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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 8, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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[applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> if you have any plans, this weekend san francisco. sure does between the giants in the playoffs. the italian heritage parade a weekend of fleet week shows the blue angels get out here. dodgers fan. it's a busy weekend in the bay to say the least. thanks for joining us on this fun friday night. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. right. we have got team coverage for a really fun friday in san francisco. >> kate rooney is at oracle
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park and amanda hari is at marine agreed. but first we go to the embarcadero to see how everything happening here in the city could make it harder to get around kron four's. dan kerman starts us off with a look at how you can get into the city without getting into your car. dan, we're going to get creative this weekend. >> that that. have to get creative. absolutely. as you can see, a lot of people here in the embarcadero right now who have not made that choice. but if you want to make that choice for tomorrow. let's say if you're going to the giants game. you're coming here for fleet week. there are plenty of things you can do. if you choose not to drive to one of these events and choose to take part instead. >> a reminder that bart is running trains until midnight friday and saturday sunday. we'll have 3 special event rains available as needed. >> we see a big crowd of people coming and it gets to a crest low level will send one of those extra special event rains in there to pick up the extra people. >> golden gate ferry will offer direct ferry service to
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oracle park for the giants game. it will depart larkspur on saturday at 4. oh, 05:00pm. the return will be 30 minutes after the last out and advance tickets are recommended. the san francisco bay ferry will also offer ferry service directly to oracle park for the giants game on saturday departures from the lay oakland and alameda between 4, 4, 45 with the return. 2030 minutes after the last out advance reservations are recommended sf bay ferry will also have direct ferry service to the chase center friday for the warriors game. it will depart alameda at 5.40 and oakland at 06:00pm reservations are recommended with returned service. 30 minutes after the final buzzer and san francisco bay ferry will have special service for fleet week specifically to peer 41, which is right in between fisherman's wharf and pier 39 saturday and sunday. there will be 7 daily trips from the ferry building to peer 41 and that fair will be
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free and san francisco muni will be offering additional services. well, but the warriors game there will be additional 78 x arena, express service friday from the 16th street bart station to 16th and 3rd street for fleet week on saturday and sunday. there will be flying shuttle buses between the ferry building and fisherman's wharf. and if you're making your way to san francisco from the south bay or the peninsula. caltrain has added extra service for the giants game on saturday. there will be 2 extra trains to san francisco. there will also be 2 extra post-game trains departing san francisco 1525 minutes after the last out or when they're full extra innings or not. that last train will depart san francisco at 12. oh, 05:00am there will be no extra service. after that last train. so the bottom line is if you don't want to get stuck in traffic like this. and remember when she even make it here to the embarcadero. then
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you have to worry about finding parking. if you want to deal with that. >> you might consider one of these other options. >> live along the embarcadero. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. and here's a live look at traffic as we speak in san francisco. you can check out this map anytime on our web site that area just south of the bay bridge where he have the giants ballpark and the warriors are almost home. that is going to be a bottleneck. and you can see just a lot of red in general all over the place. so slow going tonight in san francisco. thousands of people spent the afternoon marina green today watching the first blue angels show and boy, they were showing off as usual spins flips dips the whole bit. well, if you could do what they do you do it off. so in 2020. unfortunately the event was canceled because of covid. >> but not this year. our amanda hari live out there right now and actually we understand is your first time experiencing the blue angels. >> what do you think, amanda?
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>> it was my first time. my first thought is that it was very, very loud. i almost wish i'd bought some ear protection because it was just that loud with a little scary sounding, but also so impressive to see those planes flipping through the air and doing all of those tricks. i now understand why so many people that i spoke to were excited to get back out here for this event. >> it's a sound synonymous with a 1000 people watched as the u.s. navy blue angels flight demonstration squadron perform tricks in the sky. >> including the thompson family. mean, are you excited to be here. yeah, me that thompson is just 2 and a half. this is the second time her parents brought her to the show. she was here in 2019 was airplanes. so if find her to see all the different types the thompsons weren't the only
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family enjoying the plane's left. they says she tries to come every year. this year. my husband had to work. >> and i got up and i call my dad said dad, get ready. you're going go on a date with me to san francisco. they drove from the geyserville area just watch the show and spend time together. it was really special because my dad is a veteran of the army and he's never been her dad. you told me being here reminds him of his time in the military, but they do art. hey says her favorite part is usually the planes. but this year it's something actually enjoying just being my father. it's really nice. >> other people told me the fair food here was their favorite part. but everyone agreed that the giants dodgers game tonight is going to maybe the biggest deal of the day. there's a lot going on here in san francisco this afternoon live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news.
