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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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boosters. the federal government is about to recommend a 3rd shot of the covid-19 vaccine. >> details on when you can sign up for yours. plus, which parts of the bay area need to prepare for possible power. shut offs tonight as changing weather conditions heightened fire risks. and dozens of afghan americans line up seeking help for their loved ones living in afghanistan, the resources that are available. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> now at 3. get ready to roll up your sleeves. once again. the biden administration is expected to announce recommendations for americans to get a covid-19 booster shot several months after full immunization. details on the timeline for a 3rd shot. thank you for joining us this tuesday afternoon here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia after struggling for months to persuade americans to get the covid-19 vaccine. the eu us health officials could soon face a fresh challenge talking vaccinated people into getting booster shots kron 4. sarah stinson has the details. health officials. >> recommending it on the 8th month after receiving your second dose of the shot as we wait for the official announcement from the biden administration. we caught up with ucsf doctor peter chin hong to learn more. >> but i think one of the critical pieces of data that the biden administration looked at was emerging data from israel showing that they might be breakthrough
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hospitalizations residents booster shots are already being administered to those with weakened immune systems across our country. next, the fda will authorize a booster shot. >> for the rest of the population. the biden administration is close to releasing new information on this. according to sources with knowledge of the internal discussions. you told the associated press us health officials say a booster ensures lasting protection against the coronavirus as the delta variant continues to spread. >> hopefully with these measures and more vaccinations. we can fend off. you know, the next wave on the next period. that comes along. >> this is not the first time a vaccine has needed 3 doses to prolong effectiveness that, you know, arm months or a ballot. >> so many human papa loma virus vaccines, hepatitis b, they given that usually had a 0 one and 6 regiment. so, you know, not far off from. >> what we would normally do. people who first got fully
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backs will likely get the booster shot first as well. this includes health care workers, emergency workers nursing homes and people of older age so far, boosters are being recommended for people who are fully vaccinated by moderna or pfizer. however, health officials are still waiting for the second dose trial results from johnson and johnson, which is expected to be released by the end of this month. in o j j came on board so by the time. >> that group comes along, they will be data. you know, in the absence of that, of course, if everybody else is getting a boost to shut. it makes no sense said the >> folks won't to likely be recommended for people to stick with the same brand as their original doses in terms of potential symptoms like some had with the second dose doctor chin-hong doesn't believe people will have to go through that again. >> the phase one data from pfizer's that people actually feel fine with the fish. and remember, it's several months after second. so it's not like
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the immune system is waiting in the super angry and going to get that is what causes you side effects. they've kind of been sleepiug for a while and then you're giving them the the, you know, 8 months shot. >> so that's good to hear. now. we could hear from the biden administration as soon as today on or sometime this week for now reporting in the newsroom. sarah stinson, back to you. >> we go to the east bay now where the mayors of antioch in walnut creek are calling on their counterparts asking them to follow their lead and issue covid vaccine mandates for all city workers starting on monday. all city workers in walnut creek are required to show proof of vaccination or get tested weekly against the coronavirus. and today antioch smear announced a similar mandate. mayor lamar thorpe said currently only 62% of any ox residents are fully vaccinated and that in just the last 2 weeks they've seen just over 800 new coronavirus cases. >> antioch is the epicenter of
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the spread of the covid-19 pandemic right here right now. in my opinion, 62%. the vaccination rate is ipdangerously low. we can do better as the city government. if you want if we want our residents to take vaccination seriously that we must lead by example. therefore, i will be advancing a measure that aligns with the city of walnut creek. >> in mandating covid-19 vaccinations or weekly testing for city employees contractors and volunteers. >> while the creek's mayor they saw a 5% increase in vaccinations among city workers after announcing their mandates. san francisco, oakland and san jose have similar mandates for their employees. we're just learning that texas governor greg abbott has tested positive for covid-19. this comes just a day after abbott tweeted this picture of himself not wearing a mask. and speaking indoors
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to a group of republicans, most of whom were also not wearing masks. abbott's office says that the republican governor who has been vaccinated is in good health and is not experiencing any symptoms. abbott is the latest texan to test positive for the virus as surging cases overwhelmed hospitals across the state. more than 11,000 people were hospitalized with the virus. as of yesterday. and be sure to stay with kron for continuing coverage just scan the qr code that you see on your screen with your mobile device. you'll be directed to our web page dedicated to covid-19 coverage. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. happening today. pg e is warning customers. the company might have to turn off power due to strong winds threatening power lines and dry conditions pga new wants to reduce the risk of wildfires in the power shut offs could impact thousands of customers around the bay area. let's take a look at pg e's website. if you click on the future, ps aps outages tab.
