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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 7, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay. area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> together with my colleagues across the san francisco bay area region. we are adopting shared metrics for when to retire, the indoor mask mandate. >> a question a lot of people have been finally getting an answer today bay area. health officials sharing what needs to happen before mask mandates can come to an end. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, 8 bay area counties alameda contra, costa marin
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napa, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma. >> have announced a uniform list of criteria that must be met before lifting the indoor mask mandate. solano is not in the list. as you may remember, it was back in august when most counties and acted that mandate requiring everyone, regardless of vaccination status to wear a mask in indoor places. and while there is now a goal to aim for don't look for the mask to come all for at least a couple of months. kron four's, dan kerman. >> live in san francisco tonight. he has more on this forest and help clear it up. >> that's right. well, the right hirio revolver on hospitalizations community transmission and the rate of vaccination and there's some pretty steep numbers here. and as a result, it's likely most of these counties want to achieve this criteria for at least a couple of months. >> we will. >> keep our requirement for indoor masking regardless of
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vaccination status intel. we meet these metrics that we've adopted across the bay area. >> bay area health officers have come up with a set of metrics are criteria that would allow counties to drop indoor mask mandates and at the same time prevent another covid-19 surge. first, us reach the cdc's moderate or yellow covid-19 transmission, tier and remain there for at least 3 weeks. right now. all bay area counties are in either orange or red, meaning substantial or high transmission. second county health officers must determine covid-19. hospitalizations are low and stable and finally either 80% of the county's total population must be fully vaccinated or 8 weeks of past since the fda authorized the covid-19 vaccine for emergency use for 5 to 11 year olds. >> i think with maybe the exception or brand. the other counties will get it will get to the to that 3rd criterion.
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having 8 weeks after the pediatric vaccines approved ucsf epidemiology professor doctor george rutherford. >> who caution county should not move too fast to lift the mask mandate is pleased with the criteria, especially because the counties that won't be able to satisfy the 80% vaccination requirement. we'll have to wait another 2 months after the fda approves vaccines for those aged 5 to 11. i think that pushes us most likely pushes us into december. >> plenty, you know, long up tale for me. and we'll have a chance to see the really can keep the the transmission of the moderate rate looking down the road health officials say it's possible some counties will have the mask mandate longer than others. so we will probably be. >> lifting the indoor masking requirement at different times simply because hospitalization. >> and community transmission
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different by county as well as the vaccination rates. >> now that day to keep your eye on is the end of the month. that's when the fda will take up that vaccination for young people. ages 5 to 11 now, remember, they approve it. at the end of the month than 2 months has to go by 8 weeks. the 4 counties can satisfy that vaccination requirement. and then at that ift the mandate, but they still have to check on hospitalizations and community transmission and make sure those are still in check. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. all right. dad and more to come. well, despite not meeting the criteria just yet. san francisco has announced that it will ease the mask rules october. the 15th. >> officials said today as long as case and hospitalization rates remain stable or decline indoor masking requirements will be lifted in limited indoor settings that includes offices, gyms and fitness centers employee commuter vehicles, religious
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gatherings, indoor college classes or other organized gatherings of people who meet regularly not exceeding 100 people cisco's health officer explains the reasons behind easing the mask rules even though the criteria has not yet been met. >> because we have had additional vaccination mandates and because our cases are looking good. there are select areas where we can remove the mask requirement. 75% of the entire population vaccinated is the higher the better. a lot of things. well, the people of san francisco have followed the health orders and that's the reason why we have been successful. >> doctor phillips says have a cisco is very close to meeting the criteria needed to easing the mask rules all across the board. she says the main goal right now is reaching that 80% vaccination rate in the city. >> so for now, many types of businesses in san francisco are not able to draft a drop. the mask requirement indoors
