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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 13, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> now at night, a mass vaccination site returns to vallejo booster shots in first and second doses are available at this. a county fairgrounds. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight.
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>> solano county has the fewest number of residents are fully vaccinated. and we've got a look at the vaccination rates for all of the bay area counties said to 68% here of eligible residents in solano county. >> are fully vaccinated while the other local counties here in the bay are reporting rates at and 70% or higher. kron four's. gayle ong has more now on the effort to get more people protected in solano county. >> the covid-19 vaccination have reopened wednesday. the site opened at 09:00am at the solano county fairgrounds in vallejo where volunteers can administer up to 4,000 shots a day. we have all 3 vaccines on site today. >> so people are questionable. you guys come down. no shot require. we've got plenty of staff down here educated to kind of correct any kind of concerns that they have and feel free to just they can come in and leave without a shot of the like to. but we want to make sure that we can provide this for everybody. solano county has the lowest vaccination rate in the bay area. >> at 68%. helps the whole
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world. so it's important to get it. bill who lives in benicia plans to sign up to get his 3rd dose when it's his turn i'm waiting to my booster, but i got moderna so i have to wait for that to be approved, but i'll get it as soon as they making available, their doses will be provided to those who have received their initial pfizer vaccination at least 6 months ago. this man got his booster to stay safe at work. i'm a flight attendant and work in the cabin with a lot of people flights are full of people are flying all over the place. and i just want to be as protected as i can. so i don't let ill. the site will be open wednesday through saturday from 09:00am to 04:00pm eligible residents can make an appointment online. the mass vaccination clinics will be available for the next 8 weeks. >> here in vallejo, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> in a matter of hours, san francisco will start enforcing a vaccine mandate city workers say in the following sectors considered high-risk must prove they're fully vaccinated against covid when they go to work tomorrow, talking about
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employees in jails, hospitals, homeless shelters as well as contractors who work in those settings. they're all required now to be vaccinated. the city of san francisco has stood firm with its mandated says if you are not vaccinated and. >> not granted a waiver. you cannot show up for work. kron four's terisa stasio has the story from san francisco. >> not going to have the level officers out there to be answering you know, calls for service. >> that's tracy mcrae from the san francisco police association talking about the vaccine mandate coming down and affecting all 35,000 employees, including the 2100 members of the san francisco police department. >> a 120 officers who unvaccinated. so today the department began noticing those unvaccinated officers. that's starting tomorrow on the 14th that they would be
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put on paid at leave and not be allowed to come to work starting thursday. those san francisco workers and designated high risk locations such as jails hospitals. >> assisted living facilities operated by the city as well as homeless shelters must be vaccinated. the city's human resources department tells kron 4 news. 95% of the city's work force has been vaccinated leaving about 1800 workers on vaccinated further stating 800 have applied for religious and our medical waivers and furthermore, a department spokesperson says that if an employee is unvaccinated and works in a high risk location. then starting thursday following due process protocols. they will be on paid leave and possibly removed from their jobs. they continued to decline. vaccination. >> examining those that people are requesting very closely with our human resources
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department and for those public safety departments, we are already various employees to ensure that services are not interrupted as a result and we're moving forward with aggressive hiring more so than we have in the past in order to ensure that if there people that are separated from their employment that we are able to bring on sooner rather than later. so we're preparing for it. we understand that people have various reasons. but ultimately this is about keeping fellow city employees as well as the public safe and circling back to the police association. >> the spokesperson was saying that there's no reason why an officer who chooses not to get vaccinated. can't get a test. and if they have a negative test, they should be allowed to work to keep the city safe. but that is not the city's line right now. also moving forward as far as the rest of the employees that are not in those high-risk categories. well, that deadline for those
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workers at november. first we're all city employees must be vaccinated in san francisco. theresa kron 4 news. >> a north bay county is now the only one in california to move into the cdc's yellow covid tier for moderate community transmission. you want to be there. marin county health officials say the move is a direct link between high covid vaccination rates and dropping covid case numbers. the move comes just days before marine county is set to join san francisco and easing indoor mask requirements for places like gyms, fitness centers offices, religious gatherings, college classes. the changes to indoor masking applies. if you have fewer than 100 people present and everyone there is fully vaccinated. >> to los gatos schools forced to close after a covid outbreak. did reopen today. the loma prieta joint union school district shut down in person instruction last week. that's after 9 cases surfaced.
