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tv   KRON 4 News Election Special  KRON  September 14, 2021 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> kron 4 news your local election headquarters. >> good evening, everybody. welcome to kron four's coverage of tonight's recall election. i'm catherine heenan. we're about and our way from the polls closing across the state and the recall election of governor newsome. we have team coverage. it will be all night long from all over the state. we've got reporters with every major candidate. we will be getting out the very latest from them throughout the night. our political analysts are joining us. michael yaki former adviser to nancy pelosi. jonathan madison, vice chair of the bay area. gop david mckeown. he is political science professor and a chair
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about department at sonoma state. they're going to be with us all all night long. so why they're not there yet. but her coming up before turned there they are. all right. oh, there you are. you're smiling faces before we begin with you. we're going to check in with kron four's ella sogomonian. she in the newsroom. she is keeping an eye on exit polls for what are we seeing in the exit polls. >> catherine, we have exclusive statistics from our inside california politics emerson college exit polls. and so far we've learned the following from voters. take a look. our first question. when did you finally decide whom to support in today's election. roughly 44% said, well, before this last month and nearly a quarter of voters decided within the last month just under 15% made up their mind in the last few days and about 13% decided some time in the last week about 4% of voters actually made their choice today. our second question asked voters what motivated their decision to either keep
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governor newsome in office or recall him nearly 44% said governor newsom's ability to govern 34.7% said governor newsom's inability to govern 12.4% said the replacement ability to govern and 9.2% said the replacement inability to govern finally, which of the following issues is most important in determining your vote covid-19 was top of the mind with 21.6% of voters citing it as a major concern. second was something else. 17.1%, but that wasn't specified. then came homelessness at 15.7% followed by education, jobs, housing health care and environment in the last spot at 3.6%. we're going to have more exit polling data coming in later tonight. so i will keep you up to date when we get those numbers catherine. all thanks very much. and i will be talking to you again. all right. we are less than an hour away from the polls closing. >> we've been getting some indication of turn out team
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newsome sounding very, very confident. but who knows. so let me ask all of you our panelists analysts, what should we be watching for. michael, i'll start with you. >> i think it's going to be what's the final nail in count because what we see right now is that the actual number of mail in ballots. received so far exceeds that of 2018, which of course was resounding newsome victory and because over half of those ballots are democratic coming in. those. that's very good news for her new single for for nuisance team. but. that to me is going to be one of the biggest things to look at this is is the proportion of mail in-ballots worse is how many people are actually voting today. we're going to tend to run them. we're going to attend a republican. >> jonathan, you agree. >> reached some extent. i think you'll see 3 things happened tonight, catherine, at least to be on the lookout for first, you know what to look out for. what they call the blue drop of democratic
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votes. right. those are already been cast to statistics show that democrats are likely more likely than others to cast a ballot early. so many of those have been counted already. second, you'll see a fairly high majority of republicans and declined to states come out today to actually cast about actually cast my ballot to as well. and then lastly you'll this number of votes out there that have yet to be counted. so those will be rolling in. but i would expect you'll see a high lead early lead for news of the you'll see that taper later in the night. >> all david, what are you watching for. >> i think one thing we want to pay attention to is as those early votes come in and they're heavily democratic and that margin gets chipped away with michael and jonathan both talked about there. you also want to pay attention to the margins and what that margin of victory looks like the the team is looking to send a message from this election. they don't want to do just well. they want to set a marker that puts him on the national stage. that's one reason you saw kamalaharris and joebiden here, they're
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really looking to push forward on this. then that leads to, you know, the implications of this election. what does that mean? what does it mean for the republican party and is gavin newsom essentially reelected tonight, a year before he has to get on the ballot. all of those messages are things to watch, not just from the early vote, the kind of the trends moving forward because we did have all heavy early vote that then tapered off. but we haven't seen those he had huge influx of numbers even in places like orange county that we thought we might see early on in this recall because of the enthusiasm. >> all right. david and michael in. jonathan, thank you so much. we'll be back with you. that's a little bit of what our political analysts started thinking about that. let's go to kron four's. dan thorn. dan in s4cramento. he is with the. >> watch party and dam. what's going on there tonight. >> well, catherine as we've pointed out, it's no surprise the newsome camp as very confident with the recent polling numbers that we've been showing. he's in a good position. but it's not over yet. their biggest threat to taking over the state capitol
