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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 4, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> the loss of life in every life that we have lost as of today have mothers and fathers. >> they are hurting homicide is nothing to play with.
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>> now at 10, a city in mourning tonight after what oakland police chief leronne armstrong calls the most violent month of the year. why leaders say the most recent victims of gun violence are hitting the community especially hard. as for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. this is not the first time this year that oakland police chief leronne armstrong has pleaded with the community 2 and a rise in violent crime. but it comes as another 17 lives were lost in september. marking the most violent month of the year and the deadliest since 2013 and there were 2 more homicides. so over this past weekend, our grant lodes joins us here in the studio with what we're learning about the victims and why the chief says he's concerned about his ability to stop this ongoing it's personal to the chief is from oakland only been in this. >> position a little more than half a year and what a year it has been. he is pleading once again with his community to try to help stop the violence. the open today's press conference just like he did
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his last press conference with 106 seconds of silence for the 106 lives that have been lost this year. most recently this meant 52 year-old dirk tillotson. he died during a home invasion at his house late friday night. police say he heard a noise went to check it out and then he was shot and killed by the intruder. police are still investigating whether or not his death was targeted tillotson is a well-known education activist in oakland. he is described as a tireless advocate for students of all ages. >> a well regarded and respected and champion for equity here in oakland and across the country. he has impacted so many lives, including starting more than 12 schools to address education, equity. >> other community leaders and elected officials have and mourning his step on social media east bay congresswoman
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barbara lee tweeting out, quote, my condolences and prayers go to the loved ones of dirt tillotson and to the entire oakland schools community. i greatly admired him as someone who fought to lift up oakland students and tpmake the system work better for black students and other students of color and quote, today the oakland police department pleaded with anyone who might be able to help solve these latest homicides to come forward. chief armstrong noting they have violence intervention programs in place to try to curb the rise in gun violence. but he adds this is not a problem that his officers alone can solve. >> and we will continue to push our staff to do a better job out there in our community to be more present to engage with community but also understand that we can't arrest our way out of this problem. >> armstrong says part of the problem is a lack of officers noting that he has received 10 resignations over the past 10 days. he says 50 of his officers have left the department in the past 6
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months. he is also calling on local lawmakers to try to take bigger steps to address a big problem in oakland. it. ken of icky and that big problem is goes cuts, right. untraceable no serial numbers. you can basically order them on the internet, build them in your basement. and if you're not allowed to buy a gun. if if you have a criminal you know, can't pass a background check. well, there's no background check to get a ghost gun and build it. and that is one of the big issues that the chief says he and his officers are facing as they find these guns and all right. grant, thank you for that. today. family and friends of jonathan court has held a rally outside oakland city hall this morning. he was shot and killed by an fbi agent in oakland last month. >> coming up at 1030 what the family is demanding and why they say their cause of justice are not being met. >> union. city police have recorded their first homicide of the year. they say 35
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year-old joaquin to norio was shot and killed friday in the driveway of his own home on queen and dry his wife rachel says that she was down the street a family member's home but came running back when she heard the gunfire. >> all i seen was his feet. >> blood all >> the concrete know getting later and no drug really doesn't do nothing like that. i don't know if he owed some people, some money. >> to norio leaves behind 2 children and of course his wife. a memorial has now been set up in the driveway where he died. union city police still cannot say whether the shooting was random or targeted. they are asking anyone with information or possible surveillance video to come forward. and take a look at this new video taken moments after a car crashed into a 7.11 in san leandro. it happened about 4 o'clock on sunday afternoon on east 14th street, the car smashed straight through the front
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window. injuring about 10 people. police say 6 of the victims were taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries. the cause of the crash still under investigation. >> parade tonight. facebook social media platforms are back online after an outage that lasted about 6 hours. if you tried using facebook instagram messenger or whats-app any time after 9 this morning, our time probably got this message saying we're having trouble finding that site. try again, we it couldn't have come at a worse time for the social networking company either. despite things being back up and running there. so a lot of unanswered questions that will no doubt be raised during a congressional hearing tomorrow. kron 4 shots mccall live for us in the newsroom tonight to bring us up to speed on that. jonathan. you know, i can there's a lot of folks who will be asking those questions. and you know what experts say that this. >> actually had a ripple effect. those outages having across the globe talking with one tech expert today. he says
