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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 11, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> that's always one of the certain the red flag is that it could take. >> fire grow exponentially and definitely be much more difficult to to fight. >> now it's 6 happening right now, strong winds creating dangerous fire conditions that now has thousands of folks across the bay area in the dark as a precaution. that is where we start this monday night here on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall can enjoying the night off. and i'm pam moore areas such as the
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berkeley and east bay hills of firefighters and residents on high alert tonight. that's where we find kron four's. dan thorn. he joins us live from berkeley with the latest. dan. >> well, pam and jonathan, this a red flag warning started at 11 o'clock last night and runs through 05:00pm tomorrow evening. fire officials say that they're keeping an eye on higher elevations like here in the berkeley hills where the wind is expected to be whipping up and that creates that high fire danger. the biggest concern is if a fire were to break out these winds would cause it to spread very quickly. there is a lot of dry vegetation in these areas, which is fuel for a fast moving fire. residents in the berkeley hills are told to be ready in situations like this by having go bags in case there is a need to evacuate and while also on taking some other safety precautions red flag days to become increasingly concerning for residents, especially as we're dealing with extremely dry conditions and drought conditions areas in the hills
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are also densely populated and the roads can be challenging to access in case of an emergency. officials are telling people to be aware and they, too are beefing up staff. >> every engine company that that is normally stationed throughout the year up in the hills there out throughout the day and evening doing roving patrols extra patrols for hours at a time. everybody is basically prepared during a red flag. react. extra quick to try and get a knock on these things. each one reach take more series. >> climate change is here to stay in these kind of. however, career forward. >> well, some of the residents that we talked to up here, including that gentleman tell us that they're always ready in case of an emergency it's become a regular way of life up here. people are also urged during red flag warnings to not do anything that could spark a fire such as barbecues, burning or any yard work with any heavy equipment.
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again, this area is extremely vulnerable to wildfires. so of course, follow what officials say be prepared. make sure that you have things set up, make sure that you mitigate any risks that are around your home such as on making sure that there's any clearing of brush also be aware of any dead trees or whatnot and make sure that it you are told to leave that you do heed those warnings and get out in case of an emergency. that's the latest here live in the berkeley hills. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you. did. now to our 4 zone. weather forecast. you might as well check things out. in light of this. >> a fire alert that we all have to be just so careful right now. this is looking out from our camera. atop mount tam o pious and it looks hazy. but there's no rain in those little clouds up there. taking though, just to talk a little bit about the wind saying and how strong they are right now. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at what we can expect moving into the evening hours
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since a gust of almost 50 miles per hour. already how we may see that overnight tonight. we could see some 60 maybe some 70. >> an hour historically this one of the most dangerous times of the year for fires here in the bay area. got to be extremely careful, especially these next 24 hours. fire conditions running very high. blessed are. you can see the tree blown in the wind there out of sfo in all around the bay area may be driving to work today saw little breezy out on the highway as well. yeah, those winds of really been we've got up across much of the bay area. all those areas shaded in red. those are red flag warnings that have now been posted in the north bay strong, gusty winds. there may be the strongest winds that this area right here near saint helene and napa. that's going to be the area probably with the strongest winds, maybe 60. maybe some 70 plus mile an hour gusts also mount diablo. you can get gusts to almost as high as that as well. so blustery there. but that continues now and the national weather service actually added the santa cruz mountains in the red flag warning as well. that continues until 05:00pm on