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here in sacramento would be conservative talk show host larry elder and that is forced democrats to tell people to get out and to vote. one of the biggest issues in this recall election has been the covid-19 pandemic. elder has been against a lot of the restrictive policies that the governor has put in place here in the state. the 2 leading candidates news of an elder. they've been going back and forth over the past couple of days leading up to the recall election today, newsom saying that elder is a climate in iron against women's rights. elder saying the new some pretty much can't defend his record on anything from crime to homelessness to the high cost of living here in california. the governor today actually spoke up saying that he was pretty disgusted with what some republicans have been saying claiming that the election results we'll be rate. embarrassing respond to that because it's but on us, they're making stuff up and it's hurting our country. forget the selection. guys like me come and go. we're dime a dozen politicians quite
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literally a dime, a dozen. it's about our institutions about this nation. it's about trust and confidence. it's about who we are. it's about citizens feeling empowered in that their voice matters. >> that's the governor there coming out against what he considers to be the big lie, which is stealing elections. the governor's strategy has been suggesting that voters simply vote no on the recall and leaving the rest of the ballot blank that means no republicans at all registered democrats largely outnumber republicans here in the state. but polling has shown the conservatives have really been motivated to vote in this recall. again, the governor is expected to be here in sacramento for a private gathering with his family to see these election results roll in. but any information about him coming out and speaking are holding anything. public has not been released on his schedule. that's the latest here live at the state capitol in sacramento, dan thorn kron 4 news 8 down. just a quick question. i know that
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by his people are very, confident. one of his aides saying today we see no scenario. >> in which he would lose so they're sounding about as confident as you can get. and absolutely. and when you consider the double digit lead that we've seen so far. >> the situation would be that the governor is likely not going to be replaced here. they are going to continue. of course, to keep that message out there as the election continues here until 8 o'clock tonight. so again, we're going to see how it works out. >> all right, dan, thank you very much. we'll be talking to you again and coming up, we will continue our team coverage will take a look at voter turnout across the bay area. but first, we're going to head to southern california will check in with the campaign of larry elder, governor newsom's chief rival in this sort recall.
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>> we are back now with our political roundtable. we're going to check in with the elder campaign in a moment. but we've been hearing the governor blasting holder all we can for several weeks basically the perfect foil for governor newsome as it turned out. >> let me all of you, you know, elder is already hinting at lawsuits for god's sake and maybe we shouldn't be surprised. so michael, is he just using the trump playbook here. >> i mean, that is has been the gift that keeps on giving
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to gavin newsom for the past month and a half has been doubling down on the trump playbook, whether it's starting a shuns of ballot fraud before the election even begins. to the to all the statements over the past. the fact that heat. doesn't believe that trump lost the election. the vaccine issue, all those things that just. we down to 2 nooses benefit. and i think that the attention of people began. and as the emerson poll showed is that your 27% made up their mind in the week or so which coincides with the huge amount of that's come out. media by by the campaign to get people to focus on the fact that you know, you may not like gavin, but take a look at this. a guy. and i think that's made a big difference in the race today. >> jonathan, what are your thoughts on the elder campaign. i mean, he did come in and kind of blow. the republican competition out of the water. >> absolutely. i mean, he's he's really garnered support way that we've seen
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republicans do in terms of running for the governorship in quite some time. as far as gavin newsome, you know, i think he's taking a little too much pride and gratitude much relaxation and just trying to play the play card, whatever you want to call it and just say, oh, well, he's just a trump republican. i think gavin should take this seriously. if you look at this, recall election, not just republicans and not just larry elder supporters coming out. its independence is no party preference supporters libertarian to all people alike and other infections. and i think people are coming out because there is a rise in crime. there is a rise in homelessness. there is a mismanagement of covid-19 public policy that cost people their jobs. you know, i think that people are concerned and gavin needs to do more. at least long-term been just point the finger and say this guy is not as good as i. >> all right. republican larry emerging again as the top candidate among the republican candidates are democrats taking the african american vote for a grant david.
