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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  September 16, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> developing news tonight. the search continues for a missing new york woman as gabby petito's disappearance makes headlines coast to coast. that's right. investigators are now calling the boyfriend a poor person of interests and we are learning more about an encounter that the couple had with police in utah after new body cam footage surface brain it and spent the day combing through the video and is in florida tonight with the latest. >> what you guys garivey brian, ok, going emotional
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gabby petito talking to officers in moab, utah after the couple was pulled over back on august 12 when a witness reported they were fighting this is about 2 weeks before she was last heard from >> sorry that and so going on? >> gabby's boyfriend. brian laundry says she hit him the reason behind this >> in the end, police decided to separate the couple was going a hotel. >> and >> what happened after that is a mystery and police in north
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port. florida say brian laundry is still not talking to them about gabby's disappearance. 2 people went on a trip. one person returned and that person that return isn't providing this information. gabby's family wrote brian laundrie's family. this letter begging for help. you are both so happy that brian gabby got engaged in were planning to spend their lives together. please. if you or your family has any decency left. please tell us where gabby is located. tell us if we are even looking in the right place. this girl right here. this is what matters. >> i'm asking for help. everyone at home. i'm asking for help from the parents of brian. >> as brian entin reporting for us tonight. right now we know gabby's step father and other family members are in wyoming searching for gabby police chief today said he knows where the fiance is, but he would not elaborate more national news now convicted
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murderer derek chauvin was back in court today. this time he is accused of violating the rights of a black teenager during a 2017 arrest. chauvin pleaded not guilty. the indictment claims chauvin hit the teenager in the head held him by his throat and pinned him down by putting his knee on the suspect's neck. the restraint similar to the one which ultimately killed george floyd chauvin is also charged in federal court with violating george floyd's civil rights back here in the bay area. we're getting a first look at what led to last month's deadly police shooting in fremont. this morning. fremont police released video of the incident. kron four's charles clifford has the details on the investigation. >> according to the fremont police department around 5.19 on august 25th officers responded to reports of a shooting here at the southlake mobile home park upon arrival. they found one person suffering from a gunshot wound that victim was transported to the hospital. officers. also quickly identified a possible suspect in the case. he was
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spotted on surveillance video in a nearby backyard. you may have also stolen this car a short time later, the suspect was spotted by an officer walking along nearby auto mall parkway shirtless and carrying a baby stroller. >> this is dash cam video of the encounter when the officer confronted the suspect, the man began fumbling with the stroller and a shirt. a gun can be seen falling from the stroller. the man then falls to the ground picks up the weapon and points it at the officer. this is when the officer opened fire and fatally wounded the suspect based on the video freeman acting police chief believes the officer acted well, it's still under investigation. but as you can see in the video. >> i'm confident that the officers acted in accordance with the law in our policy. so. yeah, i think this is pretty clear cut that this was a justifiable shooting. >> the suspect has since been identified as 22 year-old, kevin johnson of hayward. he had an extensive criminal record and outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges of carjacking possession of controlled substances and felon in possession of a firearm so far
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investigators have not determined a motive for the initial shooting, but they do say that the suspect and the victim knew each other. we know that they're all associated. we all know that they. >> have hung out in the past. we don't know exactly what led to the altercation which led to the shooting. and we don't even know because everyone is not forthcoming on the exact details of how the car was stolen and how it ended up in mister johnson's possession. >> at last check. the victim who was transported to the hospital remains there in critical condition with life threatening injuries in fremont. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> and now for our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside at sfo where there's a thick. cloud the control tower there. if you're thinking about getting away for the weekend. we have just the man to tell us what's going on out. yeah. a lot of folks headed out around the bay area tomorrow. we're going to sneak out on a friday and why not should be a nice day to do too. >> and a dry day as well. over the weekend, things begin to change a bit. and we start to talk about the possibility some rain specially far northern california get up towards eureka crescent city. you can see some rain reading
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chester you're going to see is lot of rain up in those directions over the weekend right now. we do have some of that fog that is creeping back on shore as you head toward the monterey bay, couple patches of fog to get away forecast there for tomorrow about 74 degrees. sunny and nice still carmel valley southern california. those temperatures cooling off and feeling very fall-like 66 in long beach. 68 in ventura, 74 downtown los angeles and 81 in pasadena in the high country and doesn't look like a bad start as we head toward friday, temperatures, mid 70 south lake tahoe. it will be warm up there about 88 in reno. but if your plan on sticking around the prepared. we're going to see some much cooler air and yeah, even a cold front rolling on in bringing a chance of rain late saturday night and into sunday it will bring with us some showers, a much cooler temperatures, almost 20 degrees cooler by sunday afternoon. all right. here in the bay area. we're tracking our storm system approaching the coastline patchy fog for tomorrow. no rain to speak of the bay area on the better part of friday and saturday
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given that storm system to the north through saturday evening and overnight saturday night into sunday morning. here comes bringing with it a chance scattered showers. again, not going to be a huge storm system. but the fact we might get some rain this early in the season. and that's significant. we could use that for sure around th bay area. maybe 1200 happen. they are models. 1300's in hayward. if the idea not a huge system. if we get that much. we're lucky. probably more like just a few hundreds of an inch of rain. thank you, lawrence. coming up in sports, the giants looking to rebound after their loss to the padres last night. >> i love those will show us if they can pull it off. coming up. >> but first, an historic flight for space x. the first all tourists crew launching into the final frontier for a three-day journey.
