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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 13, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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these large events taking place outside are requiring proof of vaccination in most cases and have safety protocols in place. there are still concerns. good evening, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. health experts are saying that. >> being outdoors is less risky. but with the highly transmissible delta vi run out there. there are precautions that need to be taken. kron gayle ong. she's live with us now with concerns from a number of infectious disease expert scale. what are they telling you? >> yeah. vicki and grant health experts say that while the delta variant as we know, is more transmissible than the virus that we dealt with in the winter and even fully vaccinated. people need to be careful in certain situations. >> if you're stuck in a crowded with people all around you, particularly yelling and screaming like a concert or a football game. i think is a risky situation for you. and i
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would try and avoid it right now. you see berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says those most at risk are people who are not vaccinated. doctor rona subramanian infectious disease professor at stanford agrees. we don't know who's vaccinated and who's not. and unfortunately dumped a variant. >> it's a new virus that's going around. even if you're vaccinated. >> you can't have a lot of. viral particles in your nasal passages as the delta variant has been described as highly transmissible. >> large events are still set to happen. apple's bottle, rock. music festival is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test at levi stadium where the forty-niners will kick off their preseason schedule this weekend. >> proof of vaccination and a negative covid tests are not required. masks are optional, but safety protocols are in place, which is why health experts caution. >> to be safe. if you are doing those activities where you're close together and you are and cheering and singing.
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are likely to tear us allies you have covid-19 at there is a risk to those around. you i always carry mask with me from going out. >> for a walk with my wife. we always just have a mask. your pockets because what if we run into 6 or 7 people that we know. we don't know if they're vaccinated or not. but there are scenarios considered less risky. you can be. >> the only person. >> in a trader and that will be relatively wrist free. this is being, you know, being very intimate with somebody outdoors who is unvaccinated. >> well, all the health experts i spoke with pointed out that whether you're indoor outdoor. it is people's behaviors that we'll put themselves at risk in the meantime, an n 95 mask or even double masking is suggested if you are going to be attending a large event this summer. gayle ong kron 4 news, thank
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you, gayle. >> and during the first week of school, 7 students from a mix of elementary middle and high school campuses within the san ramon valley unified school district. they tested positive for covid-19. one of those cases reported that low serves middle school. parents. we spoke with their say their concert. >> vaccinated. so i'm feeling a need to be better ever got a younger son who was actually vaccinated because he's too young. and concern for him. but the trend that we're seeing, the delta. >> you know it. it was expected live all than happy to not see it the first week that it, you know, it is what it is. >> the school district says all of the positive cases are students and in addition to low sarah's middle school. 3 cases were reported that this to ground a elementary on ksat san ramon valley high school and 2 cases at california high school. all right. so to fight the spread of covid-19 while safely reopening classrooms, air purifiers are getting installed at local schools.
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the pleasanton unified school district has had hundreds of them placed in buildings all across the district. the air systems are designed to help kill those harmful pathogens like covid kron four's. dan thorn live with us from the newsroom tonight with more on these air systems. dan expensive. but i guess they're doing the best they can. that's right. grant vicki, they're being looked at as covid killing air purifiers and with students returning to confined spaces. >> such as classrooms this year. these air systems are being used to improve air quality and cut down on airborne pathogens like covid or the flu as schools have been trying to navigate have to educate kids getting through this pandemic. the idea of clean air indoors has become more important than ever before. portable air purifiers are making their way into classrooms across the bay area. pleasanton unified is aiming to reduce the spread of covid-19 in its 15 schools by using these systems. >> to clean the air inside the
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buildings. i think early on the pandemic we took for granted that it was an airport worries. george negron is vp of operations with tim alon corporation schools air purification specialist the company under the brand and viral clans has delivered 800 of these air systems to pleasanton schools through high efficiency, particulate air or heppa filters. the purifiers work to improve the air quality of a room by removing particles such as allergens and contaminants. the air is then exposed to uv light which further breaks down any viruses or bacteria negron admits the air purifiers are not 100% protective against covid-19 or similar viruses, but they can dramatically reduce the risk of transmission is not going to stop. >> per se. someone from getting covid. someone comes in the room with it. but the ability for it to spread can be minimized. greatly. i've been able to exchange it clean here in the room. >> health experts say children remain at very low risk for severe infections of covid-19, but any additional layer of protection is worth it.
