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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  August 9, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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today's protest. kaiser permanente sent the following statement saying we made the decision to make covid-19 vaccines mandatory for employees and physicians because we know that a fully vaccinated workforce is the most effective path to protecting our people. our patients in the communities we serve. yet others still believe those who need protection from what they call politicize medicine. >> are those who have been working on the frontlines of covid-19. >> last year they were and this year they're going to be fired because i'm not going take a and i feel that's absolutely right. >> now as melanie townsend reporting for us tonight. california health care workers have until the end of september to get at least one dose of the covid vaccine today. several organizers said they plan to rally again at the state capitol next monday. >> new tonight at 6, a group of paris is taking legal action against the state of florida. they are suing over
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the executive order by governor ron desantis banning mask mandates as schools. there they say his order violates the americans with disabilities act. the paris maintain that they are not comfortable sending their children with disabilities back to class unless every student wears a mask. >> the public school option needs to remain safe and accessible for every child. and if we're not imposing a universal mask mandate. it's not safe for children like mine to go to school. >> about one 3rd of all new covid cases in the u.s. are in florida along with texas. still, governor desantis is defending his executive order saying that parents can make their own decisions about mask-wearing instead of the school district's kron. 4 is your local election headquarters mail in ballots for the september 14th recall election are now on their way to voters. most are expected to arrive by next monday, the ballot will consist of 2 questions. first. >> do you do you approve of the recall of governor gavin newsome.
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>> the second question asked voters which of the 46 challengers. they want to replace governor newsom in office once voters drop off their ballot, they can track it through their county. registrar's. where's my ballot tool. you can find out more about that on our website. kron 4 dot com, california republicans will not endorse a candidate in the race remove governor newsom from office. that decision came during a virtual meeting on saturday. party leaders say they were concerned choosing one candidate over another could turn off some voters from going to the polls. >> over the last month there was a process put in place prior to that there was no for the california republican party to even engage in an what was critical was at first of all, we didn't know when we started out this process, he would be on the ballot and with no prominent democrat on the ballot and such a outstanding field of republicans. it really puts us in a position where we can focus on question number one
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and each one of these candidates can make their case to the californians as to why they would be the best replacement for the worst governor in our state's history. >> a recent poll from emerson college inside california politics found the race to unseat newsom is close, but many expect him to win. also you can see the republican candidates go head to head in a debate later this month inside california politics will host a debate right here in the kron 4 studios. you can watch it here next thursday night at 7 o'clock. >> top scientists from all around the world have released a stark new report that concludes that there is no doubt humans are driving climate change. the report warns that wildfires storms droughts and heat waves will continue to get worse. the united nations secretary general called the report a quote, code red for humanity. alexandra le mon has reaction from washington on the debate on capitol hill and how to tackle climate change. >> the un intergovernmental panel on climate change. the
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ipcc says the planet is at a tipping point for avoiding devastating and irreversible consequences of climate change. the world that we will be leaving our children and grandchildren. >> will be increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable. the new ipcc report says undoing some of the damage from climate change could take centuries or millennia and some could be irreversible without immediate involved action. >> we're staring down ever worsening floods and heatwaves droughts and sea level rise. look at california. >> yet another year of record breaking wildfires, democratic senators like alex padilla and chuck schumer's say there are 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation package will do more to combat climate change than any piece of legislation in senate history. but republicans oppose the overall package, including the measures to fight climate change green new deal regulations when americans, gas prices have already shot up. tennessee. senator bill
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haggerty says most countries in the paris climate accord are meeting in schools. america's the only one that's actually met and exceeded its original goal even though the u.s. withdrew from the agreement under president trump. stepped back government and allow the private sector to do what we do best, which is in debate. senate democrats say they plan to vote on the reconciliation package in the coming days in washington, alexandra le mon. >> meantime in the north are in water tweeted out this graphic today. its reservoir storage is currently at 40% capacity in marin county the last 2 years have been the driest in more than 140 years. in response, the and water district has already approved mandatory water use restrictions including limiting outdoor daytime irrigation banning power, washing of homes and driveways and shut off nozzles are required on garden hoses. >> well, talking about the weather now. our 4 zone
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forecast as we give you a live view from marin county. the highest point there mount tam a pious looking down. it rich sunday. >> and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has details on what's ahead this week, guys like lot of fog out there along the coastline i think cool out toward the beaches. you get the valleys. it's a whole different story. you've got some hot temperatures plenty of sunshine as high pressure. it's overhead and that's going to keep things going in that direction. but range forecast. doesn't look promising as far as the drought is concerned. of course not just in california but along the western half united states just in the grips of mega drought developing out there right now. how long that will be. nobody knows for certain going to keep all eyes on that for you, that's for sure. temperatures tomorrow. 104 in reading one. '03, in bakersfield about a 102 in barstow 96 in sacramento. so have that rich. it's overhead temperatures. have very, very hot. the drought conditions. we've got the fires already going already. and we're just entering into the heart of the fire season. now the right now you do have some patchy fog has moved into san francisco.
