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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  October 5, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> thanks for waking up with us have the i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. and on this tuesday, our first full week of october. right. yeah. we're counting down the days. we've got fleet week really kicking off on friday. blue angels. big weekend ahead. and
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we're also looking at friday, kicking off the post season g the national league west division. lot going on. lot. outdoor fun. it was really hot as promised yesterday. john. >> and today we get a cool down, right. yeah. today starts to cool down today's forecast easily 10 degrees cooler than yesterday's. and we're getting even cooler beyond this point for the rest of the week. so fleet week looks really comfortable. definitely nothing to sweat about on into the weekend like we did see this past weekend. your view outside this morning. the return of some low gray out there. visibility is fine for most areas. but we are seeing some foggy spots, especially in mountainous areas like the east bay hills upper elevations of the peninsula. so was right along the coastline. and then the north bay in the midst of some lower visibility as well. current temperatures mostly in the 50's to low 60's. it is a comfortable start to the morning. what's the sun comes up. you'll be able to see a little bit more cloud cover overhead than what we've gotten used to the past few days. the afternoon just going
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to be a whole lot more comfortable and then the rest of your forecast feels a lot more like fall talking all about it. still ahead right now. tom, thank you for that. so we have this hot spot. we've been talking about 8.80, northbound at thorton avenue on the highway there. this is in fremont. >> what you're looking at is a garbage truck that actually caught on fire. and so they had to let that truck. burned because of all the gases in the fumes are looking at are. photo journalist yulia sevens, who's out there right now given us a live look, we know that one lane is shut down here due to this accident. so if you're trying to get around, go ahead and take 2.38, or fremont boulevard. people are still able to pass to the other. you can see that one lane currently blocked there because of that. also another traffic collision along highway 4 eastbound highway 4 west of railroad avenue in pittsburgh that's slowing things down along highway 4. they the meteor lights on here at the bay bridge. so a little under 12 for you to make it into the city, at least to that fremont
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street exit will have more on your tuesday morning commute but for now, daryn, james, back to you. thank you. enough. >> so 6. '02, we've got happening in just one hour's time. the facebook whistleblower who's demanding federal oversight over the tech giant is set to testify before congress. frances haugen. she were just san francisco's facebook offices, accuses the company of putting profits. >> over the well-being of people cropper. sarah stinson is live outside facebook headquarters in menlo park with more. hi, sara. >> yeah. frances haugen, she's expected to testify in front of the senate committee this morning at 7 o'clock. our time says you said about one hour and we'll keep an eye on that for you to take a look at frances haugen. she has let everyone know she is the facebook whistleblower haugen anonymously filed at least 8 complaints with federal law enforcement alleging facebook violated the law by withholding information about the risk posed by its own social network. then in the 60
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minute interview on sunday. the 37 year-old came forward as the whistleblower, the data scientist, the previous employee. facebook. she says she dealt with conflict between their facebook, rather deals with conflict between the good of the people and what benefited the company social media giant would choose its own interest haugen work at facebook since 2019. before that she worked at google and pinterest she worked at facebook in the area of the company that fights misinformation when she became passionate after losing a friend to conspiracy theories. haugen says facebook prematurely turned up safeguards designed to prevent misinformation during the election between president joe biden and president donald trump. she alleges allowing this misinformation to get out contributed to the deadly invasion of the u.s. capitol on january 6. now let's hear more about how she explains about facebook playing with algorithms to get people more angry. >> and what motive facebook asked to continue to do this. >> its own research is showing
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the content that is hateful that is divisive and polarizing. it's easier to inspire people to anger. facebook has realize that. if they change the algorithm to be safer. people spend less time on the site. click on less ads will make less money. >> facebook could take legal action against hogan it if they find that she stole confidential information from the company before the 60 minutes interview came out. a top facebook executive was calling the whistleblower's allegations. misleading saying the company does a lot more to stop misinformation spreading than other social media companies. now and how can she testifies her testifying. >> even intensifies the spotlight that's already on facebook. all of congress and in dc have already been debating whether facebook plays a role in how it effects
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society and if they are doing enough. so this tent her testifying is definitely going to be of huge for them in getting a. >> and i into what happens at facebook now get the 7 to 7 o'clock one hour from now. we'll keep you updated. hopefully can get a live look and bring you the latest for now, send it back to you in the studio. i can't even imagine sarah how she feels going into this morning. >> i mean, with the world's spotlight on, you saying things against this giant mega company. >> she's got to be just yeah. just out of her skin. reyer hands and the and and and the current try to come forward with what she believes. >> huge decision to come forward and all and let alone do that interview and then to testify at the committee hearing. it's intense and she's definitely going to get. i'm sure a lot of pull back, but i'm sure a lot of support
