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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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so long. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> the highest population. but the lowest transmission. new data from the cdc shows california once again outperforming every other state in reducing the spread of covid. thanks for joining us this evening. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. the cdc says california is the only state in the country where covid is spreading. >> at a moderate rate. that is the second lowest category and the cdc's fort here tracking system right now. all but 2 states remain in the highest level of transmission. youve connecticut as the only other state showing a decreased
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spread. they're in the substantial transmission tier, though, and orange, which is where california was 2 weeks ago. and here's a look now at the latest case numbers in our state starting with the seven-day average for new cases. right now. you have about 14 people who are testing positive for every 100,000 residents. and when it comes to testing more than 97% of tests are coming back negative. so that's great news. hospitalization rates also going down improving and according to the state's covid dashboard, the number of people in hospitals is continuing to decrease. but the number of icu beds. being used is still trending upward. >> though the numbers show california is making good progress against the pandemic. there are still parts of the state that are struggling several hospitals in the central valley are calling in the national guard to help exhausted health care workers. the sent into teams to the
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bakersfield area this week. another 2 teams are expected to deploy in kern county. little later on this week. the guard also sent one group to northern california to help the hospital in reading. to the east bay because covid hospitalizations are down their health officials are considering changes to the current health order which requires people in restaurants and gyms to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test and wear masks while inside the county health department told the county board of supervisors today that they expect to have an answer by the end of the week. but first, an formal have much more on this story coming up tonight at 8. >> and a big milestone in berkeley today when it comes to preventing severe cases of covid. that city is now reporting that more than 93% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated. the data suggests the city may have one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. officials say the jump in
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berkeley's vaccination rate was due in part to a consolidation of vaccination data at u c berkeley. you see berkeley students have gotten vaccinated out of town. some of them despite actually technically living in the city so that help their numbers there. and as vaccination numbers continue to climb another drug maker is now asking the fda to approve booster shots for its covid vaccine this time we're talking about johnson and johnson and approval could come before the end of the month. >> first, dan kerman live for us at to talk about that. dan. >> well, that's right. you know, if you weren't a pfizer recipient, you've kind of been left out in the cold for the last few weeks. all the talk has been about pfizer in talking about the pfizer boosters. but now jane jane has made that request. and as you mentioned, that request could come through of all the data holds up before the end of the >> for more than a week. pfizer booster shots have been available to those who got
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pfizer initially and are at the highest risk of getting covid-19 now johnson and johnson is asked the fda to authorize boosters to those who got its single dose vaccine the data is if you've got a deuce of jane g. 2 months later. >> an additional those that is you would be 94% protected serious disease hospitalization. well, jj has asked for boosters for everyone, 18 and over federal regulators might opt for just high-risk groups as they did for pfizer. >> in the meantime, astrazeneca's covid-19 vaccine is being distributed overseas has asked the fda to approve its new antibody treatment designed to prevent the disease and those the vaccine doesn't work on astrazeneca has presented data by press release only. >> that suggests that they have antibodies that can last many months. >> and give ongoing protection
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so you can see where somebody, for example, who doesn't respond well to the vaccine because maybe they have an immunocompromised situation and they just don't produce their own good robust. the other bodies, maybe they could get everybody's passively given to them. hold them and protect them for months on i would be very exciting if that pans out. >> now the 14th and 15th of this month. the fda advisory panel will be looking at the booster shots, not just for johnson and johnson but also moderna. they're also going to looking at the issue of mixing in maxine and matching vaccines. meaning if you got one vaccine to start. could you get a different vaccine as a booster. all of that coming up in the middle of this month. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news still a lot to learn. thank you, dan. well, if you need a covid test. there are 2 new locations so that opened today here in the bay area.
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>> first one is the san francisco unified school district. they've opened a testing site for students and staff. the site is open from 8 until noon in the morning until noon. the crocker amazon sports complex. it's open on tuesdays and thursdays there. they can give out a 150 tests a day. the second site open today in the city of alameda it's at a 51 west midway avenue near pan am way. and the alameda point soccer field at will be in the parking lot behind the building there. you're encouraged to make an appointment there. but they say walk ins are welcome. >> city leaders are set to decide tonight if they will extend the city's mask mandate. that mandate specifically requires people to wear face coverings at indoor events. the original measure was passed at the end of august, but now it is up for either extension or it's going to expire. the meeting starts tonight at 6. stay with kron on and kron 4 dot com for the outcome of that meeting.
