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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  October 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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ith skin. >> now at 3, a unanimous vote. us health advisors and force a booster shot for johnson and johnson's covid vaccine while details on who qualifies also, 2 bay area counties are using mask restrictions today. but in very limited settings will tell you where you can ditch the mask indoors. >> and it's a little bit of everything for your weekend weather ahead. my complete forecast coming up after the break. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> boosting protection from covid-19 for millions of americans. an fda panel has
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given the green light for johnson and johnson to make a booster shot and president biden says the nation is ready to respond and we're ready to respond to this friday right here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. thank you so much for joining us. i'm justine waldman. an fda panel says that the johnson and johnson covid vaccine that a booster shot is needed. the same panel approved a lower dose. moderna booster shot for some americans yesterday. our washington correspondent trevor shirley is in dc with the latest. >> well, today that fda advisory panel voted unanimously in support of the johnson and johnson booster. but that same panel still discussing whether or not people who qualify for that booster can mix and match brands. some studies have shown mixing and matching brands for boosters is safe and effective. so far booster shots have only been approved for people in certain categories like those over 65 people with compromised immune systems and those who work in high-risk environments all have some publications.
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>> that might benefit more than others, they also look at data on dosage as some companies have recommended lower dosages for a booster shot. we want to provide optimal protection against covid. we know that a list of those will do that on thursday. the president said the country has a strong supply of vaccine in case boosters are widely recommended. >> if they authorized the boosters, which would be strictly made based on the science that decision will be based on the science me all 3 vaccines will be available for boosters. >> and now the johnson and johnson boosters been recommended. it's up to the cdc to figure out who exactly qualifies for one of those boosters reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> fully vaccinated foreign travelers will be allowed to travel to the u.s. starting on november 8th this new policy applies to international air travel from the european union. you k and land travel from canada and mexico air travelers must also provide negative covid-19 tests, at
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least 72 hours before their flight when travelers will not have a testing requirement. now this new rule does not require foreign visitors or americans entering the country to go into quarantine anymore. a big story we're watching right here in the bay area's that some indoor mask requirements are now out the door into bay area counties for people who are fully vaccinated. kron 4, sarah stinson has details. >> people walking into their offices in san francisco today can finally take off their mask and show off that smile. i'm sure some people will be happy to finally take it off. it can be hard to wear a mask for 8 hours in office. now let's take a look at the rest of the rules and the regulations and that includes mass being removed now, not only an office but in gyms, religious gatherings and indoor college classes with less than 100 people when full vaccination is verified people who work at bars or restaurants still have to wear
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a mask customers inside can take the mask off when they're eating or drinking proof of vaccination is still required. indoor. masking remains in effect for retail stores, grocery stores and other shared indoor areas like elevators lobbies and public restrooms. the mayor and public health officials say the mask mandate will become more and more east if case and hospital rates continue to be stable or decline. san francisco currently is averaging 77 cases per day. a drop from 309 at the peak of the summer surge. she is the best feeling in the world to be able to work in the office without a mask on. >> i caught up with the spokesperson of a tech company called fast. they're located in the city. they have a couple 100 employees and many of them have been working from home that people who like to work in the office. those extroverts have really missed each and. >> how did the mask mandate as wise as it was absolutely tamp down the number of people who wanted to come in the office,
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i would office it's it's just not as much fun to wear mask all day long. the company fast is also taking their own precautions to make sure their employees feel safe. >> so all of our guests are spread out 6 feet we've got big beautiful actual windows that open. so there's always fresh air and a breeze coming in. we've got no shortage of places for people to wash their hands masking is still required on public transportation. at hospitals jails schools. >> and masks are still recommended when you're walking in large crowds outdoors. that's why the mask mandate. >> really just applies to indoor areas that we know for sure everyone inside has been fully vaccinated reporting in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. >> and in the north bay, we're in county is also easing masking requirements. starting today. it is following the same rules san francisco and contra. costa county says it will begin lifting its mask mandates. indoor starting next