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don't wait. talk to your child's doctor about hpv vaccination today. >> space travel, of course, no longer exclusive to astronauts for ordinary citizens are flying on a rocket with no trained experts on board space launched its historic all civilian crew into space last night. the team of 4 will study the effect of altitude changes during space travel analyzing radiation effects and fluid shifts, whatever that is. the crew is made up of a 38 year-old billionaire, a childhood cancer survivor, a data engineer and the 4th african american woman ever to go into space. >> i have this opportunity to not accomplished my dream but
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also inspire and inspire the next generation of women of color and girls of color that time with this trip space x is also aiming to raise 200 million dollars for saint jude's children's research hospital in memphis for your help tonight. alarming new cdc research says that one in 3 covid patients becomes a so-called long haul or the study of patients in long beach in southern california. >> found at least one symptom of covid last 2 months after first testing positive. the team was the most common long-haul symptoms followed by difficulty breathing and a loss of taste or smell. >> meanwhile, people who got the moderna shot last year are more likely to catch covid, then those vaccinated this year. that's according to a new study on breakthrough cases. the company says this is because of waning immunity however, the study found the
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. 2, men caught on camera pretending to be from a florida energy company knocking on doors in petersburg, florida trying to get inside provides a lesson for people all over the
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nation. reporter tonight as melanie michael. she's in florida with a warning from police and the energy company. >> it all started with a knock on the we're not the only reason we need to everybody know that what happened with the meters for duke. the homeowner tells us it seemed unusual that a work crew which show up on a saturday night at 06:00pm with 5 guys waiting outside in plain clothes were not selling yours is going to be on thursday. >> between 5, 7, thank you so much, steve smith says it was a shady situation from the start. thanks. if somebody is a predator, they'll take every advantage they can to get what they want. >> steve told us his wife communicated through the front door. luckily never opening it. >> on the other side stood 2 young men claiming they were from duke energy. one of them holding a camera as 3 others waited near the curb thought that they were anywhere from
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14 to 20. >> and honestly, they definitely not, you know, the guy knocking on the door at the most is 22 and then everybody else is, you know, teenagers the entire exchange was caught on camera footage that has now been shared with st. petersburg police as well as duke energy. >> when the men left that night, steve immediately called saint pete pd. good thing in my life didn't open the door because who knows what would've happened. 8 on your side spoke at length with duke energy and we wanted to share with you. important information. we learned first off, duke employees always carry official badges and wear uniforms including a company shirt and long pants. and unless there's an emergency they typically would not be working on a saturday night. as for steve. he just wants everyone to be aware and be safe. be careful. don't open the door unless you're expecting somebody. >> and really is a lesson for all of us across the country. that was melanie michael
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reporting tonight, the men seen on that video are not facing any charges at this time. however, investigators from both duke energy and the st. petersburg. police are looking into the case now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. and you can definitely see that marine layer hanging high above the golden gate bridge hanging right there, laura. so you have a look ahead to what we can expect this weekend. yeah. the last weekend of summer. guys. can you believe that? here we go. get ready for fall starting next week. but. >> this weekend we're going to almost feel like fall as we'll see a big change. the weather pattern with that chance of showers rolling on in and some much cooler temperatures around the bay area out there tonight, though, that fog is stretching on shore right now, at least in the parts of the bay. but i extend all the way on shore. they were just could see some patchy fog throughout the night tonight. beautiful shot as the sun sets from the east bay. you can see below the clouds there you see a nice sun beginning to set as the clouds moved in bouncing up against the east bay hills. but we are going to notice some changes coming our way that ridge of high pressure that has been overhead overly
