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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 23, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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warm after all that sunshine. it was nice to get that sunshine, though, in improvement in temperatures and an improvement in air quality. we're going to see both of those factors pushing through on this monday, which is a nice way to kick off the week. definitely a positive note as far as weather goes your view outside right now. does show some low gray that's hanging out right over berkeley. we do have some lower visibility spots in the north bay this morning. but all that you're looking at is marine layer and low gray. not really talking a lot of smoke in today's forecast, which is something we can really breathe easy about multiple ways 50's and 60's for current temperatures light jacket kind of stuff this morning. i am talking the return of some heat later this forecast as well as the return of hayes. also later on in the forecast all still to come, reyna don, thanks for that. we had an earlier accident here on the bay bridge. but on the eastbound side. >> right near the treasure island exit. so they just were able to get that clear. thankfully not see much of a
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delay there. the westbound side all could a little under 8 minutes for you to make it to that fremont street exit want you to hit the may's 5. 1880, also moving along pretty nicely. the san mateo bridge a little under 13 minutes for you as you're traveling across towards the peninsula and the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond under 9. we'll have more on your traffic updates throughout the morning. but for now, daryn, james, back to you. thanks. rates. wanted breaking news from overnight. a woman was shot in her car while she was driving on 80 in vallejo. yeah, the chp is trying to figure out if the victim was targeted. >> kron four's will tran live at the chp now with the very latest on what we know this morning will. >> at this particular point, james and area. they don't have a description of the shooter or shooters. there are about 6 hours into the investigation. fortunately the woman did not die. let me show you the video she easily could have died. >> or have lost control of her car and slammed it to somebody else. >> look at all the bullet
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holes on her car in her car were counted. at least. >> 10 shots on the driver's side. yes, she was wounded. she was able to pull off the freeway and this was westbound 80 through ville, a hole right around redwood street. this is about several miles from my current location. the chp came out there. they talk to her. they try to get as much information from or as they could before she was taken away to the hospital with her injuries. and at last check, she is alive despite being shot at so many times. they shut down that area for a little while. collected evidence hoping to talk to other witnesses. but at this point they don't have a description of the shooter or shooters. as i mentioned or the make or model of the car that they were in. obviously they were on the freeway. they're not sure at this particular point. if this was random, if she was targeted or if this was some incident of road rage. but the bottom line is address drove through that area. it is not shut down whatsoever. they cleared it and the chp investigators now
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they are right back at it again. investigating another case of her freeway shooting. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. well, 5. '02, is the time right now and and less than a mile from that freeway shooting. the layup police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened last night along fairgrounds drive when the police got there, they found one man who had been shot to death no information on the victim has been released and have made any arrests at this point. the chp says the freeway shooting and the shooting of and do not appear to be connected. >> so another big story that we're following this morning. we could be just hours away now from the fda officially approving the pfizer coronavirus vaccine rather than just using it under the emergency use authorization and health officials saying that doing that is going to open it up so more people will get their shot. felicia bolton has the story. >> when the fda first issued
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emergency authorization for pfizer's covid-19 vaccine in december. millions of americans celebrate. for them what they thought would be the beginning of the end of the pandemic. >> what's now and son. but for some, the emergency authorization was viewed as potentially reckless kaiser family foundation data from december of 2020 shows 39% of those polled said they want to wait and see before receiving the vaccine as of june. the number was down to 10%. new kff polling shows that 31% of unvaccinated they would be more likely to get a vaccine that's received full fda approval that number climbs to nearly 50% among adults who previously said they wanted to wait and see. some people even the individuals who gotten vaccinated have been scared about. >> the effects of this emergency approval for the current vaccine. so i think for a lot of people they are having a healthy sense of