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some of that along the coastline to more of that is on the way temperatures right now. temperatures go 63 degrees 67 in oakland at 75 degrees in san jose 86 in livermore, a beat in concord and 74 degrees in santa rosa tonight, low clouds and fog. yeah. they're going to start to push back on shore again, that's not a surprise. but that looks like to be really thick overnight tonight will be patchy throughout the bay area. mostly interior valleys are going stay nice and clear as we head through the day tomorrow. models want to try and pull some of the fog away from the coastline. maybe just a couple of patches out toward the beaches in the afternoon. so maybe some clearing out toward the coast as well. that will of the temperatures to warm up just slightly anyway. numbers tomorrow put about 64 degrees in half moon bay about 67 in san francisco. 75 should be beautiful day in oakland tomorrow. 98 hot and conquer about 98 also an antioch 94 in morgan hill. they're looking temperatures in the 80's. very pleasant in the freeman next few days. we're going to see that ridge of high pressure sitting over head came the temperatures very hot inland cooling a little bit on thursday, only warming again
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on friday and saturday. so kind of throughout the week, these temperatures are staying very hot spots inland, but you get up to the coastline. you're generally dealing with temperatures there with the fog in the 60's. >> thank you, lawrence. and still ahead, the fallout continues over governor cuomo harassment scandal. what is next for the committee investigating the clay in sports with 50 games left in the baseball season will take a look at where the giants in stand in their respective division races. director jason dumas breaks it all down and kron four's, the bay area, home of the raiders you can watch the silver and black take on the seattle seahawks in their first pre season game this saturday. >> right here on kron. 4 more inches pumped up. it all starts at 05:30pm with kron. 4 raiders pre-game show followed by the game itself. at 6 and then all the analysis of the action on the field on the kron. 4 raiders post-game report.
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>> one of jeffrey epstein's longtime accuses is suing prince andrew clay may that the british press sexually assaulted her when she was 17 years old in a lawsuit filed today in new york. federal court, virginia go free ripped accused the prince of abusing her on a number of occasions. she says many of those incidents happened on epstein's property and late 2019 prince andrew told reporters he had never had with her. fc took his own life. you may remember while he was in a federal jail in manhattan back in august of
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2019 one month after he was arrested on trafficking charges. >> the group of lawmakers tasked with investigating whether or not there are grounds to impeach governor andrew cuomo are meeting in new york. some of them want to see an impeachment vote within days. but the ones who actually serve on the assembly judiciary committee say their probe could take a month to wrap up. they still need to review any additional evidence. governor cuomo wishes to submit in his defense when it comes to findings by independent investigators commissioned by the state who determined he has sexually harassed a number of women. the governor has until friday to submit his evidence. >> obviously we have to wait. >> for the governor to make a submission to the committee and then for our attorneys to review that. so i think will be getting an update on where the attorneys are in their investigation. >> the committee will likely have more insight into what the evidence is against the governor on charges other than harassment.
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>> the dixie fire still burning in butte and plumas counties is now the second largest fire in california history. we'll have the latest on effnrts to contain the flames. next in a live report.
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>> the dixie fire burning in northern california is now the second largest in state history burning nearly 500,000 acres destroyed more than 400
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structures. fire officials are warning it could be weeks before they can contain the wildfire. that's destroyed an entire town. jennifer mcgraw has the story. >> the damages in comprehensible as the dixie fire continues to ravage communities. hundreds of homes and structures destroyed and more than 15,000 are being threatened. one of these days. >> fires come over the ridge. from where i live. >> it moved so fast. i saw it all. >> mike orloff watched above the bluff as his city burned to the ground. one building after another. all my friends. >> his new home. handicapped all set up just burned to the ground he's praying for the other communities in the fire's path really going to come back to where they going to go. >> where are they going to go
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by monday. the thick smoke holding down winds and temperatures finally cleared allowing for firefighters to continue the battle in the air making water and retardant drops to contain what's now the second largest wildfire in california history, putting that into perspective that's now larger than the city of los angeles. that's 500 square miles. and sadly, it's not over as fire crews in the air and on the ground battle to save surrounding communities. >> you know, i'm a guy that's pretty on top of things and pretty sharp. this is just. beyond comprehension, which going to be like in a month. >> that was jennifer mcgraw reporting for us. and now to our 4 zone forecast as we show you a whole different situation along the coast with the fog rolling across the golden gate and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has more on our air quality are usually a great sign when you see that fog coming on shore. that means you're getting a westerly component to the wind. now it's deep
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enough about 2000 feet or so. >> that's clinton much your skies out there right now. so we're looking good across most of the bay area sitting in green and that's the place we want to be in the san francisco. you've got some very good air quality. specially couple spots in the yellow there in the fremont down the peninsula and then the oakland right now in mill valley. but the rest, the bay area air quality looking very, very good outside. it looks like it's going remain that way. we're not looking at the wind that's going bring the smoke back into the bay area. right now, though, you see some of that smoke that has been kind of about around these fires and more easterly component to the winds kicking that further east and well, that brought with it. some clearing skies here in the bay area. and that's fortunate for us. looks like it's going to stay that way. computer models picking up on this but rolls through time. here's our smoke tracking model. and you watch is most that smoke going. it's likely stay clear of the bay area mostly in and around those areas were currently burning after that smoke is going to be sitting tomorrow. but the bay area for the most part looks like we'll stay clear of that. so tonight that westerly component, the wind
