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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 6, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at who are >> outcry for help. >> we're seen behavior that is unprecedented. that is not becoming. >> now at 9, a group of teenagers and preteens are detained in connection with the crime spree in the east bay. good evening, everybody. welcome in to kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the illegal activity involved a carjacking in oakland and a laptop theft in berkeley. >> the group was caught yesterday after crashing the stolen car. but first, dan thorn has more now on this story from berkeley. >> police say an 11 year-old was among the 5 teens and preteens who were detained after committing crimes across
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2 cities. police say they also heard a man that was sitting on a bench as they tried to take off in that stolen car. this peet's coffee shop on 4th street in west berkeley was the scene of a laptop theft that later turned into a chase for a stolen car full of juveniles. investigators say this all started just after 2 o'clock tuesday afternoon, witnesses were able to help identify the toyota camry which was spotted by police in another part of the city and then chased to university in san pablo avenues. the ages of those detained were shocking to some local parents it's very concerning and its something must be, you know, going on. there must be. >> something deep or what they feel like. it's ok to do that. the 11 to 15 year olds are also accused of striking a man who was sitting on this bench is they tried to evade police. >> the unknown victim was taken to the hospital. investigators later determined the car was taken at gunpoint from a man in oakland on monday and one of the suspected carjackers was the 11 year-old. we are seen.
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>> outcry for help. we're seen behavior that is unprecedented. that is not becoming. >> not burrell is the ceo of youth uprising in east oakland. the organization focuses on helping young people in the community by providing a neighborhood hub and activities. believes this criminal behavior as a result of a lack of resources and safe spaces in the east bay the mindset started way before 11 years old. >> i don't i don't believe they want to harm. i don't believe that is the intent and maybe into fighters gift. it's still a crime. but its survival. investigators in walnut creek and connected this same group of juveniles to a robbery that happened in their city on monday. >> other police departments throughout the east. bay are also working to see if this same group might be connected to similar crimes happening in their cities reporting in berkeley. dan thorn kron 4
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news. >> we are continuing to follow a developing story for you tonight after a federal judge ordered texas to suspend the most restrictive abortion law in the u.s. since september. the law has banned most abortions in the nation's second most populous state, the law signed by republican governor greg abbott in may. prohibits abortions once cardiac activity is detected, which is usually around 6 weeks before some women even know they are pregnant. the law was enforced by private citizens who could file lawsuits against violators and the battle is likely far from over texas. officials are expected to seek a swift reversal from the same court that previously allowed the restrictions to take effect in the first place. and earlier tonight kron 4 had an interview with that. rory little a professor who teaches constitutional law u c hastings about what today's decision means and what comes next. >> judge pitman is now granted an injunction against the state of texas and he says
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against everybody in texas. in other words, executive branch judges courts court clerks. nobody can except us a lawsuit. now under sb 8 in texas. but this will be immediately appealed to the 5th circuit and presumably whoever wins circuit. it would then be immediately appealed to the u.s. supreme court. and we're going to be right back where we you know, about a month ago with the supreme court having his side. this without full briefing, without full argument on a so-called emergency docket. >> congresswoman barbara lee tweeted out this message in response to the court's ruling saying, quote, we know that this band like other politically motivated restrictions across the country. disproportionately impact low income people in people of color adding, quote, this was a win but our fight for reproductive freedom is far from over. we cannot allow abortion access to hang in the balance of the courts are fight continues to make roe v wade. the law of the land. so
