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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> we are adopting shared metrics for when to retire, the indoor mask mandate.
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>> now at 10, another milestone in the pandemic is on the horizon. what bay area health officials say needs to happen next in order to lift the indoor mask mandate. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, almost 2 months after the indoor mask mandate was reinstated in the majority of the bay area health officials have now revealed what will take to ditch the mask indoors. but don't look for the mask to come off for at least a couple of months. our grant lodes is here in the studio to explain these new rules band member. one just that the doctors and you wonder if we'll ever fully retire think maybe not on planes, but that hopefully in other spaces and. >> we were told this week the changes were coming and here we are on thursday. we know what they are currently every bay area county except for solano county requires face coverings in most indoor public spaces. but now. if 3 criteria are met masks, do not
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need to be worn in some of those public spaces. here's a look at the criteria were talking about. first the county must reach the cdc's moderate or yellow tier for covid transmission and they must stay there for at least 3 weeks. secondly, covid hospitalizations must be low and stable. and finally, 80% of the county's total population has to be fully vaccinated or 8 weeks have to have passed covid-19 vaccine has been authorized for emergency use by federal and state authorities for those kids. the 5 to 11 year olds as you can see, no bay area county right now is in that yellow tier. they're all orange and red napa and solano counties are in that red tier. that high transmission of covid the rest of the bay area. all in orange which indicates substantial spread despite not meeting 2 of the criteria. san francisco is actually going to be easing the masking rules starting
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next friday. that means sin offices in jim saying religious centers and indoor college classes employee commuter vehicles. all these places. if you don't have more than 100 people masks do not need to be worn as long as everybody is fully vaccinated here again. officials in san francisco have chosen to ease the restrictions because they say the city is doing well when it comes to slowing down covid. >> because we have had additional vaccination mandates and because our cases are looking good. there are select areas where we can remove the mask requirement i particularly am very proud of how san franciscans have stepped off and gotten vaccinated at a very high numbers and you know, 75% of the entire population vaccinated is the higher the better. a lot of things. well.
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>> getting 80% of each county's population. fully vaccinated is likely beyond the reasonable reached in the near term, at least. and that means before lifting the mask mandate counties will have to wait until 8 weeks after the k's those vaccines for the young kids. the kids 5 to 11 years old. so panic and that likely isn't going to happen until maybe december perhaps january. we still really know when those kids will be eligible to receive the vaccine. there's hope that it's going to be in late october, but that would just get you started and then, you know, you have to get the clock rolling from there. so so we'll see. and certainly people can still wear masks if they want. you know, if if you're older or if you just feel like it would make you feel more comfortable. you're going to see people wearing masks for a long time but similar to what we had early summer. you know, you go to the supermarket without a mask. people did it. i did it. and so we're heading back there at least in some spots. we just don't know exactly
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when more uncertainty name of the game that way. it is. all right. thank you, grant. well, although san francisco is lifting its indoor mask mandate next friday. >> it does apply that does not apply to restaurants and bars. however, some bar owners say those businesses will still benefit from the new rule. >> a lot of the bars are located downtown and our sang on by their fingertips right you know, even post covid know that, you know, downtown is a ghost town still so there's some optimism here that this may bring some customers back to the downtown area. >> health officials say bars and restaurants were not included because they are areas with different households, mixing and people already spent some time on masks while they are eating and drinking. one group that is not happy about today's announcement is california nurses association. >> the nursing union put out a statement today condemning the decision to move forward with lifting the indoor mask mandate saying in part, quote, this announcement by bay area