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month. workers at some businesses in berkeley have to show proof that they are fully vaccinated for covid this mandate applies to employees at restaurants bars and theaters. also gyms and other fitness studios. the rule also applies to workers in any indoor event with more than a 1000 people and all public and private child care facilities. any person who works at the a show their vaccination card or they have to get tested for covid on a weekly basis workers who file for religious or medical exemptions for the vaccine must provide a signed letter. however, they will still need to provide a negative covid test in order to work at this time. it is unclear what the consequences are. if an employee refuses to show proof of vaccination or get tested. happening right now. the hayward unified school district is offering covid vaccine clinics on some school campuses. here is a list now some of the clinics that are open today. the clinic will be held at mount eden high school. the clinic's one from 3 to 7 at night. and
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this comes ahead of the district's december 17th vaccine mandate for students who are 12 and older students unable to show proof of vaccination by that deadline must take weekly covid tests. there's a lot of information to take in right here. it's all on our website. kron 4 dot com. it is time now to talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside little breeze here along the embarcadero. it is quite a gorgeous day out there right now and the temperatures have gotten a lot warmer. but will it stay that way. all weekend long strom is here now with the forecast and looks like one of the day's from this weekend is a little bit warmer than the other. >> just a little bit. just see it. so it's going to be half and half saturday is going to be warm and even hot in some spots. and then sunday, we're going to see a dip in temperatures anywhere from attending even 15 degree difference. so it's going to be a warm and then get back to a normal for this time of year for october on sunday with a possibility, maybe a little bit of rain outside. right
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now, though, no rain in sight. only sunshine blue clouds, not a cloud in the sky or blue skies rather and a little bit of breeze in the air. not as windy as we saw earlier in the week. but just a little bit of that sea breeze around the bay area feeling nice to with warm temperatures as this high pressure system continues to build around the bay area. we're going to temperatures climb just a little bit more as we get into the 1st half of your weekend and still have the breezy conditions as well for saturday. so keep that in mind. the future cast for showing us yet. nice and clear and things are going to be dry over the next day or so. but then we are tracking a storm system. it looks like a light one, but we could start to see a little bit of rainfall. late sunday night and then into early monday morning. and it looks like this storm system mostly to the far north of us. it will hit, but we could see some of it touched down across the bay area. again, those in the evening hours of sunday and then early monday,
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temperatures right now outside a lot warmer than even what we saw yesterday we're looking at to 70's 80's on the board. 77 right now in downtown oakland, 76 in san francisco, 73 at half moon bay with clear conditions and lots of sunshine there. the coast. gorgeous day to see the beaches 83 in downtown san jose upper 70's and antioch and conquered right now and then you're north bay completely covered in low 80's tomorrow, though, expected to get even warmer in some spots. and look at this. we're pushing up almost near 90 degrees. so we'll see a lot of upper 80's in a lot of our inland valley locations upper 70's to low 80's around the bay and then 70's at the coast. but then look at what happens on sunday. those evening showers like i was mentioning also a cold front that we're going to start to see dropping those temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees on average. so we could get down into the low 60's, especially at the coast. but we're also tracking another storm into next week. i'll have all those details coming up a little bit later. justine, back to you. thank
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you so much. let's go now to the east bay where deputies say a 12 year-old girl in bay. point was hit by a bb gun as she was walking home from school. >> this happened along willow pass road at moran avenue and now contra costa county sheriff's deputies. >> are looking for the people who fired the bb gun from this car. they say that's on your screen right now. anyone with information is asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's office. san mateo county deputies are investigating an armed home invasion robbery that happened in millbrae. it was on one knee to avenue and authorities say 2 people broke into the home and held the victim at gunpoint. the suspect then ransacked the home and got away with some valuables. investigators are asking anyone with information on this case to call the san mateo county sheriff's office. and in the south bay san jose police and the fire arson team are investigating after a school was damaged by early morning fire at the san jose fire department says they arrived around 6 o'clock this morning to find the main
