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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 13, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. we are already read to koin. >> various employees to ensure that services are not interrupted. now the vaccination deadline has arrived for certain sectors of the san francisco workforce. >> we are seeing how the city plans to keep operations running smoothly if workers have not gotten their shots. >> car thieves caught on camera, smashing and stealing along the san francisco embarcadero what happened when someone tried to step in things taking a violent turn a story you'll see only here on
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kron. 4 news plus, here it comes again. more gusty winds high fire danger, headed our way. we'll show you where coming up next. >> good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news tonight at 8. i'm pam moore of jonathan mccall ken wayne enjoying the night off in just a matter of hours, san francisco will start to enforce a vaccine mandate. that's right. city workers in the following sectors considered high-risk must prove they are fully vaccinated against covid when they go to work tomorrow, the jails hospitals and homeless shelters also contractors who work in those settings are also required to be vaccinated. the city has stood firm with this mandate. stating if you're not vaccinated and not granted a waiver you can not show up for work kron four's theresa stasi. a lot for us tonight in the city, breaking down the details of what's to come to >> well, that city to city of san francisco taking a very hard line and that is not sitting well for a lot of people, especially the police
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department. >> i'm not going to have the level officers out there to be answering you know, calls for service. >> that's tracy mcrae from the san francisco police association talking about the vaccine mandate coming down and affecting all 35,000 employees, including the 2100 members of the san francisco police department. >> a 120 officers who are unvaccinated. so today the department began noticing those unvaccinated officers that starting tomorrow on the 14th that they would be put on paid at leave and not be allowed to come to work starting thursday. those san francisco workers and designated high risk locations such as jails hospitals. >> assisted living facilities operated by the city as well as homeless shelters must be vaccinated. the city's human resources department tells kron 4 news. 95% of the city's
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work force has been vaccinated leaving about 1800 workers on vaccinated further stating 800 have applied for religious and our medical waivers and furthermore, a department spokesperson says that if an employee is unvaccinated and works in a high risk location. then starting thursday following due process protocols. they will be on paid leave and possibly removed from their jobs. they continued to decline. vaccination. >> examining those that people are requesting very closely with our human resources department and for those public safety departments, we are already various employees to ensure that services are not interrupted as a result and we're moving forward with aggressive hiring more so than we have in the past in order to ensure that if there people that are separated from their employment that we are able to
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bring on sooner rather than later. so we're preparing for it. we understand that people have various reasons. but ultimately this is about keeping fellow city employees as well as the public safe. >> now, again, circling back to the police department. they say that there's no reason why you can't test police officer has a negative test than that. a person should be allowed to work on the streets to keep everyone safe. but again, the city standing firm saying that no way if you're not vaccinated and you work in those high risk categories. well, you can not show up for work tomorrow and again, 35,000 workers here in san francisco and on november. first, all of those workers have to have been vaccinated or they can not work as well. reporting he rents have just gone. theresa stasi you back to you guys. all right, thank you. as you just heard theresa say, san francisco revised its health order last month for all city workers.
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>> they face an october 31st deadline to get fully vaccinated against covid-19 meanwhile, all students and staff at university of california schools will need to be vaccinated against not only covid but also the flu that policy is beginning november 19th. the move comes after university leaders signed an executive order mandating both vaccines in order to keep everybody on campus and in the community healthy as they head into the colder months. >> i like the covid vaccine. there is a way to opt out of the flu shot by filing a written statement with the university. those who choose to opt out will be required to wear a face mask on campus throughout the end of the flu season. a north bay county. now the only one in all of california to move into the cdc's yellow covid tier for moderate community transmission, marin county health officials say the move is a direct link between high covid vaccination rates and dropping covid-19 cases. the move comes just days before
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marine county is set to join san francisco in easing indoor mask requirements. >> for gyms, fitness centers offices, religious gatherings and college classes. the changes require fewer than 100 people in the locations and everyone must be fully-vaccinated. a big story we're following tonight cracking down on ghost guns. these illegal unmarked weapons have been causing major problems throughout the bay area for years. today. california attorney general rob bonta said that he is now suing 3 companies that make those weapons. >> these are some of the most recent tragedies here in california where ghost guns have been used in june 2013, 5 people were killed on and around santa monica college. investigators say the shooter used ar 15 style ghost gun rifle in november 2017, 5 people were killed, 8 others were hurt in shootings at several locations, including at one elementary school in to county officials say that shooter used homemade ghost guns and unregistered