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health officials basically says they are ok dropping out of the race to get covid under control before we have even near to the finish line. they also point to the covid case rate in santa cruz county after health officials there lifted the indoor mask mandate cases have spiked by about 55% over just the past 7 days raising the level of community transmission from moderate to substantial. despite the changing mask mandates in the bay area. they still will be required at airports and other forms of public transit. the tsa has issued its own federal mask mandate through january 18th of next year. violating that rule can result in a fine of several $100 and even jail time. >> well, pfizer has asked the fda for emergency use authorization of its covid vaccine for young children. if approval is granted, this will be the first vaccine for children, ages 5 to 11. pfizer says in clinical trials, the
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low dose vaccine was safe and generated a robust antibody response and children in that age group. the vaccine is already fully approved for teenagers. 16 and older and has an emergency use authorization for children, ages 12 to 15. the berkeley unified school district board of education has unanimously approved a vaccine mandate for its students starting january 3rd, all students, 12 and older must either be fully vaccinated, vaccinated against covid or get tested weekly on campus. the policy will also require full vaccination or weekly testing for students between the ages of 5 11, 4 months after the fda grants that vaccine. emergency use authorization. president biden is calling for more vaccine mandates. roughly 67 million americans are still unvaccinated and the president says requiring them to get the shot is now the best way to beat the pandemic. >> at an event promoting vaccine mandates. biden said initially didn't want to force people to get the vaccine. but
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he says he now believes people who are refusing to get the shots are jeopardizing the lives of others and the country's economic recovery. >> vaccination requirements. nothing new about they've been around for decades without them. we face analysts months of chaos and hospitals damage to our economy and anxiety in our schools. and empty restaurants, much less covers. >> in the coming weeks. a show rule will take effect mandating the covid vaccine for all businesses with more than a 100 employees. the president is encouraging employers to go even further by requiring shots for their employees without the option to get tested every week. >> happening now blue cases are on the rise across the united states and public health experts are urging people to get the flu shot so that we can avoid the possibility of a twindemic with covid and the flu. the cdc director doctor rochelle
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walensky got her flu shot as the cameras were rolling today. she says it's important to get the shot before the flu season. peaks. this winter. even if you might be spexperiencing so-called vaccin fatigue. >> i get we are all tired of not talking about vaccines. i get that we are all doing our best to protect their health and the health of our families. i also want to make sure we all get it. that we don't get how serious flu and this can be. >> flu cases dropped to historically low levels last year. but that was largely due to masking and other precautions against covid. but doctors warn with schools and businesses reopening travel resume, maine and the lifting of mask mandates. the flu could make a comeback. you can get the flu shot and the covid vaccine at the same time. >> other news tonight, road rage and gun violence in oakland of cost a 15 year-old girl. her life. that's according to police. chief
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leronne armstrong. the team was riding in the passenger seat of a car when she was shot to death in east oakland late last night. this is video from the citizen app on bancroft avenue. police say it started with an argument and someone in the other vehicle began shooting at the car that the teenager was in councilmember loren taylor represents that district nearby and he says he's tired of the violence. this is draining emotionally mentally. >> physically. we are losing way too many lives in our city and it hits particularly. when it's one of our babies. 15 year-old girl. >> this is the city's 109th homicide of the year matching the total number of homicides from last year. new at 00:00pm tonight, the chair of the antioch police oversight committee is stepping down citing the well-being and safety of her family to michelle walker who also serves on the city council posted a statement on facebook that reads in part, quote, after much thought and
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reflection. i've decided to step down as chair of the antioch police oversight committee. unfortunately, my work on the committee has become adversarial was the apd antioch police department resulting in negative and retaliatory behaviors from apd. my response to these behaviors has been one of self protection in my personal life, which i understand may be viewed as an civil. i pledge to continue growing and learning and to never lose the passion. i have for my community and quote. >> well, today san jose state university president mary pope on cnn announced her resignation of the end of the fall semester. this comes after she has faced criticism of her handling of a abuse case involving former student athletes as kron four's taylor the psac ii reports the case resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement with the u.s. department of justice to the alleged victims. >> some students here on campus say they received that letter sent out by the university's president. however many weren't aware of all that led up to this.
