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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 11, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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d a medallionclass cruise with princess plus. visit or call 1-800-princess. >> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. >> breaking news tonight at 8 exactly what we were afraid of seeing tonight. smoke from a vegetation fire rising sky-high that fire burning right now in napa county. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at a time palmore of jonathan mccall. ken wayne has the night off right now. a red flag warning is in effect. >> for the east bay hills and parts of the north bay because of dry conditions now setting the stage for this fire burning in napa county. and right now that fire burning
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fast and furious in american canyon. it has already grown to 150 acres. we are even hearing reports of people smelling smoke as far away as oakland. here's a look at what we know right now. american canyon road is shut down because of this fire evacuation warnings east of highway 29 or broadway. now in effect right now, those are just warnings. we're staying in contact with officials and we will let you know as soon as that changes or if those warnings are lifted. and here's a closer look at where the fire is burning happening near newell drive has not far from american canyon high school. you can actually see on the map. broadway street all evacuation warnings are to the east of broadway street. you can also see where american canyon road is. and again right now that road a major thoroughfare is closed because of the fire. >> this is a time lapse video this evening of how things looked within the last hour or
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so when we first or last left you on kron 4 news at 6. we want to talk live now with cal fire about the situation that is unfolding in american canyon tonight. joining us to discuss more about the scene that is unfolding is eric hernandez with cal fire. erica, thanks so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 8. >> can you hear us? all right. maybe we're waiting to get that connection. going while we do that, we do have this new video showing the fire from the canyon area is the canyon ridge. apartments in american canyon are close by. the view is from the backyard facing the training area. now. >> you know those folks who are in that particular area. they're just dealing with obviously this fire has just grown just very rapidly in the last hours soap. and when we last left you on kron 4 news at 6. we're still trying to figure out exactly how many acres are burning. we're hearing anywhere from 40 acres
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now we've learned that this is now grown to a 150 acres and even worse, those folks in that area are without power because of the power safety, public safety power shut-offs from pg and e. let's check in with our chief meteorologists about weather conditions in the area of the fire right now while we're waiting to get cal fire on the line watching these winds. we've seen those gusts over 30 miles per hour this afternoon. they have. >> subsided a little bit. we're still gusting over 20 miles per hour. you can see will drive is located. you can see american canyon drive, but overall the winds have been coming from the north northwest. and so that's a dangerous wind at this time you're seeing those winds travel on the mound here, of course, is going play with the departure probably begin to twist in and around some of the mountain topography here. but you're seeing these winds blowing in this direction. and so, yeah, the fire certainly has a chance to spread into some of the urban areas in and around that area. so that's why they're evacuating some of
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those just to the east of 29 there those areas are the places that are closest to that fire and can be affected in around that fire. now the winds are going to continue switch around even though we're seeing more of the northerly component to that win. there's nothing to say that all of us and we can see a quick drivers of a northeasterly wind and then all of a sudden you've got a whole nother problem that starts to bring that fire back in this direction. and so that's we don't want to have we haven't seen that happen just yet. but that certainly that possibility in these kind of conditions. and that will bring that right back in to many of the urban areas in and around those homes extremely dangerous fire conditions continuing there as we head through the evening hours with that active fire and more winds expected overnight tonight. now not only there. we're seeing strong gusty winds across the entire bay area. in fact, across almost all of california that northerly wind has kicked in. this is traditionally that time of year where historically we've had some
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seeing some of our worst fires in the bay area. and in california has some of the fires are quick get going. and once they start, they can spread quite rapidly in these kind of conditions and the couple with that, of course, we've got the drought years and years of all that fuel kind of building many of these areas. so red flag warnings do bet posted up across much of the bay area in the north bay into the east bay. also now including the santa cruz mountains expecting those gusty winds, maybe as high as 60 maybe 70 mile an hour gusts. i think across some of the mountain peaks near knapp and say molina possibly toward the diablo range overnight tonight. but it has been very gusty all around the bay area. in fact, here's the very latest forecast on some of those winds. expecting those winds to continue tonight. now it's going to be interesting down below in some of the urban areas, those winds may back off just a little bit. now that said, look at all that purple that begins to show they're not just northeast of napa. those are some of those stronger winds,
