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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 11, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today. california becomes the first state in the country to mandate covid-19 vaccines for teachers. what the governor's order becomes for the new school year already underway in some parts of the bay area. and also, do you know this woman right here. there's a plea now from officials in san francisco after she was caught feeding while coyotes. and we have monsoonal moisture to our south. that's going to stream through the bay area by tonight.
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>> details betty pop up. thunderstorms are heading our way in just a few minutes. stick around. kron. 4 news at 3 starts right now. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> we think this is the right thing to do. and we think this is a sustainable way to keeping our schools open. >> now at 3, a new school year and new covid protocols. the state announces vaccine and tests mandates for all school employees. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waltman. california will be the first state in the country to require all school teachers and staff to either get vaccinated or to regularly be tested for covid-19. let's get the latest now from our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. she's live for us now in sacramento. she has details. actually what this is going to affect.
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>> just seen this goes into effect first thing tomorrow and schools have about 2 months to fully comply. >> this school year. all california school teachers and staff will need to either prove they're vaccinated or get tested weekly for covid-19 governor gavin newsome making the announcement in oakland wednesday because it's the right thing to do. >> our most precious resource healthy and safe. our children. the new public health order applies to those working in both public and private pre-k through 12th grade schools will have until october 15th to fully comply. we think this will do exactly what it is tended to do and that's to encourage people to get vaccinated. >> with covid-19 cases increasing among the unvaccinated the new requirement adds to the state's mask mandate in schools. the governor putting these protections in place to make sure california children have access to in-person learning this year. this as his recall opponents have criticized him for allowing schools to shutter. last year.
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some republican candidates running to replace newsom reacting to wednesday's announcement. larry elder tweeted he would reverse the order if elected. in a statement, john said in part, the governor is a power hungry politician who wants to control every aspect of people's lives. kevin kiley tweeted gavin newson needs to stop using teachers and nurses as political pawns. no other state has these mandates a vote for the recall is a vote for basic decency. but oakland mayor schaaf pointing to florida's anti mask mandate as a reason to keep newsome in office that if californians do not participate. in the special election coming up. this could be our fate as well. >> unspeakable in the state of california. >> now the governor would not say if an even stronger vaccine mandate could be coming for those teachers and staff after this order. he will require students to be te - fully vaccinated. once it's fda approved reporting live. the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>> thank you so much. ashley. now the california teachers association has released a statement in support of the new public health order. the union's president eat toby boyd released a statement that reads in part, this today's announcement is an appropriate next step to ensure the safety of our school communities and to protect our youngest learners under 12 who are not yet vaccination eligible from this highly contagious. delta variant now coming up at 4 o'clock on kron-on when he was speaking with boyd for more of the cts reaction to this new state mandate. the cdc is urging pregnant women to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. the agency is saying that expected mothers run a higher risk for severe illness and complications with their pregnancies. kron. four's. maureen kelly reports the recommendation is coming on the heels of a ucsf study that found that women infected with covid-19 while pregnant when a higher risk for delivering prematurely. so i
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was offered the vaccine back in december when there is absolutely no data for pregnant women. >> so it's actually a really difficult decision because we just didn't really know what the risks where with benefits were as a pediatric nurse. sarah mcdougal was offered the vaccine before most people back in the early days of her pregnancy. >> she ended up putting off the decision a few weeks and eventually got both shots now just days from her due date. she's feeling really grateful. >> it's already stressful just that the delta variant being around people that just would have been a whole other level of stress, especially still working to round people lockdowns through the toughest times. her decision today bolstered by the cdc pushing the shot for pregnant women. >> after analyzing new safety data, 2500 women showing no increase of miscarriage for those who received at least one dose of the pfizer or moderna vaccine before 20 weeks of pregnancy, although all 3 available vaccines are
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being recommended we know that the risks of not receiving the vaccine and contracting covid are really real can result in preterm birth ucsf assistant professor deborah kara sect led a study looking at california burst from july 2020 to this january. >> and found that women who contracted covid-19 while pregnant faced a higher risk of delivering prematurely babies that are born too soon and often have longer stays in the hospital and can have nick, you stays. it can be associated with health problems throughout infancy and and even educational issues into childhood as well. >> across the nation. the vaccination rate among expectant mothers is low. >> with only about 23% having received one shot maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> and now to the north bay where there is growing pressure on officials in solano county to issue a mask mandate endorse a lot of county. the only county in the bay area without a mask
