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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  October 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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these problems are. >> bombshell testimony by a facebook whistleblower. the disturbing practices that frances haugen exposed today about facebook and what could happen next. plus, covid-19 case numbers continue to improve in california we'll tell you where our state stands now compared to the rest of the country. and we're celebrating fleet week all week long here on your blue angel station. we're live at golden gate bridge waiting for the arrival of naval ships. >> from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram saver but won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people no one truly understands the destructive choices made by facebook except facebook. a former facebook employee turned whistleblower telling congress today that the tech giant's products. >> harm kids and democracy. thank you for joining us here at 3. i'm tahernia for more on her dramatic testimony we're joined live by our washington correspondent reshad hudson. good evening were shot. >> good evening. regulating. social media seems to be an issue that has united lawmakers democrats and republicans are calling for major reforms when it comes to big tech. >> facebook's products harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy before becoming a whistleblower. frances haugen worked for facebook. she says during her time there she saw the company put profits over user safety.
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>> my fears that without action divisive and extremes behaviors. we see today are only the beginning. she says the company neglected to protect vulnerable users and wants congress to step in the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram saver. congressional action is needed. connecticut senator richard blumenthal says the nation's children are the real victims of the tech giant's business practices. facebook's failure to acknowledge and to act makes it morally bankrupt and in a rare showing of bipartisanship republicans like tennessee. senator marsha blackburn. >> and mississippi senator roger wicker say they agree facebook is hurting users. >> facebook is not interested in making significant changes to improve kids safety on their platforms. the children of america are hooked on their product. it is often destructive. >> and right now there are
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several bills in congress that deal with regulating social media companies. the question is will any of these bills come to the floor for a vote reporting in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. >> rashad, what were some of the lawmakers to take aways from today's hearing. >> well, they were really impressed with the evidence and the amount of data that this witness brought forth talking about the company's business practices and the influence that some of the negative content has on children and the witness also talked about the harmful information that has when it comes our democracy. but the at the heart of this is whether any legislation will come out of today's hearing. and as you saw there, democrats and republicans are united behind this issue. >> alright reshad hudson reporting for us live. thank you so much. an east bay. professor is monitoring the developments on capitol hill. he feels the whistle whistleblower's testimony is going to hold quite a lot of weight. kron four's noelle bellow joins us now with more on his thoughts, noel. yes,
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and professor, no one had done with cal state east bay, teaches history and communications with an emphasis on social media and its affect and influence on society. he says social media companies have been getting away with these types of practices because of a lack of transparency and whistleblowers like francis wagon. >> are the only way to really get an idea of the decisions being made to companies like facebook and twitter, of course, have been called for hearings with congress over the last several years. but according to the research, a gun is provided the main problems, not only persists but we'll continue to get worse if lawmakers don't step in professor higdon says during those earlier hearings in years past, congress has seemed comfortable in just getting word from leaders like zuckerberg that they would make the changes necessary to keep users safe. but now it's clear more needs to be done. >> i know that, you know, when facebook did and in good faith try and make changes the platforms designed in such a way that religious profit over
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people. so even when they made efforts to try rid of false information and a half will find ready or the misinformation bam pull fight. it's a man and all the while knew that you know, for 5 for my instagram was causing body just work in other health issues for for young people. so hopefully congress to sort of figure out that even with the best intentions. let's let's give him these companies are unable do it and say >> now how congress will act and how facebook will respond to all of this remains to be seen. but in the meantime, presser, higdon says users of these platforms should remember that their goal is to keep you locked on their screen and scrolling. so they can continue to make money off of your data. this entire interview can be found on our streaming service kronon you can download that for free in your app store back to thank, you. know, al. all week long we're following fleet week celebrations in san francisco in today. naval ships are expected to sail underneath the golden gate bridge and
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dock at pier 35 kron four's charles clifford joins us from san francisco with more. charles, have we seen any ship so far. >> no, not yet. we've been waiting for a while here hoping to the fleet portion of fleet. week comes through the golden but so far nothing we do know they're going to get here because starting tomorrow those naval ships will be dark docked along the embarcadero where the public can go on tours for free. also in san francisco. on tuesday, mayor london breed was out and about promoting fleet week. this will be the only fleet week anywhere in the country this year. the mayor was asked why the city felt it was ok to move forward with the event even though covid-19 is still a problem and it has everything to do. >> with the fact that we have over 82% of san franciscans who are fully vaccinated and it's really considered very safe as it relates to covid. and so that's why we're so happy to welcome the folks from the military here. people here from the navy, the marines with thousands of
