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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 23, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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talking more about exactly what to expect for the day today and the rest of the week too. all still to come, reyna. tom, thanks for that. unfortunately, we do have an accident on the bay bridge right near the toll plaza. 80 westbound. this just happened. so again, if they're able to get this cleared off of the bridge will have much of a problem if they're not, we could see a major delay here. so we're going to be close eye on that right now, though, as you travel into the city. a little under 12 minutes. 5, 1880, moving along very nicely as well, heading across towards the peninsula. no issues here. if you're leaving your house heading there. a little under 13 for you to be able to make that drive in the south bay still pretty nice and light 29 minutes traveling in the park to to also looking nice 8, 18 6.80, as well. and we'll check out and leave the richmond. sandra fell bridge with you as you're heading across towards sandra fell a little under 8 minutes. starring james, back to you. thanks a lot of 6 o'clock in the breaking news from overnight. a woman was shot while driving on. i 80 in the
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chp now trying to figure out if she was targeted. >> or not. crawford's will trend live at the chp with the latest this morning will. >> we do know that she is alive despite her car just riddled with bullets. it's about 7 hours into the investigation. and so far right now they don't have any arrests to get back to the public. >> let me show you the video you will be amazed that anybody could have survived this. >> but she did. this is around 1045 last night. she was traveling westbound on. i 80 going through vallejo right around redwood street right around that exit area when all of a sudden shots rang out. she never lost control of her car where she slammed into other cars. she was able to be treated at the scene as best as they possibly could before taking her to the hospital. and at last check she is still alive at this particular point. even with all those cars on the road at that time and i 80 is busy. they have no
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description to pass along to the public about this shooter or shooters are no motive behind this. they don't know if this was random. if it was road rage or in fact, she was targeted. but the bottom line is if you're going through that area at this time. yes, they had to shut it down for quite some time to collect evidence and talk to witnesses. but i drove through that area a little bit earlier and it is clear, but what is not clear is why did this happen in the first place. very little information about the woman. obviously that's still private, but they don't believe at this particular point that she started this this chain of events where the shots ring out. but again, the investigation is very early. we just had to change the ship to now try to get more information from the chp headquarters. it was this headquartered here that rushed to the scene to take care of the woman back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> time now is 6. '02 and less than a mile away from that freeway shooting vallejo
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police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened last night was a long fairgrounds drive where police responded and found a man had been shot and killed. we don't have any information about the victim and the police say they haven't made any arrests yet. the chp says that it does not appear that the freeway shooting and the shooting of the man who died here. they say they don't appear to be connected. >> 6. '03 is the time and another big story this morning. we could be just hours away from the fda officially approving pfizer's coronavirus vaccine rather than just using it under this emergency use authorization is could open up a whole new set of directives in terms of people being. >> required to get vaccinated. felicia bolton has more. when the fda first issued emergency authorization for pfizer's covid-19 vaccine in december. >> millions of americans celebrate. for them what they thought would be the beginning
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of the end of the pandemic. >> what's now and son. but for some, the emergency authorization was viewed as potentially reckless kaiser family foundation data from december of 2020 shows 39% of those polled said they want to wait and see before receiving the vaccine as of june. the number was down to 10%. new kff polling shows that 31% of unvaccinated they would be more likely to get a vaccine that's received full fda approval that number climbs to nearly 50% among adults who previously said they wanted to wait and see. some people even the individuals who gotten vaccinated have been scared about. >> the effects of this emergency approval for the current vaccine. so i think for a lot of people they are having a healthy sense of skepticism and waiting for that approval from science. and while many may soon choose to get vaccinated. others may not be given an option according to surgeon general doctor murthy full federal
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approval of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine will empower businesses and universities to require vaccinations. i think you'll see more universities and workplaces that were considering putting in requirements for vaccines to create safer. >> places to learn and work. you'll see more of them likely moving forward on their plans to require vaccines in the workplace and school that change could be a welcome adjustment for parents when students too young to receive the covid-19 vaccine. phil classrooms around the country for the start of a new school year. if you're thinking what will happen to you. >> it will. you know, and better to be wise and be smart about it protect your health and take care of yourself because and take care of your family. >> that was felicia bolton reporting federal regulators are still reviewing moderna's application for full approval. that decision could come in several weeks from now. >> well, speaking of the
