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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 12, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. now at 10 o'clock. >> it is do or die game 5 at oracle park on thursday night. the san francisco giants phelan the close out the los angeles dodgers down south setting up one of the biggest games in recent franchise history. a lot of all, it's all the marbles on this coming thursday. so we start this tuesday here on kron. 4 news
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at 10 o'clock. i'm jonathan mccall can has the night off and i'm pam moore. of course, this is not what we wanted to see from the giants. they were 5th fell tonight 72 to the dodgers. but. >> they will be playing in front of the home crowd on thursday for a final shot at moving on in the playoffs. so let's get you out to chavez ravine where all the action took place tonight kron 4 sports director jason dumas us live on the field after the game. obviously the giants one to close it out. that in a good chance to do it. >> what's the mood like right now. >> well, the mood here is really happy they're actually chanting giants as they leave the stadium. but i mean, jonathan, pam, what does this was tonight, the giants just couldn't get anything going in. they couldn't get out early in this game. they went through 8 pitchers tonight, the starting pitcher didn't even get to 2 endings. so it was just one of those nights. you could really diss feel it. the dodgers had the momentum
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from the first pitch to the final out of the game. the atmosphere in here was electric. all the giants fans that i saw. it's kind of standing in silence. they didn't get much to cheer about. so now we have a showdown thursday, 30 king oracle park giants fans are going to match this energy and then some is going to be an electric atmosphere at oracle. but who are we kidding? none of us wanted it to come down to just one game because yes, the giants are very talented and i'm not selling them short. so dodgers, they're the defending world series champs. anything can happen in a one-game situation. but at least it will be at oracle park on the bump for the dodgers will most hasn't been announced officially yet, but will probably be julio urias on the ground for the dodgers. he was a pitcher who started game 2 when the dodgers one 92 last week. so he does have a win in this series. but you know who else has a logan
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webb. that's with the giants will march out logan webb had 10 strikeouts in game one. he's only one to 3 pitchers in mlb postseason history to have 10 or more strikeouts in his debut. so logan has a lot of pressure on the shoulders, but it seems like he's built for is going to be a heck of a matchup. and of course we will have coverage leading up to that first pitch on thursday all day and all night long. kron 4 leading up to that game. but hey, in the meantime, we want to get out of here. i'll be back at 1045 but a disappointing night for the giants. but they do have a chance to redeem himself on thursday a dodger stadium. i'm jason dumas scrum for us. hey, jason, you know. so, you know, we won last night the giants won last night. do you think home-field advantage matter tonight for thee. >> dodgers. i mean, after all, they did lose about of the home team last night. yeah, well, the dodgers had the best
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winning percentage at home of any team in baseball this year. >> they win at a very high clip in this stadium and i was feeling good before the game. i thought the giants are going to eke it out and win this series of 4. i i predicted to be giants and 4 before the game. but i mean, if you just paid attention to this season from game one up until now, the giants and dodgers have been matching each other just trading haymakers game after game. so it's only fitting that is going to come down to one last game in this series. remember, just to win the nl west. it came down to one game on the final day of the regular season. so it's fitting and this is what baseball wanted. this is what fans wanted of baseball. not either. these 2 teams either of these 2 teams fan base wanted to sweep, but we're going to see a five-game series and it is going to be must-watch tv, i'm sure will be probably the highest rated baseball game of the postseason thus far. the best
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team will win and move on and play on saturday against the braves who won today. by the way, the atlanta braves are sitting and waiting. so they'll either fly to la or fly to san francisco. but the braves are going to california regardless. they're just waiting to see which team they plan the bats going. only 3 runs in the last 2 games for the giants. hopefully they can score a lot more. >> this coming thursday. jason, we'll check back with you at 1045 for baseball night live. thank you so much. >> meanwhile, it will be good to have the giants here at home at oracle park playing in front of their fans on thursday night. and for those who didn't happen to go down to dodger stadium you are probably watching the game here in the city. that's where we find kron 4 dan thorn tonight checking in with fans. >> what was the feeling after this last >> you. i think, you know, the feeling a lot of long faces leaving the watch parties tonight. a lot of the fans hoping that the giants can really pull this one out and just get rid of these past dodgers. but note got to come