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people expected to attend fleet week. the mayor was also asked what safety precautions the city is taking. of course, we'll have more of police and firefighters out in neighborhoods are community ambassadors. >> they'll definitely folks out and about paying very close attention, especially in areas where there are large crowds. >> all right. back live now, if you want more information about the ships that should be arriving soon or the air show or some of the other events for fleet we can go to our website. kron 4 dot com for more details. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> all right, thank you so much. coming up at 3 45 one of their shows will be under the control of united airlines pilot. pilots rather will learn more about what it takes to fly the massive airliner over the golden gate bridge. so be sure to stay tuned for that and join us here on kron 4, the saturday to watch blue angels live. that's 2 hours of high flying stunts featuring the spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. the
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fun starts saturday at 02:00pm right here on kron. 4 hosting the show will be kron four's resident pilot. ken wayne. and now to our covid coverage california's covid-19 case rate has dropped once again making it the only state in the u.s. to now be in the moderate transmission category. that's the second lowest tier set by the cdc 2 weeks ago. california dropped into the substantial level and was the only state to be there at that time. but since then case rates drop dramatically push in california even lower outside of california all states. but connecticut remain in the high transmission category. astrazeneca the drugmaker that developed one of the first covid-19 vaccines has asked the u.s. food and drug administration to authorize the emergency use of a first of a kind antibody treatment to prevent the disease. the european company said that today the treatment would be the first long acting
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antibody combination to receive emergency authorization for covid-19 prevention. if authorized the drug would be a likely be limited to people with compromised immune systems who don't get sufficient protection from the vaccination itself. johnson has asked the fda to approve extra booster shots for its covid-19 vaccine. researchers over and say studies have shown that a booster of their covid-19 shot increases levels of protection to 94%. now, if approved is leaving it up to the fda and the cdc to decide just who should get their boosters. and when according to the cdc, about 15 million people in the united states have received the j j covid-19 vaccine so far. turning our attention now to our weather as we take a live look outside at sfo. you can see nice thick layer of fog just kind of hanging over the airport and run for baucus trauma standing by with a look at our forecast their bike a case and has.
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yeah, definitely keeping things cool around the bay area we've really seen and felt a change. >> for today. and even more so as we get into tomorrow versus what he's all over the weekend. the sun 90's. >> and things really started to cool off and taper down and a lot of its thanks to a the marine layer in the fog in the clouds going to be seeing over the next few days. a cold front's going to actually push through much of the bay area and bring us those cooler temperatures. and it's game going to get cooler as the week progresses and also winds are going to start to be a factor as well as make it feel even colder. but we are going to get little peeks of sunshine here and there through the clouds. that's the good news. but things are really going to start to feel like october. more like fall temperatures outside right now. 60's 70's and low 80's those of the warmer in antioch right now at 80 degrees 83 degrees in livermore valley currently 81 in concord. but then cooler, of course, as we get towards said the east bay shoreline 66 degrees in downtown oakland 72 in hayward right now. 76 in san jose and a chilly 62 right here in san
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francisco. futurecast for showing us of the cloud cover and the cool temperatures are going to be sticking with us. like i was mentioning because of that cold front that's going to continue to push through the bay area. and in fact, as we closer towards the end of the week. we could have a slight chance of rain on friday. so just make sure they have the umbrellas in the background just in case we do see that wet weather looks like most of the weekend will be nice and dry for you. and it looks like a little bit of a warm up just slightly as we get into saturday and mainly sunday. i'll talk more about the temperatures and we can expect for the dry over the weekend coming up in just a bit. sanaz. back to you. thank you, rebecca. >> now take a look at this. the happiest place on earth got a spectacular light show last night cell phone video captured lightning spreading across the skies over disneyland. some areas were asked to seek shelter during the storm and that's because lightning strikes can spark fires, especially in areas with extreme drought. time for
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a quick break. but coming up at 3 in the east bay neighborhood concerned over the growing number of coyotes i sightings and now pets are being attacked. and the cdc is changing their guidance for gatherings this holiday season. what one local doctors saying about people gathering together again this far into the pandemic. >> but after the break, one brand of an at home covid tests. they're facing a recall after giving people false positive results what to do if you own one of these. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> welcome back. an important recall to tell you about this afternoon and at home. covid-19 testing kit is being recalled after an increase in false positive results. the brand affected is called a loom. lindsay nod ridge reports on the information that you need to know. >> at-home tests can be a useful tool. but healthcare experts say they're not as accurate as the pcr tests. you can get from a lab. i think if there's any questions around testing, make sure to follow up with your healthcare provider. >> i think there's a lot of nuances with the different types of tasks and how to interpret looms says it worked with the fta to removed affected tests from the market and says it is isolated. the cause income from this
