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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 11, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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all right. welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news a time for you now is 04:38am. and again. >> very gusty day nonetheless. buo 8 even more important than that. john. our executive producer jason make cookies and he make cookies. and although i'm here trying to get a 6 pack every day that is working not in our also some important. bill, thank you so much for that. but let's talk
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about the weather. let's talk about gusty it is it woke me up last night. so will come around 01:00am as opposed to didn't wake you up at all. >> first of all, the cookies kid go to genetically will not have a 6 pack. so it's time to just eat that but yes, back to the red flag warnings rate that we are definitely looking at some really gusty winds out there didn't quite wake me up of a pretty deep sleeper, fortunately. but we are going to be looking at conditions today. that majors wake you up if you're up right now, maybe that's already we are looking at danger because of the strong winds and that is something that is going to remain into tomorrow, too. so we're certainly cool. that's not the issue here. not in the midst of extreme heat. but windy conditions out there amidst these continued dry conditions is where that fire danger does come from now looking outside at our berkeley hills cam skies are crystal clear. you can see from berkeley all the way out to the city and you're east bay hills camera. this is an offshore wind. so it's per
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certainly not pushing in the marine layer in it. what were you made it and sandra fell petaluma to half moon bay, especially are our now, at least on this map a little bit calmer towards our inland valleys. but that's not necessarily going to stay true areas like livermore see winds picking up from are calm conditions right now to gusts well into 20 miles per hour range later on this is noontime. this is the evening notice that we stay windy well throughout the course of the day on into tomorrow, too. so this is an extended round of winds that takes us through the day today into tomorrow. so a red flag warnings and wind advisories are in effect for both of these days now 50's for most of our current temperatures, berkeley and san mateo each at 55 right now. oakland and concord mild 57 light jackets this morning, especially considering it is so breezy and that adds to the brisk feel red flag warnings continue this afternoon as daytime highs only rise into the 60's and 70's. as i
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stressed the at the start of the forecast. no extreme heat here. it really is just the wind. so if you're tempted to get outside and enjoy the nice weather first and foremost on your mind of concern should be the heightened fire danger and the extreme caution. you should definitely think about as you enjoy the weather right now. john, thank you so much for that. over on our website. we have more on that red flag warning over at kron 4 dot com. okay. >> heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 2 minutes. remember, winds are really gusting as you're crossing into the city, almost knock a back and forth. so you just want to take your time as you're driving the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. no major issues. there is an accident just as you're getting ready. get on the bridge been watching the drive times, though they have not changed that 92 westbound at his ferry and boulevard in hayward. so again, just drive slow this morning, the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 9 minutes for you to make that trip across and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're heading into the city will have more weather and traffic. a big weather day for us. but for now, let's talk about this oil spill in orange county. it may
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not be as big as a disaster as we first thought it was because officials say oil spotted a week ago coming from a fractured crude oil pipeline. coast guard estimates between 25,000 at a 130,000 gallon spill from the ruptured pipe. the coast guard says an acre struck the pipeline likely months ago allowing a crack to later formed there. >> i was surprised to see this kind of split. you know, make makes us think that maybe this happened over time and a ship strike of some sort has something to do with it, but that it wasn't. immediate rupture from the ship strike. >> environmentalists still fear long-term impacts on wetlands and ocean life from this spill. that's a big story out of minnesota. across prior from a shootout at a bar in saint paul left one woman dead, 14 other people will get there. it happened on sunday just after midnight at the 7th street truck park food police
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arrested 3 men. they say they were responsible for the shooting there. they're all currently hospitalized with injuries suffer from that incident. the victims are expected to survive as well. when saint paul police are still investigating what led to that shoot out. back here at home in the east bay. authorities need your help. finding a missing woman delfina lanark was last seen in emeryville. this is her photo on your screen. get a good look on the san pablo avenue is where she was last seen. she's described as an 84 year-old hispanic woman. she stands at around 5 feet. one inches tall with brown eyes. why here? authorities say delfina suffers from dementia and is known to frequent the ac transit bus lines. if you have any information you're asked to please contact police immediately there in murrysville. the reach of social media into our elections is expanding. for example, snapchat has a new
