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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  September 10, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> and it is the finest hour on a friday the finest day and it's fine for another reason. >> the storm seems to have passed through. yes, but boy put on a show last night and early this morning with lightning strikes all around the bay area, especially in the north and east bay's. we saw this video out of santa rosa. we also saw some video 2 out of petaluma as well. pretty much on the same thing and damage. my gosh, a lightning strike. >> basically blew up a tree which landed on a car and a home and we'll take a closer look at that in a minute. right now, we want to take a
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look at where the storm is if it is fully out of here. what, john? yeah, it has moved out of the region, at least most of that energy has shifted out of the bay area. but it was an evening last night, especially for the north bay and portions of the inland east bay. plenty of lightning and some heavy downpours along with it. this was your view in pleasant hill during a predawn courtesy of dan thorn. and you can see some of that lightning there in the distance that was seen much calmer picture now, but still pretty foggy for areas like san francisco. most of the rest of the bay area's cleared out really nicely at this point. san jose, you're sitting under some sunshine at this is a lot of the rest of the bay area. zooming out just a touch. you can see that areas like the cascades and northern sierra are still in the midst of some of that. a lingering convective energy thunderstorm activity. as for the bay area couple of showers hanging out right around the altamont pass and then also just east of rio vista really the rest of us. if anything, it's just a little bit misty out towards the coast with that dense marine there. we've
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seen all over advisories expiring for both the central valley and the bay area. now we just have red flag warnings in effect for the sierra nevada as more and more of that energy ships out of the region so it is arrested. they have to hold. well, it's going to be clear and it's going to be comfortable right now we're in the 50's 60's. and just a few lone 70's out into the inland east bay and later on today at 70's 80's. for most of us. i've got the breakdown on your forecast still to come john, thanks for that traffic today has been far from light. you see multiple accidents. >> earlier, hot spots this morning. looks like chp doing a good job of getting things cleared. you can see here as you're heading from the east bay in city. a little under 90 minutes. we saw no accidents of the bay bridge, but a slick commute in some traffic hazards earlier in the morning as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes. still want to take your time because the bridges are still wet. one o one. we had some accidents here in the last hour. those have since cleared out. i'm seeing some other things start to pop up around the south bay as well. but for now, heading towards
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middle park. it'll to get 39 minutes. 2 8085 in 82. no major delays along 8.80 where we had several accidents and just lower conditions because of the rain you see now drive times up to about 40 minutes as you're traveling towards know. pete is at 2.37 daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot. raise 9. '02. back to the breaking news. our team coverage of the storm that moved through the north bay lightning bolt struck a massive tree causing it to explode. all those pieces came crashing down on a home on cars parked nearby all up in rohnert park kron four's camila barco takes a look. >> we can see some of that damage left behind. the tree was near a home here on becky court. lightning struck that tree and blue branches on the home and across the street. those branches also cracked the windshield of a honda, but it was a truck that got the worst of it. and i didn't like bump. >> lot of it in this way that stick with it from bagel
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rushed out his home thursday night in rohnert park. >> to find that a tree branch stabbed his car's windshield. i never think you're going to >> lightning struck the tree next to his house that fell on his roof and also cracked his hondas windshield. but one that some say will comply what happened. everything just people in the neighborhood came out of their homes to see what happened. some described it as a bomb explosion little bit like i thought it was like it was with the tree blew branches all over the street which left the roadways a not ceable at night. knocked down some power lines and left many people in the dark crews were able to restore electricity before 5 friday morning neighbors helped out vega clean up the mess. he says no one was hurt and isn't too stressed about his car's not not to deal in rohnert park camila barco kron 4 news. >> 9. '04, right now and another big story, new rules for a lot of people at work because of a new federal
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vaccine requirement affecting about 80 million americans. president biden announced employers with more than a 100 workers have to make the workers get vaccinated if they want to go to work or have to provide weekly covid test. kron four's amanda hari has more. >> we're going to protect vaccinated workers, some unvaccinated co-workers. a big announcement from president joe biden and expansive rule will mandate that all employers with more than a 100 workers require them to be vaccinated against covid-19 or tested weekly president biden says many big employers like united airlines, disney and tyson are already doing this. he sounded frustrated by the lack of vaccinations and he's not the only one. we're in the middle of a crisis right now. >> we have the tools.nwe have the technology. we have to use that. we know the science infectious disease expert with ucsf doctor peter chin. hong says this is more than what he expected and he's glad to