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those offshore winds likely to % develop the mountain tops there, 50, maybe even 60, maybe even 70 mile an hour gusts across some of those mountain ranges that continues overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. may subside just a little bit. in fact, may back off just a little bit as we head in toward the middle of the morning then all of a sudden it starts to ramp back up again about 10 o'clock or so another impulse of strong gusty dry air rolls back into the bay area and that will keep the fire danger could going not only in the north bay but also in the east bay and into the santa cruz mountains as well. i think by the afternoon things finally will begin to subside as it looks like those winds will become more westerly and that means we'll start to see more of the moisture content that runs a lot higher from that ocean air that should begin to subside any of the fire danger around the bay area. but right now it looks like exceeding fire danger throughout the night tonight and into the day tomorrow. i think by tomorrow afternoon we can breathe a sigh relief. but tonight there's an active fire and dangerous fire conditions continued around much of the
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bay area. guys, back to lawrence. thank you. will continue to follow this and check in with you in just a few moments. and now we understand that the cal fire representative is on the line and can and as can you hear us. >> yes, i can hear you. thank you so much for being with us. just give us a update on the status of this fire right now in american canyon. >> currently we're at a 150 acres. but the air for think it we had no injuries reported no structures lost candidate. the fire talk to their medication and all 34 to note that all thought, know my highway in american canyon that kind of america. 10 years. it's under an evacuation warning. >> do you you mention the fact no injuries reported at this point. any idea on if this fire is going to continue to grow overnight and what are your concerns as we now move into the overnight hours.
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>> right now they can earn it. a problem with that we're experiencing this we had been under a red flag warning yesterday and strong when it today, me making a challenge for crews. however, we are making progress even though this for senate is that we are making progress on the fire right now. >> that's good to hear you say the evacuation warning affects those on the east side of sonoma you have an estimate about how many homes are affected. are under those evacuation warning. >> i do not have the oversight number at the moment. >> all right. what is it that you want those people to do. should they be packing up right now. what are you recommending? >> yeah, given the fact that we were coming into october and we coming into red flag warning. we went on a campaign and reminding the community members to be ready to have bag ready prepared to evacuate at moment in our community. we have don't even though off its
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had a huge different zones for different areas. if you don't know your zone please visit www dot immunity. not only even dot com or for that information. if you know, obvious be we're while we're under eye and evacuation warning probably better evacuate, however, where we are making progress and we remind the public if they and as they prepared of all time. >> do you know if that particular areas also under the power shut offs from pg and e. >> yes, some of the area in napa county were under the pa public safety power shutoff. >> but is that it is that particular area where we're talking about with those evacuation warnings is that area also impacted. okay. you know. >> have you called in mutual we look at the live pictures of smoke. huge plumes of smoke. of course, when you're going into the night time
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hours which makes firefighting more difficult, have you called in mutual aid and can you describe the exact kind of area that's affected by the flames right now. >> sure that we're dealing with in the remote area with life look like he we're looking a lot in the mountain area. not nick very heavily on the structures. that the wind is pushing to the east. so i too late. we do have a different. different jurisdictions that the thing with the we have american a canyon fire protection district napa. michelle, this, a layoff. but we do have with this fire. >> we know that you guys are out there obviously mention the fact that you're working to try to contain this fire, making good progress. any concern on any embers are winds blowing from the north any of those embers are flames further south to any
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particular homes or any structures that are outside of that remote area. >> as of right now. no. i mean, activation warning has been issued. bill. you know with winship. if we do get wages, that could change however, right we're still expecting they would do shipping to the was it the way from the actual kind american canyon. >> well, i'm glad to hear that. you do say if you feel you're getting a handle on this blaze. what gives you reason to say that. >> yeah. so we have been able communicate our ground truth and they are making progress. the reported with their is their commander. and so that the reports that we're getting right now. >> but you're at 0% containment. all you. all right. erica hernandez with cal fire. thank you for helping us understand more about what's happening right