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as well true. yeah, both sides. thanks. lots are. and while we're talking about facebook, we should probably mention, too, that the company has apologized for that mass outage that left billions of users unable to access. >> not only facebook but instagram whats-app messenger. they were all down for a number of hours yesterday facebook says that it was faulty update software that was sent to the servers. >> that caused that mass outage. the company also says that no user data was ever compromised. a facebook and its instagram and what's at platform down for about 6 hours yesterday with the company saying it worked hard to try and understand and is continuing to try and understand more about what exactly went wrong. while some people actually had to meet their friends face to matching that. >> now let's go to the east bay where there was another sighting. in one attacked a pet and pleasant hill almost got the cat caught on video. so let's give you a look at that. we've got kron four's. dan thorn with the story. >> well, some of the residents here in pleasant hill tell us that they are a little worried with just how active uncomfortable these coyotes have gotten in their
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neighborhoods. and just days ago, an attack on a cat was caught on camera and it's really upsetting people in the area. a pair of coyotes are caught on camera attacking a black hat. >> despite the vicious thrashing the cat is able to get away and leads the 100 duo on a chase. it's one of the latest violent run-ins between pets and coyotes in pleasant hill i sign. i thought it was so sad. i felt bad for the cat. heard the cat in the middle of the night. he let out one huge along how high. >> mary lou saunders says she's noticed an uptick in coyote activity along vicky lane. the wild canines have been the talk of the neighborhood everybody's a little worried. but some people still have the >> the coyotes have been spotted roaming the streets and yards at all hours of the day. heather lee has had to keep our eyes peeled when she takes her energetic puppy for a walk. >> harry. it's hard. it's kind
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of a tricky situation because i definitely want to exercise our puppy and get out walk around. but, you know, we have to really careful at the same time, the video off the coyote attack has been troubling to watch for people who live in the neighborhood. >> but some also see wildlife as a part of making your home near wooded. area is not open-ended coyotes at on. now as part of nature and what can we do with them. fear might not be driving the conversation, but many agree to keeping your pets, especially small ones. protected. i'm not afraid of them. i certainly wouldn't let my small animal out in evening. i think you just have to be well, we have learned that that cat did survive this attack and they are incredibly lucky that they did the you see integrated pest management program says that people that are living in suburban areas should try to frighten these animals so they do not get too comfortable around people. >> it's also professionally suggested that you take your small pets indoors, especially at night reporting in pleasant
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hill, dan thorn kron 4 news. >> here's make sure that we're following in the east bay september was the most violent month of the year in oakland. in fact, it was the deadliest month since 2013, chief leronne armstrong says the department is working with a limited number of officers and they're doing what they can to solve the 106 homicides that have happened so far this year. 17 homicides alone in september families of gun violence victims were at a news conference yesterday with the chief pleaded for people to end the violence. >> the whole 106 that we have lost as of today. have mothers and fathers. they are hurting homicide is nothing to play with. >> right now. the oakland police department. has 695 officers. the chief says since the start of october he's got 10 resignations. he says that
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that some point they may have to start require mandatory overtime because they're so understaffed. >> speaking of gun violence in oakland, family now is demanding answers after an fbi agent fatally shot a man at a corner store in the fruitvale neighborhood back in september. so this is video of family and friends of jonathan court as they held a rally outside oakland city hall and they say that jonathan went to buy something at that store when he was shot by the agents. now the fbi released a statement saying that the agent was serving an arrest warrant. and when they confronted the suspect, that's when they claim he drew a gun. cortez family, though, and his friends say they want to see some serve a surveillance video evidence that. >> asking and demanding the but and the store. we really need answers. my heart goes out to the and also goes out to the youth in the community that had to witness the murder of jonathan cortez. >> by the agency. i asked all
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to reach out and try to find out anybody involved. anybody have any other to please let him come forward so we can find out why my nephew was killed. >> now the fbi says that an illegal gun was recovered from the scene along with an illegal high capacity magazine. >> 6.11. let's give you the latest covid news this morning. johnson and johnson has asked the asked the fda for it to approve the booster shots. the researchers for jj. they say their study shows that a booster would raise the level of protection to 94%. if they get approval. >> then the and the cdc, they would decide just who's going to the boosters. and when according to the cdc about 15 million in the u.s. got the j and j one shot covid vaccine. today. 2 new covid testing sites open in the bay area. san francisco defied school district is opening a testing site. it's for students and staff and it's operating at the crocker.
