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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 13, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> the cdc says deaths and hospitalizations from covid will likely decline over the next month. but overall vaccination numbers remain troubling information released this week shows and only 56.5% of eligible americans are in fact. >> fully vaccinated. jonathan mccall joins us live in the studio with details on how
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california is stacking up. jonathan. yeah. katherine and grande, california actually doing better than most of america. according to the california department of public health new numbers show that the golden state is now 71 and a half percent fully vaccinated among. >> eligible californians the numbers even higher in parts of the bay area. take a look at this. in the bay area. marin county leading the way with more than 92% of the counties. eligible population now fully vaccinated that's followed by san mateo county in just under 91% at santa clara county at 84 and a half percent in contra costa county at 82%. then we come to other side where alameda county is about 79% sonoma county at 78 75% for san francisco. but you can see napa county and solano county. now the only 2 bay area counties where those vaccination rates for those eligible are in the upper 70's below the state average now,
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even though that the vaccine rates in the bay area are higher than the national average county leaders across the area are still pushing for folks to get the vaccine. in fact, in solano county, a mass vaccination site is set to reopen at the county fairgrounds in vallejo. it's set to open wednesdays through saturdays from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon from now until the middle of december and back in august, san francisco made the vaccine. a requirement for city workers as a way to reduce the spread of covid and increase vaccination rates. workers have until november forced to get the vaccine, but today mayor london breed says so far things have been going pretty well. >> at least 95% of city employees are vaccinated. so we're talking about i'm a little bit over 1700 and we're continuing to work to try and get them vaccinated. >> so is also requiring workers of some private businesses to also make sure they get the vaccine starting today. folks who work in high
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contact jobs are required to show proof of vaccination. those are places like folks who work in bars restaurants, theaters and gyms. vaccination numbers are expected to improve as soon as kids under the age of 12. also received the green light from the fda to get the covid-19 vaccine. but the agency is still reviewing data, but an approval could come as early as this month. and the studio tonight, jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> appreciated. jonathan, as we switch our attention now to the 4 zone forecast and a beautiful live look here. this is from our camera on top of mount temple pious just a a gorgeous sight, right. yeah. it is. and people are hoping for a good weather tomorrow night, lawrence, for the giants game. what and at the game that is setting up dodgers giants, game 5, everything on the line. >> and here we go. the weather. i think it'll work out very nice. if you're one of those lucky people of one of those golden tickets get to go to the game that weather is going to be beautiful, clear skies out there that
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temperatures are going to be running the 60's. i think maybe just a light breeze and that is about it, that anything, it's going to be little cool as you head through the evening. so just dress warmly. get ready. this is going to be some kind of game. you know, something special is going to happen when you get the dodgers and giants in this kind of a big game. all right. out there tonight out toward the golden gate bridge. a little breezy out there right now. but nice and clear for the most part, we do have a cold front to wander through the bay area, just kind of fall apart. you see the remnants of it heading for the south now but brought with it enough moisture along the coastline to bring some drizzle out there to make these what out there along the coast as well. right now things are kind of quieting down out there don't have to worry about any rainfall for tonight. in fact, the winds that will be the bigger head over time here that low moves out of town, high pressure building in and then all of a sudden here come the wind. you watch. come right down the sacramento valley begin to fill in the north bay as we head through tonight and tomorrow and even in parts of the east bay. so the diablo range expecting all some gusty winds and higher fire danger through that period. here's a
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look at the forecast about 9.30 tomorrow morning. the red flag warnings going up and county. but you also notice in the napa county, very strong wind. you see some of those areas in the deep red there. those are some winds gusting near 40 miles per hour as we head through the morning tomorrow. so be careful fire danger running high through that area in the meantime, though. yeah, we're looking at some a nice weather through the rest. the bay area tonight going to be a little bit cold overnight lows tonight down in the low 40's around much of the bay area. guys, back to you. appreciate it, lawrence. well, as as he alluded to, it is do or die, win or go home. time for the giant says they're down to the final game. >> of that big series with the dodgers looking to continue their postseason journey. yeah. and game 5. of course, san francisco tomorrow night kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney is out at oracle park for the last practice. >> before the big game. kate. >> well, i can tell you the scent of the posteeason is
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definitely in the air here at oracle park, the giants, of course, are in the postseason for the first time since 2000, 16 first time ever. they face the dodgers in the playoffs and the stakes could not be higher. the winner of tomorrow's game gets to continue on this journey all the way to the nlcs to take on the atlanta braves and the loser. pretty much just to start getting ready for spring training. the good news for the giants is they've been here before as a franchise. they've had a lot of success in these elimination games over their last 3 world series wins and really the last 10 years in general. they played in 5 of these must-win games and one of them all 3 guys on the current squad were even around for all of those winds buster posey brandon crawford and brandon belt who is of course, rehabbing from that fractured thumb still there in spirit, though, and others like pitcher logan webb. he's coming off an absolute gem in game one are headed to their first elimination experience ever. now both web and manager