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vaccine happening right now in the south bay, there's a new mandate that's going into effect for thousands of city employees affected this morning in which they have to either be vaccinated or succumb to weekly covid tests workers who don't comply could be placed on unpaid leave. kron 4. sarah stinson has the latest from san jose. >> hi, sarah. >> hi there. yeah. this mandate applies to thousands of san jose city employees. that includes firefighters like the ones in the station behind me police department. everybody librarians anyone who works for the city has to have proof of vaccination or they have to get that weekly covid tests so that starts today. a mandate that hopefully will make those who haven't gotten the vaccine may be will make them feel a little better now that we're on the heels of fda approval of the headed in the next couple of weeks. now. this mandate also includes employees still working from home. they still have to provide proof of vaccination
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by today or submit that weekly testing results or they have to go and or unpaid leave. >> city officials say this is an effort to stop the delta variant from spreading santa clara county currently averages, 242 covid cases a day last month. the county was seeing only 47 new cases a day and right now at least 78% of people who live in this county are fully vaccinated santa clara county and san francisco. they've already issued vaccination and testing mandates for their employees. and jose unified school district. also announced last week a vaccination mandate for teachers and staff. the city of san jose says if an employee chooses to go for the testing room will be given one hour pate hour during their shift to go get that test done. and if they don't do that within their shift. well, they do not get overtime to complete that test. that's on them so we'll how this goes. another mandate. requiring employees to get the vaccine for now reporting live in san jose. sarah stinson back to
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you, ok. thank you very much. sarah. 6. '07, and another big milestone in california is a covid battle state health officials. >> announced they have administered 500,000 vaccines for the 3rd straight week, almost a 55% mark of eligible californians now are fully vaccinated. the moraga police department, however, the latest to have a covid death. one of their officers died of covid after a month battling the 58 year-old moraga police officer has died. his name corporal kevin mooney and he died over the weekend. he joined them. the pd and 2013 after 21 years with the contra costa county sheriff's office. >> well, in the north bay marine county held a mass vaccination clinic offering a booster covid-19 vaccine for people with weakened immune systems forcefully call reports now from sandra fell were 100 showed up for their 3rd shot. >> immunocompromised marine
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county residents jumped at the chance of receiving a 3rd dose of a covid-19 vaccine. >> hundreds rushed to the marin center exhibit hall in sandra fell saturday where marine county public health partnered with safe way to administer the shots. we didn't wait. not one bit. my wife's in line right shuns with medical conditions like cancer hiv or take medications that suppress their immune systems are considered at higher risk of getting infected with covid-19 and suffering severe illnesses. that includes adults of all ages. we want to make sure that we're offering the highest level of immunity we can to this a 3rd case is going to accomplish that for them. the public health department says a 3rd dose provides adequate protection better when was approved last week by the food and drug administration. if one is already had 2 shots and it's worked out well. >> getting the 3rd shot is hardly a risk and has potentially great benefits overall about 95% of the
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counties. eligible population has received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. i think it's offered. it's a 100% important with be able to see people often but also knowing that we sell social distance and if you are not able to make it out to this clinic, not to worry. it will return here at the same location next saturday. >> in sandra fell phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> well, amid the surge in covid cases across the bay area. apple now is delaying its return to the office. apple workers now won't be returning until january apple stores, though, still remain open. masks are required. facebook has already announced a similar plan where workers won't be returning until january as well. we'll take a break here at 6.10. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> in san jose. hit and run death. tell you what police know about the car. they're looking for it. and as the situation grows more dire in afghanistan. president biden now saying the u.s. is stepping up efforts to evacuate as many people as
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possible. and after the break, firefighters still struggling to get control of 2 major fires burning here in northern california. now mary, officials are warning people here get ready. and as those fires continue to burn here in the bay area. we certainly had seen the smoke from things clearing up over this past weekend and continuing to remain at least for the most part, pretty clear into your monday highs in the 60's to 70's this afternoon. i've got your forecast. and as traffic keeping a close eye on the bay - bridge because we just had accident there. >> also some other traffic collisions to tell you about. that we get back.