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firearms. then in 2019 2 high school students in santa clarita were killed. 3 others were hurt when a 16 year-old used a ghost gun, a symbol from the kit. but to blame the lack of regulations on ghost guns for a rise in the number of fatal shootings, ghost guns we know are an epidemic right now. we're seeing. >> children were seeing committee members are seeing law enforcement officer trying to keep us safe being killed by ghost guns because of their unregulated nature. and this is a i really powerful approach novel and unique in in in framing to get those guns off our streets. >> the lawsuit would also require ghost gun makers to follow california state laws which requires background checks for gun buyers, individual pieces of those guns would also need to be engraved with unique serial numbers. the guns would also have to be registered. >> well, in fact, 5 people have been arrested for ghost guns in 4 days in the east bay. >> but that's not the only place where they've been found
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recently crawford's grant lotus here now to 9 in studio with the details they called an at least rob bonta does. and you look around. see read the reports police reports and ghost guns are being found all over the place. the most recent incident. happened monday and 19 year-old richmond man was arrested by pinole police in association with this catalytic converter theft. you see video here that happened last month. surveillance video. it shows these guys get out of the suv and then they they jack the car up and next thing you know, they go under there and steal the catalytic converter. police say they found a short barreled, a r style rifle with no serial number. a ghost gun with a high capacity magazine and the vehicle. you see a picture here. they also found a bb gun inside the suspect's car. meanwhile on sunday berkeley police found this assault pistol with a high capacity magazine. as you about. 7 inches or so they were responding to a trespassing incident and
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arrested a man and a woman. then last friday police arrested a 59 year-old man at the white way shelter in berkeley after a worker solid gun in the men's room. no weapons are allowed at the shelter. police say they found this gun on the guys nightstand. it did not have any id marks. another ghost gun. later that day. police say they found this gun at the home of a man wanted for pulling a gun on a liquor store employee and then today police in san jose found 3 ghost guns inside a car during a routine traffic stop. investigators say the people in the car have ties to gangs and drug sales ghost gun kits commonly contain, but they're called unfinished frames and receivers. they can be purchased on the internet delivered right to people's homes in some cases you can assemble a fully functional gun. and as little as 15 minutes. pam, jonathan, back to you. >> it's serving here. grant.
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thank you. pg e says it has reduced the number of customers who could be impacted by power shut offs because of high fire danger tomorrow. the shut offs expected to start first thing tomorrow morning at 05:00am about 16,000 customers in 12 counties could be affected here in the bay area about 3300 customers in napa county, 1300 and solano county and 144 customers in sonoma county are at risk of having their power shut off on thursday. so about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at downtown. >> san francisco lit up on this wednesday night a chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with more on the continuing fire danger. that's why those public safety said officer possible. yeah. looks like another round. a very gusty winds, especially across the mountain tops across much of the north bay. we're going to see that developing overnight tonight. right now clear skies. we do have a weak cold front slides through. but some drizzle. >> the coastline. but behind that we've got high pressure building in and here comes the
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winds red flag warnings have been posted for county. but as you get the napa maybe snow to some very strong gusty winds likely there as well. right now, not much in the way of those winds and back calm right now in napa into that all changed overnight tonight. we're going to watch as winds ramping up the latest on our forecast for some of the fire danger as we head through the night tonight, the winds begin to pick up and then at the same time all of a sudden you start to see some yellow showing up and there you go. as we head toward the morning. the part of the morning tomorrow. you start to really see things wrap up not just in slow mo county but also into parts of napa to is we're going to see those strong, gusty northerly winds really kicking in. so tonight you see those winds rolling in to see all the colors beginning to change gusty winds 30, maybe some 40 mile across the mountain tops and that continuing through the morning tomorrow. finally tapering off by tomorrow afternoon, guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you. meanwhile, in santa rosa, a person suspected of starting 4 fires this morning. >> has now been arrested all for those fires happening
