes over and that's going to hold on and that will keep temperatures warm inland and then fairly cool on the coastline as we get into sunday. you can just begin to see that little ripple in the atmosphere. some of those clouds begin to dissipate from our skies. and then as we head into monday. there you go. this is what has somewhat of a concern for me as we start to see more of a northerly component to that wind. if we get that northerly component that when we could very well see a lot of smoke not in the upper levels. but i think maybe at the surface roll back into the bay area. that may be more of a concern after that, though returns, more of a westerly wind. the fog returns, the coastline again in the middle of the week and then throughout the weekend looks like more of the same. so overall the pattern does look like it's going to be too hot. looks like just about right for this time of year, maybe even running a little bit below the average in some spots tomorrow afternoon. we've got 60's along the coastline. yes, 70's 80's around the bay. still some hot 90's in the interior valleys. but no triple digits to be found in the bay area for tomorrow. next few days taking
10:35 pm
you through the weekend temperatures cooling off on sunday hazy on monday and probably on tuesday as well. then it looks like return to more normal weather right through the middle of august. thank you. snow. a big relief for those carrying student loan debt. the biden administration is pausing loan payments through the end of the year. >> officials say this is the last time they will delay loan repayments as they seek to keep the economic recovery rolling the move continues a suspension of payments for all loans owned by the education department. also maintains a 0% interest rate and freezes the collection of any defaulted debt payments will be due again on february 1st parents will get their second child tax credit payments starting next friday this year. the credit was increased from 2 to $3,000 per child or $3600 for children under 6. the increase is funded by the american rescue plan. biden administration and members of both parties have proposed making the increase permanent
10:36 pm
to reduce the number of american children living in poverty. >> now a live look at capitol hill tonight with the battle over voting rights is heating up and house democrats from texas are promising to keep fighting it was on this day 56 years ago, the voting rights act was signed into law today. texas lawmakers join senators on capitol hill to call on congress to pass the for the people act. but as our washington correspondent anna wiernicki explains. they're running out of time. 25 days ago. we took bold action. texas democratic house chair chris turner and these texas lawmakers skipped out on july 12th and arrived here in washington to urge congress and the administration. >> take immediate action on the 56th anniversary of the voting rights act of 1965 turner and the texans say congress must pass the for the people act to create national standards for voting rights say card access to the ballot box for all voters. in texas
10:37 pm
and in every other state senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate plans to take one more shot at passing the voting rights bill before its overdue summer break. oregon democrat jeff merkley is one of the bill sponsors in the senate. it is wrong. deadly wrong to deny any of your fellow americans the right to vote. we have. >> voter intimidation and suppression has a virus challenging the health of our democracy. san antonio, democrat trey martinez. fischer says the texans are not going home, at least not yet. if congress is in session, we're in session. our job is here and we will have a significant number of members staying here. >> waiting day by day. >> republicans are promising to block the bill in the u.s. senate and back in texas, governor greg abbott has scheduled another special session to try and pass the republicans voting measures that texas house democrats oppose for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> tomorrow. the california
10:38 pm
republican party is expected to it will endorse in the upcoming recall election of governor gavin newsome today. california rnc committee committee chairwoman harmeet dhillon urged the state gop on twitter not to endorse a candidate. she says doing so could discourage voters. his favorite candidate might get snubbed and that could hurt the overall turnout. the republican candidates who have qualified to receive this endorsement if dylan's efforts fail. our conservative talk radio host larry elder, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer state assembly member kevin kiley and former congressman doug o c. you can watch the candidates take the stage in recall debate later this month inside california politics will be hosting the debate live from our kron 4 studio. it airs right here on kron. 4 on thursday, august 19th at 7 o'clock. developing tonight, the first criminal complaint has been filed against new york state governor andrew cuomo following a report that he
10:39 pm
sexually harassed at least 11 women. >> the complaint was made by a former aide listed as executive assistant. number one in the report filed by the new york attorney general. details of the criminal complaint were not disclosed, but the a g report says that cuomo reached under the woman's shirt and fondled her at the executive mansion last november. governor cuomo's lawyers are denied that he ever touched anybody and appropriately. >> the investigation was conducted. to support predetermine air. there are contrary facts. emissions from that report. and you prof to ask yourselves why. >> calls for governor cuomo to resign have soared this week following the release of the a g report and the new york state assembly has already started the process of impeachment. this is alarming. new york city police are looking for a woman who brutally murdered another
10:40 pm
woman on a street in brooklyn. security cameras capturing the moment when the woman casually walks up to the victim, pulls out a gun and shoots her in the head. people who were gathered on the street scattered. but the killer calmly walked away got into a car, drove off. 42 year-old dillion johnson was pronounced dead at the hospital. no arrests have yet been made. still ahead tonight as the olympic games wind down in tokyo. some japanese artists are showcasing their magnificent works of art and next in sports, the a's hosting the texas rangers at the coliseum that ended in an extra inning thriller. kylen mills has highlights. coming up.
