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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 13, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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texas, van horn, texas, where william shatner has just climb the stairway. there in that picture window there on the bottom right corner as he and the rest of the crew here of this ew shepard mission aboard the blue origin rocket about to rocket themselves into space in about a half hour. stay to we're going to have it live right here on the kron 00:00am morning news citing and down here on earth. we're also checking out whether and traffic for you, not such a big journey. just to work or school john, how's it going as you blast off in the parking not too much to hold you up this morning. we do have a little bit of cloud cover overhead. we've had a couple of sprinkles in the north bay. >> but the biggest change from where we have been is the calmer winds that we have for your wednesday, which is really going to the cherry on top of a cool fall day ahead of us. your view outside her berkeley hills camera does show you that cloud cover. that's sitting right above us now for the most part, the bay area is looking at dry skies. but a couple of sprinkles have been seen in northern napa and solano counties up in the lake
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county and a few sprinkles out towards the coastline as well as far as winds are concerned, it is generally going to be a calmer day ahead of us. a couple of breezy pockets here and there. but nothing like the past couple of days and brought us temperatures 40's and 50's. so don't forget the jackets as you venture out there earlier this morning. nevado you fell into the upper 30's briefly. so we have had some pretty chilly spots. definitely need the attacks that extra layer reyna. john, thank you for that. so we do have a hot spot gilroy. we're starting out the air north now one, oh, one south of 25. >> an overturned tractor trailer. so they've shut down all the northbound lanes. 25 would be the only way that you can get around and hop back on one. oh, one here. we're also looking at your bridges little under 18 minutes heading into the city right now. no major issues or delays. there or on the san mateo bridge a little under 15 as you're making your way across towards the peninsula so areas where we have residual delays because we had accidents that were just cleared right here. southbound 8.80, south of 29th avenue that accident just cleared off a moment ago here
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in pinole. this one as well. but you're seeing residuall delays from that earlier accident. 80 westbound east of appian way's. where was we'll have more on your commute coming up. but during james, back to you. thanks a lot. 7. oh, one and but wait, there's more. there is now a game 5 between the giants and the dodgers. yes, you ask a lot of folks they wished it had gotten to this point. but on the flip side, when the giants win, they'll do it in front of a home states. that's kind of fun. let's go to kron. four's will tran. he is at oracle. >> in front of the hottest ticket in town and what will got. the new face mask. i'm not where my giants jacket until tomorrow because i want to jinx it. >> i was i thought about what kind of things i do. lot of line is there's nothing right. these are multimillion as tried to go. what did i what i you know. hopefully just rooting and losing your minds home or in front of the home
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crowd here. that's why they play the regular season to get home-field advantage. and it came right down to the last game of the regular season. and that's why they're playing here. game 5 and not in l a we don't want a repeat performance of what we saw yesterday. let's get to the low lights. i don't want to come highlights because if you're a giants fan of course, these are low lights. it was an awful game 4. they had a chance to close out the series as chavez ravine against the dodgers. unfortunately, it was a in from the start. it was 2 to nothing before your hot dog even got cold and then it got gabe kepler had to rotate his pitchers over and over. they are actually running out of. >> i'm visits to the mound and that's how many times they had to go talk to the pitcher or make a switch. but the time it was all said and done dodgers 7, 2, both teams traveled and usually james darya. they travel the night of. so they
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probably are waking up this morning. in san francisco and they will practice. hopefully the dodgers will bring some civilian clothing because after they lose tomorrow they can get out and enjoy all things wonderful about san francisco. let's talk to some giants fans. here's ian years kind enough to stop by and talk to us. >> you saw last night's game just really quickly, your reaction to. what was not a good night for our. orange team orange and white. >> sarah's little disappointed. but i'm excited for them to turn turn it around tomorrow. okay. your thoughts coming into game 5. are you nervous confident? >> just the whole gamut of both really nervous and confident. i'm i'm excited to see him win. give me a score for tomorrow. 5, 3, 5, love that a real quickly buster posey says that they should know each other so well. now this is the 24th meeting. do you think familiarity helps or hurts because, you know your opponent so well, it's a good question. i'm not really sure i think really the way i ate away. thank you so much. and you know what? james, i know
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you're a star trek fan. what we're waiting for this. look at that. it looks like captain kirk is well, hopefully the giants will go to another round and then the dodgers and go home and watch captain kirk go up into space or come down and haha so. >> go giants. tickets are not see. here says that he probably will down to the streets tomorrow to enjoy beyonce all the festivities for tomorrow and then if and when the giants win tomorrow game one against atlanta braves will be here on saturday for the next round. i got to tell you. sports fan in me says giants, the reporter in me says the objective. so i'm not going just have to guess real hard. thank time now 7. '05. and right now certain employees and businesses in san francisco have to prove they're vaccinated if they want to go to work that today is the deadline. the mandate going into effect this morning. as a
