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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 11, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> tonight at 5.30, kron is always tracking local stories. and here's a look at what's happening around the bay area right now and we'll start this evening in the east bay where police are looking for a woman who said to have been missing now for 6 months from a police say 32 year-old jeannie williams was reported missing on february 10th by her social
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worker. according to police she might be in hayward, oakland or richmond. police say she suffers from mental health issues. she's 5 350 pounds, often wears colored wigs. she also goes by the name a lexus. the city pleasant to will pay nearly 6 million dollars to settle a lawsuit with the family of jacob hour. the settlement is the largest. the city has paid ever bauer was a mentally ill individual who died in august of 2018 after a struggle with pleasanton police. you see body camera video from the scene there. police were responding to a call about a man acting a radically and talking to himself inside a grocery store near his house. >> in the south bay san jose police say they need help from the public in identifying the suspect in a murder investigation march 7th. the man was shot and killed on car nearly and drive in east san jose police believe that that's the blue ford suv that was spotted leaving the scene. it has a black groom spare tire on the back passenger
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side custom chrome front grille rushed on the hood. anybody with information is being asked to call san jose police and the north bay. a man was arrested for the second time in a week after police say he attacked a child in a parking lot. the petaauma police department responded to multiple callers. >> reporting a fight in the 7.11 parking lot. officers say they found a boy and 44 year-old crews daily oil. they say they leone was sweating it out of breath. according to police, the boy told them de leon hit hit multiple times with a wooden stick for no apparent reason de leon was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse and it's a lot of county. the sheriff's office is investigating what it's calling a suspicious death in the city of dixon. a body was found yesterday morning in a ditch on dixon west avenue. a resident who saw the body flagged down an officer who was driving by just after 11 yesterday morning officers stayed on scene to investigate for that
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7 hours. the person's identity and cause of death not being released. but the case remains open due to the deaths suspicious nature. on the peninsula. palo alto police say 2 women reported being groped by a man on a bicycle over the last couple days. >> the first incident was saturday afternoon on middlefield road near lifton avenue. the woman told police a man on a bike grabbed her as the cycle by the second incident was monday afternoon it happened to a different woman. police say the sketch you're looking at is based on the second woman's description of the man and not clear yet whether the same man was involved in both incidents in san bruno an elderly resident recovering after being pistol whipped during a home invasion. police say it happened around 5 saturday morning on redwood avenue near parkside middle school. police say 5 men entered a home. they how the elderly residents at gunpoint. they look for
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valuables. one did pistol whipped a resident causing a serious injury. the man took off in a dark colored suv. the person who was injured has been hospitalized. >> time talk some weather. now. we've got the monsoon moving in tonight. right now the fog and low clouds kind of just sweep in back on shore. we'll see more of that almost looks like you wal right across there. maybe sit down and go for a ride as the fog begins to stream back into the bay tonight. we'll see more of that on the way. and a little bit of the monsoon to you'l' see that coming up out of the south here, our computer models. there it is not a real good trigger to get thunderstorms going, but something to watch a passing through tonight could see an isolated thunderstorm wouldn't be unheard of and expect some thunderstorms over the sierra nevada that can continue to be unsettled. i think in the first part friday as well. all right. temperatures around the bay area for you're looking at 60's in the downtown san francisco a little bit on the muggy side, the monsoon coming through. there's gonna be a lot of moisture in the atmosphere about 76 degrees. you'll see a mixture of sunshine. a few clouds in the
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millbrae 80 degrees in san mateo about 79 in palo alto. the south bay expect temperatures there, the 80's maybe couple low 90's the space a little on the hot side but not as warm as it's been about 92 in dublin, about 89 degrees moraga 74 in oakland. 74 also in richmond. and then you look about 80 degrees and below about 84 in benicia few clouds lingering out near the coastline. patchy fog temperatures there in the 60's. thanks. lourdes. after pulling an all-nighter, the senate passed a 3.5 trillion dollars spending plan. >> it's the first step towards passing the rest of president biden's infrastructure agenda. the proposal includes money for universal pre k free two-year community college. >> funding for clean energy initiatives. kron four's, washington correspondent kellie meyer joins us live to talk about what's next. kelly. >> good evening. grant and katharine. well, like you said, this is just the first