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meanwhile, san jose state university alumni say this is something they've been following for years and hope that this spring some sort of closure to those alleged victims. san jose state university. president mary proposing an announced her resignation on thursday. this comes 2 weeks after an investigation by the u.s. department of justice. >> found at the school mishandled its own investigation and failed for more than a decade to respond to reports of abuse by its former director of sports medicine of scott shocked because the un's tenor as president began in 2016 nearly 7 years after the first allegations from swimmers and divers surfaced that shot inappropriately touched them on as they think she inherited this mess. >> and i think in retrospect you can't look at your leaders to specially she came in and i don't know all the ins and outs of it. i just know that that was an opportunity to put your fist out and cl an house or do whatever you need to get to the bottom of it. >> san jose state alumnus and former athlete brian stuckey
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says he's disappointed in the school and its leadership for not acting sooner while proposing and launched a new investigation in 2019 when shaw was still on staff. the doj said the investigation fell short in made minimal efforts mister opens gap for quite some time. is. >> and it comes at a mate's. this is is this point. >> one of the attorneys representing 15 of the sjsu former student athletes responded to the resignation on thursday saying quote, from the very beginning, the brave women we represent have fought to make sure that no future as jsu student athlete will ever have to face the same violations. they did violations of their bodily autonomy their rights and their trust president propose ian's resignation indicates that after over a decade as she s use administration may finally be prepared to accept accosntability begin the process of reform and remediation in the pas letter. she said she would, quote, continue to participate in and support the ongoing title 9 proceed, real investigation
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and investigations. >> surrounding former sjsu director of sports medicine, scott shaw pozzi and will leave the university at the conclusion of the semester on december 21st. she also resigned in august 2020. he hasn't been criminally charged. however, the fbi is currently conducting an investigation into the allegations against him. that investigation is ongoing. >> in san jose to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> tesla is heading to texas ceo elon musk announced today the company's headquarters will be heading from palo alto to austin last summer. the company announced that its new gigafactory would be in travis county, which is where austin is located. musk also said the company's factory in fremont is not going anywhere. even claiming that the austin move will help boost production. there oracle and hewlett packard both move their headquarters in the bay area to austin last year. >> and yes, as we've been telling you is that time of
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year the blue angels have taken over the skies above the bay area in preparation for their world famous air shows over the next 3 days. >> so welcome return after fleet week was canceled last year because of the pandemic today we've got the chance to talk with the lead pilot who tells us he and the copilot thrilled to be back. >> the first year of our super horcet super hercules come back out after pandemic year in 2020 to get out there to get in the community and do our mission is something we're really looking forward to do, especially here in san francisco in the bay area. >> the fleet week air show starts at noon tomorrow. the blue angels will take to the skies about 3.15. it's going to be a very busy weekend in less than 24 hours the giants will be hosting game one of the national league division series against the dodgers. logan webb will be taking the mound for the giants. the dodgers will put out walker buehler. it's the first time the bitter rivals have ever faced each other in the playoffs. first pitch at oracle park tomorrow night at
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6.37, and if you're coming to the game from the south bay or the peninsula you want to try to avoid the traffic caltrain. we'll be offering some extra routes in addition to the regular weekday and weekend schedule 2 extra post-game trains will leave san francisco 15 and 25 minutes after the last out or when the trains or fall. we'll take an express route to millbrae and then make all the stops to san jose the last train will leave san francisco at 12. oh, 05:00am on friday and saturday. so let's check on the 4 zone forecast as we head into this busy weekend. we're looking at live tonight over downtown san francisco. it looks pretty clear. yeah. will we be able to see the blue angels this weekend. let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow yeah. we certainly will. looks like these can work out pretty nicely. put that we've got some clouds out there now. >> and there's even a chance of rain overnight tonight in parts of the bay area mainly to the south. but otherwise looks like things are going to work out nicely as we get toward the weekend, high pressure going to start to build in likely going to see
