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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 8, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news on this friday. >> october 8th. i'm reyna harvey. thank you so much. >> for joining us this morning. we have a lot to be excited about. definitely keeping a close eye on our giants here at home. in addition to that, the forecast very nice for some weekend plans. if you want to be out because the blue angels are up for meteorologists. john stable getting us started for this week. and good morning you. can hear city yesterday it was unmistakable and today,
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tomorrow and sunday you're going to hear him a little bit more out there as we do see fleet week continuing across the bay area. >> today. we're starting off with some gray. a little bit of sprinkle activity for the south bay possible but good news for the middle of the day as we see the giants out there as well as fleet week commence we are going to be looking at skies clearing out really nice. so this forecast. it's definitely working in our favor. your view outside right now. quite our does show some low gray overhead and getting a look at satellite and rada . we do have some activity out there. let's do a little breakdown of it for you right now. so the bay area's actually quite quiet at this point. you are seeing maybe a couple of sprinkles really just at the very eastern portions of alameda and contra. costa counties. most of our rainfall has been concentrated out to the central valley even more so up into the sierra foothills. and if you look really close there you see that blew up in the sierra nevada itself that is a little bit of snowfall that they're getting at those highest of elevations. a very welcome news to be seeing that
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most rain still sits to our south and really our potential of rain in the bay area today. it's pretty limited to those inland areas of the east bay as well as the south bay. anything north of that is looking really slim as far as rainfall potential goes. so keeping in the spots right here that i'm circling in your arrow right now, especially right around the altamonte where we are actually seeing a couple light sprinkles at this very moment. current temperatures, mostly in the 50's oakland in brentwood at 57 degrees. san mateo fremont pittsburgh livermore at 55 well, up into the north bay santa rosa bodega bay and cloverdale our spots that fallen into the 40's really we're right around the same as we were at the same point yesterday. temperature wise into the afternoon. even with the clearing skies that we will have briefly this afternoon. do expect temperatures to be the coolest of the forecast highs only rising into the upper 60's at our very warmest. i'll be covering any chances of rainfall that we could see
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today as well as the rest of your fleet week weekend forecast. all still to come back to rain down. they are that are let's get a look at your traffic on this friday morning. hey, we're light right now across all of our bridges. >> a little under 10 minutes from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes for you to make that drive. let's look at the richmond sandra fell commute as you head into richmond, things are still pretty quiet. a little under 9 as you head across towards sandra fell and the golden gate. let's check on the skies there. things are looking clear about 20 minutes into the city. >> happening today. it is the start of a busy weekend here in san francisco. and that means. >> it's going to be a lot of people and a lot of traffic. it all starts with the blue angels taking flight later today as a part of fleet week. and then tonight the warriors are going to take on the lakers at the chase center at the same time, the giants begin their quest for world series championship when they take on the dodgers. it's the
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first time these 2 historic rivals have ever met in the playoffs. hard to believe. i know both teams one more than a 100 games this year. in fact, they have the 2 best records in all of baseball. so the series is going to be intense. you already know who are rooting for here. the giants are back on the field yesterday getting one last workout in before the game player stretched feel that some ground to batting practice pitcher logan webb will start with the giants in game one. this is his first playoff game. he said he's expected to experience and he's excited with what the atmosphere is going to bring. >> never been a part of a playoff game. i've been a part of the series that we've had here in la and. even those are pretty crazy. and i think it's going to be a great series and. fans from both teams are going to be a. going crazy. i think it's going to be. very similar to the games that we