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back to san francisco. going to have to keep the champagne on ice a little bit longer. hopefully they'll be able to pull it out on the fans here, of course, optimistic about how this game was going to was going to turn out. you know, there was definitely some moments the bats were threatening. but they just they just couldn't get it done. the giants pitching jason pointed out, they just couldn't throw strikes tonight. so logan webb taking the mound thursday there expecting a much stronger game out of their their pitching staff with the bat again need to need to wake up fans out here are still hoping for the best, though, in caught up with a couple of them after tonight's disappointing loss take a listen to we're going of course, was for a better result we will get a game pretty i think they got this number one team in the >> that's right. the giants
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are still the best team in baseball that they are going up against the second best team in baseball. so that just makes so much more challenging, so much more stressful over the next 48 a giants are going fly back and played oracle park. but hey, home-field advantage. big fan base get the orange rally towels out there have that sea of orange and black. maybe it will sway things in the way that we want them to go. >> of course we're going to see how things end up at 6. '07, on thursday night. of course, we're going to following along with all the action and that comes with that game. but for now, we're just going to have to lay our heads down and hope for the best on thursday they can drown their sorrows tonight and in whatever they're drinking, but they'll be ready to go come thursday night need. again, as dan said, game 5 is on thursday. it will be played at oracle park. first pitch set for 6. oh, 07:00pm the winner moves on to the championship series to face
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the milwaukee brewers the loser is out of the playoffs. >> you can stay up to date on all things giants and dodgers with kron 4 on the go. we've got continuing coverage of the giants postseason just uses qr code to be directed to the special section on our website. for more on the giants round of the playoffs, including information on tickets and the schedule of the division series broadcast. it's all available at your fingertips. the kron 4 dot com. >> now on toother news tonight. a man is in custody after san jose. police say a domestic dispute triggered a 14 hour long standoff forcing the alum rock neighborhood to shelter in place. it started late last night at a home on east hills drive and mill are avenue. police say this man, 38 all they're saying threatened to shoot his own father and himself hostage negotiators communicated with him throughout the night into the morning hours before finally convincing sing to surrender. >> somebody that's in crisis could just be misunderstood. my family members, my community or by others. so i
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was also offering him that we have in this county and i'm kind of threw that in wi h the realm of being misunderstood in and people not understanding what he's going through at that time. >> the suspect now faces a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. police say he was already on probation for assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. in the east bay a woman and her 3 year-old child are safe tonight after they were allegedly held against thei will at a home in this happened earlier today as the home near east 7th and 8th streets. police say 30 year-old amar harris refused to let the woman and child leave his home. but he eventually did surrender and was taken into custody. the woman and child were not hurt. it is not clear whether the suspect and the victims actually knew one another. tonight san jose police say they need your help, trying to find the person who they believe shot and killed a man back in june.
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>> the victims, family members making an emotional plea for an arrest today, kron four's grant lotus live tonight in the studio with the emotional day for that victim's family grant indy jonathan san jose. police have issued an arrest warrant for this man. you see right here, 27 year-old, you have to sony they say on june 4th he shot and killed 33 year-old marcos santos outside the woods apartment complex that is in south san jose. police say there was some sort of dispute between the 2 before the shooting. but other than that, no prior relationship. police also say the suspect shot and killed santos in front of his wifr and teenage daughter at the time fossey was identified as the prime suspect in santos is death. but after months of trying to track him down. police say they still don't have any leads. and that is why today members of santos family came from as far as mexico joining police asking for the public's help to try
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to find the man who they believe is responsible for his death. >> what is my husband's life was taken away. he left behind our 4 kids and me. we miss him very much and want justice. a just want to let a lot of pain and suffering and most importantly, they left kids without their father long as this man is on the loose. another family could end up saddened at a loss. >> the weapon used in the shooting has also not been located according to police. they also say it is possible the suspect is no longer in the bay area as he has ties to san diego and hawaii. and while police are urging the public to try to help them locate this man. they say to avoid approaching him. they say he is considered armed and dangerous. if you do see him or have any info you're asked to contact san jose police. we have listed that number here on the bottom of the screen. jonathan, back to hugh grant, thank you. new tonight, 10