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skepticism and waiting for that approval from science. and while many may soon choose to get vaccinated. others may not be given an option according to surgeon general doctor murthy full federal approval of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine will empower businesses and universities to require vaccinations. i think you'll see more universities and workplaces that were considering putting in requirements for vaccines to create safer. >> places to learn and work. you'll see more of them likely moving forward on their plans to require vaccines in the workplace and school that change could be a welcome adjustment for parents when students too young to receive the covid-19 vaccine. phil classrooms around the country for the start of a new school year. if you're thinking what will happen to you. >> it will. you know, and better to be wise and be smart about it protect your health and take care of yourself because and take care of your family. >> felicia bolton reporting federal regulators are still reviewing moderna's
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application for full approval and the decision could be several weeks away on that one. >> well closer to home in the south bay. there's a new mandate going into effect now for thousands of city employees goes into effect this morning at a pretty much states either have to be fully vaccinated or you have to submit to weekly covid tests workers who don't comply can be placed on unpaid leave crawford. sarah stinson is live in san jose with more. hi, sara. >> good morning. this applies to thousands of san jose employees, including fire departments. the ground that now police departments librarians anyone who works for the city of san jose. starting today has to prove prove that they've been fully vaccinated in if not say they haven't done it yet or they chose not to. they have to get tested for covid weekly. and if they choose not to do that. well, then they are going to go and or unpaid leave. so they have a lot of reason to get vaccinated and that's kind of why san jose is pushing are
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forcing their hand trying to get cases under control. the mandate also includes employees still working from home. they still have to provide proof of vaccination by today or submit that weekly testing results. >> city officials say this is an effort to stop that. delta variant from spreading. it's been spreading rapidly, santa clara county currently averages. 242 covid cases a day last month. the county was seeing only 47 new cases a day. so that shows you how much of a spike they've seen right now at least 78% of people who live in this county are fully vaccinated says officials here, santa clara county and san francisco have already issued vaccination and testing mandates for their employees. and meanwhile, san jose unified school district also announced last week a vaccination mandate for teachers and staff. the city of san jose says if an employee chooses to go for the testing route. they can do it during, you know, work hours. they have one hour to do so they can go get that test and make sure they are following
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the rules. but they cannot get over time for it. so if they did make time for it and it's after hours no overtime will be given to get that test done. so this starts today. and it starts for all city employees here in san jose for now we'll send it back to you in studio. >> all right. thank you very much, sara. and at 5. oh, wait another big milestone in california's battle against covid-19 state health officials have just announced that they have administered 500,000 vaccines for the 3rd straight week. that is an incredible trend 54.9% of eligible californians are now fully vaccinated as another trend know, covid deaths are going up across the country araga police officer. >> is the latest to die of covid. he was battling it for just a month. 58 year-old corporal kevin mooney died over the weekend. he joined them. the police department in 2013 after serving for 21 years with the contra costa county sheriff's office.
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>> north bay city now trying to implement its own mask mandate. despite county health leaders not recommending it solano counties. the only county in the bay area without a mask mandate. but benicia is considering implementing one all on its own on tuesday, the city council will be voting on a resolution to require face coverings while indoors kron four's amanda hari has the story. >> i was here about 2 and a half weeks ago when county health leaders said they would not be putting a mask mandate in effect for the entire county at that time. most people i spoke to said they wanted to see a mask mandate and that still seems to be true. i think it's a great idea. i think it's overdue. masks may be back in benicia later this week. >> marianna more has lived in the city for more than 40 years. she says she loves it here. the think city to do more to prevent the spread of covid-19. >> if you follow the news, it all unfold the science we've got to wear a mask i have kids