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office at cornerstone academy. preparatory school up in flames. firefighters believe the fire started outside the building and then extended to the roof and inside the office. several small fires were also started before the school caught on fire officials detained a man who was in the area acting oddly, they say. and they're now investigating if he is responsible for the fires. we have some new video now into the kron 4 news room of hillary clinton leaving the eu see irvine medical center where her husband, former president bill clinton is currently in the hospital. according to his team, the former president remains in the icu as a precautionary measure for your logical infection that has spread to his blood. the spokesperson is saying that clinton is on the mend and in good spirits. it's unclear when though he will be released from the hospital. a british lawmaker is dead today after he was stabbed during a meeting with his constituents police say david a mask was
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attacked during a regular meeting at a church in east london. officers have arrested the 25 year-old suspect and recovered the knife. a mass have been a lawmaker since 1983. he was 69 years old. police have not yet determined whether or not this was a terrorist attack. we do have much more ahead here during kron 4 news at 3 o'clock. experts have been advising us that we should start shopping for the holidays. now. >> and scammers are taking advantage of that. so how you can keep your money safe. also go to the east bay where police are investigating a possible connection between 2 very bizarre crashes that happened this morning. how neighbors are describing the man was behind the wheel that could be responsible for what went down here. and then after the break, why parents across the state are planning a statewide school walkout on monday.
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>> a developing story. we're keeping an eye on this afternoon. a school walkout is planned across the state on monday for parents who are choosing to rally against covid vaccine mandates for school children, news of monday's walkout circulated on social media from orange county all the way up to redding and the statewide protest is the latest move by parents and voters who are dissatisfied by both on campus mask-wearing and vaccine mandates in california schools. we have reached out to school districts around the bay area to see if there are any plans for the possible
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disruptions. we'll keep you posted about what we find out. restaurant week is back now in san francisco. and starting today for the next 10 days. you can stop at more than 150 restaurants that are participating in san francisco. it is some of the best of the world's dining that is available. and for more on this kron four's terisa stasio is joining us live. what sounds good. what's for dinner tonight. so much good fit, right. i think there's something for you and definitely maybe the kids no more on that in just a minute. but first, they're actually 165 restaurants participating in the school event. >> that starts today the restaurants are a wide variety like really why there are mexican restaurants, chinese barbecue. there are indoor options. outdoor options. it is all called eat. drink sf 2021 the extraordinary series of events pairs dining with the option of diners being able to get a bargain all the
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proceeds go to the restaurants participating. it is from today. october 15th 2 october 20th reservations. extremely recommended. i spoke with laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association that helped organize the event allison to a about. >> i think as i've, you know, yesterday there was like a 163 restaurant. so it's really a diverse set of restaurants throughout san francisco and we're super excited to have 5 or 6 from the bay view to have over 20 from chinatown. many from the tenderloin, including the last casino market place. i'm so i'm i'm representing that the whole golden gate restaurant association community and we sponsor this door open table is our reservations sponsor for it. and then i have my 2 best. not to mention turns on roads as cafe and we do appreciate menu. but i want to say lunch options and dinner options. so it's super broad what people can go experience. how cool is that right. price points are a
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variety of options lunch and dinner is lori was mentioning. >> they're also wine pairings with some of the options. so just do you have any low interest tell more like you can open up the website and its neighborhoods cuisine type and dining options and then the price and then you can view the menus like i was checking us out with kelly. our executive producer earlier. and she's already found some like yummy i can. of course, she's she's taking us. she's going to take us all. but like ashes, cafe, asia sf. so like you can put in the cuisine. i love some of the menus. like let me just tell you because at a can of tuna for lunch. and i'm starving. so like a tea leaf salad individual serving with butternut squash soup some good i now have the entree. and this is over at the star. not a big port fan. you may be so you can search by cuisine and price point and lunch or