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requirement in a letter to the county board of supervisors. the napa solano medical society argues a mandate would help slow the spread of the virus in the community. they say that in the past few months, the number of people hospitalized in the county because of covid has increased from 13 people to 87. they also say that this is putting increased stress on the healthcare system. county officials have not responded yet to this request. and stay with us here on kron 4 for continuing coronavirus coverage right now on our website, we have what you need to know about mask mandates, breakthrough cases and so much more. just scan. this qr code with your mobile device right now. and you'll be directed to our web page. dedicated to covid-19 coverage. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. and now we'll get into our wildfire coverage this afternoon as we continue to talk about the dixie fire which has now scorched over 501,000 acres in northern california. the fire is burning in 4 counties. butte
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clueless lassen and as of this afternoon, it's just 30% contained. and there are concerns that the fire could grow even larger because they're hot temperatures and also potential for lightning strikes in the future. thousands of people are still under evacuation orders. you know, after a week with we haven't had power. if you don't have a generator. >> no lights. you have no you can't pump your user. well. so there's you have to leave, then you want you can't come back. it's really hard. it's hard because i love this place. it's a beautiful place. >> the dixie fire is the second largest fire ever recorded in california history. and while no official cause has been listed for the dixie fire. we are learning that a pg e power line believed to have sparked this fire was set to be buried underground. the la times is reporting that the forest service gave the green light for that line to be buried in july. the company is saying
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that inspectors found no problems with the power equipment in the area where the dixie fire started in about a month ago. utility knowledge that its lives might have sparked both the dixie and the fly fires which merged together and coming up at 3.45 cal-fire, other state leaders. we're going to give us an update on the dixie fire and officials are going to have the latest on the firefighting efforts as well as the resources that are available for the devastated communities. that's coming up at 3.45. will bring you that live. it's time now to talk about our weather forecast. we are seeing some super hot temperatures out there today. inland is roasting and we are expecting some no moisture. our meteorologists will respond rig as is joining us now with a look at our forecast. >> yeah. we're tracking a 30 degree difference out there right now. just steam between our coolest coastal cities and our hottest inland valleys mid 90's for conquered 63 degrees for pacifica downtown san francisco in the mid 60's just because of that cool sea breeze low 70's for oakland
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low 80's for san jose. but take a look at these hot temperatures in the north bay novato and san anselmo in the low to mid 90's because of those northerly winds. so seeing a little bit of hazy skies. but fortunately not too bad out there for inland valleys in the east bay and most of the north bay. but we are going unnoticed, smoke and ash impacts from the nearby fires to our north and east just because of the change in wind direction. going to see more of a northerly flow. so an air quality advisory going into effect on thursday for all of the bay area tomorrow from coastal valleys, north to south. we're going to notice smoke ash hazy conditions. if you do have any pulmonary a respiratory issues, please limit your outdoor activity as much as you can, especially on thursday going to see some improvement by this weekend with a change in wind direction. but it says monsoonal moisture that is going to be the big weather story tonight because it's starting to make its way into bakersfield inching closer towards those of you in fresno
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expected to arrive in the bay area by this evening. so by around 11 o'clock midnight tonight. we're going to notice some increase in upper level clouds and that mid-level moisture could bring us a very slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms overall tracking a drier but it is going to bring us muggy conditions for your thursday. so temperatures going to have that tropical feel making it feel warmer than what it actually is. but we also have the perseid meteor shower. details on that and what you can expect for viewing this evening because it is going to peak during the overnight hours. details of my next forecast in just a few minutes. just seen. back to you so much mabrisa. >> eva way home mother has been arrested after police say she left her 3 month-old in a hot car for nearly an hour while she was getting her nails done toledo. police say they responded to the gateway plaza yesterday afternoon and they found an infant sitting in a car seat in the back seat of a car with all 4 of the windows rolled down temperatures at the time. we're in the mid 80's. but inside the car much hotter, a
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group of good samaritan stepped in and were able to help the baby baby and officers arrested 19 year-old celina cook on charges of child endangerment. >> we have much more coming up here on kron. 4 news 3 o'clock today, including a strange turn in the murder of kristin smart. why defense attorneys for the man accused of killing her what to call convicted murderer. scott peterson to the stand. also authorities need your help to identify this woman who was caught feeding meat to a coyote where this happened and the warning coming from animal control today and after the break, a safety alert. we want to tell you about will go to palo alto. police are searching for a man accused of assault.
