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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  September 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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election headquarters in as the voting continues. now it. >> 5.30. the state's second recall election of the century is starting to wrap up. good recalls, though, become more common in our political future. well, joining us now is professor of political science at stanford university. bruce cain. >> good evening. sir. this is an interesting topic to take on this auspicious occasion. on on a cost basis. this this recall has has cost millions
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of dollars. the governor's term is up. and what about 15 months. makes sense to do recalls like this. >> what don't think so. recent poll that we did at stanford suggested that people are in favor of several possible reform measures that will make it harder to put something on the ballot the way it's been done. typically by raising signatures war by having the governor serve until we have a second election so there's no question the recall is getting used in a way that wasn't true. earlier our history. professionalization. i think of politics and the fact that people can make money by running these types of elections. >> so if we were to change how recalls work from a practical standpoint, what would that involve in, do you think there
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is enough motivation in that direction. to actually see something transpire. >> i think there will be more motivation this time. then there was in 2000, 3 and the reason is that when arnold schwarzenegger. one, he actually had more votes than gray davis. and in fact, if you find all the republican votes they far exceeded what graded scott. but what we had in this situation was the possibility that larry helped her would become governor with about 28 or 29% of the vote. even if great even the governor newson and with 49 or 48% when the recall. so i think people realize now what a you an to be have and that something has to be done to fix that because its way to anti democratic. >> so recalls have a purpose, though. i mean, if you have some up person in office, too, is really off the rails. you
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know, cropped or even crazy. i mean, there has to be a way to correct system and that, you know, i'm sure someone out cracked. i mean, so is it just a refinement of the recall process and and and having different standards or what what do you recommend. >> i think you're absolutely right. people want to keep the recall because there are situations in which people are corrupt incompetent or unable to really to do that, to function to their jobs. and one of the reforms that people are in favor of been potentially could be away. we go his to put actual explicit reasons for recall into law. we're into the constitution. i think that still leaves the problem that the peculiar way that we do it's such that we split the ballot between the recall and then the replacement candidates still leaves a democratic problem.
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but it would certainly help to have much more explicit grounds on which we could say recalls necessary. we can also say that it should only be done in the first 2 years. so there are a lot of different possibilities that would make it more sensible. but you're absolutely right. people do not want to get rid of the recall. >> as an analyst to what is your take on the way. the past few months have played out and what do you see happening this evening. >> the most interesting thing, of course, is early on it looked like this was going to be very close race and it may still be, but all the recent polling suggests that has democrats became aware of what this mechanism was as it became aware of what larry elder's positions were on issues. and i think the texas decision on abortion. i think all those things mobilize people and send a signal california wasn't going to go in that direction. i think the
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problem that we're going to be dealing with is that we're not going to know the final number again for at least a week and possibly much longer because of these absentee ballots. and i think we're going to hear a lot. we already have of the same allegations that we saw after the 2020 presidential election about the that this is fraudulent and that the that the democrats, she did that the republicans really want to, even though on the face of it. it seems implausible in the state that is 2 to one democratic. >> professor. you just answer the question that i was going to pose. it seems that that's the new playbook. if i'm the loser doesn't like the results they blame it you know, a rigged election. is that we can see more of that going forward. >> i think for a while i think in the end it becomes such a ludicrous charge it will dissipate, but i will say this. the republican party has
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been on the subject of fraud now for more than a decade. almost 2 decades. so it got worse when we moved to the convenience voting because convenience voting is not done under the auspices of poll workers and there are a lot of concerns and lot of different rules in different states about absentee ballots. so if you come from a state, we have to get you know, and author, air inserted certification that you actually signed the ballot. you're going to look at california. think it's way too loose if you're in a state where you're not allowed to harvest the ballot to 3rd parties, not allowed to collect the ballots. you're in a look at california's rules and say those are 2 loose. and so i think some what people are calling fraud is they look at the california system and think its way to open. but that's, you know, again, all of our studies, governmental studies and academic studies. have never seen any instances of massive fraud either by convenience voting or in-person voting in the