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the areas in yellow are the areas that will be affected. that includes a big portion of napa county parts of sonoma county, east of rohnert park. and over in solano county in western vacaville making our way into the east bay. parts of contra, costa and alameda counties are forecasted to lose their power as well. you can find the latest information on plans. power outages on our website. kron 4 dot com. time now for a check of our forecast as we take a live look at our walnut creek camera, a red flag warning for the bay area will go into effect tonight and will last through tomorrow afternoon for parts of the east bay hills and the north bay mountains. the national weather service issued the warning due to what they're calling critical fire weather conditions. for more on that, let's go to kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr faith. well, good afternoon sanaa's and everybody, you know, the golden gate bridge. is that clear yet again, it was a fighting some fog earlier today. now that sick understandable. we had a little front kind of our
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backyard help. >> that marine layer, lifted and kind of keep it around a bit. but it's really cleared out and expected to stay that way as we go into tonight, tomorrow, 88 at this hour, antioch 70's line up the east bay shoreline mixture of 70's 80's up to the north bay. all the current winds are all coming. pretty much on shore. that's a good thing. although what a good clip as you will notice in the upper teens lower 20's. looking ahead, 73 by 7 by 1064. that will be more and windshield areas as temperatures do fall a bit. now the red flag warning look at the coverage of geography in the northwest. all north of us. east of us all the way to western south dakota north dakota get little closer to home, as you heard talking about. it's the east bay hills and this such as mount diablo in there. also up in the north bay hills too. one of the things about these winds are they will be more higher. they'll be more elevated when they come across most of the bay. but the surface winds will still be favoring a little bit of that on shore flow direction, which would insulate the lower elevations
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comparatively speaking coming up a bit here. we will show you some of the winds and some of the humidity levels that impact us all sauce. thank you, dave. >> we had to the south bay now where santa clara county lauria smith has rejected calls from san jose's mayor and others to resign over her management of the county's jail system. the sheriff responded today with the news conference of her own kron four's. rob fladeboe has the latest for us live from san jose. rob. >> that's right. you recall that on monday, san jose mayor sam liccardo added his to a growing chorus of voices calling on the sheriff to step aside over alleged mismanagement of the county jail system. this has been going on for a number of years. but today the sheriff pushing back essentially telling the mayor to mind his own business and then went on to defend her record. let's take a look. >> we're going to do these investigations. let's see what the truth is at this time. no. or to quote to, quote i
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general nuts. a combative santa clara county sheriff laurie smith on tuesday said she is not about to resign and defended her record on managing the county's jail system not only did we cooperate, but we as we are continuing to make progress on their long recommendations were continuing to send updates to the auditor's the board of supervisors today was asked to consider launching an investigation into the sheriff's office over allegations of abuse that led to inmate deaths and injuries in recent years calling on the state attorney general to investigate his supervisor. joe, some indian. >> and the question here is whethev or not the sheriff and her team have responded. appropriately humanely and professionally given the challenges that they face and my concern is that they have not. and there has been too little accountability and too little information shared sheriff smith blamed failures related to implementing change in part on a lack of staffing at the jails.
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>> an unlikely ally in the sheriff and this is attorney paula canny who represents a mentally ill inmate seriously injured while in jail. hurting sheriff smith doesn't help mentally ill people. the only thing that's going to help mentally ill people. >> is to public health mental health facilities sheriff smith called on the fbi to get involved and insisted her office has aggressively implemented reforms and improve the system for inmates to file grievances. >> critics, however, say the 10's of millions of dollars spent on the jails in recent years have failed to put things right. you know, certainly progress has been made by virtue of the. >> a commitment of funds from the county. but i am still concerned that even with those funds. >> in place. we're not getting the kind of professional leadership and accountability that we should so as for the lack of the investigations. i'm fully prepared to move forward. >> and since there continues to be a lot of speculation.