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the week. well, that is gone and now we're going to see a trough in the car itself out on the west coast. and here we go. we start talking about some rain in pacific northwest by tomorrow and then that whole system going to get a drop down in the california as we get in toward a lot of part of saturday and into early on sunday morning temperatures tomorrow should be cool in the san francisco plan on some 60's there. you can see 60's along the some patchy fog out toward the beaches inside the bay, a fine, a little warmer weather 60's and 70's in the burlingame 74 in san mateo, 74 and sunny in mountain view 70's and 80's in the south and warm by tomorrow afternoon. no 90's inland, but maybe some mid 80's warmer the warmer spots in the interior valleys about 83 degrees in renda 6 ix enrichment 69 in blow back toward the coastline. cool weather. as you can see that patch fog lingering. then we get toward the weekend cooling things off the clouds begin to roll in on saturday. chance of rain saturday night and into sunday. just a few drops back to much warmer weather offshore winds on monday. >> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> lace up those running shoes giants fans because the race to the national league west title is on san francisco trying to hold off the dodgers. they started today just a game and a half up on la in the division. so let's head out to oracle park with the giants face the padres this afternoon when the truth is stranger than fiction that is in fact a blow-up draft. stay weird us f all right. top a 3rd giant center on fernando junior that was out of here to left the solo shot with the padres up by 2 top of the 8, 5, 2 padres now bases loaded for manny machado, a blue drops into right center. 2 runs come in to score san diego extends its lead 7, 2, the giants did put up a fight, but it wasn't enough. bottom of the 9th brandon belt. that is called a foul tip for strike 3 and that would do it giants fall 7 for they split the series with the padres. as now, only a game up in the nl
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west over the idle dodgers after the game gave kepler talked about not being able to execute in these last couple of gates. >> think we can chalk it up to kind of running into the best version of them. that are on our side. obviously when were going up against an offense that's performing that well, we need to we need to match it or or exceeded. and we just wanted to do that. >> meanwhile, the a's trying to stay alive in the american league wild card race finishing their series in kansas city today. bottom the first salvador perez taxes. paul blackburn pitch to left center the dynamite. that is a 2 run blast. his 45th homer of the season to zip royals. but blackburn settle down from there in the 3rd chad pender allies will lines one of the shortstop into left for a single mark cannon. josh harrison score for 2 a's at this point. 9th inning. the a's up 5, 2, when harrison he was having himself a day
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drives this one to right center. it bounces off the u.s. bank sign on the hop. tony kemp comes around to score 4 hit 2 rbi day for harrison 62 ace oakland winds 7 to that would be the final. they are now 3 games back of the idle blue jays and red sox for the second wild-card spot. the yankees lost. so they slipped to a half-game back of that final playoff the forty-niners injury list just keeps growing. we've learned linebacker dre. greenlaw will miss 68 weeks because of a groin injury. he is expected to have surgery today or tomorrow. the forty-niners will also be with our he most are in jason brett when they face the eagles on sunday. the niners defense will have their work cut out for them. the philadelphia offense put up impressive numbers there 32 to 6 rout of the falcons running for 173 yards and second year qb jalen hurts threw for 3 touchdowns. he had a passer rating of one. 26 thanks in large part to some impressive accuracy. nick bosa was asked about comparing hurts to 2
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quarterbacks. he goes up against in the nfc west. russell wilson and kyler murray. this guy is the thing. different >> and different than wrestle. it's a game plan thing it's a game plan for guys like that and just they do it again. she just getting his feet and feet with lee in the senate. really looking around east coast looking around and i think you want to get rid of all he has a chance take it. not fund. >> i was just telling about my moment in my dress. and i said it's actually top in a skirt soupy said thank you. have you guys ever kayak to mccovey cove. that's what i want to know to kind of looks want do that. it looks fun. alright, group let's do and props for te phrase because i haven't heard that in a long in effect. thank haha.
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>> some iconic toys could be inducted into the toy hall of fame this year. some of them i would have thought would already be. but american girl cabbage patch dolls. jiang settlers. a cut hand. the and get this and are just a few of
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the finalists this year. the strong's national toy hall of fame receives thousands of nominations every year. this year fans are invited to weigh in as part of a player's choice ballot that closes next wednesday. september 22nd 3 will be inducted in november. jenga and sidewalk chalk with just inducted last year. chalk is like sidewalk chalk for a 100 sand is a good every kid has it. they play with sandra when that now anyway. >> that's it for us tonight at 6.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: gabby in tears. they just released body cam video. what happened that day that upset the missing woman so much? then, wedding day chaos. the epic storm that toppled the tent as they were about to be pronounced man and wife. >> it was a terrifying experience. >> announcer: white house to nicki minaj, call me. >> she faces ridicule across the airwaves for what she said about the vaccine. >> your


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