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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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game 4 tonight in los angeles after last night's win in la the giants are on the brink of a national league championship appearance. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore of jonathan mccall can enjoying the night off the giants. well, they just have one test to do. they have to. >> get another victory in hollywood tonight. and of course, in order to seal that victory for a chance to go to the nl championship series sports director jason dumas live at dodger stadium tonight. first pitch. so to get underway in just a few moments. jason. >> it kind of the first pitch in a couple minutes in they're going crazy up here right now. wave in the rally flags. i want to say we're up in the cheap seats. but who are we kidding? there's not a cheap seat in this building for this matchup. >> i asked one of these fans up here. how much you pay for these tickets and upper level.
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>> a 170 bucks for seat up here this section. and guess what? it's not going to be easy for the giants to get this win. that's the price cap. the pay they can just taste that nlcs. just one win away for making the nlcs for the first time since 2014 n they won't say it out loud. but i think this one would mean more than any of that because they're playing a dodgers team that is this organizations rival a team that had championship aspirations and a team that is just incredibly talented. last night's game was in its classic. it had everything you want in october. baseball had crazy weather. it had great defensive plays. a clutch hit from evan longoria. and that's all you want to see when you're watching playoff baseball. >> that brandon crawford catchy said after the game
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he's been jumping like that since he was in high school. he was actually dunking in high school as a basketball player. as for the game tonight. >> the dodgers are marching their ace on to the mound in walker, buehler and let's face it, this dodgers team. they have championship expectations. they want to repeat as world series. and their backs are against the wall. i asked chris bryant before the game. how difficult is it to close out the series, especially against a team as talented l a. >> it says no. >> pretty tough, especially when you're in the hope their home ballpark in you know, their ace on the mound to so. you know, we we know we had a tough task at hand. it's been pretty special what we've been able to do and just the resiliency that we haven't. and proving people wrong not just that but also the experience that we have in the playoffs with a lot of the guys here. on that tonight and. see how things go at the
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end of this thing. and hopefully we can close it out. >> now the giants new all season long to be the best one half to beat the best starting on the bump for san francisco tonight. anthony d split funny, even pitching. well, at the plate. he hasn't given up a run in his last 10 innings pitch and the giants are hoping anthony. it shot all these fans up here in la and that they can. >> get out of dodger stadium go back to san francisco and prepare for the nlcs and we've got a fair right here coming in from san francisco. they're hoping to make these type of people around after the game tonight reporting from dodger stadium on jason dumas for sports. >> all right, jason. well, have fun there tonight and we'll be staying in touch for sure. of course, back here at home, the fans are excited in the city about tonight's giants dodgers game. as jason mentioned, this could be the
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clincher for the giants only the one more win to move on in the playoffs from force. dan thorn live for us in the city tonight talking with folks said many of the watch parties taking place tonight with the mood that's happening there right now. dan. >> jonathan them. of course it's a festive mood out here. we're just up the street from oracle park were on 3rd street at the woodbury where they're going to be having a watch party tonight after having a watch party last night. this is game for us to this could be the one this could be the game that sends the giants of the nlcs lot of fans really excited about this team a lot of roads we've seen so far thls season. they're the best team in baseball. can they hang on to it and they get to that next round. we were talking with people that out here that were telling us that, hey, they really believe in this team. this a team that they are hoping can really just get rid of these dodgers ride. we're looking at a lineup. that's like a murderer's row. they don't win this game got god forbid they
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would at least come back to san francisco and be able to play in front of their fan base. but i'm getting the sense here that a lot of people just want to get rid of the dodgers. they want to. they want the giants seal it up tonight and get to that national league championship series as you know, this is a huge rivalry between these 2 teams are arch rivals. they're the 2 best teams in baseball and one thing that we caught up with earlier actually said he's really hoping that the giants robin in the face. the dodgers tonight at their home ballpark in los angeles. take a listen. >> i don't want to go to game 5 lie. i want to see the giants celebrate on the dodgers feel, you know, i want them to rub it in. i love watching the dodgers missouri. so i want to watch the service is a good time celebrate in dodger stadium tonight. buehler's on that short rest tonight. >> let's get to him early. >> and that will be at right there, right. getting early buehler on short rest. he got
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shelled against the giants in game one of this and lds and back here in san francisco. maybe they can do that again tonight. brandon crawford can flash the leather again like you did last night actually saving the giants game on winning one nothing yesterday. as you heard, not jason's report. hey, maybe it will be another tight one tonight. maybe the giants can really you know, put the hurt on the dodgers and get this thing wrapped up and we will see, of course, we're going to be hanging out with the fans here throughout the night. that will be celebrating and rooting on this squad to see if they really seal this thing up and we'll keep you updated throughout the get any work work done tonight. yeah, i know i'm going to have to, you know, certain certainly going to be tempted by the excitement that that's happening out here. but hey, you know, i'm going to i'm going to make sure that i stay objective and keep showing up and meet the deadlines. all right. vicariously through you through all the fun tonight. dan thorn live for us in the