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incidence of false positives is limited to specific lot numbers. there's a lot of stress, you know, and any time you're sick. you worry that you infected other people without being too. you don't know what it means for yourself and your and how when i asked what the issue was caused this. >> and a limb spokesperson said the increase in false positives was the result of a supply chain issue with one of the test components because of the proprietary information involved in the manufacturing process. we cannot off her more specifics if you've already taken the test, you can go online and entry or analyze her id number and zip code to see if your test is part of the recall. you can find her analyzer id in the app you downloaded to get your test results if your test is affected, you will then be asked to upload either proof of purchase a screen shot of your test for assault or a pcr results along with your name, address and contact
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information. the website reads. we apologize for the complexity of the form. but we are required to track and report false positive results to the fda. the company says it will issue replacement tests to those impacted. that was lindsey eaton average reporting for us. we also have information on the recall on our website, kron 4 dot com. >> happening today. 2 new covid-19 testing sites are opening in the bay area first, the san francisco unified school district is opening a testing site for students and staff. >> that site is open 08:00am to noon at the crocker. amazon sports complex on tuesdays and thursdays. they can administer a 150 tests per day. the district hopes this will help keep people healthy. so they can continue with in-person learning. and the city of alameda is opening a testing site today that testing site will be located 8, 5, 1, west in midway avenue. it will be in the parking lot behind the building. you are encouraged
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to make an appointment. but walk-ins are welcome. tesla is being ordered to pay nearly a 137 million dollars to a former black employee. india has worked at the fremont plant from 2015 to 2016 after quitting he sued the company claiming he was racially harassed daily, including being called a racial slur. says employees would also draw swastikas around the plants and supervisors didn't do anything to stop the abuse. a jury awarded him about 7 million dollars and emotional damages and a 130 million dollars in punitive damages. now it's unclear if tesla will appeal the decision that the company previously denied knowing anything about the alleged behavior at the plants. switching gears. now to take a look at our forecast is a live look at the golden gate bridge a lot chillier today than it was yesterday. we got kron four's. rebecca strom standing by her back. i walked out
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today thinking is going to be warm and it absolutely was yeah. i mean, we dropped about 10 to 15 degrees in some spots. so that's probably why you're really feeling it today. sanaa's. >> and yeah, that's going to the story for the rest of the week. we're only going get chillier as the days progress and you can see exactly why look at all the cloud cover. but hey, at least there's some peeks of sunshine to bring us a little bit of relief right. but not near of the temperatures of what we saw over the weekend. in some of those were in the 90's, not seeing any of that today. so that was our camera in the east bay on top of the berkeley hills. and you can see just how cool it throughout much of the city today downtown the high is only going to top out to 66 degrees. the sunset district 60 degrees golden gate park. you'll be a high of 61 and then we'll get into some 50's on terror along the coast. 63 in today. half moon bay only topping out to 64 a couple of 70's along the peninsula 71 in millbrae today. 74 in burlingame and then some more 70's mid to upper 70's through redwood city and woodside topping out at 79 for the
3:20 pm
afternoon high yourself. rezone looks like 80 degrees popping up in los gatos, but otherwise you're looking at 70's across the board. 76 in santa clara today. a high of 78 in san jose with partly cloudy skies and then the low 70's along the east bay shoreline hayward it. you'll be a high of 71 today. and then we're going into the upper 70's as we push further inland 79 degrees for pleasanton and then 80 degrees in livermore today and then we're going to see more of those 80's throughout danville 78 in walnut creek and then a little bit warmer in vacaville, of course, at 81. but much cooler because vacaville was and the 90's yesterday, 77 in fairfield, 76 in benicia. and we're looking at a nevada coming in at 77 degrees there center fell upper 70's since beach a little bit chilly. there at 57, of course, at the coast. but looking ahead. yes, even more clouds for tomorrow and a drop. another drop in temperatures. we're looking at a thursday and friday with a
3:21 pm
little bit of sunshine. but there is a slight chance of rain. wet weather on friday. so just keep that in mind. let you know your weekend holds coming up in just a bit. sanaa's. back to you. thank you, rebecca. >> one woman is dead after a fire broke out in oakland home early this morning. it happened around 05:00am on pearson street. that's near mills college fire crews arrived at the scene to find flames and smoke coming from the 2 story home. they found a female victim inside. she was pronounced dead at the scene. fire crews were able to extinguish the fire about an hour or so. the cause of the fire. however, is still under investigation. the wife of a shooting victim is giving more insight into union city's first homicide of the year. union city police say 35 year-old joaquin at an oreo was shot and killed friday in the driveway of his home on queen and drive his wife, rachel says she was down the street at a family member's home but came back running when she heard the gunfire. >> all i seen was his feet.