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within just one hour this morning. we're told that all 4 fires were put out without any injuries or damages to any structures or buildings a witness providing a suspect description that person was arrested. still to come tonight here on kron 4 or should say right now kron 4 dot com. you can find more information on being prepared for fire season scan the qr code on your screen with your directed to our website at kron 4 dot com, where you can find details including an evacuation checklist and what you should do after a fire. still to come tonight kron, 4 news at 8. >> plus smashed along the heavily trafficked area of san francisco tonight in a story you'll see only on kron 4 news. we'll let you know what happened when someone tried to stop those crooks trouble on the tracks while police say a driver collided with a smart ray. tesla called into question over a safety concern
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>> well, no, this is not a scene from a mission impossible movie. these burglars in oregon were caught on camera entering an ace hardware store from the ceiling. the store manager says 2 men k and through a skylight. they pried open the lot cases to get to the more expensive items in the store. they were in the store for about 20 minutes and managed to get out with a number of small items that could be easily sold. no arrests have
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been made in that case. now to a story you'll only see on crowd for it was a wild scene along san francisco's embarcadero a group of crooks caught breaking into cars right in the middle of the day things, though quickly escalating when these crooks fired a shot at a good samaritan who is simply trying to stop what was happening. this all went down this afternoon near pier, 19. >> kron four's dan kerman picks up the story. >> car break. ins had become a way of life in san francisco and it happened again. wednesday afternoon to a series of cars along the embarcadero near pier 19 only this time a passer by who prefer we not show his face tried to stop the bad guys i saw glass on the side and. >> there were guys are suitcases out of the back when he started shouting at them to stop. they got in their car with the luggage drove from pier 19 to peer 19 and a half. >> and broke into another car. that's when he started taking these pictures. >> they broke into another car
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chevy tahoe. both back right away and immediately grabbed a of the items that were in the back, which what the couple large suitcases almost like they had case to be 4 or knew that it was there. grabbed threw in the back and that's when i started chasing after them taking photos. the guy on the paid would like to going of some sort out of his left hand jacket. and you got me. fired something at me. i behind the call that i was standing next to the guys immediately jumped in their car because everyone who the hauler in there were 10 or 12 people walking down the at the same time, they all started coming out into the street and that's when the 2 individuals drove off. >> the good samaritan was uninjured or do to get in a heartbeat because people like this need to know that they can't get away with this and that citizens will rise up and stop stop this from happening. >> hours later, the visitors whose cars were broken into showed up to find. there was
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nothing left. >> this is my second time here. the first time i was here, i got and this is my second time now in all this happened in i worked in detroit for over 10 years of never had a single incident at all. so it is a little disheartening at you. come here to a beautiful city and you feel like you're not safe fortunately, a good samaritan found some of the luggage dumped nearby. >> the victims were contacted and they headed out to pick up what was left in terms of the police response. those whose cars were broken into were told to fill out an online police report. >> as for the witness who saw this and tried to stop it and was shot at. he was also initially told to fill out an online police report only when he called 911 a second time that they agree to send out an officer to meet with him. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> stop what you're doing right now. do you recognize this man. well, warren county sheriff's investigators say they need your help, trying to track him down. deputies say
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that back on september 17th he stole merchandise and the clark's backpack from a gas station in mill valley. if you have any information on who he is. make sure you give warren county sheriff's office, a call. meanwhile, take a look at this. a driver arrested when a car crashes into a train. the scene unfolding this morning in santa rosa. look at that damage left behind. witnesses say the driver driving through the railroad crossing after the crossing arms have been lowered. >> first responders had to free the driver from that car. he was taken to the hospital to get checked out but is expected to be okay. officers arrested him for driving under the influence. >> meanwhile, caught on camera. take a look at the security camera video just outside of kansas city shows the moments that a tesla crashed into a building. this happened in the late a no one was inside of that building at the time. but the impact cause a whole lot of damage causing some water water pipes to burst flooding the building and even the car. the driver was not hurt. but tonight there's no word on exactly
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what may have caused that crash. and in other tesla news tensions escalating between tesla and us regulators over the company's autopilot function. the national highway traffic safety administration wants to know why tesla did not issue a recall. >> when it updated as autopilot software to better identify emergency vehicles. the agency says a recall must be issued if an update deals with a safety defect. the agency also ordered tesla to provide information about its self-driving software that is being tested on public roads. but tesla has not commented on this issue. california's high-speed rail project is again facing an uncertain future. lawmakers and governor newsome are debating whether to give the project more than 4 billion dollars in bond money. rail officials say they need that money to continue construction beyond next year. but some lawmakers in the assembly do not want to release the money without more