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in school and there were enough the cages or a mayor steve young tells me he's been hearing similar calls for a mask mandate from other benicia residents. >> and since the county isn't going to implement one. he's looking to do it on the city level. however. >> covid cases are. >> rising at very fast rate in our county. hospitalizations are rising at a faster rate. and i think there is a belief on the part of the city council that we need to take action despite the action being taken by the county mayor young says back at the beginning of the pandemic, the city had to institute a mask mandate on their own as well. >> because health leaders wouldn't do it on the county level it's frustrating done. on one hand, too. >> feel like we out of step with the rest of the county. but i think the other way to look at it is perhaps the rest of the county is out of step with. >> the larger bay area. community moore says she hopes
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to see the county put this into effect. this week. i just hope everyone thinks about how to take care of not only their own needs own desires. >> but what we can do as a community that we have to do to >> the resolution to require masking indoors in the city of benicia was just introduced to city council last week. they'll be voting on it on tuesday. the mayor tells me he believes they have the votes to pass it in benicia amanda hari kron 4 news. >> well, amid the surge in covid cases across the bay area. apple now is delaying its return to the office. apple workers won't be returning now until january apple stores, though, will remain open. facebook has already announced a similar plan where workers won't be returning to in office use until january as well. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, another deadly hit and run in san jose will tell you what police know about the car. >> that they're looking for. and as the situation grows
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more dire in afghanistan. president biden. now is saying the u.s. is stepping up efforts to evacuate as many people as possible will explain. and also coming up, firefighters still struggling to get control of 2 massive fires burning in northern california. now perry officials are warning people to be ready. and we are going to be looking at an improvement in air quality and just generally in your forecast today, a much more comfortable day with higcs in the 80's in warmest in london. >> in some more improved air quality. much as we saw over the weekend, i'm talking hotter and hazy or conditions towards the end of the week. still to come. >> and we've already had an early-morning accident on the eastbound side of the bay bridge in the treasure island exit. it's since been cleared tra
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medicine will not discriminate against the color of your skin. ♪ we make medicine, ♪ not just for some, ♪ but for everyone. ♪ >> 5.15 and let's give you the latest on the wildfires. the biggest fires are currently burning in california. the dixie fire. the dixie is taken
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724,000 acres so far and containment is at 37%. the flames continuing to threaten 10's of thousands of structures. more than 1200 structures have already burned down and that includes 650 homes in lassen county, mandatory evacuation orders have been dropped in the areas of clear creek westwood and pine town. and the 2 big ones that caldor fire. this one is 104,000 acres. it's only 5% contained. it's been burning for about a week already destroyed the town of grizzly flats at least 328 buildings have been destroyed. another 13,000 structures are threatened. >> and as wildfires burn across the state. first responders are now reminding everyone to be prepared in case of disaster here in the bay area fires have already destroyed homes in lake county and in eldorado county up in the sierra forcing a number of people flee with just the clothes on their backs. so in
5:17 am
preparation, the sonoma county sheriff's office now has released evacuation zone maps. in 2020 after back to back to state fire since 2017. so to find your evacuation zone, you want to type in your address or your zip code or click on your town or city and they're also tax to to help notify first responders at a house has been evacuated. so make sure you're prepared. make sure you know what your evacuation zone is. so when the call goes out, you can get out. >> freeze up law enforcement and fire personnel to move to the next property and that lets fire personnel instead of going in there to rescue people. that's i'm going to their jobs. want people to be ready. we want them to be aware. so we know that fires come and they come fast. >> yeah. those evacuation tags will be critical to put on your door so that they don't waste time looking for people that aren't there. emergency officials are also urging residents to set up multiple alerts, including next will text from their county so that they get notified the minute an evacuation order goes out.