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>> well, i mean, certainly when we look at the voter subsets and kind of slice and dice. the electorate to see what's going on at the african american vote is critical. it's critical nationally its credit. it's the strongest, most consistent voting bloc that we've seen since the early 1970's nationally for democrats in california it's absolutely critical. both parties have challenges moving forward in terms of getting out their votes. a lot of focus on latinx voters, for example, during this recall will look at that. younger voters have kind of been left out of the recall the early vote dominated that visual voter older liberal. if you want to think of that democratic base. if republicans are going to cut into that again in the state that they haven't elected anyone statewide since 2006 if they want to cut into that. they're going to have to look at as something that is somewhere between kevin faulconer and somewhere from john somewhere else and and following up on on jonathan's point in the 2003 recall tom
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mcclintock got that hard core conservative vote was about 1213, 14% somewhere in there. larry. elder is going to double that number. so it may not be a trump effect, but it certainly is a partisan polarization farther right effect in the california republican party and newsom winds by 15 or 20 points. that's a sizable backlash against that kind of candidacy. and that's a big deal. moving forward in 2022. >> all right, john, look, let me ask you very quickly as our republican the standing there sitting there are the democrats taking the african american vote for granted. >> you know, i think that has yet to be played out. and in terms of this but i think that, you know, to traditionally we've sort of seen that happen, especially on the national level. you saw hillary clinton do that in 2016 and i think that's why she came up short. and you sort of democrats have a way of doing that over time. so, you know, whether or to what extent that's happened this election i think is yet to be seen, but it's certainly something that happened.
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certainly something african americans are aware of. we don't want to be. you know. basically pivoted to like we're guaranteed a vote were not a monolith. the community where divers. >> all right. jonathan, thank you. and we'll be coming back to you. gentlemen. i want to know what michael was laughing at earlier. you are on camera having a good time about something. all right. we are waiting for the polls to close. we're checking in with all the campaigns across the state. >> let's live now to christopher wolf in costa mesa. he is with the elder campaign. christopher, how are things going there. >> can tell you this, larry elder is so optimistic he's already planning his victory party here at the hilton hotel in costa mesa. i just stuck my head down there in the ballroom. still not a lot going on. we don't expect it to really get rolling until later on this evening. but i can tell you all of the red, white and blue banners are up. the stage is set. the podium is set up a live band is setting up in the corner and there is a small army of media
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outlets waiting to hear larry elder addressed the crowd we expected to be a sizable crowd as the night progresses. he did hold a rally right here at the same location last night. i was here. take a look. take a listen. good. our one on one with california gubernatorial candidate larry elder was interrupted when a supporter so excited to see him tripped on a curb and felt. >> he embraced her and made sure she was ok and both forged ahead with a rally at a hotel in costa mesa. the 2 of them serving as examples of determination really, really the reason i'm bringing in the heavy lumber. obama. >> bernie sanders, senator warren of all to commercials for him. kamala harris's weight in plos. he's waiting because they're scared to death. they know that i'm going to break that jet. i mind trick that democrats have had over black and brown voters. the latest polls suggest newsome is in a good position to defeat republican
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challengers, however, voters who want to unseat him have 46 other choices. >> elder is by far the front-runner among the challengers. he believes the new some camp has a weak argument. >> they say is that republican takeover. they have a lot of these magic words. gavin newsom done a fine job for the people of california because they can't. so i don't put a whole lot of stock in the polls. all i know is that people are mad. 2 million people signed a petition to have been recalled. >> the 69 year-old conservative radio talk show host energize supporters inside the hotel calling newsome an abject failure for the golden state with poor fire water and power management declining business and education. next, a skyrocketing crime homelessness housing prices and cost of living. >> 20,000 convicted felons released during coronavirus early. many of them violent offenders. >> larry elder says he