3:22 pm
>> blood all >> the concrete know getting later and no drug really doesn't do nothing like that. i don't know if he owed some people for money. >> tenorio leaves behind 2 children. a memorial is set up in the driveway where he died. union city police still cannot say whether the shooting was random or targeted, but they are asking anyone with information or possible surveillance video to come forward. >> we get the over the golden gate bridge and down. be the bulk of our point of view in the bay area when the weather's nice, we feel really fortunate to get that opportunity. >> still ahead at 3.45 and iconic air show during fleet week. the united airlines plane flying over the golden gate bridge. we sat down with the pilots to learn all about their preparation. and after the break, an east bay neighborhood concerned over the growing number of coyote sightings now pets are being
3:23 pm
attacked. we'll be right back.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3. we go to the east bay now where there are growing concerns over coyotes attacking pets. we do want to warn you, the video may be disturbing to some viewers, some people in pleasant hill say they're worried about how comfortable the coyotes have become in their neighborhood just a few days ago, a cat in
3:26 pm
the area was attacked by a pair of coyote. eason was all caught on camera. this is along the vicky lane. fortunately the cat was able to get away and is okay. >> i sign. i thought it was so sad. i felt bad for the cats. cat in the middle of the night. he let out one huge long how everybody's a little worried, but some people still have the >> neighbors say they've seen the coyote roaming the streets at all hours of the day. experts say you should try to scare them so they don't get too comfortable around people and be sure to keep your small pets inside. next at 3.30, the cdc is changing their guidance for gatherings this holiday season. we'll tell you what one local doctor is saying about people gathering together again. >> this far into the pandemic. plus another bay area city considers mandatory water reduction is the drought conditions worsen. and
3:27 pm
governor newsom declares a state of emergency in orange county where miles of beaches could now be closed for months due to the massive oil spill.
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3:30 pm
according to reports from the california office of emergency services coast guard received 2 calls about a possible oil spill more than 12 hours before amplify energy reported a major leak in its pipeline and launched a cleanup efforts. the first was from an anchor to ship that noticed a sheen on the water. second came 6 hours later from a federal agency that said a possible oil slick was spotted on satellite satellite imagery in response, the coast guard said it did not investigate initial reports of the spill because it didn't have enough corroborating evidence and was hindered by darkness and a lack of technology. the spill sent up to 126,000 gallons of heavy crude oil into the ocean off huntington beach and washed on to miles of beaches and a protected marshland governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency in the beaches could remain closed for weeks or longer. and you can see here how the oil spill is directly affecting the beaches wildlife the first
3:31 pm
bird affected by the spill was taken to the wetlands and wildlife care center in huntington beach yesterday. local conservation groups are working at full speed to clean the oil from wetlands as it continuously poses as a crucial threats to local wildlife and habitats. officials have also suspended fishing in the affected coastal area. the oil spill off huntington beach is renewing calls for lawmakers to ban offshore drilling in california. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains with some state lawmakers are considering. >> with cleanup beach closures and an investigation underway. state leaders are concerned about the potential impacts of the large oil spill off the coast of orange county, which just shocked to see our beaches are beautiful beaches empty state senator dave men took an aerial tour of the spill tuesday. he noted the immediate concerns include a beach cleaning and protecting ecologically sensitive areas long-term concerns include the economy. the democratic senator is calling on congress to cancel existing and future
3:32 pm
contracts for offshore drilling in california. i think we feel like that and not this >> you know, we've had too many dissents oil spills and the amount oil we get these offshore drills is not that much as a percentage of california supply and certainly as a percent of global supply it getting rid of those will have negligible impacts on a book oil prices. but we see the risk to take pose to our local economy. star beautiful ecosystem. governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency monday in orange county in response to the oil spill. >> he said the spill serves as a reminder of the enormous cost fossil fuels have on communities and the environment. but some republicans say with energy comes risk newsom's former recover placement candidate and southern california resident, larry elder weighing-in. she's an assistant used argue that we are on fossil fuels when in fact they're cheaper right now than were remarkable and we should shift. >> to get a job figure out what went wrong. just like when the plane cracked.