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>> each think ads something and lessens the risk. i think the air to buyers are good idea in addition everything else that people are doing pleasanton school's roughly 15,000 students returned to the classroom on wednesday every class and work with them. >> students are safe for the rich, but use the risk of transmission exposure. it's just really good win for the students and the parents of that district. >> the enviro cleanse air purification and pleasanton schools has been using has also been implemented at public schools in washington and chicago reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. all right, dan, the alameda county jail in santa rita has suspended all in-person visiting officials say that that decision was made because of the rise of covid-19 cases. >> in-person visits are going to be suspended until further notice. first responders in contra, costa county are going to have to be vaccinated against covid or get weekly
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tests. that is according to a new health order released today from the county health department. the order takes effect on september 17th health officials say that the order is in response to a recent surge of cases as of wednesday. 188 people were hospitalized in contra, costa county that is a 400% increase from just a month ago currently 80% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. there has also been an outbreak of cases at jails and detention facilities in martinez, richmond and clayton. >> if you're going out in san francisco starting next week you're going to need your vaccination card or other proof that you've got the jab. if you want to go inside many businesses. and if you don't want to carry it around police, your original car w don't have to actually officials say that a laminated copy. would be a much better option. a picture on your phone and that vaccination card that you can see that you've either had 2 shots of.
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>> the 2 shot dosage or one shot of the j and j dosage. it could be an app like i've downloaded one called calm pass from san francisco. i mean, from california where you go in and entered in and it shows up. you know, there's multiple apps and then, you know, we also will need a picture. i d. >> yeah. picture id is needed to verify that you are the person on the vaccination card. of course, digital certificate can also be acquired by visiting the state of california is digital covid-19 vaccine record page for full instructions. you can visit our website at kron 4 dot com san mateo county is also requiring full vaccinations for many indoor activities. kron four's amanda hari live in burlingame tonight. >> after speaking with the san mateo county board of supervisors. president about the board's plans going forward. >> the san mateo county board of supervisors president says he believes these types of mandate should be uniform throughout the entire bay area
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and even the entire state. so he says that san mateo county is considering a mandate for proof of vaccination in indoor setting it's no shoes, no shirt. >> no vaccine. and make no mistake about it. >> no service. san mateo county board of supervisors. president david can apply tweeted that same phrase out. >> warning people that a vaccine mandate could be coming to san mateo county. >> maybe this is sort of the push for people as well to get vaccinated. we've done lotteries. we've given that there's been free giveaways. but maybe i'm telling people to show their vaccination card. >> we'll get more people. >> a vaccine. he says so far most people have received the news positively. it's 20. he gave me an idea of what types of complaints that 20% of people against it are expressing. >> its government is they should have the freedom. to be
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vaccinated or to not vaccinated. i vehemently disagree with that argument with that notion right now about 90% of people in san mateo county who are eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine. >> hof completed the series as people walk down burlingame avenue. many were masked up and prepared to walk into a business says he's been reaching out to many of those businesses and most are for a vaccine i got the opportunity reach out to chamber of commerce's. >> from different cities. they're supportive of it. he tells me he believes the mandate like this one would help keep businesses open. >> and avoid another shutdown in burlingame amanda hari kron 4 news. >> the cdc and fda have approved booster shots pfizer and moderna's covid vaccines for people with weakened immune systems. the officials say patients will not need a prescription or the blessing of the health care provider to