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amazon sports complex from 8 to noon on tuesdays and thursdays. they enough tests for 150 tested. 250 tests a day and they're oping that that will help keep covid out of the schools and the kids in the schools, rig t. if you know who has it, then they can stay home and not affect anybody else. and then the other testing site is a city of alameda opening a site today. this one is at 8.51. west midway avenue. it's actually the parking lot behind that building. you can walk up for sure, but it will probably be easier and they're encouraging you to make an appointment. don't have to wait. it's 6.13. and still ahead, one bay area school district is dealing with a shortage of substitute teachers. >> we'll see who they're asking to fill in. and after the break, the cdc is changing its guidance for gatherings this hol
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yeah, reggie. i put the sign up. choose wisely. choose wendy's. >> and we're back. 6.16 is the time. look at it was beautiful scene. international balloon festival. they have an albuquerque every year. well, every year. but last year the led last year's, but it's back. or hot air balloons hot about i want to picture. you know, like i would like that in my living room or something. yeah. it's cool. i saw years ago and john, appreciate this too. i saw years ago somebody had taken the most beautiful photograph. at sunrise of these hot air balloons going on it was it literally was a job for me. a jaw dropping photo and that that this is on
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my wish list one day, if i could ever being a hot air balloon taking pictures of this hot balloon maybe looking knows that's pretty incredible. okay. so would rather not. i'm going to give you the chance of fleet week the f want call you could know you go you go up in the balloon or you go up in the blue angel. >> playing with that. the tough because you haven't done either. no, the blue tie to be longer yeah. you got all these other don't know. i think john. well, i don't want to pass out. before it was a really tall and that basket is really hey, not as relaxing as it looks, the weather was beautiful for that. we've got beautiful weather for >> yeah. i would say fleet week is a little more for weather what's going to
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happen. fleet week is looking promising actually really good news for it. we are seeing our chance of rainfall arriving early friday and then saturday clears out really quickly. that is voting really well actually, for fleet week after noon on saturday, which is good news because obviously want to get out there and enjoy it. you look outside this morning. you're berkeley hills, cam clearing up actually a little bit. you can see some of the lights a berkeley down below skies are going to be clear this afternoon inland a little cloudier towards the coastline. cold front having swept through resulting breezy conditions yesterday. now we're just in the midst of a much cooler rest of this forecast getting a look ahead at the afternoon highs in the 60's for san francisco 50's and 60's right at the coastline and then mostly 70's along the bayshore. very comfortable day for bayshore cities today saying carlos at 76 san jose at 78 today. sure. beach yesterday's 88 freeman through hayward also really nice. we do have a few low 80's livermore and danville. among those spots woken up to richmond in the 60's antioch.
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one of our warmer spots today tied with vacaville. at 81 degrees. now, if you think today's cool just look at the rest of your forecast really feel like fall, especially come thursday and friday when temperatures and some of our inland areas will be even noticeably cooler in the 60's to low 70's for inland spots. best chance of rainfall being friday, then it's still a slight chance saturday and sunday clearing right out warming back up for fleet week reyna tom, thank you for that. we have a hot spot. this is in fremont. 8, 80 northbound at gordon avenue. you're looking at a live shot. >> all of that here again was a car, not a car fire. but as you can see, a garbage truck fire the entire garbage truck going up in flames. they had to let it burn out because of all of those toxins there. so one lane, as you can see, because of the fire department. there is blocked all the other subsequent lanes are open. but again, one lane blocked to traffic is sluggish. be moving through 8.80, northbound at dorn
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avenue. if you are trying to get around it to 38 will be another good option for you or fremont boulevard. that's right. here or you can do like the rest of the people are doing slowly giving yourself more time as traveling. let's look at the bay bridge a little under 14 minutes, no major accidents or issues just traffic starting to build here. they the metering lights on. there. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge little under 15 minutes heading across towards the peninsula in the south bay. no major delays. 20 minute stories below part to 8085 to 82 no major issues during and james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain is 6.20, is the time we've got a shortage of substitute teachers in san jose. and that's now forcing. >> school counselors and other specialist to have to step in and fill that need starting this week the district's employees will be basically on call as substitute teachers. they can choose which subject grade level they prefer but they have to be prepared to be deployed to just about any school within the district at least a 130 counselors and special us now will be required to substitute for at least 4 days a month and
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advocates say that this could potentially negatively impacts students who need to access those counselors and those specialist things like extracurricular guidance and mental health services. those might suffer as the specialist are having to fill in the substitute teacher roles. tesla is being ordered now to pay nearly a 137 million dollars to a former black employee india's worked at the fremont plant for 2015 to 2016 and after quitting he sued the company claiming that he was racially harassed on a daily basis, including being called racial slurs. now says that employees would also draw swastikas around the plant and supervisors rarely did anything to stop the abuse. a jury decided to award him about 7 million dollars in emotional damages and a 130 million dollars in punitive damages. it's unclear right now. tesla will appeal that decision. but the company has previously denied knowing anything about the alleged behavior at that plant.