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the district has more than 500 students at loma prieta elementary and c t english middle school in a letter to parents. the district. superintendent says new policies will take effect next week, including weekly testing for all students that if their parents approve. >> pg says it has reduced the number of customers who could be affected by preemptive power shut offs because of the high fire danger tomorrow. those shut offs are expected to start tomorrow morning somewhere around 05:00am about 16,000 customers in 12 counties could be affected by this here in the bay area about 3300 customers in napa county. >> 1300 and solano county for 144 in sonoma county. they are still at risk of having power shut off tomorrow. all right. now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look over the city of san francisco. a pretty shot tonight. pretty
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shot tonight, worried about tomorrow. and some of the north bay hills scrum force chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. lawrence, how bad. >> expect this wind to be. yeah. i think we're talking 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts over some of the north bay mountains, especially so gusty enough that should something it going. this could be another dangerous series. we're going to see all those winds kind of kicking up throughout the night tonight and through tomorrow too. so here comes high pressure building in. we've had this low that swept through early today left behind some drizzle right along the coastline. that was about it. but once those low swing by high pressure usually tend to build in this time of year and then we start talking about those strong offshore winds developing. and we're seeing that developing now, in fact, red flag warnings going up in the county. she by the national weather service starting at 10:00am tomorrow continue in 8, but it's going to be very windy. i think even parts of the napa area. maybe a sonoma too, as we'll see some very strong gusty winds right now. here's the very latest on those winds and calm conditions now in the san
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francisco. this all get ready to transition now. only 3 miles an hour up come from the south in of layoffs. southeasterly winds in the napa won't be long, though. and all these winds are going to start switch directions overnight tonight and our fire weather model starts to pick up on the risk for fire danger in certain parts. the bay area. so far it's kind of quiet out there with more of an onshore breeze today. but then tonight those offshore winds start to pick up. then before you know, you start to see areas in yellow beginning to show up toward the middle of the day tomorrow, especially in the north bay just right above napa. insanely. you can some of that or is he a shaded in yellow and in orange. that is increased fire danger in those locations picked up by our computer models for tomorrow. the winds we're going to see those change overnight tonight on shore breeze right now. but things twitching gears and here comes you see the colors filling into the north bay as we head through the night tonight that coming at the late 3 to 5 in the morning. and then as we head through the middle of the morning tomorrow. that's where really ramps up. i think right between about 9 and about noon tomorrow. probably the strongest gusty winds. those normally dry winds. we'll be
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kicking in fire danger is going to be running high through that period. then late in the afternoon, things actually begin to calm down a little bit. so i think we head through this period. it's going to be a little unsettled through tonight and through about the middle of the day tomorrow. but by about this time tomorrow night. i the fire danger will be more relaxed. but between now and that certainly dangerous outside a problem like yeah, thanks. once now to a story you'll only see on kron 4 just a wild scene along san francisco's embarcadero today a group of crooks were caught breaking into cars right in the middle of the day that itself is unfortunately not surprising in san francisco. but things escalated quickly when those crooks fired a gun. a good samaritan who is trying to stop the crime. it happened this afternoon near pier, 19 along the embarcadero near the exploratorium kron four's. dan kerman has more. car. break. ins had become a way of life in san francisco and it happened again. wednesday afternoon.