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in the meantime, the bay area air quality management district is issuing an air quality advisory for today, which comes as the wildfire smoke continues to blanket the bay area pollution levels aren't expected to exceed federal health standards. so no spare the air alert in effect. but they're still recommending that people with respiratory issues avoid being outside as much as possible. >> yeah. i definitely avoided it well, friday and saturday then yesterday was a lot better was in my neighborhood. john, good morning. yesterday was so much better than isis of the weekend for sure. saturday was the process of getting there and friday was the one he wanted to avoid today is going to be a lot like yesterday was now is james just read we can can do expect conditions out there to not necessarily be ideal. but for most of us today is actually going to be a pretty inviting one percent thing out there. of course, if you do have those sensitivities and you know, in the past any time there's been wildfire smoke in the vicinity that has bothered you today isn't a bad idea to avoid. now as far as
5:19 am
conditions go this morning, we do have a low cloud cover. that's all you're looking at out there. really. we're starting off the morning with some pretty good air quality. you can see that green popping up in areas, especially in the north bay at times today there will be pockets of moderate later on. and that's why we do have the air quality advisory overall, though, the worst of the smoke is well out of the region, which is a really nice way to be talking about the start of your new week. obviously a lot of green here on air quality at the moment do expect a couple of pockets of yellow, especially in the north bay later on. but all in all, not the worst of air quality days. mostly like yesterday was now winds from the coastline will continue to push in and really only intensified towards the afternoon. this is going to spare us the hottest of daytime highs. so not just a better air quality day but also really comfortable one as far as temperatures go, 60's at the coast 70's for most of our besides cities and then look at our inland highs only in the 80's even areas like antioch. typically are hot spot only at 85 degrees today. so a very nice break from the
5:20 am
heat. and it's not just today either, but it continues into tomorrow and wednesday by thursday we see a really quick change of pace highs rising well into the upper 90's. even a few low triple digits expected by the end of the week and some hazy conditions also likely to return towards the end of this forecast. so especially enjoy the next 3 days. get out there. the cooler temperatures, the better air quality all adds up to a really nice way to start the week. rain. thank you for that, john. we do have an along highway 4 eastbound here, willow. pass road. >> thankfully not see much of a delay as you're traveling and that bay point area heading into the city this morning. a little under 9 minutes for your drive time. 5, 1880, moving along nicely as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive under 13 minutes. so things are looking great. and in the south bay we go check in on one about 27 minutes towards menlo park. 2.88 in 5 in a 2 also looking nice. we'll have more on that coming up. and oregon. james, back to you. thanks a lot of
5:21 am
5.20, a big story, a rare sunday address by president joe biden saying that the u.s. has dramatically increased. >> the evacuations from afghanistan. if situation is spiraling the ramped up effort comes as the. >> basically the situation on the ground surrounding the airport there grows more desperate by the day. thousands still trying to flee taliban control. raquel martin is joining us live from dc now with the very latest on the situation. raquel, good morning. >> good morning. well, it certainly is a race against the clock at this point. we're just 8 days out from when the u.s. is supposed to withdraw all troops from afghanistan and president biden is now definitely keeping the door open to the possibility they could stay there longer. he says the big determining factor is if they're able to evacuate every american citizen who wants to leave in time. >> any american wants to get home. we'll get home sunday. nearly a week after the city of kabul failed to the taliban. president joe biden insisted us efforts to
5:22 am
evacuate the now 1000 seeking refuge are accelerating been evacuated. 28,000 people since august. the 14th to help. he says the u.s. is now ordering commercial airlines to he also won says u.s. troops are helping diffuse chaos just don't like the airport. for days now thousands of afghans desperate to flee have gathered as taliban fighters block access to flight state the obvious his heartbreak. we are working. >> diligently to make sure increase the ability to get them out. changed the gate operations, whole range of things. this is one of the. >> the biggest debacle. but on abc's this week iowa republican senator joni ernst said the u.s. should be doing more to get evacuees to the airport. the taliban needs to understand quite clearly that we have the right to get our american said sun's out of afghanistan. >> and if that means we need to escort them to our airport to get them out, then we will
5:23 am
do so. >> and on nbc's meet the press republican congresswoman liz cheney called the entire operation. a mistake and says withdrawal has created a new national security threat, terrorist organizations that want to attack the united states now have an entire country as a sanctuary from which to do so. president biden, course, is pushing back on that criticism yesterday. he said, in fact, he believes the history books. we'll sit show that he made the right decision. and as far as terror threats go. he says the u.s. is closely monitoring all threats and anyone who is being evacuated from afghanistan is first being taken to a 3rd party country to be process that did before being taken to countries like the u.s. as refugees. >> for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. all right. thanks a lot, rick health. >> time now 5.23. we'll be right back.
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flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. 5.26 tesla says it's delaying shipments for most of its new models due to parts shortages. >> the company says that new buyer should still receive their model 3 and model wise in 4 to 6 weeks. but delivery of less expensive models could be delayed until january, a shortage of computer chips used in test electronic vehicles is causing the delays for months. kron four's been telling you about the problem that impacting not just tesla but every car company, including toyota volkswagen
5:27 am
and ford. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, another massive sideshow, this time in san francisco's bay area community step up efforts to try to crack down on these illegal events will have that illegal events will have that story and more coming up. illegal events will have that story and more coming up. reggie bush used to eat breakfast somewhere else, but then he tried wendy's breakfast. *mumbles inaudibly* hey! are those fresh eggs for me? he's become a really big fan of wendy's breakfast. it's always bacon season over here! ty!. tyler! tyler. please sign this for me? you the man, tyler. keep killing those breakfast sandwiches. i appreciate you. i will. don't sell that online! choose wisely. choose wendy's select breakfast croissants. now $1.99.