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>> on the peninsula. palo alto police are investigating 2 assaults that happened in 2 days. in both cases, a man on a bike allegedly groped a woman kron four's will tran has details including the police sketch of the suspect. >> police are still looking to see if this one man is responsible for both assault. we do know the latest one happened right here on the 500 block of sand hill road. and just to give you a landmark. it's right across the street from the stanford shopping center. there's a bike path right here. a lot of people ride their bicycles as well as walk in this particular incident. this happened at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon on monday. here's the location. 500 block of
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sand hill road. this all went down with a lot of people around this particular woman was standing apparently blocking his path as he was riding his bicycle through this area. then there was another incident 2 days before that i was on the 400 block of middlefield road, which is not too far from this location. here's his composite sketch. this is the question that police are trying to find out if this man is responsible for both assaults. we do know that he's 6 foot tall. he was writing on a black bicycle. he had blue shorts and he was not wearing a shirt at the time. muscular build and he was going through this area. and according to police officers, he groped the woman on monday. apparently yelled at her get out of the way. by the time police officers came to this location. obviously he was long gone, but they worked with the woman to come up with a composite sketch. they're still working with the first woman from saturday and she
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was in her 60's to see if this man resembles the man who groped her as well. good news to pass along both women are okay. but in the meantime, as they try to track down this particular person. they are telling people to be very careful. keep your eyes peeled as he is still lurking around possibly even in palo alto back to you. >> now to the south and san jose. police are asking for your help to identify a homicide suspect. the incident happened on currently and drive near holy korean martyrs catholic church in east san jose police say surveillance video from march 7th shows a blue ford suv leaving the scene and they believe this car is involved in the case. the vehicle has some distinctive features including a black rimmed spare tire on the back passenger side and rust on the hood. if you have any information about this vehicle. please give police a call and that of san francisco
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where police are investigating an attempted robbery in union square that left a 14 year-old boy injured. police say the incident happened around 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon on stockton street just north of market street officers say 2 juveniles tried to rob the 14 year-old the men. one of them shot the teenager. the 14 year-old was treated for non-life threatening injuries and police are looking right now for the 2 suspects. the name of convicted killer scott peterson has emerged in another high-profile case, the murder of cal poly, san luis obispo student kristen smart and a very bizarre move. attorneys for accused killer paul flores dropped a bombshell claim suggesting that there's a link between peterson and smart. scott and lacey peterson did attend cal poly at the same time as floors and smart and they were also at the same party the night that smart vanished even though peterson was ruled out long ago legal analysts say it's a tactical move that could influence potential
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jurors peterson was convicted in 2004 in the highly publicized murder of lacey and their unborn son, connor. >> what the defense is trying to do is so seeds of doubt and cast doubt on the investigation of their clients and say, look, scott peterson,t one of the most notorious murderers in the country went to school with kristen smart and he's already been looked at what's going on here. >> flores is charged with killing smart while his father ruben is accused of helping his son conceal her body. kristin smart's body still has never been found. >> happening right now. police in fremont are looking for a woman who has been missing for 6 months. >> 32 year-old jeannie williams was reported missing on february 10th by her social worker. and according to police, she may be in hayward oakland richmond. police say that she suffers from mental health issues. she is 5 foot 3. 150 pounds and often wears
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colored wigs. she also goes by the name alexis, if you know her whereabouts. contact, fremont police. we'll switch gears now and talk about our weather forecast and it is a hot one out there today. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with when we will see cooler temperatures good afternoon. embrace a hater. justine yeah, we're not going to track cooler temperatures until around early this upcoming week. so. >> above average highs expected for most of our inland valleys. here's a live look outside, though. we are tracking, though, fairly good air quality along the coast. thanks to that cool sea breeze and for your thursday micro climate outlook. upper 60's for downtown san francisco very seasonal temperatures there with low 70's for the mission district and we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day going to have more of a muggy tropical feel thanks to that monsoonal moisture set to arrive tonight through thursday morning by half moon bay warming up into the mid 60's as his daily city more of a southwesterly wind for most
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of the san francisco peninsula 30 miles per hour or less know brand burlingame flirting with 80's, but 79 degrees but low 80's a piece for those of you in san mateo and san carlos 84 degrees for paulo alto. and we're tracking 80's and 90's for most of the south bay san jose 84 degrees. check out. campbell, though toasty temperatures there are 91 degrees with mid 90's continuing for those of you in livermore, 93 degrees with hayward at 78 degrees and the rain and moraga in the low to mid 80's moraga 83 degrees walnut creek in the upper 80's. but conquered 92 degrees. so we are going to be a few degrees above average in lynn triple digit heat for vacaville napa in the mid 80's and even nevada warming up into the low 90's for your thursday afternoon highs. that warming trend peaking on saturday and then slightly cooler forecast expected early this upcoming week. back to you. just in. thank you so much. worrisome.