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far into portion groups such as right to life and pro-life advocates such as a former vice president mike pence have not commented publicly on the decision. >> new tonight at 9, san francisco. police are looking for this man who they say was throwing rocks at a woman and at several passing cars and trucks. this is in the city's visitation valley neighborhood early this morning to the person they're just in the street. throw in the woman was taken to the hospital treated for injuries is expected to be okay. no other information has been released on this suspect at this time. it said county, a date has been set for scott peterson's re sentencing on december 8th the convicted murderer will be re-sentenced for killing his wife and unborn son back in 2000, 2. he's expected to receive a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole last year the state supreme court threw out peterson's death sentence, but
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he still been living on death row at san quentin peterson's attorneys claiming juror misconduct in the original case have been trying to have his conviction thrown out completely and they want him to have a new trial. but the judge in the case says delayed that attempt in favor of re sentencing. it's unclear at this point when door, even if the court will consider a retrial. >> the city of san jose is moving forward with a plan to build the largest transitional housing site in the county to help how's the homeless. the city will be applying for state funds to build these units. and if accepted the building would go up in a lot near brenham lane and monterey highway where a large encampment already set. but first, taylor, the second reports. >> the city of san jose hopes to transform this lot at brenham lane in monterey highway into the county's largest transitional housing site with the use of state funds neighbors in the deo run community that backs up to the city on site say this once
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empty lot became a homeless encampment area over the last few years we've had campers in that lot for the loss. >> couple of years. anyone. >> first i didn't want to move on because of covid and then they just don't want to move on and it it has generated some problems. for instance, people don't garbage up and down the street are people coming and going and dropping. >> bottles of we have a 2 or 3 fires. >> in that law that the fire department has had to respond to a ver teresa nelson says. >> she favors affordable housing in place of this encampment. however, she worries about the logistics and the small space. i don't mind seeing some low income housing. there. >> i think a 176 or even a 120 is way too big for this little neighborhood. where are people going to be able to hang out during the day where they're
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going to park. if the city's application is accepted by the state through project homekey. >> san jose supervisor, matt mahan who represents district 10 says more than 170 units would go up housing more than 200 homeless individuals. i think one of the things that's unique about this site. >> is that we're using prefab modular units which you can stack, which you can build quickly. they come off the assembly line at about $35,000 a unit which is significantly cheaper than how our county has been building permanent supportive housing. $850,000 a door. so this is an opportunity to scale our solution and help many more people. a hand says the site would also have on said services. >> it's all goes as planned. he hopes to break ground in the spring and open the safe by next summer despite his enthusiasm nelson says other neighbors have their concerns. >> in san jose taylor kron 4 news. >> turning out or drought coverage. the pleasanton city council has declared a local drought emergency and the stage. 2 water shortage.
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there's now a mandate for pleasanton water customers to reduce their water use by 15%. pleasanton city staff is not recommending activating drought rates or excessive use penalties, at least now, though, those could come down the line of goals aren't met and the drought gets worse. to the south bay now. new water conservation measures are on the horizon for the city of san jose way on the horizon. the city is looking at more aggressive and consistent action to try to lessen the effect of this ongoing drought in today. mayor sam liccardo. >> announced a proposal to start a citywide water saving guideline for people to reduce water by 15%. also included setting and enforceable today a week watering limit odd numbered addresses would be able to water on certain days, even numbered addresses water on the other days the new mandates would what are you standard across the city. we want to all get on the same page. we think that says a water company is on to something. >> and we think that's the