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>> to a series of cars along the embarcadero near pier 19 only this time a passer by who prefer we not show his face tried to stop the bad guys i saw glass on the side and. >> there were guys are suitcases out of the back when he started shouting at them to stop. they got in their car with the luggage drove from pier 19 to peer 19 and a half. >> and broke into another car. that's when he started taking these pictures. >> they broke into another car chevy tahoe. both back right away and immediately grabbed a of the items that were in the back, which what the couple large suitcases almost like they had case to be 4 or knew that it was there. grabbed threw in the back and that's when i started chasing after them taking photos. the guy on the paid would like to going of some sort out of his left hand jacket. and you got me. fired. something at me. i behind the call that i was standing next to the guys
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immediately jumped in their car because everyone who the hauler in there were 10 or 12 people. walking down the book. you're at the same time. they all started coming out into the street and that's when the 2 individuals drove off. >> the good samaritan was uninjured or do to get in a heartbeat because people like this need to know that they can't get away with this and that seasons will rise up and stop. stop this from happening hours later, the visitors whose cars were broken into showed up. >> to find. there was nothing left. >> this is my second time here. the first time i was here, i got and this is my second time now in all this happened in i worked in detroit for over 10 years of never had a single incident at all. so it is a little disheartening at you. come here to a beautiful city and you feel like you're not safe fortunately, a good samaritan found some of the luggage dumped nearby. >> the victims were contacted and they headed out to pick up what was left in terms of the police response. those whose cars were broken into were told to fill out an online
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police report. >> as for the witness who saw this and tried to stop it and was shot at. he was also initially told to fill out an online police report only when he called 911 a second time. did they agree to send out an officer to meet with him. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> people living in the only marine city public housing they are concerned about being displaced unless there is a comprehensive plan to maintain their building. traditionally a black community. residents are worried that the historic site is being neglected on purpose. so developers can swoop in kron, four's. ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with that story l a. >> catherine residents of the golden gate village that's marines largest and only family public housing development percent of thoae concerns tonight and possible solutions to repair what they say are dilapidated rat, infested buildings in a public that just wrapped up. this is a 300 unit complex that is
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home to some 700 mostly black residents. that's because during world war 2 african-americans were brought to the area to build military ships and they formed their own community in marine city golden gate village was built by award-winning architect but sen send prices in the area have soared making it all the harder to stay and so much harder because of their claims that the units have been severely neglected that the foundation was built to last. but that the walls haven't been painted in a decade. rats have infested some areas and the heating is just inconsistent. some say that they're disheartened to see multimillion-dollar mansions just across the water while their buildings have been deteriorating. the group says the marine housing authority who is responsible for the structures has delayed rehabilitating the apartments in order to move ahead to plan to tear down 16 existing units and an additional 156 units and instead put up to new high rise buildings. so here's what one woman who grew up there had to say.
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>> it's still murren city and it's still home and it still the historical aspects. i'm just being an intergenerational community and. >> the whole idea of. our children going off to college and having somewhere to come back to that is home. >> that is his story. that's the most important part when it comes to. voicing that building. a village needs to stay. >> so instead of destroying the existing development that's been recognized as a historic district going to get village. residents have a different plan. they want to deep green renovation of their existing homes, no new buildings and a job training program as well as a pathway to home ownership through the creation of a community land trust. we're in housing authority representatives got back to me. keeping a brief saying are in housing authority was not invited to participate in tonight's panel. so they weren't able to provide any responses after the meeting at the time.
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however, they will continue their ongoing work with the golden gate village residents and the resident council there to address the need for any ongoing repairs and future improvements live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> thank now to the south bay and some neighborhood activists are standing in the way of plans which they say, well, race, part of their cultural heritage at the center of this controversy is a mural intended to preserve that culture and beautify a neighborhood troubled by gangs and graffiti. kron four's. rob fladeboe reports. >> i think that you know, this just south vice community rosalynn to aguilar of san jose's guadalupe washington neighborhood association says the owners plans to paint over the mural on this building at the corner of south first and oak streets would be a we're losing a little bit of bright density. i know the word that gentrification comes up a lot. and i think this is our first real.