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an offshore wind kick in that's going to skies make for some beautiful weather. all the way. the coastline. it will be shiny and bright in the san francisco out there. now we've got some clouds up above a blue angels coming to town. it's going to be a great site. you probably heard him around the bay area today. you'll hear that again tomorrow. and on saturday we're going to see sunshine and some pretty warm temperatures. these numbers are going to bounce back upper 60's. maybe some low 70's in the san francisco. it is going to be a mild to warm right through sunday as well. a little breezy in the afternoon, but that will be more of an on shore breeze. we might want to bring a light jacket if you're headed to town, here's a cold front that is making its way along the coastline is kind of stalled out. and so all that moisture streaming right back up into the bay area. unfortunately, there's not a lot of moisture with it. it's been looking threatening at times and all of a sudden just kind of things way. but i think as we head toward tomorrow morning, there's little or of low pressure that's going to drop down the backside of the system and then that may be just enough to wrap things up to bring out the list. a couple raindrops in the south bay temperatures outside
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mainly in the 50's right now. overnight tonight you see right here. we've got a low that developing off the week one. and that's going to roll on up getting close and then you see kind of ramping you see a little swirl kind of developing in the cloud bank here and all of a sudden you start to see some showers. doesn't look like much. it's not going to be so you're planning on maybe a couple showers early tomorrow morning. then that heads out of town. we clear out your skies just in time for the giants dodgers game. and there you go. looks like a great night at the park. if you're headed there plan being very, very cool and it's going to be brisk. it's going to be windy. maybe some of these winds to one, 20, maybe 30 miles an hour blowing out of the west. those temperatures in the 50's. one more low is going to produce the coastline kind of skirting the coast. bring a slight chance of a few scattered showers along the peninsula early on saturday morning, then that heads out of town. we start to clear out your skies behind that here comes the weekend. those offshore winds building in your skies. clear out. here comes that sunshine to so looking good out there. i think as we head toward the next couple days changes coming our way. we've got some clouds on the way tonight with the chance of rain early
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tomorrow morning. mainly really the really before most folks get up early in the morning. probably about 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning. then that heads out of town by tomorrow afternoon. our skies clear up and it's going to be cool highs tomorrow. probably only be hovering in the 60's in most spots 50's along the coastline and the winds are going to blow. the good news is those winds are blowing out toward the covid so if you hit the ball up just right, right. i think should popping out there in the middle of mccovey cove. hopefully by tomorrow evening or endings. yeah. bring a jacket for sure. it be cold out there. yeah, that's good for the jazz because we're used to and the dodgers will be freezing it will southern california. yeah, that's right. right. thanks. lawyers new at 00:00pm tonight, lawmakers in washington are trying to limit the ability of law enforcement to gather data at the u.s. border that protect data at the border act would require officials that probable cause and a warrant before searching electronic devices of americans at border crossings. >> officials would also be blocked from denying any american citizens entry into
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the country for refusing to turn over their phone laptop or other digital device. >> a significant new state law is going to change the way we all throw away food starting on january. first. all food waste in california will no longer be allowed in landfills. that means food scraps can no longer just go in the trash. those scraps will have to become posted in those green beens. the goal is to divert 75% of organic waste away from landfills taking it instead to facilities where can become posted into reusable products. >> organic waste creates methane, which is a super polluting to 84 times more than carbon this is the single fastest and easiest thing that we can do as a state. as individuals to affect climate change. >> the new law will apply to households and to businesses. it's not exactly clear at this time how it will be enforced.
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but most think it will be good for the environment. >> still ahead tonight, berkeley police are searching for that man who what they say he did to a young girl. >> new details in the massive oil spill in southern california. how a container ship may be linked to a ruptured pipeline and it looks like spiderman. but well, the next guy, this guy. but he's no hero where this crime happened in the bay area and how police say you can help solve it.
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>> an unusual saft in the city of campbell. police are looking for 2 suspected burglars after they were caught on camera. one of them right there wearing a spirerman costume enrolling, a trash can of what police believed to be stolen property. police released the images of the suspects. this happened yesterday morning on white oaks road in campbell. if you recognize the man on the screen, you're asked to contact campbell, police. well, the search is underway tonight for a man accused of pretending to be a police officer and threatening a teenage girl with a gun. >> berkeley. police say that this incident happened on the night of september. the 29th tonight. police have released new surveillance video of that suspect kron 4. dan thorn has the story. police tell us, thankfully this teen acted quickly and got away from the man before calling 911.