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right approach and it's the more aggressive approach what we need to take to can serve in this very, very challenging time. staff also lester. >> require new developments to this qr code with your phone. he also be able to find things like an interactive drought monitor map tips to reduce water use the latest watering restrictions in the bay area and even how grocery prices could be affected by all this. it's all a kron. 4 dot com. whether time now as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast. a live look here over san francisco. the view here from our sutro tower camera. just a beautiful night in the bay. yeah, but no drought. but buster clouds out there. not
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yet kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with the lock that cold front coming through today, guys. we saw those clouds up above. >> unfortunately kind of just fall apart as a went to the bay area. still some of those clouds out there and we may see the couple of sprinkles. nothing. just checking some of the rain gauges around the bay area. and that just not much energy with this system as it's coming on through partly cloudy skies around the bay area there. some patchy fog along the coastline. kind of interesting little the moisture streaming on shore today. the clouds moving by. that's all part of that cold front. >> just not much to it as it moved on by. so yeah, not a threat to bring in much in the way of significant rainfall. but you may have been lucky to see couple sprinkles in parts of the north bay as a system kind of slipped through and still some remnants of that moisture moving on by. but we're just not generating enough instability to really get the rain going not just yet anyway, but it's still early. we are seeing some winds, though. i've been kind of blustery at times some gusts over 30 miles an hour in the san francisco of this latest hour to 2717 in fairfield and 25 in byron. so
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i'm not only that cooler temperatures out there as well. that nice see breeze kicking in bringing in a nice cool marine air. well inland, so 50's and low 60's all around the bay area. but a cold front sliding on by this area of low pressure dragging this out. that's going to kind of split off from that main system. now that's going help the stream up a lot of the clouds into the bay area and eventually this low is actually approach as we get into friday that may be just enough to trigger a couple of scattered light showers at least parts of the south bay into the monterey bay. still a long ways to go right here. you can see the moisture out there continue to move overhead tonight and tomorrow. expect a lot of clouds in our skies and on friday, the low flying, the comes kicking a little bit closer there you can see a couple of scattered showers being picked up by the model there. we get any. it's not going to be much certainly not a drop a stir. but if we get some rain going here that be nice to see. unfortunately you have to wait a while for bigger storm. it be nice if they did hit the ground. yeah. it's a nice we don't know where bridge before it gets to the surface. but that's all we're getting today. okay. thanks, laura. ok. turning now to it covid coverage. the
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virus there appears to be receding here in california, especially in the san francisco bay area. and because of that. >> certain counties could shed their indoor masking mandates sooner than others. santa cruz county already did that shed their indoor mask mandate last week and now bay area health county officers are trying to determine what it will take for them to do the same. we have a map here showing the level of community transmission in the bay area. you can see all the 2 local counties are in the substantial category napa and solano remain in the high level of transmission covid-19 certainly hasn't gone away. and with the delta variant continuing to circulate out their medical experts are warning health officers to be cautious. kron four's. dan kerman has more. since bay area health officers instituted an indoor mask mandate regardless of vaccination status. >> it's become common to see people with a face covering but improving covid data and santa cruz county's decision to lift its mandate has health
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officers examining what it will take to drop that mandate in other bay area counties. i think for now they should keep the mask mandate. anyone can be contagious vaccinated or not so. until it's over and over in san francisco, which is highly vaccinated. many prefer to keep the indoor mask mandate in place. >> it doesn't make sense to me. it's like why don't we just wait to be really have the science. we can really back it up in late october of last year we saw the beginning of a big surge in covid cases that coupled with the delta variant has medical experts advising caution when it comes to dropping the mandate. i mean, obviously we all want to really quickly. we want to make this done with. >> this may not be the right time. doctor george rutherford is a professor of epidemiology at ucsf while admits the bay area is doing better than most. he says this is not the time to move too fast. but 6 and a half million people in the bay area. if 90% of actually that's still 655,000 people that are vaccinated.