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initiative to get more people involved in running for local office. emma withrow shows us how that works. >> leading up to the 2020 election. snapchat helped over 1 million people register to vote. and according to statistics, more than half of those people were first-time voters. sophia gras, snap inc public policy manager said since the voter registration was such a success. they wanted to take it a step further is that jerry, just 90% of the u.s. population aged 13 to 24 with that clmes an awesome responsibility and huge opportunity of helping this next generation of americans understand how to make their voice heard. beekman student body president at unc charlotte hadn't heard about the app but was shocked when he saw how easy it was to launch a campaign. i think when a lot of young individuals or interest in politics. they don't exactly know where to start. >> and they see a lot of people at the tail end of their career either and the state legislators the governor's office and the federal government and there's a big disconnect between how do i get where i'm at today and how do i get to those positions way on down the road. and so i think that
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opens up a lot of opportunities for that political science professor eric have her leg teaches american politics. unc charlotte. he works with students who are there to fulfill a general at requirement or. >> once that have piqued interest in politics when it comes to this app, he thinks it might be a useful tool for both i thought was not about that was it ask you first about what the issues are that you care about. and then to these are the offices. >> you need to run for in order to address issues. it's allows people essentially recruit themselves that they don't have to rely on activism from extreme groups or connections to these calls type groups to get involved. >> well, that was emma withrow reporting for us. 30% of federal, state and local elections were uncontested in 2020 with apps like snapchat making it so much easier to launch a campaign to get on a ballot. experts predict statistics might be very different. come 2022. access
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to vaccines continue to roll across the u.s. many insurance companies are canceling covid-19 cost sharing waivers. this means medical bills for covid patients are about to increase and people will be left to flip the expensive hospital bills. kaiser says more than 70% of the 2 largest insurance companies in each state no longer way. the out of pocket cost kaiser estimates. the average out of pocket costs for covid care is $1300. doctor anthony fauci says children should be able to safely trick or treat this year despite the pande-ic, but he still urging those who have not gotten vaccinated to do so to protect others. >> this is a time that children love. it's it's a very important part of the year for children. i know my children enjoyed it. so i mean, again, particularly if you're vaccinated, if you're not vaccinated again. think about it that you add an extra degree of protection to yourself and your children and your family and your community. >> well, the cdc recently issued new holiday guidance encouraging people hosting
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indoor gatherings open your windows use fans to help minimize the spread of covid-19. worldwide supply chain issues are threatening to make this year's halloween spooky here than usual. more trick or treaters could be forced to make their own costumes. that is spooky as stores lane on deliveries which are weeks behind schedule, retailers of supply chain issues and there are shortages. there seen there, including manufacturers playing catch up after slowdowns during the pandemic. the bottleneck of container ships at us ports and a shortage of truck drivers to move those products. all of that adds up the sky high shipping costs and wait times. >> if you're going to order something, there's going to be a lot longer lead times and shipping times than we've seen before. so patience is going to be key this holiday season. >> well, experts warn to not wait on black friday this year for your christmas gifts, especially for things like
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appliances, electronics, christmas trees may even be harder to find this year. experts say there are several options for small business owners who cannot restock certain items during the supply shortage. the first is a look for an alternate supplier and this may mean paying a little more money or settling for lower quality items. secondly, you can substitute the materials with something else or you can conserve the inventory use less of what you have to make it last longer. finally you can go without that product altogether. for your money this morning. days after elon musk announced tesla is moving from palo alto to austin, texas, housing prices near the company's new factory have already started to go up and asked her on reports economists expect prices to keep on rising. >> every time i left office and i felt like a little piece of me was left behind after about 6 years of visiting austin for gigs, dj for now decided to move here. i love