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>> 8 of the 9 bay area counties require everybody regardless of vaccination status to wear a face mask while in public indoors. the only county not doing so is solano county health officials there still say they do not believe it's necessary this point. kron four's amanda hari talk to benicia residents today about being in a county. this the last holdout on mask mandates. >> i think it's kind of ridiculous. because it has. and lawyers. >> vaccination rate not only does llano county have lower vaccination rates than most bay area counties. they were also the last bay area county to enter the orange here in california was still using the
10:44 pm
tier ystem. austin breaux says he's vaccinated and he wants to see more people taking the precautions he's taken a little bit upset. because i did my part. >> to stay safe. a should do their part. >> i saw a 3 laverty walking down first street with her mask on she says she thinks all the bay area counties should follow the same rules and have a mask mandate. >> i feel very safe wearing a mask. and i think in lot of it healthier. >> last year the team's case, he says he's ok with vaccinate people not masking up indoors. if you're not back a mask at some other residents say you can only control people so much. that is what it is. people are pretty much but regardless of mask mandates. most people i spoke to said they wanted to see more people vaccinated being so selfish. >> get vaccinated to protect
10:45 pm
not only yourself but others. >> and now kron 4 sports bvought to you by xfinity. >> our tape in oakland tonight. the a's just earned a thrilling victory at the coliseum and it was the newcomer who put the team on his back oakland's finest on hand for the a's game today. the wars want us cano, anderson. he threw out the first pitch. i think it looks good in green. all right. this game in a wild ending went extras all tied at one bottom of the 11th 2 on for starling marte a rockets. this one deep to left a walk-off three-run homer a's win for one game 2 tomorrow. giants in milwaukee taking on the brewers looking for their 17th win of the season. they didn't have quite as good of luck as the a's bottom of the 4th giants on a run rowdy tell us sends one
10:46 pm
out straight away center mike yastremski, the incredible catch crashes into the wall. wow. logan webb can't believe it. gas putting his name in for the catch of the year. top of the 6 same score brandon belt fresh off the i l belts. one high and deep right. that one is very well hit and it is gone. his 12th homer of the season into extras. now bottom of the 10th one on for. tell us when he grounds that one down the 3rd base line stays fair warner comes around to score the game winning run brewers walk it off 2 won the look to bounce back or giants will for game 2 tomorrow. well, guess who's back. back back. that's right. i'm doing it again. back again. again. again. biggies back back back. so a friend's friend friend. >> we're having fun on friday. alright. well exciting day for donation is the worst of reach an agreement with fan favorite on tree eve with dolloff fans
10:47 pm
likely. remember as being a crucial swing man later on 6th man during the worst championship run. >> in 2015, 2017 2018 rather runs plural 3. so there's no doubt at 37 years old. he is now in the twilight of his career. but he brings a veteran presence and leadership. the dubs desperately need in our locker room. also is loved by fans. well, respected by teammates and already knows the warriors system. so this really was a good pick up. he told the new york times today the relationship with the fans, the relationship with the bay, the opportunity to end it. here was just something special. the usa basketball men's national team wins gold in tokyo. they avenged their opening loss to france by defeating them. 8782 in the gold-medal game. the warriors own draymond green had some critical plays down the stretch in fact, he actually grabbed one of the last rebounds and he also had a tip on one of their free throws that turn into a huge present possession for usa. katie led the red white and blue with 29 points. and this team is bound through a lot of adversity,
10:48 pm
including losing bradley beal. the covid not physically, but he was not allowed to play. they had players join late because the nba championship, they lost their exhibition games and lost in the opener. so really impressive to see team. usa fight back and when gold tonight congratulations to them, the usa basketball women's national team going for their 7th consecutive olympic gold medal team usa stopped on serbia. 7959 in the semifinals last night extending their historic olympics winning streak to 54 games. brittney griner rebounds for second double 12 - double of the tournament team. usa will go for gold tomorrow night at 7.30 pacific time. they faced host to japan and of course, good luck to them both the usa and men's and women's teams the chance to win gold in tokyo will be a lot of fun. 7.30 again tomorrow
10:49 pm
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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ccident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. probably recognize that music and now indonesia is moving forward with its jurassic park project. it will allow. >> tourists to walk among killer komodo dragons. they can go up to 10 feet long and weigh up to 200 pounds. the project will cost nearly 5 million dollars. no date has yet been set as to when the