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shine involved. employers could be penalized $14,000 if they don't comply. the white house did not say when it would take effect, but workers will have sufficient time to get vaccinated doctor chin-hong hopes this will trickle down to even more workplace. it's somewhat in >> estimate of 80 million so unvaccinated reports show most severe illness and death from covid-19. >> is happening among the unvaccinated doctor chin-hong says we all can have a hand in ending that fashion, which is to talk 2 people you might know are not vaccinated in a non-judgmental way. the vaccine is available for free and the biden administration is trying to minimize the cost of testing. but doctor chin-hong does believe the administration could do even more to convince people to get vaccinated, especially when it comes to transportation to even though the tsa is going
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to double fines to people doing wear mask. i mean, it's very easy and under. >> federal jurisdiction to regulate transportation between states and also from the u.s. other countries. so another maneuver could be requiring vaccinations amanda hari kron 4 news. >> well, back here in the bay area. the delta variant has been impacting intensive care units for one northern california health provider. sutter health. doctors showed kron 4 was like inside their intensive care unit is they treat covid patients. doctors say new patients tend to be younger in recent months. but those who are vaccinated have less severe symptoms. >> here. we would rarely see somebody in their 40's or 30's in the intensive care unit. now it's a common occurrence it's just been a lot difficult and challenging to take care of these families, not just from, you know, a medical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint, it's taking on our staff to take
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care of these people and seeing just how devastating this virus can be to young families and to people all over. >> across the entire center. health care system. more than 450 covid patients are currently being treated 87%. the vast majority are not vaccinated. also happening right now. most indoor businesses in berkeley have to require customers to provide proof of full vaccination against covid the berkeley health department issued a new order in response to a rise in covid cases due to the delta variant the new rule applies to just about all indoor businesses restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, all of them. the vaccination requirement doesn't apply, though, to kids under 12 because, of course they're not eligible yet to get the shot. also by october 15th businesses have to start collecting the vaccination status of their employees. >> for your help this morning. all year long. we're talking about, you know, rolling up your sleeves and getting a covid vaccine. but the regular
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flu season is just around the corner. and doctors say you should get a flu shot for that and they say that it's easy. at many pharmacies coverage. dan kerman has more. with the full-court press to get more people vaccinated for covid-19. >> a reminder that flu season is just around the corner and the flu vaccine is already available at neighborhood pharmacies. >> it's really important to get the flu shot because both getting the flu, but also if you do get it the case you have might be a lot more. >> mild. doctor scott smith, kaiser redwood city's chief of infectious disease says other has yet to be an outbreak in california. everyone age 6 months and older should get the vaccine as soon as they can. he says there should be no fear its effectiveness will run out before the end of flu season your flu shot doesn't suddenly expire at 6 months. it will continue to give you immunity and. >> as soon as you get the flu shot 2 weeks later
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approximately, we estimate that you have good immunity. and that does last even beyond the flu season. doctor smith also says those dew for a covid vaccine can get both at the same time. it was the case that we used to have to separate covid vaccine with any other vaccine. now the recommendations to do them conveniently together or needed, you know, within 2 weeks before after a covid shot it doesn't matter. in addition to the vaccine. doctor smith says. >> there are additional measures you can take to protect yourself. >> we learned from last year because we had so few cases of flu that that protective measures we took for covid social distancing masking and hand washing and so on. really helped diminish flu cases in so you know. >> we do the same or can the stay home from work and for feeling a little bit ill that
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would actually go a long way towards diminishing the flu in the community in general. so the bottom line from doctors get your flu vaccine as soon as you can before that first outbreak arrives. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> well, skies are clearing out for a lot of the bay area. now there's some fog closer to the coastline. but brightness now working its way back out sfo after some lingering showers earlier this morning. those have since passed. and it really is going to be just a cooler here afternoon ahead heizer warmest only in the 80's your forecast. >> and we're also seeing a lot of improvement along our highways and our bridges after the morning we saw multiple accidents out on our roadways while a look at closer we get back from break.