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now. i'm sure we'd like to stay in touch with your office throughout the evening. >> keep an eye on what's happening with this fire. thank you so much for that time. >> now we want to go live to kron four's dan thorn who is live in american canyon with the very latest on the scene that he's seeing there tonight. well, jonathan and pam are off of our home. our court here in american canyon. the fire burning up there on know preserve. this is new. will drive. >> and also the silver oak trail. we know this fire started about 2 hours ago as we just heard there from the cal fire commander that they have been making progress despite 150 acres burning so far. we actually did just get an update right now calfire saying that they are up to 25% containment on this fire. so they are making the progress that they say that they are on this fire also started on when they were still a little daylight that was out. so now that it's dark out that probably makes things a little bit more difficult. certainly in terms. in terms of air
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attack options because the visibility and whatnot as lawrence mentioned earlier, this is a red flag warning that we remain in this area and across huge chunks of the of the bay area. it's breezy and dry out here right now. we've heard a dozer crews that are up there on the hillside here. we've also heard the faint sound chainsaws. so crews still very busy out there trying to cut those fire lines. we know that there is evacuation warnings that are in place and that's for the areas that are east of broadway highway 29, we know between watson lane, american canyon road and many drive for us as we were driving here from the berkeley hills about an hour ago up highway 80. you can see the large plumes of smoke that we're making their way across the freeway. of course, certainly got people pumping the brakes along the freeway, taking a look at and all the smoke that was moving through. we've heard from people on throughout our viewing area, especially in the east bay as far as oakland saying that there are set smelling the smoke people in
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valais. of course, we're only about 5 miles for this fires burning north of a white house. the people there, of course, seeing the spokane and definitely catching the attention of people in this immediate area here. obviously we're not in an evacuation zone here or at least the warning zone here. but it's gotten people that are coming out. taking a look at what's happening. of course, everybody's asking, hey, what's the cause. but the cough. what's the cause of course, we don't know that at this at this time. but crews are are still of course, trying to work to put out this fire quickly. these are difficult conditions treacherous conditions for people that live in these areas where fire can become endangered. you're always suggested to have go bags. it's always suggested that you take some sort fire safety precautions and also heed the warnings don't get to the point where it's too late and rose can get crowded emergency crews need access in order to get in and knock out these fires quickly. again, we're looking at 25% containment. so the cruiser still going to be out here working tonight. hopefully they can not continue to get a good handle
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on it. jonathan. dan thorn reporting live will be talking to you, of course, throughout the night tonight. thank you, dan. >> right kron 4 dot com. you can find additional information on being prepared for fire season just scan. the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. he will be taken to the special section on our website. kron 4 dot com including and evacuation checklists and what to do after a wildfire. meanwhile, this is new video into the kron 4 news room tonight of the scene unfolding in american canyon tonight. >> a 150 acres burning according to cal fire in the last 5 minutes. this fire now at 25% containment. no injuries, no structures damaged at this point. but it's still a very active scene as crews tried to get a handle on the newell fire in american canyon in napa county tonight. our crews are continuing to monitor the situation. we will bring you more as it becomes available. go to break right now and have more kron 4 news at in a moment.
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>> we are continuing to follow breaking news tonight at 8 o'clock. there is a fire burning in the north bay and napa county. this is happening in the area of american canyon road and no, no there are evacuation warnings under way for those who are near is that east of broadway i think it
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was broad waste fraud way on a highway 29 there in american canyon. yeah, we just got off the phone officials with cal fire who now say that. >> 150 acres have burned just looking at the cal fire website. they're now saying that this is at 25% containment. so erick hernandez with cal fire was telling us a few moments ago. they were making good progress on trying to contain and it seems s they are doing so no injuries reported. no structures damaged. they were saying that this is a pretty remote area. but still very close to a number in american canyon some homes and some. schools and other areas in that particular section of napa county. that is the situation that is unfolding right now. we do want to go to kron. 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the very latest. a wind that are being felt right now. that area. yeah. it's subside a little bit. that's the good news. we have some a gust over