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>> the situation is definitely concerning. but now police need help. in identifying this suspect. berkeley police say this home security video shows an unknown man following a high school aged girl and making demands. he told the teen he was a police officer. he had a gun and he wanted a hug from her. it's it's this person who you don't know as a pro taking a step further and saying that. >> no, you need to talk to me because i'm police officer and then also that he has a gun officer byron white says this happened in late september along gilman street. it was the evening when the girl was on her way home and the man approached her. he then stepped in our path to try to keep her from moving on. but she got away the victim in this case of the right thing. she ran from the person to a place where she felt safe and she called police. the unidentified man was also seen running from the area he's been described as white around
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6 feet tall with an athletic build at the time the man was wearing an american flag neck gator. >> a dark colored shirt and dark cargo pants. police are asking people living in the area of gilman acted in hopkins streets to be aware. >> if you find yourself in this situation like this leave the area soon as possible. get to a place of safety meeting. another house that you're from there with a neighbor somewhere where there's other people around and ask for help. >> police are also asking people who live in this area to check their home security video in case they may have caught this man walking around on the street reporting in berkeley. dan thorn kron 4 next at 10 tackling the worsening drought in the bay area where a new well could help. >> and a troubling new report from congress. how far former president trump was allegedly willing to go to try to overturn the presidential election.
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>> no. tonight it had the senate judiciary committee has released a report that details how former president trump tried to use the justice department to overturn the results of the last presidential election. the report says the former president asked the justice department 9 different times to undermine the results of the election. the report also says trump tried to name an
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ally as an interim attorney general to do his bidding. but justice department prosecutor set to resign en masse. if he did. >> it was an incredible moment which most americans didn't even know what's going on. we were a half step away from a full-blown constitutional crisis. >> democrats also wrote that trump tried to use justice department prop up false conspiracies of election fraud. republican senators have released their own report defending trump saying he listened to senior advisers and followed their advice. >> the u.s. senate has voted to raise the nation's debt ceiling until december giving congress a little more time to work on a compromise. >> the motion to reconsider is considered made and laid upon the table. >> now the house has to approve it as well. the treasury department has been warning that the u.s. could run out of money by october. the 18th of congress does not act. democrats and republicans
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are predictably blaming one another. >> this debt without question was accrued by members of both parties, including 8 trillion dollars from the last administration, from the trump administration. we need to pair bills president the speaker. >> and the democrat leader had 3 much notice to do their jobs. >> both parties voted to increase the debt limit 3 times during the trump administration but this time republicans are insisting that the democrats raise the debt on their own. meantime, lawmakers are debating how to move forward with to infrastructure package is in addition to the bipartisan bill which would address issues such as transportation and broadband internet. most democrats are also hoping to separately pass a 3 and a half trillion dollar bill that would make significant investments in addressing climate change and other social issues such as health care. president biden has made clear he wants to sign both bills into law at once but not
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all of the democrats are on board. this is not. >> moderates vs progressives fight. i think it's about the 96% that agree with the president and agree with the democratic agenda and then the 4% who still have to come on board. >> democratic senators joe manchin of west virginia and krysten sinema of arizona, both oppose the larger bill that would address climate change mansion says that he would support a bill closer to one and a half trillion dollars. but progressive democrats say that number is too low. >> new video tonight from the u.s. coast guard of the fractured pipeline off the coast of huntington beach in orange county spend about a week now since oil began leaking from that pipeline into the ocean. still not clear just how bad the spill actually is. coast guard officials say they've collected more than 5,000 gallons of crude oil so far and the cleanup efforts will likely take several more weeks. it's also not clear exactly when the spill