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and certainly in france's, i welcome any and all investigations. >> this issue back in the spotlight after it came to light recently that the county paid 10 million dollars to the family of a mentally ill inmate who suffered a serious head injury here in the jail. 2018. the 3rd such incident in last several years supervisor smitty and says he wants all of the confidential records in connection with the most recent case made public live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you, ron. >> coming up this hour as kids head back to the classroom will tell you where vaccine trials stand for school age children younger than 12. we'll catch up with sam for doctors for the very latest. plus, chaos in the middle east. how the u.s. is working to increase the number of people being evacuated from afghanistan with some senators. they say things could have been much different. and hundreds of bay
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area families worried about their loved ones in afghanistan. how the office of
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>> welcome back. big story we continue to follow as chaos continues to unfold in afghanistan. top military officials say the u.s. is working to increase the number of people being evacuated from the country. our washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us now with the latest developments shot.
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>> hi there. pentagon officials say their goal is to have a plane leaving afghanistan every hour with americans as well as afghan for the next 24 hours to ensure their safety. >> pentagon officials say the taliban is not getting in the way of their efforts to get americans and afghan allies safely out of afghanistan. there's been no hostile interactions from the taliban to our at the airport right now. each flight is carrying approximately 700 to 800 passengers with a goal of removing as many as 9,000 people every day we're confident we have taken the right steps to resume safe. an orderly operations at the airport. the white house continues to stand by the decision to withdraw president biden was not prepared. >> to have american men and women continue to fight and
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die in the civil war of another country. >> and national security adviser jake sullivan says the u.s. achieved its goal in the country when it comes to afghanistan. that was getting bin laden and degrading al qaeda. but indiana senator mike braun says things could have been much different and blames the biden administration for the chaos. the spray >> and that what happened be >> brown says the u.s. needs to do more to protect those who helped us. we have the ability. >> marcus great. it is to get our own people out safely afghanis as well in area. now. >> and the senate foreign relations committee says it plans to hold a hearing on the situation in afghanistan soon. and we can expect tough questions for top military leaders reporting in washington rashad hudson, back to you. >> rashad. do we have any more
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information on leaving afghanistan. >> so these evacuees americans and the afghan alleys are being taken out of the country on these big cargo planes that are operating by the military. now the afghan evacuees, they're being done so through program. it's a special immigrant visa program that allows many of them to come into the u.s. and to secure locations to sort of take safe harbor. now the airport is being secured by the u.s. military to make sure this transport operate smoothly. >> all right. our washington correspondent reshad hudson reporting for us live. thank you so much. >> many afghan americans here are watching and worrying about their family and friends in afghanistan now that the taliban is back in power and looking for ways to help them evacuate. today. dozens of people showed up at the office of the east bay. congressman eric swalwell looking for help. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. >> this man who says he worked as an interpreter for the u.s. army back in afghanistan
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became overcome with emotion when thinking about the events of the last few days in his home country. he says his brother also worked for the u.s. army and is still back there along with his mother, sister and other extended family. he's worried about them facing reprisals. it's also why a dual didn't want to give his last name. >> started in that part of pebble city. they're searching to people and house by house. they're finding out who who worked where with 2. >> i their final. those people and their lives and definitely intent. >> abdul is one of over 100 people who have lined up in front of congressman eric swalwell castro valley district office over the last 2 days hoping to get some answers on how to get their loved ones out of afghanistan now that the taliban are back in charge. swalwell's office says they can check the status of someone special immigration visa or help point them in the direction to start the process to get 1. one man in line immigrated to the u.s. is a boy and went back to