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and that includes bars restaurants retail establishments basically anywhere where you have the general public coming and going kron four's maureen kelly got reaction from people at some of those establishments who are able to let people indoors mask free next week and found not all of them are planning to relax the rules just yet. >> the owner of a valencia street kaladi studio were all members staff and instructors are fully vaccinated is happy to hear that on october 15th masks can come off inside for those who want to shed them. >> we work with special populations. a lot of older seniors that have a hard time working out with masks on. so it'll be great to have the freedom. if you want a mask, you can mask. and if you're really ready to take off the mask that you have that ability to do that. the new rule also applies to houses of worship and even though saint gregory of nessa this couple church. >> has seen attendance dropped because of the pandemic. the rector says he doesn't think they'll be dropping the mask requirement because in order
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to go bare faced inside. everyone needs to be vaccinated and that would mean not allowing kids under 12 to celebrate in person even with their masks on. that's not the way we do church because we really are a multi generational congregation. >> and until children can receive vaccines. that doesn't seem right for us to exclude them. >> the head of the golden gate restaurant association is disappointed that the rules are staying the same for now in indoor businesses where the general public comes and goes such as restaurants. but she's hopeful that office workers who've been remote. we'll be tempted to come back to work in person since those types of workplaces with fully vaccinated employees with 100 or fewer people inside. we'll be able to breathe a little easier and hopefully help breathe some life into the downtown sector. i've spoken to several colleagues that have, you know. >> cafes and restaurants that are not open yet or that are limping along downtown where they desperately need the foot traffic and so we know for all
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the surveys about 19% of our office workers are actually back in the office and that's just not enough to sustain these businesses. >> reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> governor newsom has until sunday to approve or reject several new laws in california. he's already signed more than 350 bills passed by the state legislature are grant lodes joins us now in the studio to. >> go over what's left on the governor's desk and weather is going to sign him or not. he survived the recall. now he is work to do is already signed quite a few of these. but there are still some big ones outstanding. first, though, some. >> new measures that have been recently approved. you're talking about making universal mail in voting permanent removing the word alien from state laws and adding a first in the nation protection for amazon warehouse, employees and garment workers. but the governor's work is not done there. those are done. but the end of the week, the deadline is approaching and one of the bills on his desk as we speak,
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is the idea of paying drug users not to use drops under this law. california could become the first state to offer incentives for people to stop using methamphetamines and cocaine. the bill would allow the state's medicaid program to fund it. the next bill would decriminalize jaywalking meeting. you would not be fined if you cross the street outside the cross walk and it's safe to do so. if there is imminent danger, if you're running or walking out as a car zooms by you could still get a ticket in that case. meanwhile, a b one. oh, one would make ethnic studies a high school graduation requirement this will be implemented in public schools by fall of 2024 this is the 3rd attempt at this bill newsome veto this idea last year amid push back from some parents as well as some members of the states jewish community who said the curriculum has bias towards palestine the next 2 bills have to do with college is a b
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9.28 would make it easier for community college students to transfer to cal state or you see schools, lieutenant governor lineker lock us and student groups endorsed the measure while the you see office of the president end newsom's finance department are against it. lastly expanding financial aid for college students. this measure would significantly loosen eligibility requirements for financial aid. so the 10's of thousands of additional students could receive the assistance. the proposal is expected to cost between 85 175 million dollars a year. and coming up later in the show. we'll take a look at the new changes coming to how we recycle what you need to know before you take out the trash. pam and ken, back to you. grant. thank you very much. well, as you probably know, the san francisco giants are in the playoffs. and for the first time ever. >> in the playoffs, they're hosting the dodgers as tomorrow night at oracle park. the giants won a total of a
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107 regular season games that beat out the previous franchise record, the dodgers were only one game behind tied with their own franchise record of a 106 wins will have a five-game series and a lot of fans are hoping the giants could possibly sweep the dodgers. the game 5 of that needs to be played will be held back here at oracle park. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the giants postseason. you can use this qr code on your screen to be taken to the special section of our website. for more on the giants. big run in the playoffs, including information on getting tickets. the schedule of the division series broadcast and who will start game one and 2 for the giant said it will be a number of events tomorrow and san francisco. so get ready. officials want you to plan ahead on how you will get to these locations at 6.37, as ken said, the giants take on the dodgers at arco park at 07:00pm the warriors take on the lakers at chase center, of course, public transportation is encouraged. and as a