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the face but not the only losers in this outage businesses who use the social side to market their services couldn't get ahold of their customers during the outage. the menlo park-based company not only trying to figure out what happened today. but it's also dealing with the fallout from a whistleblower interview and pressure from the federal trade commission. >> it's the million-dollar question. how did this. outage occurred at facebook impacting billions across the globe. what triggered a 6 hour worldwide outage monday, crippling social media sites. facebook, instagram and whats-app tech expert burden. kelso says the outage had a ripple effect on many levels. and the challenge with this is that not only were people able to access their business and personal accounts too correspond with customers or with friends, people who've set up facebook to log into specific websites or other applications were not able to log into the social media site
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because of this out. facebook apologized for the outage in a message monday evening saying that the apps and services we're starting to come back online. those outages happening less than 24 hours after a bombshell interview from a facebook whistleblower on cbs is 60 minutes. >> its own research is showing the content that is hateful that is divisive and polarizing. it's easier to inspire people to anger. facebook has realize that. if they changed the algorithm to be safer. people spend less time on the site. click on less ads will make less money. former manager france's haugen says the company put profits over public benefit. >> and that the company knew about the harmful impacts that its products were causing how good is now set to testify before congress on tuesday about what she knew monday. facebook also asked a federal judge to dismiss claims made by the federal trade commission that the company
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operates as a monopoly congress may need to get involved in this scenario just for the simple fact of the size. >> facebook in the fact that they own several social media platforms. >> so we know that haugen will testify before the senate subcommittee tomorrow. but also for california representative sit on the house energy and commerce committee which regulates communication and technology like social media today. i reached out to all for them to get their thoughts on today's outage. and if more should be done in the house. congresswoman, an ashes office. the only one who responded, but she declined an interview. kelso says before you go to bed tonight now would also be a good time because of these outages where everyone should update their passwords on all of those facebook platforms live tonight in the newsroom. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank you for that reactions are still pouring in tonight after millions of leaked documents expose the. >> offshore financial dealings of the world's richest and most powerful people. the so-called pandora papers show
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how people hide their wealth and tax havens located in panama dubai monaco switzerland, the cayman islands. some of those names include current and former heads of state such as russian president vladimir putin and former british prime minister tony blair, as well as business leaders and celebrities, including singer shakira. in response to the report. several countries say they plan to investigate any potential criminal activity. new developments in the major oil spill disaster that's threatening wildlife and closing miles of beaches in orange county. >> governor newsom has declared a state of emergency in the county and the actual size of the spill. it continues to grow. now estimated at 244,000 gallons cleanup efforts are almost nonstop. but as chip yost reports tonight, the impact -s extensive. >> monday. a fleet of boats continued to skim the orange county coast for oil up to
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126,000 gallons have contaminated the water and caused beach closures from huntington beach to dana point, it's believed the oil came from a broken pipeline connected to an oil rig miles from the shoreline. we have examined more than 8,000 feet of >> and we have isolated one specific area. >> significant interest. martin will sure is the ceo of amplify energy, the company that runs the pipeline. and he said this. when asked if it's possible that an acre from one of the many cargo ships sitting offshore caused the break in the pipeline. that is one of the distinct possibilities. yes, we'll sure whose company could be on the hook for millions of dollars in cleanup costs said divers will be going down this afternoon to try to pinpoint where the break happened. sparking a harsh response from orange county district attorney todd spitzer. >> that company should not be responsible for leading its own investigation. they