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the people here. love the energy. i love the way of life here. he's excited to be part of austin's growth but is concerned. tesla's headquarter moved to the area may make his search harder. real estate brokerage firm. redfin says the home prices in the tesla factory zip code have already increased prices. there are up. >> 44.7% from last year. and that's 10% more. and the price growth we're seeing cross them as a whole. they say austin will likely topless for migration and price growth for the next decade. >> its growth that even counties typically considered cruel like bastrop county located near the gigafactory arsene call. edina lewis says the county is already retraining staff to handle another increase in demand. we always knew we have to
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>> for now. hopes to find a new home by the end of the year, possibly in tesla's neighborhood anticipating the appreciation. >> which could be cool. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news thousands of people flock to san francisco to see the blue angels fly. but is she what it's like actually flying in the plane with them will have. that will weaken it. and welcome back to
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kron 4 morning news a harvey. the time for you now for a 44, am. >> on october. the 11th windy day. we have a lot going on in terms of pg e different areas are going to be impacted potentially by power shut off today. we're also tracking the winds. we talked about it earlier. i said it broke me up a little bit. but you slept through it right i slept right through it. so i know a lot of people to lighter sleepers maybe even like that. when so much last night i didn't hear it, but it was definitely windy when i did wake up and that's something we're going to be seeing through the day today on into the evening tonight and eventually into tomorrow, too. >> now even though temperatures are cool, your newark out how the weather center forecast to showing highs only in the 60's to 70's. it's the winds, the dry
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humidity that all the dry brush that we have to. we've really got to kick up those winter late season rains just yet. and des fire danger is still a big concern. we get windy days like we have today golden gate bridge is crystal clear dry right now. but the camera is swaying in those stronger winds that we've got especially aloft across the region. skies are dry across the bay area. we do have a couple of sprinkles remaining mostly north of lake tahoe on up into the southern cascades. it's certainly nice to see at least some moisture across the region even though we don't have here. the bay area wind advisories and red flag warnings are in one of the 2. if you're watching right now, lower elevations are in the gold issue. those are wind advisories in effect in areas like san francisco, oakland san jose in santa rosa, our upper elevation areas. all of the inland east bay and then all of solano county are affected by red flag warnings that are in effect all day long. today and remain in effect into tomorrow, too. and
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the wind is certainly the reason behind that those upper elevation areas seeing gusts as high as 45 miles per hour. now today's highs certainly are not hot. it's only 60's to 70's. so really the best part of your forecast today is the rather cool feel to it. if you are getting out there for more than just a few minutes. keep the jacket on hand all day long, 60's and 70's paired with the strong winds as we do have does make for a brisk fall feel to it now. your first and foremost concerned does need to, of course, be the heightened fire danger today and we'll be keeping you updated on anything regarding pg and e any potential loss of power. anything such as that as we do work our way through a very windy start to this week highs today and tomorrow are only in the low 70's. and even though we warm up after this point into the weekend, especially highs climbing into the 80's fire danger actually diminishes. and the reason behind that winds diminish so windy and cool to start a lot calmer and a little bit warmer towards friday saturday and sunday. great job. thank you for that. alright gusty winds across the bay bridge is a
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traveling this morning. so just drive a little slower as you're heading there. >> a little under 2 minutes heading into the city. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays a little under say 9 minutes for you to make a cross towards the peninsula. the golden gate bridge clear skies. so no fall to really slow you down or impeach you. about 20 minutes into the city. and let's get a look at the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 9 minutes heading across towards sandra fell. san francisco fleet week is getting ready to close the books on another year. and after that, you can tell just how appreciative people work for it to be back in the skies over san francisco conference. jonathan mccall got an up close and personal experience of what the blue angel pilots come through when they're performing. take a look. >> i'm really excited. really call it. just ready to get it done. a once in a lifetime opportunity getting a chance to ride shotgun with the world