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so. >> you know, that's if the if there evenly distribute to the population. that's one thing. but if there they congregate then, you know, that's the places where we have. we have outbreaks. >> during a briefing tuesday before the santa clara county board of supervisors. health officer doctor sara cody said bay area health officers are working together to set criteria that must be met before a mandate can be dropped. we need to looking the streets to make sure that they're low and stable. >> we need to look at the impact on hospitals and we lived need to look at some sort you know, a measure of vaccination and protection of the population now bay area health officers are expected to announce their criteria for lifting a mandate. >> sometime on thursday. in the meantime, doctor rutherford says because santa cruz county lifted its mask mandate before everyone else. they can kind of act as a canary in the coal mine
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meeting if things start to go in the wrong direction. there. it will serve as a warning to everyone else. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> san jose sharks player evander kane is being investigated again. this time on allegations that he used a fake covid-19 vaccine card. the nhl is looking into whether cain submitted a fake card using a fake vaccine card is illegal in both the u.s. and canada and again, sleet rules. this comes as cain was cleared last month of allegations made by his estranged wife that he bet on nhl games and in recent court documents obtained by kron 4. she also accuses him a physical and abuse. he denies it less than a month before the deadline for san francisco city workers get fully vaccinated or lose their jobs. >> more than 300 muni drivers are either unvaccinated or they have not declared their status. the director of the
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sfmta says that represents 15% of workers muni operators they're the largest group of the holdout so far the agency is bracing for the worst, which could mean service disruption, even before the november first cut off on halloween weekend. >> if 640 or her employees or even half of that number are still unvaccinated as of november. first and are put on leave or terminated. it will significantly impact transit operations and parking control throughout the city. that will mean. >> if you've been waiting for the bus for 10 minutes. you will now be waiting 30 minutes. and if you've been waiting 20 minutes, you will now be waiting. >> it see are asking them to rescind their policy of get back. so get fired and implemented get back get tested >> and it's not you need that could see cuts in service and 19% of parking enforcement officers are also at risk of losing their jobs are being put on leave up to 8 schools could see a reduced number of crossing guards and as many as
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4 other schools could end up having no crossing guards at all. >> educators say they're noticing some students are struggling with trying to focus on classwork while simultaneously navigating the emotional toll of the pandemic. and today forces seek that you've got some tips from the bay area, professor of public health that may just help parents teachers and students. >> it has been a few months since students returned to in-person learning in classrooms as the pandemic continues. some educators are noticing more than the usual amount of behavioral issues among some students were seeing some behavioral problems. maybe more fighting in between piers, california state university east bay professor of public health. michael stanton talks about some of the reasons why the students reacting to the emotional toll of the pandemic was anticipated. >> there are a lot of issues going on right for kids in both in the classroom and at home. a lot of it has to do with the fact that these
9:19 pm
people, their students and young kids who have it. that exposed to other students or peers or even teachers rights for many, many months. and so he says teachers and parents both have to remember that a child may be acting out as a way of dealing with the emotional of losing a friend or family member to covid-19 just the gravity of a lot of them lost loved ones throughout this and not only that, but they've seen their parents often in poor teachers be really, you know, experience a lot of stress and anxiety. due to the pandemic. that's really, you know, affected all of us knowing how to spot the signs that a child may be struggling emotionally is important you often will kids acting out maybe being more aggressive with other students or kids. you might see them being really shy and not speaking at all when normally they would have. you
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might also see students be really distracted right. instead of focusing on the lesson at hand with these behaviors occur. he says it is important not to over correct. i think sometimes you want to jump to punishing students for not doing what they wanted them to do. and i know that that seems like the right thing to do. but actually we know from research that actually rewarding good behavior is a much better way to get used to do what you wanted to do. has it made you kron 4 stay with kron 4 for continuing covid coverage to scan this qr code with your phone and you'll be directed right to the special section on our website where you can find the latest on. >> masking vaccinations boosters etcetera. that's all on kron. 4 dot com. happening right now. the worriers and the dubs fans are back at chase for the first time. first home preseason game this year. a lot of but you can only get in if you are fully vaccinated. >> maybe a recent negative covid test also for those 11