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is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> 9.14 right now. and so many ways i was not prepared for the rain. not only did i recognized the sound, but then i realized i don't have an umbrella all my stuff is out. everything is wet now. you know, somebody had warned you that there was a >> there's only way we could have known yesterday. john, if somebody just told us yesterday morning. let's 50 out of it and that will helpful. okay. i in the back. you said 30% chance which
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annulled those are just. >> it was friend. that's why don't you percentage haha. i hate giving percent. but it really did come down a lot for some pockets out there. daria you are one of those areas. the bubble did not come through for you now that we are looking outside at conditions this morning really cleared up. >> and really cleared up quickly. look at this. this is right above the cloud cover that is just push right into san francisco. some nice blue skies. this is what we're going to be looking forward to later today in those areas that haven't quite yet cleared out yet. most of us are in that clearing process. now, any sort of shower activity has worked its way out of the picture. couple of lingering sprinkles around the altamont pass and things really calming down for the bay area as far as advisories go to. if you look at the very far right of your screen. you can see red flag warnings up there in the sierra nevada ours here in the bay area have since expired for well over an hour now for most areas futurecast shows those showers do remain in the
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sierra for a bit longer until 11:00am red flag warning stay in effect. rest of us in the bay area. what we're looking at dry skies the rest of the day and now we get to enjoy what's behind this low pressure and cold front which as you'd expect to be some cooler air. in addition to that, some better air quality 2 were in the green. good air quality across the board for coastal bayside and inland areas. all of us going to be right around the same. today's daytime highs in the 60's for san francisco in spots along the coastline. well, temperatures in the 70's to 80's elsewhere. you're not going to find a single 90 in today's 4 zone forecast. what a nice way to kick off the weekend. today we got the thunderstorms out of the way last night. crews are going to be keeping a close eye on those hills, making sure they don't see the smoke a rising up from them after so much lightning last night. but as long as we're good in that regard. we should be in for a really pleasant weekend. a nice change of pace from the hot and hazy stuff that we got through earlier this week, tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's and
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sunday, monday and tuesday will be a warm up but nothing like we had been seeing with triple digits earlier these past few days, wednesday and thursday we cool things write that down back into the 80's to end this week. reyna tom, thanks. that started in the south bay where we do have a new accident just popped up. >> but it's not nearly as bad as the ones we saw earlier one oh, one southbound at mckee road and the south bay as you're traveling to menlo park. 33 minutes a little uptick in traffic because of that traffic collision. now to 8085 82 have not looked as bad as one o one. all this morning traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 17 minutes. so things are looking much better. we got up to about 22 minutes. we have stalled vehicle and a very slick bridge across the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge as well. a little under 14 mil for your drive time. there. look at the golden gate about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city. you can see that fog starting to set in just a bit. and that's where that accident is located here in the south bay southbound one. oh, one at the key wrote sorry. james, back to you. thanks a lot. rates.