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continues outside. so those winds got blowing to 20 miles an hour. right now. it could be a little bit stronger. i think by tomorrow afternoon tonight, those winds subside a little bit and that's why some of the smoke will sit in around some of those fires to and then by tomorrow afternoon, the winds start to ramp up again. it will spur some of that smoke around fire area. but for the bay area, we're staying clear of that. that means your skies going to be nice again for you're going to see some hot temperatures inland 90's in the valleys 60's along the coastline. lot of 70's 80's inside the bay. stay hot on off this the interior valleys. but fairly cool out along the coastline. and just right inside the bay with temperatures in the 70's. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the san francisco giants are 30 games. over 500 for the first time since 2003 no one would have predicted this. but here we are. what makes it even better is san francisco. he's doing it against the best teams in baseball. they're above 500 against teams with
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winning records. this team is gearing up for a playoff run and they know they will be getting everyone's best shot as they hit the stretch run of the season. >> just got but the situation than human as we start getting guys back. a lot of that have been hurt tom, obviously went through a little bit of a tough stretch from milwaukee, and through the best ravages. gosh, you spend almost 2 weeks now just nonstop ground game it out. and honestly it's incredible. >> yes. series against milwaukee houston, la. they want all 3 of best teams in baseball. here's the standing there for games ahead of the dodgers and san diego padres of cooled off and they're dealing with some injury. they're 7 and a half games back. so the giants really are starting to stretch that lead in the division. but they can't get complacent because this is a dodgers team. that one is the defending world series champions and 2, just
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littered with talent up and down that roster, they can rip off 10 straight wins in the snap of a finger. so it will be fun to see how it all plays out. meanwhile, the a's are also playing some great baseball as of late. they've won 8 of 10 and now they're just 2 games back of the astro's in west just a week ago they were 5 and a half games back and the dude who have been leading the charge for oakland has only been here a week. starling marte a batting for 25 since coming to oakland. he's had 3. he had 3 hits. i'm sorry in yesterday's win against the rangers. but in typical bob melvin fashion. he's keeping everything in perspective. >> there's a lot of baseball after the demanding you need to do is just focus on yourself we're playing better baseball right now get on a roll win some games and ones come september and especially down towards the end. we played them. we play seattle and. that's the time you probably. it gets decided so
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you just try to not get too emotional about watching the score words. all right. so. >> here's how it breaks down the a's play houston 6 times in their final 9 games. seattle is slipping and they're 7 and a half games back. so it looks like that those 2 series at the end of the season will probably decide that division. but hey, maybe oakland can come over take them. in the meantime. the warriors are playing the first game of the los vegas summer league game is in action right now in the 4th quarter. here's the score 7675. but what everyone really wants to know is how are those 2 prized rookies doing jonathan coming to 13 points. moses moody also with 13 points will have full highlights when that game goes final. dallas mavericks superstar luka doncic made some history today when he agreed to sign a 5 year,
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207 million dollars supermax rookie extension. the 22 year-old became the first player eligible for the designated rookie max extension upon signing because he has twice been voted first team all nba donchey one the rookie of the year and as for here. and then he's been first team all nba the last 2 seasons only 4 players in nba history have made all nba teams. >> multiple times before their 23rd birthday and nfl pre season is already underway kron 4 is the bay area, home of the las vegas raiders. you can watch the silver and black take on the seattle seahawks in their first preseason game. that's this saturday on kron 4. it all starts at 5.30 with the kron for raiders pre-game show, followed by the game at 6 and then analysis of all the action on the crime for raiders postgame reports. hard to think that football starting up this week. i think lawrence pulled a muscle
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jumping up is very excited. i know we still we still have some raiders fans in the bay area. i know some people have mixed feeling. i won't onto hard. but you we have we have some fans here as well. so kate and i will be hosting that on saturday. look forward to it. i thank you, jason. >> nearly 40 years and still going strong. the man who spent decades on the record spent decades on the record books for eating big macs. certain hpv-related cancers? you're not welcome here! get out of my face! hpv can cause certain cancers when your child grows up. get in its way. hpv can affect males and females. and there's no way to predict who will or won't clear the virus. the cdc recommends hpv vaccination at age 11 or 12 to help protect against certain cancers. hey... cancer! not... my... child. don't wait. talk to your child's doctor about hpv vaccination today.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: trapped in an elevator with water up to their necks. how they got out alive. then... >> he put his hand up my blouse. announcing a governor cuomo's executive assistant number one. what the reporter who conducted the interview is saying today. plus, the covid-stricken infant airlifted to the hospital. brave little ava's condition today, straight from her


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