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city tonight many of the watch parties. >> taking place for the giants. dan, thank you. meanwhile, you can stay up to date on all things giants and dodgers right now at kron 4 dot com. we've got continuing coverage of the giants postseason just use this qr code that you can scan with your mobile device and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> other news tonight, a person of interest has been detained in connection with a grass fire that grew to 132 acres in american canyon overnight. the blaze resulted in an evacuation warning that was eventually lifted containment is now at 100% forcefully to go explains. the only injury reported was to the person who was taken into custody. >> the napa county sheriff's office says the 26 year-old man seen fleeing from this area. american canyon as flames spread across the hillside off newell drive was detained monday night. we was suffering from burns when he was taken into custody driving
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in a stolen car and was eventually hospitalized. the sheriff's office believes he may have been involved in the start of the fire. cal fire is looking into it. i knew with the orange in as before. >> they can determine the cause. then what's the origin is the term and they will go and do their investigation, which is where we are. currently is an investigation process as for the person of interest. the sheriff's office says he is nursing serious injuries. adding it's possible the man remain in the hospital for a week or more. it burned up to a 132 acres. no structures were damaged or destroyed based off of a red flag warning. what we've been seeing throughout california. >> not just this year but on the previous years, but also being in room next year. >> i'm dealing with the winds that came through. with the red flag warning us lower humidities and dry fuels. i had the potential of going big or that the evacuation warning issued for the area was lifted late monday night.
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>> in american canyon phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> of course we cover that american canyon fire last night and it was touch and go for a minute there. we were all pretty concerned now we want to check on the 4 zone forecast looking out over the bay area. from our camera atop mount tam opi us and the concern tonight that red flag warning in the bay area has been extended until 7 o'clock. you can see the camera still shaking a little bit tonight kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight. >> but look at what is on tap as we move into the evening hats off to the fire down is just going to say death. what an incredible job they did. i was extremely concerned that we're really seeing very strong gusty winds. that could have been a disaster and that was near a residential area. right. and that's what was so scary and it was right there. the winds would push just switched a little bit could have swept right through there but didn't happen. they did a great job of getting a wrap on
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night but still blown around the bay area. so red flag warnings have been in the slot county parts of the north bay to up toward a clear lake. >> a look at some strong gusty winds around the bay area. now some 20 and some 30 mile an hour gusts outside. so those red flag warning stay in effect for at least another hour here until those winds begin to calm down and you can see all around the bay area still see some gusty say molina 22 mile an hour gusts there. 26 in glen allen. you get toward the coastline. 34 at dillon beach. 29 mcnear 25 lakefield 29 clean this 26 in fairfax 27 near beach. 29 and believe we've got some gusty winds all around, even though things have begun to calm down somewhat. but you'll notice the direction now see more of a westerly component to win their nelson bronny and also hercules. that is a good sign. that is that nice ocean breeze that is beginning to kick in. so even though we are still seeing some gusty winds humidity is coming way up now between 3050%, even more so overnight tonight compared to 10 to 20% like it was at last
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night. still we're getting gusty wind just about everywhere you go. some of the peaks. yes, some stronger winds of seeing some gusts over 40 miles per hour winds should subside overnight tonight. but we've got another weak cold front coming through tomorrow. and yet may bring us a slight chance of a sprinkle or 2. but behind that i think we see another round of some strong, gusty winds. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. in southern california, fire crews are battling a fast growing brush fire near santa barbara. that has forced evacuations and closed down a portion of highway one o one, of course that's causing heavier than usual traffic in that area. the ellis all fire broke out yesterday afternoon. >> it has scorched at least 6,000 acres. powerful winds are making the firefight difficult there. there's currently no containment evacuations have been ordered in the area, at least 100 structures are in danger including ranches and homes. highway one. oh, one is closed in both directions from winchester to road route. one, the alternate route one 54 is
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congested as a result. so if you're headed to that area expect delays walgreens says it is shutting down to 5 more stores here in san francisco because of ongoing retail crimes. >> the 5 stores set to close or at 2550 ocean avenue. 4645 mission street 7.45 clement street and 300 golf street along with 3 3400 cesar chavez street. those closures will take place on november 8th. here's a map at where all of those locations are prescriptions. were told will be transferred to the closest walgreens to each of those locations. workers will also be transferred to different locations as well. walgreens says it has already closed more than a dozen of its stores in san francisco because of an uptick in organized crimes. >> well, this house and may be home to coming up, the disturbing details about under age attendees and the woman now facing charges. >> i received a text and southwest saying that my flight was delayed.
