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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 11, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> the developments in this week in the effort to end the pandemic. merck has now requested emergency use authorization for a new covid-19 pill and the fda is
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talking about booster shots from moderna and johnson and johnson this week. all of this coming as we head into the holiday season for snow. well, bellow has more on the continued fight against covid. >> really is a big step and something we've been looking for for a long time. a potential pill to help reduce side effects from covid-19 on monday. pharmaceutical company merck asked the fda for emergency use authorization for its new oral medication exciting about this. if that data holds up, is that. >> this will be the first pill that you can take the first signs of the illness, u c berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says if approved, it would bolster the 2 pronged approach to handling the pandemic offering treatment by way of medication on top of the prevention method. we already have with vaccines. certainly no one wants to say well, now i know this bill is available or. austin becomes available.
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i don't have to worry about getting vaccinated because i can just pop a pill. would do that. the request by merck comes as the fda is set to discuss moderna and johnson and johnson's booster shots this week. >> but with the holiday season approaching doctor swartzberg says we still need to be on our guard. the majority of the trick or treaters are going to be under the age of 12. >> and kids under the age of 12. there's not going to be a vaccine for them by halloween. it's terribly important that those children are protected. that's not to say they can't enjoy halloween, but they have to be very careful if your kids are planning to trick or treat with a group of friends, make sure to double check that everyone in the group is feeling healthy. >> and doctor swartzberg sys kids masking up continues to be a good idea when they're gathered in groups of we have to be very vigilant going into this winter season. and san francisco noelle bellow kron 4 news southwest airlines still having a lot of problems it has canceled or delayed
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thousands of flight over the last couple of days. thousands of folks have been stranded looking for ways to get home. some folks have even rented that rental cars in order to just get home from all of this mess. >> crawford's grant lotus here in the studio with a look at what happened over the weekend. what's still left to come if the airline cancels your flight at the last minute you get your money back. but. >> like you were saying what do you do to get around, get home. what have you. and now the real question is who's toy blame and that depends on who you ask. the 3rd straight day of large scale cancellations left thousands of passengers stranded upset and this is the scene here in las vegas. you see the airport over the weekend. passengers. we're all over the place. the person took this video says while they showed up an hour and a half early to the airport because of all the lines they made it to their plane with less than a minute to spare just kind of chaotic throughout the midwest and west. this is denver here. another airport where southwest reportedly canceled at least 145 flights. and we also video, you know, this is
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from yesterday. but according to the online tracker, flightaware, southwest canceled more than 1900 flights altogether over the weekend. the dallas-based airline blaming air traffic control issues and bad weather by late this morning. southwest canceled about 365 flights, 10% of its schedule for the day and more than 600 others were delayed. the airline said in a statement that while the flight schedule was closer to normal. they were still navigating new weather and the repercussions of the weekend flight disruptions and the federal aviation administration. the faa took the unusual step today pushing back against southwest explanation saying that no air traffic staffing shortages had been reported since friday. now southwest announced last week that its employees have to be fully vaccinated by december 8th keep their jobs and rumors that circulated over the weekend that employee said
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stage some kind of big sick out to protest the new policy. however, southwest disputes those rumors pam. jonathan, this is a story we'll continue to follow and try to figure out what exactly is going on. all right. grant, thank you. hopefully those folks get home soon. >> meanwhile, we're following breaking news this monday here on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock. >> right now. fire crews in napa county working to try to contain this large grass fire in american canyon. this is all happening along newell road east of new road and just north of american canyon road. we do know that crews are headed to that scene. but as you can see, just some large plumes of smoke. now in the sky. no word on if any evacuations have been ordered at this time. but we do know the american canyon high school is in that particular area where this fire is burning. no word on if the high school is being spread and or any other structures threatened at this point. but this is the scene unfolding
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tonight in american canyon. one of the biggest concerns that. lawrence and everyone else has been concerned about over the last few days because of the gusty winds that we were expected to see. and this is just what we did not want to see. lawrence standing by now to give us a sense of what's happening weather wise in that area. yeah, that's a very, very scary sight. now you've got the winds. you get the sun setting. >> you got a fire started now with these winds just within uncontrollably around the bay area and that is going lead to some very dangerous conditions. looking to marry in kenya right now. they've got some gusts there of over 30 miles per hour in and around that fire. see the fire just looking it up near the hill. now the fires tend to like to run up the hills and that's the way generally like to go, but these winds are so strong. you can see that we're getting more the north. north westerly component to the wind. so we'll see these wind running along like this and running in this area. they'll turn, they'll be a little bit of a factor of because the component mountainous region right in that area. so that