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famous navy blue angels and you just a little for the flight. there's plenty of preparations first instructions on how to avoid blocking out inside the cockpit. >> which but i could and could not touch what to do. just in case of emergencies. >> after that, it was go time jumping into my jumpsuit. the same size from when i from there. it was a short walk to the flight line to climb inside of an f 18 super hornet fighter jet. this blue angels fleet, all brand new in fact. >> just the second person in the bay area to ride one after popping my helmet on. i got some last minute instructions from the crew. chief. >> then i got to be the man leading me on this adventure. maybe lieutenant commander to the u.s. but a 10 year naval >> after a last minute inspection. i give the thumbs up and it's time to roll. in a matter of seconds. we're flying high above the bay area. for brad and there's
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never a bad day at the office. >> just to give you that. very few ever get to see up close for me. i was soaking in every single second, i could. but after cruising for a few moments. the real fun was just about to start. after 45
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minutes. it was back home but not without one last maneuver just to show off. >> a high-flying ride. his reporter and navy veteran won't forget anytime soon. >> all right. well, that was don of them. a call reporting could host to him for going up there fleet week rest today like we just mentioned with ship tours at pier 30, 30 to 35 at the port of san francisco tours will be available from 09:00am until noon. so you will want to miss those. all right. let's go to switch gears. let's talk bay area football. it was a rough first start for rookie quarterback trey lance. >> and the niners game against the undefeated. arizona cardinals. >> lance is played place of an injury. jimmy g and he played like a rookie making mistakes like this one and a section of the start of the 1st quarter but he also showed some
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flashes as he fled the scene to go to the ball lot only to be stopped by defenders on a run in the 2nd quarter. then the inland only threw 492 yards ran for 89 and threw that pick niners lost to the cardinals of the final score. 17 10 tonight is going to hold next sunday night host indianapolis colts. we'll be right back after that. right.
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daniel craig's 5th and final james bond film open this weekend. easily taking the top spot at the box office is estimated to have already ranked in 56 million dollars, making it the 4th best bond money. unlike many other films recently released. it is only in theaters and not available on any streaming platforms. the lego is launching its largest set ever company unveiled the model of the rms titanic and it's extremely detail there more than 9,000 pieces divided into 3 sections to reveal the interior of the ill-fated vessel. it features details like the first class to grand staircase, promenade deck an engine room. but this is stuart set. isn't she the lego titanic goes on sale next
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month for $630. well, michael jordan's first sneakers worn as an nba pro a pair of red and white nikes heirs are on the auction block. so i know a lot of people are going to go for this auction house opened up in advance beating this week. jordan wore the shoes on november first 1984 during his rookie season as the chicago bulls player, the denver nuggets as they played in there. now the shoes are expected to sell for between one and one and a half million dollars, wolf. well, still to come in the next hour. weather conditions are forcing pgtv shut off power to some customers. the counties that ape going to be impacted in the bay area. >> plus, southwest airlines is canceling more flights. the delay seen nationwide, including airports right here in the bay. and the giants are moving on to game 3, what to expect when they take on the dodgers again. we'll have that
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and more when get back.
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the giants splitting the series starting off today in los angeles are sewing 1, 1, and sort of like a fresh start very good and windy and to yes, yeah. very gusty out there. >> and that's prompting a pg need to shut off the power to thousands of area customers. we have team coverage this morning. will tran monitoring the shut offs and napa county and then john travels in the weather center, keeping an eye on the wind speeds right now. john what do we stand so very, very windy right now for sure. and not just for upper elevations either, but all the way down to the bayshore. if you're watching you're under some sort of advisory, whether it be a red flag warning in our higher elevations. >> or a wind advisory for the rest of us. now. what we're seeing right now is also some really clear and dry conditions. beautiful start to the morning. when you look outside. but then you factor in the winds and the fact that this is a dry offshore wind lowering humidities, especially this afternoon and even though we're not especially hot today


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