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gabe kepler today said their preparation for game 5 won't be too different. but of course they do respect the moment. >> we went to los angeles. was loud right. there a high level of intensity in the stands and a lot of quality routing going on and i think from our standpoint, we felt the same thing we've been here at oracle parking. i think the home-field advantage comes in the form of having the support of of 40,000 people. plus you can feel that support and it's meaningful it. it it it changes the energy so that adrenaline can be used in channeled to good i think. yeah, i think it means something i'm excited to throw them on, especially because they got a guy back there. that's it's always come. so. even if i do get a little up like his will be the first on the tony to bring it back down. >> weather, of course, is talking about his catcher buster posey there. but the young pitcher is no slouch himself in his game. one performance he threw a gem 7,
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2, thirds innings pitched no runs allowed and 10 strikeouts will be up on the mound tomorrow against dodgers. pitcher julio urias to himself. a really good game against the giants here in game 2. it's going to be a good one. first pitch right here at oracle park tomorrow at 6. oh, 07:00pm grant catherine. >> thank you, kate. and we're just going to tell people if you might be trying. still to go see the game in person get ready to pay up stub hub. just releasing new information actually tonight on tickets for tomorrow night's game. there are still more than 5,400 tickets available. the lowest ticket price. right $171. the average ticket price $445. the most expensive ticket that we found was $5,000 for a seat b manager mike mayock spoke today for the first time since former head coach jon gruden's resignation earlier this week, 2 days ago, gruden step down
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after the new york times reported about racist demeaning and inappropriate e-mails. he'd written. mayock says owner mark davis waited to make a decision on the head coach until he had more information. he also wanted to focus on this sunday's game in denver and focus on this guy that interim head coach rich bisaccia. but there's no escaping this major shift that the franchise is still dealing with. >> a lot going on in this building in this franchise for the last several days. mark davis, i think had tough time here. tough week. gather facts you to do is due diligence. he's been consistent with his messaging. and in regards to the jon gruden situation. we all respect his decisions and we're going to move ahead. accordingly. >> and as a result of everything that has gone on gruden's alleged homophobic comments. the raiders defensive lineman. carl nassib who this past offseason came
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out as. the first openly nfl player. he sat out today's practice. he was given an excused absence to process everything that has gone on in the last several days. as for the new interim coach coach, the the raiders are at least according to team officials in good hands. he is 39 years of coaching experience. he's been the special teams coordinator for the past 2 decades with the chargers cowboys buccaneers and raiders. >> and still to come, tesla under fire for how it's been dealing with a reoccurring problem with its auto drive feature. how the company is now responding to that. >> and a dramatic picture of the drought emergency. the latest water levels at lake tahoe. and after decades of traveling through space on screen. actor william shatner finally does it for real. >> is a very eloquent thoughts on the final frontier. that's
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year-old star trek actor successfully launched into space earlier this morning on one of jeff basis is blue origin rockets and we have this video. the capsule of being opened up after it landed. i will see the crew stepping out in moment or couldn't william shatner who was really very eloquent visibly by what he described as a profound experience saying. >> that he hopes hc will never recover from it. you can see are spot actually moving over to to go later tweeted a quote by isaac newton saying i do not know what i may appear to the world, but to myself, i seem to have but only like a boy playing on the seashore diverting myself and now then find smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary whilst the great ocean of truth. like all undiscovered before me. still ahead,
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stopping violent extremists before they join a group of the no effort from l
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>> on capitol hill. it is a battle against violent extremist groups in the u.s. lawmakers are hoping to cut back on the number of new recruits. these groups are getting and one way they're hoping to do that by focusing on veterans because veterans apparently are among the main targets of the group's
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recruitment efforts. >> kron 4 washington correspondent jessi tenure has that story. >> the threat is real and we are all at risk. a retired marine warns violent extremist groups in the u.s. are trying to recruit veterans like himself that specifically target the isolated and impoverished veterans were frustrated and confused. those who are struggling to adapt to the civilian world panelist told the house veterans committee. the groups want veterans for their tactical skills security clearances and access to weapons while veterans participating domestic terror is maybe few they can be extremely dangerous. experts point to the dozens of veterans arrested for their roles in the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol as a sign of the growing problem and one of them put some of the blame on lawmakers themselves doesn't feel that the system is not working. they view toward more extreme leaders to fix problem. >> the committee's leaders, california democrat mark takano and illinois republican mike bost didn't agree on much except for the country's duty to come together to help protect veterans were not here