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happened. federal regulators have put the time of the incident at 02:30am saturday morning. but the company didn't shut down the pipeline until 06:00am and didn't report the leak to the coast guard until 09:00am. >> whether the pipeline operator know they might have had a release. and you why did it take them so long to initiate contact to the federal authorities about a possible problem. so those are all raising questions and it just it just looks bad from a public perspective. >> coast guard officials are also taking a close look at this container ship marine traffic data shows the rotterdam express made a series of unusual movements while anchored near the ruptured pipeline last week. yesterday, investigators spoke with the ship's captain and crew while it was docked at the port of oakland. it has since been cleared to leave and is now on its way to mexico. in the san francisco marina 34 foot long fishing boat is back above water tonight. it sank yesterday morning near the hyde street pier. the coast guard along
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with the office of spill prevention and response raise that boat and pump water out of it today. gas leaked into the water when it's safe. but it's an unclear exactly how much no word yet on what caused the boat to sink. >> in the north bay water conservation plans to combat the drought are under way. the city of santa rosa is reestablishing of ground water. well, and water will be adding 1.4 million gallons per day to the well supplied. well for gayle ong has a closer look at how this will help. >> off a country road in santa rosa, a new water source that will help with areas running dry and users who have dairy ranches are running out of this water will help keep animals life. >> it will with health and safety for some residents out there as well. cinema county is under mandatory water conservation due to exceptional drought conditions, thursday. second district supervisor david rabbitt along with sonoma water officials launched
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phase. one of the santa rosa plane drought resiliency project. what are you typically comes from his russian river. right now. we have the diversion underway reduction in the diversion. the project would provide water to sonoma water customers by reestablishing the functionality groundwater production. well, in the santa rosa plane, the wells were originally drilled in 1977 in response to the historic 1976 to 77 to be hauled to those locations that are in dire needs. >> but with a new source doesn't affect the diversion rate. so it helps the cities maintain their water projects. not something that we worked the 2 face project will upgrade the water treatment at
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look outside and see how things are shaping up tonight. this is a live look looking out over the bay area from our camera atop mount tam up eyes. >> just a few clouds in this picture. sure chief meteorologist or as karl now with a look ahead yeah. pam pam was mentioning can that she was looking at some of these long-range computer models and she thinks. >> we may see a major change in the weather pattern right around the 21st. let's hope she's right. we have the time. we're looking at a lot of clouds out there tonight. a weak cold front kind of sliding in across the bay area to a lot of clouds out there looking threatening at times. unfortunately, not much in the way of rain that may change a little bit overnight tonight. but something else to watch out for all the winds will we get the storm systems move by high pressure to the building behind it. this is the time of year we get those strong offshore winds looks like we could see an event like that on monday through tuesday. in fact, it may kick in as early as sunday evening or night, those winds, maybe 40 maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts across some of our peaks of
10:38 pm
course, things are very, very dry out there right now. all right. we could use some rain was a super going to get it right now looks like overnight tonight. slight chance into early tomorrow morning. a few scattered showers mainly to the south. then we get by that one another one slides on by unfortunately much in the way of rain clear, not just guys sunshine for the weekend. some very nice temperatures, the offshore winds this one right here. that's the one i'm worried about. another low kicks just to the east of us that would may generate the winds read about come monday and tuesday behind them a long-range. we've got another one get close but didn't quite get here and then here we go. things begin to change the way of long-range you see storms kind of lining up off the coastline. let's keep our fingers crossed that that will happen or not. but the meantime tomorrow it's going to be a cool day. you can see a lot of clouds, especially in the morning clearing up by the afternoon and the winds are kicking up over the next 10 days. yeah, it looks like really heat up on saturday and sunday. looks like a beautiful weekend higher fire danger on monday and tuesday of next week. those clouds kind of gathering late the week. but right now no major rain just
10:39 pm