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o'clock, former san leandro police officer jason fletcher will face involuntary manslaughter charges for the shooting death of steven taylor. >> today a judge denied fletcher's request to have those charges dismissed. you may remember it was last april when fletcher was one of 2 officers who responded to a call about a shoplifter at a san leandro walmart body cam video showed taylor holding a bat inside of the store and refusing to drop it. fletcher then shot and killed taylor. the alameda county district attorney's office later determined that fletcher used excessive force and charged him with manslaughter tonight he remains out of bit out of jail out out on bail on a $200,000 bail. he's due back in court december 9th. >> wild parties with alcohol and. but the reason a south bay woman is behind bars. now is because police say she was the only adult in the room. a mother is accused of enticing teenagers to her home supplying alcohol and then putting pressure on them. kron
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four's ella sogomonian is in our newsroom tonight with details on the disturbing allegations l a. pam. they are pretty disturbing to say the least. a mixture of pressure, some voyeurism from that mother. >> as a 14 year-old girl came forward to authorities claiming that she was coerced into. not can acts with another boy while intoxicated as a parent watched. >> 47 year-old shannon o'connor, who also goes by shannon is accused of buying whiskey and vodka for her son and his teenage friends then luring them to drunken house parties were often times they were pressured into having and at some point there are claims that the mother allegedly watched teams from los gatos high who reported these claims with authorities said that she would real them in through text and snapchat messages between june 2020 and may of this year once at her house, they would get so intoxicated to the point. but several teens allegedly vomit it heavily somebody broke a finger and on another
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occasion. her son and a friend hung on to the back of her suv while she drove in the school parking lot. the friend fell and was knocked unconscious. the santa clara county district attorney's office says it o'connor would keep these antics away from her husband and came up with alibis for the teens to do the same with their parents. the da had this to say. it took a lot of brave children to come forward and untangled is deeply disturbing case as a parent. i'm shocked as a da, i'm determined to hold those adults who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community. >> o'connor's facing 39 criminal counts that range from endangering or injuring the health of a child to providing them with alcohol and assault. she's going to be extradited from idaho back to the bay area soon. cam definitely a story we will continue to follow. ellen, thank you. >> still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock, including the fallout continuing from the bombshell report and resignation of former raiders head coach jon gruden, which
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organization now says that more e-mails should be released. plus, just as the power decided to come back on pg e says even more power shut offs could be on the way. let you know which bay area counties could be impacted and crawford. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will take a look at the potential fire danger plus the cost of doing business in san francisco. weighing heavily on walgreens held the rise in retail crime is forcing some stores tw close their doors for good.
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>> welcome back, everyone. take a look at this a carjacking victim in houston nearly run over by his own car as a robber takes off from a store parking lot. it all happened last week. the victim pulled into a gas station left his car running and then went inside of the storm. police say the victim saw that suspect get inside of his ride and ran outside to try to stop him. that's when the carjacker car thief ran up to the car. the driver's door still open which caused the victim to fall to the ground. the suspect then put the car in drive and took off houston. police say he still on the run tonight. that victim suffering minor scrapes from that incident. >> after several brazen thefts at walgreens stores in san francisco. the company is now closing 5 more of its locations in the city and they blame the rise in retail crime
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for those closings. the stores are spread across the city and will be closing over the course of the next month. call for king live tonight in the city with more on the closures and one san francisco city leaders say they're now trying to do to stop it from happening to. >> jonathan city leaders say that san francisco needs to step it up and we need to do more. right now. joseph, i says and hopes that new legislation which he introduced just 2 weeks ago will help deter some of these crimes. it would allow sheriff's deputies to p security to these local stores. these local retail shops. i spoke to the sheriff tonight and he is in full support. >> site too common in san francisco. a brazen theft and retail stores. this video from last year at a walgreens store on van ness and eddie. that is since permanently. closed its stores. now walgreens says it is closing 5 more of its stores next month because of these retail thefts. in a