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matter of fact, property. the live in the city to explain. good morning. camila. >> good morning, guys. so roll up your sleeves. if you want to work in san francisco today. employees at certain businesses must prove that they're fully vaccinated. if they want to clock in and this applies to people who work in areas where there's a lot of contact. so check this out. this rule goes for workers at businesses like bars, theaters, clubs, restaurants entertainment venues as well as indoor gyms. now san francisco gave employees who work at these businesses 2 months to get the vaccine back on august 12 san francisco began requiring customers to show proof of vaccination if they wanted get some service at these businesses today, both customers and now employees entering those workplaces must be fully vaccinated. this is the city and county's way protect people against the spread of covid but also keep businesses
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open the vaccination requirement applies to health care providers to and that includes workers at adult day care centers. residential care facilities dental offices home health aides and pharma says now mayor london breed and other city leaders continue to push for the vaccines because they say this is the best way for people to protect themselves from the virus. but the city still has a ways to go. san francisco as of monday, people living in san francisco. 75 1% of people living in san francisco who are eligible for the covid shot are fully vaccinated. so mayor london breed. another city leaders hope that with this new mandate, that number continues to go up. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. camila. >> it's 7. '07. and today is the first day of a new mass vaccination site in valais. whoa. it is at the solano county fairgrounds open today through saturday. 09:00am to 04:00pm and they're going to be running this until the
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middle of december. there are closures beginning november. and then again during the thanksgiving holiday, that's when they won't be operating. but there's plenty of time and space for you. get your shot there in the east bay contra costa county has become the second county in the bay area to declare covid misinformation a public health crisis. the county board of supervisors approved the resolution. as you can see in this meeting last night. they state the county officials are committed to preventing the spread of false information about the virus and about vaccines that could threaten public health and safety and san mateo county where facebook is. they did a similar thing. they pass that resolution last week. facebook has faced criticism for allowing covid misinformation to spread. >> well, new this morning, a disturbing story out of san francisco. a homeless man has died. now after his sleeping bag was set on fire. police say the man was asleep on 25th street and south van ness last friday morning when he woke up to see his sleeping bag and
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fun flames paramedics took him to the hospital. unfortunately, he did not recover from his injuries and passed away yesterday. police are investigating this now is a case of homicide. walgreens says that prime in the san francisco area is so bad, they're having to close even more stores. 5 stores will now be shut down next month. walgreens is already closed more than a dozen others in the city because of this uptick in crime. this is a video example from which is a few months ago of a wall. greece are being robbed by someone who came in just grabbed bunch of stuff and left. in response, one city supervisor has introduced legislation now to allow for sheriff's deputies to contract with businesses for private security. now we talked to sheriff paul miyamoto who says that deputies working private security are actually whole lot more effective because they can actually make arrests. >> 3 people were hospitalized because of a shooting that happened last night in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. it was the intersection of golden gate and hide. the police found 2 victims who had been shot. they were taken to the hospital and then a 3rd person
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walked to the hospital. no arrests have been made and we don't have a description of the shooter. former san leandro police officer jason fletcher is going to face involuntary manslaughter charges for the shooting death of steven taylor. a judge denied officer fletcher's request to have the charges dismissed last april. he was one of 2 officers who responded to a call about a shoplifter. a san leandro walmart store and the body cam video here from inside the store. you can see that taylor was inside holding a bat and refusing to drop it and then officer fletcher shot and killed taylor. the alameda county da later determined that the officer used excessive force and charge him with manslaughter right now he's out on $200,000 bail due back in court, december 9th. >> san francisco public works says that the great highway is closed once again in both directions between slowed and lincoln. there's been a lot of sand building up on the
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roadway. so they have to clear that off. they didn't say how long it's going to take. so we're not sure when the highway will reopen. we'll let you know when we find out. we'll take a break and coming up ahead, more americans are quitting their jobs across the state and the country. we'll tell you how this is impacting the overall workforce. and here's another live look from texas as william shatner's captain kirk himself has been strapped in to the new shepard rocket and we expect in about 20 minutes to see him lot me up. scotty into space and back. we'll bring it to you live. with clean, fresh ingredients, panera's new chicken sausage and pepperoni flatbread is a mouthwatering explosion of yes. craft? yes! heartiness? yes! living life to the flavor-fullest? heck yes. panera. live your yes.