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afghanistan for 3 combat tours as an army sergeant. he says his father was recently killed in afghanistan and he worries about the rest of his family spent hectic and now. >> taliban are back in power there threatening my family. you know, and i feel like it's my fault because i served in the army and now my family has to pay the price. today was the last day of these clinics for now here at swalwell's office. >> but they say they will continue to help taking information from those looking for help by phone. the number to his castro valley district office can be found on our website. kron 4 dot com, maureen kelly kron 4 news. they can also follow our kron 4 dot com just to scan the qr code on the screen with your mobile device. it will take you straight to our web page. >> where you can read about what's next for afghanistan along with local reaction. switching gears now to talk about our weather. this is a live look over the bay. but bridget toll plaza. we've got
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some blue skies out there. but parts of the east bay will be under a red-flag warning. so let's get those details from crawford. meteorologist dave spahr dave. hey, good afternoon, sanaa's and everybody here is also another shot for you. the east bay shoreline lit up very nicely with the blue skies as you will notice. >> back to those winds currently now mostly all of them are on shore. kind of a typical currents with the differentiation of heating going on cooler around the bay in the ocean and much warmer happening in lynn drive in the onshore. winds are going to hang with us probably for another 9 hours or so before the start to flip up to the north bay. now watching future cast for. we don't see any major systems coming our way. that show up here. but the absence of it. you can notice as we get into wednesday early morning words are fog. nothing here using get covered or maybe some drizzle along the coast. obviously offshore winds working and it looks like the recovery doesn't really get here until kind of a little bit on thursday morning, a touch. but nothing like we've seen over the last couple of days. we'll take a while to build back up again. but it looks like we'll be into a calm phase into the weekend and early into the
3:22 pm
following week in terms of those temperatures going pretty nicely on shore. that's the game plan to take us to about midnight shortly there afterwards. here's the flip up in the north. but you will notice and the offshore winds will remain aloft while at the surface will be a little drift happening a bit on shore. that's where you're hearing so much about the east bay hills and up in the north bay mountains as well that all subsides. it looks like. but the nws national weather service is looking into potentially extending in some locations because of the dry conditions and the winds maybe this advisory a little bit longer than for now. but for now, this kicks in by tonight at around 11 o'clock in this will be with us until 3 tomorrow afternoon. again. subject to change on that. there's the east bay hills you can see up in the north bay want to show you coming up in a bit. some humidity levels as well tonight. thank you, dave. >> still ahead at 3.45 today as the situation unfold in afghanistan. many women there are fearing for their lives. we'll take a look at how afghan women are bracing for the return of strict taliban ruled. and terrifying moments
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at a petting zoo when a handler gets bitten by an alligator as children watched on hear from the bystander 3.25
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3:25 pm
on your tuesday afternoon and a terrifying encounter with an alligator gone terribly wrong. >> at a utah petting zoo over the weekend and just a warning. the video you're about to see is hard to watch the attack happened during a child's birthday celebration.
3:26 pm
video shows the gator latching on to handlers hand and refusing to let go now the reptile begins to roll a zoo visitor jumps into the enclosure and on to the gators back for 60 ad denies ing seconds. the handler in visitor struggle with the gator to free her hand. now it finally releases and another man pulls her to safety. >> everybody. a second to realize what was going on. and i seen happened. i was like. >> what we want do. we want do it. you know that scene role. and i was like, yeah. >> in a facebook post. the petting zoo in salt lake city thank the 2 men who jumped in to help and said the handlers doing well and in recovery. up next, the silver and black are now the only nfl team requiring fans to be vaccinated before they can come to home games. >> we have the details coming up. plus a new fire in eldorado county forcing
3:27 pm
hundreds to evacuate. we'll have the latest on the counter fire. and the children returned back to the classroom many parents are wondering when a vaccine for younger school children will be available. how soon stand for researchers say a vaccine could available.
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3 medical researchers at stanford say there's progress being made toward getting a vaccine school age
3:30 pm
children kron four's haaziq madyun spoke to one of the stanford researchers today who says we could see a vaccine by halloween. >> school age children 5 to 11 years old are getting closer to being eligible for the vaccine against the coronavirus. >> yeah. i'm very hopeful. i don't see any reason wouldn't stand back at this time. >> doctor jenna blink is a clinical assistant professor at stanford school of medicine stanford is one of 40 sites nationwide. over 100 around the world taking part in the pfizer biontech clinical trials to evaluate the response to the covid-19 vaccine and children 12 and under and we're getting close to having. >> everyone i've gone getting both doses and then they watched for a couple months and that's where we need to get to before we can. they can submit the data to the fda for emergency use authorization. she says the phase one study is about finding the right dose for the right age group in size of children.