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shouldn't be able to go anywhere near that pipeline. they are biased their self interested and they're going to do everything they can to try to reduce their damages. >> that was chip yost reporting for us tonight. this oil leak happened not far from the side of the catastrophe more than a generation ago that helped give rise to the modern environmental movement back in 1969 an estimated 100,000 barrels of crude oil spilled onto the beaches of santa barbara that still ranks in the top tier of human caused disasters here in the u.s. and is the nation's 3rd largest oil spill behind only the 2010 deepwater horizon and 1989 exxon valdez spills. california senator alex padilla calling for action following this latest oil spill saying in a statement, quote, we have seen time and time again how damaging oil offshore oil spills are to our coastal ecosystems as well as our economy. we have the power to prevent future spills. that's why i'm committed to
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ending offshore oil drilling. i urge my colleagues to move quickly to pass the west coast protection act and prevent yet another unnecessary environmental tragedy. >> to the east bay now where there are growing concerns over coyotes attacking pets. some of the incidents have been caught on video a frightening those images serving as a warning to people who might leave their animals outside kron four's. dan thorn is in pleasant hill tonight with more on the recent coyote activity. >> well, some of the residents here in pleasant hill tell us that they are a little worried with just how active uncomfortable these coyotes have gotten in their neighborhoods. and just days ago an attack on a cat was caught on camera and it's really upsetting people in the area. >> a pair of coyotes are caught on camera attacking a black hat high. despite the vicious thrashing the cat is able to get away and leads the 100 duo on a chase. it's one of the latest violent run-ins
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between pets and coyotes in pleasant hill i sign. i thought it was so sad. i felt bad for the cats. heard the cat in the middle of the night. he let out one huge along how high. >> mary lou saunders says she's noticed an uptick in coyote activity along vicky lane. the wild canines have been the talk of the neighborhood everybody's a little worried. but some people still have the >> the coyotes have been spotted roaming the streets and yards at all hours of the day. heather lee has had to keep our eyes peeled when she takes her energetic puppy for a walk. >> ken scary. it's hard. it's kind of a tricky situation because i definitely want to exercise our puppy and get out walk around. but, you know, we have to really careful at the same time, the video off the coyote attack has been troubling to watch for people who live in the neighborhood. >> but some also see wildlife as a part of making your home near wooded areas, not
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open-ended kyra, days that i know it's part of nature. and what can we do with them. fear might not be driving the conversation, but many agree to keeping your pets, especially small ones. protected. i'm not afraid of them. i certainly wouldn't let my small animal out in evening. i think you just have to be what we have learned that that cat did survive this attack and they are incredibly lucky that they did the you see integrated pest management program says that people that are living in suburban areas should try to frighten these animals so they do not get too comfortable around people. >> it's also professionally suggested that you take your small pets indoors, especially at night reporting in pleasant hill, dan thorn kron 4 9 lives. >> meantime, a 2 mile stretch of water on the sonoma coast north of big debate is going to remain closed until tomorrow morning because of a shark attack. the victim was bit sunday morning in the fy well, surfing at north salmon creek. he remains in the hospital in stable condition. experts say that these kinds
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of attacks are rare and almost always happen when a shark mistakes. a surfer for a sea lion or a harbor seal. and this is the time of year when the young animals are learning how to get out into the water to catch some fish. >> maybe look a lot like a sea lion or seal on the surface swing makes the same noise and attract the shark. the sharks, though, there. bites the search for a most of the time they let go of the surfer because they need it. you know, it's it's not what they want to eat. and that's it. it's what was one byte. >> experts say on average. we see about one or 2 shark attacks in the bay area per year, adding it's much more likely to get into a car accident on your way to the beach than it is to be by a shark. >> happening right now. want to show you a live look at that can brave kabul k know. that's a rough day on the spanish island of la palma. it's a little after 6 o'clock in the morning, tuesday morning. there and this lava has been flowing since
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september 19th. local media reports say the volcano is now even more aggressively erupting than it was before or after the north side of the crater collapsed over the weekend. no new evacuations have been ordered roughly a 1000 buildings have been destroyed since eruption began and 6,000 people have been evacuated and vicki can just hear the roar of this volcano. live from the spanish island of la something the power of nature. >> all right. going to take a trip back here to the bay area as we give you a live look overhead downtown san francisco beautifully. >> much calmer than in la palma. let's check in with chief meteorologists chernoff warm. but not we don't want to a local volcanoes, that's for sure. not to worry about that. got a little batches of fog that are rolling along the coast line temperatures. >> but they're going to start cooling down big time. i think the next few days we saw a little bit of the fog roll in late in the day today announced kind of start to surge inside the golden gate.