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step in what could be a long and tricky process to get this budget plan approved. but less than 24 hours after passing the bipartisan infrastructure deal democrats set the wheels in motion. >> i'm very pleased to report that the 2 tracks strategy. is right on track. the senate is now on a path to passing a 3.5 trillion dollars spending plan. >> without any republican support, all 50 democrats voted to start the process wednesday. but to finish the job. majority leader chuck schumer knows he'll need all democrats to stick together and we have no illusions. maybe the hardest work is yet to come. already. there are growing concerns from moderate democrats over the 3.5 trillion dollar price tag for republicans, the cost is far too high is just way too much spending. pennsylvania's pat toomey along with all other gop senators voted against the budget plan. florida's marco rubio is worried about the amount of debt the democrats plan could create 10 years
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from now we will go on from us. 17 trillion dollar debt to a 40 trillion. >> dollar debt and part of that is the pandemic spending. and so now is not the time to be added to that. but president joe biden says this is the right way to tackle current problems. these challenges are with us long before the pandemic can be for took office. now is the moment to put in place a long-term plan to build back america better. >> the plan now goes to the house who will be returning early from august recess to consider both the bipartisan infrastructure package and the budget plan with a simple a small majority. house speaker nancy pelosi will have to get all democrats on board to get this done. >> i'm kelly. so we know the senate has left for the august recess when they get back to work on this. >> yeah, that's right. the senate just left today and they won't be back until early september around september. 13th. but senate majority leader chuck schumer said
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today that committee chairs will be working on this in the coming weeks and negotiating this budget plan. he also took questions from reporters earlier about keeping all democrats in line. and he said that all democrats will stay united on this and they will get this done. he also promised that they will get all parts of president biden's agenda into this package. >> kelli meyer reporting live for us tonight from washington. thank you, kelly. >> coming up, the latest on the wildfire battle will tell you where firefighters are now making progress. also how far will cargo the quarterback is thinking more about his future in the nfl. >> but first slowing the spread of misinformation facebook's ongoing efforts to fight foss facts about vaccines.
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so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. >> youtube has suspended senator rand paul for 7 days after the kentucky republican posted a misleading video about covid. youtube says the video suggested face masks do not prevent covid infections. and this was the second time in 2 weeks that one of rams videos has been removed. rand is calling the suspension a badge of honor. he has repeatedly clashed. as you probably know, if doctor anthony fauci over covid protocols. facebook has banned hundreds of accounts connected to a company that runs a dis information project. it says the company says the accounts were based in russia and we're
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trying to launch a smear campaign against pfizer and astrazeneca to the companies producing vaccines. the group reportedly offered to pay social media influencers and a handful of european countries to post misleading information that attempt backfired when influencers in germany and france exposed the offer to authorities. >> a new vaccine mandate is now in effect for hospitals and nursing homes in california. anyone visiting the hospital or nursing home facility must be vaccinated against covid or provide proof of a negative covid test within the past 20 or 72 hours, i should say, frontline health officials call the mandate a timely precaution given the circumstances. there is an exception to this new restriction for anyone who's visiting a patient who is in critical condition when death might be imminent. preparing for the pre season. the raiders are taking the field
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in just a few days getting ready for the regular season. >> hear how the qb derek carr
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is not an option. >> where a 5th generation rancher. they we have a ranch just a couple miles down the road that they've been saying on the field out there just trying you know, survive because we've got you step out the house and there's no has been power for 6 days. we've got generators. but. you know that help and helping run freezers keep to me. i saw that kind of stopped. >> crews fighting the dixie fire on the ground. they've been getting help from the sky. a fleet of air tankers based out of mcclellan park has been laying down thousands of gallons of flame retardant. firefighters call it one of their most effective tools even on dry grass. >> it will co cover the fields of leaving dry on the fields and it's still affected from the point that still wet all the way to the point where it's trial. it will continue to act in the same. the same manner is slowing. the spread. >> more than a dozen planes from mcclellan are being used as long as the area in question doesn't get too smoky.