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oversight and some possible changes. they are questioning whether the state should spend money to electrify the line under construction in the central valley when it is still unclear whether there's enough money to extend the line to san francisco but rail officials say electrifying the line is necessary in order tol make it high speed. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. this wednesday night. a live look at the mount tam kim. >> high above the city tonight. >> and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with more on the winds of the fire danger that comes with them. lauren, this is that really scary time of year until we get the rain going. we're going to deal this these fronts come through behind that high pressure builds in. we get those offshore wind blowing and that's what we're really concerned about. the fire danger that's going to happen again tonight. we have a front go through today. fell apart has moved on by drizzle along the coast line clear skies though, now are almost the bay area and then well, things begin to change. we've got that low. that is now moving to the south high pressure starting to sneak in here is that ridge builds in. well, here we go. we get the
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windy conditions again overnight tonight and around the bay area, especially over the mountain tops in the north and parts of the east bay, a frontal system moving on through things, quieting down more showers headed up toward portland and seattle. we're keeping things dry here outside. yeah. there you can see the winds along the coastline. but overnight tonight you watch it. come right down the sacramento valley and make their way back in the bay area. here they come as we head toward tomorrow morning and throughout the middle of the day, those winds really kind of ramp up that looks like the winds will begin to settle down a little bit as we head toward the afternoon. more of a sea breeze developing late in the day. so looks like things are going to calm down. this event will come to an end. i think by tomorrow night. but overnight tonight, again, not as strong of a wind event like we had earlier this week still strong enough to get a fire started very dangerous fire conditions. yeah, but i this week. it blew branches everywhere. yeah. i don't think this will be that strong, but certainly up in those hills. yeah. could bring down some power lines. yeah. all right. thanks a thanks a a south bay school district has reopened 2 schools that were closed because of a covid-19
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outbreak. >> loma prieta joint union school district shut down in-person instruction at the schools after 9 cases surfaced. the district has more than 510 k through 8th graders at loma prieta elementary school and cte english middle school which share a campus in a letter to parents the district. superintendent said the new policies are set to go into effect next week, which would include weekly testing for all students if their parents to approve. >> still ahead of a fighting for their culture, fly south bay activists say they are st in the
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south bay, some neighborhood activists are standing in the way of plans which they say will raise part of their cultural heritage. >> at the center of the controversy is a mural intended to preserve that culture and beautify a neighborhood that's troubled by gangs and graffiti. well for drought. that has the story. i think that. >> you know, this just south kind of community rosalynn to aguilar of san jose's guadalupe washington neighborhood association says the owners plans to paint over the mural on this building at the corner of south first and oak streets would be a we're losing a little bit of bright density. i know the word that gentrification comes up a lot. and i think this is our first real. >> i really experience with
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that particular says the mural is central to the neighborhoods latino heritage and features quotes from the renowned activist cesar chavez. >> longtime resident carlos barba say the mural has discouraged graffiti and one of the city's gang hotspots don't don't touch i think part of it is because their presents, our culture represent. we're present for history and we're trying to make our community safer and we felt that this was a solution that we all could be part of. so we're very proud of it. painted by artist thomas whisper, tell them on chase along with residents 5 years ago. the mural pays tribute to dia de los indigenous peoples bell, a full cora cole in the late denture brenda lopez. i spoke to her brother. mark when the community came together to paint the mural was an honor to brenda be part of because of the legacy that she left behind in this neighborhood. the building's owner is said to be doing away with the mural is part of a renovation plan that will bring tech jobs to the neighborhood. >> residents want him to
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reconsider and we are afraid that this is going to bring back the same issues that we had 6 years ago because it probably will arrive urged to contact the owner of the building for comment, not successful so far. meantime, the neighborhood association. >> planning a save the mural rally set for this coming monday in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8. a story of survival for birds caught in the southern california oil spill. plus, the biden administration is using part of the golden state to help ease the country's supply chain backlog and it is quite the sight from space when snow and smoke cloud the golden state.
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don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you.