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>> a return to campus and the social life that comes with it that has brought disturbing allegations about assault at santa clara university students have alleged no fewer than 30 sexual-assault, many of them involving date rape drugs. >> since the school year resumed in september. our first rob fladeboe has more on this troubling story now live from santa clara rob. >> that's right. vicki and the numbers may actually be much higher than that. victims are not reporting this. but the still has gotten the administration's attention. here's more. >> signs like these calling on santa clara university students to hold their friends accountable are posted across campus in the wake of a rash of alleged assaults since school resumed last month sounding the alarm in an email to the university community was student body president abigail alvarez. >> within the first 4 days of students moving back into
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campus greek life leaders were made aware of 30 distinct cases of either of us all unwelcome advances harassment, things of that nature. alvarez says theeassaults are happening at offcampus social gatherings and that many of them involve the use of so-called date rape drugs. i know that the emt's have helped at least 2 students who were. >> repeated. i know of one student who reached out to me who went directly to the hospital. they were also able to verify that she was repeated over. a says most of the incidents are going unreported. >> the school says it is so far received 3 3rd party allegations of assault and or drugging. >> in a statement, the university wrote, quote, we unequivocally condemn violence of any kind take all allegations seriously and are committed to making sure students have access to resources and support creating and maintaining a safe environment for our students is of paramount concern to the university and we are proud of our students activism and advocacy for survivors as to why this is happening.
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>> for the most part. you know, we that we never want to believe that something like that could happen within our own community. but unfortunately, violence is a part of campus campus culture all across the united states. >> the report and subsequent rallies calling for action. it touched a nerve with fellow students like griffin it's very unfortunate that it happened, obviously. but it's also good that people are realizing there's a serious issue and this my 4th year here. and this is the first time anyone's actually doing anything about it over as is pleased. the university is providing confidential emotional support in the form of a survivor advocate but would like to see. still more action. >> but i think that this spike in cases has really then a turning point for a lot of administrators to start taking the issue seriously. i don't think it's just going to them, though. it's going to be greek life having to take some responsibility. it's going to be students looking out for each other and all sorts of things. so i'm not completely satisfied with the university's response. but i think we're headed in the right direction.
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>> now for their part, santa clara police said they received one a referral from the university about a possible victim. they reached out to that party. but the party did not want to pursue or participate in the investigation. live in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you, rob. happening tonight, the city of pleasanton is expected to declare a local drought emergency. the city will likely also mandate that pleasanton water customers reduce their water use by 15%. city staff is recommending the council adopt the urgency ordinance and hire part-time temporary employees to staff the city's drought call center help with the assistance program and respond to reports of leaks, water waste in general noncompliance pleasanton city staff is not recommending activating drought rates or excessive use penalties as of now, though, those could come down the road if goals are not met and if the drought gets worse. >> you may begin to notice some changes in your water if you're an east bay mud
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customer the district normally gets its water from the mccollum the river. but because so much extra water is needed due to our dry conditions. why east bay mud is going to start pulling about 11 billion gallons from the sacramento river between now and february water. district officials say that customers may notice a slight change in their water since it is coming from a different source. all right. weather time picking a live look outside right now at the bay bridge. >> weather couldn't be nicer when it comes to just getting out there and enjoying life. but where the i guess it could be worse, but it feels like it's really bad trying to try to get the rain friday at the drought is horrible. and we're seeing the effects now. but. >> all hope springs eternal. so we're hoping the season kind of get things going to get that rain back starting to see some changes in the atmosphere, not seeing the rain just ship it out there today. you saw some clouds begin to move on by. and as we head through october, of course. but the 3rd week october, right then toward the end is what we usually get our first significant rain. we are
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starting to see a couple frontal systems come on through. and this is a good sign. getting active early in the gulf of alaska. here's one right here dropping in toward the bay area unfortunate that's going to kind of fall apart as it moves on by going to leave a lot of clouds, but unfortunately not much in the way of rain as that system comes through right now. the onshore winds have kicked in clouds moving on shore right now. plenty of those around the bay area. more to come overnight tonight, too. temperature wise. boy, we took a big hit. the numbers today as instead of hot 90's were in the mid 70's still warm, but much cooler in livermore right now. 77 in concord, 64 in oakland and a cool 56 and cloudy skies and half moon bay right forecast shows the model is picking up all that moisture streaming toward the bay area. unfortunately, not a real good trigger to bring any rain. so we're going to see a whole lot of clouds. not much in the way of rain over the next couple days, but there's a slight chance of rain in the forecast. well, more on that coming up in a few minutes. all right, the ships are sailing in. coming up on the news at 5. we're getting an inside look at the show.