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>> 5.29 right now. and you can see here a live look at san francisco so it's great again. it is on this monday morning. still dark out there sun not quite up just yet. but john has a look at the forecast for what it does and what we can expect job when it does come up, we are in for a little bit more blue today. we saw some of those blue skies yesterday and nice change of pace from the smokiness of last week. >> and today we're going to hold on to that better air quality all over again. your view outside this morning is showing us half moon bay. some cloud cover sitting over head the low gray is something that we're going to see over the next few hours for sure. but it's not really paired with a lot of smoke this morning. that's just genuine marine layer. you're looking at livermore, nevado and napa. each areas where some of those hillsides are shrouded in some this low cloud cover resulting in temporary spots of lower visibility, 50's and 60's for our current temperatures. nice cool and clear start to this morning. look forward to sunshine in really comfortable temperatures this afternoon,
5:31 am
which i'll tell you more about still to come tom, thanks for that. for the most part, the traffic out there is pretty light. your drive along the altamont pass this. why am seen some delays. >> this morning. the traveling southbound 6.80 dublin to fremont to 62. it will take you 14 minutes. 6.80, looks pretty nice and 8.80, as well as you're traveling heading into the city a little under 10 minutes for you to make it to that fremont street exit not tracking any delays along 5.80, or 80. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head into richmond a little under 8 minutes for you. the air and in the south bay along one, a 1, 2, in the park 28 minutes daryn. james, back to you. thank you 5.31. and take a look at this. another side show. very dangerous. this one captured in going on in san francisco over the weekend. it happened right around 6th and harrison no arrests were made. kron four's taylor per second has more. now. >> from sip from the city. >> san francisco neighbors near 6th and harrison streets.
5:32 am
will screeching tires in burnouts sunday morning. it's a legal side show shut down the intersection just before 03:00am spectator cars, blocked traffic from moving in before police arrived. eventually dispersing the large crowd. >> well, san francisco police were able to break everyone up. they say no arrests were made. this comes almost a year after city leaders and police pledged to crack down on sideshows. they even pass new legislation last fall that now allows vehicles involved to be impounded for up to 30 days and said 15 additional city cameras are now used for surveillance and these activities. in addition. >> san francisco, police formed a specialized stunt driving response unit sideshows are dangerous. problem plaguing most of the bay area so far the city of san jose has taken the strictest approach to cracking down on these events. >> in june of this year. san jose became the first major us city to also make it illegal to promote sideshows with her on social media phone or word of mouth. and in 2019 city
5:33 am
leaders made it illegal to be a spectator and a sideshow. san francisco police did not say whether or not anyone was injured during that early morning sideshow. >> if you have any information or video. police would like to hear from you in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. >> will san jose police are also investigating yet another traffic fatality. the person was hit and killed by a car, making it. now the city's 40th fatal traffic collision of the year. police are still looking for the person responsible for this latest hit and run. it was on rigoletto lane and brahms avenue about 01:00am sunday morning. this also marks the 17th pedestrian killed in a traffic collision. police are looking for the driver of an acura four-door sedan. they say it would probably have damage to the front of the vehicle. if you think you know anything that might be helpful to police. let him out. >> happening today. the california attorney general rob bonta is expected to make a major announcement about police reform across california. so far. >> we don't have any details about what exactly he's going
5:34 am
to say. but it's supposed to happen at a news conference at 11 o'clock this morning. we'll keep you posted. we're going to have that on our 24 hour, streaming news service kron on and you can download that app in the app store. in the a big honor for former president barack obama. a street is named after him in the heart of san jose kron four's. camila barco has the story. >> there is a lot to celebrate. the unveiling a drum roll, please. obama boulevard. the people behind me made all happen the moroccan obama boulevard gave they're walking to the finish line 3 years of hard work. >> the small group pursue this big dream to honor obama service leadership and legacy and the 44th president. but members say the former president made a difference through his humanitarian port. the committee petitioned raise funds and ultimately got a
5:35 am