9:21 pm
and under kron four's. gayle ong live at chase center. gayle, you caught up with some of the debt nation. how are they taking this news. >> excited for sure. all around tonight, grant and vicki has some fans are leaving the game early to be that post-game traffic. but overall everyone is really excited for more home games to come. >> detonation returned to chase center wednesday evening for the golden state warriors. second preseason game for the upside down. >> going inside just getting that says feeling like. >> he is so awesome. it's epic. it's this amazing. just to be back being in the environment and just seeing the colors for constant security firm stopped in the game was perfect timing for has been and it says bert happy timing think good time. and you've got first year
9:22 pm
season it also says epic everything is just awesome. of course, in the age of covid things look different this year. proof of vaccination is required at the door for 12 and older. >> covid test are no longer accepted unless you are under 11 years old. wears officials have been planning for a safe and experience. it's our first full-capacity crowd, 575 so we are thrilled to be welcoming fans back in the chase center tonight should be a great start to the pre season. >> or hoping will be a very successful year this year. >> and as we get more into the season. it is highly encouraged to download that clear mobile app to upload your vaccination card there and also download the chaser warriors chase app. because that's how you can order food and beverages and these days everything is pretty much cashless that these types of venues. we're live at chase center. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> all right, thank you, gayle. now turning to the giants and this is the game that call giants fans are watching. it will decide who
9:23 pm
the orange and black face in the national league division seriei. this is the wild card game that is underway right now. st. louis in la playing the dodgers 4 winner take all one-game playoff series currently, we're tied at one headed to extra innings or sports director. jason, 2 of us will have more coming up later in sports. so no matter who the giants face. the the question remains how much is it going to cost you to watch. >> the big game right. quite a bit. i would think records. also the money and talk to people at stub hub. ella is here with more. >> you didn't need to. >> mortgage your first born or what l >> it's not grant and vicki giants. fans will want to be there regardless of ruins tonight, but it's going make a difference in how much they'll be spending this weekend rob's from stub hub who said they get in price of the door for friday night's home game will cost you about a $145 and a
9:24 pm
$149 on saturday. but that standing room only. they also said that there's strong demand for that postseason matchup and this could change by the end of tonight's game. of course, if the cardinals win giants fans can look forward to cheaper tickets. and if the dodgers do. >> given the strong rivalry between the dodgers and giants. we do anticipate that if they were to win to get prices actually will build up. were we just compared to july series between both. the cardinals over here in the dodgers on average. the dodgers ticket prices 65% higher and given the postseason. this would be the first ever playoff the postseason matchup between the 2 fan bases. we can only it's going to certainly drive demand. >> and step ups. also warning fans tonight that it's better to buy from a trusted source cover the bar code. if you do end up taking a picture of your ticket and then posting it online and never pay cash or by on the street. you want to make sure that it's legit.
9:25 pm
so right now stub hub just less than 3400 tickets left for friday in about 3900 on saturday. but that's just a small fraction of the stadium. so they do recommend that if you want to catch all the action per cent and your specific about where you want to said don't delay by now live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> hala. we are in the bottom of the 9th. and so anything changes, we'll certainly let you know that will determine the price. obviously. yes, stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage. the giants postseason uses qr code to be directed to the special section of our website. for more on the giants run in the playoffs, including information on tickets. the schedule of the division series broadcast and who's going to start game one for the giants. it is all on kron 4 dot com. >> coming up decades after the zodiac killer terrorized the bay area, a team of independent investigators say they now know who it was. the
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>> we have some breaking news for the score is in the los angeles. dodgers beat the st. louis cardinals 3 to one. so it looks like the age old rivals. the dodgers are going to be facing the san francisco giants. yeah. get ready to hear beat la as does at oracle park because the dodgers are coming up. north and they will face the giants to start the division series. that is.
9:29 pm
>> on friday. game one from the ballpark in san francisco. ways, chris taylor. hit a two-run walk-off home run in the bottom of the knife and chavez ravine too. when this one game wild card playoff for la. so it's san francisco l a we wouldn't want it any other way. and was something fears is friday. >> all right. coming up, we're going to see how offers jonathan mccall did. >> blue angels over san francisco today.