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receive the additional dose. kareen wynter has more on who needs the booster shots, the most. >> the cdc authorizing final clearance today for covid vaccine booster shots to americans who are immunocompromised on thursday. the fda authorized an additional 3rd dose for those who are immunocompromised. this as cnn reports based on data from the u.s. department of health and human services. 8 states now comprise half of the nation's covid hospitalizations, alabama, arkansas, florida, georgia, louisiana, nevada, texas and mississippi have been concern throughout the pandemic where the governor just extended his state of emergency by a month to give public health leaders and other government officials more time to respond to the crisis. the order was slated to expire on sunday, mississippi just broke its single-day record for hospitalizations icu admissions and new cases. clearly the southeast is in the. >> the thrust of an exceptionally. contagious variant of this particular virus and and because of that, we're in a very different situation than we were in 2
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weeks ago 8 states considered hot spots reportedly have covid patients account for at least 15% of their overall hospitalizations with combined totals that make up approximately 51% of patients. >> louisiana has also just reported its highest number of covid hospitalizations since the start of the crisis. even with the final approval of booster. shots experts warned against relaxing existing protocols to protect against the virus the key message is don't let down your guard about using the things proven things. >> masks physical distancing hand washing a voice of crowds making sure you have sort of a ring of protection. as for the need for booster shot. health leaders expressed concern about how much protection the immunocompromised had received so far from their vaccinations. >> the emergence of the deadly delta variant resy urgency even more ensuring this fragile population have the same benefits as those who are not immunosuppressed. >> and that was kareen wynter reporting for us tonight. you
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stay with kron 4 for continuing coronavirus coverage just scan the qr code with your phone and you'll be directed to our web page. dedicated 2 covid coverage. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. >> all right. now to our wildfire coverage in lake county. the coyote fire burning near the area of highway. 29 is forcing evacuations tonight. you are looking a camera shot that we have here from saint a cal fire says that it is burning 100 acres so far. it is 45% contained. >> now a look at the evacuation zones. the area in red is under an evacuation order areas in yellow under evacuation warnings caltrans. also just announced it has reopened highway 29 after shutting it down earlier tonight. we'll keep you posted on the situation there as we take a look at the 4 zone forecast. live look tonight over san francisco. a lot of fog in the sky, but we're also going to be dealing with some more smoke.
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>> first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk the effects of higher. yeah. as long those fires, burning any switch in the wind directions. and all of a sudden that smoke and move back into our skies. we saw that a bit today kind of hazy. look at the skies on that. the milky look up in the atmosphere. the good news was most of that was lost. that means about a 1000 feet on a per not so in and around the fire. things have condition of changed bit since yesterday we've seen more of an easterly wind. and so places like susan bill that have been really bad yesterday in this still poor but not as bad as yesterday evening quincy. not quite as bad as it was. but that won't smoke right back into weaverville in the hay for you're looking extremely poor air quality in those locations tonight and probably more that way again for tomorrow. the bay area right now, here's where we sit most the bay area in green look at the good air quality from san francisco to conquer the san jose. you do see moderate amounts of of that smoke start to work its way toward parts of the north bay right now. but kind of a mixed bag today. you see the atmosphere. well, we had a lot going on. we have the upper
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levels where we have some the monsoon coming through. we had some lightning strikes popping up in and around some of those fires and the started cure some of that smoke back toward the coastline at certain levels while other levels pushing it to the east. so a little bit of everything. the smoke forecast model, though, showing you some of the in the next 18 hours. if you see the areas in red here and in orange. those the areas with the those start to start to push down toward the bay area over time and we move into parts sonoma napa marine than the rest of the bay area as we head throughout the day tomorrow. so tomorrow will be one of those days where you look up as you head through the day. i think it's going to aggressively look more and more hazy throughout the day. but again, we're fortunate most of that is aloft and not write down the surface. all right out there, too. we've got a spinoff from the remnants of kevin, is that sending some subtropical moisture up into parts of the bay area right now. i think we'll see a few clouds passing from the subtropical moisture overall. but tomorrow we're going to be talking about the hot temperatures. it's going to be hot and hazy out there