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>> it's 6.14 right now. and let's talk wildfires. the biggest of the fires burning in california right now is the dixie fire which is burned more than 724,000 acres containment is at 37%. so a little bit better when it comes to the firefight. but those flames are threatening 10's of thousands of structures still. and more than 1200 structures have already burned down and that includes 650 homes lost in lassen county, mandatory evacuation orders have been dropped for the areas of clear
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creek. westwood and pine town and then there's the caldor fire. there's the one southwest of lake tahoe, a 104,000 acres has now burned containment is only at 5%. this has been going for a week now and strong winds to that made the fire jump over highway 50 over the weekend. so got closer to homes. plus it is closed down a 46 mile stretch of highway 50. that's closed in both directions. sly park road and the 5089 roundabout and myers. you can't get through there and they haven't said when they reopen at the fire has already destroyed over that area. the town of grizzly flats. at least 328 structures have been destroyed and another 13,000 are still in harm's way. >> well, the bay area air quality management district now issuing an air quality advisory for today. and this comes as well. we still have smoke from those wildfires lingering here in the bay area
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skies and since some of the video was shot recently showing the pollution levels now it isn't expected to exceed federal health standards. so no spare the air alert is in effect, but that advisory is so you're being recommended. if you have respiratory issues to avoid being outside as much as possible. again, it could be a little difficult for you. >> yeah. yesterday was a little better what friday and saturday. not. so it looks like thankfully because it's not as bad. we won't have a spare. >> the air alert, john. so a touch better yeah. it's going to be a lot like yesterday today, we're still going to be looking at some moderate pockets out there. >> but honestly, what most of us will be holding on to is the blue skies much as we did see for your sunday. so we've enjoyed this backing off of the haze also getting a little bit cooler over the weekend. we're going to keep that trend going into today as well. you look outside this morning at the exploratorium show. some low gray. it's nice to know that what you're looking out there this morning is just a marine layer that we're seeing having pushed in from the coastline and for the most
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part, this is being associated with some much cleaner air that's pushed in from the west too. looking at your air quality map. the worst of smoke is definitely centered. well, up to our north. there will be pockets of green on this map indicating that moderate air quality, especially for the north bay at times this afternoon that will show up in air quality advisories across the bay area. really just something to know for most sensitive groups. most of us are going to be looking at much improved conditions today and inviting one to be stepping back outside. i'd still keep the workout going in out indoors. but you can definitely get out there. at least run those errands and enjoy some of the sunshine winds from the coastline will continue and actually intensify into the afternoon. this not only filter some cleaner air of in. but it's also going to heap our daytime highs. pretty moderated. that means our inland areas not too terribly hot for your monday 60's for your city is right along the coastline 70's for most of our bayshore areas millbrae at 72 burlingame. 73 redwood city
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and san carlos tonight 78 south bay temperatures also mostly 70's san jose 79 for the high freeman through hayward. same range of numbers mid to low 70's really comfortable even under warmest our inland areas only in the 80's danville at 84 degrees today. vacaville 87 the meantime, napa sonoma santa rosa only in the 70's. so really comfortable start to your workweek tomorrow and wednesday are going to keep the comfortable weather around and for the most part, at least some improved air quality that all changes into thursday and friday we see high pressure building back in. this is going to result in hot temperatures climbing well into the 90's and triple digits inland and also some seeking still air which is likely to push them hayes back in your forecast. so enjoy what we have over these next 3 days and prepare for a less than ideal finish to the week. reyna. john, thanks for that. we had a few accidents to tell you about like this one in the south bay one. oh, one northbound. >> that all of rock avenue.