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>> it has been more than 50 years since the zodiac killer first terrorized the bay area. now a group of 40 specialists say they have identified the serial killer who taunted law enforcement of these cryptic messages and who is responsible for the deaths of 5 people in the bay area in 1968 1960. not no one has ever been charged with the killings, though. the case breakers group believe that they know who he is. as noelle bellow reports for us tonight. the fbi says the case remains open. >> i believe comes from discussions and interviews with real with this is people who say that they have been with a man that they feel strongly is the zodiac killer private investigator and former investigative reporter bill proctor is a member of
9:33 pm
the case breakers. a group that also includes retired law enforcement and military intelligence personnel. >> believe they've identified the zodiac killer. there is evidence that we intend to go and find and bring back for analysis. >> there are maps from one chilling to another. arrests of the individual that we believe is in fact the zodiac killer. >> after interpreting anagrams from some of the zodiac letters. the group believes gary f post who died back in 2018 is the zodiac. they point to scars on posts forehead matching that of the killer. proctor says they also made the connection through an unsolved 1966 riverside county murder. but they say police there are considering it. let's face it. we don't really know how busy he was all over the state of california. >> they say that they don't think this guy's the guy. kevin fagan has been covering the zodiac killer for more than 25 years. >> he says he's received hundreds of tips and ideas. just this year about who the
9:34 pm
serial killer might be. while he notes the case breakers are credible bunch. officials aren't buying it. they don't think there's a nick in anything to do with it. but, you know, stranger things have happened. the fbi san francisco office was blunt in their response wednesday when asked about the claims of an id for the killer. they said, quote, the zodiac killer case remains open. we have no new information to share at the moment in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 9 governor newsom signed a bill today that ends mandatory minimum jail sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. the bill which was sponsored by state senator scott wiener aims to end mass incarceration. the legislation well, not go into effect until the new year. once it does, it will allow courts to grant probation or suspended sentences for anyone convicted of a nonviolent drug crime. national news. now the biden administration has announced major changes to the federal
9:35 pm
student loan forgiveness program. the changes make it easier for certain borrowers to qualify for debt relief. the u.s. department of education announced the changes this morning. the department says it will bring relief to more than 550,000 people, including more than 20,000 borrowers who will now be automatically eligible for loan forgiveness without having to take additional steps to qualify. that includes some military service members, teachers and nurses. a 34 foot fishing boat sank early this morning in league fuel into the water. the coast guard. >> is on site near the hyde street pier in san francisco working to contain and clean the sheen from the water. we're not sure exactly how much gas leaked into the bay. but we do know that boat can hold up to 260 gallons. salvage teams are on site. they're working to raise the vessel. one person was on board and was able to quickly get off the boat. call authorities for help. no word yet on what caused the boat to
9:36 pm
sink in the first place. turning now to the big oil spill in southern california. several new developments today into the investigation behind this pill. and right now the coast guard is using gps to track the movement. a big ships that were in the area at the time. investigators think a ship anchor may have snagged and dragged an undersea oil pipeline causing it to rupture. but the owners of the pipelines are not saying if that was what happened. instead leaving it to the ongoing independent investigation. officials are now unsure how big of an impact the spill will have eventually on the beaches and local wetlands. there. city leaders are now asking for volunteers to help clean up efforts move along faster. coming up next. you have a need for speed. get a look inside the cockpit of a fighter plane were taking off with. >> the blue angels and sports sell a st. louis facing off. >> in the national league wild-card game a thriller at
9:37 pm
dodger stadium. sports director jason dumas says the highli
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, folks if didn't know before tonight, you know, now october baseball is here. we just saw an instant classic down in los angeles. let's go to dodger stadium. ready for yet another postseason and
9:40 pm
magic sitting there by home plate. he's part owner of that team. top of the first max scherzer. uncorked, a wild pitch. tommy edman scores one. nothing. max only went 4 and a 3rd innings. but that was only run. he allowed bottom of the inning. justin turner. says adam wainwright pitched on a right to left field. he knew immediately. we have a tie. game bottom of the night. chris taylor up with one on. let's walk it off. people. they are going crazy in tinseltown. the dodgers win 3 to one in the bottom of the 9th on a walk off home run and now that sets the stays. >> giants dodgers for the first time in the both of those organizations. history will face off in a postseason matchup. it is going to be fun. here is the schedule giants at home, friday and
9:41 pm
saturday games one into logan webb and kevin godman will start those games respectively. >> then game 3 is in los angeles. and if necessary remembers this of best of 5 series. so if necessary game 4 will be at dodger stadium and then a deciding game 5 would be back here at oracle park. the fun is just getting started. we have first pitch 6 37 on friday night. it's going to be a blast. all right. the niners, they're playing the waiting game right now. they have no idea who will be their starting quarterback this sunday, which is, you know. >> all right. that was big deal, especially with the cardinals. up next, who just happened to be the last unbeaten team left in the nfl. >> either going to be tray or jimmy, we know that much jimmie he's holding out hope that he will be the >> if you go to game time, we've done before game time.