3:31 pm
>> and the phase. 2, 3, study is focused on the efficacy and the goal or what i understand the target will >> getting the data to the fda by the end of september. so hopefully by the end of october. if everything looks good, we should. you at. >> has menu in kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay, the city of concord in contra, costa county will bring a covid-19 vaccine clinic to the city's weekly music and market concert series starting thursday. the mobile clinic will offer a free johnson and johnson and pfizer biontech vaccines from 06:00pm to 08:00pm at santos plaza as well as moderna vaccines for people who need their second vaccine dose. an incentive to get vaccinated will be free movie tickets for brendan theaters on vaccinating residents are encouraged to wear a face covering while in crowded outdoor settings. the las vegas raiders are the first nfl team that will require all fans to show proof
3:32 pm
of covid vaccination before attending games at allegiant stadium. the policy will take effect starting the it with the first regular season game on september 13th james life will have to show proof through the health pass feature on the clear mobile app. fans will have the opportunity to receive vaccinations at the stadium prior to home game, then those fans will be allowed to enter the game while wearing a mask. kron 4 is the bay area, home of the raiders. you can watch the silver and black take on the la rams. the saturday on kron 4. it all starts at 06:30pm. but the kron for raiders pre-game show followed by the game at 7 and then analysis of all the action on the kron 4 raiders post-game reports. and more than 25 million kids a ride school buses each day in the united states to bay area. lawmakers are now trying to make those buses more environmentally friendly today. representative barbara lee in senator alex padilla held a virtual press conference where they highlighted money inside the
3:33 pm
bipartisan infrastructure bill designed to help schools by electric buses speaking today. congresswoman lee highlighted a recent un report on climate change and the need to move away from fossil fuels. >> urgent action is needed map to be carbon nice, especially when it comes to transportation, which is why. the biggest single cause a climate emergency transitioning to 0 emission buses. this is an important step in the much bigger transformation that we have to pay away from fossil >> now, earlier this year, senator padilla introduce the clean a commute for kids act that would invest 25 billion dollars into replacing diesel buses with electric ones. now to our wildfire coverage this afternoon. the cal door fire is forcing evacuations near the eldorado national forest, their new evacuation orders in pollack, pines. that's about halfway between sacramento in south lake tahoe. officials
3:34 pm
say the heavy timber in steep terrain and that areas making this an uphill battle for fire crews cal fire says more than 2000 structures were threatened by that fire today. one a vacuum he spoke about the tough decisions his family had to make while leaving their home. so you have to make choices. >> so we have 2 boys to 1411 and they're both quite artistic. and so we save everything. and so we went through that oats and then okay, this with this one, this one, this one, this one, this one. so we have a selection and then. like no special glass wear anything like that. and some special stuff. but there will be a lot of stuff that's gone. you have to be thankful because in it. money can buy you things but if anything happened to, you know, my boys are, you know, our pets or anything like that. they can't be replaced. >> the u.s. forest service says they're still no containment on this blaze that's burned more than 6500 acres so far. and the dixie
3:35 pm
fire continues its path of destruction. now causing evacuations in the town of janesville in lassen county. the dixie fire is burning in 4 different northern california counties and has destroyed more than 1100 buildings. >> the new evacuation zur just miles from susan ville where there are 2 state prisons. the dixie fire is the largest of nearly 100 major wildfires burning across more than a dozen western states. >> that fire has burned approximately 900 square miles and it's still only 31% contained. >> back here at home there's the potential for gusty winds tonight in parts of the bay area mix with low humidity. and that's prompted the national weather service to issue a red flag warning. for more on this, let's turn things over to the experts kron meteorologist dave spahr. dave. >> okay. sanaa's a good here's a little shot from half moon bay. and look at those nice blue skies at work here. you know, this front that we last night, early this morning
3:36 pm
helped clean out our atmosphere along with all of that to we continue with the onshore winds. they will do for the early part of this evening, 73 by 7, 10 o'clock 63. but those temperatures will vary again if your windshield and areas contrast that with where the winds are really cooking here. red flag warning. look at the coverage area in geography. a good chunk of the northwest. all because of the backside of this low. now let's get to the humidity. here's the overnight humidity. you can see spilling into the adult quite a bit. overnight look at it just pushing its way. this dry air pushing its way through even before the sun gets here eating way any fog. we get dry in the afternoon. but by 3 o'clock or so, the current advisories will expire. but the national weather service says they're still looking out potentially maybe to increase the length of that due to the fact will be banking up a dry atmosphere into thursday afternoon for tonight. maybe some patchy fog left over for san francisco. but that's it. mild 5658 for oakland and look up here to the northeast. that's from warmer milder air
3:37 pm