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dinner. so there's all sorts of options of how you can find the restaurant. you want to go to and i'm sure restaurants could really use a little boost right now. >> getting some people in inside or even sitting outside. without a doubt and she was mentioning that, you know, they have not really been able to completely fully regroup from, of course, the pandemic. and so she said that this is really an option to support the industry. so that's kind of nice. she also mentioned that, you know, supply the issues that we've been reporting on about supply com that has also caused a lot of problems and then they're they're short-staffed. so again, this is a great way that we can make sure that we tell everybody so that they can go on, get some great options. i love the fact that it has a variety of like attend or dollar lunch or $25 land. sure. something that escalates but it's still pretty great values because it comes with like 4 different options. so so that's kind of cool. so you can pick the cuisine type like what's your favorite i mean, anything with
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french fries, really your big front, right person. garlic french fries. sure. how creole. oh, my goodness. a french decided to make sure the desert is included as there is usually always i wanted to see more surveys kelly and i were looking for some surveys. but what's your favorite dessert? just cake. we kind of came kind of cake to not limit. i just found a u.s. drone for me right rate. yeah, i'm looking for you again book it for you and grant a date night. i know right when we'll come with no, no, i don't have a good thanks. we got to get kelly to come out. she's paint. all right. happening tomorrow. san jose officials will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new playground that aims to be inclusive for all children, including those that have mental. >> our physical differences. lincoln glenn park on radio avenue and curtain or avenue will be accessible for those autism sensory and cognitive
3:21 pm
challenges. other medically fragile children. so it's a very inclusive playground. and the weather this weekend is looking pretty good to get out and have some fun as we take a live look outside right now among the golden gate bridge. beautiful blue skies out there indefinitely. a little bit of a breeze, but it's. we're just happy it's friday. u.s. here now with a look at the forecast heading into the weekend. yeah. it's a gorgeous friday. it's hard to believe that we're in the middle of october, right now and we're seeing and nothing but. >> sunshine blue skies. not a cloud out there and warmer temperatures. we've definitely seen a warm-up into the weekend while the 1st half of your weekend is going to be warman and things are really going to change sunday. but right now we're looking at our live cam network outside this is our east bay's own on top of the berkeley hills here. nice clear shot across the bay and temperatures outside in the 80's. it is october 15th in this. what we're seeing right now can't complain too much. a low 80's in antioch right now and livermore and then we're looking at upper 70's along the east bay shoreline oakland. you're at 77 right now. hayward 77
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degrees and then a low 80's into your south bay's own downtown san jose checking 83 right now. it's gorgeous day. if you're going to head out towards the coast. half moon bay tipping in the low 70's with lots of sunshine and clear skies and low 80's across much of your north bay zone today. future winds were really looking at just breezy conditions throughout the entire day today into the overnight hours. not real windy like what we saw earlier in the just some light breeze in the air. high pressure is going to continue to build around the bay area, bringing us even warmer temperatures as we get into the 1st half of your weekend futurecast for showing us dry for today and into tomorrow. and then sunday, though, things are going to start changing. we're watching this just weak cold front passed through much of the bay area. it looks like we might get the tail end of it here. so if we're going to get any rain. it should be quite light. a lot of it's going to stay to the far north of us. but it looks like a sunday evening into early monday
3:23 pm
morning. we could get some light rain. but the rain is not over. we're also tracking another storm system that could be a heading our direction. looks like he could touch down the middle of next week. so get those umbrellas a handy and ready because it looks like that should be a nice, a storm system for your wednesday and thursday next weekend and definitely going to bring a cooler temperatures, but not for now, though. we're going to get into the upper 80's for saturday. tomorrow. lots of sunshine to enjoy around the bay. you're going get into the low 80's and then at the coast upper 70's. it will be really nice at the beaches like half moon bay and then sunday. things are definitely going to drop drastically with those showers. the possibility of those light showers and then we're going to temperatures in the low 70's inland 60's around the bay and low 60's at the coast. justine, thank you so much. ahead of veterans day next month. we're celebrating a veteran who experience the attack on pearl harbor his incredible story is coming up at 3.45.
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>> this afternoon supply shortages are convincing holiday shoppers to start buying gifts. little bit earlier this year and the better business bureau is urging extra caution. if you're buying things on the web as al vaughters reports, they have found some scams on the internet. that can really hurt your pocketbook.