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you'll only be able to see it. san francisco's fleet week hollywood blasting off into russian film crews just arrived at the international space station. >> and plans to shoot the first movie in orbit. the american actor who hopes to become the second to shoot a movie in space. and could the spill has been stopped earlier, a new report is shining light on how long it took the coast guard to spring into action. >> their explanation after the break.
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>> now at 5.15 the toxic oil spill in orange county could leave beaches closed for real mess there. tonight we're learning the segment of pipe that leaked oil was dragged some 3 quarters of a mile. this is according to the coast guard who says this pipe had a more than a foot law, 13 inches or so federal transport investigators say the failure may have been caused by a ship's anchor that inadvertently took the pipeline and dragged it. give it a whole the oil leak was about 5 miles offshore at about 100 feet below the surface. yeah. the spill sent up 226,000 gallons of heavy crude into the ocean off huntington beach. >> and then washed on to what miles of beach and protected marshland. >> i mean, it was you know, it's one thing to kind of hear about it. you know, see it in the media, but there was these
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oil patches. some the size of frisbees some that were probably 20 foot around its circumference and they were surprisingly big with a lot of dog and they're just all over the place out there. obviously it's a big disaster we're angry, we're sad. but in addition to that, you know, we just really want to call on sacramento to stop offshore drilling. you know, they say that they're environmentally friendly. they say they're for things that are green. meanwhile, the oil companies have been bought and paid for. >> records on the oil spill the coast guard did not respond for nearly 20 hours. reports from the california office of emergency services that the coast guard received 2 calls about a possible oil spill more than 12 hours before amplify energy reported a major leak in its pipeline and launched a cleanup effort. the first was from an anchored ship that noticed a sheen on the water. the second came 6 hours later from a federal agency that said a possible oil slick was spotted on satellite imagery still, the coast guard claims it didn't
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have enough corroborating evidence to confirm this bill. thanks in part to darkness and a lack of technology and that oil spill of huntington beach is now renewing calls from lawmakers. >> to ban offshore drilling in california. ashley zavala explains what some are hoping to accomplish. >> with cleanup beach closures and an investigation underway. state leaders are concerned about the potential impacts of the large oil spill off the coast of orange county, which just shocked to see our beaches are beautiful beaches empty state senator dave men took an aerial tour of the spill tuesday. he noted the immediate concerns include a beach cleaning and protecting ecologically sensitive areas long-term concerns include the economy. the democratic senator is calling on congress to cancel existing and future contracts for offshore drilling in california. i think we feel like an >> you know, we've had too many of the steps oil spills and the amount oil we get these offshore drills. it's not that much as a percentage of california supply and
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certainly as a percent of global supply it getting rid of those will have negligible impacts on a book oil prices. but we see the risk to take pose to our local economy. star beautiful ecosystem. governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency. in response. >> he echoed calls tuesday to ban offshore drilling time once and for all. >> to disabuse ourselves that this has to be part of our future. this is part of our past. but some republicans say with energy comes risk newsom's former recover placement candidate and southern california resident, larry elder weighing-in. she's an assistant used argue that we are on fossil fuels when in they're cheaper right now than were remarkable and we should shoot. >> to get a job figure out what went wrong. just like when the plane cracked. problem with long to make sure doesn't happen again. and that's what the common response ought to be having the most. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 with that. we say hello back in the bay area
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live look here at san francisco's embarcadero and a picture perfect day. yeah. by and large, the skies are pretty clear. we're great for that chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. it was nice to get that onshore. breeze say we really cool things down helped throughout the atmosphere yesterday. we had some lingering smoke from some of the fires in california. now you get that seabreeze mixed in clearing out your skies. got some fog, though center tower see a lot fog down below up above. we've got some mid to high level clouds kind of cruising on through. >> as well. more than on the way air quality. looking good. we're all in the green all across the entire bay area. leo, as you make your way into the central valley. but that's about it. as we've seen that nice fresh ocean, air. the un were way on shore. we do have a cold front up northwest. it is bringing some rain they're just beginning to clip northern california crescent city rico seeing some light showers there for tonight. and probably to see that continue over the next couple of hours. that front lagging to the south, pushing toward the bay area. unfortunately, it's going to fall apart. by the time it gets here and not leave any rain behind for us.