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believes this recall election is all about voter turnout. he says if we turn out the votes, we will win. we will be with you throughout the night. bring you updates for now. reporting live in costa mesa. i'm chris wolfe. catherine. >> that new restore just a quick question before you go, of course, is a lot of buzz about what should be major republican candidates might run next year, assuming that newsome does prevail. if that happens, what is older saying, if anything, about that. >> he i think he would make a run for it. in fact, a lot of people are saying don't count him out. certainly if he does not. when the recall election tonight, this. a lot of people believe a lot of pundits, a lot of analysts lot of republicans are saying that he is building of movement win or lose tonight. he's building this movement, this groundswell of support and he's just going to keep going with this momentum. he's started to build right now. and i wouldn't be surprised if he continues to run for office
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after this. >> all right. christopher, thank you very much. we'll be talking to you later tonight. >> governor newsome, as we've been saying, probably delighted to find the perfect for oil in the form of larry elder newsome has used his emergence in the race to scare democrats to try to boost turnout. newsome has been blasting elders ongoing hints of election fraud before again, even before those ballots were counted. >> this election fraud stuff is a crock. it's shameful and it's safe. and i say that. i mean, as an american i'm ashamed and disgusted by the stop grow up these people literally our vandalizing, our democracy and trust in our institutions care too much about this nation to care too much about this country. we're debating democracy in america right now. this big lie, this not to be this insurrection. what the hell's wrong with these folks grow up. except the results. there's absolutely not. it's a i think it's embarrassing to respond to that because it's than us.
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they're making stuff up and it's hurting our country. forget this election guys like me come and go. we're dime a dozen politicians quite literally a dime, a dozen. it's about our institutions about this nation. it's about trust and confidence. it's about who we are. it's about citizens feeling empowered and that their voice matters. it's a of a thing. these people should be ashamed of themselves. just larry elder got larry elder, the former president night states stop all the republican backers in congress and the senate. it's about our country. it's not about you. it's not just about power. >> and are we are coming back to our political round table. let's talk a little bit more about newsome. if the nose prevail tonight, does that mean? and doris meant of newsome or will he still have to really scramble be reelected next year. david, let me start with you. >> yeah. i think that one of the key things to watch is the
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degree that which you win with humility and grace. that's not so those are 2 watchwords of of gavin newsom and his approach. and i think that genuine this test. it's something that they need to work that. they're going to win do then how did they turn that into some political capital. are there some staffing changes that are made in the fall. what does that look like sometimes the the arrogance of the governor and his approach is something that fueled the recall. some of the people that jonathan is talking about this affect the democrats, no party preference voters. they don't like that. however, what they can do is take the political capital to get out of tonight and they can get democrats around the nationally. they can put together some policy successes on some really tough problems and they can move forward and that and that way they can also keep going on this rhetoric about challenging folks who want to destroy democracy by not recognizing the legitimacy of safe effective electioneering system system. we have that in california as demonstrated over and over again. jonathan, what do you think?
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>> i think i'm inclined to agree with that. david. some extent, you know, the governor said in that statement you these remarks are embarrassing any mention the institution. i was about the institution is about the institution and this we have to hold institutions accountable. the institution of government. and goes, i don't think every statement being made about potential about voter fraud. not be unsubstantiated percent. that doesn't exist. it's about government accountable and specifically with regard to what he said about the statement being embarrassing. it was embarrassing is being only one of 2 candidates ever in the state of california to be a recall election about there have been 55 recall elections. start 55 recall attempts in california since 1913 and they're only been to of those that have ended up on the ballot. it was in 2003, of course. the other is today. of you know, i think that he really has to re evaluate with some humility as david said
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about what people are really concerned about and listening to every american voter every california voter, regardless of what your demographic creed socioeconomic status and party affiliation is. >> all right. do you think newsom is going to have to sweat a little bit again next year. i mean, there's a lot to unpack in in this entire election. first of all, let's let's not forget. >> that about a month and a half ago. it was about. almost dead even a few. a few points there and that there was really an opportunity in this is something where where i think this is why said that that elder was a gift that keeps on giving. there is a moment, i believe where the this disaffected could have had the opportunity to make a real run at gavin. but 2 things came up one was elder sort of second out of the room and doubling down in a way that reminded people about about the former president that people in california just