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9.17 and tomorrow will be 20 years to the day since the deadly act of terrorism, the most deadly is that we've ever had on us soil which was, of course, 9.11 thousands died on that day. the heroes who battled the tariffs on flight 93 among them. >> that's that flight that was headed to san francisco kron four's rob fladeboe spoke with the mother and close friend of one of those heroes deaurra boldly and she was heading back to college in the bay area. >> when the plane was hijacked. >> 20 year-old deaurra bodley was intent on making a difference in this world. and by all accounts she did just that on 9.11. says her mother, deborah boards a plane. so they know exactly what was going on. >> they knew exactly what they were getting into. >> after visiting friends on the east coast deaurra was heading home to california. she was flying standby and united airlines flight 93 which crashed into a field near shanksville, pennsylvania, but not before do and the other passengers
9:19 am
heroically battled the hijackers and forced the plane down saving untold lives you know, they took this on. >> is they have big lives that they are living and they want to continue to live those big lies and they were willing to do whatever it would take for them to continue to get home. go on their vacation would ever it was that they were doing in the moment as well as these big lives that they they were willing to give their life for that. >> a junior majoring in french in child psychology at santa clara university. the euro grew up in san diego. finally recalling her passion for helping others was close friend in high school classmate greg chi ling. there's >> some sense of humanity and her nashi shared with people that was just infectious. 20 years later, chi ling is an ambassador for dior is memory as he raises money for the
9:20 am
flight 93 memorial and remains in awe of her courage and what he sees as an early victory in the war on terror. and if you look back, there's been several attempts for people trying to blow up planes since 9.11 and they have failed miserably in doing that because the passengers and returned them and they learn that from our heroes on 93 she's forgiven. those who murdered the aura. but debbie never stops thinking about what might have been. >> but i think if these past 20 years, i wonder. no wonder what would she be doing. you know, what would her children to be like her husband. where would her career be. i mean, she was truly out there for other people. she wasn't just doing this for herself. debbie, sometimes wonders whether deaurra was somehow meant to be on flight 93. >> she gave her life fighting for something she had often said would be her legacy. her
9:21 am
biggest wish, of course, and minds who is here peace on this planet. so she has a quoted her as we all found it in her journal. people >> what where when, why. how? >> i ask keys. >> rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> and a programming reminder that this saturday, kron 4 will be hosting an half hour special 9.11 anniversary special that begins at 10:30pm saturday night. join us as we look back over the last 20 years. it's 9.21 right now. and you might notice that we're wearing purple today. it's not a coincidence. we are acknowledging world. >> suicide prevention day. it's wear purple day to bring attention to this world health crisis. really it is in fact the world health organization says that every year more than 700,000 people die by suicide, which means that about every 40 seconds. someone somewhere on this world.
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>> takes her own life you are thinking about suicide. if you know someone who is. >> there's a number to call for help 24 7. it's available to you 800, 2, 7, 3, talk. there's also a crisis text line. and that is 7, 4, 1, 7, 4, 1, text. >> i home. >> at aix or home december. once everyone. and you'll be able to get help to help you need maybe help someone save a need maybe help someone save a life. we'll be right back. (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love. my heart doesn't pump enough blood so my doctor gave me farxiga. it helps my heart do its job better. farxiga helps keep me living life and out of the hospital for heart failure. do not take if allergic to farxiga. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. stop taking and seek medical help right away. tell your doctor right away if you have red color in urine or pain while you urinate, or a genital area infection since a rare but serious genital infection may be life-threatening. do not take farxiga
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>> well, facebook apparently teaming up with the sunglass company to bring in the new next wave of high-tech glasses. and there's a new speaker device to that could help people work from home. we've got rich demuro with more in today's tech smart. facebook is teaming up with ray ban for a pair of high tech sunglasses. the smart glasses are called ray ban stories because they include a camera and microphone so you can capture short videos and photos to share on social media. >> the glasses way. just a few grams. more than standard sunglasses, but they also have built-in speakers. you can take calls and listen to music. a companion app called facebook view will let you upload content captured on the glasses to any social network, not just facebook and instagram. the sunglasses start at $299. they are similar to what snapchat introduced several years ago called spectacles logitech is making work from home a bit easier with a new speaker phone. doc, the law g doc works with google meet
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microsoft teams and zoom it lets you connect up to 5 usb devices to monitors and charge your laptop all the same time, there are also buttons that let you join meetings mute the mike and toggle your video on and off instantly when it's time for a meeting lights on the dock flash to alert you the device will be available later this year for $400. good news for pet owners. the latest roomba can now avoid pet waste. the irobot roomba j 7. plus is the company's top of the line vacuum. it comes packed with new features that make it smarter with every use like remembering the rooms that cleans and wear furniture is. but perhaps the most important new feature. it can avoid cords and pet droppings. so, you know, they're not distributed across the floor or carpet. the device even comes with a new pet owner official promise or p o o p which says the company will replace any room but j 7 plus that doesn't avoid solid pet
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waste. wonder if you have to send back the old one that could get quite messy. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart because if i have a pilot in the living room. i don't want it picked up. >> around their house. maybe they're not you forget sometimes dogs can be very close him. okay. then in that case i want the room pick up the po don't avoid the polls. but what if the room but doesn't quite get it. now you've got. a trail of you don't want, you know what this is a problem that needed solving. thank brake problem is the dog will take a break. coming up next to the kron 00:00am morning news. >> i 27 the drought is making a severe impact in the north bay. in fact, now we're in is considering imposing fines for people who waste water tell you what we know about that so far.