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90's almost triple digits, inland 70's 80's around the bay and then those number generally in the 60's along the coastline. but so far we're pretty lucky with the smoke and it could be a lot worse of those right down the surface that kind of smoke coming from the fires could be dangerous and we know about that. we thought thanks, lauren. is your local election headquarters. santa's big story we're following tonight is governor gavin newsome hitting the road ahead of the upcoming recall election proffers maureen kelly was there at his first stop. >> in san francisco. governor gavin newsome came back home to san francisco where launched his political career surrounded by progressive and moderate democrats backing him up. >> inside manny's community space in the mission district there. he told many members of the media gathered for his kickoff event. but the stakes of this recall could not be higher at a time where the state is battling yet another extreme fire season and still in the grips of a pandemic. he faces a lot of challengers on the ballot. but mostly singled %
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out the current front runner among them, conservative radio talk show host larry elder saying he's to the right of donald trump. larry elder does not believe. i don't believe in climate change. he calls it a myth, a crock day one. he proudly states as do all the other republican candidates day one, they probably state. >> they want. that they would eliminate any mask requirements in our public schools to keep our kids safe and healthy and in person to get the social emotional support. they deserve day one he would repeal that as he would repeal any requirement for vaccine verifications, including health care workers. >> newsom has reason to go on the offensive. take a look at our exclusive inside california politics poll with emerson college 46% are planning to vote on recalling the governor 48% want to keep governor newsom and 6% are undecided early voting for the september 14th recall election opens this monday. political analyst michael yaki says
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newsom has to motivate democrats to actually fill those ballots out. according to the latest poll. >> he was down by 20 points among latinx voters and he can't afford to lose that we can't afford to lose any votes. you can afford lose anyone who voted for joe biden in the last election. this the kind of thing where. every vote is going to count. it's going to be the other side is incredibly motivated to get out the vote is to do the same thing with his side. biden tweeted out his support for newsome thursday today, newsom saii both the president and the vice president are going to come out here to show their support for him in person in the coming weeks. >> newsom now heads to san diego and los angeles on saturday. maureen kelly kron 4 news. conservative talk show host larry elder holding his first major press conference virtually today. >> melee criticizing governor newsom and california is democrat led government. >> the reason for the part of
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the reasons i left palace is a reason for the rise in crimes left-wing politics. there's a reason for the rise of homelessness and it's left a lot of people haven't connected the dots. >> recent polls, including one from inside california politics and emerson college show. well, most californians are undecided on who they would pick to replace newsom. elder has the lead among a republican heavy field of candidates. >> another leading candidate in the race to replace governor newsom is former san diego mayor kevin faulconer in today the republican made his case for why he should be the next governor. >> it's time to have a governor that understands. the policies matter. when it comes particularly to our latino community. african american community. 2 out of 3. latinos lost income. during the pandemic where 4 out of 10 had trouble paying their bills. >> the recall election takes place september 14th and is california's first gubernatorial recall nearly 2
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decades before you cast your vote. you can see most of the major republican candidates going head to head in a live debate next week inside california politics is hosting the debate here in our crowd for studios again, that's next. thursday. august 19th at 07:00pm. >> if you plan to cast a ballot in the upcoming election. but you haven't registered to vote. well, this is your 2 week warning in california. the deadline to register to vote for any election is 15 days before election day for the recall. that deadline is going to be monday. august 30th anyone needing to register can sign up online and register to vote. dot c a dot if you're not sure you need to register. you can also check your registration status online that website is voter status dot s o s dot ca dot gov. >> a broad mask mandate can never be constitutional simply because it's just that to draw.
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>> coming up at texas school meeting over a mask mandate gets heated after the school board voted to require them. how health officials are coming to the school's defense. >> and northern california doctor fired after allegedly writing fake mask. exemption cards. we will hear his side of the story when we come back. and san jose family. charged with murdering a teenager. what police are saying about what led up to the violence.