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>> i really experience with that particular says the mural is central to the neighborhoods latino heritage and features quotes from the renowned activist cesar chavez. >> longtime resident carlos barba's say the mural has discouraged graffiti and one of the city's gang hot spots. don't don't touch i think part of it is because presents, our culture represent. we're present or history and we're trying to make our community safer and we felt that this is a solution that we all could be part of. so we're very proud of it. painted by artist thomas whisper, tele monte so long with residents 5 years ago. the mural pays tribute to dia de los indigenous peoples bell a full floor, a coal in the late denture. brenda lopez. i spoke to her brother. mark when the community came together to paint the mural was an honor to brenda be part of because of the legacy that she left behind in this neighborhood. the building's owner is said to be doing away with the mural is part of a renovation plan that will bring tech jobs to the
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neighborhood. >> residents want him to reconsider and we are afraid that this is going to bring back the same issues that we had 6 years ago because it probably will arrive urged to contact the owner of the building for comment, not successful so far. meantime, the neighborhood association. >> planning a save the mural rally set for this coming monday in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> california is reparations task force has wrapped up a 2 day meeting. today's hearing centered around the wealth gap between white and black workers in california. the group heard testimony from witnesses on wage disparities. the theft of black owned land and the modern day devaluation of black owned homes. and as the task force explores reparations experts say california's budget is not big enough to provide reasonable financial compensation alone. >> california could pressure on the federal government to provide federal level reparations. after all, it was
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the federal government that allowed slavery should exist in the united states. >> it is still not exactly clear who would be eligible for reparations. so far no action has been taken. the task force is scheduled to meet again in december. well, if you're going to try to see the dion's jot that. try that again, it's a big game. the giants and dodgers to her night in game 5 try to go in person. there a podium, not cheap stub hub just releasing new info on tickets and there are still more than 5,000 tickets available. the lowest ticket price, right now. it is $171. so not that cheap. average ticket price 445 bucks. most expensive ticket we could find was north of 5 grand. that is for a seat, right. the area behind home plate. so. good luck. now to the raiders and general manager mike mayock spoke for the first time today since the former head coach jon gruden
9:20 pm
was forced to resign 2 days ago gruden did step down after the new york times reported. >> that he had made meaning inappropriate comments and emails. arc says that owner mark davis waited to make a decision on the head coach until he had more information and they wanted to focus on sunday's game in denver and the interim coach. but there is no escaping the major shift that the franchise is still dealing with. >> a lot toing on in this building in this franchise for the last several days. mark davis, i think had tough time here. tough week. gather facts, you to do its due diligence he's been consistent with his messaging. and in regards to the jon gruden situation. we all respect his decisions and we're going to move ahead. accordingly. >> as for the interim coach, the raiders and good hands rich bisaccia as 39 years of coaching experience. he's been a special teams coordinator for the past 2 decades. with
9:21 pm
the chargers cowboys, the buccaneers and the raiders. longtime a's announcer and former catcher ray fosse. see died today at 74 after a 16 year battle with cancer. fauci spent decades alongside the a's. he became a symbol of the team kron four's taylor sackey joins us live from the newsroom with more on how the baseball world is reacting. taylor. >> well, catherine, this is a devastating loss for athletics fans. the bay area and baseball fanatics as a whole. ray fauci was no stranger to thousands of these families who invited him into their homes for decades. during his career as an mlb catcher and then a longtime broadcaster for the a's. >> it turner >> hit, a walk you but i'm not going to give you a pitch that you can do that with a voice. many won't forget. >> and an icon who will be remembered in team history. way fauci has been a longtime
9:22 pm
fixture of athletics broadcasts for decades after retiring from playing for the team from 1973 to 1975. however, his catching career didn't start there. fauci played in the major leagues for 12 years to the all-star game in 1970 71. however, one of his most memorable moments during his playing career was a home plate collision with pete rose during the 1970 all-star game. he later became a familiar voice in the homes of a's fans from 1986 through this year as an a's color commentator. he passed away on wednesday at the age of 74. this comes just months after revealing he has been silently battling cancer for 16 years. thousands of people responding on social media. the oakland a's saying, quote, the oakland a's are heartbroken to learn of the passing a see a few people who eyes what it means to be an athletic more than rain. he was the type of franchise icon who always made sure every player coach colleague in fan knew that they were part of the oakland
9:23 pm
a's family. we send our deepest condolences to carol. nikki and lindsay his family and friends during this difficult time. we'll miss meanwhile, oakland a's president dave kaval saying, quote, we lost a legend today such a sad day for a was such a kind and generous person who welcomed everyone. i will always remember our fun conversations about old municipal stadium in cleveland. are i peeled friend. the mlb also putting out a statement on wednesday writing, quote tonight. we remember ray fauci who has passed away at 74 the 2 time indians. all-star catcher was a key part of the athletics world championship teams before becoming a beloved broadcaster in oakland. we send our condolences to the loved ones of his class act. hundreds of other fans and players continue to respond at all with resounding messages of love and respect for a fauci that is say a thank you stay to stop and thank you. >> in the march he left and flood ix.