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tuesday. those winds really whipping around outside right now. you can see all that northerly component the winds continue to howl across california, not just the bay area and overnight tonight as we head through time, these winds are going to continue to roll on through. and with that, that means we're going to see some yes to conditions overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. but then some of the urban areas we may actually see those winds subside. i'd watch out toward the middle of the day tomorrow looks like another round of some very strong gusty winds and then by tomorrow afternoon, more of an on shore breeze begins to kick in. but this is that time of year without any rain just fire danger, running extremely high. very dangerous fire conditions for tonight. >> all right, lawrence, everybody has to be crews are cleaning up after a small fire in sonoma county. it broke out about one this afternoon and windsor along pleasant avenue, santa rosa fire and cal fire units responded quickly and were able to contain that fire at just a half an acre. nobody was hurt. no structures
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damaged. the cause is under investigation tonight in the south bay crews are on the scene of a grass fire along sierra road and garner court in san jose cal fire tweeted out these pictures. you can see the fire is burning for close to some homes. there. the fire's about 8 acres. it is spreading at a slow rate right now. we will keep you posted in case anything changes and evacuation orders happened to come into the newsroom. meanwhile, because of that high fire danger pg and e has shut off power to thousands of its customers. >> this is a live look at the pg e outage map. those purple triangles you see there on your screen indicate the areas currently without power because of a public safety power shutoff 5 bay area counties are impacted by those power outages. they include contra, costa alameda napa, solano and sonoma counties. those outages started first thing this morning at around 5 o'clock. many folks are expected to be in the dark until some time tomorrow
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night. you can track those power outages right now on our website. that's kron 4 dot com fire crews in the santa cruz mountains meanwhile, are also on high alert during this latest fire threat kron four's rob fladeboe shows us the extra resources that cal fire is now bringing in to meet the challenge. >> as windy as it was here in felton monday afternoon. the potential for wind driven fires is much greater at higher elevations as cal fire chief ian larkin vast majority of counties under red flag warning. but the ridge tops are really. >> well. we're going to see the significant winds. they are predicting that they could get gusts up anywhere from 45 to 60 miles an hour at the ridge tops. >> as one crew was dispatched a scotts valley were made short work of a fire sparked by a generator extra resources were brought in from san mateo county. so we have all of our cal fire resources back from all of the fire said that they were assigned to throughout the state. so we're full of staffing. >> on the cal fire site and
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then through a callow. yes, we've requested a preposition of a task force to the county so that we some supplement supplementation for any new starts a tree down by the wind knocked out the power and closed highway to 36 for a time above boulder creek. >> another potential obstacle facing firefighters is the impact of the wind on aircraft. so anything over 30 miles an hour because pilot's discretion, whether they're going to fly or not. >> and then the retardant or water being dropped from that based on the wind velocity can become effective in suppressing fires because it gets dissipated by that. when it well, so far not impacted by the public safety power shutdowns happening elsewhere. >> santa cruz mountains, residents are reminded to stay vigilant. having arrived at the most dangerous point. the fire season thus far. >> this is our prime burn window that we have in this county. it's using that late september to mid-october
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before this first rains were fuels are absolutely bone dry and this wind will help drive them out even more. >> fire crews are out patrolling those ridge tops as we speak and will remain on high alert for the next 24 hours or so or until that red flag warning expires tomorrow evening in the santa cruz mountains rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> right now. the kron 4 dot com. you can find more details and information to get you ready for fire season. just give the qr code with your mobile device and you'll be taken to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> well, today a cruise ship arrived in san francisco for the first time in 18 months. the majestic princess from los angeles docked about 7 o'clock this morning. this is video from our quad copter. 4. the port of san francisco is expecting 21 ships through the rest of this year with 127 expected in 2022 they are going by the cdc guidelines. passengers will have to show that they are vaccinated at least 14 days before embarking
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on the cruise and have proof of vaccination. they must also the crew members and passengers alike got stuck on board with the coronavirus. let's talk baseball tonight. the giants are back in action for game 3 of its in l divisional series against the los angeles dodgers. >> the orange and black will look to take a 2 one lead in the series as it shifts to la la we're hoping that they get that win tonight. first pitch is about 30 minutes away at 6.37 at dodger stadium. >> and that is where we find kron 4 sports director jason dumas who joins us with a preview of tonight's game. jason. >> well, pam jonathan, i'm deep in enemy territory this dodgers pride runs deep here at dodger stadium. of course,