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statement to kron 4 news on tuesday. the company said, quote, organized retail crime continues to be a challenge facing retailers across san francisco and we're not immune to that retail theft across our san francisco store is has continued to increase in the past few months. >> to 5 times of our chain average during this time to help combat this issue. we increased our investments in security measures in stores across the city to 46 times are chain at ridge an effort to provide a safe environment. here's a full list of those closures. the company says prescriptions at these stores will be transferred to nearby locations instead to go to the walgreens. >> even the ones that are still in business. everything's under lock and key some of the items have been removed because they can no longer really defensively put them on the shelves knowing that they're going to be taken and stolen to the closures are located in san francisco hsus a phase district. >> 2 weeks ago he introduced legislation that would amend the city's administrative code to allow sheriff's deputies to
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contract with businesses. private events and community benefits districts to provide security. we need to do better. san francisco needs to do better. we shouldn't be sitting back and watching anchor institution stores. close sheriff paul miyamoto believes the deputy our officer presence will help deter crimes from happening in the first place, especially since they have more abilities to respond to them. privately contracted security. we already have police officers from the san francisco police department provide this kind of service. >> contracting out officers to be on hand to be able to do this for private companies enterprises. and we want to get that opportunity step to say. to give them that same opportunity, mainly because. they provide a safety >> level of experience and training to de-escalate situations under the legislation the private companies would pay the deputies overtime at no cost to taxpayers. >> sheriff. it's it's a challenge right now to provide
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staffing for other programs says the department is committed to preventing more thefts at the stores. >> and walgreens isn't the only one cbs target. and even as neiman marcus storage name a few experienced similar issues this past year. >> that legislation will go to the committee on november. 1st for a vote. it's also important to note that recently just last month, mayor london breed and chief bill scott. they also announced other initiatives to curb this retail crime. one of those being to expand the police departments karin organized retail crime unit and then to also recruit more police officers to patrol these neighborhoods for now live in san francisco to love key kron 4 news. let's hope something can finally be done to curb all of those stuffs. >> taylor, thank you. also in the city tonight work has started once again that the beleaguered millennium tower condo building the retrofit job done to stop the 58 story building from tilting in leaning was shut down the
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summer after it turned out the supposed fix was actually making the problem even worse today, crews spent the day testing out a new way to do the exact same job. over the next to the 3 days. crews will be installing a casing essentially a steel straw 3 feet in diameter into the ground. if all goes well, then in a week or so, a 2 foot pile will be threaded through that casing in down 300 feet to the bedrock together. they are called appear the original fix for the millennium tower involved. 52 of these peers. the difference this time is that several different agencies are monitoring the fixed through several different methods. >> there will be measuring in real time of settlements or tell us there will be measure and measuring of volume of soil that's being removed. instrumentation that's being installed to measure the vibration levels. >> so all of those things will be looked at as test pilot program being performed.
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>> officials say it will be several weeks before it's determined if this new method is actually the best way to stop the tower from sinking. >> turning to the wildfire coverage. now crews are battling a fast-moving wildfire in santa barbara county. the alice all fire is threatening some 100 homes and ranches near goleta forcing a number of people to evacuate a portion of highway. one o one has been shut down as the flames move south towards the ocean as of tonight. the fire has exploded in size to more than 13,000 acres and is only 5% contained. it is one of at least 6 wildfires that broke out across california judge yesterday in the middle of the very dangerous fire conditions that exist now. and of course, that includes the newell fire was burned 132 acres in american canyon last night. the napa county sheriff's office says a 26 year-old man with burns on his body was seen fleeing the area in a stolen car near where that fire was burning. he was