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but we are seeing the effects that onshore breeze carrying with it more clouds as well. and that helped a really cool down the temperatures, in fact, pretty breezy in spots 20 mile hour winds in san francisco, 20 in oakland, a 60 mile an hour winds out of the southwest of the napa valley and 15 in san jose. we're looking at temperatures wide range here, but not as big as yesterday. 50's along the coastline instead of hot 90's. this time inland. you're looking at temperatures in the 70's. much more comfortable around the bay area. i think tomorrow again, whole lot of cloud cover coming our way. and that is going to knock these temperatures down a little bit further. so highs tomorrow. probably on the low 70's. the warmest spot. so what a contrast from just a couple of days ago, 50's and 60's along the coastline next couple days. we're going to see more clouds on the way cooler temperatures too. a slight chance of showers on friday. >> tyler. it's to the south bay now. san jose. police searching for the driver. vehicle involved in a hit and run of a pedestrian. it happened around 8.15 last night near umberger and center
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roads. the victim was rushed to the hospital with what were described as life threatening injuries. other injuries were later downgraded to non life threatening. no description of the car has been provided yet anyone with information is being asked to call san jose police. >> called out on capitol hill. still ahead with the facebook whistleblowers accusations against her former employee revealed and what she says the company is a threat to our country and our kids. >> and these coyotes may be getting a little too comfortable. the growing concerns in one east bay neighborhood. the east bay.
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there are growing concerns over coyotes attacking pat. >> some people in pleasant hill say that they're worried about how comfortable these coyotes are becoming in their neighborhood just a few nights ago a cab in the area was attacked. as you can see there by a pair of coyotes. and this was all caught on camera and it happened along vicky lane. fortunately the cat was able to get away and is okay. >> i sign. i thought it was so sad. i felt bad for the cat. heard the cat in the middle of the night he let out one huge along how everybody's a little worried. but some people still have the cats out. >> neighbors say they have seen the coyotes roaming the streets at all hours of the day and night. experts say you should try to scare them so
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that they don't get too comfortable around people or your pets and certainly keep your small pets inside. capitol police are continuing an investigation tonight after a man was arrested outside the supreme court today capitol police say it happened at. >> 9.30 this morning. east coast time. you see the scene, according to police, 55 year-old dale melvin of kim ball michigan illegally parked his car right out front of the high court negotiation. officers tried to speak with him, but they say he refused to cooperate about an hour and a half later, a team moved in removing him from the car. no weapons were found inside the chevy tahoe. no word yet on why he was there. >> and liftoff liftoff of so use them as 19 with an actress and her producer beginning a journey. not every day. you hear that. >> again america has lost a space race to russia. a russian film crew has arrived at the international space station to make the world's
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first feature length movie shot in space. the soyuz spacecraft launched early this morning in kazakhstan with a film producer and actress on board. they'll spend 12 days aboard the iss shooting scenes for a russian movie called challenge the russian cosmonauts already at the space station will help with the film's production. tom cruise says been working on a similar project. but it appears he'll have to settle for starting in the second movie shot in space. >> on for news at 5. the boats are making their way into the bay when the ships are expected to sail eno4gh for fleet week. plus, could facebook be damaging democracy a former employee think her testimony to congress today and somebody in california is now worth about a half a billion dollars could be you. we're going to tell you where
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>> the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram saver but won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people. no one truly understands the destructive choices made by facebook. >> except facebook. >> quite explosive story tonight. it is our top story at 05:30am tonight blowing the whistle on the biggest social media


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