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definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. oil from the orange county spill scrubbed off their wings a number of rehabilitated birds are once again flying free is so sad to see says that massive spill animal experts have been working around the clock feeding and hydrating and cleaning those fighting birds. mark mester reports. >> more progress in the cleanup of the orange county oil spill as some of the injured wildlife are returned to their natural habitat. we 2 of our first birds are ready dec in a near grebe ready deck. was that happy looking dock on the pictures that we've seen those are 2 of the
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first animals that came in early in the spill heavily coated very affected. so getting them back into a clean environment is absolutely amazing. doctor michael ziccardi is the director of the oiled wildlife care network. the group has rescued. 28 live birds since the spill and are committed to staying on scene until the environment is deemed safe because this was an accident of human cause. it's really important to try to repair that damage. the environment, at all possible, while the cause of the oil spill which turns 2 weeks on friday remains a mystery local lawmakers are vowing action commute time from now is going to take for us to find out what exactly happened. we will have our first field hearing in november and will be having regular haynes after that. >> we need to have answers in the next couple months because we need to make changes when we resume our legislative session in january. >> that was mark mester reporting. meantime, you may have noticed that when you shop the price of some items has dropped jumped
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significantly. in fact, delivery times for things like furniture and cars has also increased. >> today the biden administration announced new action to help ease the supply chain back. lock. >> the port of los angeles announced today. that is going to be began operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. >> the move comes after the port of long beach agreed to do the same thing. the white house says the moves should speed up the process of getting goods off the ships and into stores. both the port of los angeles and long beach account for 40% of all shipping containers entering the country. president biden says that mega retailers like target and walmart and companies like fedex and ups have also committed to working overtime to help reduce supply chain shortages. >> for your money. americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers. the u.s. labor department said yesterday 4.3 million americans quit their jobs in august. that's nearly 3% of the u.s. workforce. the government says people left
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jobs and restaurants, retail and hotels largely over fear of the spreading delta variant of covid. some say they are simply burned out the pandemic has also forced many employees to reassess what is important to them. namely a desire for better work, life balance or higher pay employers are desperate for workers and many employees feel they can get better pay elsewhere. >> people want to be able to say this is my value. this is my words and i want to be paid accordingly. i feel like the pandemic a week and a lot of people to like i'm doing a lot more than i'm being paid for so. >> i don't blame. >> hiring in august decreased by 439,000 jobs, which is the largest decline since last december. people receiving social security will be getting a boost to their bank accounts. 6%. that is it is the largest increase since 1982 the spike will boost retiree's monthly payments by about $92 per month every year. the monthly benefit goes
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up based on a one year increase in inflation and the reason for this hike is because of the rise in inflation. >> meanwhile, take a look at this snow images from spaceh satellite imagery from the national weather service shows snow in the sierra nevada mountains and wildfire smoke from the alice all fire burning in santa barbara county at last check. that fire has scorched more than 15 1000 acres just 2 systems happening all at once, which checking now outside at sfo. this live picture looks pretty clear tonight. >> but there's still some concerns about those winds down. that's right in the fire danger as well that we're tracking for tomorrow. crawford chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight to get us ready. this is kind of a season of extremes. this where we really see. >> just a wide variety. we get snow in the mountains and then you go, gusty fires those winds really with them. but in the sierra nevada, we're going to see a chance of some more snow on the way up this model's true. not over the next couple days. we're looking good but we get late sunday and monday. how about that little snow maker rolling
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on into tahoe and also the kirkwood maybe the bear valley as well. most the higher peaks may be getting a dusting to some snow. not a huge storm. unfortunately after that, it's pretty quiet. we'll show you more on that in just a minute. the long-range for all of us. the look that impressive least not right now. sunny skies. if you're headed to topple those temperatures moving up in the 60's almost 70 degrees by saturday. late saturday night into sunday. a chance of some snow lowered forecast model. this is the american model we're showing the gfs that it's going to bring with it looks like some dry conditions to saturday. slight chance of showers locally come sunday and it's not going to be much of the swing biden holds together the european model actually keeps us dry. then behind that this one wants to bring the storms pretty close. but there's a big dome of high pressure to the east of us use a storms kind of run that ridge kind of fall apart kind of hold steady. then we get a cut off low spinning off the coastline. now, the european model wants to bring a chance of rain right now i think will keep things dry at into next
8:37 pm
week. it looks like things staying dry for some time to come. thank you, laura. still ahead anti-abortion protests getting out of control at a planned parenthood in the east bay, the mare of walnut creek. now speaking out about the issue as women seeking health care and abortion services say they are being arrest. just how long has that for sale sign that up in your neighborhood. >> what could be a sign that the housing market is starting to slow down.