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>> still ahead, the yanks. well, this is dashcam video capturing a man throwing an axe right into another car's windshield how the shocking case of road rage and it. and after the break, animal control need your help finding this woman who they say coyote in san francisco. why authorities are saying they
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>> in san francisco. if you're caught feeding a coyote, it can cost you a fine. however, the coyote could end up paying the ultimate price. that's why
3:25 pm
san francisco animal care and control need your help to track down a woman who is suspected of feeding before that. i even happens. kron four's haaziq has the story. >> a photo of someone who appears to be caught in the act. feeding wildlife that bernal heights park in san francisco. >> you're looking at a woman bringing a tray of meat. coyotes on days when she's not there. a coyote the week for her. you know, they know somebody is coming with a tray of meat. we need somebody to tell us who she is. the photo was taken recently. >> the executive director of san francisco animal care and control virginia. donahue says they've received several reports about this individual feeding coyotes. >> this is the first really good photo that we have gotten. we have heard. she also goes to other parks. >> she says people may think they're helping the coyotes by feeding them. >> the coyote don't need help.
3:26 pm
there is of food around. they do not need you to serve dinner not only as a human feeding a coyote against the law with a fine up to $1000. but donohue also explains why it's a really bad idea for the coyote. >> because when you feed wildlife eventually loses its fear of people. we just had a horrible outcome for in july. we had a coyote who approach on 5 different occasions toddlers in a tiny guarding getting way too close. so ultimately we have to eliminate the coyote. situation was completely preventable cause that coyote had been fed. very often by very many people over the course of 5 years. eventually the coyote that pays the price officials at san francisco animal care and control are desperately trying to avoid a similar outcome. >> and are asking for the community's help. if you know
3:27 pm
this woman tells me she is never as 4, 5, but by 4 9400. we to reach out. we want to talk to her. we have to, you know. get her not to feed coyotes haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> coming up next, how one bay area university plans to verify covid-19 vaccination cards ahead of the fall semester. and governor newsom orders. all school staff to be vaccinated or tested weekly. how local educators are reacting to this breaking news. and tracking clear sunny skies out there right now in the bay area. but monsoonal moisture set t
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. as we take a look outside at the temperatures on this toasty afternoon were ranging from 60's at the almost 80's inland and then it's getting hot. 90's in nevado 90's and dublin. it's warm out there today. cooler weather doesn't seem like it's right around the corner and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez says here now with details on a possibly active night. weather wise ahead. yeah. in fact, we're tracking the marine layer out there right now starting to make its way over golden gate bridge. but it's a monsoonal moisture. >> right now over bakersfield. that is going to stream north into the bay area tonight.
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bring us a little bit of an unstable atmosphere. so we do have a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms very active weather to southern california calm dry conditions, at least for now for us here in northern california and temperatures, though, quite the spread check out and 40 with triple digit heat 97 degrees. half moon bay, things of that cool sea breeze, 57 degrees or tracking a 40 degree difference to our coolest coastal cities and our hottest inland valleys in the bay area. overall, though, tracking a cooler air mass this afternoon compared to around this time yesterday. but overnight lows widespread mid to upper 50's along the coast with low to mid 60's. as you make your way inland. one outlier, though antioch just cooling down into the low 70's. so it is going to be a fairly mild night for you. but daytime highs tomorrow. going to stay about 5 degrees above average away from the immediate coastline. so oakland mid 70's for you. mid-nineties for livermore, an antioch in mid 80's for san jose downtown san francisco.
