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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> now at 9. a live look here at the golden gate bridge i
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hard to tell, though, because it is raining either misting or drizzling throughout much of the bay area we've been tracking the first significant rain storm of the season today. but the heaviest rain. >> is yet to come. and we're talking about 2 routes of heavy rain yet to come. so buckle up. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here on kron 4 news tonight. i'm grant lotus and i don't mind saying so this is a beautiful thing. i'm vicki liviakis and we're only the series of storms that are heading here into the bay area. taking a look at the. >> radar right now on our kron. 4 doppler radar. >> spots of green, which is what we want to see hnading the through tonight. they say absence makes the heart grow fonder boy we miss the rain average tonight on this big weather event from the outages tonight in the east bay pg and e. >> working on that to the system itself. and that's where we begin our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> who's tracking all this
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rain, yeah, guys. been fun watching this. come on shore today. of course you see the showers kind of hit miss. then it started to pick up in the afternoon and evening and here we sit right now. the scattered showers continuing around the bay area tonight and more of that to come on and off throughout tonight and tomorrow to nothing but tomorrow afternoon, that rain line may begin to shift a little further to the north right now. it's pretty soggy. pretty wet around the bay area. specially the southern half of the bay area toward the golden gate bridge got a mix of fog in a couple showers out there now. yeah. you want to take it easy out there rainfall totals get more impressive as we go through time here now, the past 24 hours, more than an inch and a half in the can't feel san anselmo knowles and it's into tenths fremont. about a 3rd of an inch. san francisco over a quarter of an inch over a 3rd now 1500's in oakland and some of the mountains around the bay area in the north bay easily over an inch of rain in some places over 2 inches of rain in parts of and sonoma county. so that is a nice
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start to the wet season. we've got a long way to go as we've got a series of storms coming our way this right now just kind of dragging through here. it's kind of an interesting event overnight tonight as we don't have really a good dynamic triggered a get all the moisture of the atmosphere. there's a lot of moisture that is flowing overhead. these clouds but not a real good trigger to get out. so you're left scattered showers now these kind of events, lot of times you'll see the rain actually falling beneath the radar. so our radar may not actually be picking up all the rain out there right now over the mountain. top certainly squeezing that out. the santa cruz mountains, but more widely scattered around the bay area right now in along the peninsula, another wave of moisture moving on shore. things drying out a bit into the south bay and then the east bay more widely scattered showers and the lafayette in concord,%in antioch, in the north bay too. still a couple raindrops out there, but there's plenty more to come long range forecast looks impressive that first batch of rain continue on and off for tomorrow. then the rain line is going to shift north by tomorrow night. now, get ready for that guy. that will be a significant front coming through to bring some heavy rainfall. i think late
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tomorrow night into friday morning. then maybe by the middle of the day friday. i think we're actually see the clouds maybe part we might see a little sunshine, but it's not the last long. we've got more storms expected over the weekend. in fact, the one that's coming on sunday and in the money has all us meteorologists talking about it online about how impressive that could be swapped. awaiting sounds like a big. yeah. i wanted to just check you. so i went outside for a walk st dio guests about the umbrella. >> had to pull at some wd 40 to a lot of up yeah. let's not to bring that yeah. so we'll be using a lindy lot. you bay. thanks for excellent. >> well, here's a look now at the outages we were referring to. you can see most of them are in the east bay. more than 4,000 customers in the dark in newark, berkeley dealing with nearly 300 outages that number was 2200 about an hour ago. so definitely making some progress there restoring power. san francisco, you've about 750 customers without power right now. pj is trying
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to determine the causes of all of these outages. but they figure most are weather related. the power is expected to be turned on for most of these customers. they say bye about 10:30pm tonight. and if you go on our website kron 4 dot com. you'll find a map there with the latest outage numbers. some customers in the east bay have been dealing with outages all day long and that is where we find kron four's. gayle ong who continues our team coverage tonight. and gayle you spoke with someone who power pole actually caught fire. >> jagr and that happened in they got their power back around 4 o'clock this afternoon on this area here in north berkeley where we are seeing some light rain. but this area was affected to overnight. we want to get to some video earlier in this and small neighborhood in albany over on san carlos avenue. this is where pg e spent the whole day replacing a power pole that was due to a fire. and that's actually calm in when we get light rain after a
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dry spell pg e says that the cause is all that gunk and mud and debris and salt accumulates on the. >> electrical wires and when the light rain hits, it can cause a spark. i spoke to the woman who woke up at 05:00am due to the fire. >> there are lots of sparks coming down. so that was frightening. but the fire department was here the whole time. and so we felt safe and, you know, clearly they were watching the situation. so yeah, but very happy they put up a new power utility pole. >> and earlier this week, pg e had announced that they are expanding their pull washing last month. pg e says that richmond dealt with these power pole outages and fires. so it's something that they're trying to get ahead of course it could be inevitable when we've had no rain the past year or more because the rain would definitely help wash away all that dust. we're live in berkeley. gayle ong kron 4
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news like, you know, will. this was just the appetizer what is pg and e doing to make sure that there isn't a bigger problem as the storms get stronger. >> throughout this weekend into early next week. >> yeah, right grand and i'm hearing a lot about those concerns from residents in the area will be. jeanne did say that they are targeting certain neighborhoods specifically in the east bay. so they didn't get ahead and watch some power poles over in richmond and they're going to work through el serino and i guess there are some power poles in albany. they're going to have to look at as well. all right. get along. >> live for us tonight. appreciate that meantime, the city of pleasant hill has opened up sandbags stations. officials there say that there are 3 locations for you. >> one is at the city hall parking that is on gregory lane at telling the road behind michaels, the community center parking lot on civic drive. and at the parking lot on the north side of hawthorne drive. the sandra fell police
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department is warning drivers tonight to slow down because, of course, the roads are slick. the police chief there says collisions are. >> taxing on first responders and emergency service resources. so good reminder there. by the way, kron 4 can always help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood wherever you are just use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code that will take you to a spot where you can download the kron 4 mobile app. and there you'll find live radar current conditions and what is expected in the coming days and up to the minute forecasts from lawrence. it's all on your phone and the kron 4 mobile app. new tonight at 9 oakley and berkeley fire departments and community members and the families of victims all coming together tonight for an annual tree lighting to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 1991 oakland berkeley firestorm, oakland and berkeley mayors were also there to pay tribut . our kron four's taylor >> has the story.