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>> 7.13. and if you're out taking your dog for a walk or just watch the walkers go by. check in this is this is i passed this this yard almost every day. yeah, that's a dog in there. they cut the pie holes should show this is fantastic. and just love it. and you could do that with your gate if you hadn't put the lie it is higher. you watch people go by it is that this yes, you look so cute that you see that sign above all eyes dog. but he honestly doesn't bark or anything. i think he's just content the lives of you there. just making sure no one. you know, the finger and there anything
7:15 am
care people watch. he does he likes to watch people go by uf. >> that is the cutest. so i know so it's going to be nice day to get out there and and speaking st the houses like 500 bucks in one of the giants game. so this is much cheaper. they're going to be people doing that at oracle park just like to thank the view somewhere. but yes, it definitely. i stay to get out there today to get the games. not today. i know all that wind could work just got a humming at the right time. and haha. but yes, it is definitely going to be a nice one today for sure. a little cloud cover overhead. but that's not going interrupt as you're venturing out there. >> really gorgeous day in san francisco. a little bit of a pinkish glow on some of those clouds as the sun comes up over the horizon. we've had a couple of sprinkles near the coastline as well as in the north bay. but as i promised you yesterday, most of us aren't seeing anything except for the clouds and that is certainly true this morning bit on the breezy side for a few pockets today. but nothing like the winds that we had been seeing winds will pick up for some of our inland areas
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tomorrow even as skies clear out, we are going to be looking at a finish to the week that is going to be much like the start of it with the return of those breezes. that's enough for a red flag warning to go back into effect tomorrow starting at 10:00am through 08:00pm the rest of the bay area not under advisories just yet as it really is that northeastern corner of the bay that should have the strongest of winds 50's and 60's for your highs near the coast, including san francisco today, even though temperatures today are technically a little cooler than they were both monday and tuesday for a lot of us actually feel a little bit better. that's because we're taking away some of the wind chill that the past couple of days and brought us most of us as you see are settled down into the 60's. a few 70's on the map and are 2 very warmest spots today. only at 72 degrees being vacaville and nevado tomorrow's daytime highs will be warmer but conditions also windier friday and saturday are warmest of the forecast in coming down a bit as highs rise back into the 80's and then we settle back into the 70's for next
7:17 am
week. reyna tom, thank you for that. that spot is still down there in gilroy. so we're looking at. >> northbound one. oh, one south of 25. they're all lanes currently closed because of an overturned tractor trailer. 25 and be your best alternate to getting back on to one o one as we head into the city a little under 22 minutes still see any major issues there. just an uptick in traffic on this wednesday morning. the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 14 for you to make that drive residual delays were seen at around out here in pinole 80 westbound just east p and land. a few of you tweeted me out. tell me just how long are waiting here as you're traveling. so definitely want to give yourself more time or take san pablo avenue to get around that because you are still seeing residual issues from that and a little under 15 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. darya james, back to you. thank you, ray. 7.17 for your study finds the pandemic has disrupted retirement plans. >> first 35% of americans and the fda titans of rules for manufacturers of hand sanitizer jane king is live at
7:18 am
the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane. >> hey, good morning, t s the fda said companies that are making certain alcohol based hand sanitizers must stop doing that by the end of the year. now in march of 2020, the fda loosen the guidelines on hand sanitizers. it was such a shortage of it. but now we've got plenty of supplies. so they're asking those companies that have been manufacturing. those under those temporary guidelines to stop doing starting december 31st. well, the fda authorized the marketing of 3 new e-cigarette products by rj reynolds are called views. now. this means the products can be legally sold in the u.s.. the fda says the vaping device from rj reynolds can help smokers cut back on traditional cigarettes and covid has been a financial boon or bust for workers depending on personal situation. northwestern mutual found the pandemic prompted about a 3rd of americans to change their retirement plans somehow now those who put off retirement. so they did so by an average of 3 to 5 years and
7:19 am