9:24 pm
>> and judging by the outpour of responses over this loss. you can tell just how loved ray fosse he was to so many people, so many fans, of course, the bay area, he will surely be missed live from the newsroom. taylor kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. >> coming up, how long a creek might be cracking down on antiabortion protesters. the mayor calling it a problem that is getting out of control. >> plus foh fire sparked within one hour. why santa rosa police believe someone started these fires on purpose. also, we're a mountain. lion has been spotted in yet another bay spotted in yet another bay area backyard. i was injured in a car crash. spotted in yet another bay area backyard. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers.
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>> in san mateo amount line was spotted here in the backyard of a home on bucknell drive kind of grainy. but see that big cat there. it's on the top of the fence at this point. police shared this picture with us today. the resident who reported the sighting says this mountain lion was standing right near a raccoon that had recently been killed down on the ground. police say when the mountain lion saw this person come out of the house and jumped up on the fence and then right away toward colgate way officers responded and searched the area but did not find the mountain lion which was described as being about the size of a large dog. police are advising folks reminding folks never to approach a mountain lion. certainly. especially if it's feeding or
9:28 pm
with offspring, if you do find yourself in a confrontation with one get big, get loud and if they're rocks around throw the rocks at the mountain lion. hopefully it doesn't come to that in santa rosa. now a person suspected of starting 4 fires this morning has been arrested. all the fires were within an hour of each other and within the same general vicinity, you see this outline here first was on guerneville road just east of ridley avenue. the next one came in the area of guerneville road and lance drive to 3rd along a creek here near herbert street and jennings avenue in the 4th was spotted along the smart train tracks in the area of central avenue and street. all 4 fires were fortunately put out without any injuries or damage to buildings or homes. a witness provided a suspect description and that suspect was then arrested. >> coming up next, the holidays are approaching. we are already seeing a supply shortage as a result of a
9:29 pm
cargo ship, a logjam at 2 major us ports. how the president is now trying to help also a new survey is showing that more people of color are finally getting vaccinated to vaccinated against covid. why experts believe that is happening. and the california attorney general cracking down on ghost guns. what he's doing to try and help curb violent deadly
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>> in walnut creek. city
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officials say antiabortion protests outside planned parenthood are becoming a public safety problem. patients have been reporting recently verbal and physical abuse by demonstrators. and now. >> residents want the city to draft an ordinance establishing a buffer zone outside the clinic that ordinance would prevent protesters from pestering patients. one woman says that she knows a teenage girl who was harassed by demonstrators. >> we said that she wouldn't seek health care anymore. and i believe that people should have the right. and the to have safe and private health care. >> walnut creek's mayor says that there will be a staff report on this probably out next month if an ordinance is passed, the mayor says that would be enforced by the police department. in san francisco's tenderloin. 2 people were arrested last night in a shootout that left 3 people injured. >> this is a citizen app. video of the scene at golden
9:33 pm