3:33 pm
problem was wrong to make sure doesn't happen again. and he would be common response ought to be having the most. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> happening tonight, the city of pleasanton is expected to declare a local drought emergency. the city will likely also mandate that pleasanton water customers reduce their water use by 15%. city staff is recommending the council adopt the urgency ordinance and hire part-time and temporary employees to staff the city's drought call center help with the assistance program and respond to reports of leaks, water waste and general noncompliance pleasanton city staff is recommending activating drought rates or excessive use penalties as of now, those those could come down the line. if goals are met and the drought gets worse. they may begin to notice some changes in your water if you're an east bay mud a customer. the district normally gets its water from a the mccullum new river. but
3:34 pm
because so much extra water is to our dry conditions. east bay mud will start pulling about 11 billion gallons from the sacramento river between now and february water. district officials say customers may notice a slight change in their water since coming from a different source. talk about our forecast now is live look outside to coit tower. it look so gloomy out so sad the fall are finally here, but it's good news because we could see some rain this week. so let's turn things over kron four's rebecca strom, she's tracking all of that for us in the weather center here. bucket. he said am much needed rain. so let's cross our fingers. hopefully we'll get some of that wet weather. >> this weekend around the bay area right now, though. yes, we're definitely seeing cloud cover. but lots of sunshine in shot. this our bay bridge toll plaza approach camera. >> on the open side showing a lot of sunshine over here. but yes, we are seeing more clouds of what we've seen over the last couple weeks combined. that's for sure. we're going to see breezy conditions into tonight. lows dropping into the 50's. some much cooler during the evening hours as you're probably already
3:35 pm
starting to feel it later this week. we are going to be a continue. those scattered clouds and it's going to cool down really quickly temperature wise and then possibility of some rain on friday and even inio the weekend, if you're going to be coming out for fleet week for san francisco just bundle up. it is going to be quite cold, especially on saturday. but then we're going to slight warm up and clearing and a lot of sun on sunday. so a little bit of something for everyone temperatures outside right now. ranging anywhere from the upper 50's like right here in downtown san francisco 58 degrees. we're looking at 66 in oakland and then a 72 degrees and hayward right now, 76 in downtown san jose. and we do have some warm inland further inland conquered 81 degrees right now and low 80's in antioch. winds are definitely going to be a factor during the evening hours tonight. so bundle up, if you're going to be out and about. we're going to see those gusts of up to 20 miles per hour in some spots and the winds are going to be sticking with us through the next couple of days. so not only are the temperatures going to be chilly. the wind is definitely going to make feel
3:36 pm
even cooler more like fall. more like october, right where we should be. i'll have your 7 around the bay forecast coming up in just a bit. back to you. thank you, rebecca. >> happening tonight, the vallejo city council will hold a special meeting to decide if they'll expand extend the city's mask mandate today. the mandate specifically requires people to wear face coverings at indoor events. the original measure was passed at the end of august, but now it's up for either extension or expiration. the meeting starts at 06:00pm. we'll have the outcome of that meeting for you here on kron 4 news. the cdc took down its guidance for family gatherings for the upcoming fall holidays. a spokesperson says the guidance contained outdated information with following this month and thanksgiving next month. the agency is now reviewing what the best practices will be in the current state of the pandemic in the u.s. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong points out the covid cases continue
3:37 pm
to go down in the bay area and he's optimistic about families getting together. but he also suggests that hosts ask guests be vaccinated or tested. >> joe, who's you know, you have to different territory these times covid and you know, it has to do it. acceptance of science acceptance and belief in vaccines. is no risk mitigation he's a very similar that we fight for the pandemic. but they have come to head more than ever before right now in this country. >> covid cases are seeing a downward trend across the country. the number of people now in the hospital. covid-19 has fallen to somewhere around 75,000 from over 93,000 in early september. >> coming up patience is a virtue to a warning from health officials and they find more people are falsifying the information to get the covid-19 booster. shots. and