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30, even 36 miles per hour in that area. and firefighters will tell you that once those winds exceed about 40 miles an hour. so they just kind of back away. they don't try to stop the fire. they just try to save the people that might be involved and that kind of situation. we haven't reached that point tonight, but it's still a very, very active a very dangerous situation with those winds blowing over 18, even 20 miles an hour. >> in and around an active fire like put up here on the screen to you can see the areas shaded in red. that's actually where the red flag warning is located. this place is just outside of that. nonetheless, you get those winds that are blowing in that area and anywhere around the bay area and you get those nice dry grass fields while that thing can get a pretty explosive in a hurry. so people are evacuating. now. they're evacuating people. you can see along parts 29 right here, right along this location. and also you can see american canyon road. they're evacuating in this area here generally as they're trying to people away from what could be a change in the wind direction
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right now winds are moving mainly to a northeasterly direction in this direction right here. should that change, though. and i'm seeing on my computer models of the winds are going to want to switch their go on to become more northerly overnight tonight and that's why it's so important for these firefighters to really get a firm grip on this fire overnight tonight by late tonight, about 3 o'clock in the morning or so. all the winds start to do this. that's not what we want to see. that would blow that fire. all those hot embers back toward a populated area where there are numerous homes where people live. that's not what we want to see happen tonight. right it's still active. they've still got long ways to go. it's good that they made some headway on this. but again, there's a very, very dry area as well. so overnight tonight it's not only them that we're concerned about that as much of the bay area. here's the very latest on our forecast model with some of the fire danger up and you can see places inland parts of the east bay and also the north bay looking for some higher fire danger overnight tonight. it does begin to subside with
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decreasing winds. but then again, you watch a pick up as we head toward the middle of the morning tomorrow. and there you go. another round, another in polls of strong dry winds kicking up around the bay area making these very dangerous fire danger running least until tomorrow afternoon. guys, back to you. lawrence. thanks so much. more breaking news tonight. this time from the sports world. >> las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden has stepped down from his job. yeah. this comes after new reports detail offensive language group news and e-mails dating back years kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us here in the studio. she has the latest on what happened and what this is going to mean for the team. highland. >> pam and jonathan on friday, wall street journal report details an e-mail from 2011 were jon gruden made a racist remark when referring. >> to the nfl players association executive director. it turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg tonight, the new york times uncovered emails were grew news racist misogynistic and anti-gay language
8:23 pm
repeatedly over the course of 7 years. the e-mails were sent between 2011 2018. the new york times reports that he sent photos of topless cheerleaders to the president of the washington football team while he was an espn analyst gruden called nfl commissioner roger goodell, a homophobic slur. he denounced hiring women as referees and mocks drafting a player. espn is reporting that raiders owner mark davis went to the team's facilities tonight after news of these e-mails broke. he spoke with gruden immediately. and when he left gruden was no longer the team's head coach davis did release a brief statement reading, quote, i've accepted jon gruden's resignation as head coach of the los vegas raiders prior to that, jon gruden released a statement of his own saying, quote, i have resigned as head coach of the los vegas raiders. i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all the players coaches staff and fans of raider nation. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt
8:24 pm
anyone raiders assistant coach rich. the saatchi has been named the team's interim head coach also jon gruden son do scruton remains the team's strength and conditioning system coach. according to espn, of course we will be following the latest developments throughout the night and be bringing them to you here on kron. 4 news. back to you. >> and we continue to follow breaking news out of american canyon. a 150 acre wildfire is burning just now getting word that the evacuation warnings for that area have been lifted. that's good news. the fire at last check. 25 1% contained will have an update. coming up after the break.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we're staying on top of that breaking news of a 150 acre grass fire. the fire burning in napa county tonight. in just the last 5 minutes, we have learned that evacuation warnings for this fire have now been lifted in american canyon. but american canyon road is still closed right now as fire crews continue to get the upper hand on this fire so far 150 acres have burned. there is containment though, at 25%, which is good news in,
8:28 pm
which is why those evacuation warnings were lifted for tonight. >> our reporter dan thorn is on scene. we're going to check in with him with a live report coming up right after the coming up right after the break. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> our top story at 8.30 this monday night of massive fire burning in napa 150 acres. the fire. this is a time lapse video from that scene in just
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the last few 150 acres. fortunately, though, jonathan, as you know now 25% containment. let's hope those containment numbers continue to grow standing by live in american canyon tonight with the very latest as our reporter dan thorn dan, are you noticing any difference in the winds. >> you have a jonathan still just a little breezy out here. definitely dry. but we've noticed that the preserve the know preserve, which is right here over my shoulder. it's a little hard to see considering how dark it is out here. looks like fire crews have been continuous progress on this fire which broke out around 06:11pm tonight and quickly grew. and in terms of acreage, some people living here and that the cul de sac telling us that they were able to see these flames is really high just over here on this on this ridge line here. crews were able to get out here quickly and start working on knocking down this fire as we were heading from the berkeley hills 80 eastbound towards