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>> even in san francisco, don't forget to join us. on from for this saturday to watch the blue angels live. that is 2 hours of high flying stunts featuring the spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. the fun starts saturday at 02:0-pm right here on kron. 4. it is hosted by our own can wait. so history is about to be made at to oracle park tonight, giants dodgers facing each other for the first time. in the postseason ever. how is that possible? but it's the case. kron four's, kate rejoins us. >> live from the ballpark tonight. hi kay. we're going to say yes to the blue angels and no to the blue dodgers. >> that you've got you've got good, lou and badly, right. it is really crazy to think grant. that is the first time these 2 teams have ever met in the postseason. these fans here at oracle park started filing in just about an hour ago. you can tell they're hyped this rivalry is so contentious that even regular season games often have that
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playoff level atmosphere. so they're really expecting a rowdy sellout crowd here tonight. this is game one of the national league divisional series. the winner of this 5 set contest advances to the national league championship series. now these really are the 2 best teams in baseball. the giants won a 107 games this season. the dodgers 106. and just to give you an idea of how well these 2 teams know each other. this squared off 19 times during the regular season. the dodgers won 9 of those games and the giants won 10. so when you're not familiar with an opponent. is it possible that there could be any surprises in a game like this one. well, here's giants manager. gabe kepler. >> the dodgers have a lot of of trust in both their bench and their but in they're starting lineup is a group they could obviously see the entire game in and i wouldn't be a surprise either. are there any surprises left. i'm sure. and we're we're trying
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to think of all of them. but you know. space ball and you see things that you haven't seen before. so you pay for as many as we can. >> the dodgers are the giants, rather are preparing for this one by putting their best pitcher on the mound, right hander logan webb. he has been hot over his last 20 starth these tend to know. >> with a 2, e r a the dodgers. on the other hand, they've got one of their best pitch is up tonight as well. walker buehler, he's been pretty much dominant against the giants this season. 6 starts against them. 33 strikeouts, of course, fans your type hoping that the giants will have the edge in the series and keep that october action going first pitch tonight is at 06:37pm grant. vicki, back to you. all right. best ticket in >> thanks jay. have a good night. enjoy it. a fun night to be at the ballpark. and here's a look at the playoff schedule. >> for giants dodgers first pitch. tonight, 6.37, game 2
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tomorrow night. 6. '07, on that first pitch what a saturday night. their game 3 is on monday night in los angeles sunday to travel day and then games 4, 5, would be played later next week if necessary. it is a best of 5 series. and if you're looking for some last minute tickets to tonight's game. and we really mean last puts available right now on the steps of the cheapest ticket. our for standing room only. they're currently going for $120. if you want to sit down. >> that's going to set you back a little bit for the cheapest reserve spots are going for about a $130 right now. that is cheaper than they were yesterday. some ticket prices might be. edging their way down just a bit as approach the first pitch. >> it's going to be so exciting people might not standing room only that might be everybody. well, still need to know before heading out the oracle park will stick around to kron four's. dan thorn. it's going to join us live in the next half hour with all of
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that and you can stay up to date with kron 4 on the go. we hav4 continuing coverage of the giants postseason. just use this qr code here to be directed to the special section on our website. for more on the giants run in the playoffs, including info and tickets. the schedule and the division series broadcast the giants dodgers game one national league division series tonight at 6.37, kron 4 has you covered the whole way. >> all right. coming up, we've lawrence who's out on the rooftop is going to be talking about the weather, which is really important and go right ahead. move up because we have a bunch of teases. we're going to go to we want to talk we certainly want to talk about the blue angels and also the weather as we spoke you about some cruise