apple says invites for an october 18th launch event where we expect new mac books will be revealed air pods and also the new mac books are due for revision. the most recent models for both were released in 2019 and that will be streamed on apple's website as well. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you. toria. thanks. lodging. >> 7.19 is the time and the number of americans quitting their jobs has surged to record highs and the pandemic is partly to blame pedro rivera has more on the troubling trend. >> new numbers released from the labor department tuesday shows 4.3 million americans decided to quit their jobs in august that's nearly 3% of the workforce in our country. i think we need to be changes in search of the federal level seek meets came out to dine at louise is in larchmont village which like many restaurants has a now hiring sign at the door. >> i think the bigger truth is, is that nobody wants to be told what they can and cannot do. people want to be able to say this is my value. this is
7:20 am
my words and i want to be paid accordingly. >> low-wage service workers quitting high numbers according to the washington post, almost 2 in 5 workers who quit in august worked in retail or in restaurants and hotels. economists believe the mass exodus is being driven by workers wanting better hours pay and hope to seek better opportunities. i worked in food before and i really like talking to people. so i kind of miss that from my last job. >> police hawthorne has been a waitress for 6 months after quitting her job as a pharmaceutical representative. >> she enjoys a service industry but says during the pandemic, workers are getting more and more responsibilities. >> the people are realizing that they're dealing with more than they're supposed to. so like i feel like the pandemic a week and a lot of people to like i'm doing a lot more than i'm being paid for so. >> i don't blame workers are wary of coming out into new job, perhaps getting infected perhaps then infecting their family at the same time, employers are concerned about
7:21 am
expanding their payroll at a time when the delta variant is very much a wild card. consumer columnist david lazarus believes change will have to come from employers to drawback workers. >> you need to improve that situation. that means living wages. that means better benefits. in other words, health care retirement and other such things. >> and that means treating people fairly and respectfully. >> because if things do not improve soon lazarus says the impacts from the mass quitting will go far beyond job numbers. if people don't get jobs that they like. and in other words, don't start spending their paychecks again. that's going to ripple through the entire economy. >> well, that was pedro rivera reporting for us this morning. say if the worker shortage continues. well, that's going to lead to rising costs. and for the stress, the nation's supply chain. we don't want problem here. >> i love my job. i love my i love my jet. that's why i'm here. >> coming work is once again under way. we're going to show you what they're doing differently today at the
7:22 am
meeting millennium tower to try to short out. and it's pretty cool. we'll be right back.
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7:24 am
>> 7.24 and happening today. they've got a new way. they're going to go about trying to right the leaning tower of san
7:25 am
francisco and trying to fix that problem. the building, as you know, has been sinking and tilting for years now. and the previous work that was done to fix it over the summer had stop because they noticed that this isn't we're making it sink even more. now they got that big. how do you describe this like the straw. steel straw bay soaring into the are okay and then take out whatever dirt on the middle of it. instead going to put down a 2 foot metal pile that's threaded inside that straw. and then they're going to literally screw that into the bedrock she's so that it's can't sink any more. 300 feet down they're going. we'll see what happens with this but they say it's going to take maybe at least a few weeks or so to see if it's going to work. but and here they are talking about the new method. >> there will be measuring in real time of settlements or tell us i there will be measure and measuring of volume of soil that's being removed. there's instrumentation that's being installed to measure the vibration levels. >> so all of those things will
7:26 am
be looked at as test pilot program being performed. >> so will tracking is it is it ultimate fracking are some. digging down there. and to get out. >> that they're not putting their not putting like water pressure down there. fracture the right. i don't know. it just makes me nervous. if i were like not only living in it but around it. there people still living yeah. all of us going on and we like i said, it can take a few weeks to see if this is even effective. >> so we'll let you know what to what they did, what they decide. hopefully works. >> thousands of pg e customers across the bay area. just got their power back only to learn that it could be turned off again as soon as tomorrow. in love with the details and who's affected coming up.