gate and hide officers arrived to find 2 people who had been shot. they were taken to the hospital. the 3rd shooting victim walked to the hospital. >> california is cracking down on so-called ghost guns. they do not have serial numbers. the state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against 3 companies which make them in recent years. untraceable guns have been used in a string of shooting tragedies in june of 2013, 5 people were killed on and around the santa monica college campus. the shooter using ar 15 style rifle in november of 2017. 5 people were killed, 8 injured at various locations, including a grade school. the shooter used homemade ghost guns and in 2019, 2 high school students in santa clarita were killed and 3 injured by a 16 year-old student using a ghost gun assemble from a kit. >> ghost guns. we know are an
9:34 pm
epidemic right now. we're seeing children were seeing committee members are seen law enforcement officers trying to keep us safe being killed by ghost guns because of their unregulated nature. and this is a i really powerful approach novel and unique in in in framing to get those guns off our streets. >> the state law. so it would require ghost gun makers to require background checks for anybody buying them. the individual pieces of the guns would have to be engraved with unique serial numbers. the guns would have to be registered. >> another big story we're following this evening. president biden's push to get our ports pumping out more products ahead of the holidays. some retailers are already warning of supply shortages. but the ports of los angeles and long beach are picking up the pace reporter kimberly cheng reports and the impact. >> today the president addressed this multi-layered supply chain problem. the pandemic led to an increase in demand for online products
9:35 pm
along with labor and equipment shortages and a lack of warehouse space we're seeing a very visible bottleneck situation at the ports and consumers are feeling it. and i use a lot of components that come from overseas and. >> now those things are out of stock. i'm waiting about 2 months for for some brass right now, which means that i can't make the product that i need to make for my clients business owners and shoppers impacted by a backup that shipping ports. i was looking maybe some more. her using it in big >> and i couldn't find it it was almost shell fire into supply chain problems were visible at the ports of la and long beach container ship stranded because unloaded goods are waiting for trucks leading to shortages. delays and price jumps when the when the spy chain breaks down. >> people see the bottom. that's and it's visible by those ships that are sitting out at dia in the harbor. so we need the warehouses. we need the rail world's we need the truck drivers. we every
9:36 pm
parts of the of that supply chain to continue to move or you get the bottlenecks. now there are other issues in the supply chain, including manufacturing and manufacturing hubs where the issue there is the number of people aren't showing up for work or or factors that are shut down because of covid president biden addressed the issue after meeting with port operators and labor unions. the port of los angeles announced today. >> that is going to be began operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. this follows the port of long beach commitment to 24 7 as announced just weeks ago, the president said nighttime operations is the first step to help break down the log jam and speed up delivery. that means an increase in the hours for workers. >> to be moving cargo off ships onto trucks and rail cars to get to their hope to. >> i really hope that all we're going e. >> that was kimberly chang reporting for us tonight. new
9:37 pm
at 9 in the first months after the vaccine rollout black americans were far less likely than white americans to get vaccinated. but now experts say they are beginning to see a change while there are still some gaps in some regions. vaccination rates among black, white and hispanic populations are almost now equal nationwide. according to the most recent survey by the kaiser family foundation's 70% of black adults. 71 1% of white adults and 73% of hispanic adults have received at least one dose experts credit. the narrowing gap in disparities to the wave of pro vaccine campaigns and the surging delta variant. >> still ahead, an ongoing battle on the central coast is a wind-fueled wildfire races through santa barbara county forcing families to leave their homes. and more winds forecast for the bay area fire
9:38 pm
danger going to be running high. could we soon see some rain. we'll talk about that coming up.