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>> the south bay a woman and her 2 teenage children have been charged with shooting and killing a 13 year-old boy police say on wednesday the shooting happened in east san jose's alum rock area started with a fight between 2 teenagers. police say then escalated into a deadly confrontation. the suspect margarita sent to lean has been charged with murder and attempted murder. the investigators say her 2 children a 17 year-old son and a 16 year-old daughter may have also been involved in the case so far police have not identified the victim. in the east bay tonight, richmond police are looking for suspects that they say are involved in a shooting here. police say a 14 month-old toddler suffered a graze wound from a shooting that happened last night. it was reported on shane drive when police arrived on the scene, they say
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they clearly saw there had been a shooting and a nearby hospital reported that the young child had a gunshot graze wound to the abdomen. police say the child is in stable condition and anyone with information there is asked to call police. >> up next, cutting back on student loan debt. what is next for lawmakers. to. but they have to do to make community college free for all americans, an soon you'll be seeing bigger crowds returning to disneyland and california adventure when they hope to have 13 fully staffed. plus a northern california doctor accused of selling fake mask. exemption cards. what he has to s
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>> doctor near sacramento is facing criticism tonight from fellow healthcare workers after being accused of handing out fake mask exemptions to students. yeah. this happened in the placer county town of roseville jean un explains the allegations and get a response from the doctor himself. >> i as a are very concerned that our students and their teachers and our families stay safe. david herbert is the ceo of center. independent physicians and at the end of last year. he terminated one of his fellow doctors and he previously was with center, independent decisions, but no longer is in. i can't go into the details of any such personnel change that doctors
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michael wayne as of recently doctor herbert says he's been hearing from concerned parents within the union school district. they say too many students have been excused from wearing masks because of health concerns and related to covid to do so. they need written permission from that position sort of permission slip to keep the mask concerns that there a lot of. >> mask exemptions written for students in the school. >> even though doctor way no longer works for center. independent physicians. he still has a private practice right here in roseville this is new to we were not aware of or even know that there was any acusacion a common >> doctor says he is not writing false mask exemptions and that he's doing the work that all other physicians refused to do. if i'm the only one of the few decision of any tensions. all the other physician in this state. >> in my area in also the state basically gave up on their patients. >> and when it comes to being let go from his other job. he
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blames it on his asthma and inability to wear a mask himself during his work day. >> so in a position felt strongly. that because i can't wear a mask all day at work. that would they were >> but pediatrician terence chang at u c davis says people who actually need a mask exemption are rare in both children and adults there are probably us with a candid or they haven't cody that. you're actually but wearing a mask. >> new tonight at night. some schools and local governments in texas are openly defying governor greg abbott's ban on mask mandates. houston, school board members passed a mask mandate for the entire school year. last night. it happened during a heated board meeting where people on both sides of the issue got a minute to give their views. >> it's illegal abuse of in traffic behavior. we will not
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comply and my child will be a school without mask. there are children dying in our icus. and i can tell you anyone here who thinks children do not get covid. there are children who have died. this week in the texas medical who have died. excuse me, sir. you're taking my time. >> governor abbott says school districts that ignore his executive order will face legal challenges. of the happiest place on earth. disneyland will start to allow more guests to enter the theme. park and resort after so many months of limited capacity, but it will not happen all at once reporter erin myers explains the approach disney is taking to try to get more people through the gates. >> hi you to the crowds will be coming back, but not all at once. disney officials tell us this will be a measured approach. but you can see people here excited about going to the part today. we've
9:32 pm
seen them probably arriving starting around 6.30, in the morning. this happening, though, covid has been surging cases here and in florida, business leaders say, though, they are seeing increased demand for their parks in both locations. >> florida's parts are actually your full daily capacity now, but opening up parks. more will be based on what is happening with the covid-19 crisis. disney officials saying it's an ever changing landscape with covid in health and safety guidelines are based on guidance from health and government officials. so allowing more guests will be a measured increased to keep guests and staff safe since july 30th disney cast and guests must wear face coverings in all indoor locations at domestic resorts regardless of vaccination status. disney also wants to have parks fully staffed by the end of the year before the