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polling booth. you find instances here and there were people trying to cheat, but there's no evidence of massive voting today. >> we're not all republicans are pushing this narrative that elections are rigged if their candidate loses or if if they lose, if they're on the ballot. but it doesn't seem like really any democrats are trying steer the narrative in that direction. do you think that the republican party as a whole in this country. risks disenfranchising some of their voters having republican voters stop turning out. stop voting if they continue to push that line of thinking. >> yeah. it happened in the senate races in georgia, the by the legitimizing the election. there were a number of trump supporters several participate in this process of its project. but on the other hand, i want to say on democrats are not immune to this kind of thing. if you go
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back to the 2000 election. there was a lot of paranoia about. the maker of the voting machines. and we had to change our laws to hard copies available precisely because of the same fear that that the you know, the voting machines have been raid on part of a republican owner of the company. so i i don't think paranoia simply is on the right that happens at this moment in time to be much stronger and the right. but the thing switch back and forth and by the way, in the new york city election. >> erica adams you know that the leading candidate was concerned that the ranked choice voting that they adopted was going to cheat him. and so he he was ready to call fraud if he had lost. this is just the nature of politics. people don't like to lose. >> and you can find sore losers all over the spectrum. but right now the republican party's leading the league you know, trying to perpetrate this kind you know, cute for
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why they lose ok, well. fascinating thank you so much for taking your time to discuss all >> issues with us, professor of political science at stanford university, a professor bruce cain. have a good evening, sir. >> coming up, a month since the counter fire and 2 months since the dixie fire we're tracking firefighters progress against the flames. plus, there are new efforts in the nation's capital to protect voting rights with. they hope to accomplish with some adjusted legislation. >> and is it too early for holiday shopping. the newest apple products hitting the shelves just in time to end up under the tree. the latest under the tree. the latest updates to their products. ♪ ♪ ♪ under the tree. the latest updates to their products. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> apple introduced new products this morning during its big streaming event. take a look. this is the iphone 13. it has a flat aluminum frame a bigger screen with a smaller notch and faster chip. it also features improved cameras. there's also a pro version. it will come in 5 colors. apple also unveiled a new ipad and upgraded ipad mini. both have improved cameras that can support the center stage feature found previously only on the ipad pro the apple watch series. 7 was also just introduced. it features a larger screen has better durability and they say you can charge it faster apple also issuing an emergency
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update to fix a huge security flaw in its iphones, watches and computers. >> a watchdog organization found a bug that lets hackers infected iphone or other device through the high message app even a single click. the spyware can access a person's camera there. microphone calls texts and more without the user's knowledge for as long as 6 months. newest update is version. 14.8 apple is also adding more security features to another update comin- up later this year. kr
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>> in the media army right now that scattered in costa mesa for larry elder's victory party tonight. yes, larry elder is holding a victory party ktla is chris wolfe been covering the front running challenger hoping to unseat gavin newsom and he joins us now live from the hilton hotel in costa mesa. chris. >> hey, vicki and grant. that's right. larry elder is so optimistic he's planning this victory party already right here at this hotel. he hit the campaign trail all day yesterday making stops across southern california. this was his final stop last night where he actually had a rally last night. we were here. take a look. take a listen. good. our one on one with california
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gubernatorial candidate larry elder was interrupted when a supporter so excited to see him tripped on a curb and felt. >> he embraced her and made sure she was ok and both forged ahead with a rally at a hotel in costa mesa. the 2 of them serving as examples of determination really, really the reason i'm bringing in the heavy lumber. obama. >> bernie sanders, senator warren of all to commercials for him coming here is wait in plos. he's waiting because they're scared to death. they know that i'm going to break that jet. i mind trick that democrats have had over black and brown voters. the latest polls suggest newsome is in a good position to defeat republican challengers, however, voters who want to unseat him have 46 other choices. >> elder is by far the front runner among the challengers. he believes the new some camp has a weak argument. they say is that a republican takeover. they have a lot of these magic words. >> gavin newsom done a fine job for the people of california because they can't. so i don't put a whole lot of stock in the polls. all i know is that people are mad.
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2 million people signed a petition to have been recalled. >> the 69 year-old conservative radio talk show host energized supporters inside the hotel calling newsome an abject failure for the golden state with poor fire water and power management declining business and education. next, a skyrocketing crime homelessness housing prices and cost of living. >> 20,000 convicted felons released during coronavirus early. many of them violent offenders. >> larry elder says he believes this recall election is all about voter turnout. he says if we turn out the votes, we will win his victory party is set for 07:00pm, although we do not expect him to speak to all of his supporters until later on in the evening and we will be here with you throughout the evening live in coastal mesa. i'm chris wolfe. back to you.