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>> 6.21 and what is supposed to do for thanksgiving this year. we're not really sure yet. the cdc took down their guidelines for the upcoming holidays. and we told you yesterday what they were recommending well, turns out, i mean, that's basically the same thing they told us last year to do was on there. so they say the information was outdated. >> with. we've got halloween coming up. you got thanksgiving coming up. and people are saying so what we do, i mean, we know we're supposed to last year we kind of repeated that the i think it still holds. but the question is, you know, what are they thinking. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong points out covid is continuing to go down in the bay area. so. >> he's optimistic. maybe that means you really can share a meal a little bit more like they're doing here. >> while they're very dressed up for and then apparently were showing some holiday shopping here. what you're supposed to do. of course we're still wearing masks indoors. so that's going to be
6:23 am
the big question is how do they change handling your turkey and the like this year. >> if you know who is you know, you have to different territory these times covid and you know, it has to do it. acceptance of science acceptance and belief in vaccines. is no risk mitigation bees a very similar that we fight for the pandemic. but they have come to head more than ever before right now in this country. >> covid cases are trending downwards around the c untry. the number of people in the hospital with covid is going down somewhere around 75,000. it was 93,000 in the hospital in early september. so you might i mean, i'm doing it different. like like last year i was outside and it was cold it was cold i this we're going to be inside a restaurant. go. >> we'll take a quick 6.23 when we come back, though, the waters off of a co-pay are reopening this morning after that shark attack that we told you about. we'll tell you what you need to know before you start dipping your toes. in the wa
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>> 6.26 and after that shark attack. now a 2 mile stretch of water along the sonoma coast north of the day. bay is reopening today. be aware it was closer rv where we'll see here. this is the video of the surfer who was being treated after that attack on sunday morning. >> it was a scary situation as mentioned, they shut the beach down for a day. to keep people safe. this was all along north salmon creek. that person still in hospital told going to be okay. yeah, but chunk taken out of his side. yes, because that the experts say that the shark got it. he was a c line because, you know, they look alike in a wetsuit. here's them scrubbing. >> they look a lot like a sea lion or seal on the surface
6:27 am
swing makes the same noise and attract the shark. the sharks, though, there. bites the search for a most of the time they let go of the surfer because they need it. you know, it's it's not what they want to eat. and that's it. it's what was one byte. >> it's just it's always just one is just one by one by what could possibly be wrong your complaint trying things. james again, one charge develop a taste for humans right on. but right now they say that's rare. don't worry about it unless you have a son like mine who serves on that i do worry about we have lots more ahead and we'll be right back. >> if you live in pleasant 10 and you're saving water. according to the city of pleasanton, you're probably not saving enough water. coming up, i'll tell you what they plan to do tonight and how much they're asking people to see e psst! psst! allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting
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>> 6.30 right now. take a look at sfo. it doesn't look too bad. looks fairly clear there. yeah, we do have some low clouds out there, get a little stretch well into the gym yesterday. not 7. we have to trust james and john was definitely the gym because we go to the are stretching good morning, little little on the stiff side. so this stretching is going to come in handy. a good chance to get outside, maybe do the workout out there today. the last few days may be too warm for you to be doing much outside today. a better opportunity to enjoy it, especially if you're
6:31 am
inland as our highs fall from well into the 90's to barely even the 80's in our inland spots. even cooler just around the corner. we're sitting right now. little on the gray side as the sun comes up you'll notice that ample cloud cover that is sifted into the bay overnight. only causing limited visibility issues. most of us are fine, but especially our hillsides. we're looking at some spotty fog and then also some areas in the north bay where visibility is a little bit on the lower side, especially as compared to the crystal clear skies we've been seeing 50's for most of our current temps brentwood, one of our warmer spots at 61 right now. while some 40's up in the north bay nevado say alina cloverdale in san anselmo just a few spots that are down in the 40's definitely jacket where the to start right now. don, thanks for that. we have a hot spot out in fremont. this is northbound. 8.80, at dorn avenue. >> trash vehicle on fire here. so that garbage truck inflamed one lane currently still blocked with fire crews still trying to get that garbage truck off of the highway there. so again, you could take to 38 or fremont