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and as it makes its way onshore. that gives you an idea that sea breeze kicking in those offshore winds are gone. and here comes the cooler temperatures outside right now. you've got some partly cloudy skies with patchy fog along the coastline just a little smoke up some remnants of that smoke from the fires still burning in california temperatures today, just a little bit above the average in san francisco, 7385 in oakland 89 degrees in san jose hot 90's in livermore concord and santa rosa. but things beginning to change. couple storm systems out there. one of the south spin up in southern california. as you're bringing some lightning delays to monday night football this storm system out of the gulf of alaska. this dropping in. this is the one that's going to really start to affect the bay area the next couple days, unfortunately doesn't look like it's going to bring us any rain. but what we are seeing is more of an on shore breeze and some of those mid to high level clouds are going to start to work their way in our direction overnight tonight. and throughout the day tomorrow. in fact, it probably will see a lot of clouds through at least the middle of the week. that may be a chance of showers late in the week. temperatures right now still warm inland, 70
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degreet. a little more 59, though, and alameda 63 in san mateo, 53 of fog in pacifica 55 some patchy fog moving into san francisco, 63 degrees in lail high pressure that it's going to hold on for one more day. but it's get broken down by the systems out there and this front eventually going to make that ridge is kind of fade away. that's going to kind of open the door. unfortunately that look like we see anything really big coming through just yet. we'll keep our eyes on his let you know if that changes overnight tonight, though, more clouds on the way some of those mid to high level clouds more of that on and off throughout the day. so expect some much cooler weather on the way. temperatures likely to drop a good 10 degrees from today's highs. not going to be cold at least not in spots in the midst a hot 90's. you're back in the much more reasonable 80's by tomorrow afternoon. yeah. except for the lack of rain right. look towards the future. >> southwest airlines now requiring all of its employees to get the covid vaccine by december 8. the company says this is to comply with the white house's vaccine requirement for federal
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contractors. southwest has several contracts with the government to transport members of the military and provide other services last week, american alaska and jetblue all announced a vaccine mandate for the same reason united became the first major airline to require vaccinations for its workers last month. >> meantime, on contra, costa county employees are now required to be vaccinated against covid or risk losing their jobs. the board of supervisors sent out the mandate. a memo back in august. any employee that has granted a religious or medical exemption must be tested for covid at least once a week and must wear a mask while working indoors. contra costa county's most recent bay area location to require all employees be vaccinated or face risk losing their jobs last week of summer mandate went into in fact, in the city of san jose. all right. here we go with the giants. the giants have clinched the national league west. you knew that the team will return to oracle park on friday and saturday to open up
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the national league division series playoffs. both games are night and businesses nearby are bracing for a lot of happy hungry thirsty giant news for those businesses. her sale of a second. she spoke to local restaurants and. >> barr's about the impact the games are having on business. she joins us now live near oracle. tell us all about >> well can make you guys the nail on the head there, of course, is going a lot of fans hungry and happy that. so yhu may be quiet right now on a monday night. but as you all know, it will not stay this way. come friday and saturday for the big games shots bars. they're preparing by bringing in more staff. and of course, more inventory for all that happy fans to come. >> restaurants and bars near san francisco's oracle park are preparing for a grand slam in business this friday and saturday this weekend. we're like staff enough. and getting
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really excited me feel really lucky to have like a surgeon in flux and like the energy going. we're super pumped about it. a couple extra staff members >> prepping our, you know, our bottles getting ready for them. you know, just make sure we have all the products and house because we do know that as soon as playoffs start on friday, the floods of people will start coming on. and michael schmidt with district says. >> giants games always bring in larger crowds. everyone's just wanted to be in the neighborhood. >> you know, when the giants are winning, everybody wants to be there in the stadium or around the stadium. they come to bars like us. he says friday night was one of their best sales days over the last few weeks. a definitely a boost in definitely seen get friday was was one of our top nights of the entire month. and with the giants opening the national league division series playoffs at home. likely see more fans around this neighborhood when it comes to a playoff baseball. you kind of have to expect some controlled chaos right. more families national spotlight. lot more people walking around obviously a
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high need for food and beverage starting earlier in the day than the normal pre-game or or even after the game but we'll be ready for. >> but friday's game starts just after 6.30 at 6.37. so it's going to come down here grab some food, grab some drinks beforehand. you'll definitely want to get here a little bit earlier to make sure you get a seat for now live in san francisco. taylor the psac ii koon 4 news i can already smell the garlic fries and getting a seat early as good advice because a place is going to be packed. taylor, thank you very much. so here we are when the games in this best of 5 series will take place will be playing. >> whoever wins wednesday's game between the st. louis cardinals and the la dodgers giants will host game one on friday against one of those 2 teams, the first pitch set for 06:37pm, game 2 on saturday will start at 6. '07, and then the giants hit the road either heading to st. louis or down to la for game 3 next monday game. time for that one has not yet been announced. if the
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series is still going on game 4 will take place following tuesday and we have to go to a final game. 5. that will be back here at the ballpark in san francisco 2 days after that. >> still ahead tonight, tesla ordered to pay 10's of billions of dollars over. >> allegations of racism. details from a new lawsuit. plus protecting moms of color. the new bill signed by governor newsome today that he is calling a milestone for the entire us and the best air show in town is back. show you the best places in san francisco to watch the air show over the weekend.