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9:40 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. it all comes down to one game, which is extremely. >> nerve wracking. if we're being honest giants, dodgers tomorrow night at oracle and they have one more practice before the game. the good news for the giants and the
9:41 pm
franchise. they're pretty good in elimination games over the last 3 world series wins the last 10 years. they played in 5 must-win games. and guess what they've won. every single one of them. 3 guys on the current squad were around for all of those winds buster posey brandon crawford and brandon belt will course is rehabbing a fractured thumb logan webb who will get to start tomorrow is heading into his first elimination game. but webb in kapur said their preparation won't be any different. but of course they do respect the moment. we went to los angeles. >> was loud right. there high level of intensity in the stands and a lot of quality routing going on and i think from our standpoint, we felt the same thing we've been here at oracle parking. i think the home-field advantage comes in the form of having the support of of 40,000 people. plus you can feel that support and it's
9:42 pm
meaningful it. it it it changes the energy so that adrenaline can be used in channeled to good i think. yeah, i think it means something i'm excited to throw them on, especially because they got a guy back there. that's it's always come. so. even if i do get a little up like his will be the first on the tony to bring back down. >> the fallout from jon gruden's racist and homophobic emails is far from over. of course he lost his job he is being removed from the buccaneers wall of fame and off of video games and there will certainly be more to come. but in the meantime, the raiders much forge ahead in this cloud of controversy and the look of their captain to lead them through it. a lot of emotions obviously. then see. all of this coming. don't think any of us did. it just kind of kind of saw by surprise. you >> but. there will be a day for those feelings. there will be a day a time. talk about all that, you know and i'll get into some of it. you have
9:43 pm
more questions, but. from emotional standpoint, i got a job to do and that's never changed no matter who the coach is. no matter who's on the team with i have a job to do and that's to lead these men. >> the warriors were back in the lab today after beating the lakers last night. here's klay thompson. he still rehabbing that achilles, but he still has the flame thrower. as you can see, the still there, steph curry and draymond green. they put in some extra work after practice after sitting out of last night's game. steve kerr says he doesn't want any of his veterans to push too hard during the pre season that includes 37 year-old andre iguodala. he will play key role off the bench for the dubs. and right now he says, hey, the body's feeling great baby. >> is this a rodeo? you year 18. so. pushing in on some means. and then she's trying to stay smart on other other ends of the spectrum and. but at same time trying to keep a good pulse of what a team is
9:44 pm
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>> roughly 1300 firefighters
9:47 pm
are on the scene of a fast-moving wildfire near the california coast and fire is burning near salt thing north and west of santa barbara just 5% contained more than 15,000 acres have burned. you have strong winds pushing the flames towards the pacific ocean and they have forced the closure of highway one. oh, one. there are evacuation orders as a result of this in crews are really trying to get a handle on this is they battle those rough conditions as we get a check now on the 4 zone forecast taking a live look here over the bay bridge toll plaza and lawrence joins us again lawrence, you're talking about at least a chance of rain. there's least a chance of rain. i think as we get toward the latter part of the weekend. the unfortunate thing is the systems come by once they move through. >> you start to see some of those winds on the backside. so if you don't see a significant amount of rain fire danger arises. again. that's what we're seeing right now. we've had a weak system kind of slide through clear skies now. but as things settle in overnight tonight.
9:48 pm
well, there goes that low sweeping off the coastline. all of a sudden we start talking about some gusty winds developing around the bay area. again right now. you see the clouds have been swept away. now all the way down toward point conception. otherwise the winds. yeah, they're going to be the issue overnight is going to see those gusty winds developing in the north bay. you watch him come right out of sacramento valley and make their way into the north bay overnight tonight, 05:30am, in the morning started. get gusty over some of the peaks actually spread to the east bay too, although not as strong but really this is kind of a target area slow county in the napa county. that's where we'll see the strongest winds from this event not so much along the coastline. then by tomorrow afternoon we get a sea breeze and everything kind of calms down. but over the mountain tops. that's the biggest concern. look right here. you can see winds kind of roll over the tops of mountains here expecting some gusty winds and our monitors say maybe 30 maybe some 40 mile an hour gusts across some of the tops of those mountains. and that's why we're concerned about fire danger that area, especially overnight tonight and tomorrow temperatures for tomorrow be noticeably warmer outside about 80 degrees and talking
9:49 pm
about 80 in the apple of those offshore winds, 74 degrees and hayward. so it could be a gorgeous day. now, moment of the urban areas, just some of the spots. you get those strong, gusty winds, of course, that's a major concern as we head through the next couple days. mostly sunny and warm this weekend, though, at least a slight chance of showers coming, i think by sunday night. but that system coming by nothing to provide a whole lot of rain just a couple raindrops. thank you. okay. thanks. we now know gabby petito's official cause of death. but many questions still remain about this case. >> reporter brian entin has been covering that story from the beginning. he had a chance to sit down and talk to the corner. >> brian laundrie's dad christopher laundry was up bright and early this morning mowing his lawn. is there anything you want to say to brian, sir. is watching. is there anything you want to say one day after the coroner confirmed gabby petito died of strangulation. we wanted to give mister laundry the opportunity to say something, but he stayed quiet. is there anything you want people to
9:50 pm
know you revert to haven't said anything teton county, wyoming coroner doctor brent blue signed off on gabby petito's official cause of death doctor lee said yesterday that the cause of death was manual strangulation throttling. >> can you explain what that especially the throttling part. >> like generally means that it was done with human hands. as opposed to an instrument. doesn't that sort of have to be. but a manual strangulation basically means that it was not with a quip. how do you determine that? well, it's determined by the nature of the injuries around the around the >> doctor blue says he's not allowed to get into gabby specific injuries because of the ongoing fbi investigation. he says her body was discovered nearly a month after she was killed. what sort of challenges are involved in an autopsy when body, as you described yesterday has been bent been out in the wild for 3 to 4
9:51 pm
weeks. >> a situation where anybody is out outside whether it's exposed to the elements and and and there is various forms of decomposition. and that the composition. usually runs as specific course. >> that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. >> still to come, what do you get when you mix kittens and senior citizens. well. a lot of cuteness residents there say they love it. but important for the kittens as well. we'll have more of that
9:52 pm
alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo.