8:32 pm
american canyon. you can see all the smoke carrying a cross. the freeway there making its way into some of the communities people telling us as far as oakland that they were smelling smoke. we have heard from multiple fire crews throughout contra. costa alameda and what not that they are all clear that there isn't any fires that are burning in those areas. it's simply just smoke that's been blowing through getting carried over from here in american canyon. people and allay also saying that they were smelling the smoke because it's been burning just about 5 miles from the border between the late how an american canyon as we've just learned a short while ago, just before the break that the evacuation east of broadway highway 29 have been lifted. so people are able to go back into those but american canyon road will remain closed at least for the foreseeable future. it's also dark out here right now. so crews have some progress. 25 1% containment on this. but eric tack options have been limited because of how dark it is out here. for people that
8:33 pm
are that are in these areas. this is the warnings and the things that we have keep in mind when we are in a red flag warning stages, of course, because we have the drought that's going on. so there's a lot of dry conditions. there's also that the windy conditions to make sure that you have go bags packed, make sure that your heeding the warnings from fire officials. they've been, of course, out here working diligently to make sure that they're prepared for situations like this. of course, when you hear a fire breaking out during a red flag warning. you're saying yourself, oh, my goodness. this is the worst thing that could happen at this point. but again, a lot of fire crews are out here mutual aid out here. we've been hearing that dozers cutting fire lines up there. on know preserve. we've also seen people out there working without chain saws. just that we can hear some right now just cutting down any of the dry brush and trees that are in that area. a lot of the fuels you know, that this fire can just simply to through. but just to sort of wrap it up here. again, we're at 25%. containment 100. 50
8:34 pm
acres have burned so far in and fire crews are are so far making pretty good progress on this. but will keep you up to date we had through the night. jonathan alright kron four's. dan thorn live for us in american canyon tie. dan, thank you. >> we want to go now to kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the latest. speeds in that particular area and you said you also had some concerns about this as well. yeah. i mean, that backing off a little bit. but i think those winds right in that area. start to watch a switch to maybe more of a northerly angle overnight tonight. and that would blow that fire if it's still active. >> back toward those home. so we're hoping firefighters can continue to get a handle on that fire. but all around the bay area extremely dangerous conditions overnight tonight, not and the east bay but also into the santa cruz mountains expecting some gusts over the mountain peaks there as high as 50 miles an hour. not as dry as it could be still 30 to 50%. but with winds that strong it may not matter. get things burning and then things can burn rapidly as you make your way alameda and contra.
8:35 pm
costa county sustained winds expected 15 to 30 miles an hour. gusting to 50 with some 6070 mile an hour gusts across the top of the diablo range. and of course you've seen us county. we're looking at some gusty wind conditions, humidity down to 10 to 20%. so very, very dry there also some gusts possible to 50 miles per hour. and in the north expecting those augusta develop overnight tonight really ramping up, especially in places like above map above say molina. the mountain ranges here expecting some very strong gusty winds that. also you can expect maybe gusts as high as 6070 miles per hour and checking some of those winds. it had gusts nearly 50 miles an hour. already. i think they're going to ramp up overnight tonight to see here on the computer model right now. you see all the winds around the bay area. more of the north north easterly wind developing outside and then as we head through the night tonight. all of a sudden you start to see the winds start to really pick up into the air in purple. there. but napa, you look at the winds maybe as high as 50 maybe 60 miles per hour that
8:36 pm
continuing as we head toward tomorrow. in fact, by tomorrow about the middle the morning begins to ramp up again. it's not until tomorrow afternoon that looks like things will begin to ease and subside more of a westerly wind coming in. that means the fire danger should begin to diminish by them. guys, back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. right now at kron 4 dot com. you can find more information on how to be prepared for fire season just scan a qr code on your screen with your mobile device. you will be taken to the special section on our website. it includes an evacuation checklist and what to do after a wildfire. >> turning to other news tonight. the covid-19 pandemic continuing to wreak havoc for consumers worldwide. cargo ships cannot dock at ports and it's now causing disruptions in the supply chain is sure is the delays at the port of los angeles have been getting worse for months with no end in sight and the holiday season approaching. >> four's amanda hari talk to the port of oakland officials about how they are trying to help out. amanda, what do they have to say.