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will be an issue for the firefighters there. not only that, you've got some problems here with all the problems with the people, all the people that are located in this area. all the urban area. you can see that fire located may be on the mountains. but now the winds are taking that back toward what are those homes in and around that area. you can see the high school. john was talking about the high school. you can actually see the football stadium little further south there. drive. but a dangerous fire has begun in and around that area. if you're in that area, i would be evacuating as soon as you can. don't wait to get noticed. just get out of there soon as you can get your family and your let them know give them a tax on them. a quick message, get them out of that area as you can from the fires are burning this fast boy, things happened very, very quickly. but all around the bay area were seen extreme a fire winds now whipping all around. you can see to the north now gusts of over 40, even some 50 mile an hour gusts possibly overnight tonight even worse in the mountains in the north bay. you could see some of those gusts as high as 50, maybe 60. some 70 mile an hour we've
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seen a fire break out there now in american canyon but around the rest. the bay area extremely dangerous fire conditions throughout the night tonight, guys, back to you. lawrence. thank you for that. developing news out of san diego county. we now know that a ups employee is one of the 2 people killed when a small plane crashed into a neighborhood today that plane went down about midday in san t. >> which is about 20 miles northeast of downtown san diego at least 2 homes have been destroyed. 2 to 3 others damaged in this incident. investigators say the aircraft that crashed was a cessna its flight plan was from yuma, arizona to san diego. authorities are still trying to figure out how many people were on board the plane and exactly how that plane crash happened. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 6, a number of consumer recalls will tell you about tonight. >> one for baby food. the other for food inside of your kitchen pantry. the details
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after the break. and in sports, we will, of course, have an update on the giants and the big forty-niners news. but the headliner tonight, breaking news. it looks like jon gruden is no longer head coach of the las vegas raiders shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler. don't worry. you can refill it and get it delivered using the kaiser permanente app. smart. refill most prescriptions
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>> consumer recall news tonight, parents choice rice baby cereal sold at walmart stores all across the nation and online have been recalled over high levels of arsenic.
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the 8 outs baby cereals were sold after april the 5th of 2021 we have a complete list of the products under recals on our website. kron 4 dot com. fortunately no illnesses have been reported. but if you purchased this at walmart, officials say throw it away or return it for a full refund. while another food recall. we want to tell you about tonight. this one involving kreider foods which is recalling more than half a million pounds. >> of canned beef with gravy products because of unsafe lead levels. according to the u.s. department of agriculture. those items poor peart produced back in october of last year and march of this year. these are the 3 types of labels on those products. the skaters say they discovered the possible contamination during routine sampling and the result of a spice mixed from an outside supplier. so far no illnesses have been reported. but officials say if you do have these items in your kitchen. make sure you just throw them out. one week after that massive oil spill off the coast of orange
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huntington beach mayor kim carr says that they will be testing that water weekly officials say 5500 gallons of crude oil have been recovered. about 250,000 pounds of oily debris was cleaned up. residents say they're happy to have the beach is open again. >> it's been a really difficult last 18 months. but hey, we're back. we're back the way ways are good i grateful that we have a safe beach now people can enjoy it. >> investigators say an underwater pipeline identified as the source may have ruptured up to a year before the california oil spill after analyzing that damaged pipeline. the coast guard says it was likely struck by a ship's anchor. several months to a year before the spill. amplify energy corporation owns that pipeline officials say it's possible other ships tankers subsequently struck the pipe before the crack ultimately started leaking the oil.
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>> we're staying on top of that breaking news out of napa county tonight where fire crews are working to put out this very large grass fire in american canyon. this is happening just east of new road and north of american canyon road. you can see those large plumes of smoke just starting to billow into the sky, something that we did not want to see as a result of this increased fire threat along with the gusty winds right now. it's unknown if any evacuation orders have been put into place. but kron 4, the news room upstairs is working to get more details. we do have calls into the fire department working to gather more details from them as soon as we are able to learn any new details. we will definitely pass them along to you. meanwhile, we do want to check in with kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, who has monitoring the high fire danger along with these gusty winds as well. lawrence. yeah, i just the last 2 hours here. we've seen the gusts in american canyon gusting.