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arrested is now being treated at a local hospital. the sheriff's office believes that he may have been involved in starting that fire cal fire is still investigating. >> the ruling out things up, possibly could or could not. cause a fire. once is determined, they will release that information. >> authorities say the suspected arsonist was the only person hurt in the fire. no buildings were damaged. meanwhile, the high fire danger force. pga need to shut off power to roughly 25,000 customers over the last few days as part part of the latest round of public safety power shut-offs the utility company says that power has now since the resort to all of those customers that happened around 07:30pm tonight. but now the utility company is warning that 10's of thousands of customers in northern california could lose power again, potentially this time on thursday. that would include more than 7,000 customers in contra, costa solano, napa and sonoma counties. these power shut
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offs typically happen when weather conditions have the potential to increase the threat of wildfires. so let's get a closer look at the weather conditions this week from our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence. you guys are going to see a second round. the winds, it doesn't look. >> as strong as what we've just experienced. but it's going to be strong enough and well with the drought. yeah. already out there and all the factor that there's so much debris built up now and some of the and we've got a chance of some more exceedingly dangerous fire conditions around the bay area right now. that gorgeous skies out there, mostly clear in the san francisco along the coastline. we are going to see some clouds rolling a little bit later tonight. they are some of the gust we had over the last 24 hours, mount diablo 41 miles per hour. big rock in the north bay 40 miles an hour, san jose. the 3533 in palo alto, redwood city gusting to 28 sfo to 36 miles an hour. so pretty blustery around the bay area even today they was backed off but still enough wind out there to keep things going and the national weather service has just issued a red flag warning for
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all slow county. that will be starting at thursday morning starting at 10:00am continuing to 8. but i think that may get extent. i can see these lee being pushed in the napa, maybe sonoma counties. i'll show you why in just a moment. a lot of winds expected through that period. right now the winds are beginning to calm down. here's the latest forecast over the next 24 hours to 48 hours. we'll see overnight tonight, the the car starts to fade away in the bay area that means things calm down. but by tomorrow night, everything begins to change again. look at the real colors begin develop the sacramento valley then slide into the bay area. the north, they first then to the east bay. that's that offshore wind kicking back in and that's what we're worried about the potential for some very strong gusty winds. maybe some more gust over 40 miles an hour. so we're going to see that happening this front that's moving through. there's not much energy with that. bringing a few showers, northern california. but once that goes by high pressure builds in behind it. we get another round of strong gusty winds in high fire danger. >> thank you, lawrence. will severe weather is costing the united states billions of dollars. according to scientists. so far this year.
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18 major weather events had a price tag of 1 billion dollars each. this includes 9 severe storms for tropical cyclones to floods. and of course, wildfires. the research from noaa shows this is the 7th year in a row that the u.s. has had at least 10 natural disasters. each costing a billion dollars or more. >> much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock, including a state task force continue in its historic work and finding a way to repay black californians for past injustices. we'll show you how they're now focusing on discrimination they say is far too common in society. disturbing new details and death of gabby petito. what the autopsy revealed today and what happened to her body weeks before it was found. tensions rising behind closed doors at kaiser permanente. why 10's of thousands of workers in the golden state now threatening to walk off much more still to come nd tonight on kron 4 ne
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>> a live look tonight at the white house where president biden is expected to sign a bill that would raise the federal debt ceiling into early december. the house of representatives approved that bill earlier today. but democrats, the move postpones but does not end the threat of a first-ever default in the united states. republicans
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have promised to block another rise in the debt limit when the time %omes up again in december. democrats say if the gop does succeed in blocking it. the united states would fall into a debilitating recession. new at 10 o'clock tonight. workers across america are quitting their jobs at a record pace. >> new numbers from the labor department show that more than 4 million americans left their jobs in the month of august. that's actually the highest number since december of 2000 as staffing shortages grow. so too, does the threat of walkouts. in fact, more than 24,000 healthcare workers, kaiser permanente here in california and oregon now threatening to walk off the job over pay and working conditions strained by the covid-19 pandemic has nancy loo reports. this is just one of several major labor situations across the country nearing a boiling point. >> operations are normal for now and the kaiser system. but trouble is brewing negotiations have yet to