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> all right. a big story we're following for you this evening. 8 people were arrested in 2 others were sent to hospitals following a brawl and shooting outside pay pal park in san jose last nigkt. yeah. the incident took place during a san jose earthquakes soccer match com forcefully to call explains what happened. >> punches thrown and shots fired hawaii thursday night outside petco park in san jose ends with 8 people arrested following a chaotic brawl between soccer fans during the
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altercation. >> one individual was shot with a grazing from a fire that was discharged in the crowds. >> a crowd of more than 30 fans who broke out into fights in the stadium parking lot. police say the incident started inside the stadium just before 10 30 at night. the people involved in the fights. at one point it ended the soccer match between the san jose earthquakes and cruz early in the night. i fan had jumped over one of the barriers and run onto the field and attempted to assault one of the players. that individual was arrested as that man was being removed from the stadium. officer steve says he was followed out by a group of fans. the group that police recovered a gun in the parking lot. the one believed to have been used in the shooting. investigators say the weapon likely never made it into the stadium. our belief is that that the fire was brought in by a vehicle in the parking lot. and then was
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utilized in the assault 2 people were hospitalized with non life threatening injuries. including the person who was shot going forward. one of the taker is obviously. >> as a police department going sit down with management at the park going to go through their operational plans, go through their security plans and see if their staffing needs are adequate for events such as these 45 officers were called in to control the situation in san jose filipe de gaulle kron 4 news. >> a new law in california is hoping to crack down on weekends sideshows people who get arrested for taking part in those illegal sideshows will get their driver's license suspended for up to 6 months. these are videos of just some of the side shows in the bay area shared on the citizen app this week. governor gavin newsom signed assembly bill, 3, which cracks down on these illegal street racing events by allowing courts to suspend driver's licenses. the bill also assigns the first legal definition to sideshow in
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california. statute better equipping law enforcement to take action on these dangerous side shows. >> governor newsom today signed bills meant to help restaurants and bars still recovering from the pandemic and while he signed those protections for small businesses across the state. the governor also weighed in on tesla's bay area departure ashley zavala explains. >> and one of the last bill signings will likely see this year. governor newsom signed off on protections for small businesses but also reacted to tesla moving its headquarters out of state governor gavin newsome friday signed a series of bills aiming to help restaurants and bars recover from the pandemic. what started out as a practice in response to covid-19 will now continue for years to come. the legislation will change state regulations to allow those businesses to continue preparing and serving food and alcohol outside along with to go cocktails. your heart out. paris. >> you call across the state. you're like, why haven't we done this 2040, 30 years ago. the bills newsom signed friday
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allow this to go on until a year after the end of california's covid-19 state of emergency or 2024 whichever comes first as we heard outdoor dining has has offered a critical lifeline. >> it's allowed these businesses to keep their doors open. and that's something that we want to make sure. >> continues while governor newsom signs off on protections for small businesses. he weighed in friday on the departure of a huge one after elon musk announced tesla's headquarters will move to texas or regulatory environment helped create that company and grow that company. there was no real category took his ingenuity and entrepreneurial genius. >> but it also took a regulatory environment to encourage it here. >> to nurture it. newsome noted california is a leader in manufacturing and electric vehicle exports. the governor not worried about california's economy. i'm looking forward to continue. >> to have no peers in terms of economic growth and prosperity into the future. california. our best days are in front of us.