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only at metro by t-mobile. >> 30 right now. and we're taking a look here at sfo pretty gray background. there looks sunny and fun. it is sunny and front. doesn't look like the tarmac. the runways are wet anymore like they probably where this morning we did have some showers coming down. yes. and it was a good reminder for you to get new blades on the wind chill to sound like that. i think we're probably still a way before have to get serious about that, right. no major rain on the horizon. obviously james never they like they were in haha.
9:31 am
>> you know, i think that was probably the case for a few other people to its been months and months and she needed him anyways. so it may have been a little bit of a shock to be like, wow. it actually did rain a little bit. >> and that lightning that came down is the reason why we had snow high fire danger last night. obviously the rain helps a little bit with that. but at the end of the season like this. we've been dry for so long. there is obvious concern after such a night full of lightning strikes you look outside at our center tower cam this morning showing the transition occurring from a wet evening last night and morning to a much drier and sunnier day ahead of us. we have a condensed marine layer right there along the coastline. but what you're not really seeing as much if any shower activity hanging out for the bay area anymore. and because of that, all the red flag warnings we have left are up in the sierra nevada. all of them have since expired here in the bay area. the rest of the day is calm and it's going to be really clear and comfortable actually, too 50's and 60's for most of our current temperatures. brent, what you've been the standout all morning long and you still are sitting at 77 berkeley,
9:32 am
san francisco and timber on in the 50's. well, conquered super nice right now. great weather for a jog at 66 degrees. just watch for those puddles this morning. reyna. john, thanks for that. we'll start with the golden gate bridge. let's look at our community here. a little under. >> 20 minutes for a drive time. as you can see, little pockets of fog. that's not slowing a stand. if they up to 25 minutes last time i checked in the bay bridge pretty nice will mean not super light, but we're up to about 22 minutes earlier at the traffic, all the way back to the foot of the maze. now we're seeing some improvement. people were just driving a little slower today because of that rain that you saw this morning. a little under 20 minutes for your commute into the city, headed across towards the peninsula. no major issues. a little under 14 minutes. let's head to the south bay. we had several accidents down here. looks like things are finally clearing up 30 minutes traveling towards low part 2 to no major delays. still a little slowing along 8.80 darya. james, back to you. thanks. run. it's 9.30 to come
9:33 am
for a general election headquarters. president biden is going to be campaigning with governor newsome against the recall. >> on monday. but there's a group called rescue california and they are on tour as well. they went to the state capitol and ashley zavala takes a look at what they said. >> rescue. california is not endorsing any single candidate on the ballot, but they are endorsing a yes on the recall. the group is urging voters to pick someone knew anyone but newsome regardless of the high-profile politicians he's campaigning with. >> well, he's campaigning with professional politicians. we're campaigning with real people who have experienced real problems and to demand real solutions recall organizing group rescue california stopping by the state capitol thursday urging voters to remove governor newsom from office. the group campaigning alongside crime victims and business owners impacted by governor newsom's policies and pandemic-related shutdowns, including restaurant owner angela marsden were not movie stars and not one person is getting paid to be here. we're doing
9:34 am
this because we have suffered. >> at the hands of this governor and the owner of the san francisco salon where nancy pelosi was caught getting her hair done against local and state pandemic rules last year. i again never thought that i would be here talking about this. i. literally thought i would lose my one from an earthquake. they never it would be from extreme leftist politics. want to thank you from the body while further south in the central valley at a rally in fresno. governor newsome said president joe biden will join him on the campaign trail because his national agenda is on the ballot. i think. >> it's profoundly significant. what happens here in the state to the broader agenda. i think it will have an impact on the 20 22 elections in mid terms. >> they don't know what's going on in california. mark last is he's a registered democrat and voted for biden. he says the high-profile democrats that are supporting newsome sit on a pedestal. thousands of miles away. recall organizers say they consider the president's visit a win for the people supporting the recall. we won.