due to the fact that the winds that are quite active there, keeping temperatures supported even though it's dry air and dryer tends to cool and warm. very quickly. coming up in a bit. of course we had that extended forecast and take a little dance to the tropics to see what's going on with another yet. hurricane tonight. thank you. days. >> we turn now to california politics. former u.s. representative doug oc is ending his campaign for a governor in next month's recall election after suffering a heart attack. in a statement released see said he was hospitalized sunday evening after a sudden onset of concerning medical symptoms. he goes on to say, quote, while i'm told i should expect a full recovery. additional procedures and potentially surgery are required and it's become clear that i must now focus my attention on rehabilitation and healing. oc was scheduled to take part in a debate this evening in sacramento with john, kevin faulconer and kevin kiley oc urged californians to vote to recall
3:38 pm
governor newsome but did not endorse another candidates. you can see some of the recall candidates go head to head in a debate this week inside california politics will host the debate right here in the kron 4 studios. it could happen this thursday evening live at 7 o'clock. time for a quick break. but coming up, we'll head to washington, dc where immigration reform could be approved by congress in the coming weeks. we'll have the details. >> plus in health news. a warning to all of you social butterflies out there. how social jetlag may be taking a toll on your sleep pattern. get those wallets ready. there's a new girl scout cookie coming next year. we'll have th
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sprinkled with a hint of sea. salt sounds delicious are expected to make their debut next cookie season. still ahead, as the situation unfolds in afghanistan. many women there are fearing for their lives after the break, we'll tell you how afghan women are bracing for the return. >> of strict taliban rule. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back.
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03:00am in the chaos in afghanistan. afghan women say their rights have been stripped away. >> a swift return to the strict rules put into place by taliban leaders. felicia bolton brings a story. >> amid the uncertainty of the taliban takeover women in afghanistan are terrified for me. i'm afraid of these things for stuff on my lai. but they but ford's on a is a member of the afghan parliament for sure. i'm afraid of my says, my life in my my feed them to work in my freedom to speak up. according to the un, nearly 250,000 afghans fled their homes since the end of may ahead of western countries withdrawing all their troops 80% of the displaced are women and children neilo far is one of them. she's a teacher and a mother of 6 afghans fear. the taliban will soon impose their strict interpretation of islam
3:46 pm
eliminating women's rights and bringing back brutal punishment for those who disobey one female mayor told the british press quote, i'm sitting here waiting for them to come. there's no one to help me or my family. i'm just sitting with them. and my husband and they will come for people like me and kill me. i can't leave my family and anyway, where would i go. it's a sentiment felt by thousands of afghan women. one during if they will survive. no one knows that. we're we're going. >> and that where this will end now with this and up to a peace deal. was this end up to a new government was to send up to. i but government was this and up to civil war. again. >> that was felicia bolton reporting for us. the taliban has already started imposing its rules. for example, not allowing women from the camp where she staying to go to the markets without a male escorts. now some national
3:47 pm
news. young immigrants held a rally outside of the white house today. they say immigration reform is long overdue. our washington correspondent alexandra le mon explains what they're asking for and where things stand in congress when it comes to immigration reform. >> after coming to the u.s. at the age of 2 it that first became eligible for dhaka when president trump was elected. it's a lot of information that you give when applying for doc. and we didn't know what would happen. >> during the next 4 years. if any of that with every put me in more danger. she decided not to apply and then the trump administration tried to end the program. she then tried to apply under the biden administration. but a federal judge in texas again brought the program to a halt young immigrants and their supporters say immigration reform is needed. now that can all persons who are undocumented in the united citizenship. the senate
3:48 pm
reconciliation package doesn't strucked lawmakers to provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. but lawmakers would still have to reach an agreement about which immigrants to include. i've got no problem with a pathway to citizenship. >> if we had if we fix the underlying problem. republican senator lindsey graham said 2 weeks ago. he supports giving citizenship to undocumented immigrants but not through the budget reconciliation we have never done legalization then border the budget reconciliation outline which was approved by the u.s. senate includes billions for both border security and the legalization of some undocumented migrants. but it's unclear if that package will be approved by the u.s. house because even some democrats oppose its 3.5 trillion dollar price in washington, alexandra le mon. >> in world news, the u.s. coast guard is flying humanitarian aid into haiti as the race to find survivors in the rubble continues for a 4th
3:49 pm
day. the death toll from the 7.2 magnitude quake currently went up to 1941 at least 6900 people have been injured. it's unclear how many are still missing. the quake came as the fragile nation is dealing with devastation caused by the pandemic and the assassination of its president last month. according to the u.s. geological survey, saturday's earthquake released twice as much energy as the 2010 earthquake which killed more than 200,000 people. however, less p ople live above this quake's epicenter now to make things worse. tropical storm grace is now striking haiti hampering rescue efforts. more than a foot of rainfall is expected to flood the struggling communities there. the national hurricane center also warned the flash floods and mudslides are possible as well. let's take a quick peek at where grace is headed. this afternoon in the caribbean with kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr in. of course, the latest for the bay area. that will be under a red-flag warning later tonight.