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exactly where you should be 69 degrees. so very seasonable weather along the coast. thanks to that marine layer and cool sea breeze temperatures, though warming up peaking on saturday. we are going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average all weekend long until we cool down a very seasonal weather early this upcoming week specifically on monday into tuesday. back to you. just saying thank you so much. for will go to oakland now and educators are reacting to governor gavin newsom's major announcement from today that the state will now require all school staff members to show proof of vaccination against covid-19. >> or get tested for covid once a week. enforcement, all reports on how educators are taking in this new policy. >> a day after the oakland unified school district announced all staff would be required to show proof of vaccination against covid-19 or submit to weekly testing educators anticipated a stronger commitment from the state and wednesday during governor gavin newsom's news conference at perlman
3:33 pm
elementary that takes a community and a village for students to fried with the delta variant spreading quickly throughout the country. the oakland education association says it supports the state and school district's decision to push staff members to get vaccinated. now with this announcement. >> we have a very important layer. protection for our students and place elementary school teacher and second, vice president of chaz more than 90% of the union's members have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. >> she says the in place. you want make player in student vaccinations down the road unnecessary. this in itself could potentially. >> really improve the situation for everybody. and so we may not find need to mandate vaccinations. we will be the. >> for states to require vaccination or regular testing for staff. we hope that that
3:34 pm
encourages families as well. the state says schools must be in compliance with the new vaccination policy by mid october. you know, clink, phillipe djegal all kron 4 >> has many students head back to school for in-person learning this fall. there's one school district. the north bay. this offering a different option. the bellevue union school district in santa rosa is offering an independent study program like virtual learning the program involves students learning at home. but instead of signing into a zoom meeting with their teachers. the independent study program requires parents to become the educator. the district superintendent tells us here kron 4 that most students in the district have opted to return to the classroom. so the independent study program is small, but he believes that that could be due to the responsibility on the parents to be the teachers. >> we do have an independent study program. it's pretty small. but most parents are, i think recognizing the. >> the work the requirements
3:35 pm
of and are choosing to come back in person. >> parents are really their responsibilities to facilitate the learning that teacher is not engage with them. as much. in fact, very little in study. >> if a parent decides that the independent study program is just too much. they can always have their child returned back to the classroom and continue the school year in person. another school preparing for the fall semester is san francisco state university is one of the first school campuses in the state to shut down when the pandemic hit safety has always been a focal point for the university from the start. according to the university's websit , the school is taking a series of steps to keep everyone on campus safe. this includes a hybrid model for classes ppe and contact tracing. the university also has a covid-19 vaccine policy that requires everyone on campus to either show proof of
3:36 pm
vaccines or agree to mandatory regular testing. the s s sf su president is urging everyone, though, to get vaccinated. she says proof of vaccination will also be verified. >> we are using the company actually verify students are uploading their cards as we speak as well. as in putting the dates of their vaccination with vaccination they received. and then over the course of about a week or 10 days. the company actually verifies the authenticity of the carts, please get vaccinated or file for an exemption. if you qualify for an exemption and upload those vaccination cards. the more vaccinated this community is a more normal. we will be. >> the university is following the department of public health guidelines by requiring masks indoors and accommodations will be made for teachers and staff infected with covid-19 as well as anyone that was in close contact with the person who was infected. and all this week here on kron 4 and on
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kron-on, we're helping you get ready to head back to school. we'll tell you all about the covid protocols that school districts from the bay area and give some advice to parents and how to help students navigate all the various challenges ahead. you can get ready kron on and get ready for school and you can scan the qr code on your screen right now to do that will take you straight to the app store to download the kron on app for free. still ahead here, 3 startling video. watch this >> shows a man throwing a nap right into a car's windshield. how this case of road rage ended. enter sandman something's wrong shut the light heavy thoughts tonight. what the pandemic may be doing to your dreams. our nightmares. and after the break, how was your first job as a teen could be a predictor of your heart health. later on in life.
