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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 13, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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for-sale signs outside of east bay properties are staying up longer than usual. >> it's not your imagination but we want to find out if it means that home prices are actually trending toward a buyer's market. kron four's haaziq madyun got some insight from a pair of real estate experts. >> recent listings have been sitting on the market over 30 days. real estate experts are beginning to notice that the recently red hot east bay home market is beginning to show signs of cooling off with homes lingering on the market. zillow senior economist jeff tucker compared to earlier this year. so it's really the
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spring and the summer homes are taking a little bit longer to sell in the bay area. according to zillow's research the once a lightning fast pace of 9 days on average to reach a pending sale has now taken closer to 2 weeks by historical standards. it's still very fast, it's a bit of a slowdown east bay realtor. sandy porter. berkshire hathaway homes has over 25 years of experience in the bay area. real estate market. she says one of the primary reasons home sales are slowing down. >> buyer burnout. but i am seeing buyers coming out to open houses that have said that they stepped out of the market for a while because they were tired of losing out in bidding wars. those home prices were already a little too costly for some buyers. i think what that suggests is that buyers began to. >> kind of run out of patience. you know, buyer beier's begin to pull back and say this, these prices are a little too rich for me. a little too steep for me. we're going to kind of regroup and reconsider, although you may
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come across a list price reduction or to the experts say bay area real estate remains a seller's market a little bit more balanced between buyers and sellers. definitely not a buyer's market, though. >> has it made kron 4 news. >> a group of house democrats demanding president biden's build back america plan include billions of dollars to bolster affordable housing across the united states, los angeles congresswoman maxine waters says the pandemic may the housing crisis worse for millions of people already struggling to make their rent house speaker nancy pelosi, nancy pelosi promises to cut the costs of the 3.5 trillion dollar package in order to win support from the moderate democrats. the original plan contain more than 300 billion dollars for housing programs, including 90 billion for additional rental assistance over the course of 10 years. right now. pelosi says she is considering shortening the length of some programs in order to avoid deeper cuts. the fact is, is that if there is are fewer dollars to spend
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their choices to be made and many members have said let's get it. the results that we need. but we will not diminish the transformative nature of what it is. so far. the white house has not weighed in on the potential cuts. >> that's california remains in the sev re drought. some of the more dramatic water levels drops are being seen in lake tahoe this week. water levels are expected to sink below the basins natural room levels have fallen below the rim 4 times since 2000. 4 and most recently fell in the fall of 2016, there's not much that can be done right now. experts say we just have to wait for another mother nature to bring us some rain really. but the low water level is a sign that more needs to be done in planning your route. >> there is a lot we can do. we we came to to get very serious about limits too late. and so i think we're living in
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the west. do get droughts and we are getting more extremes in our climate. i think the idea of conservation being a year around and every m if is something that we need to give and will pay a lot more attention to. >> lake tahoe is a huge source of water for many areas. and if the levels do fall below the rim. those areas will be directly impacted as well. taking a live look at lake tahoe as we talk about our 4 zone forecast of you from the hollows boat house here. and you can kind of see where the water it's below that level the sea that is definitely pulling back. lawrence is standing by with a look at the current conditions in the north. yeah. and the they're not the only laker with issues like that. you look at shasta, you look at many of the reservoirs their way down. now. >> we'd love to get the rain going. unfortunately right now. mother nature not cooperating just yet. we had a couple of cold fronts go through. but they're just dying systems that some unusual for this time of year. but we really need to get that
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rain here. unfortunately not seeing much in the way of snow either. now that may change as we take you through here's our future cast model will through here. and as we head through friday, not much clouds roll in on saturday and then by sunday. yeah, there you go. maybe a little dose of snow up there otherwise things, staying fairly dry all the way into the friday. the following week. so that's not that promising. but if you're heading that direction. yeah, expect some sunny conditions right into the weekend sunday. those clouds will start together now the long-range forecast this where it gets really interesting. this is the american model that's coming up with a somewhat different outcome. the outcome for the european model is a much wetter model right now. right now i'm leaning toward the u.s. model will show you as we head through time here, we take into the weekend. high pressure in control keeps us high and dry right into the weekend as we get into sunday here that cold front that comes through. maybe bringing some snow up into the tahoe area. we're may see a couple of scattered light sprinkles here in the bay area. that's a possibility. but then after that, we get this big dome high pressure just to the east
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of blocking ridge that's going to set itself up. i think that ridgeway it sets itself up is going to the storm look like they're going to get here very close like this one on wednesday only to fall apart. never getting here. cut off low spins off the coastline and we really don't get much in the way of rain for maybe the next 7 to 10 days. so i hope i'm wrong. the other model says that's going to come through bring some rain right now. i think we stay dry. lawrence, thank you. a vaccine mandate now in effect for san francisco. >> the city workers who are now impacted. >> plus big changes for some upcoming festivals. what you need to know if you're heading to stagecoach or coachella his words. the giants get ready for what should be an epic showdown game 5 against the dodgers tomorrow. >> we'll go live to oracle park and kate rooney and jason dumas with a preview. and we'll also talk about the raiders quarterback derek carr's. reaction to resignation of former head coach jon gruden.