8:37 pm
>> they told me that right now port of oakland has no delays and they're willing to help out port of los angeles. however they can. they say if la can move some of their volume up here to oakland in a responsible way. they're willing to help work through it. >> we do stand at the ready to help as much as we can. we have our labor is ready to go. but that hasn't always been true at the peak of port of oakland congestion back in june. they had 28 ships waiting the increase in volume. plus a shortage a lot of it is due to resulted in delays for vessels birthing manager of business development an international marketing for port of oakland. andrew >> says the whole global supply chain was feeling delays as a result of covid. some manufacturers shut down there was a labor shortage and that was more e-commerce. many
8:38 pm
people shifted their purchasing patterns from. >> spending such as concerts movies and dining out and all that. but it was shifted to purchasing products to get port of oakland operating with no delays. they increase the labor pool and they added 4 new crane. it's the screens. >> operate faster. they are larger and hired by their higher and the blues go out further, which means they can handle the larger ships that are sailing around the globe today. wong says because of all this oakland can assist l a. >> but it can't take its place. >> oakland will never, ever replace la long beach and a lot of is depending on the metrics there anywhere between 6, 9, times larger than open. he says consumers are still going to feel the impact of the initial delays at port of oakland. >> and the continued delays around the world. you should plan ahead for the holidays. if you see something that you want to get for for the holidays. and the price is
8:39 pm
reasonable. i would suggest to get it right away as opposed to waiting because there is no predictability as to when more supply might be able to arrive. >> he also mentioned that you may see some store shelves empty and your favorite brand of a certain product may not be available right now, but he assured me that all of this stuff is coming. it just may take some time and harry kron, 4 news. thank and still ahead in a glass shattered window smashed a group taking aim at a bay area store bu
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>> dramatic video into the kron 4 news room tonight. it shows folks in southern california turning into heroes. the cell phone video shows folks running up to a home now up in flames after a small plane crashed into it outside of san diego today. those bystanders were able to pull a woman to safety. did the bystanders when 2 other homes in that neighborhood to see if anyone else may have needed help. we've learned at least 2 people were killed among the dead. a ups driver at least 2 others also hurt in this crash as well. 2 homes were destroyed, 10 others damaged tonight. it's unknown just how many people were on board that plane when it
8:43 pm
crashed. but we do know that no one on board survived tonight, the faa and the national transportation safety board are now investigating. >> next. today. words of warning for parents of very young children. a certain baby cereal should not be fed to
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
>> welcome back, everyone. we take you to the east bay .ptonight where a bold break-in at an east bay liquor store
8:46 pm
overnight. yeah. 3 crooks were not looking for the aside and said they one of the store's atm. well, force has the and shows us what happened next. >> about 5 to 10 minutes. that's how long investigators with the pleasant hill police department say it took to break into a liquor store and remove an atm machine that was secured to the floor. it happened monday just before at this value wine and spirits store on gregory late in pleasant hill. that is where 3 unidentified burglars that at some kind of cable to the rear of a white connected the other into the front doors of the store and accelerated to break in. you can see the shattered glass from the door the ground as well as what's left of the door frame, which was also destroyed in the process once inside the store, the burglars use the same method to forcibly remove the atm machine from that secure
8:47 pm
foundation after gaining possession of the atm. investigators say the burglars traveled about a half a mile and gregory lane where they dumped the white van, which was later reported to be a stolen vehicle. pleasant hill police investigators say the atm was electronic crypto-currency machine similar to the one you see here. >> the actual amount of and cash money inside the machine is part of the investigation. this type of atm burglary is rare in pleasant hill fact. police officials say it's been nearly a decade since the last incident but in this case investigators say the limited amount of time it took to break combined with the lack of evidence at the scene indicates that this was a fairly sophisticated burglary. crew officers are reviewing surveillance videos for any possible leads and pleasant hill police investigators are asking anyone with information to contact pleasant hill. police has it made kron 4 news. >> for your help tonight. a certain baby cereal has been recalled. the parents choice
8:48 pm
rice baby cereal sold at walmart stores across the country and online have been voluntarily recall. that's after testing above the guidance for naturally occurring arsenic. the 8 ounce baby cereals or sold after april the 5th of this year. while no illnesses have been reported customers who purchased this product should either throw it away or return it for a full refund to find the specific items being recalled. you can just head to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the giants and dodgers battling for the lead tonight in the national league division series game. 3 is underway right now at dodger stadium. the series is tied up at one apiece after an intense weekend. oracle park giants starter alex wood pitch 4, 2, thirds of scoreless ball and struck out 4 the score right