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we make the goods that make life better... so you can get back and make the everyday more sustainable. oh and if you shop now you can save on them too! sonoma goods for life. kohl's. >> all right. we're back. coming up on 7.30 with the time we were expecting to see this rocket launch. but as you can see in the right hand corner. see that the chain's and minus the and it's over 50 in this way. but they haven't started it. so it could be exactly the holds been going on for a little more than 13 minutes and that 15 minutes won't count down until they release the whole. but right now they're going through the final checks last time i dipped people in the control room are like reading letters
7:30 am
and notes to the people on board the kind of what they did. the first launch. so maybe they're getting some of that stuff out of the way. eventually they'll release the rock and are they but like reading a million pounds on william shatner and beat me up, scotty and you know, i don't after it's funny you say that shatner on twitter. >> sent something out last night saying he has preprogrammed a tweet to go out when they're supposedly up in space. so we'll see what that tweet maybe it is beam me up. scott, i know you guys are all star trek fans that i used to watch it too. and i thought maybe. and richard was santa produce all would if they had a leonard nimoy some in space. and you know just how cool that is. cool enough that. >> captain going up for real. after all those years of faking it >> so we'll see. we'll keep you updated again. that hold is still in place. let you know when they release very and as for here, you're just blasting off to go to work or school how easy is but you
7:31 am
know, nothing is monday. and if you think of us as exciting. have to think the weather is a super excited. yes. yes, even though it's like the coldest day of the forecast. we're taking a little bit of a break from the wind. it's still breezy in pockets. but actually it's kind of nice to. >> not be looking at as windy of conditions as we monday and tuesday. tomorrow, winds will pick back up to so savor. every little bit of today's calmer weather. your view outside at the embarcadero got the cruise ship parked right there in the sunrise out in the distance. >> pretty nice way to start the morning. little bit of cloud cover here and there. we've had a couple of sprinkles in the north bay. those of really since cleared out now as you can see, a couple of breezy pockets like in san francisco at times today. most of us, though, in for a much calmer one ahead of tomorrow's increasing winds now right now temperatures are in the 40's and 50's definitely want the jacket in hand as you are getting outside going to come in handy on this brisk cool start to the day. rain. thank you for that. that hot spot is still in gilroy. some northbound one. oh, one south of 25.