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thankfully, we're not seeing much of a delay along one, a 1, 6, 8085 or 82. so thanks to look rigs. it's early. another traffic collision. this one in san leandro north on 8.80 at davis street 8.80. still looks pretty nice. as you're traveling along there. we had an earlier accident on the bay bridge to actually one of the toll plazas 80 westbound, one of the treasure island exit eastbound. they both have since been clear. and as you can see, they just turn the metering lights on their traffic building just a little bit under 14 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 9 and up here along highway 2.42. this is out and conquer all of their road. there is a down tree so that on ramp. there is blocked right now. as you can see, the highway still looks pretty great. caryn. james, back to you. thanks to laura is 6.19 and a big story starting today, delta and american airlines are going to be. >> supporting helping getting americans out of afghanistan. so the 3rd time in history that they've ever used civil
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aviation is part of an airlift. thousands are still trying to get out of taliban control this morning. we've got raquel martin sent by live in dc with more. >> on those efforts this morning for help. >> good morning. well, really is a race against the clock at this point. we know that it's just 8 days away from when the u.s. is as opposed withdraw our troops from afghanistan and now president biden is leaving the door open to potentially extending that deadline. he says the first priority has and will remain getting every american citizen out that wants to get out. >> any american wants to get home. we'll get home sunday. nearly a week after the city of kabul failed to the taliban. president joe biden insisted us efforts to evacuate the now 1000 seeking refuge are accelerating been an accurate in only 28,000 people since august. the 14th to help. he says the u.s. is now ordering commercial airlines to he also won says u.s. troops are helping diffuse chaos just don't like the airport. for days now
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thousands of afghans desperate to flee have gathered as taliban fighters block access to flight state offices heartbreak. we are working. >> diligently to make sure increase the ability to get them out. changed the gate operations, whole range of things. this is one of the. >> the biggest debacle. but on abc's this week iowa republican senator joni ernst said the u.s. should be doing more to get evacuees to the airport. the taliban needs to understand quite clearly that we have the right to get our american said sun's out of afghanistan. >> and if that means we need to escort them to our airport to get them out, then we will do so. >> and on nbc's meet the press republican congresswoman liz cheney called the entire operation. a mistake and says withdrawal has created a new national security threat, terrorist organizations that want to attack the united
6:22 am
states now have an entire country as a sanctuary from which to do so. president biden, however, is pushing back against that criticism in fact, yesterday. he says he believes history will show that he made the right call as far as terror threats. he says the u.s. closely monitoring all threats. >> and anyone who was being evacuated from afghanistan is being first transported to a 3rd party country to be vetted in process before coming to countries like the u.s. as refugees for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. thanks for count them. >> time now 6.22, coming up, a mountain lion sighting on the peninsula. we're going to have a look at more of this video showing the big cat. we'll be right back.
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because that's power down time.
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as wildfires burn across the state. first responders are reminding everybody to be prepared in case of a disaster here in the bay area. >> fires have already destroyed homes in lake county and el dorado county, as we've been reporting there in the sierra that's forced a lot of people to flee with just the clothes on their backs. so in preparation, the sonoma county sheriff's office released evacuation zone maps. the actually created these back in 2020 after back to back to stating fires since 2017. so to find out your evacuation
6:26 am
zone evacuation zone. you want to type in your address or your zip code or just click on your town or city. and they're also tags which will help notify first responders that your house has been evacuated, which we a huge time saver for them as their scouring. the area. >> freeze up law enforcement and fire personnel to move to the next property and that lets fire personnel instead of going in there to rescue people. going get their job, want people to be ready. we want them to be aware. so we know that fires come and they come fast. >> yeah. so emergency officials are also urging residents to set up multiple alerts, including the knicks will text alert from their county so they can get word of an evacuation as soon as it sent out. we'll take a break at 6.26 coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news another massive sideshow. this time in san francisco as bay area community step up their efforts to try to crack down on these events. >> we'll be right back.
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>> time now 6.29 and we're taking a live look here at sfo with his shiny new feel that called the they'll never be late again. the to say that whatever that's called that for another hour. drive with a right drive away the thing you've got a goes really long.