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today. workers at certain businesses in san francisco must provide proof of their covid-19 vaccination. >> the move applies to workers at bars restaurants clubs theaters, entertainment venues as well as indoor gyms and other fitness establishments san francisco city workers, meanwhile, now have until november. first to get the covid-19 vaccine. the vaccination requirements to apply to health care workers as well, including workers at adult day care centers. residential care facilities,
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dental offices home health aides and farm says. today is also the deadline for workers to in high-risk settings like jails and homeless shelters to also get vaccinated as well being unvaccinated hurts them from performing their jobs in those settings. so they have to be relocated away from the public or put on administrative leave about 1700 of the city's 34,000 workers currently are not vaccinated causing a disruption in their positions. but the city says it's now working to have those spots covered. >> we're continuing to work to try and get them vaccinated where examining those that people are requesting very closely with our human resources department and for those public safety departments, we are already various employees to ensure that services are not interrupted as a result and we're moving forward with aggressive hiring more so than we have in the past in order to ensure that if there people
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employment that we are able to bring on sooner rather than later. >> contractors who qualify will have to be fully vaccinated by december 31st. the city will require contractors to follow the policy and are all new contracts that start january. 1st. >> the coachella and stagecoach music festivals have reversed course on a vaccine mandate for concert goers. the company that puts on both festivals now says attendees the show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test taken within 72 hours of the event back in august. the organizers said that they would only allow fully vaccinated concertgoers and staff to attend the shows. the company is making the change after seeing firsthand the low transmission rates and implementation of safety protocols at other festivals. coachella and stagecoach return to in april. well, first it was covid vaccinations. now the university of california system is mandating flu
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vaccines. next. who's
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ but our here, we are just getting started. ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> we're learning more tonight about a new vaccine mandate for students and staff at all university of california campuses on top of the covid vaccine, which is already mandated students and staff will also now be required to get a flu shot. university leaders signing an executive order. they say this requirement will keep everyone on campus and the community healthy as we move into the
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colder months supporter, bridgette bjorlo at u c davis with a closer look at the timeline. >> it's the latest asked by one of california's largest school systems, university of california mandating flu shots for students and staff. we want our campus community as safe as possible, especially this with covid thrown into the mix. the medical director of u c davis says the vaccine is a safe and effective defense against influenza and the key to keeping everyone safe on campus and beyond. sometimes the flu just goes poorly and even young healthy strong people. >> with no underlying health can get really sick with the flu. the other reason is we want to help keep our community healthy. and so it the lower the key strain of influenza, the lower the cases of flu on campus, the less likely we're going to get other people everyone will have until november 19th to roll up their sleeves and to make it nice and convenient u c davis is actually offering
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the flu vaccines on campus starting tomorrow. you can come here to the recreation center and get it for free. >> many attending u c davis say they're in favor of the university's decision because took for the well-being of everyone. i think be a good idea for to get their flu shots. just with covid in the flu happening simultaneously. >> feel like it will be good. i personally haven't gotten yet. but if their mandate than i would others hadn't planned on getting the flu bill now. so now probably get benefits mandate. >> probably want to keep going here, though. not everyone is on board. are we just going to keep adding more vaccines on top of another like we have all these booster shots that like we have to take to go into certain schools. but at the end of the day, even even as as bad as it sounds. it's your own personal health and you decide how you want to do with it. and jeremiah says he's already made his choice. if they make it mandatory than yeah. i'm just going to have find a way to opt out.