10:33 pm
produce a deal with nurses and other health care workers unhappy with pay benefits and higher workloads and one way is you can make sleet in the pot >> and more importantly, you need to keep the people that you do have, you need to pay them a fair wage. kaiser is expressing hope that the bargaining process will produce a deal and prevent a walkout but more strike authorizations could be coming soon. among other unions representing 50,000 workers nationwide. >> workers at kellogg cereal plants are already on day 8 of their strike negotiations are ongoing over wages and the company is hoping for a deal soon, but was store shelves getting emptier. kellogg's brought in outside contractors in this week at some plants. workers say their wages should reflect the company's higher product prices. you know, we work 365 days. 24 7 to the whole pandemic. the last 2 years in the midwest. a possible strike is looming. a john deere after u a w members
10:34 pm
rejected a tentative agreement. more than 10,000 workers at 14 facilities could hit the picket lines at midnight tomorrow. the company says it's committed to the collective bargaining process members want better pay pensions and healthcare members are very frustrated with this deal. they don't feel that their concerns have been addressed and they don't feel that the contract keeps up. >> with the economic conditions of the company or, you know, what's going on with inflation. >> and there was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. there is also the looming possibility of a strike by 60,000 production workers in hollywood and across the u.s. analysts say the ongoing worker shortage may give unions and upper hand in that fight. >> other news tonight, a wyoming coroner says that the cause of gabby petito's death was strangulation. the 22 year old's body was discovered back on september 19th. the coroner today saying that she was killed 3 to 4 weeks before her body was found. he also
10:35 pm
revealed very few details about petito's physical condition because of the ongoing fbi investigation, the coroner did note that she was not pregnant at the time of her death. >> and this is all many around the people who are involved in domestic violence fortunate that these other best did not get as much coverage as this will. >> right now, it's not clear if the determination will lead to additional charges against petito's boyfriend in traveling partner. brian laundry. so far he's only a person of interest in her disappearance but not a suspect in the homicide investigation. according to laundrie's family. he's not been seen since september 14th. >> more fallout tonight following the resignation of las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden. he resigned after a number of e-mails surface in which the group made homophobic misogynistic and racially charged comments -etween 2011 and 2018 the shoe
10:36 pm
company skechers has dropped gruden as a brand ambassador saying in a statement, the company has 0 tolerance for his behavior and the tampa bay buccaneers are removing gruden from their ring of honor. he led the team to his first super bowl victory in franchise. history. back in 2000, 2, the nfl players association is now calling for all 650,000 emails involved in the investigation to be released. but an nfl spokesperson told usa today that it has no plans to do so. for confidentiality reasons. >> and we've got clear skies out there now. but we've got more clouds on the way. could we actually see couple sprinkles in the bay area. we'll talk about it coming up.
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reparations task force met to talk about some of the inequalities black californians face every day over the next 2 years. that task force will study the effects of slavery and other government decisions that have led to racial injustices today. researchers from u c berkeley testified on racial disparities in both education and the environment linking those 2 issues of discrimination and segregation in housing. >> 55% of african-americans in not states or white americans or some combination are to move to a different race neighborhood to fully
10:40 pm
integrate just the numbers. this means that we live in very segregated society. >> experts say there has been a lack of integration in neighborhoods and government decision-making over the course of several decades and that has resulted in lopsided resources for black and brown communities compared to neighboring predominantly white areas, particularly in schools. so out of 4 zone forecast. a final check tonight as we look at the long the san francisco embarcadero in lawrence is standing by to tell us about the rest of the week. >> yeah. slight chance of showers late tonight into early tomorrow morning by saying that i mean, maybe a couple sprinkles here and there. it's just not going to be much, but maybe more importantly, behind that. we're starting to talk about those gusty winds developing outside again. so tonight, looking good so far. but we're going to soon see some clouds begin to move in as we head in toward tomorrow. yeah. we've got some of those clouds kind of thickening up and you see the front really not very strong making ids way in far northern california, bringing them some scattered light showers right now on really.