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played during the regular season with the dodgers similar to the last couple of games of the season when the nationally west is on the line. similar to. some of the rather intense moments throughout the year. but probably are elevated just a little bit. >> and here's a look at the playoff schedule for the giants first pitch tonight is set for 6.37, game 2 is tomorrow night. first pitch for that game is set for 6. '07, game 3 is monday night in los angeles and then game 4 of 5 will be played next week if necessary. and cal train is operated extra trains for the giants games. in addition to the regular schedule, 2 extra postgame trains will be 1525 minutes after the last out. well, the last train leaves san francisco at 12. oh, 05:00am even if the game goes into extra innings. go ahead. take your phone out right now. scan this qr code on your screen. you can stick with kron. 4 news for continuing
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coverage. this is going take you over to our website at kron 4. we're going to be more information about games of pitchers schedule and all that good information. it's that time of year again, the blue angels have taken over the skies above the bay area in preparation for their world famous air shows over the next 3 days. it's a welcome return after fleet. week was canceled last year due to the pandemic. we've got the chance to speak with pilot that tells us he and his copilot are thrilled to be back. >> the first year of our super hornet super hercules come back out after a pandemic year in 2020 to get out there to give the community and do our mission is something we're really looking forward to do, especially here in san francisco in the bay area. >> well, the parade of ships will start at 11:00am this morning. and the blue angels. we'll take to the skies around 3.15. right now. the world famous navy blue angels are
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considered the best of the best for 75 years. the blue angels have been thrilling crowds with their mid air maneuvers and high flying demonstrations. well, kron them a call came in the studio yesterday. he talked about this on the morning show. but now we're going to get a chance to see that right along with them at g force. pete, take a look. >> really excited, really pumps just ready to get it done. a once in a lifetime opportunity getting a chance to ride shotgun with the world famous navy blue angels and you just a before the flight. there's plenty of preparations first instructions on how to avoid blocking out inside the cockpit. >> which but i could and could not touch what to do. just in case of emergencies. >> after that, it was go time jumping into my jumpsuit. the same size from when i was from there. it was a short walk to the flight line. the climb inside of an f 18 super hornet
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fighter jet. this blue angels flight all brand new. in fact. >> just the second person in the bay area to write one after popping my helmet on. i got some last minute instructions from the crew. chief. >> then i got to be the man leading me on this adventure. maybe lieutenant commander brett a 10 year people >> after a last minute inspection. i give the thumbs up and it's time to roll. in a matter of seconds. we're flying high above the bay area. for brad and there's never a bad day at the office. >> just to give you that. very few ever get to see up close for me. i was soaking in every single second, i could. but after cruising for a few
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moments. the real fun was just about to start. after 45 minutes. it was back home but not without one last maneuver just to show off. >> a high-flying ride that is reporter and navy veteran won't forget anytime soon. and oakland jonathan mccall kron 4 >> that is so incredible. you
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want to join us here on kron 4 this saturday to watch the blue angels live. that's going to be 2 hours of high flying stunts featuring the spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. the fun starts this saturday. 02:00pm right here on kron. 4 hosted by our very all pilot. ken wayne. breaking news overnight. multiple fights and at least one shooting broke out after last night's soccer game at the papal park in san jose. more than one person was transported to local hospitals at this time. san jose. police say those involved suffered from non life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made at this time. you don't want to stay with us for the latest on this developing story. and the search is underway for man accused of pretending to be a police officer and threatening a teenage girl with a gun berkeley. police say this incident happened on the night of september 29th police have released new surveillance video of the suspect kron four's. dan thorn has that story from berkeley. police.