10:52 pm
park will open. critics say the park could pose a potential risk to the komodo dragons. natural habitat. many japanese artists, of course, who live here in the united states carry the voices of their ancestors in their art work to make one of a kind painting this special group wants you to have a sample of japanese culture and heritage hanging on your wall. >> kalorama has the story. you cut goes a japanese artists using the energy of new york as her inspiration in her original abstract figurative dry kind of like that lying like this. >> it's between artist and the model so that they could dialogue. but what makes her art special is everything has meeting with a deep connection to japanese culture on the handmade japanese mulberry paper. i use a japanese blacks in the and then this law on that. plucked from a swamp dried, then cut with the
10:53 pm
traditional katana sword. like that and then here we go. this is ready. so then with this when i drove it, i just this side into this in the this sumi ink used by emperors will never fade. >> and the handmade paper purchased from japan handmade. all the papers is very, very. >> prior trial. >> sophisticated. but so strong, you cook was a member of the japanese artists association of new york to co how matsuda is the president for news best donate to the nonprofit organization is approaching its 50 year anniversary. i thought time. just post wall. the week petition. then, you know, they have to. along with a sense of
10:54 pm
community. these artists showcase their work in an annual exhibition. every september in lower manhattan reporting in new york city and kalorama. >> take a look at this face stacked a starship prototype rocket on top of a super heavy booster for the first time today. that creates an almost 400 foot tall rocket the tallest in the world. the company is developing a starship to launch cargo and people on missions to the moon and mars. the prototype rocket itself stands about a 160 feet tall and then lifts off on top of a super heavy booster which makes up the bottom half of the rocket that stands about 230 feet tall. the first orbital flight to set to launch from the company's facility in texas and splashed down off the coast of hawaii. >> 2 european spacecraft will perform back to back flybys of venus in the next week. the solar orbiter will fly by venus on. >> august. the night coming. 5,000 miles of the plant within 5,000 miles of the planet and the bet the
10:55 pm
colombo, a flyby on august 10th coming 340 miles from the surface of venus. they are both heading into the inner solar system using venus for gravity assistance. >> the double fly by offers astronomers the chance to study the from different locations. at the same time. one more space story, pam german astronomers say a planetary system that is around 35 light years away includes a planet that could harbor alien life. they say it includes 5 planets orbiting a star and one of those planets may reside in what they call the habitable zone, an area where it's neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water to exist on the surface. astronomers used a large telescope located in the desert of northern chile to find the planetary system. they say it's relatively close despite being 210 trillion miles away. >> and it is friday, lawrence, as the weekend forecast yeah, for fun. thing. right. yeah. a
10:56 pm
lot of stuff going this weekend. you might want to check this out. if you're headed to oakland. they have a welcome back. party in oakland for the fox theater. there. that starts at noon tomorrow. you want to get out there and enjoy that sunshine and temperatures in the 70's tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny and warm lots of food music and song out there and they have some us life skateboarding as well. how about a and jazz. that sounds like a very nice combination. some nice smooth jazz out there that will be in concord that starts to 1 o'clock in the afternoon. that will be both saturday and sunday expect plenty of sunshine and it will be hot out there. temperatures in the 90's. all right. we've got a free outdoor cinema nights that is going to be at thrill city. that's right. chase center in san francisco where the warriors play on the outside. they got a big monitor and there have a great movie to watch tomorrow night. that will be black panther, if you like, to go there, that is a free event that starts at 5.30 and continues until 9 o'clock. partly cloudy skies. it will be mild plan on some fog moving in as the movie goes on
10:57 pm
and petaluma there have been one of kind of music festival that is going to be a great event. lots of music started 1130 tomorrow temperatures. there are going to be in the mid 80's sunny skies. very warm temperatures little breeze in the afternoon. but if you head out there, be prepared. it's going to be a great time. and that's where they've got a lot of those local band, stick it out there and like the play and that's right. was all above that. all right. thank you, lauren. thank all of you for being with us. have a great weekend. at we can.
10:58 pm
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