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>> once again shining from up above near grizzly peak each year. they serve as a symbol of hope on the anniversary of the 1991 oakland-berkeley fire storm which was considered one of the worst and most expensive fires in california at that time on wednesday fire officials, city leaders and community members came together for the lighting of the tree of hope as this week marks 30 years since the fire raged through this area. his strength, 3,000 structures and killing 25 people, including lewis mcnary junior brings back and the members and always great and so little anxious for this event. but i am pleased by the amount of people who shown a half and the attention that this is giving because even though this happened 30 years ago was still affected by the loved ones that we lost. it was mcnary. junior's daughter, alicia says. >> the state doesn't get any easier as the years go by. they remember the sacrifice. their father made in are proud
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of what he did. my father did get out of his in time. but one of his neighbors came out said her husband couldn't get out. so he went back in to try and get him out as well. and in doing that, he passed away oakland police officer john bentz key and opened fire battalion chief james riley also gave the ultimate sacrifice is 30 years ago. they died while responding to the fires in trying to keep residents safe edition remembering all 25 lives elizabeth. >> the last 85. >> families in first responders gathered here to recognize the improvements made because of that fire and continue to challenge how we can better respond and it's not a lot of focus the tragedy that happened remembering that we're also looking at the goodness that came out of so now we have different policies and procedures when it comes to these fires and ad from different organizations and processes in place to help those people that have suffered from this tragedy to
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rebuild. >> the tree of hope will be live december first in. stay lit through the rest of december, the cause of that fire is still undetermined in oakland taylor kron 4 news. >> in other news, the food and drug administration has given the thumbs up to giving covid-19 booster shots to those who initially received the moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines. this follows last month's. approval of boosters for pfizer recipients. the fda authorized a 3rd moderna shot for seniors and others at high risk from covid-19 because of their health problems are jobs or living conditions. 6 months after their last shot for j j's single-shot vaccine. the fda says anyone no matter their age can get a second dose. at least 2 months following their initial vaccination. the fda is also allowing people to get any brand of booster regardless of which vaccine people got first so you can shop around scott
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force. catherine heenan has reaction now from health experts about this mix and match approaching. also. >> info about a new variants. unfortunately, that's starting to surface at struggling. yeah. but back to the mix and match first. i mean, that's apparently a good thing. experts say that mixing and matching make it easier. >> for people at risk to get a booster. and according to a recenr study for j and j recipients switching to a pfizer or moderna booster is not only safe but probably means greater protection against the virus in the meantime, yes, there's increased concern about a new variant called a y 42 a member of the delta family. it has been surging in great britain. if it is transmission bowl, if it makes the vaccines less effective. that will be a big problem. but doctors say it is too early to know for sure. >> we've been you know, humbled so many times by covid and by sars covid 2, the virus that causes covid that i could
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never be confident in making a 100% predictions. except to say that with everything we have to watch it. >> before you line up. but your nearest to walgreens to get a booster shot do. keep in mind the cdc has to sign off on these latest recommendations. but that could happen as early as tomorrow in the studio. catherine heenan kron 4 news. thanks for that kathryn. meantime, children ages 5 to 11 are going to soon be able to get a covid-19 shot. >> pending federal approval. now the shots are expected to be widely available at county run clinics, health care providers and also at some schools kron four's rob fladeboe brings us up to date on plans for the rollout in the south bay. >> santa clara county covid-19 vaccination sites like this one at the fairgrounds are being made ready to vaccinate a significant portion of the county's children ages 5 to 11 who could be eligible for the shot. but the first week of november, the county has
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requested enough of the lower dose pfizer vaccine for as many as 167,000 newly eligible children. everything else is ready to go pending federal approval says clinical lead bethany burleson. we have separate clinical areas inside each site just set aside for the children here. >> and that first we're going to have it by appointments and as the demand decreases will have it available for walk ins and drop san jose unified school district is also making plans to provide the vaccine to as many as 11,000 students ages 5 to 11 partnering with county health district is expanding mobile vaccination clinics at schools continuing to target specific areas where vaccination rates are lagging says the district's katy we're adding additional pool. i'm not a weekly basis. >> and you know, again, targeting where we know that high number of you then that could be eligible for the vaccine that, well, as community members who are already eligible. all federal