3:38 pm
the fda issuing a warning about a certain brand of hand sanitizer which ones to avoid after reports of them containing cancer causing chemicals. the fda is issuing
3:39 pm
3:40 pm
a warning after finding high levels of potentially cancer causing chemicals in certain hand sanitizers. >> the agency tested art naturals sent a free hand
3:41 pm
sanitizer labeled with quote, distributed by art naturals gardena, california, 9, 0, 2, 4, 8, now they found unacceptable levels of benzene as a talent hide and a seagull contaminants. now, if you have any art naturals hand sanitizers. the fda says they should not be used. they should be disposed of in a hazardous waste container and not poured down a drain or flushed. if you have our natural hand sanitizer again. do not throw it in your toilet. don't flush away. you should dispose of it in a hazardous waste container. doctors say too many people are trying to cheat the system by falsifying information to get an extra dose of the covid-19 vaccine. the chief medical officer at swedish medical center in colorado says there are 3 reasons that ineligible people should wait their turn first the research is not complete. if you get too early, you may not get the maximum boost. and if you get
3:42 pm
false information to your give false information rather to health providers. you can throw off the data and the research that helps other people that skews the data and we won't be able to tell which group people are benefiting the most from the booster shot. >> now we have full list of who is eligible for a pfizer booster shot on our website just head over kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead, what does it take to fly a massive airliner over the golden gate bridge during fleet week. we sit down with their pilots to find out.
3:43 pm
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>> during the 2021 fleet week will not only see the return of the famous us navy blue their flight show but also it marks the return of the only air show in the united states featuring a full-sized commercial airliner performing a choreographed air show air show ground force as humid. you talk to the pilots about what it's like to fly that plane in the show. >> and knew with me on know. and a factor. also why we've got we've got a trio. >> i got a chance to talk to 3 of the 4 united airlines flight captains before being in the 2021 fleet week show in
3:46 pm
san francisco, li double pilot captain randy abraham tells me what's going to be knew about the united airlines show this year. but this year we're planning to fly with triple 7 e r a brand new is troublesome that we have and the biggest airplane that we have. >> and actually the show no different what the other pilots universal within the restriction airplane have. >> it shows that the more restrictive plate airspace of air show were able to apply hires a new lower altitude than the faa would normally allow to the sheer delight and the absolute amazement of the spectators on the ground while it is a thrill to be hold flight captain ad reminds us that it's not all fun and games up there on the flight deck. >> it was the beautiful and calm adjusted the airplane. but by the crowd. but the a bit it takes a lot of work to
3:47 pm
get airplane to do what you're seeing and the sequel to the events are happening very quickly. the most experienced united test pilot in this show, captain joseph that. >> breaks down each crew members inside 4 of us. >> the rules for pilots to do a parade to show we have the 2 pilots flying boat. lexi cap number that played right to it. so and bag of the pilots. keep an eye out for brevard you. by the way, captain substack and captain abraham are both homegrown products from right here in the bay area for border >> in the still remember my house of and the local arrest that redwood city right there. nearby really nice for me because i feel like i could be part of the community during the show. >> has it made on board too.
3:48 pm
>> the san francisco giants are getting ready for their first playoff game in 5 years on friday. the team will fight face either the dodgers or the cardinals kron four's sports reporter kylen mills is live for us at oracle park with the giants game plan. kylen. >> case in us right now. the giants don't have a game plan because they don't know who they are going to play in the national league division series right now. the guys are just trying to stay loose. stay ready, stay warm there out here in the outfield oracle park right now, pictures just throwing around. they've been warming up doing some jogging manager gabe kepler said all week the team will hold optional practices, but he does expect them to be well attended. he says his team's mindset right now is just to stay focused on themselves and to not worry about the outside noise and variables.