unanimous approval from san jose's city council. one organizer tells me she's been an educator for 50 years. she still teaches kids but today is a milestone for her. i'm elated. i'm and i'm going to i'm ready to do my happy dance by far this is the worthwhile. >> project i've ever was involved in in my life. the time and the effort longtime friendships. and i will never forget the newly named rose stretches about half a mile. >> portions of bird avenue. south montgomery, south autumn and north on street. >> are now change to barack obama boulevard san jose joins other cities like los angeles and milpitas in naming a street after the politician. the walk starts from the beginning barack obama boulevard which here nearby. san jose tied going goes all the way at center in san jose
5:36 am
boulevard go >> 5.35. is the time after a 4 month sfo is now reopening its longest runway runway. 2, 8 right was closed back in april for repaving during the 4 month closure, crews repaid. listen to this. the equivalent of 75 foot pole field and late over 60 miles of cabling for some lighting infrastructure and now that the runway is reopened. crews will continue to work on installing all those new lights. the repaving project was originally scheduled for next year. but they accelerated that plan and took advantage of the reduced flight schedules. cause. yeah, do it now. well, nobody's traveling, zach and i want to know if this means no more delays. >> i well and help. it will definitely help 5.36. is the time right now. and coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning is trey lance leads the forty-niners. >> in their second preseason game. we're going hear what head coach and he has to say about the starting quarterback. or the rookie. >> sorry. sorry,
5:37 am
>> and mountain lion sighting. another one on the finish lower going to take a look at where the big cat was spotted and much like yesterday. big improvements to air quality today and a really nice one as far as temperatures go this afternoon. >> look at this 60's. an sf in oakland san jose in the upper 70's. lots of sunshine and just the faintest little bit of haze out there. i'm talking more in your forecast. still ahead. >> and we've already had some early morning accidents. nothing to slow you down. they've been good about getting those off of the highways on this monday morning. we'll take a look at your drive times. we'll have your drive times. we'll have more on that when we get back. ♪ ♪
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5:41 am
seem outlines in this area since july of last year. it's a problem. i think with the drought and maybe some of their food supply getting yeah. less unless they're wandering into more populated areas looking for food really is heaping year's big. all right. it is 5.40. we'll be right. it is 5.40. we'll be right back. expertly tailored eye care. state-of-the-art eye exams. high quality lenses and frames. because everything we do at lenscrafters is for every sight that makes your life special. book your annual eye exam now. lenscrafters. because sight.
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♪ ♪ ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na ♪ ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na ♪ ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na ♪ >> 5.43 right now and we are checking out the weather. i'm
5:44 am
looking forward to more clear air. i hope like yesterday was good yesterday was john in the weather center with more on our air quality for today. hope it can be a little better than it was last week. yes, definitely better than last weekend to keep in yesterday's good stuff going, which is such a nice way to start your monday morning at least we got a good forecast as you're making your way out of your house this morning to kick off the new week your calendar weather center forecast this morning is showing some low gray sitting above the city visibility is fine for san francisco. there's a couple of spots in the north bay and then the east bay hills where we are running into that cloudy blanket low enough that we could see some spots very limited spots of lower visibility as far as air quality goes, you see how much better it is for the bay area. we saw those sweeping winds over the weekend that really gradually clear things out. the worst of air quality sitting to our north and there will be pockets, especially for the north bay later on today were we may see a little yellow indicating moderate, but we're all starting off in the green indicating good air quality this morning and most of us are going to hold on to that throughout the day. but
5:45 am
enough of that yellow potential that moderate potential that if you are in the sensitive group. you do have respiratory conditions. you know that historically, we do have an air quality advisory and you should probably take a little bit easier if you do have those breathing conditions future cast of wind gust shows that we will continue to see this onshore breeze and enough of it this afternoon. it's really going to keep things cool for us. daytime highs today. some of the most comfortable of this forecast in the 60's for san francisco as well as up and down the shoreline and then looking at daytime highs for most of our bayshore cities, at least back into the 70's today really comfortable day for palo alto and mountain view each at 75 foster city at 73 south bay temperatures in the 70's to just barely low 80's and a couple of spots free might union city up to hayward. also quite nice dublin at 79 today. walnut creek warm but not bad at 83 degrees oakland berkeley and richmond in the 60's, whereas valais napa benicia in the 70's vacaville, one of our warmest spots. and even so
5:46 am