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reminder. >> every event ticket to chase center. is unity ticket as well. so with everything is going on a second with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. he's here to give us a first pitch fork is going to be a busy day around the bay. and not only tomorrow this weekend to, but yeah, the weather is going to be a big factor this time of year to be really interesting out these ballparks. the weather gets a little wild of this time of year. tomorrow. >> we've got a cold front coming through the morning by the afternoon. i think we're seeing some whipping winds now a drop. the temperatures are cleared out your skies a little bit more for the forecast and fine tune a bit. first pitch at 6.37 expect those temperatures to be in the upper 50's, but it is going to be very, very cool. i think a brisk wind is blowing tomorrow with mostly clear skies couple clouds. moving on by and those winds coming out of the west, probably a good 20, maybe 30 mile an hour gust that is going to send some of those high fly out into mccovey. cove are watching for that up there. now we've got some clouds rolling on into more of that on the way overnight tonight. in fact,
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we've got a cold front that's kind of lingering out there. something else to watch out for. well, the winds are going to be an issue. we get the systems come by in the winds likely to get pretty gusty. we've got the fire weather watch go into effect starting on monday across much of the north bay hills parts of the east bay to that continuing through tuesday as well. expect to see some winds, maybe 3040 mile an hour, maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts across the mountain tops fire danger will be running high during that period. >> all right, lawrence. coming up, violence continues to plague the streets of oakland. the latest shooting victim a teen girl will hear from an emotional chief of police. plus, why bay area health officials are worried about flu season, particularly this year. and first snow of the season on the way to the sierra central sierra when it is due to arrive where it will fall and how much to expect. plus some road closures to tell you abo i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> road rage in gun violence of cost. a 15 year-old girl. her life. that is according to oakland's police chief. >> this as the city's homicide rate is skyrocketing compared to last year, quote, forcefully juggle details oakland's 5th homicide in 7 days. >> oakland police chief leronne armstrong says a 15 year-old girl riding in the passenger seat of a car was shot to death in east oakland. late wednesday night. video from the citizen app shows the scene driving in a vehicle
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with her uncle. involved in a road rage incident. >> where another person in another car and her uncle begin to have dialogue. and that dialogue lead. the argument from one car to another. and then the other vehicle, someone in the other vehicle. >> fired multiple rounds. at the car, striking this innocent 15 year-old child. the oakland police department says it happened in the 5,000 block of bancroft avenue this is draining emotionally mentally. >> physically councilmember loren taylor represents the district nearby. this happening less than a week after community leader dirk tillotson was murdered during a home invasion marking the city's 105th homicide. we are losing way too many lives and our city and it hits particularly. when it's one of our babies. 15 year-old girl.
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i hope that everybody in this city. wakes up. and then stands finally. how much do we have to. bring before the many times. we have to cry out for help. >> i mean, times. do we have to say to you that we are in a moment of crisis. the young girl's killing brings the city's homicide total to 109 equaling the number of homicides, the oakland police officers association says reported all of last year. >> the peel away says it needs more support from city leaders to help bolster a dwindling police force, it says is losing about 10 officers every month. if we do not. >> have a higher salt rate in the city of oakland for homicides. then it tells those who are, you know, considering picking up a gun and committing a violent crime that the odds are they will not get caught and we cannot allow that to happen. so we must invest more into our
6:19 pm
homicide investigations unit. police say the rate of homicides solved stands at 40%. >> in oakland phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> developing tonight on the massive oil spill and southern california. the u.s. coast guard has boarded a cargo ship which had been docked at the port of oakland as it investigates the rupture of the offshore pipeline that caused the massive leak near huntington beach. investigators want to know if the ship's anchor snagged and bent the oil pipeline. a u.s. official says the german operated rotterdam express is one focus of its investigation tracking data show what appears to be the rotterdam making 3 unusual movements over 2 days near the pipeline. both marine traffic and the company which operates the ship say there were cars with the ship's gps location data. another civil lawsuit has been filed against pg for its role in the massive dixie fire and attorney in plumas county,