9:35 am
we made our point and no matter what happens on tuesday. we aren't going away. so speaking of the campaign trail, both governor gavin newsome and recall replacement front running candidate larry elder have yet to make stops in the state's capital city. >> it's unclear if either have plans to do so at state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news and our coverage of the recall election continues online. if you scan this qr code, it will take you to the special spot on kron 4 dot com. or you can read all about the candidates. the facts. >> and the key dates. >> let's go to the east bay now where thoughts and prayers continue pouring in for ashley ds. the school crossing guard that was killed in lafayette. he was 45 years old, lost his life, protecting children from an oncoming car. it happened after school let out at stanley middle school. the u.s. was working just his second day on the job as a crossing guard when he was pinned underneath the car after pushing some children out of the way. >> we had this big belly laugh and he was able to see the bright side of things. it is
9:36 am
no surprise to me that he died doing something so noble and what could be more noble than saving a bunch of children getting in touch with people and talking about him and crying and then and then laughing about some memories. and yeah, it's just it's all over the place. >> one child was also hurt in that accident. but that child is going to be ok, the driver is reportedly cooperating with police and so far prosecutors haven't said publicly who the driver is or whether that driver will face charges. but we'll keep following the story. meanwhile, san francisco police are teaming up with community leaders to stop hate crimes against asian americans and pacific islanders. the sfpd is taking part in the yellow whistle program that community leaders launched earlier this year. that program provides whistles to those that have been targeted so that they can call for help if they're being harassed or attacked. leaders say the color yellow was chosen because it traditionally indicate spring and hope and optimism. but in
9:37 am
some portions of america has been weaponized against asians as the color of xenophobia. mayor london breed and attorney general rob bonta discussed the surge in violence against the asian american community. >> to address hate crimes at their core. we need buy in from local community support from law enforcement and a commitment from all levels of government. >> well, the whistles are now available at all. 10 sfpd district stations for those who'd like them. >> it's 9 37. and in the north bay better. watch how much water you use because water managers and ring county are now talking about finding people who use too much water. they originally asked customers to reduce their water usage by 30% and that's well, they said 40%. but the locals only reach 30%. so they need him to up their game and they're sinking that they might have to say if you can't save water, we're going to
9:38 am
have to collect money and that's not what they want to do. >> we're looking at trying to come up with something that effectively gets people's attention we don't really want to clip about it. we want to have the water savings. >> all marin county customers are assigned. to one of 4 tiers based on their water usage from the previous summer or winter and under the plan that they're looking at. anybody in tears 2, 3, 4, who exceed their allotted amount of water. they could be fined for what they go over the border. still figure out how much those fines of be. >> well, this morning it started with some rain and some thunder and now we're on for some crystal clear skies later on today and the most comfortable weather the week. look at those blue skies up above and the fog in the distance from sfo combo of what we've got going on right now. fog closer to the coast and sunshine are turning elsewhere 60's, 70's and 80's for your daytime highs. i can think of a worse range of
9:39 am
numbers talking more about a nice start to the weekend and your forecast. >> and a busy start to your friday morning commute. things are finally starting to clear up. looks like we just had another accident ♪ ♪ fall together with lowe's. to find great values this season. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler.