6:32 am
boulevard or you could go ahead and drive through that. just one lane there. blocked. >> heading into the city. a little under 18 minutes to make it to that fremont. she exit 5, 1880, as you're traveling along pretty nice and light this morning. >> a little under 14 headed across towards the peninsula. things are slow along highway for about 30 minutes traveling from one 60 to 2.42 dari. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 6.32 is the time. and today the city of pleasanton is expected to declare a local drought emergency. and of course, that means customers will have to cut back on their water use. we've got kron four's will tran live in pleasanton with more on what those customers are going to expected. but didn't they possibly do will. >> while they have to do more. bottom line is because they're looking at 15%. so whatever you're using kept back by 15%. >> and the city council will meet at 7 o'clock tonight. they say they're doing well, according to that place, if they get their water from they
6:33 am
see in july. the tri valley area saved about 7%, but that's not good enough, especially with the drought continuing. i mean, when was the last time you heard john scher able say that we have a big rain storm headed our way. it's been a while, right. because it's been a while. they want people to save water. they're so serious about this that they plan to hire. if this is passed tonight that they plan to hire somebody to work part time to go around the city look for any leaks to knock on doors for any excessive use and also and some phone lines. in case you have any questions on how you can possibly save water and to answer those questions as well. the pass out tips in the meantime, they don't plan to make it uncomfortable for you because it's one thing that tell somebody to do something. it's another when you hit their pocketbook right now. they don't plan to make it uncomfortable meeting raising rates or giving you a ticket if you're using too much water. but that is something down the road was
6:34 am
thinking about how to save water james and terry, i grew up poor. that's not a problem because my parents could not afford to pay for all that water use. so when you brush your teeth, turn off the water. if you shave have a pool water and put that razor and then you can just rinse it off every get the hairs out and then do it as opposed to the running water. we were so poor no joke. i used to drive my car on the front lawn. wash our car and then the water with water the lawn. but i wouldn't suggest that's a fact. that is a and you know what else i've got. little half moon flasher. >> and so there's a tiny flush that have flush. and then there's 2 you don't have to flush the that i have that good tip, though, about water on the long wash your car. thank you. well, now you may begin to notice speaking of out in the east bay that. >> perhaps your water tastes a little differently did you know your east they might now waters fantastic team and is a great job in our district and we normally get our water from
6:35 am
the macomb the river. but because so much extra water is needed right now because of dry conditions, east bay mud is going to start pulling about 11 billion gallons from the sacramento river. between now and february. so if that happens, then you are when that happens, i should say you're going probably notice the water perhaps little slight change. don't worry. that's why it's just coming from a different source is still safe and healthy will tell us when your water taste. we're james and i will now 6.35 new developments in the major oil spill. >> that is killing wildlife along southern california and closed a ton of beaches in orange county. all the big beaches are closed right now. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency. the size of the spill continues to grow. and you know, you can see it from above. it's about a 144,000 gallons. now chip yost takes a closer look. >> monday, a fleet of boats continued to skim the orange county coast for oil up to
6:36 am
126,000 gallons have contaminated the water and caused beach closures from huntington beach to dana point, it's believed the oil came from a broken pipeline connected to an oil rig miles from the shoreline. we have examined more than 8,000 feet of height. >> and we have isolated one specific area. >> significant interest martin willsher is the ceo of amplify energy, the company that runs the pipeline. and he said this. when asked if it's possible that an acre from one of the many cargo ships sitting offshore caused the break in the pipeline. that is one of the distinct possibilities. yes, willsher whose company could be on the hook for millions of dollars in cleanup costs said divers will be going down this afternoon to try to pinpoint where the break happened. sparking a harsh response from orange county district attorney todd spitzer. >> that company should not be responsible for leading its