6:30 am
and what i really enjoy about that right is not brown. yeah. that's last week that graham was horrible looking last week, but little bit this morning. job. i miss the gray who had it's much better than that. brown issue for sure. this is just marine layer looking at this morning. >> most of us are really good range of air quality for your monday start, which is a nice way to breathe in the start of the workweek. something else that's going to be really nice today temperatures going to be really comfortable. so not only this improvement in air quality, which we already saw yesterday, but also a much more comfortable afternoon for inland areas. really great way to kick things off. you look outside at our berkeley camera is showing some of the low gray certainly blocking out the view. as for napa nevado livermore mountain view and san jose. some of this low cloud cover is resulting in lower visibility, especially what you had the hillsides right above the bay itself. so just watch out for a few spots out there where you may be looking at a really foggy view as you're trying to make your way into work 50's and 60's for current temperatures. cool
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enough for the light jacket this morning. i'm talking a really comfortable and clear afternoon still to come in the rest of your forecast. john, thank you. so we have a downed tree actually along highway 2.40 to appear. >> southbound at all of their roads on rent, their lot. we're seeing a small delay. so we're keeping a close eye on that. it's also starting to slow down a tad bit along highway 4. so as you're traveling antioch down to conquer. it will take you a little under 27 minutes to make that drive. >> heading into the city, about 13 minutes for you at an earlier traffic collision right near the tolls. they have done a good job of getting that clear off the bridge very quickly. so that drive time didn't go up even more 14 minutes and under as you're heading across towards the peninsula. some other accidents like one in san jose. one. oh, one northbound at rock avenue keeping a close eye on that. not seen a major delay along. want to 1, 6 8085 or 80 to daryn james, back to you. >> thank you very much. 6.31 the time in the south bay for
6:32 am
the 40th time this year. san jose police now are investigating a deadly latest happened in a hit and run over the weekend. kron four's camila barco has the details. >> san jose. police are looking for the person responsible for the latest hit and run. but there are many cases like this one that remain unsolved. police responded to regal at a lane and brahms avenue around 01:00am sunday following a hit and run crash. >> officers canvassed the san jose roadway for clues after a 17th pedestrian was killed. investigators say the victim was walking outside a crosswalk when he was struck. the driver of what police say was an acura sedan drove off before they arrived. it's the latest in a number of traffic fatalities across the city just 3 weeks ago, a car ran into a man walking outside a marked crosswalk on monterey road that driver also fled the crash site paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital
6:33 am
where he held on for 2 weeks. but later died from his injuries. i know that there has been a lot of hit and runs within the community within santa clara county. >> and needs to stop. meanwhile, philly. but king at a is bringing attention to san jose's deadly traffic accidents as she remembers her daughter. she was killed in a similar crash on april first, the mob, her children. >> he loved he would bring a smile to >> when she would in turn. >> this is surveillance video of the suspect vehicle moments before the deadly hit and run the driver of the mercedes benz did not stop to look after pianos daughter. she's now pleading for help to find the person responsible. nothing will bring my daughter back. >> bringing the individual or individuals to justice is what we want. he and his daughter is one of 41 people who have
6:34 am
died in a traffic related incident this year alone. >> in san jose. police are also searching for the driver involved in sunday morning's incident. the person was seen driving an acura 4 door sedan. it would have damage to the front end. i'm camila barco reporting for kron 4 news 6.33 another weekend, another side show this one in san francisco. look at all these cars and people watching so specifically this was at a 6th and harrison no arrests made apparently in despite the huge size that was there with rovers taylor sackey with more now. >> on what happened. >> san francisco neighbors near 6th and harrison streets. will screeching tires in burnouts sunday morning. it's a legal side show shut down the intersection just before 03:00am spectator cars, blocked traffic from moving in before police arrived. eventually dispersing the large crowd. >> well, san francisco police were able to break everyone up. they say no arrests were
6:35 am
made. this comes almost a year after city leaders and police pledged to crack down on sideshows. they even pass new legislation last fall that now allows vehicles involved to be impounded for up to 30 days and said 15 additional city cameras are now used for surveillance and these activities. in addition. >> san francisco, police formed a specialized stunt driving response unit sideshows are dangerous. problem plaguing most of the bay area so far the city of san jose has taken the strictest approach to cracking down on these events. >> in june of this year. san jose became the first major us city to also make it illegal to promote sideshows with their own social media phone or word of mouth. and in 2019 city leaders made it illegal to be a spectator and a sideshow. san francisco police did not say whether or not anyone was injured during that early morning sideshow. >> if you have any information or video. police would like to hear from you in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news.