7:32 am
>> lanes are closed there. and again, people are taking 25 to get a one-on-one. and so you're seeing traffic because of that overturned tractor trailer there causing delays, another new accident popping up in san leandro, a southbound at 2.38 north. so we are seeing delays a as you're traveling there. >> a little under 22 minutes or so. as you make your way into the city again. >> were seen no major accidents or issues there just uptick in traffic. i've been watching over the past couple hours. the richmond sandra fell bridge a little under 15 minutes as you head to richmond there and residual delays in areas where we had earlier accidents like up and funnel westbound east of popping way. there was an accident they're no longer there. things are still pretty slow along 80 as you're traveling. we'll have more on your traffic on this busy wednesday. darya james, back to you. all right. 7.32. and because of that wind, we're talking not today. but when it comes on again. >> the power's going to clap off. i love that. sarah stinson following us about the
7:33 am
warning again, they just clapped on the power. they clap off the power. it's just like kid with a light switch. mornings are a little annoying. haha. >> oh, i'm sure it's annoying and frustrating to say the least. saying this is necessary to protect their power lines that run along some of these dry vegetation areas and you have wind that can spark a wildfire. so 48 hours after the the lights are turned back on customers are having to prepare for the power to be shot off yet again live in napa county where most of the customers will be affected in the bay area. take a look at your screen. we broke down the numbers for you can see just how many pg e customers could be impacted by this public safety power shutoff. and that's 3,750 customers and here in napa county, 1591 customers and solano county. 1481 customers
7:34 am
in sonoma county and then they're in contra, costa county easy. there's 293 customers affected, possibly tomorrow pg e says they're still wildfire danger. as i said with that dry vegetation, the windy conditions putting their power lines at risk of being in danger during those. what if a wild fire were to spark. so total of 29,000 customers in northern and central california are waiting to see if their power's going to be shut off yet again. it's a show of happens. it will likely begin midnight in the end until 4 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. restored hopefully friday by noon. but this is alternatively and they're going to keep everyone updated. those customers will specifically be affected. the attacks phone call email. and of course we have kron 4 news. we're keeping our eyes on it for you keeping you updated along the way for now. those who are affected, you know who you are and you know what you need to do because you just went through it yesterday. you could have to do it again
7:35 am
tomorrow. so use this day to kind of enjoy the lights and also be prepared for now reporting live in napa county. sarah stinson back to you. all right. your hair tells the story perfectly still. >> perfectly beautiful. when you when it's blowing around, got the ponytail. we thank you, sarah. 75 right now and san jose your help to try to find the person that they think shot and killed a man back in june. we're going to show you. >> the man they're what they're looking for. 27 year-old. what a sony posse police think that he is the one who shot and killed another man outside the woods apartment complex in south san jose. and now going to show you the man who was killed. 33 year-old marcos santos areas with his wife. police say there was some sort of dispute between the 2 men before the shooting and they believe that they didn't have a prior relationship. those 2 men. they also say that the suspect shot and killed centers right in front of his wife and teenage daughter. members of the victim's family are asking the public for help.
7:36 am
>> what is. my husband's life was taken away. he left behind our 4 kids and me. we miss him very much and want justice. a job would you left a lot of pain and suffering and most importantly, they left kids without their father long as this man is on the loose. another family could end up saddened at a loss. >> now, as for where that man is on the loose. they say you could be in the bay area. they might have already left because they say that the suspect has ties to san diego and hawaii as well. >> also in the south bay, los gatos woman is behind bars now accused of hosting parties for teenagers and offering alcohol and even encouraging sachs 47 year-old shannon o'connor is accused of buying whiskey and vodka for her son and his teenage friends and loring them to her home there in los gatos, santa clara county da's office says the teens say they were pressured into having as the mother allegedly watched.
7:37 am
the teens also claim that o connor with texts and invite them over in the middle of the night to drink at her house charges against o'connor include felony show in baseball right now. i like with the manager of the dodgers with santa basically like if you're a sports fan with a sure you are all in on this game. this is what they was watching game 5 with the giants in the dodgers. yeah. so obvious again, for didn't go the way. >> john's what it wanted. but we got game 5 before 2 in town. here's kate running with a recap of what happened last night. >> the giants postseason journey rolls on a chance for san francisco to clinch on tuesday. they came in up 2 games to one in this best of 5 series. but from the beginning it was obvious that game for would not be an easy task. bottom of the first no score, one for trey turner. and he just rips that into right center. corey seager on hole
7:38 am
score. one, nothing la or lee anthony just the funny on the mound for san francisco got pretty roughed up. we got to the bottom of the 4th still 2. nothing mookie betts takes garcia deep to the opposite field. that is gone. it's a 2 run home run that made it 4 nothing dodgers final score 7 to 2 dodgers. so now the giants head back to oracle park a chance for them to close it out on their home turf, right. that's what we all want let's hear from gabe kepler and the giants. >> i don't think we're going to spend a lot of time dissecting as a team. this game. we're going to get on the a real update. will schedule our work out for a little bit later. >> no circuit are getting ready for game 5 when i see you back to the work will and the support of our fans and look forward to our team and the dodgers team of both in plan. meaningful games for a while now. obviously this one coming up on thursday is the most meaningful to this point.