6:37 am
own investigation. they shouldn't be able to go anywhere near that pipeline. they are biased their self interested and they're going to do everything they can to >> that was chip yost mages. reporting wildlife workers are working around the clock to help the animals that are still covered with oil. >> happening in about a half hour from now. the facebook whistleblower who's demanding federal oversight over the tech giant is set to testify before congress. we're talking about frances haugen lived for a time in san francisco. she accuses facebook of putting profits over the well-being of people. and we've got proper. sara stinson live for us outside facebook headquarters in menlo park with more mobile sarah. >> 30 minutes we can expect to see frances haugen really testifying against her previous employer facebook in front of a senate committee. this is going to happen. it's going to be another explosive account from her. she's
6:38 am
already given her count to 60 minutes take a look and see a picture of her on your screen. before that she was in us whistleblower. she filed at least 8 complaints with federal law enforcement alleging facebook violated the law with by withholding information about the risk posed by its social network. the data scientist says whenever facebook dealt with conflict between good for the people and what benefited the company, the social media giant would choose its own interests. haugen worked at facebook since 2019 before that she worked at google and pinterest. she worked at facebook in the area of the company that really fights misinformation when she became passionate herself after losing a friend who she says. >> rap to pin conspiracy theories online haugen says facebook prematurely turned off safeguards designed to prevent misinformation during the election between president joe biden and president donald trump. she alleges allowing this been ation to get out contributed to the deadly
6:39 am
invasion of the u.s. capitol on january 6. she explained how the company uses algorithms and makes more people morning gree and they do this because it makes people want to be on facebook more, which gives them more money. facebook could take legal action against haugen if she's found to be stealing confidential information from the company. now even before she was identified in that 60 minutes interview, facebook said that her accounts are misleading saying they do more than any other social media network too. stop misinformation from getting out even so, she testifies this morning at that senate committee and we'll bring it to you in the next half hour. so stay tuned. little less than a half hour. we're going to be falling this big story just more accounts against facebook. >> and they're already debating. if this social network is at fault for that misinformation and for things like you know, attack on the
6:40 am
capitol on january 6. so stay tuned for this is going to be intense and it's going to be something is going to be all day long for sure. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> that's the sound i was trying to do. right. >> now. that's what it sounds like. we just saw the video fleet leak, of course, back in san francisco out of the waterfront canceled last year as we know, because of the pandemic. but they're going to be a wentz all week long. now that it's back and said, oh, look at iron bowl. silos just go yeah. they got all kinds of the big ships and everything. so the big shows begin friday at 11:00am and don't forget if you're in the city like thursday and friday to they have like during the day. you angels are supposed to be like 3, 3, 15. ok friday afternoon. and here at the best places to watch along the waterfront by
6:41 am
the way, down san francisco's northern edge. so we're talking about crissy field of yeah. mean, a quarter for anywhere along here as we know because the planes go back and forth between the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. right. and officials are encouraging everybody take public transit because it's going to the rim and a lot of traffic. >> and also they want you to wear a mask. they're saying if you're in big still the safest thing that you can wear a mask or of course you can always watch it right here on khon trials. aren't your thing. don't worry, we've got you covered as usual. we've got our blue angels live show. we're actually going to bring you the air showed live as it's playing out saturday. again, october night. their coverage begins at 02:00pm hand. we have our own pilot expert who's going to be hosting the show. our evening news anchor ken wayne can. wayne also has a great voice. singing voice on what also end here. here's another thing is you're bats and yeah, because still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news.