3:27 pm
>> intimate stands come in all shapes and sizes employment scams identity theft, social security scams. but now the better business bureau has found a ripoff. that's most prevalent on the web is online purchases use be employment scams. but because everybody started shopping online during the pandemic. a lot of retailers were closed. >> we just saw such a spike in it. melanie mcgovern of the better business bureau told us the bbb is latest finding show more than one out of every 3 internet scams involves a purchase and it's nearly impossible to get any of your money back at the top of the list. pet scans. it still is pervasive as it was during the pandemic. people aren't doing the research. they're falling in love with the dog. they see online and giving money. >> we just had somebody. the albany area last month lose $800 and a pet scam. mcgovern told is a big reason. folks are getting ripped off. it can take a long time before they figure out they've been duped. >> long, shipping delays, especially on the west coast are actually for real.
3:28 pm
>> so when they did order product and it didn't come right away. they weren't necessarily reporting it to us right away. but then they realized, wait a minute, i don't think i'm ever going to get this product. so there's like a perfect storm of things going on that led to online purchase scams topping our risk a scam list. >> mcgovern says the safest way to pays with a credit card as opposed to a debit card. a prepaid card or person-to-person payment app and do your homework before making the purchase. if you have the time to do so. >> there are websites you can search to see how all the website is. how long it's been around. if it's really new and they seem to have the products that nobody else can get. that's a definite red flag that it's a scam. and that was al vaughters reporting for us this afternoon and next year, 3.30, lawmakers are not happy with the recent slowdown in the u.s. postal service. >> why they say these changes could be life threatening. plus, we'll go to walnut creek where not one but 2 crashes may be tied to the same driver.
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call now so you can... retire better >> now to the east bay where there's been a bizarre set of back to back collisions. one of them ended with a person dying and also kept a major thoroughfare closed for 5 hours this morning. kron four's, maureen. kelly reports that officials are saying the driver involved in the first accident was killed. moments
3:32 pm
later after being struck by another driver. >> i'm standing alongside the eastbound lanes of the nacio valley road east grow. a city official tells me that around 07:00am walnut creek. police dispatched. >> got a call reporting a car into the sound wall. you can see behind me the impact of that crash took out a huge portion. >> that wall sending chunks of concrete into the yard of the home directly behind it. >> there was no major damage. the home itself. the woman living there did not want to go on camera but says it soundei like a bomb going off. she got up to see the honda that crashed into the wall and said it ended up pointed in the wrong direction. so that flipped around possibly by the force of the impact you can see it here being towed out in this video. she says she also saw a man she believes was the driver walking slowly past the hole in the wall. but she didn't see what happened next. a spokesperson for the city of
3:33 pm
walnut creek says somehow that man got out into the roadway because they got a second 911, call this time from the driver of this accurate who says she hit a man who suddenly appeared in front of her vehicle and she didn't have time to stop. you can see the smashed up front windshield and dented hood. the driver behind the wheel in the second crash was an injured. she stayed on the scene and will not be facing any charges. the man she hit was pronounced dead at the scene. the contra costa county coroner has identified him as 54 year-old. adam chain cow of walnut creek. i talked to a man who walks the stretch here every morning. >> he says he's not surprised to see car wrecks on this busy road the problem is that there are a lot of speed on the mission valley road. >> and they don't keep that road. they race and they don't keep the speed limit at all. the eastbound lanes were tied up for about 5 hours until police finally took down the yellow tape. >> around noon. >> the one that creek police department is still
3:34 pm
investigating the cause of the initial crash and why that driver ended up in the roadway it's possible he was disoriented from the impact of his car, striking the sound wall at this point. police say there are no visible signs that this was a dui. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> and in the 3 men have been arrested after police say they took over $100,000 from an elderly victim. police say the 3 suspects are brothers. they have been arrested on felony charges of elder fraud. conspiracy 2 counts of grand theft and one count of attempted grand theft. police did not release further details on the circumstances surrounding the incident nor the relationship between the suspects and the victim. also this afternoon the north bay santa rosa's safari west has lost a very important zoo accreditations the association of zoos and aquariums says it did a recent inspection of safari west and it did not
3:35 pm