9:53 pm
i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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>> i say mom the kids are here and she jumps out of bed like superman. sydney's or kittens from the los angeles county shelter. they are used to help entertain and. >> comfort local seniors. kind mental health prescription and this just works. i mean animals. they're just, you know, their magic. but while they are much loved and enjoyed the kittens are also in need of some help themselves. so it's a win-win. >> right now. finding foster's willing to care for the shelter. kittens is becoming a critical need. they say reporter lauren lister has more from anaheim. >> today. this orphaned kitten was dropped off in a paper bag. la county's baldwin park animal center, but it won't go
9:55 pm
into the shelter with these other cats. instead, it straight into this trailer to be checked out all we'll have to find cost as workers hurry to find a temporary home to spca is foster program to bring young kittens who are too young to survive in an animal care center into foster homes where they can receive all the love and attention that they need to thrive and then be adoption. ready foster parents are volunteers like lori are be have been fostering for about 3 years. somewhere along the way. she discovered the constant kittens were a big hit with the residents at the anaheim hills, senior home where she works weekly kitten therapy day was born. look this. you of that. well, new arts and there are kisses and and for 98 year-old is still nickel. her daughter tells me it can make a huge difference in her day. she may be tired and grumpy but i say mom the kids are here and she jumps out of
9:56 pm
bed like superman. it's not just good for the seniors. lori says it helps the animals get used to people to definitely socialize them and makes them more adoptable which at about 8 weeks old becomes the goal. but before then, the kittens need care and foster parents after a 160% boost in applications. the first year of the pandemic. people are going back to work. and now spca says they need more help. >> a big time. we're seeing a decrease in the amount of foster's who are able to help us right now with kittens and we could not take kittens in without foster homes. there's nowhere for them to go. >> why isn't that a good idea. it's a actually pretty and horrible. i mean, the the. >> seniors are loving it are happy the are having. kids are happy and guns don't even know it might get them home. so or maybe they do know, you know, and they know more than you that was lauren lister reporting for us. that wraps up kron 4 news tonight. appreciate you being with us this hour, but keep it here. primetime coverage continues
9:57 pm
at the top of the hour. hello, jonathan. hello. path. well, hello to catch this and then we both like this story all right. now will work all right. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock families living are in city's only public housing the building is run down is rat infested and in need of serious repair why they fear is being neglected on purpose and we are breaking down san francisco's vaccine mandate for workers that is set to go into effect in just over 2 hours. >> who will be off the job if they are not fully dosed and who still has until the end month. >> i will see you in just a few moments for kron. 4 news few moments for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level.
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10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> coming together to get through this pandemic is getting the vaccine. not going to have the level. >> officers out there to be answering you know, calls for service. >> now at 10, get vaccinated or risk losing your job. the sweeping vaccine mandates now affecting 10's of thousands of workers in san francisco. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore of jonathan mccall. ken wayne has the night off. >> and less than 2 hours.


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