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>> for another day. more folks stranded all across america at airports trying to get home as southwest airlines calls off even more flights. what the experts are now saying. the best thing you can do if your flight is canceled. >> also ahead, san jose. police say they need your help finding a homicide. suspect. hear the plea from the victim's family. that's next.
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san jose. police are asking for the public's help in finding the person they believe shot and killed a man back in june. it was an emotional day for the victim's family. kron four's noelle bellow has more details on who police are now looking for. >> to sony posse is the suspect shot and killed marco antonio santos san jose police have issued an arrest warrant for a wanted 27 year-old homicide suspect. >> they say to sony posse was quickly identified as the prime suspect in the death of marco santos. but after months of trying to track him down. they haven't been able to find him. we know that he has connections to obviously the bay area. >> but also the san diego area and hawaii. anybody that has information about his whereabouts we would urge them to please call the san jose police homicide unit according to police posse shot and
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killed 33 year-old santos. >> in front of his wife and teenage daughter at the woods apartment complex in san jose officials say there was some sort of dialogue between the 2. but no known conflicts before and it just seems to be a very spontaneous senseless killing. >> they can you know, i just want left a lot of pain and suffering and most importantly, they left kids without their father santos his mother and low dia flew in from mexico for tuesday's emotional announcement just be about what is that. i hope we can find him so that he won't do to others. what he did to santos his widow. sondra also spoke tuesday. the couple was together for 16 years and have 4 kids together they're quite is my husband's life was taken away. he left behind our 4 kids and me. we miss him very much and want justice. police say the weapon used has not yet been located. and they're asking the public if they see him to not approach posse but
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call police with information long as this man is on the loose. another family could end up satin and at a loss. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> a bizarre and troubling story out of santa clara county. the district attorney's office has filed charges against a 47 year-old woman who they say. >> through drunken parties for young teenagers and encourage them to engage in acts. sometimes non consensual. shannon o connor this is her picture also known as shannon currently lives in idaho. prosecutors say while she lived in los gatos. she hosted parties for mostly 1415 year-old providing them with alcohol and with condoms and discourage them from telling their parents about the parties or for calling for help when one of the young people passed out o'connor also faces felony fraud charges for making more than $120,000. in unauthorized charges on a company card.