meet their standards. the association says they have problems with veterinary practices and care of animals but did not give specifics. the organization. did say safari west has made some improvements, but they were just not enough safari west now has 30 days to appeal the decision. the zoo has been accredited with the association since 2010, we did check in with safari west for comment, but we have not heard back yet. we'll let you know when we do. and in national news today, the gunman who killed 14 students and 3 staff members at a florida high school in 2018 will plead guilty to murder charges. this is according to lawyers of nicolas cruz, the now 23 year-old is charged with 17 counts of first-degree murder in the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. that's in florida and cruz and his lawyers had long argued that he should plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence. but prosecutors had rejected that deal saying the case deserved a death sentence. for
3:36 pm
your money this afternoon mail delivery for many americans continues to slow ahead of the holiday season. recent changes to the u.s. postal service like longer delivery times and cuts to post office. hours are part of a 10 year plan. the agency unveiled earlier this year. our washington correspondent jessi turnure reports now on how congress is responding to the delays. >> it's an attack on seniors veterans and small businesses across the country. lawmakers sent a message to the u.s. postal service friday. the agency is not delivering for the american people missing service standards hurts those who rely on the postal service and ultimately can prove to be a death spiral for the postal service at a special remote hearing in chicago, virginia congressman jerry connelly said post office problems like improper scanning and staffing shortages lead to late fees on bills and delayed medications for customers. these delays are especially concerning and
3:37 pm
potentially life threatening. many in congress, blame the changes, the agency's leader postmaster general louis dejoy continues to make someone came to my business and said i got an idea. >> i'm going to reduce the value of your a raise its price. it said yourself. you think that's a winning combination. >> the joys plan includes longer delivery times cuts to post office hours and more expensive. postage to erase a projected 160 billion dollar loss over the next decade. let's make it very clear the post office has had issues. >> for before the current postmaster general, pennsylvania congressman fred keller once widespread reforms to the postal service. >> and congress is debating various legislation to do so. but in the meantime, a union representative for letter carriers said the agency needs to deliver for them to we are embarrassed by what the postal service has become in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> let's talk about our weather forecast right now here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock as we take a live look
3:38 pm
outside it san francisco international airport. doesn't look like any fog is going to be delaying flights at the moment. but if you are headed out of town going somewhere fun. we're not just going somewhere. rebecca strom has us covered now with the getaway forecast for the weekend. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, justine. yeah, it's going to be a gorgeous weekend to a get away. if you're going to be heading out of the high country. look at woodlake tal looks like right now. lots of sunshine. not a cloud in the sky in fact, the temperatures are going to be quite nice. south lake tahoe. we're going to get to the mid 60's. if you're heading to truckee, we're looking at low 70's and a lot of sun or maybe towards a reno carson city and more from the low to mid 70's expected for tomorrow or maybe you're heading further south carmel's going to be beautiful right next to the coast at 74 degrees tomorrow and a high of 74 in the monterrey area. it's going to be a little bit warmer in santa cruz. a nice day, though, hit the beaches. 80 degrees expected in the santa cruz area. we're looking
3:39 pm
back home, though, maybe you're going to have a staycation and not go anywhere. half moon bay is going to be a nice spot to be tomorrow because we're looking at the mid 70's. not a cloud in the sky. lots of sunshine. it's going to look very similar. so what it looks like right now outside with our live camera network and temperatures right now a lot warmer than what we've been seeing over the last a week or so. in fact, we're in the 80's and a lot of spots inland. we're looking at 80 degrees right now in antioch, 81 in the livermore valley upper 70's along the east bay shoreline 83 degrees right now in fremont and downtown san jose. and like i was mentioning just gorgeous at the coast, half moon bay at 73 degrees. it's going to get even warmer as we get into tomorrow before cooling town with a chance of rain for your sunday. i'll have all those details coming up in just a bit. justine, thank you so much. coming up, most of us have more than one bottle of sunscreen at home. >> probably happen or half-full cover. you want to look at it. but a new study is
3:40 pm
saying mixing certain types can often take away some of the benefits of sunscreen. well, explain. and as hispanic heritage month comes to an end to kron 4 is honoring the latino culture right here in the bay area. so coming up on sunday night. we'll take a look at the history of the mission district low rider, culture and even dig into some modern mexican cuisine. so make sure you join us during our hispanic heritage special. that's this sunday night at 6.30. we'll be right back.