10:41 pm
you can see it's already broken already. by the time it gets here. nothing's going to fix it. so it looks just that slight chance. but the winds, they're going to be kicking up. we're going to see as we head through the night tonight. our forecast model starts to pick up on. it doesn't look too bad as we head through the day tomorrow and then as we get in toward tomorrow night there you go. you see all the winds begin to pick up in the central valley moving back into parts of the north bay and solano county. gusty winds there. that will continue the middle of the day and then looks like it will start to back off and really this area is the really the main area of concern. look at this area as we head toward even about 11 o'clock on thursday morning. that's where the fire danger is going to be running high. you can see on the modelg here. some purple showing up on our models. you look up to our scale, those winds possibly gusting over 40 miles per hour. so fire danger running high humidity is going to be running low too outside right now. we've got temperatures in the 50's around the bay area. the cold night out there, probably some low 40's for overnight lows so
10:42 pm
with that in mind, them, a clear breezy early, but then the clouds start to roll in and then or more tomorrow morning. clouds early on the giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon. but this cold front just kind of falling apart as it moves on through. so not much energy maybe a lingering sprinkle and that's about it. otherwise we're going kind of dry things out. so here comes on the models you see here, chance of a light sprinkle or light shower early tomorrow morning. then we're pretty much done and we'll see more sunshine by the afternoon. tomorrow, though it will be a little bit breezy highs tomorrow. 50's and 60's maybe a couple low 70's. well, inland in your tent and keeping it dry into the weekend. temperatures warming up to in back in the 80's the warmer spots over the weekend, too. and then maybe late in the forecast the following week, maybe some all right, lawrence, thank you. and that does it for jonathan for from me here on kron. 4 news at 10. don't go anywhere, though. our primetime coverage. >> continues right after the break. baseball night live with kate rooney. jason dumas says. >> pivotal game 5 at oracle park will go down thursday
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> welcome to baseball night live. your source for all things giants during this wonderful excrutiating postseason. >> a chance for san francisco to clinch tonight. they came
10:46 pm
in up 2 games to one in this best of 5 series. but tonight from the beginning, it was obvious that would not be an easy task. it was, however. >> rocking for game 4 dodger stadium have to admit that is a pretty spots giants looking to close it out and prevent a game 5 bottom of the first. no score. anthony, just the funniest amount trey turner and he rips it into right center. corey seager scored off that. so it was one nothing l a. really just the funny getting pretty rough tough, not the start. we wanted to get off too. we go to the second inning. chris taylor drives. this one to left very well. but it's caught by wade gavin lux tax up from 3rd and he scores doctors. take a 2. nothing lead. jessica funny gives up 2 runs and 5 hits in just one 2 thirds innings pitched bottom of the 3rd. now dodgers could break it wide open right here. taylor hits this one high and deep to left.
10:47 pm
>> but that's not to his way. is there to make a catch at the warning track. great wade giants. get out of the inning unscathed. c dodgers strand 3 runners in that inning. meanwhile, walker buehler pitching on 3 days. rest and solid only went 4 and a 3rd innings, but he held the giants to a run striking out 4, including brandon crawford here. bottom of the 4th. still 2. nothing dodgers mookie betts. with harling garcia taking deep to the opposite field that's gone for 2 run home run that made it 4 nothing dodgers not not very happy was garcia about that monday now 5, 2, dodgers, one on for will smith and he takes jake mcgee deep to left center. you can kiss that one goodbye, the 2 run bomb would ultimately the this kill shots. giants and of losing this 1, 7, to 2. that was the final score at dodger stadium. but they force a game 5 that's
10:48 pm
going to be a good one. all right. you know who got to see this game in the flash kron 4 sports director jason dumas says jason at dodger stadium right now, not the outcome. the giants wanted jason. but what were your biggest take away from the game tonight. >> yeah, okay. i did get to see this game in the flesh. but there wasn't much to see from a giant standpoint, it was really does this place was rocking from first pitch. it was electric and the dodgers just had the momentum from the very first pitch to the last out of the game. the giants could never snatching got really boring in the middle of this game. eyes were getting heavy and i promise he has nothing to do with that pizza or ice cream that i had in the press box. but to that point, it just they couldn't do anything tonight. didn't go their way. they used 8 pitchers to try to crack the code of this dodgers lineup. but nothing worked. now they
10:49 pm
have to look ahead to thursday and they're in a scenario, what that they didn't want to be and obviously, but anybody kind of following this season and this series, everyone felt this coming a game 5. but as it goes to tonight, gabe kepler he's going to burn this game footage. no reason to look back at it. they're going to recalibrate and get focused for game 5 on i don't think we're going to spend a lot of time dissecting as a team. this game. >> we're going to get on the but i'm real update. will schedule our work out for a little bit later. no circuit getting ready for game 5 where we'll start backing for us. and we're going to he's he's ready for it the rest of the as well. i'm sure it will be a lively to be nice to get back to the work will and the support of our fans. and i will go to our team and the dodgers team of both in plan. meaningful games for a while now.