3:49 pm
>> all right. cuyler looks like we don't the sound bite us appears we have a technical but i will say native los angeles a native los angeles angeleno if the day they're playing the have to cheer for the dodgers. but we'll see. highlands think. thanks so much. happening right now, governor gavin gavin newsome is in orange county for a briefing on the emergency response to the oil spill off the coast of huntington beach. so let's take you out there live to listen. >> with state and local elected partners at the at with the hosting of the governor. we just met to discuss the ongoing response to the pipeline spill off of orange county. and i'd like to just begin by that the federal
3:50 pm
including the coast guard which serves as the federal on-scene coordinator for the response takes this spill spill very seriously. any discharge of oil sensitive. coastal waters is damaging to the environment and it is disruptive to the economy at a minimum. we are. mobilizing assets and have mobilized assets and responded for a very large oil spill. this is a significant incident. and i want you to know how seriously those of us that live and work in california. take it. secondly, i'd like to point out that the team you see here, assemble is why we will be successful. we proceed as a federal state, local and private sector integrated team bringing the whole of the nation together to answer this response 3rd. and finally, i want you to know that the full weight of the federal government and the resources we need are available to us. we are mobilizing them. there is no shortage of response
3:51 pm
resources on their way. so with that, i'll hand off to my colleague director chuck bottom of this states, fish and wildlife serve. thank you, admiral. >> thank you, governor newsom for pulling us together today for an integrated conversation. with all the leaders behind me, each of whom will have a comment in a moment. what i want to do is shift gears dramatically and speak to every single californian that watching right now. indeed the whole nation. what you see behind us is what is one of the things that makes this state so remarkable where both the chief state park. we're at bolsa chica state wetlands. we have more types of diverse nature in this state than any other state in the union. we're wealth of natural resources. we are here. the department of fish and wildlife in this unified command to take care of that nature to rescue the wildlife and deal with this oil spill. we won't stop until it's done.
3:52 pm
and it's because we know you as californians and i as director of the department of fish and wildlife cherish. what we find here in the state of california and oil spills are a threat to it and we are engaged fully as the admiral said, because this is a significant event requiring an all hands on deck endeavor and in that note, let me turn into a true local leader. mayor car huntington beach in the early hours she was a voice of comfort and calm and information. mayor, thank you so much. >> good afternoon, everyone. i am mayor kim carr from the city of huntington beach. first off, i would like to thank governor newsome for his continued support of huntington beach and bringing everybody together to make sure that this cleanup is quick effective. but most importantly, i really want our residents to know that this truly is an all hands on deck moment. everybody is taking this extremely seriously and
3:53 pm
rest assured we will not stop until everything is restored to its natural beauty. so again, i want to thank the u.s. coast guard. the department of fish and wildlife all of our federal agencies and state agencies are county support this is been a very long 72 hours and we're not out of the woods yet, but i want to reassure everybody that we're doing everything possible to make sure that we restore huntington beach to its natural beauty, place that we all love. so thank you so much. and thank you, governor, for all of your support and attention to this matter and with that, i'm going to introduce new port beach mayor. just isn't an on events in southern california. governor newsome in orange county right now discussing the oil spill off the coast of huntington beach. >> we'll have more for you live on this a little later on on the kron 4 news at 5, 6, and during prim
3:54 pm
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>> it's that time of year again where people must pick a side either for or against candy corn and new data shows californians are all for it brock's a leading producer of canned corn has put out the data that puts california at the top of the list when it comes to who purchases the most candy corn, texas, florida, new york and michigan made the top of 5 and are now
3:57 pm
and understand that actually make some kind nash's but teachers on. the battle of the bears. the national park service is inviting the public to vote in the fat bear week competition. this is to see which animal has beefed up the most in anticipation of hibernation. looking at last year's winner hanging heavy around the brooks river. now during hibernation in the winter months, fares can lose up to one 3rd of their entire body weight. and today is the last day to cast your vote for the chevy a spirit the site listed. >> we'll have it on our website. kron 4 dot com. website. kron 4 dot com. thanks for watching. so in honor of my tiny tacos, i made tiny versions of us. i think they look great, right? i need new friends. try my tasty tiny tacos. download the jack app today. bay area homeowners,
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