8:49 pm
now. one zip giants in the top of the 7th 3rd baseman, evan longoria's first into the postseason was a solo home run to give san francisco the narrow lead. we will have a live report from dodger stadium coming up later after thinking. jon gruden is out as the raiders head coach after more e-mail surface where he used offensive language earlier this evening. the new york times uncovered a series of emails were grim news racist, homophobic and misogynistic language between 2011 2018. well working as an espn analyst gruden sent topless photos of team cheerleaders to the president of the washington football team. according to that report last week. the wall street journal publish an article detailing an e-mail were gruden made a racist comment order for him to nfl players association, executive director demaurice smith. governor released a statement tonight announcing his resignation and apologizing. he said he loves the raiders and never meant to hurt anyone. the forty-niners just can't catch a break when it
8:50 pm
comes to injuries this afternoon we learned that rookie quarterback trey lance's sprained his left knee head coach kyle shanahan said it happened during yesterday's cardinals game, but lance and realized something was wrong until after the game was over, lance earned his first nfl start in arizona will veteran quarterback. jimmy garoppolo sat out with a calf injury. some good news. this is the forty-niners bye week which gives both those qbs extra time to recover at this point. it's unclear if either lance or will be available for the forty-niners next game against the colts on october 24 these 5 not a long-term >> but day they did say they won't be able to know until you they are in the bye week treatment and everything. so we have a good idea. but in the next week whether he's got a chance for any or not that he doesn't. they don't mean it should be. i wanted to week thing, but possibly just one. >> can you guys believe that jon gruden story today like that has just been blowing my mind. all of that coming out. i mean, when i came out a few days ago, the first comments
8:51 pm
he just didn't think i did anyway that it was going to blow up into all of this. but it happened quickly. yeah, absolutely amazing to say, you e-mails, never they never go away. they'll always be found. yeah. or where you think the may go. >> and to e-mail those types of things, though, from work e-mail accounts like is that you be that bold and talking like that. it will be interesting to see what the players have. the say. yeah, absolutely. and what will keep you guys posted. all right, kyle and thank you. >> still to come tonight. it is time to weigh in. we'll see how the pumpkin weigh in went off today in half moon bay.
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>> today. san francisco celebrated the 3rd and annual indigenous peoples day. a group gathered at yerba buena gardens in san francisco this afternoon to celebrate native american art music and vendors. the program highlighted the vastly diverse and talented community of indigenous artists an and around the bay area and california earlier in the day there was a sunrise gathering at alcatraz island. of course it was commemorating the 1969 to 1971 occupation of alcatraz by the native americans of all >> well, meanwhile, a fall tradition is back in the bay half moon bay hosting the
8:55 pm
annual world pumpkin weigh off championship organizers. we're glad that the event return after year off because of covid-19 the winner of the pumpkin weigh off, getting a $9 reward for every pound their pumpkin weighs. >> here's some of the sights and sounds from today's event. >> there's a certain magic about the pumpkin that it really brings out a childlike quality. and and all of us. and i think it's also just you know, a throwback to simpler time in life. is trying to get the way to the pumpkins. >> and we try to get people around us involved in it to sometimes we're close to
8:56 pm
>> partial >> to i i'm kidding. i just really like or end. it's my favorite >> big is a big i think the winner raised or one like $18,000 lot of money a lot of lauren says they have their own pumpkin song. what makes it even better. so seeing that all the way to the found. more news tonight at a still go anywhere, though. our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. grant lotus kathryn for crawford is a night thanks very here's what we're working on for kron. 4 news at 9 following. >> that fire in napa county. the american canyon area crews
8:57 pm
busy tonight trying to keep that fire from spreading any more than it already has. more than a 100 acres burned. we're live there with the very latest. >> also, the u.s. might have a new tool in the battle against the coronavirus, the company that wants approval for a covid bill. those stories and more coming up in
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. >> and warnings have been lifted. you can hear the wind there as fire crews start to get a handle on that grass fire burning in american canyon. this fire burns is red flag warnings and wind advisories remain in effect across parts of the bay area. and with that we say good evening. welcome in to kron 4 news at 9. >> i'm grant lotus. i'm catherine heenan. vicki liviakis has the night off. this fire has grown to 150 acres. we have learned that forward. progress has been stopped containment now up to 50%. and again, as graham said, the evacuation warnings have been lifted. and here's a closer look at where that fire is burning. it's near newell drive. i'm not too far from american canyon high school east of highway 29 on the map. you can see american canyon road a major thoroughfare which


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