3:50 pm
>> okay. latest on grace here. max. winds are about 50. so it's a tropical storm just west of jamaica taking a beeline, as you can see to the yucatan peninsula. they have a hurricane warning that's been posted. it looks like a striking about the next 24 to 36 hour zone category one now when these systems go over land, they lose a lot of strength becomes a tropical storm. but over the bay up they have camp haiti middle come back again to a category one storm that water is real warm and tropical systems. love it. then over the topography of mexico. it's really going to shoot up a lot of the next thing you're going to hear about as a lot of flash flooding mudslides. all that business. the thing about the sometimes they can fortify the southwestern monsoon. this particular go around. hardly anything is going head out the pacific without incident. fire damage. we're talking about red flag warning the east bay hills up in the north bay as well. peninsula actually not impacted were still in those onshore. wind territory. but then they flip after about midnight offshore. they come
3:51 pm
and aloft will be quite active. the higher elevations. that's where the concern is. but at least at the surface will get a bit of a drift coming on shore. so the game plan is this. we've got some hazy skies tonight. mild late winds developing 50's red flag warning. that's 11:00pm tonight until 03:00pm tomorrow. warm and sunny. and we've got to near 90 happening. well inland for the remainder of this week. here it is in graphic form for you pretty mild if not in some way some of those temperatures a little bit below average will take it thank you, dave. >> up next, a lending, a helping paw a couple of stray cats at an animal rescue have been inseparable. bond will tell you ho
3:52 pm
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get around. the shelter says the male and female cats are in good health and are so bonded. they never leave each other's side only my hearts. i knew clinics. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on tonight before a break in tears. tonight. on the on the report embarrassed on a global stage. how the u.s. plans to regain trust in the world after its exit from afghanistan. >> and the answers veterans of america's longest war want from the biden administration. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on bout. >> thanks, joe. financing their reign of terror. how the taliban has amassed their power. plus the disturbing reason they have no problem with the u.s. withholding foreign aid. what you need to know about the inner workings of the taliban. that's coming up on ballot tonight followed by news nation, prime. >> you can find newsnation on the sit here. we also have details, bill on our website kron 4 dot com. before we go, let's get one final check with of our weather with dave sphar
3:56 pm
dave alright sanaa's a nice blue skies at work at the golden gate bridge fog knack going to be making an appearance for tonight is fighting to take the night off. maybe coming back and parts a little bit tomorrow are winds currently continue. >> onshore, but they will be flipping 9 hours or so. teens into the lower 20's. this is being driven a little bit, of course, by inland heating. and as we go into the evening hours falling those inland temperatures 73 by 7 by 10 falling to about 63. now here's the geography what's covered under the red flag warning. it's the higher elevations in the east bay because the lower elevations will stop the drift coming onshore bit and the hills up in the north bay to and all of northern sullivan county. and when you extend points towards the east. it's all a geography there because of salt flats able to go through that valley in the sacramento valley. no problem. so the hills kind of chew it up a little bit from our vantage point temperature check for lows. mostly 50's around the bay, although a little bit more mild and solano county due to the winds supporting temperatures overnight. and how about this? not bad for august. almost like a little break of
3:57 pm
summers. we've danced through some 80's. well, inland through the weekend and early into the following week to get your tissues their years. i work. you watch. i'm good. i'm good. haha. >> well, the news doesn't end here. coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app. we'll have the latest on afghanistan with a live interview with a policy advisor from washington, d c plus how the warriors are helping you vote in the recall elections is grab your phone scanned. the qr code you see on your screen right now. it will take you directly to your app store where you can download kron-on for free. >> i'm sanaz tahernia. thanks so much watching.
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