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when a truck hit my son, refill most prescriptions i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 9.41 is the time firefighters say that the lightning and the winds that we've seen overnight are doing them any favors as they continue to battle some of the state's largest wildfires, the dixie fire, the biggest of
9:42 am
them all is burning north of paradise. it is still burning in parts of 5 counties. we have some updated numbers to share with you. it's now grown in size to 950,000 acres getting closer and closer to that million acre. mark, it is 59% contained. unfortunately, that number has not changed in lassen county. several evacuation orders and warnings have been downgraded. and more than 600 homes have been destroyed. speaking of warnings being downgraded. more evacuation orders have been reduced to warnings in the caldor fire area where that's burning in el dorado county. but authorities are warning people that if they're coming back to do a very careful the fire is at 53% contained right now with flames have burned more than 218 1000 acres. so it is still getting bigger, but at a much slower pace, more than 700 homes have been destroyed. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.45 right now. and before you head out the door. let's take a peek. i know that i was scrambling to find an umbrella which i did not find yeah. i'm looking for you. you won't have that you don't need no need anymore. looks like pretty much job. >> look at this now. definitely don't need an umbrella and a block out the at this point. we're pretty clear doubt it is a nice rest of the day. honestly ahead of us. your nor cal on the weather center forecast showed
9:46 am
age thunderstorm that rainy night last night. and now one of our most beautiful friday as we've had in awhile. crystal clear skies up above and not looking at haze in the distance. good air quality across the board. rain and a cold front really helps with that smoke situation. you can see outside on radar. we've come down for the bay area. we certainly are going to be keeping a close eye horizon lines, especially on mountains across the north and east bay after last night's lightning because even with the rain that came along with it. we still do see that potential is so much dry brush. maybe a spark could spark up something out there. but honestly, it was so good to see that rain coming along with that. that certainly helps the situation up in the sierra nevada. we still do have a couple of isolated thunderstorms popping up in the sierra is really the only region of the state where we are seeing any sort of red flag warnings remaining those of all since expired for the bay area. now, as for future cast, there's your thunderstorms still existing up in the sierra nevada. you notice it's very quiet for the bay. lots of sunshine. a little cloud cover remains at
9:47 am
the coast, even into the afternoon. but a really, really gorgeous day ahead of us. we're now just going to enjoy what is behind this cold front, which is that cooler air and certainly much cleaner air quality, good conditions across the board across the bay area easy day to get out there, breathe deeply and just enjoy. what's going to be a nice feel to it. 60's for highs in san francisco in right along the coastline. those of us along the bay will enjoy a range of 70's today and then some 80's at are very warmest for our inland areas san jose right at 80 degrees today. we've got livermore 84 hayward in the meantime, it's 71 in oakland at a nice cool. 70 degrees. antioch 85 in our warmest spot today being vacaville 87 antioch. you're not far behind at 86 petaluma in mill valley each in the 70's. let's get you a look ahead in our next 7 days. so today into tomorrow. our some of our coolest of the weekend. at least sunday. we do warm up inland back into the 90's and will stay that way through tuesday. but nothing excessively warm and we cool back down right away into
9:48 am
wednesday and thursday. a much calmer forecast to with clear skies and dry conditions through the weekend and into next week. reyna down the that well, we had a busy start to our morning and we still have some problems spots out there, but it does look much better. >> right here. southbound one of the key role. you have a vehicle collision and a car fire some sorts. and you're just seeing a slight delay along one. oh, one out here in seminole southbound south of a dry day road, an accident popping up and say you are seeing a delay along southbound lanes are still open. just one of them impact that the air in redwood city one. oh, one northbound south with tsai wrote there. and as you're seen, no major delays. things are still pretty greener. heading into the city from the east bay a little under 21 drive time still consistently higher than they normally are. but we're not seeing the accidents are hazards. there. we had a wet slick bridge earlier. there's still some slippery spots. the richmond center fell commute. as you head to richmond a little under 8 minutes for you and heading across towards the
9:49 am
peninsula. you can make that drive and under 13 darya james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. 9.48 right now. and it's the weekend. so there may be some new movies opening not that it matters for right now. i'm in a wash on cheap again, a great trip reviews. a few new movies that may surprise you. >> this is it starts. just a fleeting thought. you might want a piece of what i'm going to do. what is that? so think straight. >> it doesn't matter to me if you did something bad in your past. >> by far the best movie of the week, if not one of the best of the year so comes to the polls. schrader directed the card counter. oscar isaac four-time oscar nominee willem defoe and comedian tiffany haddish beautifully spreading her wings in 2 dramatic territory. it's a compelling revenge thriller about a mysterious loner card shark travel for the smaller casinos circuit with the system and a routine that he follows call for collecting his cash and sleeping off to the next small