9:42 pm
it's really just about mental reps like an out there tomorrow and everything. but i anything in stone yet mentally feel pretty good. you know just what the game plan. everything all the install we just put but you know, physically hopefully get out there tomorrow and we'll take it day by day. i said she was kept >> all hyped up still for that walk off. homerun can't wait for that series on friday. of course, we will have all the coverage you can handle leading up to first pitch kron 4 your place to be. but in the meantime, we'll be right back meantime, we'll be right back after a quick break. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails.
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>> but we have you heard a lot about crime rates in big cities here in the u.s. including in the bay area. and today forbes magazine. they put some actual numbers to it may identified 10 the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. 3 of them are here in san francisco. according to forbes, we have a look at the top 10 overall. you can see the top 3. >> are all in los angeles followed by san francisco few more outside the bay area and then the last 2 san francisco neighborhoods come in at 7, 8, top 10 rounded up by portland and los angeles. >> yeah. the 4th most dangerous neighborhood in the country. according to is so much specifically between 6th street townsend 11th and harrison streets. the 7th,
9:46 pm
most dangerous neighborhood. the country is reportedly in the union square area of san francisco, specifically between market powell bush and first street and then right down the street from there at her taylor ellis and pow as well as market street in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. all right. let's switch gears here for a moment as we take a live look our sutro is that none are that's mount tam cam overlooking the bay area. well, beautiful lot moisture. >> out there. but not enough to hit the ground. that aren't. yeah. unfortunately yet? not much in the way of rain, >> we've got some good changes coming our way. i think just in time for the weekend, of course, the blue angels in town and they are going to be a roaring up above as we head into the weekend. so we want to clear our skies for looks like the weather. it's going work out just about perfectly. we'll see some clouds between now and through friday. but after that, i think the weekend look good. mostly sunny skies temperatures going to be heating up to a little bit of an offshore wind. i
9:47 pm
think we're into the upper 60's. we get lucky. maybe some 70's on saturday and looks like the weather is going to hold through sunday as well. mostly sunny skies some mild warm temperatures and will be a bit breezy in the afternoon to prepare be prepared for that. if you plan to come to san francisco's that sea breeze kicking in 10 to 20 mile an hour winds out of the west clouds. got a few of those out there tonight and going to see more of that throughout the night and well, the cup next couple days. we've got an area of low pressure off the coastline. the good news is the air quality looking fantastic here in the green all around now as that sea breeze really kicked in today. you can see here a front coming and not much to a but try to bring a couple sprinkles into the bay area. don't think a lot of that hit the ground couldn't find any measurable precipitation out there. but it looked a pretty interesting as we head into the afternoon hours now, things kind of just fall apart. but we've got a lot more off the coastline. in fact, we've got an area of low pressure on the backside here that is diving on the backside and that eventually is going to approach the bay area as we head into friday morning that
9:48 pm
may be just enough to trigger a few scattered showers in the best chance. really the south bay down the monterey bay and on southward. otherwise the winds, yes, but blustery at times we've seen some of those gusts size 30 miles an hour right now to 15 in san francisco, 17 instance, a beach and 12 in benicia temperature wise numbers 61 degrees in san francisco right now. you're looking at 59 and oakland 60 in san jose 58 in livermore right now, 60 in concord and 55 degrees and cool off in santa rosa tomorrow. these temperatures down again plan. a lot of 60's. maybe some low 70's. well inland. but that's about it. all right. here comes out front right into the bay area. just kind of fall apart as a runs of that ridge of high pressure that low swirling off the coastline, bringing all those clouds. our way as we head in toward the latter part of the weekend. so here it is a lauren forecast model. you see some of those clouds continue to rotate through maybe bring a slight chance of showers as we get into a friday morning, then that system scoots on by high pressure builds in the winters offshore getting a little gusty, i think sunday night in the money. we'll have to watch
9:49 pm