7:39 am
and should be fun. >> it's going to be a lot of fun indeed. game 5 coming up on thursday. 6. '07, 1st pitch at oracle park. and of course you can keep it locked right here for all your diets coverage. 07:30am. coming up a look at the life of the first mexican woman in a leading role on broadway as we continue to celebrate. >> hispanic heritage month. and we have new details about the death of gabby petito. the autopsy revealing what happen.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> 71 in national news today marks exactly one month since brian laundrie, who's wanted in connection with the death of gabby petito since he went missing and now the wyoming coroner. >> has released the cause of death for gabby petito. the 22 year-old body was discovered back on september 19th. the coroner says she was killed 3 to 4 weeks before then and says it was strangulation. >> and they gave very few details other than that because of the fbi's investigation. >> and this is all many around the people who are involved in domestic violence fortunate that these other guest did not get as much coverage as this will. now, it's not clear. >> if the determination will lead to additional charges against per to his fiance, brian laundrie so far he's the only person of interest in her
7:43 am
disappearance. he's not technically a suspect yet in this homicide investigation. according to laundrie's family. he hasn't been seen since september 14th. the search for him continues today. >> 7.42 and we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
checking out the weather looking with one eye of the weather in the other iot space yesterday the launch of william shatner eminent now within the next 4 minutes. so we'll bring that to you live. but first, the forecast high job. >> yes, it's definitely a little less interesting down here today. i'm sure it will be really fun flying up to the rise and we are looking at actually a pretty calm day ahead of us today. and i don't think anyone is going to be complaining about the less than interesting day. we have ahead of us. it 60's and 70's. it will get sunnier and we're looking at calmer conditions that just means a beautiful one to step out there. your san jose camera showing off some of the clouds that we do have drifting across the region having resulted in a few morning sprinkles for the north bay. those are really having cleared out now and really the rest of the day is just going to grow clear and clear. we will have winds picking up tomorrow. today a breezy one at times, but nothing like what we did see the start the week. you see the clouds. we have passing across the region today, sunshine returning this afternoon and then sunshine stays with us really through the rest of this forecast. red
7:47 am
flag warnings ahead of tomorrow's uptick in winds for inland areas taking effect tomorrow for solano county at 10:00am lasting 03:00pm those stretch on up to sacramento and through the northern end of the central valley. rest of the bay area, not affected by any advisories just yet. but we'll have an uptick in wind speeds ourselves later on into the forecast 50's and 60's for your highs in sf as well as down the coast temperatures elsewhere in the 60's just barely low 70's. now technically today is the coolest day of your forecast with their daytime highs. barely reaching the 70's and for far fewer spots than what we saw yesterday. but it's actually going to feel a little nicer than yesterday. especially in those areas that you've been seeing those winds because we're taking away the wind chill factor vacaville as well as nevado are 2 very warmest spots. only at 72 degrees today. that is fall weather right there. now tomorrow's highs will rise compared to today's as well as wind speeds picking up a bit friday and saturday
7:48 am
temperatures our warmest in the 80's before we cool things down into next week back into the 70's reyna john days for that. got an update on this hot spot. we've been following the gilroy. remember all the lanes were blocked. now they've opened up one lane. so northbound one. oh, one south of 25 here ago. boy, one lane open to traffic is going to be able to start to move along. one o one. i was saying 25. >> is a good alternate to try to get around that still because we're going to see residual delays. we do have traffic collisions here in san leandro. hayward. we any southbound at 2 38 north in san leandro and then to 30 northbound south east 14th in hayward. so those 2 traffic collisions there causing delays along 8, 8238 as you're traveling into the city. a little under 22 minutes. so again, no issues here other than an uptick in traffic and more people driving the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula that drive time for you a little under 17 that's issues on the peninsula slide. the slow you down and we are still seen residual delays along 80 from that earlier crash. we had out
7:49 am
in pinole 80 west, but east of apia way that since been cleared. it was a hot spot. one point in time. still seeing delays, though, daryn. james, back to you. 7.48 we're only a couple minutes away now from the launch. >> in real life. yeah. captain kirk william shatner schachner chat shatner. there you go. he's going into space. this is life imitating for sure says more than 50 years after he say to space, he's actually going into the real deal he is. and we are at t -50 seconds. how about we listen in as a mission control talks them through the final moments here before liftoff. >> they're not talking here. i'll give you some >> ladies and gentlemen, it's time to launch this rocket godspeed new shepard.