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health. if you've been having some bad dreams over the last 18 month. you're not alone. trust may some weird ones and experts are saying or dreams have changed because of the pandemic. researchers at harvard medical school analyzed dreams from people in over 76 countries and they found that many experienced vivid frightening nightmares throughout the worst of the pandemic. researchers also found that women seem to be experiencing more nightmares than men with elevated negative emotions like sadness and anger. they say for many people the bad dreams will subside as the pandemic comes to a close. you can even sleep at all. let's be honest for your money. now. meat prices at grocery stores are going up. tyson says it has increased the average price of its pork products by 39%, beef by about 11% and chicken by more than 15%. the company also plans to bump up retail prices next month. tyson says surging covid cases have also made it challenging to fill open jobs.
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>> so still ahead here coming up in about 3.45. we're waiting to get an update from cal fire and several other. >> a state agencies that that devastating a massive dixie fire. >> so stick with us here at kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. it's supposed to happen at 3.45. and we're monitoring it is so as soon as that b bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back.
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us consumer prices rose yet again in the month of july. according to new numbers from the labor department. the report shows that last month's inflation rose a little over 5%. washington correspondent raquel martin reports that more republicans are sounding the alarm. the white house says they remain optimistic. put more money in your pocket wednesday. president joe biden announced his administration is taking new steps to lower consumer prices at the pump and the grocery store after new report showed higher inflation for the 3rd month in a row, a crackdown some major players are. >> do we not in the economy that are keeping prices higher than they need be president biden also announced plans to fix supply chain bottlenecks. he says are likely causing price increases. so my administration is bringing together port operators shipping lines, labor unions to speed up the porch operation. the white house and says higher prices are temporary and say the latest numbers show the economy is
3:46 pm
rebounding, but republicans warn if democrats force through their 3.5 trillion dollar budget plan prices could soar even higher. the last thing we need to be doing right now is pouring more fuel on that fire. republican senator bill haggerty says the additional spending will only hurt the middle class. i don't think the american public wants this, but wednesday senate majority leader chuck schumer defended the massive package is transformational. schumer says raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations to bankroll the plan. >> will ensure inflation rates do not spike. some are worried about inflation. the way to deal with that. >> is too. make sure you pay for it. we intend to pay for it. still, some economists say inflation could remain a concern for the foreseeable future in washington. raquel martin. so this is the story been talking about today. and it's a case of road rage that you have to see to believe it's video from washington state, a man there get some of the car. >> at those an ax right at the
3:47 pm
other car's windshield. and according to deputies, the victim was being chased by the suspect and then exited the freeway in order to avoid getting into an argument. that's when the man they say blocked the driver's car got out through this weapon at the windshield before leaving the scene. detectives were able to track down that man just a few days later following his involvement in yet another road rage incident. the suspect also had an outstanding felony warrant for first-degree robbery at the time. his arrest metro. they didn't have dash cam video. all right. anybody have travel plans coming up because if you're going to hawaii, some things have changed. the state is now once again issuing covid-19 restrictions. the governor signed an executive order that is now in effect includes limiting social gatherings to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors high-risk businesses, including restaurants, bars, gyms and churches will be capped at 50% capacity and for
3:48 pm
events that are larger than 50 people like weddings. organizers must contact their county leaders in order to get approval and move forward as of right now, there have been no changes to the state's safe travels program and fully vaccinated. people can travel to hawaii without getting a covid test. first. the drought is forcing people mendocino county to conserve water, even tourists are now being asked to take shorter showers. county officials say they're also seeing a significant drop in the county's water reserves. and in response, some hotels have closed. their lobby is closed. the restrooms. others have stopped watering their lawns. we're also asking their guest to shorten showers and conserve water. whenever possible. >> there's a lot of fear. the worst drought since at least 1977 it's we have communities without water, infrastructure. >> that's definitely really scary running out of water.