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brett cook and his partners filed a lawsuit last week they represent more than 500 victims of the dixie fire was started nearly 3 months ago and is still not fully contained at fire has burned more than 960,000 acres and destroyed more than 1300 buildings. according to the complaint, the dixie fire started when a tree came into contact with pg e's power lines. the suit states that although pna was on notice of a power outage nearby. the company did not consider the event urgent failed to send a crew to the scene for many hours and fail to shut off power in the area. the company has admitted its equipment may have started that fire. 3 mountain passes near the nevada state line between lake tahoe and yosemite national park will close are already closed today ahead of an approaching storm. >> that storm is expected to bring rain and snow to the sierra the closures are on highway one o 8 at sonora pass
6:21 pm
north of bridgeport. highway 89 at monitor pass south of lake tahoe. >> and highway one 20 near tile. the past and near lee vining temperatures are plunging yesterday in the reno area and in the sierra several inches of snow are possible at the higher elevations highways could reopen on saturday after caltrans crews evaluate the conditions. more on the upcoming winter storm. let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. it's nice to say that. i'm just going to say i haven't heard and they say winter storm in a long seems like forever. but yeah, we're going to see it up there. don't go up there in your shorts flip-flops and expect to be real nice. summery weather in the tahoe area over the sierra nevada and back. >> this weekend. in fact, you're seeing some wet roads out there. this is donner summit right now. a little slick out there on the roads are getting some precipitation up there already. and there's more to come. in fact, the snow level is going to be dropping as we head through the night tonight and tomorrow. so you can likely see some snow across some of the higher peaks. the snow level starting out at about 7500 feet but likely to drop down to about 6500. so that
6:22 pm
will encompass all the passes there. if you're headed that direction, that continues through the day tomorrow on and off all the way down near 70. in fact, they've got winter weather advisories up in the 70 expecting maybe as much as 4 to 6 inches of snow the higher peaks there. so be prepared is going to be cold. the high country to overnight lows dropping down into the low 30's and temperatures by day only in the low 50's. all right. here's your storm system here. didn't look like much. just kind of a stalled cold front over the state. now that's generating the moisture here that's driving up over the sierra nevada and actually here in the bay area to finally going to make some headway with that tomorrow. and that's going make things a little bit different as we head through the day tomorrow as will see chance showers here. but we had a couple radar return showing some spurs. ation in the north bay early on that tapering off. now. what much most that evaporating before it hit the surface temperatures today again, it's awesome. much cooler weather again today, 60 degrees in san francisco. 64 in oakland, 70 degrees in san
6:23 pm
jose 69 in livermore, 70 in concord and 67 degrees in santa rosa. it is cool out there right now. that's the way it is going to stay. in fact, throughout the evening hours a little chilly outside little breezy out there. brisk to by tomorrow afternoon. well, i think we get through that chance of rain early in the morning. we'll dry things out. but it looks like those temperatures staying cool highs only in the 60's for most of the bay area. >> thank you, lauren. still ahead, stranded on a santa barbara cliff crews rushed to save a woman dangling over the edge. but this with mask, you had a very surprising and. >> and a helping hand from hair. why the winner of a national beard. competition says about more than just looks.
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>> new tonight at 6, a man in ohio taking home a big honor for his beard. corey gill. aka ghost is part of the beard mob club. recently took home the blue ribbon in the biggest beard and mustache competition in the united states as top whaley says it is taking about 2 and a half years to grow 12 inches. a beard. >> placed first in the way low category, which is how you see my beard with no mustache. i have to stay right under 12 inches competitions. i use
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products every day. i'm a girl when it comes to my beard. all admitted i was flung from a beard up on the way here. i use a big section beer brand in on us, thomas and the beer. >> they expects a beard philip ended up. all right. the cutthroat competition is more than just a facial hair face off, though money from this year's cup championship is actually going to a women's resource center, an organization that helps veterans and a charity that equips frontline medical workers with lifesaving resources. so it's all for a good cause. well, a rescue team in santa barbara was a bit surprised after responding to a call that a person fell from a cliff that person ended up not being a person. the crews were called out to rescue somebody stuck about 30 feet down after arriving with drones and fire engines and utility vehicles that person in need turned out to be a mannequin. the santa barbara county fire department shared these photographs showing no body heat coming from the
6:28 pm
doll. it was reportedly left on the clip from a movie shoot which days earlier. the crews still glad, though, that somebody did call them that littering coming up next on kron 4 news at 6 to the top gun soundtrack we're right along with blue angels, see what it's like inside the cockpit. >> for all those twists and turns here. we'll have your full fleet week forecast. when full fleet week forecast. when we come back. babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! i felt awful because of my psoriasis. i was covered from head to toe with it. it really hurt. then i started cosentyx. that was four years ago. how are you? see me. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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