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>> so if it seems as those for sale signs outside of the state properties are out longer than normal. it is not your imagination playing tricks on you. but. >> we want to ask if it means we're actually moving toward a buyer's market. well, kron four's haaziq madyun wanted to find out you've got some insight from a pair of real estate experts. >> recent listings have been sitting on the market over 30 days. real estate experts are beginning to notice that the recently red hot east bay home market is beginning to show signs of cooling off with homes lingering on the market. zillow senior economist jeff tucker compared to earlier this year. so it's really this spring, and the summer homes are taking a little bit longer to sell in the bay area. according to zillow's research the once a lightning fast pace of 9 days on average to reach a pending sale has now taken closer to 2 weeks by historical standards that still very fast. it's a bit of
8:41 pm
a slowdown east bay realtor. sandy porter. berkshire hathaway homes has over 25 years of experience in the bay area. real estate market. she says one of the primary reasons home sales are slowing down. >> buyer burnout. but i am seeing buyers coming out to open houses that have said that they stepped out of the market for a while because they were tired of losing out in bidding wars. those home prices were already a little too costly for some buyers. i think what that suggests is that buyers began to. >> kind of run out of patience. you know, buyer beier's begin to pull back and say this, these prices are a little too rich for me. a little too steep for me. we're going to kind of regroup and reconsider, although you may come across a list price reduction or to the experts say bay area real estate remains a seller's market a little bit more balance between buyers and sellers. definitely not a buyer's market, though. >> has it made kron 4 news. >> to come tonight, the giants getting ready for their biggest game since their last
8:42 pm
world series win in 2014 kron 4 sports director jason dumas says has a preview of game 5 gia
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>> verbal and even physical abuse associated with demonstrators outside planned parenthood has become a public safety issue in walnut creek. that's according to the city's mayor and the ceo of the organization patients seeking abortion services have complained that the protesters
8:45 pm
have crossed the line kron four's phillipe djegal has details that the city is now considering an ordinance to fix the problem. >> mothers are standing up for women subjected to abuse from protesters outside planned parenthood in walnut creek. no woman should have to run a gauntlet of intimidation and harassment in order to access affordable health care resident speaking out at last week's city council meeting requesting the city draft an ordinance establishing a buffer zone outside the clinic to prevent protesters from pestering patients. one says she knows a teenage girl harassed by demonstrators who basically said that she wouldn't seek health care anymore. and i believe that people should have the right. >> and the access to have safe and private health care bill. that all it is, is president and ceo planned parenthood northern california and says although the clinic has been in the area for decades. the protests started becoming recent years. >> demonstrators stage outside
8:46 pm
almost every day. >> order show up on tuesdays and fridays and portions are conducted every day. i'm concerned. >> there might be an and. >> that could be prevented mayor kevin wilk says the staff report on the issue is expected >> he says if an ordinance eventually we'll do our best to ensure that there is safety for the people that enter. and that there is no physicality or violence before it's too late. in we all kron 4 news. >> after more than a week of failed negotiations. the union representing hollywood. cruz has announced that its members will go on strike and this will happen on monday. is this comes as the producers have been bargaining for better working hours a safer workplace and improved benefits for months. but the association that represents the major film and television
8:47 pm
production companies says it does not approve of the new contract proposal contract represents of the union represents 150,000 crew members in the u.s. and in canada. if the strike does take place, it would essentially stop hollywood production in its tracks, unusual attack ins with the tragedy overseas. 5 people were killed, 2 others hurt when a man shot them with a bow and arrow in norway. >> it happened near the norwegian capital of oslo. police say the suspect walked around town shooting people with bows and arrows for shooting folks with arrows for nearly 20 minutes before police stopped him one of the 2 people hurt is an off-duty police officer. >> for your health tonight. the food and drug administration announced new guidelines aimed at reducing salt sodium intake over the next 2 and a half years sodium can increase blood pressure, which is a major risk factor in heart disease and stroke. according to the fda, about 70% of the salt in us diet
8:48 pm
comes from processed free packaged foods or restaurant foods, not sought added to meals at home. the guid%lines are voluntary but health advocates are pushing to make them mandatory. >> meanwhile, take a look at this. a pair of lemurs with the oregon zoo having a halloween-themed a snack. you can see that too investigating a carved pumpkin, then finding there treats inside. so we all do video taken on friday that zoom sharing it with the caption gord times with the lean teen. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> well, folks, it all comes down to one game, which is extremely nerve wrecking if we're being honest. giants dodgers tomorrow night at oracle and they had one more practice before the game today. the good news for the giants ever franchise. they're