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>> as some cities and counties consider requiring proof of vaccination to enter some businesses. governor newsom says he supports local governments making these kinds of decisions at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news another bay area county will lift indoor mask rules come october. 15th marine county will follow san francisco's move. >> to get rid of masks in certain settings next friday. it applies to gyms offices and other places like college classes and religious gatherings that can prove people in attendance are 100% fully vaccinated. you can read more on the new guidelines on our website at kron 4 dot com san francisco's requiring more city employees to be vaccinated against covid-19 the expanded requirement applies to all city commissioners and contractors who work alongside city employees at any facility or work site. the city owns leases or controls. they now have until the end of the year to be fully vaccinated. most of city employees are already
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required to get that fully vaccinated by november 1st. time to talk about the weather as we give you a live look outside at the bay bridge. and yeah, it was kind of slow going on the bridge. lot of people heading into san francisco tonight. that's going to be the theme. all weekend. of course, the giants game warriors game. >> maybe people trying buy a sailor lot left to do this weekend in the city. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow got out of the building. he is on our weather deck and large. your locks are blowing in the wind that. >> i was going to say one word to describe the weather out here burr it is getting cold out here, guys. the wind is kind of whipping around. as you can see, tell you what we do have some clouds out there around our skies as well. if you're headed out to the ballgame tonight. you certainly want to dress very, very warmly. it is going to be a chilly night out of the ballpark as those winds really kind of kicking up a kind of fun driving in the san
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francisco today. yeah. if you're out along the golden gate bridge. a beautiful drive it in the bay. lots of sunshine and couple clouds moving on through and boy, did we just see a sea of black and orange out there. today was great to see that walking into the ballpark today. it was fantastic. if you are one of the lucky ones and happen to go into the game. you are in for quite the treat tonight. you've got the dodgers and the giants. and that is just going to end up. >> being a classic series looking good out there. if you head to the game plan on some cool weather. the temperature is going to be the 50's to start out. maybe upper 50's and i think you're probably a mid to low 50's by the end of the game. plan wearing something very warm. if you're headed out to the ballpark. otherwise. yeah. the clouds there start to creep in a little bit closer. the satellite showing some of those clouds coming our way and the winds, of course they're going to be a major factor for tonight as we're going to see some gusty winds developing all around the bay area. but specially out of the ballpark. we're get more of a
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westerly wind tonight. i think we'll see some gusts maybe 20, maybe 30 miles per hour out of the ballpark and guys if that holds true, if you hit that ball just right. that ball is going to be flying out to mccovey cove. so, yeah, that's going to be something to watch for tonight. the giants and dodgers tied start tonight. first pitch is at 6.37 it is going to be a great game i can't wait to see the series guys, back to you. >> oracle park in san francisco for game one of the national league division series between the arch rival giants and the dodgers were talking with the fans. coming up next. >> and our tourism dollars going to keep flowing after fleet weeks done. well, cruises are coming back to san francisco when the first ships are set to sail. it is another
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sign that things are slowly getting back to normal the return of cruise ships to the port of san francisco conference. has made spoke to a port official and a san francisco tourism representative and brings us all the details. >> it has been a while since we saw one of these a luxury cruise ship passing under the golden gate bridge heading to dock at the port of san francisco. the first vessel to call in the port will be the majestic princess this monday indicating that cruise ships are back.
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>> yes, they are. and excited about the president and ceo of the san francisco visitors and convention bureau jodi lisandro talks about what this means for the local tourism industry. but i think it's a great thing for going to have come back. it's great to have whose passengers walking restaurants and retail and and believe street is it's a very positive step forward for us. it's been 18 months since the last cruise ship. >> i was in is going in that circumstance and didn't turn out well with that with the beginning of the pandemic. >> he's referring to the grand princess cruise ship. the last cruise ship into the bay was carrying passengers and crew members who endured a monthlong quarantine on board at the port of oakland due to an outbreak of covid-19. >> 4 passengers have to show proof of being vaccinated to board. correct. passengers will be required to show proof of vaccination. the deputy director for maritime at the port of san francisco and recalled in talked about how support has been working with health officials to ensure a safe return port has been
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working closely with the department of public health as well as other local authorities. we've also received guidance from cal dph and also the cdc's guidelines board safe resumption of cruise at additional lee. there are per cdc guidelines that will require proof of negative test within 48 hours of. >> of cruising. >> prior to the pandemic. the port of san francisco averaged about 85 that will cause poor year. that is about the change 2022. we are expected to receive 127 vessels in the calendar year. record year for us as a new kron 4 news. >> after the break. rating back to oracle park kron four's. dan thorn is live outside the ballpark is the giants are just about an hour away from getting their postseason underway. first playoff game for the giants in 5 years. plus, if you had pictures spot for where to the fleet week action this weekend. we have you covered with the places that have some of the best views of the bay.
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and the fruits with a cultural legacy. take a dive into the rich history. and one of san francisco's oldest neighborhoods while celebrating
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>> our top story tonight at 5.30, fans are descending upon san francisco as the giants get ready to take on the dodgers in game one of the n l d s first pitch just over an hour from now. kron four's dan thorn joins


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