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>> it's a pretty unmistakable sound fleet week has returned to san francisco's waterfront after being canceled last year due to the pandemic, there will be events. all week long. one of biggest attractions, of course, a parade of ships coming in through the golden gate that starts friday at 11 o'clock in the morning. that will be followed by the big air show which goes all the way up until when the blue angels start flying at 3.15 saturday, the best places to watch our along the waterfront to the these popular locations crissy field near the presidio. the marina green and of course, aquatic park in the
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fisherman's wharf area. traffic is going to be an issue, especially parking so city officials are encouraging everyone to take public transit. if you can. but if you want to do with traffic or crowds. you can watch the coverage get some excellent shots from the comfort of your own home. >> kron 4 is your blue angels station. we will be having a live broadcast saturday on the 9th at 02:00pm. i'll be hosting it. talking about everything aviation and may be related to join us. and on saturday at 2, i always good to have a high on the team here. >> the san francisco bay ferry is celebrating one of its best weekends in years. the agency says before the pandemic it would carry just under 7800 passengers on average weekend. this time of year. well, this past weekend, more than 10,000 people rode the ferry and that does not include the extra riders for yesterday's special service to oracle park. and by the way, you can ride the ferry for free all day wednesday in honor of clean air day. when cheddar is
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channeling his inner captain kirk and preparing to go where no one else. his age has gone before outer space. the 90 year-old star trek actor is set to blast off and jeff bezos blue origin rocket next week from west texas. the flight last 10 minutes shatner is going to be joined by 3 other people, including 2 paying customers the ticket price for at least one of the space travelers 28 billion dollars shatner calls it a miracle that he is able to experience space. finally itself is getting beamed up next it and we have a winner in the powerball drawing someone in california is now. >> hundreds of millions of dollars richer. >> and tragedy on the tracks. the gunfire on an amtrak train that left federal agent dead.
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>> developing tonight, 2 people were killed including a dea agent after a shoot out on an amtrak train in tucson. happened this morning on a train that was traveling from los angeles to new orleans. the dea agent was conducting an inspection for illegal contraband and had one passenger in custody one another passenger opened fire and killed the agent. a second dea agent and a police officer wounded authorities found the suspect dead inside a train bathroom. >> and in oakland family demanding answers in the shooting of jonathan cortez.
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but first, tell us a good money reports in the studio tonight, live with us. the people who love him say it should have ended this way l a. >> think cortez was shot once in the heart and died, they claim that the fbi agent only yelled get down on the ground before hand without further explanation tonight. the fbi is responding to kron 4 saying that they were trying to arrest a convicted felon who drew a firearm leading to the shooting. >> you've >> family and friends of jonathan court has held a rally outside oakland city hall monday morning in search of answers. they say the court has went to buy some things fruitvale corner store on september 13th and was shot by a lone fbi agent who rushed in with a gun drawn cortez his uncle and partner want to see surveillance video from that store. we. asking and demanding the but and the store. >> we really need answers. my
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heart goes out to the test and also goes out to the youth in the community that had to witness the murder of jonathan cortez. >> by the agency. i asked all to reach out and try to find out anybody involved. anybody have any other footage. please let him come forward so we can find out why my nephew was killed. i thank you all very much for your time. i appreciate everybody being here. >> his family said their funeral was targeted by law enforcement who would not let them grieve properly. the fbi, san francisco division responded monday saying they did not conduct any enforcement investigative actions including arrests court as his funeral, nor was any done on the fbi's behalf and released this statement saying in part an fbi agent working with the u.s. marshals task force confronted a subject to make an arrest pursuant to multiple arrest warrants. all members of the rest team were clearly marked as law enforcement during the confrontation. the subject drew a firearm and was shot by
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the agent. they went on to say that the subject was a convicted felon with a history of violence. his past offenses included 2 convictions for assault and possession of a firearm by a violent offender at the scene. agents recovered, an illegal firearm. any legal high capacity magazine and other firearm components. >> curtis's family insist that they want more clear transparent communication, which they are still sticking with the fbi and claim that they're being met with silence live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you. ella. >> today. opening statements were held in the trial of danville police officer andrew hall. he faces manslaughter charges for shooting and killing a lot of in november of 2018. prosecutors say that hall shot are belated 9 times as he was driving away from police hall claimed the shooting was in self-defense. the contra costa da's office announced that it was pressing charges in the incident after hall shot and killed another man earlier this year. an