8:49 pm
pretty good in elimination games over the last 3 world series wins and the last 10 years they played in 5 must-win games. and guess what, they won every last one of them. 3 guys on the current squad were around for all 3 of those wins for all 5 of those when buster posey brandon crawford and brandon belt. the latter who of course is rehabbing from a fractured thumb logan webb will get the start tomorrow is heading into his first elimination game, web and capital or said their preparation won't be too different. but of course they respect the moment. we went to los angeles. was loud right. there >> a high level of intensity in the stands and a lot of quality routing going on and i think from our standpoint, we felt the same thing we've been here at oracle parking. i think the home-field advantage comes in the form of having the support of of 40,000 people. plus you can feel that
8:50 pm
support and it's meaningful it. it it it changes the energy so that adrenaline can be used in channeled to good i think. yeah, i think it means something i'm excited to throw them on, especially because they got a guy back there. that's it's always come. so. even if i do get a little up. my keys will be the first on the tony to bring back down. >> the fallout from jon gruden's racist and homophobic emails is far from over. of course he lost his job. he's being removed from the bucs wall of fame and off of video games and we'll certainly be more to come. but in the meantime, the raiders much forge ahead in the cloud of controversy and the look to their captain to lead them through it. a lot of emotions obviously. then see. all of this coming. don't think any of us did it just kind of caught us all by surprise. you >> but. there will be a day for those feelings. there will be a day at a time. talk about
8:51 pm
all that, you know and i'll get into some of it. you have more questions, but. from emotional standpoint, i got a job to do and that's never changed no matter who the coach is. no matter who's on the team with i have a job to do and that's to lead these men. >> the warriors were back in the lab today after beating the lakers last night. there's klay thompson still working back from that achilles surgery as you can see, still has the flame thrower on his arm. >> steph curry draymond green. they put in some extra work after practice after sitting out last night's game. steve kerr says he doesn't want any of his veterans to push too hard during the pre season that includes 37 year-old. >> andre iguodala. he will for the warriors just like he did during those championship years in right now. he says, hey, his body is feeling good. >> this is the same rodeo. you year 18. so. pushing in on
8:52 pm
some means of inches trying to stay smart on other other end of the spectrum and but at same time trying to keep a good pulse of when a team is so no i have to over exert myself on some nights. and then on. i can take it off the pedal. >> he's you know, just that naturally just to, you know, kind of a freak of nature. you know, just never seems to get you know, takes good care of himself too. >> all right. that you look at sports. back to you guys. all right, jason and coming up, william shatner boldly going where no one his age is ever gone before but the iconic star trek actor had to say about his brief stint in space ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
8:53 pm
♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> it was unbelievable. that's a direct quote from actor william shatner today after the successful launch of the blue origin sub orbital capsule, the 90 year-old actor. now the oldest person to fly into space. it was really part of the second launch by the jeff pesos own space company markie martin reports from the launch site in west texas. >> how could i not grow up watching that show early wednesday morning star track in aerospace fans alike gathered for a highway watch party in van horn, texas, blue origins launch pad often the distance as actor william shatner prepared for the 90
8:56 pm
year-old widely known as star trek's captain kirk becoming the oldest person to travel to space back on earth. but it's right there on lookers young and old marveling at the miracle of flight before up there. what and shot their sage. very impressive as his life doesn't stop like a none of us. >> should ever give up. none of us had ever rest on our laurels. >> we should always keep pushing 10 minutes, 350,000 feet high 2200 miles per hour. chatter and his crew earning their wings from blue origin, founder and star trek fan. jeff ok, guys. we have 4 astronauts before you. the beloved captain kirk overwhelmed with emotion at the experience of a lifetime what you've given is the most profound so. filled with
8:57 pm
emotion. but but what just happened. i just. >> extra. we have >> incredible was incredible. it was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 8. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. grant lotus saint catherine heenan are here with what's coming >> all right. thank you to here's what's coming up next on kron, 4 news at 9 solano county. >> is lagging behind the rest of the bay area when it comes to getting people vaccinated fewer than 70% of eligible residents are fully dose. >> what's being done to try to get people there more in line with folks living in the rest of the bay area and they're trying also police and firefighters. they are among those who must be fully vaccinated. now, if they want to continue working in san francisco. >> how many first responders could be off the job as early as tomorrow. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> now at night, a mass vaccination site returns to vallejo booster shots in first and second doses are available at this. a county fairgrounds. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight.


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