6:36 am
it's 6.35. and today the california tenor attorney general rob bonta is expected to make a major announcement. >> about police reform across the state. no details have been announced about but we are waiting for it to happen. at a news conference 11 o'clock this morning will be monitoring that you'll be able to see it live on our 24 hour. streaming news service kron on. you can download that for free. >> all right. take a look at this. mountain lions have been seen roaming around in parts of the bay area. once again. this time up in pacifica where a mountain lion apparently hopped over the fence into somebody's backyard. vanessa cairns shared this video with us and she lives right next to the park there, pacifica and she said the mountain lions. there are becoming more and more frequent. this one's she thinks was 6 feet long. it looks being it does look big. it's not the only one to oh, my at video of here's another bit of video. this from a ring doorbell camera outman tara in a half moon bay. you can see
6:37 am
this was eric lawson's video that captures walk from left to right. as you. >> it's the people i view. i wonder if that distorted, james. i think it's think look at it. it will walk behind that car. and it's it's about as wide as that car. not a little longer. yeah. yeah. so they've seen more and more. these big cats wandering neighborhood since july of last year. he says where are you careful. all right. the coast guard meanwhile, was called out to rescue 3 people who were stranded on a cliff. new mir beach in marin county. this was video posted to twitter was shot by coast guard members are on the helicopters here looking down as rescuers were lowered to this cliff where they hooked up those teens and hoisted them to safety. >> 6.37 in national news this morning. we're getting a glimpse of the heartbreaking reality of a little girl's battle with covid she's just 3 years old. her name is aurora and she's struggling to breeze. now in the pediatric icu is she has a severe
6:38 am
respiratory distress because of covid janel forte shares. the story. >> 3 year-old of more can and lays in an oklahoma pediatric icu to connected to her small body mask over her nose and mouth. pumping oxygen tour struggling this is one of a series of videos. her mama million has posted to facebook, documenting her battle with covid-19. another video shows a machine rattling the little girl's body mom says it's to loosen secretions in ruins lungs. adding that she's scared. aurora was diagnosed with the coronavirus 3 weeks ago. amelia says she's an e r nurse on the frontlines of the pandemic. she believes she got covid from work and then brought it home to her family. the sad story depicts the grim reality of pediatric icus across the country filling up with children. many too young to be vaccinated
6:39 am
these kids are anxious this kid there said that they have to be in icu of the country. >> doctor amesh 90 runs the pediatric icu at beverley knight holston children's hospital in georgia. >> where they too are treating patients just like little over >> and to most common thing that keeps coming up as you know, why was why my child and why now and could this have been prevented doctor. an arson. donnie says since kids under 12 aren't yet eligible to get the vaccine. >> they're more vulnerable to infection from the highly contagious. delta variant this weekend. the number of children and the u.s. hospitalized with covid-19 hit a record high of just over 1900 cases. it's been extremely difficult for everybody. >> the east bay west contra, costa county unified schools now reporting a positive case of covid-19 at richmond high school kron four's gayle ong has more on the story there. >> a spokesperson for west
6:40 am
contra, costa county unified school district confirmed a positive case of covid-19 within the richmond high school community and the individual was last on campus august 16th the statement also says the school areas where the individual spend time are being cleaned and disinfected. what school officials did not address multiple cases nor specify if the individual was a student or staff. they want to remind everyone in the district community to stay home if feeling sick or ill all staff members must show proof vaccination by september 7 or submit to weekly covid-19 testing senate president mike part. >> and that coleman quarter the we're sure my cancels that bag this contra costa resident has been keeping safe, but says whether it's school or workplace, it is hard to keep up with the changing health guidelines call. think at first. >> officials said that masks not necessary to wear. then change their mind. and it happens all the so it's difficult to find own way. so
6:41 am
it just makes me more warning about this the united teachers of richmond union has listed the schools that are reporting covid cases within the first week of classes. >> gayle ong kron 4 news. >> 6.40 right now in the south bay, a big honor for president barack obama in san jose. he has a street named for him now the city unveiling the street, barack obama boulevard for 4 years. barack obama boulevard committee is a committee name that led the effort to get the street with the new name. the group started a petition. they raise money and ultimately. >> they got the green light for the new naming and from san jose city council. >> the group says that the project is about a more than honoring the president. he helped send us that symbol. that we could have presidents who look different and have different kinds of names and came from different backgrounds. yes, he was a first. >> african american president. >> but we look beyond that.