10:50 pm
>> obviously this one coming up on thursday is the most meaningful to this point. >> and should be fun chance to catch >> all right. on the mound for the giants on thursday as gabe kepler said, logan webb. he was a hero of game one. but on that. but for the dodgers, the hero, a game to julio so it's going to be a pitcher's duel and it all comes down to one game. kate. >> that's kind of what we wanted the right, jason. that's what we've been looking forward to a long we saw how rocking was there. talk stadium tonight was certainly that way at oracle park for the first couple games. how much do you think the crowd is going to play into a possible home field advantage for the giants when they come back to the bay. >> kate, you're born and bred in the city. you already know how it's going to be on 3rd in king. this thursday is going to be crazy and the dodgers were the best home team in
10:51 pm
baseball this year. they were still good on the road, but they weren't nearly as good as they were on at home. so take them out of this stadium. you're going to give yourself a chance. and hey, the county's 107 games this year. i know everybody's talking about the dodgers and defending world series champs and they should have won this division and the giants are just happy to be there. but you don't win a 107 games by accident. gabe kaplan will have those guys ready to play. and you know what the city they are waiting for their return and they're going to do their part to help the giants get to their first nlcs since 2014. >> can't wait for that moment. jason. looks like in the last one there. so get home safe. thank you so much. great talking to you. >> and on baseball ny live, we are going to check in with our baseball expert. allen stiles joins us to break down game for and to look ahead to the winter on thursday.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
>> welcome back to baseball ny live. kate rooney with, you know, i could spend the rest of our show give you my thoughts about the game but probably makes more sense to hear from a bona fide baseball experts that allen stiles, our insider. thank you as always for joining us. alan, this one got really tense early. anthony desclafani did not have his best stuff. got used up a lot more than gabe kepler would have liked. how do you think that's going to affect them heading into game 5.
10:55 pm
>> yeah, it's going to affect them. i think probably the whole it is today ball, but. >> the good thing is at the end of the day, these teams have played each other so much throughout the season. the season series pretty much neck-and-neck this whole time. everybody has seen everybody and it doesn't really matter matters more, whether they're tired or not. the dodgers have seen these guys before. and i don't think they'll be that tire most really gone. one one inning, 2 innings here and there. obviously that i'm going to be fresh. but nobody's first this time of year at the end of the day is going to come down to the often showing up. we know that even with the giants have in this league going for the never scored more than 4 run so far. so they're going to do more than that and get with all the close games. so they're going to have to wait use that as well. >> yeah. let's talk about that a little bit. they really couldn't even buy a base runner tonight. why is this offense suddenly seeming to struggle so much. >> we've heard about all year and luckily what people
10:56 pm
feared. it never actually happened. but what happens when that long ball doesn't show up. and that's exactly what's been happening kris bryant, all of us and wants to be a singles guy and you know, nobody it felt like some seemed like they were swinging a net wet newspaper out there. there was no zinging on the ball. they couldn't do anything. he looked a lot like the dodgers looked last night. and you know, that's just not going to fly and we're not going to take anything away from walker buehler. he showed up, as you will. but it hit your is that well, in the second game and that's who's going to be on the bump again. so they're going to have to figure some things out. just get back to basics. you know, i've seen a few steps. you right there. he hit the ball down the line every single time. but it's always fell. those are going to have the ball and are going to string some hits together the long ball is not showing up in order to win this game 5. >> let's hope that they can get it done at oracle park real quick allen. i want to hear your predictions for this matchup with logan webb and julio urias, who's going to get it done. >> it's going to be low could
10:57 pm
well, come on. he's it. he's a competitor. he always compete, said he's ready for this moment. you know, the dodgers haven't seen him that well and hopefully that continues all right. hopefully that is what we're looking forward to allen. thank you so much. pleasure, as always to chat with you. we're going to be back with alan throughout the postseason. if the giants can extended past this game 5. >> coming up on thursday, the clincher game 5 dodgers giants it's wet or 6. oh, 07:00pm first pitch at oracle park. >> can't wait for that. want to make sure you keep it locked here on kron 4 from your baseball means. we've got you covered. that's it for baseball night live. have a great night.
10:58 pm
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