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full swing of things in hopefully safely. definitely but exciting time and some good news fall favorites are back starting september 30 through october 31st. halloween is making a comeback. you can see the haunted mansion turned into tim burton's. the nightmare before christmas. >> and a california adventure radiator springs becomes radiator screams and much more. >> and that was erin myers reporting for us tonight. when us senators return to washington as next they're going to be in that begin the process of debating a 3.5 trillion dollar bill into tackling a number of a president. joe biden's priorities, one of them includes free community college, education secretary miguel cardona says that
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president biden's free community college plan will cut down on student debt. cardona says the department of education is also working to make it easier on those who already have student loans. we. >> for given over 3 billion dollars in student loan debt already. and we're looking for ways to make sure that we're keeping our borrowers front and center. >> the plan to make community college free is supported by the national education association, the president's 3.5 trillion dollar bill also calls for free preschool for 3, 4, year-old and paid family and sick leave republicans opposed the bill because they say that high price tag is too much for the country to afford. >> it is last call for obamacare covered california, sunday will be the last day to sign up for insurance through the affordable care act. president biden reopened at the exchange is back in february to offer coverage to those potentially impacted by covid. according to the centers for medicare and
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medicaid services. more eligible uninsured americans can access plans with 0 premiums, health and human services secretary javier becerra says plans are cheaper than ever. now thanks to new subsidies which were included earlier this year in the american rescue plan. >> both cases, a plan that's going to cost nothing more than $10 or her last per month for quality health care. so if you don't sign up by august 15th. you could miss out on the peace of mind that comes from having quality health insurance. >> earlier this summer, there was some suggestion of another extension. but sarah says for now the last day remains august 15th the 2022 open enrollment period begins november. 1st. >> a major hurricane spinning in the pacific. another one in the atlantic. that may be a problem this weekend will show both to you. >> coming up next. and bill cosby is back in court. the new allegations he's facing here in california. >> and in sports, the ace try
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to make it 8 in a row in texas will have the highlights much more sports when we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> both barry baseball teams red hot. we'll get to the giants next hour when they're done. but the ace have a 7 game winning streak coming into tonight. they're chasing the astros in the al west try to make it 8 in a row and fall melvin company. yeah. long
9:39 pm
travel day trying to get the energy up in arlington rangers. top of the 6 all not at 3, one on for matt chapman and one of big gun shoots it up the middle base hit mitch moreland scores a's take the lead. but its bottom of the frame 2 on for you'll help close, though. and he went deep off sergio romo, former giants fan favorite there. jeff, first pitch and they got. is the first first game for his big league game it's a three-run homer. the rangers really never looked back. a's lose it 8 to 6. they have their 7 game winning streak snapped into that series will be tomorrow. in arguably the best season of his long storied career. brandon crawford and going anywhere. signs a two-year 32 million dollars station with the giants crawford. currently having a career bests to 96, batting year 19 home runs. and if the jays keep winning as
9:40 pm
they are. he keeps producing at the plate and in the field in the multiple gold glove winner should be in the conversation for mvp come the end of this season special. he started foothill high in pleasanton as a kid grew up a giants fan and wanted to stay here and he signed the deal today the 34 year-old who helped the giants win those titles in 2012, 2014, he's hoping he can finish his career with the team that drafted him as looking good. some early ball now warriors taking on the thunder and oh, my gosh. closing moments of the half warriors down 3. this is the 7th overall pick of the crossover. got. nasty. 18 points for the 18 year-old. it's late in the 4th now golden state leading by 2. and that's the other first-round pick moses moody gets it to go moody leads the team with 22 points warriors winning 94 84th will take on new orleans on sunday. but the rooks looking good. even younger kids now little league world
9:41 pm
series petaluma taking on torrance and san bernardino win or go home for petaluma top 7 towards leading 3. nothing grant hayes chute and into left for a base hit. 2 runs come in to score towards extends its lead to 5 out of the frame now 6 nothing towards petaluma threatening. the dominant front had a looks at a called strike 3. that's the ballgame toward shut out peddling a 6. nothing is moving on to. pennsylvania for the little league world series petaluma coming back home. but a great season. 4 petaluma continues to turn out great teams. kron 4 is your bay area. home of the raiders. you can watch the silver and black taking on seattle in their first preseason game of the year. tomorrow night on kron 4 starts at 5.30, with the crowd for raiders, pre-game show the games at 6 and then analysis of all the action on the crowd for raiders post game show after that, the niners also in action tomorrow night, jimmy garoppolo gets the start. but the rookie trey lance going to play a lot in the 1st half.