6:42 am
>> there are going to be the playoffs with sansa's. the ties and restaurants are gearing up for a big boom in business. we'll tell you about that. >> and we're also tracking the latest with jimmy g 2 could be back on the field for the niners on sunday. we'll have to see. we've got an update on his injury coming up in just a moment. and we are looking at conditions this morning. a little grayer than we've gotten used to them. but temperatures right around the same as we've been seeing during morning hours. that ships come the afternoon because you're looking at much cooler weather for us daytime highs barely reaching the low 80's for just a few inland spots and even cooler in the rest of your forecast. that stuck out. and we've had a busy tuesday morning still tracking that hot spot. >> out in fremont. we'll have an u
6:43 am
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>> 6.44 is the time and we're checking out the weather before you head out the door and is not going to be hot as it was yesterday no, in fact, i was just commenting with john during the break that though, some of our live cameras really show a pretty thick green layer coming. so you guys were you talking about the weather behind my back. during the break shot. as a matter of fact. thank you control what's going on, john? i need to know. so that that's what we call fog guys. yeah. like mountainous, though. does does see this is from the mountain cabin. you can kind of see it roll. for the marine had winds. and that's really the spots that we are seeing lower visibility upper elevations because it's sitting right above us this morning like wall this morning
6:46 am
right. really will a kid. i just caught and think not be so nice to just lay up their they don't work like that, though. we've come to find if all you grew up and figured out. yeah. haha. but yeah, it is really nice to see the fog, the low clouds pushing right back in a sign of nature's ac streaming right back into the bay and a big cool down because of the return of that marine layer. you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast is looking a little grayer today, but, you know, i think we'll take the change of pace that comes along with that great. you can see some of the city lights, a berkeley down below thing starting to brighten up in your berkeley hills. cam going to stay a little cloudier along the coastline today. if you wanted the heat at the coastline. i hope you enjoyed yesterday for inland areas. today is your day to enjoy because we are looking at a nice change of pace. that is bringing with it some just much more tolerable conditions for southern california may have seen video of the lightning strikes around la yesterday. we've continued to see an active evening with isolated areas of downpours, even some hail and lightning still reported
6:47 am
around the san diego area. so that is part of a separate system that is working its way further to the east. we're not going to be tapping into that energy. but we are seeing a cold front dipping its way. our direction bringing is continually cooler weather. and for the central valley, eventually some better air quality. they've been in the midst of some very poor conditions. comparatively the bay area's done well. but we've also seen some haze, especially for the south and east bay at times temperatures today. noticeably cooler as we've been talking about 60's for sf. definitely on the cloudier side closer to the coastline. you'll notice that cloudy blanket elsewhere, too. but sunshine will reappear with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies to complement the 70's and fairly low 80's later on today. san jose 78 pleasanton at 79. some 60's from oakland to richmond while danville on up to antioch in vacaville. some of our low 80's that will have today napa i 75 in novato a comfortable 77 tomorrow's temperatures,
6:48 am
even cooler yet. we will see increasing clouds into wednesday. thursday and even friday with that slight chance of showers. that's really the best chance of rain. we've got good news for fleet week weekend is saturday for the air show we will see skies clearing out just in time and looking at some 70's returning for a lot of the bay reyna. tom, thanks for that. so in fremont, we still have that hot spot there. northbound 8.80, at the wharton avenue. a garbage truck on fire. >> earlier this morning. it. so they have one lane there currently blocked off here in the live look at that. they've been working on this truck for the past hour and a half. and it seems like it's still stuck there and they're going to be working on that for some time. so again, traffic, you can see is still moving. they just have one lane there. blocked. but if you try to avoid this altogether. you can see how sluggish its move in the air. you can take to 38 or you go ahead and take a just adjacent to that fremont boulevard to get around that. a vehicle fire. that was the air that garbage truck that was on fire into the city. a little under 18 minutes, see any hazards or
6:49 am
accidents contributing to this slowing of traffic here. 5, 8080 also a little sluggish at this hour. a little under 13 minutes as you're heading out of richmond across towards sandra thought to see some reports. we had a traffic hazard here on the richmond, sandra fell bridge. 5.80, but it looks like drive times. didn't go up, but a minute or 2 and heading across towards the peninsula via the san mateo bridge. a little under 15 minutes. no major delays along one. oh, one or 92 during james, back to you. thanks. lot. 6.49 right now and we'll win or lose for the giants. you know who wins with the playoffs coming to san francisco do. yeah. a lot of a nearby restaurants and bars are. >> happily bracing for the return of thousands of fans there already. they saw business booming last week because of the games which were big welcome sight because during the pandemic, as we know. >> a lot of restaurants and bars in san francisco to the suffering. now we've got the games that are going to happen friday and saturday and businesses are ready with more staff. >> a couple extra staff members prepping our, you
6:50 am
know, our bottles getting ready for them. you know, just make sure we have all the products in-house because we do know that as soon as playoffs start on friday, the floods of people will start coming on. and when it comes to a playoff baseball. you kind of have to expect some controlled chaos right. more families national spotlight. lot more people walking around obviously a high need for food and beverage starting earlier in the day than the normal pre-game or or even after the game but we'll be ready for. >> the need is high. yes, and we'll be ready for whoever comes our way, whether it's the dodgers were the cardinals. that's right. they have to do their wild-card game wednesday night thursday morning will not right here in a couple morning news, they'll tell you who will play and we know game one in 2 are both here because we've got the better a record. so we've got that happened friday night and saturday night and then the away games. >> for games 3, 4, brace yourself. not only will all the businesses around the ballpark benefit that because fleet weeks in town to a lot of restaurants and bars throughout san francisco are really going to be enjoying a big boost in business. good times.