yet. but ken pam is pretty good at this stuff. and i'm thinking for a long wait forecast in just about light on it. i'm constantly how much about so many things. it is. yeah. we're teasing me. they and then again at noon, the commercial. all right. you guys. thank you for that. >> well, the world famous navy blue angels considered the best of the best for 75 years. the blue angels have been thrilling crowds with their mid air maneuvers and high-flying demonstrations and of course, you've likely heard them practicing here this week. >> they are getting ready for saturday's big air show as part of san francisco's fleet week kron four's jonathan mccall at the honor to right along with them at g 4 speeds. >> really excited, really just ready to get it done. a once in a lifetime opportunity getting a chance to ride shotgun with the world famous navy blue angels and you just a before the flight. there's plenty of preparations first
10:40 pm
instructions on how to avoid blocking out inside the cockpit. >> which but i could and could not touch what to do. just in case of emergencies. >> after that, it was go time jumping into my jumpsuit. the same size from when i from there. it was a short walk to the flight line to climb inside of an f 18 super hornet fighter jet. >> this blue angels flight all brand new. in fact. >> just the second person in the bay area to write one after popping my helmet on. i got some last minute instructions from the crew. chief. >> then i got to be the man leading me on this adventure they be lieutenant commander. jody is wet. a 10 year people >> after a last minute inspection. i give the thumbs up and it's time to roll. in a matter of seconds. we're flying high above the bay area. for brad and there's
10:41 pm
never a bad day at the office. >> just to give you that. very few ever get to see up close for me. i was soaking in every single second, i could. but after cruising for a few moments. the real fun was just abolt to start. after 45
10:42 pm
minutes. it was back home but not without one last maneuver just to show off. >> a high-flying his reporter and navy veteran won't forget anytime soon. and oakland jonathan mccall kron 4 >> still laughing tonight, just like a little boy. >> join us here on kron 4, the saturday to watch blue angels line. that's 2 hours of high flying stunts featuring the spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilot. pilots. it starts saturday at 02:00pm right here on kron. 4. and i'll be hosting for you. >> and coming up next, in aren't october is upon us. the giants get ready to take on the dodgers in the national league division series jason dumas breaks it all down. coming up. well, the way. >> pretty good. we're going to win every game. a world away. >> he's a legend. while the bay area braces for tomorrow's
10:43 pm
big playoff game of former giants player in baseball legend shares his expectat%ons for his former team. that's coming up next.
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>> tomorrow night. the big night, the giants will host the dodgers in game one of the divisional series is the first time that these 2 teams have ever met in the playoffs, which is so surprising. i know it's really cool. >> fans are expected to rock
10:46 pm
oracle park. just the way they did at candlestick decades ago and that's back when the giants had a hall of famer by the name of orlando played first base. are we in a shed next recent recently sat down with pay to as he shared his memories of the past and his hopes for the future. >> when fox 40 news went to the home of giants hall of famer orlando cepeda last weekend. little did we know we be joining him as he watched the giants play on his flat screen. >> guy it was the winning game that clinched their division. for the first time in 9 years there. the western division champs. before you see him go world.
10:47 pm
>> because prove love. orlando does know what he's talking about and >> during his 17 year. major league career. he was a seven-time national league all-star as a 20 year-old newcomer with the giants in 1958 he hit 3.12 with 25 home runs earning him unanimous national rookie of the year honors and the nickname baby ball. 9 years later he would lead the league with a 111 rbi and become the first unanimous mvp in the national league since he last spoke to orlando in 2014 when the giants were in the world series. this time around. i asked him the same question this year. hope for for the team. do you hope for the teen. well, they pretty playing to win every game. a away. ifill food. by the way,
10:48 pm
don't play. >> when you put from you from going to all the wood. i will everything now they want to. we should no no way. >> in the job. >> of the the looking for >> good that was of some. boarded didn't know them that are coming through. and that is the key now 84 irlanda looks back on a successful career which enabled him to live a prosperous life and even buy a home for his mother. >> what i us. love. we're all for it. have a great wife. who it was. >> woods ball. got a firm and the. or those who board
10:49 pm
member. the school board me. he wishes that same kind of success for the giants. the been the year. this will among call for a and it save or >> hard to pick a favorite when you're rooting for the entire team. >> arena looking at some one willie mays. of course we have the i mean, the lead as having had such amazing players and teams over the and right now we have new legends being made in the series young guys. he was a 7 time, though. seven-time also has amazing. yeah. good to hear from yeah.