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help this afternoon. new research is finding mixing the sunscreens could make them less affective. british scientists say combining chemical and mineral bey screams. >> can reduce the protective barrier against the sun by up to 91%. chemical sunscreens contain substances that absorb uv rays before they reach the skin and mineral sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide create a physical barrier preventing the sun's rays from hitting the skin. so experts are saying sunscreens should still be used but be mindful about mixing it with other products like makeup, better zinc based. we're going to take a really quick break right here. but after this. >> ahead of veterans day which is next month. we're going to be celebrating a veteran wh experience the attack on pearl harbor. his incredible story is next. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience,
3:44 pm
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3:47 pm
deep appreciation. you and was who have served our nation. but over the years notes from total strangers have appeared in george blake's mailbox, thank you so much. of truly means a lot to me with gratitude for his role in history. 80 years ago. he was stationed at pearl harbor. >> december 7th. i was only there a few minutes. 1941 and there was this tremendous our own. the day america was thrust into world war 2. we come out of the building. the sky was fo planes more than 2400 americans died in that attack and certainly realize. they were all kids. and you could say little part of jordan died that day, too. >> why you and me a few years ago he wrote a poem that he still can't get through without tears gauges the list of the young who guy. and with motions. i have cried. the
3:48 pm
tears are shed parma cheek. pose a question whose hands are very sick. were you me? george is the last pearl harbor survivor in his small colorado county, one of the last in the entire country. >> which probably explains that fan mail very much so. and the neighbor is very special who consider him. george is very unique. he's a special do a local celebrity. we had a second one in town but he died probably 10 or 12 years ago not to mention an out right you know, he does make a difference. >> it's a reputation solidified even further a few months ago when this old veteran set out on a journey to serve once again seems a friend who works with a local charity told george there was a veteran in britain who went on a 100 walks to support health care workers. georgia's friend had an idea. he said would you get a 100 walk, somebody a birthday. can you do that? >> i said i think so. so i do.
3:49 pm
did he ever. >> for more than 3 months leading up to his one 100th birthday in the thin mountain air 7,000 feet above sea level. very was everyday. people can buy see what workers this 31st the 65th. >> to my 100th birthday and on his birthday he's the one who gave the president to his hometown. more than $10,000 raised through his walks to help a local nonprofit serving families during the pandemic the mind doing. i was working in any way in. i was able and that's the important thing of being a veteran anyway, ask anyone around here is to do what you can to make a difference in your community will tell you is one of the very few. >> world war. 2 veterans still left from pearl harbor to his front patio service is who george blake is. thank you would give your time today. it's no wonder they're all such big fans that would be a tremendous surprise and give are veterans voices. i'm jeremy hubbard.
3:50 pm
>> for more stories honoring veterans. all you have to do is scan this qr code and we have a complete page on our website. and this code will then take you right there to kron 4 dot coms. you can read all the stories we have posted there. back now to talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside right now at the bay bridge toll plaza looking out towards the east bay got some great blue skies out there today and. very curious about the next timing of rain looks like a little bit this weekend. then also next week of rebecca strom is here now with details. what's the deal. >> while just seems a little bit of something for everyone. so the 1st half of the weekend is going to be a warm and even hot in some areas and then things are going to drastically cool down for the 2nd half of your weekend on sunday with the possibility of a little bit of rainfall. for now, though we have all the sunshine to enjoy so head outdoors, if you can just stay hydrated because we are going to see some hot spots in the 80's even upper by tomorrow.