9:50 am
town. only this card player also has a mysterious guilt ridden history which is seeking justice dating back to when he was a soldier in iraq. the card counter work so well because of combination of its multilevel storytelling and spot on direction that pulls you into the story and in great performances that are likely to be noticed come amiah wartime. and you've got a winner in this dean's list. b plus in theaters only take hand from director james wan up the conjuring and insidious comes his latest what he calls a new kind of horror movie the pregnant heroine of this movie played by annabel wallace is an abused wife who suffers visions of violent murders. >> following a home invasion and murder of her own husband who or what caused that murder and divisions is what powers this very blood-splattered story seed in theaters and on hbo. yes, 60 nicole. she
9:51 am
>> need to do. >> who you want >> based on the hit west end musical comes the screen version of everybody's talking about jamie about a british teen who dreams of life on stage in particular as a fierce and proud drag with full blown song and dance throughout its another coming of age story about being true to yourself despite not having 100% love and support from the people around you. it's a dean's list b on amazon prime video in documentaries this week. there's blood brothers featuring never before seen interviews and footage. the extraordinary friendship and ultimate falling out between muhammad ali and malcolm x. it's new on netflix. and the 20th anniversary of 9/11/2000. one comes the film adaptation. >> the tony award-winning musical come from away true story about how a small town
9:52 am
in canada. welcome 38 flights and 7,000 people when planes were grounded following the attack. it's a story of caring and hope now on apple tv plus, as always, you can get my movie reviews and home video picks sent right to your phone's every week. >> just text the word dean to 9, 7, 9, 9, 9, hope you have a great weekend in chicago and dean richards i on that play. i saw that years ago and it's really uplifting. okay. really great play. and now you can see it from your living so how great is that? got some options this weekend. >> we'll take a break as we go to break, though, another reminder that september is hunger action month want to get the word out that we need your help. we partner with feed america to help and food insecurity and we put together that qr code on your screen to scan that. that will take you right to some information on how you can donate to local food charities and you can also watch all month long as we take opportunities to highlight local organizations that are doing good works and
9:53 am
making a difference in our community to n. >> hunger in security. food insecurity will be right back. you know when you're at ross, ooh! and the fall finds are everything? and those brands at those prices are everywhere? okay, yes! that's yes for less! bring on the fall looks you've been waiting for with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! when a truck hit my car, with the best bargains ever... the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! >> 9.55 almost time to hang it up for the weekend here the couple morning news, but they never stop on kron-on. catherine heenan is standing by in the newsroom with a preview. hi, catherine behind daria, thanks for reminding us. yes, it is friday. another bay area city is following san francisco's lead and requiring proof of a covid vaccination and that will be for most
9:56 am
indoor businesses. kron, on's charles clifford is heading to berkeley. he'll get details and what it means for business owners and for customers and to see that report and to get real time news update. you can scan this qr code. we'll take you right to your app and you can download kron-on free back to you. thanks a lot, catherine. francisco giants are now 2 and a half games up on the dodgers in the nl west because the dodgers one as they face the cubs on the road. >> and the last time 2 teams played each other in june. the giants won the series and let's hope for more first pitch today is at 1120. >> this morning. it's an early one. yeah, we have to so that's the way we like to increase our leaders by not playing and having the dodgers lose and the nfl opener last night with the big game. tommy and tampa bay. >> beat the cowboys. but we're waiting for the forty-niners to kick off their first game on the road sunday morning so route them off planet and
9:57 am
what's the weather going to like this weekend like this. a lot of out there. we saw the lingering cloud cover sitting down below, though. but today is actually going to be absolutely gorgeous guys. what a change from last 80's inland 70's by the bay tomorrow. a little bit of cloud cover, especially during the morning similar temperatures. >> warm up briefly then cool down again so we don't need the i mean, i couldn't find the umbrella. i wasn't ready. i didn't listen to you yesterday, but now i don't need get it out for one day. and by the time we get it out. it's going to be have a good weekend. have a good one.
9:58 am
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