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>> all right, chris, we will be back to you for sure. and to our wildfire coverage. now, today marks one month since the caldor fire first sparked up in eldorado county. and since then, the flames spread into alpine amador counties and thousands had to evacuate the caldor fire has burned more than 219,000 acres. it is 68% contained cal-dor has destroyed more than 1000 buildings while damaging almost a 100 more 5 people have been injured. several evacuation orders are still in effect today. also marks 2 months since the dixie fire started on july 14th. the second largest fire in state history has spread to 5 counties burning more than 960,000 acres. more than 1300 buildings which include much of the town of greenville were destroyed by dec say the fire is now 75% contained tonight. investigators still trying to determine exactly what started that fire. september is hunger action month and is part of
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our parent company next. star's feeding america initiative. we are focusing on the good work being done at the alameda county community food bank and people of really relied on its services during the pandemic, especially. but it's come forcefully all reports tonight. >> the food bank is experiencing a shortage of volunteers sand. they say there's real concern that that could lead to disruptions in food distribution. >> for several months now and every tuesday this group 17 volunteers donate their time and efforts to the alameda county community food bank in oakland, sorting and packaging. food for more than 400,000 county residents were food and secure and depend on the organizations services. it just make sure soul. bill light and happy. audrey curbow has been showing up since november. you can wake up every day and know that you're doing something that's giving back and helping. >> somebody in problem is the food bank needs more people like archery and liz leads a great place you need to fit.
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>> 50 people in here and still have plenty room and 50 volunteers would be considered a full shift. but in recent months food bank spokesperson fest says as people have returned to work while their kids have gone back to school volunteer ships have consistently drawn less than half what is needed to keep the operation running smoothly we're very concerned and without volunteer support the work slows down. we can't get food out the door as fast as we need to. things light before great catch them, dancing and having a good time. >> and doing so safely. it's understandable some people may be concerned for their health during the pandemic. that offense as protocols are in place to keep everyone healthy. the last thing we want to do >> any issues here. we might have to shut down. so. sanitation mass game distance. and it's all been a very stringent part of our operation. i hope we get more volunteers i'm surprised we
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have so few. hopefully help is on the way in oakland. philippe djegal kron 4 news scan. this qr code on your screen for information on how to donate to the food bank in alameda county and watch all month long as we highlight month long as we highlight local organizations making after my car accident, month long as we highlight local ori wondered whating my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> vicki and grant. jeff was in the middle of cancer treatments when he caught the virus and truly thought as he put it, he was getting close to the pearly jeff posted this handwritten update. explain that back in january. he and his wife season caught covid. >> the 71 year-old actor previously announced he was fighting lymphoma and his immune system was already low. so quote, my dance with covid makes cancer look like a piece of cake. he spent 5 weeks in the icu in tremendous pain the good minds, this will not stand. you know, this aggression will not stand man. similar to the laid-back dude in the big lebowski. jeff remained positive. he beat the virus but still needed oxygen to move his only goal was to get healthy enough to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day in dance with her without an oxygen tank. and guess what? and there's good news. his cancer is in remission. his 9 by 12 masses shrunk to the size of a marble. jeff credits low for
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pulling him through it's the same kind of positivity. he's been telling us about since 1988. i think that's the way too. >> to address left to be optimistic and look for the good thing. >> look, i hope to see him on the red carpet again soon. speaking of tonight on e t were at the met gala with j lo reanna kim k newly engaged kate hudson billie eilish so many stars will be breaking it all down the fashion, the couple's the in speier looks there's almost too much to talk about. but we'll have it all for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. all right. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us this hour. but stick around. a lot more is ahead on kron 4 news at 6 is weak cover. everything about the recall election team coverage across the state as governor newsom. >> is trying to keep his job. the polls close in just about 2 hours from now. we're live all night as the results start to come in and we'll have live reports from campaign headquarters from all the front runners in this election and reaction from both parties as we learn if governor newsom will stay in office.
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>> kron 4 news is live until 11:30pm tonight will be right back after the break.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6.
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>> now it's 6 voting is under way on this recall election day as californians decide the political fate of governor gavin newsom. the governor is fighting to keep his job as his leading political opponent is he did enough to take it away. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus panic and will be here later tonight. >> voters have been flooding into the polls all day today making sure their votes are counted and experts say it's going to all come down to turnout. governor newsom is leading in the most recent polls. the latest inside california politics emerson college poll shows 60% of likely voters astor against removing him from office voters were also asked if he is recalled who should replace the governor, conservative radio talk show host larry elder is way out in front when it comes to governor newsom's challengers. he's getting about 30% of those surveyed saying they would pick him and he's followed by john drake. kevin paffrath, kevin faulk there and


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