3:51 pm
lots of sunshine here, our camera on top of the east bay hills overlooking berkeley nice clear shot of the bay and it's all thanks to this high-pressure system. we've been tracking over the last couple of passing through the bay area bringing us said those warm temperatures and the breeze is also going to be a over the our few hours or so the overnight hours. not as windy as what we saw earlier in the week. so that is good. but the breeze is going to help definitely cool or field. little bit cooler right now the temperatures 70's and 80's. can you believe it? we're in the middle of october 80 degrees in antioch right now. 81 in the livermore valley 83 degrees in san jose around the bay 77 in downtown oakland in hayward, 76 right here in san francisco, 73 in half moon bay and then the 80's across much of your north bay zone right now. futurecast for showing us say, yes, we will be seeing warm-up. stick with us through tomorrow. keeping things nice and clear for us. not a lot of clouds in the sky like saw in our live cameras earlier. lots of
3:52 pm
sunshine. but then things will start to change once we get into sunday a cold front's going to be sweeping through the bay area and it looks like it could be bringing a system rainfall sunday night in 2 or early monday morning. now a lot of the storm system is going to be stick sticking to the far north of us. we might just get the tail end of it and it might be bringing us just a little bit of rain, not a whole lot. if we get any and then things are going to dry until we reach the middle of the week and we're tracking another storm system heading our direction. and this one looks like a very promising that it could be bringing us some well needed rain across the bay area. wednesday and maybe even into thursday. so expected possibly be wet around the bay area. get your umbrellas ready because i'm sure you have to dust him off. we haven't had to use them quite often at all. you're 70 around the bay forecast. yep. it's going to be an uptick in temperatures for tomorrow. getting warmer and then cooling down on sunday and then things should be getting back to normal as you start off the work week into monday. but check out those overnight
3:53 pm
lows. keep that in mind. monday night's going to be quite cold dropping into the 30's inland and then we're going to have those low 40's around the coast and then things are going to start to get back into the 40's 50's for the overnight lows for the rest of the week. and then of course there's that rain that i was talking about. so just to keep a close to kron 4 for wednesday and for the possibility of that thursday rainfall justine, back to you. we'll be watching that carefully. thank you so much. >> next, stop, the record wait. this newborn baby clocked in at. and it's a lot clocked in at. and it's a lot like the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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newborn baby in arizona is making the headlines today because baby family came to the world on october 4th. >> at banner thunderbird hospital weighing a whopping 14 pounds and one ounce don't forget that one out 14 pounds and one ounce. >> according to his mother, family size was not a total surprise at her last ultrasound, nurses said that the baby weighed 13 pounds. >> they pulled him out and the oh, my gosh, that's huge. everybody was freaking i've never seen a baby that big. i can't believe so perfect in way. >> so cute family is now home and the good hands of his big brother's devlin and emmett. good luck maintaining that baby weight. so cute, though, all that much more to love
3:57 pm
right. the news does not end here. they're our coverage will continue at the top of the hour on the kron on app. here's what's coming up at 4 o'clock. they have a live interview with the founders of one found sound but a different type of orchestra. that's also rewriting classical music. so just scan this qr code on your screen right now. so you can watch that interview and so much more right there on kron on. and thank you so much for joining us. all this week right here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. i'm justine waldman. so appreciate your time. we can always connect on facebook, instagram and twitter. don't forget to wash your hands. >> i'll see tonight 5, 9, and then back here this weekend in prime time. have a great one.
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
4:00 pm
>> today on an all new dr. phil. >> i'm a private investigator. >> a mother of two who searches for others turns up missing herself. >> what is it that makes this so intriguing? do you believe she's alive? >> she lived multiple lives. the type of data that's unimaginable. >> nobody has seen this footage of her before now. >> a dr. phil exclusive. >> dr. phil: at 37 years old, andrea can enable was working for the organization missing in america. a group of mostly women volunteers who help find people


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