only at 87 degrees. not a single 90 on the map for your monday. we don't need them today, tomorrow or wednesday. after that, though, we do see temperatures rise and rise really swiftly as high pressure builds back in daytime highs. inland will climb back into the upper 90's and low triple digits by the start of the weekend. also looking at the return of hazy conditions likely by thursday. so in the meantime, really enjoy today, tomorrow and wednesday is comfortable and clear weather. while we've got john, thanks for that. let's start in the south bay and look at the high was down there. >> one. oh, one traveling towards menlo park. just 30 minutes still moving pretty quickly along 2 8082 85 also 8 8680 not tracking any major delays across those highways heading into the city via the bay bridge earlier accident on the eastbound side near the treasure island exit that since been cleared. so things look great as you're heading out of the city into the city a little under 11 minutes. the richmond sandra fell commute as you travel across that bridge a little under 8 minutes for your drive. time to make it across there. if
5:47 am
you're heading across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for you to make it there. and we're checking out 6, 8880. like i mentioned, no major issues to little slow on the altamont pass. but as you're traveling southbound, 6.80, dublin to fremont will take about 13 minutes taurean james, back to you. thanks a lot, right. it's 5.46, let's football. the forty-niners. >> got a win in the pre season against the la chargers. they did. in let's get to the highlights where we show the niners defense. they were actually the first to put points on the board with this sack. they the chargers quarterback down to the end zone. that was good for 2 point safety. >> then in the 2nd quarter, niners rookie quarterback trey lance connecting in the end zone making a couple good plays setting up that 5 is rooting him on july is they had great chemistry on the sideline and then trey lance got another shot at a touchdown throw this was in the 3rd quarter. and with that, the niners beat the chargers 15 to 10 both trey lance and head coach kyle
5:48 am
shanahan shut down any questions about making trade a starter in week one. take a listen. >> make an announcement is coming for starter week. one no well making that announcement. let's try whenever i feel not it's time to start this summer wondering whether you're going to be starting quarterback. we >> just focus on getting better. learn as much as i can. >> feel show me let you smile and 0 and are getting ready to host the las vegas raiders. that will be next sunday here at levi stadium. so will was it was going to say it used to be that they bridge syrup. all serious. not yeah. that's the 01:00pm kickoff, by the way. let's go to the south bay now and in san jose san jose state. yeah, their football teams getting ready for their first game of the college football season. they're hoping to repeat as mountain west conference champs this year will see kron four's. kate rooney takes a look. the
5:49 am
most exciting college football team in the bay area might just be san jose state even though we did. we did last season. i think we're still getting out of a lot of people's eyes in. >> i think that's really good for us as a team. you know, you never want to get complacent. and so i'm really excited do >> what the spartans are hoping to do this year is follow up on an undefeated regular season and the program's first-ever conference title. it helps that san jose state squad is very experienced 19 starters are back for the 2021 season, including mountain west offensive player of the year. kate hall and quarterback nick starkel, who's on the manning award watch list for the nation's best signal caller. i think it's huge step when you're going in our physicality in. >> you know, doing the things is that it takes to win football games and playing good defense and running the football. >> so i hope you think that lpwe're a lot of fun to watch. and we play like we love each other. of course, it wouldn't hurt to add a little more
5:50 am
hardware to the trophy case. i do feel like was the championship i last year and i feel it again this year. >> i'd be lying if i said i those expectations for says, well, we really high goals this year. >> we're san jose state season begins saturday. the 28th when the spartans host southern utah at suffolk. you stadium. >> in san jose. i'm kate rooney. >> and let's talk baseball now. the giants and the a's are wrapped up the bay bridge series at the coliseum and it was the giants that came out on top. let's jump to the 6 innings. is outfielder mark hanna there, get a base hit to right field and that drives a runner home that with the a's on the board. first, the giants responded in the 8th inning. so let's check out that second baseman donovan solano. he hits deep to left for a 2 run homer and that gives the giants the lead, the a's offense respond couldn't keep up and the giants win it 2 to one. the power stroke
5:51 am
hasn't shown up quite as much this year. but we know it's still in there. so. >> certainly doesn't surprise any of us in the dugout that donovan was able to jump on that pitch. it really is about it. the preparation and only donovan went up there trying to hit a homer, but knew what he was looking for. he jumped on that pitch was able to elevate and getting so happened while the ballpark. >> there. i always try to hit a giants have a day off today and then they face the new york mets on the road tomorrow. the a's they have to get back to work. tonight hosting the seattle mariners at the coliseum with first pitch at 6.40. >> it is 5.51. will take a quick break. be right back.