6:51 am
>> it is 6.50 right now and some of the biggest and brightest stars in history of bay area sports. they were inducted into the bay area sports hall of fame. yeah. we had former giants manager bruce bocce and we also 49 a great bright young. they were among the inductees. take a listen. >> i'm extremely you know, i'm i'm grateful >> you know, you you just so probably going with that. the people that are in there and are going in tonight. it's a great feeling. >> extremely honored to so many great people that are amazing things to body are working or prospective career. so to come true to be able to be part of this reorganization. >> seem so much more relaxed, all these star athletes, the pressure is off and then they can just sort of sit back, enjoy life and be in the hall of there. laura. other
6:52 am
inductees include oakland a's great. ricky henderson, olympic swimmer natalie coughlin. >> and the raiders ok, so let's talk a bit. give you an update on what happened last night. they were one of the few unbeaten in the nfl right now. that was until they face the chargers last night. yeah, and i think it was a sign because they have lightning in the head. the load. see they have the lightning bolt their and that's why they won. >> chargers quarterback justin herbert took control threw 3 touchdown passes. >> and that made it 21 nothing at half time. yeah. in the 3rd derek carr did strike twice to cut the chargers lead to just 7. >> but it wasn't enough that could never regain the raiders ended up losing this one final score, 28 to 14. >> 6.52 right now and let's move on to the forty-niners got lost their second straight game on sunday. and they also came out without jimmy g and we don't know about this weekend and trent williams. they both got her. >> so we know that jimmy g least the injuries for both will not as bad as originally feared. both may actually be
6:53 am
able to play this coming weekend. we'll have to wait and see. jimmy g. turns out had a bruised calf as opposed to a strain or anything like that. and then trent apparently had an injury to his shoulder. but again, not as bad as they thought. here is kyle shanahan. the coach talking about grabs injury. >> it does me as a chance. >> you know, it wasn't as bad as what that it might have been today eyes and a lot of pain still sore. hopefully it. by the time he comes in it is getting better than good chance because a of it has improved at all by wednesday. probably be a little longer. >> so it is just one heck of a bruise, you know, and sometimes that limits you. and if that's the case, he won't play. but if he's ok, he will. and they're not prepared to make that call yet and we'll see a little more. trey lance come this weekend will see a way to kick off with the cardinals. the sunday happens at one 25. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels - and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit ♪ >> 6.56 of the san francisco bay ferry celebrates one of its best weekends in years before the pandemic. they've carried just under 7, 8, 100 passengers on average for a weekend. this time of year well, this last weekend, more than 10,000 people rode the ferry and that doesn't include the extra riders for sunday's special service to oracle park. it's very civilized little expense of the cliff a safe coming up in the next hour, a whistleblower
6:57 am
testifies about her work at facebook. >> when she was in san francisco and why she's coming forward saying she doesn't believe that they have. >> teens and adults best interests at heart. >> plus, concerns about covid as halloween and thanksgiving approaches. we'll tell you what one local doctors saying about people gathering together. this time. and after the break, an east bay neighborhood concerned over the growing number of coyote sightings. they're becoming less and less frightened in. less and less frightened in. more on that in just a minute. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end.
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or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> 7 o'clock. you can see if john is already doing this us and we'll work out. this is the new saying on the kron 4 morning news and we're hoping that you turn over new leaf too. feeling good and sharp feeling strong feeling a little sore okay. yesterday was i must admit if you're exercising outdoors, it was a little hot for that today should be much better job yet today you can get back outside. and that's what it so much because yesterday was really hot, especially inland. >> even out into the city. it got pretty warm under all that sunshine we were seeing today. all in all, just going to feel more comfortable. obviously we're off to a gray or


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