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that s lake tahoe is
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9:44 pm
getting warmer and it's clear water could be in jeopardy. >> a new state of the lake report shows the tahoe surface water temperature reached a record. 68 degrees back in july. the multi year drought is also lowering lake levels by nearly 2 and a half feet. you see davis is tahoe
9:45 pm
environmental research center says that these conditions are setting the stage for dangerous bacteria and more invasive species to take hold a tipping point that could destroy the lake's clarity. >> show what's and the age look like. he's a can to go that does so for that she and it's pretty. and thing can be toxic. >> scientists plan to monitor the lake with drone flyovers and diving expeditions meanwhile, talk locals and visitors are being asked to do their part by keeping trash in contaminants out of the waters. there. >> people in parts of florida today are bracing for a tropical storm forecasters say the storm notice fred is likely to impact the sunshine state as a tropical storm in sarasota county. the city of north point report rather, is getting ready for a lot of rain.
9:46 pm
>> communities there saw flood waters rise for days after hurricane elsa. and as alison henning reports for us tonight. officials want to make sure there isn't a repeat. >> the city of northport is constantly monitoring water levels during this time of year when you're getting 2 or 3 inches every afternoon. it's a persistent effort to keep the water moving. those efforts started ramping up earlier this week when the threat of fred first became a possibility. we're doing our best. move the water as quickly as we can at this point. just last month. also left the north port estates community under water flood waters from rural manatee and sarasota counties float self overloading the myakka hachi creek. >> at one point the water was rising at about an inch an hour. 10 months and tells us he was left with a few inches of intrusion. the breezeway room in the lynn. i got pretty pretty bad change the carpets out. >> the roads were dry when we drove through the estates area friday everyone is hoping they stay that way. munson and a
9:47 pm
few others stopped by the city. self-serve sandbag site loading up their vehicles to prepare for the unknown. i thought maybe this will help. hopefully it. well, i did a lot of shovel. >> and with more now on fred, we want to take a closer look. first, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about. >> yeah. the even though they may not get hurricane strength. still could be extremely dangerous. this is fred, right now actually just a tropical depression. so it has weakened somewhat. it's moved over some land that has kept a firm re strengthen, which is really good thing. and so right now it's it's over cuba. you can see here the circulation pattern right over the top of cuba right over land sustained winds of 35 miles per hour now moving at the west at 12 miles per hour. you can we've already got some warnings up along the keys as fred is going to take game as it pushes out in the open waters and going to strengthen becoming a tropical storm by tomorrow looks like those winds sustained 40 miles an hour by tomorrow afternoon.
9:48 pm
now it is going to be pushing over some warm waters. it would not be unheard of. we see the storm system really start to strengthen quite a bit. fact, just before making landfall possibly getting close to hurricane strength at least a sustained winds of 60 miles per hour could get even stronger than that. but right now the forecast track has really pushed further and further to the west. it's west of panama city. so keep our eyes on that. is that forecast track will likely continue to change between to now and really landfall maybe on monday. all in the pacific, we've got a monster storm. this one is churning about a very dangerous category 3. look at the eye on this storm system has a role to very symmetrical give you idea of just the raw power. you seem symmetrical like that. that means it along very well. everything is going perfectly in the atmosphere. me linda sustained winds of a 120 miles per hour moving west northwest away from ball away from
9:49 pm
mexico. look at this those surfers love the sometimes, especially if they move a little bit to the north because that means we're going to get a nice southerly swell coming up from the south right now. looks like it will continue to move out. finally in this week are waters here, but more of a fish storm moving away from the coastline not going to bother anybody maybe just some boats passing by, but that is about it. so that is some good news. but hey, let's go to get away. forecast really quickly into the monterey bay you're looking at 60's for the most part, some patchy fog, some sunshine in the afternoon. southern california. we've got a mixed bag. you got some patchy fog that some 70's mid 70's in long beach about 85 in los angeles. a hot 92 in pasadena. if you are headed to the high country be prepared. you can see some hazy conditions. some of that smoke from the fires likely be found in the tahoe area will be on the warm side to 89 south lake tahoe about 92 degrees in truckee in about a 100 degrees in reno locally. we have some hot weather. but you have to find that in little place like the tri valley will see temperatures pushing near 100 degrees tomorrow. all the coach will be in the 60's lot of cars heading to the coast so and thanks, lawrence.