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tell us, thankfully, this teen acted quickly and got away from the man before calling 911. >> the situation is definitely concerning. but now police need help. in identifying this suspect. berkeley police say this home security video shows an unknown man following a high school aged girl and making demands. he told the teen he was a police officer. he had a gun and he wanted a hug from her. it's scary. and it's this person who you don't knows of taking a step further and saying that. >> no, you need to talk to me because i'm police officer and then also that he has a gun officer byron white says this happened in late september along gilman street. it was the evening when the girl was on her way home and the man approached her. he then stepped in our path to try to keep her from moving on. but she got away the victim in this case of the right thing. she ran from the person to a place where she felt safe and she called police the
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unidentified man was also seen running from the area he's been described as white around 6 feet tall with an athletic build at the time the man was wearing an american flag neck gator. >> a dark colored shirt and dark cargo pants. police are asking people living in the area of gilman act in an hopkins streets to be aware. >> if you find yourself in this situation like this leave the area soon as possible. get to a place of safety meeting. another house that you're from there with a neighbor somewhere where there's other people around and ask for help. >> police are also asking people who live in this area to check their home security video in case they may have caught this man walking around on the street reporting in berkeley. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news, new details in the massive oil spill in southern california. how a container ship may be linked to a ruptured line. the flu season has approached and
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u.s. health officials are giving out a new warning. we have those details and more. up next. all right. welcome
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back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now let's check on that for him on this >> october 8th here. we are already planning for the weekend. a cake is at on monday. if your plan for the weekend. just at too many days in between. now you don't have anything proven you from a
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joint planning. our meteorologists johns for able always keeping us informed you talking about. potentially some water droplets on a second happen. maybe, maybe not done so yet parts of the bay area. definitely looking at that potential >> really not something that's going to be super widespread mostly south bay and inland east bay are tapping into just enough of that energy. that is remaining pretty isolated to the central coast. the central valley. the sierra foothills and then up into the sierra nevada. that's where your best chance of snowfall is already seeing some of that up in air this morning. you knew what the golden gate bridge right now is clear enough. any sort of cloud cover. we have a sitting above the bay. we do have some dense valley fog in spots but it's just the opposite of a coastal fog, rather, it's our inland valleys that will be looking at the potential of some fog this morning, which will certainly be keeping an eye on. where are we at with rainfall right now, what we do have some showers sitting just southeast of santa cruz as well as into far eastern portions of contra, costa and
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alameda counties. really us here in the bay area we're dry compared to our neighbors out towards the central valley. the sierra foothills and then elsewhere across the state. we've also seen some energy resurging that includes southern california, the eastern deserts and especially the sierra nevada today. going to be an active one with snowfall falling at those higher elevations of very welcome change of pace specially around sequoia national park where we are still seeing that fire burning around those ancient sequoia trees, low pressure area moving across the region. contributing to the cloudiness contributing to the cool feel as well as any chances of rainfall. we're going to see today. you see how futurecast really shows any chance of rain staying pretty isolated. 2 areas of the south bay in the inland east bay better chances of rain for our neighbors out further inland like in the sierra foothills and then that snowfall continuing in the sierra nevada by 08:00am still a couple of sprinkles in the doablo cease to san jose. but we really start to clear out for much of the bay area by the afternoon and sunshine overhead for us. still rain and snow in the sierra. we see
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a resurgence of cloud cover during overnight hours. a few sprinkles possible during a predawn hours before the sun comes up tomorrow morning that the rest of your day saturday looks to be gorgeous and crystal clear with high temperatures saturday as well as into sunday climbing into the 70's under all the sunshine. where are we going to be out today will certainly not talking nearly as warm temperatures as we're about to be this weekend. daytime highs at the coast in the 50's to 60's and almost all of the rest of us. barely into the 60's for some spots like mountain view only at 62 today. well, san jose at 64 campbell, you'll be at 65 degrees. fremont hayward eventually up to oakland in the 60's with the livermore at 63 concord. walnut creek 68 degrees for your highs. some of our warmest temperatures in fairfield and vacaville. only reaching 69 degrees. but be sure you're there as well. one 70 on the map today. so when i say almost all of us in the 60's. i mean, it. sandra fell
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at 70 degrees. and you are are low to spot doing so tomorrow's temperatures in sunday's for that matter. do rise into the 70's for more and more of the bay. it is going to be a beautiful fleet week weekend. then comes monday, temperatures or don't like that. but winds will pick up and pick up in a very dramatic way contributing to dry humidity and heightened fire danger on into monday and tuesday. so we may be cooling down. we may have chances of sprinkles, but we're not out of the woods quite yet. as far as fire season goes, john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges heading from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes. >> for your drive time. the of the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 13. no major issues or delays along the richmond sandra fell bridge still pretty quiet. not seen any cars. goes one coming along a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge you got clear skies today. so 20 minutes as you're heading into the city. although san
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francisco is lifting its indoor mask mandate next friday. it does not apply to restaurants and bars. however, some bar owners say those businesses will still benefit from the new rule. >> a lot of the bars are located downtown and are out by their fingertips right you know, even post covid know that, you know, downtown is a ghost town still so there's some optimism here that this may bring some customers back to the downtown area. >> health officials say bars and restaurants are not included because they are areas where different household are mixing people already spent some time on mask while eating and drinking. the california nurses association is not happy with the announcement made on lifting the indoor mask mandate. the nursing union put out a statement condemning that decision saying in part, quote, this announcement by bay area health officials basically says they're ok with dropping out of the race to get covid under control before we have even near the finish line.