6:42 am
>> and they say they're hoping the president can make a trip to san jose in the next 2 years and actually walk down about his own street. all right. >> 6.21 on the clock and after what, 4 months now it's been since sfo has had to shut down its longest runway. they're now reopening it runway to 8 right was closed back in april for repaving work to a right to it right now. control your control that area right there. now cleared for landing on runway 2 there. there you go. there you go during the floor. but closure crews had to do a whole bunch working here. you can see it. they ground it all down. they repaid. did they actually put paving there to cover 75 football fields. they also laid out about 60 miles worth of new cabling that will eventually be part of a new lighting infrastructure and now that the runways reopened, they'll gradually get all lighting work. installed the repaving project was originally scheduled for next year. but they were smart. they said what we do it now while flights are being reduced because the pandemic
6:43 am
and get it out of the way. and so they did all i want to hear is right, cleared for take off on >> our with a good record 6.42. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. we'll talk football. trey lance leading the forty-niners in their second preseason game. we're going hear from him an head coach. kyle shanahan.
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take off its original where it is coming into view. hopefully they're heading to someplace fun. but here in the bay area, we have our own fun and we have. >> fund or air to do it in. >> a lot easier to breeze today. i think than it was last week. >> yes, so much easier today. really nice way to start off the work week. hopefully that also impacts flights in a positive way. a little less haze out there. bruises ability just a little bit. you're north the weather center forecast is showing great conditions but not that dingy orange or brown like we had much last week. your mark and errol cam looking nice and gray little still out there. the flag not blowing too much. and what is a really calm sea breeze at the moment. we saw big improvements in air quality yesterday that sea breeze helping us out a lot. you see those little spots out there that are a little darker. those will be moderate pockets that will pop up this afternoon. so it's enough that the bay area air quality management district has issued an air quality advisory which is the least severe advisory. the issues far as air quality goes for the general public.
6:47 am
things will be ok, but if you know you have some respiratory sensitivities today is one to maybe think twice at least before you get out there for the job. take it a little bit easier with the work out indoors for most of us today is going to be a-ok big improvements in general as far as winds go. it's calm this morning. winds do pick up later on today. but that's going to be really welcome. the sea breeze is going to help to keep temperatures nice and moderated well into the afternoon. one of the reasons today is going to be one of our coolest of the forecast 60's at the coastline, including most to san francisco. where is the bayside cities will mostly be in the 70's burlingame at 73 san carlos and redwood city each at 78 south bay temperatures anywhere from the mid 70's and sonny bill milpitas to the low 80's in saratoga morgan hill and a few other spots freeman through hayward in the 70's, pleasanton and livermore each 83 oakland on up the richmond only in the 60's. even some of our hottest spots, not hitting the 90's today vacaville only
6:48 am
87 billy hope napa sonoma as will santa rosa in the low 70's for your daytime highs today, tomorrow and wednesday all looking pretty similar highs in the low 80's at our warmest for most of our inland areas 60's and 70's by the bay and the coast. as for thursday and friday, a big change of pace just around the corner, inland areas, get hot again. a purse 90's to low triple digits and as high pressure builds back in. that means sinking in still air and some wildfire smoke likely to make the return by the latter part of this week. so enjoy or cooler unclear stuff while we've got it reyna. john, thank you for that. we are making some progress here in the 6 o'clock hour. >> we had some accidents in the south bay long want to one that's been cleared another one. i was tracking and san leandro along 8.80. they've gotten that off of the highway. and that downed tree along to 42. they've managed to get that as you're heading into the city a little under 14 minutes. we had an earlier traffic collision there near the tolls. didn't stay there long. so that's why we're still looking at under 15
6:49 am
minutes for your drive time heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays. a little under 14 minutes for you to make it there. and in the south, a legal just 30 minutes heading towards menlo park to 85 a 2 looking nice at this hour. let's check out things along 6.80, if you're traveling dublin to fremont to 62 will take you just 15 minutes. the slowest area this morning is along highway 4 and the altamonte past. so give yourself more time if you're traveling there daryn. james, back to you. >> let's talk football forty-niners got a win in the pre season against the la chargers let's get to the highlight show you what happened. niners defense. actually they were the first ones to put points up on the board after sacking the chargers quarterback there in the end zone. >> that was good for a 2 point safety. then in the 2nd quarter, niners rookie quarterback trey lance getting his chance to shine areas connecting after a couple of good plays there for that 5 yard touchdown throw and that was right before halftime. and then he shined again in the 2nd half 3rd quarter. here's another touchdown pass and
6:50 am
that was good enough to seal the win. 15 to 10 niners with the win in both lance and head coach kyle shanahan shut down any questions about perhaps making trade. the starter in week one. >> is proper your starter week. one. >> no well making that announcement. let's try whenever i feel not it's time to start this summer wondering whether you're going to be starting quarterback. we >> just focus on getting better. learn as much as i can. >> yeah. easy. he thinks about 0, 0, tiles. just focus on connecting. and he did so it's good to see him get more acclimated with the nfl play. >> the niners are going to well, actually, they're going to be playing again next week. they're getting ready to host las vegas raiders. that will be next sunday at levi stadium. that game will kick off at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. >> sort of reminiscent of the bay bridge series even on that raiders are in the bay.