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investigation into that shooting is still ongoing. >> governor gavin newsom has signed a bill aimed at reducing the disparity in deaths between black women and women of all other races after pregnancy. black women are more than 6 times more likely to die within a year, a pregnancy than white women. the bill nicknamed the mommy bus requires california's department of public health to collect data on the racial and socioeconomic factors that may contribute to this disparity. it also provides funding for guaranteed income and health insurance for pregnant women. we know the what we know the why this is the hop s p 65 is th how to really hold ourselves to a higher level of accountability. we've been nibbling at the edges. we've been focused on this issue 3 years. >> but i had the privilege of being governor. we've talked about in every budget are incremental steps to move forward to close these gaps. but this year i feel like we've done something that will break through. east bay. state
10:37 pm
senator nancy skinner wrote the bill. she and other lawmakers say they hope it will become an example for other states to follow. >> the biden administration is reversing a ban on abortion referrals by federally funded family planning clinics. those clinics such as planned parenthood, provide birth control and basic health care mainly to low income women. the ban on abortion referrals was issued by former president trump in 2018. according to the department of health and human services. those restrictions lead to as many as a 180,000 unintended pregnancies. >> new at 00:00pm tonight. tesla has been ordered to pay nearly a 137 million dollars to a black former india's work to the fremont plant from 2015 to 2016 after quitting he sued the company claiming he was racially harassed daily, including being called the n word. dia says employees would also draw swastikas around the plant and supervisors didn't
10:38 pm
do anything to stop the abuse today a jury awarded him about 7 million dollars in emotional damages and a 130 million dollars in punitive damages. it's unclear if tesla will appeal the decision. but the company has previously denied knowing anything about the alleged racist behavior at the plant. tesla has not again, whether it's going to appeal. now the 4 zone forecast as we step outside and take a look at the transamerica building in san francisco are first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us to talk tomorrow's. >> yeah. hey, guys. we've got some changes coming our way. maybe a little rain in the forecast was take a closer look at that in a moment outside tonight. >> that fog a starter race back on shore. that's a sign of a change in the weather pattern as the fog comes in. well, our temperatures going to be cooling down the next few days all around the bay area's, but it was a gorgeous weekend even today, a nice day out there. lots of sunshine and the fog started moving along the coastline. now, it is really pushing right through the golden gate bridge pretty squash, though, in the
10:39 pm
marine lair is a fairly thin, but it's going to thicken up over the next couple of days. air quality. not bad. looking good. in the san francisco. still some pockets amount of amount of pollutants in parts of the dublin area to san jose in the parts of the east bay to some of that smoke from some of the fire still working its way through the state. that's going to be some time before we get rid of that. we've got a storm system up in the gulf of alaska. one down in southern california. fact one in southern california, craig, some thunderstorms right near point conception. the santa barbara area. watch there as that system rotates on through bringing some rain in the southern california. fortunately for us. we're not getting the rain here and well, we're not going to whole lot in the next few days. but we've got a chance on the way as we get toward a lot of part of the week right now shore breeze, bringing some low clouds and fog back on shore tonight. that's going help bring down the temperatures number still warm inland, though it's going to take a little while for those temperatures to cool off. you're still the 70's in the concord and live more into the tri valley over the east bay hills. those temperatures staying fairly warm now, but 50's moving in along the coastline and inside the bay
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tonight, partly more clouds on the way overnight tonight, some dense fog right along the coastline tomorrow kind of mixture of some sunshine and passing clouds throughout the day. but much cooler temperatures and looks like these temperatures really cooling down throughout the week. this front going to be dropping in as we head toward tomorrow bringing more clouds and the winds really going to pick up by tomorrow afternoon. more of a breezy on shore flow out there. all right. long-range forecast for you. this work. it's interesting. got the low in southern california that's going to rotate on shore, bringing some showers there. our frontal system is going to move into california unfortunate. it's going to fall apart, not leaving much in the way of rainfall for us. but things change as we get into friday. us another system coming up out of the south bringing at least a slight chance of a few showers in the bay area, probably on friday morning but didn't look like very much behind that yet another storm system drops in. unfortunately, this one doesn't look like going to do a whole lot either. just a chance of some scattered showers here, some snow for the sierra nevada and then yet another one as we head in toward the following