10:50 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> last night the giants watch that dodgers wild-card game while they held a poker tournament giant executive just shy a gold far took down. gabe kepler heads up to win it today. they were back on the diamond getting one last workout in before game one of their showdown with los angeles in the nlds players stretch fielding some ground took in batter batting practice pitcher logan webb will get the start in game one for the giants. this is his first playoff games just 24 years old. he said he's excited to feel that playoff atmosphere. >> never been a part of playoff game. i've been a part of the series that we've had here in la and. even those are pretty crazy. and i think it's going to a great series and. fans from both teams are going to be a. going crazy. i think
10:51 pm
it's going to be. very similar to the games that we played during the regular season with the dodgers similar to the last couple of games of the season when the nationally west is on the line. similar to. some of the rather intense moments throughout the year. but probably are elevated just a little bit. >> and look at whether he was a high school quarterback in gabe kepler says he thinks that's where logan got some of his poise, his cool calm and collected. now let's get to the schedule game one, as we've been saying all week friday, 6.37, first pitch at oracle park kate rooney will be live pre-game and post-game game 2. kylen mills will be live pre-game and post-game. that first pitch is 6. '07. i'll be in the studio for your postgame show game 3 in los angeles. i will be at dodger stadium for all your pre-game and post-game coverage and if
10:52 pm
for fire unnecessary, that's tuesday and thursday respectively. but let's hope let's see if they can wrap it up before it even gets to that point. all right. to alds red sox rays from the trop. randy 3 rosen era. that is out of here real quick. picking up from where he left off last postseason guys, the now, later in the game. check this he steals hold a rose or rain. guy's really good. if the first time in postseason history. a player has hit a home run and stolen home in the same game making history. 5 nothing rays. they win this. they believe this series one game to nothing the astro's also won their opener against the white time playoff baseball. it started. nfl action rams seahawks 3rd quarter. check this out. not
10:53 pm
good. if you're a seahawks fan, look at russell wilson. first his hand on aaron donald as you make throws. you can see him catching up almost blinded by the jersey side away but looks to be. >> he would leave the game and he would come back start to pile it on with russell wilson out of the game. she them score here much myself. a loss in from yards out rams going to win. 2617 therefore once the oft 2, 3, >> all right. that's your look at sports. we'll be right bac
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
>> remarkable achievement for russian mountain climber. he scaled a mountain in the paul without legs not be as a former paratrooper. he lost both his legs in an accident at his military bay 6 years ago. he recently set out to scale the out. well, nasa, lou, along with a small expedition group after 34 days they reach the top the 29 year-old is now the first person to climb that mountain without legs. and he says it shows that anything is possible. wow. that's incredible. that is. all right. let's check in with the last check of the weather. yeah. big game tomorrow. the park, if you're headed out there. yeah, it is going to be cool and brisk. >> plan on being a little cold as head throughout the game. those winds really probably going to be within 20, maybe
10:57 pm
some 30 mile an hour gusts giants and dodgers. the beginning of the playoffs. and here we go. 6.37. >> game time temperatures in the upper 50's to start by the end of the game, probably mid to lower 50's and that wind will make it feel very, very cold. >> up there tomorrow all around the bay area will notice cooler temperatures kind of a brisk day outside and then things begin to change. we get the weekend. those offshore winds start to kick in temperatures, really heating up back in the 70's. perfect. >> for fleet week and then cool down and looks like those gusty winds return on monday and tuesday. all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. that's way too cold and windy for the dodgers. have a good night. good night. >> i'll.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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