7:50 am
>> 20 seconds now space. the final frontier these are the voyages of the starship enterprise. it's a 5 year mission. >> is no more. this mission is only going to be about 11 4 minutes of it a 0 me. manager, sir q. >> that's our she is on her space with the second human space here on its flights to space. and as soon as they hit
7:51 am
space william shatner, this person ever to be in space at night. a lot, obviously. but the ultimate are the base of the screen as well as the speedometer. they are gaining speed on their climb to space. we have confirmed. >> max q. this is when the met the the aerodynamic stresses on the vehicle were at their maximum. >> we're about a minute and 10 seconds into the flight again, it will take a few minutes for them to get up to that. the apogee of their of their trajectory where they're going to be experiencing that 4 minutes of weightlessness, 4 minutes when that's when the unbuckle and buckled flown around. we know that when jeff bezos went up on the very first flight they were they passed around like skittles right thing each other and and enjoying some fun of their. we'll see if they do something similar. and i don't know if we're going to get an internal camera live feed. but you can be sure that after they arrive
7:52 am
safely. adjoining us live from new shepard, second human flight. >> with audrey powers, william shatner, our customers blend of reason, chris boss housing on board. they are well on their way to space. so far. a nominal flight, a clean burn on our blue engine 3 new shepard given them a beautiful flight to space this morning. you hear say our customers, altitude raining just over the karman line internationally recognized line of space of a 100 kilometers. >> that is about 328,000 feet. and a gorgeous view down the rocket. that >> fascinating view. you know, we have main engine cut off the bet. 3 engine has shut off. and in just a moment, we're going to separate the capsule from the booster. and at that point our astronauts will have the opportunity to get out of the harnesses and enjoy the beauties of 0 g. >> let's wait to listen. i
7:53 am
hear people cheering on the ground. i think william shatner's captain kirk in space for real any moment. we'll expect to see a separation here of the main separation between the capsule and the booster. there we go. said the scary part is that the part where you get nervous. this is the point where they're on buckling. i'm sure they are. >> all vehicles up now. eu last time with jeff basis. it could hear them saying hey, catch the skill and right and there you can see the capsule from the top of the booster. there it is. coming in that they are continuing their ascent over the karman line. >> you'll know when they hit apogee when the speed hit. 0. all right. about this. we go to break and then they are over 120. let's show you over a 100 kilometers welcome to making the righ
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> all right there said, ok, there's still honoring, don't worry. we're going to show you william shatner inside that capsule as soon as he about but right now he is experiencing witless. yeah. there in the capital high above what you're looking at on the left side and the right side are views of the booster. that's what brought them up to that altitude. now, of course it's coming down and will. >> self autopilot itself to a smooth landing there at launch site that they're not in there. no, the capsule still above. they're still enjoying weightlessness that some point once you get further down to the atmosphere, though buckle back in and then we'll see the chutes deployed, which we're
7:57 am
hoping to bring you live as it happens as well. and we're hoping to bring you william shatner's, captain kirk himself inside that capsule floating around. so stay tuned. the kron 00:00am morning news will continue and will. >> continue dipping into this live coverage in just a few years.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> pg e power shut offs or possible starting early tomorrow morning. we have a live report from the north bay where thousands will be impacted. plus, proof of
8:00 am
vaccination deadline. i'm camila barco live with the new requirement that goes into effect today. >> 4 employees in san francisco. >> they had to. and this way giants dodgers game 5 tomorrow night in do or die at oracle will have the low lights from last night's game and reaction from fans and a live report. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and wait. there's more. william shatner is on his way coming down from space moment land. in fact, that just touched down in watching the live feed here. so that's going to be fun to see him emerge and talk about the experience of going up into 0. g weightlessness. they. got high enough that he technically was in space. captain kirk all their the live pictures of


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