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an their height because their team snatched the momentum in this series after a 9 to thumping on saturday night at oracle park in san francisco. but every time the giants have faced adversity this season. they've been able to fight through it and we'll just have to do the same thing tonight and they have to do it behind the arm of lefty. alex wood gets the start tonight. now we have an interesting pitching matchup. alex wood max on paper. it looks like the giants have the upper hand. but max hasn't been great over his last 2 regular season starts at least he gave up 5 runs each of those last 2 starts. he didn't pitch in the wild-card game. he pitched pretty solid, but he is not untouchable. meanwhile, alex wood. he's been trending up in his last 13 innings pitched. he's only given up 2 runs and then in the last 4 games he started the giants have won that. now. alex wood did deal
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with a bout of covid at the end of september, but he battled back and he's through that now. most importantly, what has more big game experience than anyone on this giant staff. he has a 3.5 dra over 20 post game starts postseason starts. that is a guess what last season he pitched in game 6 for the dodgers in the world series. he was kind of the hero of that game. so we help this organization get a world series ring. now he's going to have to come up big and his teammate, jake mcgee who also just happened to play for the dodgers last season. has all the confidence in the world. and alex, that he can show up on the bright stage tonight. >> playing against them and then play with them last year. he's very competitive and he's a very dedicate his work in his preparation how he goes about everything and he's done really well in the playoffs to just seen him pitch in the world series last but big banks for the dodgers. and you
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know, it's a big opportunity night. >> right now. this is a this is a huge game. this is that's actually the understatement of the century. we're tied up at one and anyone who wins game 3 in the history of baseball wins the series 72% of the time. so this is a big game for the giants. and this is my first time at dodger stadium is a crazy atmosphere. you can feel the lord in history when you walk in this building with the giants have to ignore all the outside nor all these giants fans in really, jason, get down to get a win. now one more note before i leave. football news. jon gruden has announced his intentions to retire from the raiders. a lot of drama going on in las vegas i know kylen mills. we'll have that story in sports but that's still developing. jon gruden is retiring from. it was issued at the head coach of the los vegas raiders. but
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ipfor now, that's all i have at dodger stadium giants first pitch in about 25 minutes and we'll have the highlights and all your postgame coverage soon as this game wraps up. back to you guys. all right. lots of breaking news and lots of developments happening from los angeles tonight, we will be watching all of it right here. >> kron 4. >> thanks, jason. coming up. but real a pill to treat coronavirus and the extra precautions to take for trick or treating. that's coming up in tonight's top health headlines. >> fixing the fix that
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>> a new plan is in the works to stop san francisco's millennium tower from further sinking into the ground. yeah. the troubled tower has been sinking and leaning for number of years now. recent repair seemed of only made the problem worse. well, boys. dan kerman is live in downtown san francisco with the latest details. dan. well, it seems like the drilling that they've been doing to fix the problem has in fact been exacerbating the problem tomorrow starts a new private program will they will be fixing the fix. >> in leaning of san francisco's millennium tower has caused the problem to get worse. it was 5 years ago when we first learned the 58 story tower was having issues since that time. a plan was developed to reinforce the building by sinking pilings down to the bedrock that began
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at the beginning of the summer. but the repair project was put on hold when it was determined the installation of the pilings was causing more sinking in tilton engineers determined that among the potential causes was the vibration caused by the drilling or the over excavation of soil. now a fix of the fix. a revised installation pilot program is set to begin on tuesday city officials and project engineers will monitor the work and sensors have been set up to collect data. if additional sinking and tilting exceeds what's been deemed acceptable. the repair will be stopped again and engineers will return to the drawing board to come up with yet another fix. in the meantime, supervisor, aaron peskin who has convened hearings about this building in the past has another one set up. >> at the beginning of next month. so take a look at this latest series of problems live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan.