6:51 am
>> we need a bridge going to this wednesday. the united states men's wheelchair. sorry, my producers tiny something about the men's. yes, this wednesday, the united states men's wheelchair basketball team is going to begin their quest for gold medal. >> in the paralympics in tokyo. jorge sanchez is one of the 12 players representing team usa and he's from the bay area with for chasing 2 months with his story. it's been a lifelong dream for jorge sanchez. >> ready to go out there compete with the best and hope to bring back the gold medal to the bay area sanchez born in oakland raised in dublin is one of the 12 members of the united states paralympic wheelchair basketball team a difficult road but definitely worth i love this sport has given me absolutely everything i have from to tell, you know, a professional career a difficult road is putting it lightly. >> at 8. jorge was diagnosed with bone cancer in his left femur after 6 months of chemo.
6:52 am
his parents gave him a choice keep your leg and have a 50% chance of cancer coming back. >> or have your leg amputated i decided to amputate my leg because i was ready. just to be done with absolutely everything i wanted the cancer to be over with. i was tired of chemotherapy, tired of surgeries. unfortunately, the trauma was not over. the doctor, pulled the skin a little too much and it completely opened up the next day when into like a 2 and a half months home and nearly so i'm not even supposed to be here. so the fact speaking to you know, going to my first olympics. just huge blessing. the recovery was grueling both physically and mentally was very difficult at the mine nice to be very, very shy, very a lot to get out of the house because you know, i would have people stare at me and i would not like that. you know, maybe feel very, very insecure. but then he was introduced a wheelchair ball. that's when i realized like, man, i can. i can possibly go to college, you know, get a full ride which i did. i attend the university of got a full ride scholarship to go there. and then my coaches
6:53 am
like you're going to you know, you're going to be a great play like keep working, keep working. and i just kept working working until i'm 18 usa now the goal is clear. if we win every single game, we accomplish our goal of gold. so we're striving for that. >> that's really cool. that was jason dumas reporting for us this morning. and again, sanchez and his team will be playing on wednesday. we'll be watching. it is 6.53. will be right back.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> 7 o'clock. i you know, i
7:00 am
remember a lot because john was doing more than stretching. it was a full-on. he was doing the cardio let's get right to the weather since he has been so ready for a strike it's a new week. new goals he's the mel dollar air quality is better we can actually they say out there 07:00am hopefully getting out. got good news for years are getting out of bed this morning. air quality is better temperatures going to be comfortable today. so all in all, today's forecast is going to be really nice for venturing back out there. hopefully like you did a little bit yesterday. you look outside right now. does show some gray, but it's not that didn't g smoky who that we had last week. this is some genuine marine layer. we're looking at this morning nevado napa, livermore san jose in mountain view are in the midst, at least in the vicinity of some lower visibility spots, especially in pockets in the mountains and hillsides around these areas. so just do watch for a few areas out there where visibility could be lowered in pockets. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's. so a light jacket kind


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