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rejected. by a large margin just a few. just, you know, less than a year ago. and secondly was the delta variant coming back and how that country and scene. the deaths rise in florida. and texas and the fact that we work we're holding our own and and that and that he was holding the line in terms of vaccine mandates and the like. those 2 things. i think we're really are been really important. and since are taking the race that could have been could have been very close in tipping it, shipping it more much more favorably in new some saver me what i mean we have to see when the when the when the male is really are released. how big that margin really ask. that's going to determine what the final final numbers going to be. but but really that opportunity about a month and a half ago was lost because of the fact that the leading candidate in the race basically gave newsome target to run against. and the delta variant. shook everyone should
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everyone out of their complacency because when you think about with the with the issues or a month and a half ago versus now covid was running 3rd or 4th. now it's running number one. and that that is that is that something that can't be denied. so a year from now. when newsom is up for reelection again, which could mean the number one issue that's going to be really the factor. the deciding factor, whether or not he sweats it out. one, it for pro challenge or perhaps and 2 in the general election for reelection because. all we have to say is you know, george bush 91 with a 90% 90% affair. billion rainy, any loose. the bill clinton 6, you know, 60 months later, everyone remembers that because elections are are about moments and the moment for 2 2022 it's not yet here. all right, mike on. thank gentleman will be back and we want to remind you on our website. we have everything
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you need to know about the recall election. you can read more about newsom's campaign. >> and the agendas of the other candidates. stay with us. we'll be right that.
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turn out in this recall election were heading to kron four's. rob fladeboe now. and rob, you're in santa clara county. how has turnout been looking. >> kathryn. here may be running about 50% of what we normally would see. in the registrar tells me this afternoon we're at about that was about 4 o'clock this afternoon. she said that as the polls they could ultimately get closer to 50, maybe even as high 60% at some point. but you recall they broke a record during the 2020 general election when voter turnout then was a whopping 84% for santa clara county, sort of a democratic stronghold. there are a million registered voters here. every one of them got a ballot in the mail here several months ago, those votes have been trickling in ever right now. the register says about 480,000 votes have come in and those are being tallied in county. meanwhile, kind still a fairly busy
7:34 pm
evening here outside the registrar's office over here off to my a little bit quiet right now. but you can see over here, this is people have been the driving in all afternoon dropping off their a many people also voting in person here. catherine, this is one of 36 voting centers across the county of course, got another 25 minutes or so to go before the close and then the ballots will come will be will start to come in here for the for the counting registar is throwing cold water notion is that there's been any fraud says it's very transparent security here. very tight. in fact, she says as she invites people to come on down and take a look at the process. if they have any questions about it. that's kind of the story right here. we're waiting for the polls to close and maybe we'll get some shortly thereafter. but the that's it from here for now. katherine, back to you. all right. rob fladeboe thank you very much. we're going to go back to the panel. i'm curious about. >> how likely it is that somebody like a john or kevin faulkner might be running again in 2022 and help put a
7:35 pm
lot of his own money into this. if the nose prevail tonight, what does that mean for the california republican party to they have to recalibrate michael, start with you. >> this is i it's less a question. a recalibration and more question of reorientation. what is the republican party nowadays is that the party of trump. if so, it's going to be a permanent minority party in california is that is just not to going to make it. i think so. kevin faulconer could have had could have had a moment, he could have had the neat right breakthrough kevin kiley i thought did very well during debates. these are people i think who could have the kind of broad appeal to the california electorate that could give them a shot statewide. but if they continue to basically bask in the in the trump corner and lime light. i just don't know where the republican party goes in california.