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thursday's those things get active out there in force. they were just not able to crank out any significant rain just yet. tomorrow, you'll notice the cool down temperatures in the 60's and 70's couple low 80's well, inland next few days. well, here we go. temperatures really kind of cooling down probably topping out for highs only in the 60's on thursday and friday, slight chance of showers on friday. you can see the long range just a slight chance as we head toward the middle of next week. lot of catching up to do. yes, we do it. thankt, lauren. >> happening tomorrow. the city of pleasanton is expected to declare a local drought emergency and that means that water customers would be required to reduce their water consumption by 15% right now. it's not likely that there will be any penalties for using too much water. but city officials there say that it could happen if people don't start conserving water in pleasant. >> a shortage of substitute teachers in san jose is forcing school counselors. another specialists to step in starting this week. those district employees will be on call as substitute teachers.
10:42 pm
they can choose which subject or grade level they prefer. but could be deployed to any school in the district at least a 130 counselors and specialist. we acquired to substitute for at least 4 days a month. advocates say this will negatively affect students access to resources such as extracurricular guidance n mental health services state school superintendent tony thurmond is looking to provide a million books to students and their families across the state. it's part of the literacy campaign aimed at making sure students can read on their own by the 3rd grade. according to superintendent thurman, students have not read by the 3rd grader at greater risk to drop out or end up in the criminal justice system. the state education department is actively looking for any organizations which can help reach their goal of 1 million books. >> okay. this just and somebody has matched all 6 numbers. and they want the nearly 700 million dollars powerball jackpot. the california lottery tweeting up
10:43 pm
tonight that someone bought the winning ticket at an albertsons in morro bay. the total jackpot ended up being 699.8 and and dollars lot of money. any way you look graduations. yeah, a key person. all right. still ahead tonight, a new honor for the queen of soul. how the city of detroit is honoring the late. >> the franklin in her hometown. >> and coming up in sports raiders trying to improve the 4 o in la against the chargers psports director jason dumas. us has the highlights coming up. and the holiday season fast approaching. so how should you celebrate with the pandemic still around how this year's activities and festivities could compared to
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
>> the cdc has taken down its guidance for the upcoming fall holidays, including halloween. at the end of the month. a spokesperson says the guidance
10:47 pm
at halloween parents going out was unvaccinated and more likely to get. >> something in the community may bring it home. but in general in the bay area. the key going on very rapidly, i think by halloween should be really and an acceptable level with those 5.11 unable to get vaccinated and most likely to want to trick or treat the doctor has this suggestion mosque is really kind of interesting for itself. >> and you can be creative and make it look as part of the costume. turning to thanksgiving. the doctor says it is possible host may offer covid tests, especially if someone has a compromised immune system or young children as a way to stay safe. yet. get together, which is kind of a modern twist says rapid testing. so you say, ok, big family across the country feel free to come by. but i really feel most comfortable if you're vaccinated number 2,
10:48 pm
you know, i'm going to you know, reimburse you fe are binax now test. then there is christmas again. the doctor says so much depends on whether guests are vaccinated or unvaccinated and whether children are around or not. if you know who's you know, you have to different territory these times covid and you know, it has to do it. acceptance of science, acceptance and belief in vaccines. is no risk mitigation bees a very similar that we fight for the pandemic, but they have come to head more than ever before. right now in this country. theresa kron 4 news. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the raiders look to remain one of the few unbeaten teams left in the nfl tonight. >> they're on the road, quote, unquote. >> down in la the home game basically taking on the
10:49 pm
chargers. there was a lightning delay before this one. the game was delayed about 30 minutes. as you can see, players instructed to go back to the locker room, but soon as they started playing quarterback justin herbert took control. he threw 3 touchdown passes, including that one. austin ekeler. it's 21 to nothing. but in the 3rd, their car woke up there. you find. his number one target darren waller. it's 2114 now late in the 4th. 28 to 14. it was pretty much the game car goes deep their one-game says not so fast. my friend interception. it will be no comeback on this night. raiders lose 28 to 14 their first loss of the season. they're now 3, the forty-niners lost their second straight game on sunday and they didn't come out of that matchup. once came jimmy garoppolo and trent williams both left the game. >> they did not return. today.