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to condemn or vilified veterans engage with these groups. we cannot let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. the panel is called for more money for veterans services and programs and new training on violent extremist groups, but they also want more accountability for social media platforms where they say most of the recruiting happens is made. the problem extremism, frankly of all types. so much worse in washington. i'm jessi tenure. safety regulators want to know why tesla did not recall cars over autopilot software issues resulting in crashes. >> tesla and the national highway traffic safety administration continue to clash over the autopilot system after multiple reports of tesla's crashing into emergency vehicles. here's a crash here. these emergency vehicles were parked on highways. warning lights flashing tesla did perform a what they call an over the internet software update in late september to address the problem. but federal officials
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say tesla knows federal law requires automakers to recall vehicles if they learn the vehicles have safety defects. >> as california remains in a severe drought. some of the more dramatic water level drops are being seen in lake tahoe this week. water levels are expected to sink below the basins natural ram level 7 have fallen below the rim. 4 times since 2004 most recently in the fall of 2016, experts say there's really not much we can do right now. aside from waiting for mother nature to do her thing. but they say, of course it is a sign more needs to be done. you're around. >> there is a lot we can do. we we came to to get very serious about limits too late. and so i think we're living in the west, we do get droughts extremes in our climate. i think the idea of conservation
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being a year around and every m if is something that we need to give and will pay a lot more attention to. >> like talk was a huge source of water for many areas. and of course, if the levels do fall below the rim. all of those areas. we'll also be directly affected. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was back and you are talking about that possibility of some rain. yeah. it's kind of it for, you know, the long range models have been trying to bring some storms our way. unfortunately that just haven't materialized the next round. they want to bring in come this next week. i'll show you that the moment. >> outside yet clear skies. windy conditions developing overnight, no threat of any rain. here's a long-range computer model. this is the american model. watch what happens here as we go into the weekend looks pretty clear as we get through friday and then as we get in toward late saturday into sunday. there's a front that wants to come through. maybe some snow in the mountains, maybe a shower here in the bay area. doesn't look impressive in fact, the european model doesn't bring any rain at all. then as we
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head in the middle of next week. all of a sudden you get a ridge of high pressure building to the east of us and even though the storm looks impressive the kind of hold it off the coastline. it keeps us dry now the european model wants to try and bring some rain. our direction. still, things are very on southern long range right now i'm leaning toward more dry weather as we head toward the middle of next week. guys, back to you. >> thanks, lawrence. this next story is a scream scream 5. that is. we'll take you behind the scenes of the horror franchise's late ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to se ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> nearly 25 years after scream kind changed up the hard movie game. the original cast is returning with a new movie. yeah. entertainment tonights. nischelle turner has the story. michelle. >> catherine in grant ghostface's back for the 5th film in the franchise. it's a modern relaunch of the classic and only eat. he has your exclusive first look >> while some >> there's a lot of high emotions. this is this is this one is. hartman >> it would seem that people. aren't getting bored of these >> 3 attacks so far. you have a gun. >> sidney prescott. of course i have a gun. >> yeah. courtney, david
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arquette and never campbell are all back in this time around. there's a new killer behind the ghost face mask. it's scarier. >> probably it's you know, it's up to date in a different way. even though scream will always because sick. >> samantha, i i know who you are. >> into this. this is your life out, which means that whoever this is going to keep coming for you. >> newcomers in this sequel that hit theaters january 14th include meg ryan and dennis quaid son jack, 13 reasons why star dillan monette use jen ortega and melissa barrera from in the heights. whatever is link used to our past. it's pull us all back here. and i won't sleep until he's in the ground. >> and tune in to e t tonight with jamie lee curtis for halloween kills how she honored her mother's famous role in psycho for entertainment tonight. i'm michelle turner. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock. thanks for being with us this hour. sticker it around, th4ugh, a lot more news ahead on kron 4 news at 6 with 10 and
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jonathan. all right. thank both. could see grant and katharine, thanks to you both. area streets. state officials are now teaming up against the manufacturers of those dangerous guns. the historic lawsuit just filed plus a story that you'll only see right here on kron. 4 news bold car break ins. >> caught on camera here in the city leading to shots being fired tonight. the victims talking only with kron 4 news about how this all went jonathan mccall
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> can go online and get a gun. anybody can purchase a gun. >> we need to get these them. leon regulated weapons out of community. >> now it's 6 cracking down on ghost guns. these illegal unmarked weapons now causing problems all across the bay area. and today the state attorney general announcing a new lawsuit against 3 companies that make the weapons. that's where we start this wednesday night here on kron. 4 news at 6, thanks for spending time with us. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm pam moore can has the night off tonight in recent years, these untraceable firearms have been used in a number of tragedies throughout california. >> in june of 2000, 13, a shooter killed 5 people on and around the santa monica


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