7:36 pm
>> all right, jonathan, let me ask you, do state republicans need to curb pro trump conservative populous to get back to being the pro business what are your >> personally think you don't need to necessarily curve a whole lot. i think we need to refocus redirect our messaging right. >> and even a kid coming faulkner. i mean, just to take one candidate. i personally think he's pretty pragmatic. pretty middle of the road guy. i mean, this is a guy who managed to win and dark blue city san diego in a dark blue state in california and he managed to support from republicans and democrats alike. he's a likable guy. the he has a great emphasis and prognosis on how to fix our homeless population here. i mean, candidates like these are going to be the future of the republican party. i think here in the state of california. so, you know, i think between, you know, kevin faulconer, kevin kiley as a
7:37 pm
michael suggested. there's some others that i think are good candidates well, one even dismissed larry elder. kevin i think he's an ideal candidate. all right. david. >> so, you know, this is the thing that that drives me nuts after looking stuff for so many years. the count we were a republican state not that long ago. you go to a california republican convention. sorry, jonathan. and it's populated by a lot of people who just don't fit into most of the electorate. so what point do you want to be relevant. and i think he makes a very good suggestion. you've got to talk about practical policies. is that going to be faulconer. can you find a way forward. they're the no party preference voters. if you're going to be social conservative or anti-tax conservative. that's not going to get you very far. so that is the challenge back to michael about kevin kiley. can kevin kiley be that person moving forward. maybe because of kevin come fall. if kevin faulconer gets 6 or 8% tonight. he's toast know what any of the money next year. all right. john already has a committee established. he's
7:38 pm
run twice and lost. who's going to be though. go see, i mean this this is a real practical problem for the california republican party because they don't have another arnold schwarzenegger. so they want to play. they're going to look at places like the controller may gee, maybe down ballot, but they've got to be relevant and they're to move themselves to a place of irrelevance. trump doesn't help that here. it just doesn't. and it also emboldens democrats which creates fractious this and leads to things like whoa, whoa. hold more recalls and we don't need that. >> and david, remember early on, we're all wondering whether trump would be able to resist jumping into this somehow. but i mean, i think it's just been so scattered to that. that probably wasn't going to happen. >> and he has i would say hijacked the race in some ways in terms of taking this lawsuit. it's a rigged election. this kind of argument that even doesn't buy that. it's a fraud. he knows he lost the election, but it didn't move his people forward. i don't think that's a place that kept responsible. california republican party should be at in any sense to
7:39 pm
challenge democrats, only jonathan, let me ask you real quickly. we saw big name a celebrities showing up for newsome. nothing like that to remotely happened for the republicans. maybe there was concern over splitting them into too many factions. but would that have made a difference. >> you know, i don't necessarily think it would even i can share with you as a member of the california state party. we actually took a stance, a position of not endorsing any candidate this year. and that's because we felt like the biggest voice was the voice is the collective voices of independence. no party preference. voters republicans libertarians and and pretty much a broad majority of the electorate. there are a lot of democrats even that decided to join in and the support the recall effort. so, you know, i think it's worth noting that and ultimately what this means and what this shows us today is that there's far more support. and you know, this recall election is not just a republican branch out as a
7:40 pm
republican, as governor newsome is trying to demon. you know, i think that the broader implications here perhaps for the democratic party is you still have a majority in california almost 2 to one to republicans. but it's not just the republican voice that you're trying to dismiss at this point and even to some extent, if you look down the road and republicans and some perspectives are look, that is irrelevant. you can't dismiss no party preference. voters in a row as a relevant. you libertarian voters are relevant. you can dismiss the voices of democrats who don't agree the vast majority of things that governor newsom's as institute. so i think you have to look at the collective voices of people, not just the republican party. >> all right, michael, you're raising your eyebrows to the republicans make a mistake in not endorsing a single candidate. >> want. i was reason why i wrote because i was i was almost greenery, jonathan on and on part of what he was saying because i think all politics are local and the but
7:41 pm
if you have. local candidates who basically mirror the national failure of trump. you're going to continue getting this permanent minority status for the republican party. there is a way to deal with dissatisfaction of disaffection. democrats have a supermajority in in the in the california legislature the governor to be able to constitutional offices, which also means that everything rests on them right solving the issues that are important. californians the ones that were pre covid dinners are going to be here. i was covid are going to be important to deal with. if you have thoughtful candidates at the local level who do represent that kind of just this disaffection, but also with the reason to policies solutions that aren't. voter fraud and the size and is sick and all these other things that just hijack this race. republicans have a shot because it's going to have to be done at the local level. precinct by precinct assembly
7:42 pm
district by assembly district. that's their chance. but right now. they're letting it. and with all due respect the job that i know he can't control the republican party. but they're letting it be hijacked by that by the continuing specter shadow and tone of donald trump. >> all right, john, we'll come back to you. we're going to take a quick after the break, we're going to have one more campaign stop to make going to head back to san diego, former san diego mayor kevin costner. >> is there. i'm hoping that he might make the move to sacrament.