9:50 pm
>> copy was back in court today facing a new accusation of sexually abusing a child cosby is being accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl back in 1974 that accuser judy hof claims that cosby met her gave her alcohol then took her to the playboy mansion where he allegedly tried to make advances cosby could potentially go to trial for this case next year. the comedian was recently released from prison after pennsylvania's highest court throughout his previous assault conviction. >> the new york state assembly will suspend the impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo who once he steps down cuomo announced earlier this week he would be stepping aside on august 24th his resignation follows a scathing report from the state's attorney general democrat concluding the 3rd term, democrat sexually harassed, 11 women cuomo has denied any wrongdoing and says he is resigning to allow the new york state government to get back to government government.
9:51 pm
>> in las vegas 4 people were injured after a grocery store. partially collapsed to happen this morning at the la bonita supermarket. firefighters say that the front of the store just came down and there was no damage to the inside of the building. it's unknown at this time. what caused the collapse. but investigators say that thunderstorms overnight produced windy conditions that may have been a factor. people who were by the store were shocked after it happened. >> the building itself the glass and the doors looks like they're all intact and everything. but it looks like everything just went dropped break down everything so it's it's really shocking. >> the store is in a strip mall that was built in 1979 with businesses, including a restaurant and clothing ice cream and beauty supply stores. >> a bank robbery gone wrong how the suspects landed himself in jail. police say over the know he gave to the teller.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> would be car thief in denver. here was stopped in his tracks when he tried to make a victim out ufc fighter. yeah. >> well, surveillance captured the confrontation reporter deborah takahara spoke to the fighter about how it all went down. >> that's right. every day it's my lifestyle. you know, being a state department job after nearly 12 years. training in mixed martial
9:55 pm
arts, ufc fighter, jordan, williams knows how to defend himself and his car so i ran up and the guy he's back in the way he's looking at me like. this afternoon. that's a car. but i william says he ran into this convenience store on his way to work on wednesday. he left his car running mistakenly believing if you have the key fob, the car could not be driven. that's when he saw thief trying to drive off in his car. actually you can drive a. >> without the key 5 but only few was able to go because the with the parking brake. so i was really like seconds away from losing my car. >> and know i know williams ran up to the car open the door and thought to himself, there was no way this guy was going to get away with his car punched the guy couple times about point you say he's sorry and just repeatedly the guy took off running. william says he has only one regret. i was i was able to apprehend of the night, you know, not to do more damage than, you know, just the controls and make sure that he's not out there
9:56 pm
doing the same things. his friends aren't surprised by his quick thinking and actions thank god that he knows how defend himself >> you know, martial arts definitely can change my life. so don't still things that the end of the day you never know who's that? your student williams posted this video on instagram sharing details and a message for would be criminals. don't steal a. >> double check yourself. it's been broad daylight and watch out for that pack. >> good advice. there deborah takahara reporting. meanwhile, in sussex, england to case of bad handwriting cent got prison police say a man handed a bank teller, a stick up note. but. they said his handwriting was so bad they didn't know that he was trying to rob them. the delay try to make out. but he actually wrote gave authorities enough time to piece it together and arrest him. the note actually said, quote, your screen will stop what i've got. just hand
9:57 pm
over the 10's and 20's. think about the other customers. he's in jail now because a had minding the confusion. now. >> the confusion confusing messages. well, that is get to the point. yeah. maybe we should do that. i guess we so that does it for kron. 4 news at 9, but stick around. our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore is here with what we're working on for 10 o'clock. yes, and grant. you'll be with me. great to have you. you. thank you both. coming up at 10 o'clock, more parents prepare to send the children back into the classroom next week. the tools some schools will be using to keep those classrooms covid safe. >> plus this time next week businesses, a san francisco will require proof of vaccination for entry. >> what that means for residents and how you can make sure you're never caught with actor proof of vaccination. those stories and much more in just minutes on 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> classrooms. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm grant lotus can has the night off and i'm pam moore. the pleasanton unified


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