5:52 am
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>> take a look at this. >> monterey bay whale watch on facebook page. they. >> have a posted what they've been seeing, which is lot more blue and humpback whales and last weekend they say they spotted over 40 of them. >> in one day. one day? >> that's a good ad it i i you know, and i'm like, what are the odds like a pretty sweet. all right. coming up in the next hour of the kron 00:00am morning news. >> a new vaccine mandate going into effect today in the south bay. we'll talk more about that. plus, breaking news overnight. a woman shot while driving on interstate 80. and we'll have details on that coming up in a live report.
5:55 am
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ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> happy monday to you. mondays and think, it and i'm james fletcher. sometimes you got to start a week like that to get off on the right foot. sure. and today's going to be one of those days. i think at least the weather is going to be somewhat nice. john, good morning. yeah, weather is definitely one of the things cooperating on this monday morning. nothing that's going interrupt you to watch as you're stepping outside now, friday was hazy saturday. we improve things and yesterday was beautiful today. we're going to keep what we had yesterday around better air quality and some pretty comfortable temperatures. honestly as well. you look outside this morning shows you the low gray that we do have over half moon bay this morning. some low cloud cover is resulting in pockets of low
5:59 am
visibility. but that's marine layer looking at not really looking at a hazy view this morning. as air quality isn't a good range all across the bay area moderate pockets this afternoon, especially for the north bay just enough for some air quality advisories. that's the lowest severity of advisory issued by the air quality management district. so if you have respiratory issues taking a little bit easier for the rest of us will just notice those improvements as far as fog goes this morning. a couple of low visibility spots in the hills of the north bay aside from that. most of us are doing just fine as far as visibility goes and as far as temperatures go is not a bad start to the morning. some 50's and 60's for your current numbers dublin in pittsburgh at 57 degrees oakland at 61. we've got to err on one of our cooler spots at 54 we are a little cooler than we were at the same time yesterday and that please true into the afternoon, too, with daytime highs today. some of the most comfortable of the forecast only looking at 80's at her very warmest for inland areas. so much cooler than your
6:00 am
typical august day. i'm talking more about exactly what to expect for the day today and the rest of the week too. all still to come, reyna. tom, thanks for that. unfortunately, we do have an accident on the bay bridge right near the toll plaza. 80 westbound. this just happened. so again, if they're able to get this cleared off of the bridge will have much of a problem if they're not, we could see a major delay here. so we're going to be close eye on that right now, though, as you travel into the city. a little under 12 minutes. 5, 1880, moving along very nicely as well, heading across towards the peninsula. no issues here. if you're leaving your house heading there. a little under 13 for you to be able to make that drive in the south bay still pretty nice and light 29 minutes traveling in the park to to also looking nice 8, 18 6.80, as well. and we'll check out and leave the richmond. sandra fell bridge with you as you're heading across towards sandra fell a little under 8 minutes. starring james, back to you. thanks a lot of 6 o'clock in the breaking news from overnight. a woman was shot while


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