gut for potential for high fire danger as we get into early next week. but also notice some snow developing over the mountain tops over the s4erra nevada going to see that may be on friday night as well. so something to watch out for. if you head to the high country. it's no more messing around up there. a chance some snow and temperatures in the tahoe area dropping down low 30's overnight over the weekend for the bay area with a lot of sunshine coming our way on saturday and sunday the next couple days, a lot of clouds slight chance of showers on friday. it's a good thing. we have clear skies, at least a little sun on the saturday and sunday. yeah. does. >> angels blue angels count out. yeah, fleet week, in is in full swing in the bay area. the naval vessel. they're docked along san francisco's embarcadero and they're open for tours all week long. no doubt, though the highlight of fleet week is friday, saturday and sunday afternoons. that is when the navy's blue angels perform over. the bay are jonathan mccall is the lucky dog this year and he took a trip up the blues today.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
>> did you hear that? we didn't need a nap after this that is it's a workout getting through there and the cause parties. how the pilots even that. and think that regular baylor go to sa 7 have changed for that one and a half to hats. amazing. it's always like an instant facelift yay. nothing with that. by the jonathan was joined by officer jason johnson, who's the 13 year veteran of the san francisco police department. and this week officer johnson was recognized as a key influencer by the san francisco fleet week air show for his work in the community back in 2016, johnson was featured as a crime for hero. that's after developing a mentorship program designed to connect african american kids to their cultural heritage
9:52 pm
operation genesis which operates in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood has taken 50 students on an all expenses paid 10 day trip to ghana where they have explored and learned about that west african nation. quite a guy join us here on kron 4 this saturday to watch the blue angels. life. >> 2 hours of high flying stunts featuring the spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. fun starts friday at 02:00pm right here on kron. 4, your host, our very own. can't wait hear more news coming up right after
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> today marks 11 years since instagram was launched on smart phones around the world on this date in 2010, the photo sharing app instantly exploded growing to more than a million users in just 2 months. and now a decade later there are more than a billion people worldwide sharing their. cute pics of their dogs and sunsets and babies and whatever's. but of course now the facebook owned app is in the middle of controversy about its effect on young people, especially young girls and their self esteem body image as a result of all the filters and. pretty people they look speaking of pretty move over bear 7.47. there's a new heavyweight champ in the battle of the bulky as bear in alaska for 80 otis is the new winner of what is called,
9:56 pm
quote, fat bear week. that's an. and more than 25 years old otis. here is one of the oldest fares. it katmai national park and preserve otis. now a four-time champ, having won the inaugural contest in. >> 2014. >> look at them this discerned more than 51,000 votes speeding out 11 other bears fat bear week is an online competition celebrating the bears pretty hibernation week game from late june 2 october. >> all right. take a look at this. this massive 6 foot. >> python doesn't seem to bother little 2 year-old boy. in australia. banjo is the son of a for how a famous crocodile wrangler matt wright who posted this video of his boy handling the 6 foot long python. right. you know, he wants to teach his son how to safely engage with such wildlife. the video. of course, as you can imagine, was flooded with us. i'm
9:57 pm
concerned comments, but all right. says that he knows the limits and the dangers of animals that he gets close to call. and about. and that come on. but can you say who are we to judge. but we've got a snake in your arm. that wraps kron 4 news at night for 5 continues at the top of the hour with pam moore in ken wayne we just missed a lot of fun. you're snake on the arm going on. thank you grant. here's what we're working on this a big deal giants and dodgers are set to meet in the postseason for the first time ever. >> and tickets for game one friday at oracle park. he we'll break down just how much you can expect a payout to see this in person. this historic matchup. >> a group of miners. one of them just 11 years old accused of carjacking somebody in
9:58 pm
oakland stealing somebody is computer at a coffee shop berkeley. then crashing into someone sitting on a bench plus, the other crimes police are connecting to the same group of kids. these stories and more coming babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less!
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