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>> over 30 miles per hour. that's where we sit right now. those very strong gusty dry offshore winds continuing to blow. you see the fire located right near the mountains here. so it's got a lot of grass. there are a lot of fuel to burn. and unfortunately that wind is coming and not the best direction that is coming more out of the north northwesterly direction and that is going to bring the fire potentially back towards some of the urban areas you've got, of course, high school right here located near the arrow. then you've got all the homes out here as well. so those folks in those areas are probably trying to get out there as quickly as they can just to be on the safe side there are many building structures all along here. you see all the urban areas where many peta folks live there right near little knoll drive, then you can see the high school right here. you see the football stadium right there as well. and the fire just opened a run as that continues to burn with some of the windy conditions out there. so these winds are not going to subside overnight tonight. maybe in
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some lower location, but it's going to stay very gusty we're seeing gusty winds all around the bay area. that's kind of been the issue. these winds just continuing to howl throughout the night tonight and tomorrow, too. so not only them but all around the state. you've got the strong northerly component win that offshore with them. when that we've been worried about and that air is extremely dry to h% go along with that humidity in the north bay down to 10, maybe 20%. that is extremely dry. you throw on top of that, the fact that we've seen an incredible drought with exceedingly dry conditions all around the bay area and around much of the state and fire conditions going to be running high throughout that period. red flag warnings, of course, going up some of the gusts we've seen already almost 50 miles an hour mount saint helene a hawkeye to 4039 miles an hour. pine mountain big rock to 36 the berkeley hills gusting to 3649 mile an hour gust in mission peak. it is going to be a long, dangerous night. fire conditions are running high. >> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> giants fans on the edge of their seats game 3 of the national league division series just got underway at dodger stadium. the series all tied up at one apiece after an intense weekend. the oracle park, alex wood is starting on the bump for san francisco. he'll be in familiar territory just in a different uniform would play the last 5 seasons in los angeles and that could give him the edge in tonight's game. he knows many of the dodgers hitters and the ballpark. well, the score right now 0, 0, in the first we will have a live report from sports director jason dumas us coming up later tonight after the game and the giants dodgers winner will face one of these 2 teams next. the braves or the brewers right now the braves have the upper hand. how about some jock jams. joc pederson's three-run homer accounted for all of the runs in today's game 3 of their nlds series braves win it. 3 zip they lead the series. now 2 to one game 4 is coming up tomorrow in atlanta. jon gruden is
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reportedly out as the raiders head coach after of more e-mails surface where he used offensive language earlier this evening. the new york times uncovered a series of e-mails dating back 7 years. we're news, racist, homophobic and misogynistic language. he also sent topless photos of team cheerleaders to the president of the washington football team. according to that report last week. the wall street journal published an article detailing an e-mail where gruden made a racist comment were wonder for into the nfl players association, executive director gruden later admitted to calling nfl commissioner roger goodell an expletive in an email from the 2011 lockout and he did apologize. the team has not yet released a statement about gruden status with the organization. now the forty-niners just can't catch a break when it comes to injuries this afternoon. we learned that rookie quarterback trey lance his sprained his left knee head coach kyle shanahan said it happened during yesterday's
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cardinals game. but lance didn't realize something was wrong until after the game was over, lance earned his first nfl start in arizona will veteran quarterback. jimmy garoppolo set out with a calf injury. some good news there. this is the forty-niners fi week which gives both qbs extra time to recover at this point. unclear if either land or flow will be available for the forty-niners next game against the colts on october 24th. >> that's not a long-term but day they did say they won't be able to know till, you know us. they are in the bye week of treatment and everything. so have a good idea. but in the next week whether he's got a chance for any or not that he doesn't. they told me it should be. i wanted to week thing, but possibly just one. >> so talking about the nlds 72% of the time. whichever team wins game 3 when it's tied up at 1 one goes on to win the series. how you guys feeling about tonight. >> silver thing. they can do it. i think they kendall be tough for down to chavez ravine. but you know, their
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battle tested. >> the battle tested. and i like the choice of alex wood on the mound like i was just mentioning like he was a dodger for years who played in that stadium. he should be pretty comfortable in the situation. he was a part of their world s ries winning team last year. >> all right. you yeah. a lot of folks will be paying attention to that island. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste...
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>> we are staying on top of the breaking news coming out of napa county at this hour. fire crews responding to a
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grass fire there. this is happening in american canyon east of no role and north of american canyon road an area where our meteorologists lawrence karnow says winds are gusting near 30 miles an hour and humidity is 10 to 20%. cruz, of course, are responding to the scene right now. and obviously what's happening right there on your screen is not good news. you can see our camera is shaking from those gusty winds. >> obviously that's not good news because of everything that's happening with those flames that are spreading as well. we'll continue to monitor this situation throughout the night on kron 4 dot com and have updates live in prime time starting at 8.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: is america back? parades, marathons, even the return of comic-con. then jitters in the air. rushed off the plane as a passenger flies spread eagle on the tarmac. is this what everyone was afraid of? and pounding at home, the seiden posted on the front lawn at brian laundrie's home. and what is it like to be a wanted man on the run like laundrie, this guy knows? >> i was a fugitive on the runan


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