10:50 pm
we found out that neither injury is as bad originally anticipated. both may actually be able to play this weekend, which would be good news. jimmy g had a calf bruise and trent williams has a shoulder injury. here's what kyle shanahan had to say about to be number one. >> it does me as a chance. you know, it wasn't as bad as what that it might have been today i a lot of pain still sore. hopefully it. by the time he comes in it is getting better than good chance because a of it has improved at all that wednesday. probably a little longer. >> believe it or not, basketball season is here. the warriors opened up their preseason in portland taking on the blaze that 1st quarter warriors down by one jordan poole training. we all 3 of those that give them the lead. he's got to have a huge season very next possession big man, another one. he check. he had 30 points to lead the warriors. now, what is a
10:51 pm
warriors highlight without steph curry. look at after way. the we're used to that step had 13 points. the warriors win one 21, one. '07. get this. they shot 69 3 pointers tonight. it issued more than 54 at all. and a game last season. so, hey, that might be their brand of basketball this year. timetable some of the biggest and brightest stars in the history of bay area sports were immortalized this evening in the bay area sports hall of fame. bruce bocce, bright young ricky henderson. natalie coffin in paulk hired or on it today at oracle park. you can't tell the history of bay area sports without mentioning any of these folks, especially bright young and bruce bocce. >> i'm honored extremely you know, i'm i'm grateful >> you know, you you just so probably going with that the people that are in there and
10:52 pm
are going into night one out and played for me. ricky henderson. so i guess it should. you're getting old when a player goes in with a great feeling. >> stream. the honor to be a mom. so many great people that are amazing things to body are working or prospective career. so to come true to be able to be part of this reorganization. >> bright young looks like he could just wrap up the pads today and get back out there on the grid. iron man. he looks great. alright congrats to all of those inductees. that is all we have for sports. we'll be right back
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>> catchy little tune but no, we're not still in a commercial break this iconic jingle for folgers coffee. it's been sold a guy by the name of josh see paid more than $90,000 in an online auction to own the song. he will now earn royalties for the rest of his life. any time this jingle is used in an advertisement on tv radio. our internet or anywhere else for that matter. the song was written in 1984 by pennsylvania, native leslie pearl. there was even a version of the song song. song by aretha franklin. speaktng of which the big honor for the queen of soul. a post office. >> in aretha franklins hometown of detroit now bears her name members of franklin's
10:56 pm
family as well as both postal elected officials visited the office to celebrate the big name change the u.s. postal service touches all of our lives in so many ways. >> and it's really an american institution. so, sir, if you think. >> that is for sure. the post office is close to a concert amphitheater on the detroit river. that's also named after aretha franklin. she died in 2018 in are home in detroit. she was 76 years old to record several classics during her legendary career, including r e s p e c t think. and you make me feel like a natural woman queen of soul. she was awesome. yes. something awesome out there. >> hey, guys, tonight we are seeing some changes get ready for tomorrow. we'll see a big cool down in the works as clouds begin to roll on in seeing that outside right now more than on the way the next couple days. in fact, whole lot of cloud cover out there. unfortunately not much rain to back it up. temperatures in
10:57 pm
the 60's and san francisco 60's along the coastline to be breezy out toward the coast tomorrow. a little blustery and through some of the mountain gaps to through december will get their. 71 said carlos, thm temperatures in the south bay. they're running up the upper 70's, but still some mixture of sunshine and some high clouds warmest temperatures. by tomorrow afternoon. probably low 80's of most spots. so plus some cooler weather on the way things staying a little bit unsettled the longer range forecast slight chance of showers as we head in toward friday, a dry weekend ahead. maybe some gusty winds come monday. that's the one thing to watch out for get the storms come through for. don't get the rain, the public at scene. >> rather take we'll see you tomorrow
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