7:43 pm
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7:45 pm
>> we're minutes away at this point from the polls closing on the recall election. if there is somebody watching you actually still wants to vote. technically, you're okay. they say if you're in line by 08:00pm, they let you go cast your ballot, although we have to ask why are you taking this long. kron four's dan kerman. he's live at the san francisco registrar's office and an everybody watching turn out today. what's it been like there. >> and here in san francisco turnout is very good. you know, by this morning they were already a 53% turnout. and that was just as a result of mostly mail in-ballots know you can see behind me that they still have a drop-off place. people are coming up. dropping off ballots there also. >> driving up. we can show you a little video that we shot a
7:46 pm
little bit earlier today. been a steady stream of people who didn't have a chance to. they learned the dollar just wanted to do it in person. hall walking up at city placing a ballot in the box. this is not election many of the people we talked feel like. >> they can sit out. this election is extremely important to me. >> because i don't think that we should be having an election where we recall our current given the current state of affairs and what's going on in california. i don't think that he should be replaced by republican or anyone right now for that matter. and i think it's also part of democracy, but especially in my opinion, to candidate. that was elected democratically to do his turn. >> back live here at san francisco city hall. again, polls remain open. people are still driving up, dropping off ballots. somebody coming right
7:47 pm
up now to get their ballot in before 8 o'clock. but again, voter turnout here in san francisco. strong 53% as of this morning. just to give you some perspective for the presidential election in the morning of that election day. it was 60%. so very, very close. catherine, back to you. you know, we were earlier at the idea that like 10 to 8, 5, to 8 people are still running around trying to cast ballots. >> but you're seeing that happen. >> yeah. i'm seeing it. i mean, you know, it's it's surprising that had mailed to their house and decided to come in person a lot of people did that in november. a few are this time they got a lot more ballots in the mail this time around people being a little bit more comfortable with putting ballots in the mail. and as i mentioned, the bulk of that. 53 1% of the turnout that they've gotten more than 200,000 votes here in san francisco. most of that was mailed in. but still people driving up walking wanting to do it in person just to make sure it counts.
7:48 pm
>> all right. dan kerman, thank you very much. >> we've been talking a lot about kevin faulkner, former mayor san diego. he made crime in california. one of his key campaign issues. has that been enough to sway. voters are going to head to his campaign, his watch party in san diego. reporter kasia we're goergia is standing by kasia. how are things going there. >> hey there, good evening. well, things are definitely picking up here outside of the faulconer campaign headquarters that watch party started around 7 o'clock and we are expecting to see those results. those early results start to roll in after 8 o'clock air, former mayor kevin faulconer is also expected to be here in self to address his supporters. we also have some video to show you of just some of the campaigning he has done over the last few weeks and months addressing voters all over this states now a little bit about him. we've been touching on this all night. he's been in politics a long a long time
7:49 pm
serving 12 years on san diego city council here followed by back to back terms as mayor of san diego. we're seeing the former police chief of san diego out here showing her support for faulconer as well as a lot of local business owners praising his handling of the pandemic when he was still mayor. and earlier this morning we did get a chance to speak with faulkner himself. here's what he had to say. >> it's people from all parts of the state, all walks of life, all political parties that are frustrated that are angry things that aren't happening in california. that's why 2 million california signed the recall to begin with. they want change. they want a governor that's going to and sure that we have a safe state. they want a governor that's going to take dramatic action to reduce almost as they want a governor who's going to make california more affordable. we have such a great state, but we're in need of of reforms were in need. get of a governor that's going to stand up and take action, not just give a bunch of rhetoric and words. and so again, i think that's why this recall qualified to begin with voters want to somebody who can
7:50 pm
actually bring people together, whether you're democrat, republican, independent, just like i did as mayor. i'm going to take that exact same approach as governor to solve problems the stand up and take action. that's what our state desperately needs right now. >> and we have been asking faulconer that million dollar question. would he run for governor again if this recall is not successful, he has maintained. he really believes this recall will be and we should know at least here shortly. how realistic that is and again, we expect to hear faulkner address his supporters later on tonight. for now we're live in san diego. i'm kasia gregorczyk. i'll send it back to you. all right. kasia, thank you very much. we're going to stay in san diego for a minute. we're going to check in. >> with the john campaign. of course, the republican businessman. partly you made a name for himself by campaigning alongside that large bear reporter jamie chambers. is that headquarters.