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>> southwest airlines has canceled and delayed flights yet again a 5th day in a row. the airlines issues now causing problems for thousands of passengers nationwide get this. according to flightaware, dot com, another 94 flights have now been canceled across america here in the bay area. 10 flights have been canceled in oakland. no delays there. but in san jose, 7 flights were canceled and 47 were delayed and there have just been one cancellation at sfo with 19 flights delayed. so what if your flight gets delayed or canceled. well. triple a says the current situation is a good example of why you should have the trust a travel agent. they say they know the ins and outs of the industry. but another suggestion remember, representatives will be busy dealing with other passengers who are also dealing with the same problem as you and know your rights. if an airline does cancel your flight. you should get a refund. >> united states department of
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transportation has directed airlines to providing property foot for travelers. for flights to from and within the united states when the airline cancels their flights or if they make significant schedule changes and the passenger chooses not to accept that alternative offered that was presented to that by the carrier. >> something else to keep in mind. if you do have travel insurance for your trips. see exactly what it covers that could also help you in case of an unexpected delay or cancellation. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast this tuesday night. a live look at downtown san francisco. pretty nice day across these parts. yeah, it was a really nice day actually, i like fall. so our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow legs fall to just tell me. so. >> the work for the it's just such a gorgeous weather. >> all the way to the but anyway, you said possible showers. that chance of a light sprinkle. i mean, it's yes not to be a rain event for my role in. but there's a chance we might squeeze in a
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couple light showers out there, at least along the coastline for the golden gate bridge. we go. what a gorgeous evening out there. the wind. well, the camera around just a little bit so breezy in spots and look at some of the gusts we've had over the past 24 hours, 41 miles an hour mount diablo big rock in the north, a 40 mile an hour gust san jose. 3533 in palo alto, 28 redwood city and 36 mile hour gust at sfo. so pretty breezy out there around the bay area. but things are going to change comes this cold front sliding in the bay area overnight tonight and tomorrow morning going to fall apart as it begins to move on through and that means not much energy left over the downside, though, behind that front, we're going to see some strong, gusty winds redeveloping around the bay area. see right here. the current situation right now, little breezy out there in spots. in fact, some gusty winds over the mountain tops as we take you through the night tonight. those winds are going to begin to calm down. you see the colors begin to kind of fade across much of northern california in the bay area. but then as we head tomorrow, tomorrow night, things change again. you watch
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the colors begin to move in right through the sacramento valley and then slide right back in the bay area here they come as we head late wednesday night early on thursday morning. all of a sudden another round of some strong gusty winds moving into the bay area. maybe some gusts, 40 miles per hour. plus the higher peaks. so we may be dealing with more fire issues. those with those offshore winds. again, those dry offshore wind. you'll see here, too, in this forecast model little breezy out there right windy in spots. but overnight tonight, those winds begin to calm down tomorrow should be a nice day. more of an onshore breeze. that's great. but that onshore wind that brings up the humidity, the atmosphere and lower the fire danger and then all of a sudden we begin to see the switch, though. we'll see those northerly winds start to kick in and there you go. you look toward atlas peak. see that area there gusting to 2529 in vacaville with some gusts higher than that over the mountain tops and fire danger will be on the rise once again as we head into thursday. lawrence, thank you. still to come tonight, the fda has authorized the first electronic cigarettes in the
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>> for your health tonight. new recommendations on whether adults should take an aspirin
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a day to prevent heart disease. the u.s. preventative services task force now says american adults 40 to 59 years old who are at risk for heart problems should talk to their doctors. first about taking aspirin regularly. we're all aspirin can fend off heart attacks and strokes. you can also cause serious internal bleeding. the agency also recommends that americans over the age of 60 should stop taking aspirin every day unless they're already doing so after a previous heart attack. and a first of its kind decision. the food and drug administration is authorizing the first e-cigarettes in the country saying the vaping products can actually benefit adult smokers. the company is called of use and the data they submitted shows that e-cigarettes help smokers either quit or significantly reduce their use of cigarettes back in september. the food and drug administration said it rejected applications for over a million e-cigarettes and related products largely because of their potential appeal to underage teens
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smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the united states. >> next on kron. 4 news at 6, 1, bay area county fighting covid-19 misinformation. why the board of supervisors says this new resolution was needed. plus, health officials say the number of californians living with alzheimer's is projected to double by nhe year 2040. we will break down this new data and windy weather across the bay area sparking high fire danger. we are not out of the clear just yet. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will be back. he's tracking the wind speeds he's tracking the wind speeds for toni your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss.
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visit and take control of your sight.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we start this half hour in the east bay where covid-19 misinformation has now been declared a public health crisis in contra, costa county and the board of supervisors just approved a resolution making it official. kron four's haaziq madyun reports we need to call it out. we need to clarify it. >> because that misinformation. is responsible for some lower vaccination rates. >> district. 5. >> yes. in a unanimous decision. the contra costa county board of supervisors adopt a resolution declaring covid-19 misinformation as a public health crisis. the resolution states that the county of contra costa commits to combating health misinformation and curbing the spread of that that threat,


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