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>> some good news for folks living in nevada and placer counties. many folks now able to return home as the river fire gets closer to full containment that fire is up to 85% containment. more than 2600 acres have burned talking about at least 80 buildings that have been destroyed have firefighter and 2 other people were injured in the flames. and take a look at this video. it was taken by an animal control officer working the monument fire in the shasta-trinity national forest. the officer had to drive through the massive blaze to save a few family pets from the fire. it's in trinity county. so far. the fires burned more than 35,000 acres and is nearly 50% contained. the monument fire was started by lightning on july 30th. it is only 3% contain it or i guess containment. is up to 47 percent as of this evening. and the bay area air quality management district is issuing
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an air quality advisory for wildfire. smoke. that is for tomorrow. >> and you're looking live from our camera mount tam and the coast fairly clear. but winds tomorrow could bring smoke from the wildfires into the bay area. lawrence is back with us in. it's sort of a. >> play it by ear day to day scenario is how it's going to be going outside and breathing. it just takes a small shift in the winds and all of a sudden you get the smoke heading our direction. the good news is most of this is going to be a loft and the words it's going to be up a few 1000 not the place we live. but you can see up in northern california. look at the poor air quality. they're looking at right now. i mean, very poor. even the worst air quality in around mineral you get toward we reveal a mount shasta very poor air quality all the way up into medford red bluff of course, is just been hazy day after day. there's the smoke kind of settling in. but the bay area very, very fortunate right now. you're all in green. we've got some very good air quality out the door right now from santa rosa, san francisco
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to conquer all the way into san jose looking good right now. tomorrow probably see a little haze in the atmosphere knows the direction here you see the winds aloft. they're taking some of that smoke back out over the ocean waters here eventually some of that can wrap around work its way in the bay area. the same time. see the thunderstorms begin to pop up over the sierra nevada. that is all part of that monsoon. but we have just watching this as these fires continue to burn so far there's been mainly a southwesterly wind which kicks the smoke mainly to the northeast. but that's changed a bit. and as these past pressure pattern change, especially as we head to closer and closer to fault. these fires continue to burn. they're likely to bring some more smoke back into the bay area. here's our latest smoke model and you'll notice as we head through time here right now. most that smoke located in far northern california and up over the sierra nevada and then as we take you through the night tonight. you start to see you see a little further to the south. you get that little northerly component to the wind. there you go. maybe seeing some of that haze especially in parts of the north bay by tomorrow of the day in the afternoon could see some
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of that work its way back in our direction. but the good news is again, this is going to stay aloft and was like going to an air quality issue, but it will turn skies. and so that beautiful blue of us and you're going see that milky kind of white color and that is going to be all that smoke in the atmosphere. guys, back to you. all right. thank you lord for the raiders are getting ready for their first pre season game. it is this weekend and conference. jason dumas has an update from training camp. >> derek carr has been the raiders starting quarterback since the organization drafted him back in 2014 over that time. he has a 43 in 67 career record. he's had his good moments. and he's at is bad moment cars. one of the most polarizing players amongst the raiders fan base. some fans love him. some fans have been waiting for him to move on for some time. but for those who want to move on it appears they'll have to wait a while. carr who just turned 30 said today that he wants to play for. get this 15 more years. what it in jest. who knows.
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but what we do know, he will be qb one this year. for team looking for its first playoff berth since 2016. >> and kron 4 is the bay area, home of the raiders. you her. jason there lining the qb situation. you can watch the silver and black take on the seattle seahawks and the first preseason game that the teams will play this saturday on kron 4. it all starts at 5.30 pm with the crowd for raiders pre-game show that's followed by the actual game at 6 o'clock and then analysis of all the action on the crowd for raiders post-game report can also scan that qr code there on your screen for all your raiders news. >> coming up next. still haven't found what you're looking for rich demuro coming up to help how to fi
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>> learn more about an image with river search go to images. dot google, dot com then dragged the image onto the search bar. if you want to see results from a specific time. do your search then hit tools in use the selector to choose a time frame. and when you want to have a little fun hover over the i'm feeling lucky button to watch it change one more click and you'll be taken to something new. finally for something old search. google in 1998 to see what results look like more than 20 years ago. >> yes, cool was just a little search baby back then. all right. i've got all these tips and tricks linked up on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> yeah. i should have been taking notes. my brain doesn't work that that was good. but what i guess rich's website. so go to the website. is the place. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us. but keeping it a lot more news is still ahead on kron 4 news at 6. pam and ken
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are here with a preview of what's to come. all right. catherine grant, welcome back to you. up to 6 o'clock and we are working on these stories. california becoming the first state in the nation to encourage covid vaccines for teachers with the governor's order means for the new school year already underway in parts of the bay area. plus the dixie fire reaching a new milestone more than half a million acres have been burned, see the emotional moments as. >> one family learns their >> one family learns their home was saved from the this is an epic bbq barbeque burger. cannonball! ♪ ♪ what? nothing, you're good. face is good. face is good. your face is there. try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. we think this is the right thing to do. >> and we think this is a sustainable way to keeping. >> our schools open. >> now has 6 new covid rules for teachers and staff at california schools. governor newsome announcing everyone from teachers to bus drivers will need to get either vaccinated show proof of a vaccine or get tested weekly. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. and i'm ken wayne, california will be the first in the country to make those requirements. kron four's ashley zavala breaks down the governor's announcement. >> this new public health order goes into effect thursday and schools have about 2 months to fully comply. >> this school year. all california school teachers and staff will need to either prove they're vaccinated or


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