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they also point to the covid case rate in santa cruz county. according to the cdc after health officials there lifted that indoor mask mandate cases of spiked by nearly 55% over the past 7 days raising the level of community transmission from moderate to substantial. pfizer has asked the fda for emergency use authorization of its covid vaccine for young children. if approval is granted, this would be the first vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 pfizer says in clinical trials, low dose vaccine was safe and generated a robust antibody response in children in that age group, the vaccine is already fully approved for teenagers aged 16 and older and has an emergency use authorization for children. ages 12 to 15. despite the changing mask mandates in the bay area. they will still be required at airports and other forms of public transit and the tsa is issued its own federal mask mandate. the january 18th the
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next year. violating that rule can result in a fine of several $100 and even jail time. the berkeley unified school district board of education has unanimously approved a vaccine mandate for students starting january. 3rd, all students, 12 and older must either be fully vaccinated against covid or get tested weekly on campus. the policy will also require full vaccination or weekly testing for students between ages. 5, an 11 4 months after the fda grants. the vaccine. emergency use authorization. happening now, flu cases are on the rise across the united states and public health experts are urging people to get the flu shot so we can avoid the possibility of a twindemic with covid and the flu cdc director rochelle in sky, got her flu shot as the cameras were rolling and she says it's important to get the shot before the flu season peaks. this winter. even if you might be experiencing so-called vaccine fatigue.
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>> i get it. we are all tired of not talking about vaccines. i get that we are all doing our best to protect their health and the health of our families. i also want to make sure we all get it. that we don't get how serious flu illness can be. >> flu cases dropped to historically low levels last year. largely due to masking and the other precautions against covid. the doctors war with schools and businesses. re opening travel resuming and the lifting of mask mandates. the flu could make a comeback. you can get the flu shot and the covid vaccine. the same time. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, brian laundrie's father joins in on the search for his son. >> the latest on the manhunt.
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another twist in the search for brian laundrie, the missing florida man wanted in connection with the death of his fiance, gabby petito laundrie's father julian cruz at a florida nature reserve where brian told him he was going on a hike last month. brian in 10 has the details on the outcome of that search. >> we haven't seen him leave the house in days. but early this morning, brian laundrie's father christopher came out of the house carrying a plastic bag got into his truck and went to the carlton reserve.
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>> this the laundry won the coast that camper. this is the one that always. >> in front of the house. the truck parked christopher laundry got on to this all-terrain vehicle with law enforcement heading out into the vast swath to look for his son searching with police and the fbi on foot. 3 hours later, the vehicle laundry was riding in was towed out and he drove away in his red truck. >> did you see anything christopher, did you see anything? >> laundry was being tailed by fbi agents so we followed to see where they were going next. so they're going to some kind of. other neighborhood a few miles from the reserve laundry stopped his truck next to the fbi suv where there was some kind of discussion in this neighborhood and then they were on the move again before he returned back to his house mr monti. did you see anything that the reserve. >> anything to say about what you saw at the reserve. any sign of your son, mister
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laundry. we later learned from the laundry family attorney steven bertolino that laundry was asked to show police the trails and places his height with his son. >> there were no discoveries, but the effort was helpful to all. it seems the water in the preserves receding in certain areas are more accessible to search the entire laundry family is grateful for the hard work of the dedicated members of law enforcement that have been searching the preserved for brian over the last few weeks. hopefully brian will be located soon. >> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news and look at the cultural legacy of latinos in the mission district of san francisco as we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage.
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