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>> we have breaking news to tell you about. raiders coach jon gruden has just resigned. gruden already feeling the pressure after a racist e-mail that he made that came light came to light late last week. now even more troubling emails are starting to emerge tonight. courtesy of the new york times grant lotus here tonight with the very latest on what these latest emails now contained grant. well, they cost jon gruden his job. jon gruden has resigned as head coach of the las vegas raiders. >> he is no longer the coach. the team owner mark davis drove to the team's facility in nevada, short time ago met with gruden and gruden has informed his staff that he is out. he is no longer the head coach. we revelations that came to light on friday. that regarding gruden talking about demaurice smith, who is the nfl players union representative he's the lead of the players union. that was
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a racist comment. gruden made written reference to demaurice smith's appearance will now the new york times today has this explosive article that outlines a pattern of homophobic and misogynistic comments that gruden wrote in e-mails over a seven-year period while he was working at espn that period ending in 2018, which is the year he left espn took the raiders job a 10 year contract worth a 100 million dollars and here we are a few years in and gruden is out in one instance. according to the times gruden chastise goodell, the nfl commissioner in an email to the washington football team president bruce allen saying that goodell pressured the then rams head coach jeff fisher to draft michael sam who you may recall came out as and green referred to sam is, quote. he also was not a fan
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women becoming referees. he outlined his feelings there. according to the times. and he also did not like that. people were protesting during the national anthem. he said that people who took a knee during the anthem. of course, which kaepernick started should be fired. so jon gruden is out as raiders headcoach. our sports department is working this story. we'll have a lot more on this developing news. this breiking story after a few years says the raiders head coach jon gruden could not survive a what is now we know a pattern of hateful speech and e-mails that he wrote. pam jonathan grant, thank you for that update for us. >> a fall tradition is back in the bay half moon bay once again hosting the annual world pumpkin weigh off championship. the covid pandemic, of course, led to a year of canceled and changed organizers say they're glad that the event is finally back in full this year. the winner
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of the pumpkin weigh off will get $9 for every pound their pumpkin weighs well, for a photo journalist. sean copeland has more on today's way off. >> there's a certain magic about the pumpkin that it really brings out a childlike quality. and and all of us. and i think it's also just you know, a throwback to simpler time in life. is trying to get the way to the pumpkins. >> and we try to get people around us involved in it to sometimes we're close to does
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not look like a pumpkin guys. beautiful. >> it's beautiful. all right. meyer of olympia washington took this year's title his pumpkin weighed in at 2000, 191 pounds and took home the top prize of $19,719 ago jeff way to go can spare a few dollars haha they've been. they're pumping. love that. it's really sweet. yeah. the time of year. you know, that just that time of year is kind of every year. we see that come by. here we go. are getting ready for halloween. but at this time of year, the weather gets a little bit get you to we're talking about very windy conditions around the bay area. now we're seeing that beautiful sight outside. look at that sunset. i mean, just gorgeous. you get those offshore winds, it clears out to the coastline. high
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pressure. yeah. you got a low pressure, the stat making its way right through the great basin. >> the didn't read those pressure systems makes for some very windy conditions with those offshore winds. we're seeing that again for tonight. in fact, the winds overnight tonight going to be with that right now. you've seen some 30 in some 40 mile an hour gusts. the models try to back off on those winds down below in the urban areas a little bit. but you notice over the mountain tops you start still see shades of purple year. those are the models pick. no winds. gusting over 40 miles per hour, probably 50 and in some cases as much as 60 maybe 70 mile an hour gust overnight tonight, the winds continuing offshore and will be a blustery throughout the night and then as we head to the middle of the day tomorrow. i think we'll see one last in polls and you can see right there, some stronger winds develop about 10 o'clock or through parts of the east bay in the north bay hills and then it looks like by tomorrow afternoon, things begin to change you start to see a little more westerly component win the sea breeze starts to kick back in and that will bring an end to the fire danger. but between now and then some pretty scary weather outside our forecast models of
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for fire running high right now. you see the areas in orange near mission peak for the south. you've got deep orange there some higher fire danger continuing of the diablo range over the oakland hills and also in the north bay right now. it's to go as we take you through the night tonight as the model showed the winds begin to back off just a little bit and then begin to pick up again toward the middle of the day. and that will be that next in polson, that chance of higher fire danger through the middle of the day. so you got to be extra careful tonight. fire danger is running high running high for the better part of the day for tomorrow to have the day for tomorrow to have why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels.
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talk to your doctor about dupixent. everyone. the 3 american economists have won this year's nobel prize in economics card from u c berkeley was honored for his research on how minimum wage immigration and education impact the labor market. >> joshua angriest of mit and we don't in buns of stanford university. we'll share the prize for developing a method that helps economists draw solid conclusions when scientific methods don't allow it. all the winners say that they are stunned by the news but say they are happy to share it with their colleagues. >> and next on kron 4 news in 6 americans may soon be able to take a pill to treat covid-19. we will break down some of today's top health headlines with the local infectious disease expert plus southwest airlines gives a cancellation on why explanation on why they left. >> thousands of travelers stranded all across america.
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