3:49 pm
>> some hotels are having to find water a lot farther away which can be expensive. they say if it gets worse, they may have to start closing rooms, which obviously that cost them money. and happening tonight. it's the annual perseid meteor showeo. the meteor shower is known for those frequent occurrences of those fireball meteors that we have a glowing trail for just a few seconds. the peak of that shower is tonight. so will we be able to see. it is the question will check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to see if the weather will be clear enough for us to view this cool sight tonight. it depends on where you live. just seems. so let's take a look at your microclimate forecast because we are tracking mostly sunny skies out there along the coast. >> tracking that marine layer trying to make its way along the bay area coastline. but it says monsoonal moisture believe or not that we have to watch out for going to increase those mid upper level clouds throughout the bay area, slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms as well. right
3:50 pm
now our outlook looking drier more stable atmosphere so that sort of pop-up thunderstorms right now, not looking to be a threat, but as that high cloud cover that's going to be an issue. so by 11 o'clock tonight, we're going to see visibility pretty poor for the perseids meteor shower. for those of you in the south bay, not to battle along the coast and most of the east bay shoreline. but during the overnight hours, that's when we're going to notice that blanket of high cloud cover. so take advantage at around 11 o'clock because that is when the meteor shower is set to peak tonight through 3 o'clock thursday morning but around midnight. that's when we're going to notice that high cloud cover along most of our east bay and south bay valley starting to increase because of that monsoonal moisture from the south making its way north. so along the coast in north bay. that is going to be your best that we could see up to a 100 meteors per hour from debris from that swift tuttle comet. so we are going to notice quite a lot of activity out there tonight in the sky this evening in the bay area. unfortunately, dry outlook and
3:51 pm
then slight warm-up for the 1st half of the weekend with cooler temperatures arriving early this upcoming week to see him. back to you. thank you so every summer. >> up next jeopardy will have not one but 2 host. and also mixing fashion with health
3:52 pm
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ jeopardy is breaking some expectations as it announced
3:54 pm
it will have not one but 2 new hosts. it took the show more than half a year to find a replacement for the beloved host, alex trebek who died of cancer last year. >> it will be jeopardy's executive producer mike richards, who is the new permanent host, the other one will be actress. i am. yeah. look who is known for her role in amy, the big bang theory and also blossom. if you know that from back in the day. the show says this decision was made after testing many guests hosts over the past few months and they're confident in the new choices. and check this out. a dutch fashion designer and engineer created what's being called the spider dress. it's a bone like idea here and it has tentacles with sensors that enforced social distancing surrounding the body. so it uses ultrasonic range finders that allow it to puff up or inflate. when someone gets too close. so she's kind of showing you there. the skirt kind of pops out. kind of one of just in
3:55 pm
general. it's time now to check in with newsnation to see what the team in chicago is working on for tonight. >> tonight on that on the report. new mask drama across the nation. the fiery debate at a public meeting in texas. we're live with the county commissioner who was kicked out of a meeting and the judge who decided to override the governor's mask ban now here's leland vittert with a preview of on thanks. joe. chicago crime becomes a conversation nationwide. >> the state attorney here. kim foxx joins us live in studio for an exclusive interview. what she has to say about the city's violent crime spike. that's coming up on balance night followed by news nation. prime. >> and you can watch news nation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com and it's time now for a final check of our weather forecast with mabrisa rodriguez. this meteor shower tonight sounds pretty cool. you can watch it. >> all be in bed. so that's in so that's a no but enjoy it
3:56 pm
for me. will you watch it? yeah. he the best time 11 o'clock is when it here tonight. not going to be awake and 11 o'clock tonight. now i'm proud of you. thank you. it's you know. your beauty. my new year's resolution sleep okay. let's take a look at our radar for. we are tracking the monsoonal moisture that could impact your viewing for that perseids meteor showers, especially for those of you in our inland valleys in the south and east bay. but temperatures out there right now. >> quite the temperature range. 57 degrees for half moon, bay, 97 degrees right now for those of you in antioch and just seen cooler weather not arriving until early coming weeks. enjoy the toasty temperatures inland. back to you. >> thank you so much for brees. and news does not. and she here. our coverage will continue at the top of the hour on the kron on app. we're waiting to get that update from cal fire and emergency services on the dixie fire
3:57 pm
that was supposed to start at 3.45. we're going to wait, though that's been pushed back. so when that starts during the 4 o'clock hour. they will bring that to you live. right on the kron on app. there going to be talking to the president of the california teachers association about that new vaccine order that just went into place. >> by the governor today. so you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. so appreciate your time and we'll see you right back here tomorrow. have a great one.
3:58 pm
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