7:51 pm
>> here in rancho santa fe where with the john campaign. he was the leading republican in 2018 loss to gavin newsom. but then jump back into this recall election bringing a bear out to get his name out there. well, so many people were also running for governor. we spoke to john just a few moments ago. this is what he had to say. i was leading the polls in june all the way i think i had built up some level of support from. >> 2018. but you know, people want to call with the new shiny the media personality and, you know, larry is a good he's right on the issues are for the most probably agree with them. a bunch of law. i think you get off on a tangent on some of these issues that, you know, frankly, we should just keep it on the areas where gavin newsom is just fail and will be with the campaign throughout the evening. that's the very latest from rancho santa fe. i'm jamie chambers. send it back to you. >> and we are just a few
7:52 pm
minutes away from the polls closing across california. stay with us here on kron on and screaming on kron on channel 4 will bring you the results as soon as they come in coverage begins at the top of the hour. last through 11:30pm, to welcome back, everyo
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7:54 pm
let's bring back our panel of political >> i have a question can john, when can we run our government properly when there's a trap door under every elected
7:55 pm
official. should we be making some changes should we be restricting recalls in some way. i mean, why can't we just wait to the next election. michael. >> let's start of the 200, 15 million dollar average is going to in this election question. the on the one hand you say to yourself, well, you know, you want a safety valve in case someone is just horrible and the other hand elections have consequences. and one of those consequences is if you like the wrong person, you live with that person for the most part for the next 4 years. absent corruption aureus or some other or some other issue i mean, i am. i'm not a big fan of the of the recall in california think the threshold is too low. i think that because of that it gives people the ability to reach for a redo and there there should be no reduce in politics until the next election. all right. jonathan. >> i think democracy essence is based on empowering voters built on that right. i think
7:56 pm
that that's an incredibly good thing. recalls in essence are big for that, right. we empower voters 2 recall, a governor before the end of their first or second term. i think that mother could be some backlash to that, so to speak, in you know, people could see it as a waste of the fact one 0.5 million people coming forward and saying, no, it's time for a recall. i think you just can't ignore that, right. and so if the risks are, you know, there could be some backlash. a lot of money spent people say there's a waste of time. i think you have to put the priority on the one 0.5 almost 2 million voters who decide so, you know, i i think that i do get the arguments on every side. but i utley think that we should keep democracy at its essence. and there's a reason that, you know, governor newsome is the 5th governor in u.s. history to face a recall election right. these these are issues that matter. so.
7:57 pm
>> that's right, david, we just what, 40 seconds so when you and i have talked about this. what do you think? >> yeah, i think that would have to go through the legislative process to start the legislature would put it on the ballot in californians would be more likely to change the death penalty in the state. the change anything about the initiative they love to be asked these questions they want to vote no, it's a giant exercise and that this is a half almost a half-billion dollar recall soup to nuts. that's what it will be. it's just a process of democracy. that's the way it works. and so as democrats look at this, they might think forward if there's a republican ever elected, they might want to use the recall process and have that in their hat. alright, that does it for this for a recall election. john, when i'll be talking to you later. we want to thank all of us. stay with us. the news is coming up next.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at nowadays. the polls have just closed as california voters cast the last of the ballots that will decide whether governor gavin newsome continues. >> to lead the state's. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight for kron 4 news at 8. >> i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. gavin newsom was elected governor in a landslide less than 3 years ago. but over the course of that time. a lot has happened. most notably the coronavirus


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