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>> bridgette bjorlo reporting for us tonight. i'm like the covid-19 vaccine. there is a way to opt out of the flu shot by filing a written statement with the university. if folks choose that option, keep in mind, you will be required to wear face masks on campus throughout the end of flu season. it's about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at san francisco from the central tower cam. lot of folks getting ready for a big game tomorrow. that's right. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the giants game forecast. salmon, i know you want to game 5. and here we go. we're setting up for a classic game 5. >> between the giants and the dodgers. you couldn't ask for better weather as well. you see nice clear conditions. you're headed out their game time. 6. '07, temperatures, probably below 60's. it will be a little bit cool if you head out the ballpark of one of those lucky plan to dress warmly. but quite a game. hopefully it's a classic and hopefully the giants can't win tomorrow night. meantime, though, out there right now
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looking out toward the golden gate bridge. the iconic golden gate and certainly looking good out there. we're going to see clear skies for the night. but yeah, those winds are going to be with them around the bay area tonight, esptcially late tonight and into the day tomorrow. red flag warnings have been posted for slow county. but i think in napa county as well going to have to watch for some higher fire danger as those winds going to be fairly strong especially late tonight watch the winds start to switch from that on shore. wind to more of a northerly or an offshore breeze and those winds really start to the get go on about 3, 4 o'clock in the morning and then by about the middle of the morning tomorrow really racing maybe some gusts as high as 30 and 40 miles per hour. so watching that very closely, i think by tomorrow afternoon the winds will subside. the fire danger will go down. all that being said, tomorrow should be a very nice day for most of the bay area will start out chilly. you're in the low 40's in the north bay valleys 40's and 50's elsewhere. but by day the temperatures warming around the bay area, especially after highs today are going to be looking near 80 degrees in the napa valley. about 80 in antioch 79 in
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concord, 77 in fremont at tpabout 65 degrees in san francisco. a slight chance of a few sprinkles on sunday. otherwise we keep it dry for the next 7 days. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it all comes down to one game, which is extremely nerve-racking. if we're being honest giants dodgers tomorrow night at oracle and they had one more practice before that game. and guess what, that's where we can find kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. kate, your around the team today. what's the mood like? >> the mood is pretty good. jason, how can it not be. look how beautiful this ballpark is behind me. and plus there's some good news for the giants as a franchise. they're pretty darned good in these elimination games over the last 3 world series runs and the last 10 years as a matter of fact, they played in 5 of those games. >> and one of them all 5 and o. >> 3 guys on the current roster were around for all
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those winds buster posey brandon crawford and brandon belt who though he's still working out. the team is of course not playing. he's rehabbing from a fractured thumb. but then there are others like pitcher logan webb. he's coming off an absolute gem in game one. he is headed into his first elimination experience. now both web and manager gabe kepler said their preparation won't be too different. but of course they do respect the moment. >> we went to los angeles. was loud right. there high level of intensity in the stands and a lot of quality routing going on and i think from our standpoint, we felt the same thing we've been here at oracle parking. i think the home-field advantage comes in the form of having the support of of 40,000 people. plus you can feel that support and it's meaningful it. it it it changes the energy so that adrenaline can be used in channeled to good i think. yeah, i think it means something i'm excited to especially because they got a guy back there. that's it's always come. so. even if i do
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get a little up like his will be the first on the tony to bring it back down. >> so as you probably guessed webb was talking about none other than buster posey. his catcher. let's though, is no slouch himself you'll remember in game one of the national league divisional series. he pitched an absolute gem. so even though this is his first elimination experience. the giants are hoping he can follow up on that 7, 2, thirds innings. no runs allowed 10 strikeout performance. meanwhile, on the other side of the mound, the dodgers have julio urias going up. he had a really good game against the giants right here at oracle park in game 2 is, of course they're hoping things don't go so well for is tomorrow either way, it's going to be a really fun one game 5 first pitch, 6 of 7 tomorrow right here behind me at oracle park. jason. >> yes, and we will have coverage up to that game starting tomorrow at 3 o'clock. i like oracle way better than dodger stadium. if we're being honest. all right.
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the fallout from jon gruden's racist and homophobic emails is far from over. of course he lost his job is being removed from the bucs wall of fame and off of video games and there will certainly be more to come. but in the meantime, the raiders must forge ahead in this cloud of controversy and though look to their captain to lead them through it. a lot of emotions obviously. didn't see. all1of this coming. don't think any of us did. it just kind of kind of saw by surprise. you >> but. there will be a day for those feelings. there will be a day a time. talk about all that, you know and i'll get into some of it. you have more questions, but. from emotional standpoint, i got a job to do and that's never changed no matter who the coach is. no matter who's on the team with i have a job to do and that's to lead these men. >> the warriors were back in the lab today after beating
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the lakers last night. there you see klay thompson. he is still working to get back from that achilles surgery as you could see. >> the stroke is still there. steph curry and draymond green. they put in some extra work after practice after sitting out last night's game. steve kerr says he doesn't want any of his vets to push too hard during the pre season. that includes 37 year-old andre iguodala. he will play a key role off the bench for the dubs this year. right now. he says the body feels good. >> this is the same rodeo. you year 18. so. pushing in on some means and then she's trying to stay smart on other other ends of the spectrum and but at same time trying to keep a good pulse of what a team is so no i have to over exert myself on some nights. and then on. i can take it off the pedal. >> he's you know, just that naturally just to, you know, kind of a freak of nature. you
6:54 pm
know, just never seems to get you know, takes good care of himself too. >> nice to see if the dollar again. you know, he's he's great both on and off the for the warriors. and you know, he can bring a lot to the table back to that baseball game. so game 5 lawrence and have both won a game 5 as long as they win. of you know, because of the excitement associated with it. >> yeah. i think they are going to win, you know, is going to be good to have their fans back into stadiums. you know, dodger stadium, the dodgers fans are in tents. we can tell you a really intense. but you know what bay area fans. they love their teams to and it's going to be. >> a great atmosphere at oracle park tomorrow night. yeah. so can't wait to see all the action the and
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