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regulators will meet over the next 2 weeks the safety and effectiveness of giving the vaccine to as many as 28 million children nationwide. >> pediatricians and pharmacies will likely be giving the shot too plans include making the experience a little less scary. and we have team set aside that are sending out. >> play areas activities to distract the children from the actual. reason why they're coming here, which can be very scary for for a lot of the children that we want to make a fun experience for them in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> sonoma county health officials have outlined plans to vaccinate roughly 37,000 children ages 5 to 11 with the covid vaccine. this will happen. of course, once the vaccine is approved by federal regulators that is expected sometime next month. the county's campaign will seek to vaccinate half of kids in that age group by january 31st of next year and trying to get 70% of eligible kids
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inoculated by march of 2022, the fda authorized the pfizer vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds in may. nearly 68% of kids in that age group in sonoma county have now received at least one dose of the vaccine. there is a substitute teacher shortage here in the bay area in oakland. education. officials say that the profession was already struggling to recruit new teachers. then covid happened making it even more challenging and now the oakland education association says that they are looking into increasing pay by 50%. hayward and fremont education. officials have also reported teacher shortages. so city leaders in berkeley are turning to technology to try to help curb gun crime. the proposal is to install security cameras in areas where gun violence has increased recently in the city. but the idea does, of course, come with some critics kron four's dan thorn reports now from berkeley in uptick in gun violence is happening in the west and southwest sections of berkeley.
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>> city council member terry taplin says the crime being concentrated in these areas has become troubling and proactive measures such as installing cameras needs to take place. >> frightened families george floyd's park in berkeley were forced to run for cover as gunfire broke out, the daytime gunfight happening on september 4th is just one of several shootings. city leaders say have become increasingly concerning people around your are feeling, you know, double on target city council member terry taplin who represents south west berkeley says the crimes have been concentrated between university and ashby avenues. he along with another council member have proposed installing security cameras in the area. the video would be used to help berkeley police with solving crimes. this is the 3rd year in a row where gun incidents have increased. and it's just terrifying. we're seeing a proliferation of those funds. and so i think it's important for us to have a miss me tools and resources possible. berkeley has had more than 30 shootings so far
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this year. >> compared to 29 at this time last year as the gun violence numbers have gone up. the police department is facing a historic low in staffing all the more reason taplin says the cameras could help but there are concerns about privacy and whether cameras actually curb crime. i think that like we don't really protect privacy by. the face all of you already protect privacy by having proactive policies. >> and being out of technology taplin assures critics. the security video would only be used for solving criminal investigations. >> the cameras would not be monitored or used for 24 hour surveillance. the council member says it all boils down to increasing safety and to really make a in this and crisis we have so fire and also under as as the city, we have a responsibility of providing basic services, ensuring the safety of our residents. the cost of these cameras could range from 500,000 to more than a million dollars. plus upkeep.
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>> the proposal is expected to go before city council next month reporting in berkeley dan thorn kron 4 news. >> all right. other news now. and it looks like the grinch has struck early in the east bay a nonprofit that setting up for some holiday cheer. this hit by vandals. >> for sale. a second mone in a live with us in the studio with a look at the damage. they're now trying to bounce back from ella. you hate to see stuff like this. i can't believe that this happened every year. downtown san leandro decorating for the holidays with the tree lighting ceremony. put these bright colorful oversized not crackers to ring in the holiday season. but as you can see in this video, unfortunately, many of them are now broken employees with the san leandro downtown community benefit district who are responsible for putting on the display throughout town came across this disheartening seen on sunday. they tell us of the vandals broke into the storage space of the small nonprofit store where the 20 foot tall christmas tree along with more than 26. 26 foot
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tall that crackers are kept and at least 15 of them valued at more than $16,000 suffered damaged beyond repair. so it's a setback for local businesses in the area who even through the struggle of the pandemic donated money to this cause. >> trying to find ways to attract people to the downtown. and the holiday. the holiday season, the holiday decor is one of the ways we do that. you know, most people now are heard getting there to deliver. they're getting know shopping online. everything is being brought to the home. and not all businesses can make for that are suited for that. and also disrupts really are feeling of community. >> so if you'd like to help with a tax-deductible donation. you can e-mail grinch at downtown san leandro dot com. the money will be used to buy new decorations for christmas as well as the spring holidays grant. back to you.
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>> it is getting a little bit more hectic out in the streets. >> celebrate the reigning go crazy at home. but keep kobe cool on the roads coming the morning commute looks tomorrow and some reminders from law enforcement. >> on this wet roads. tell us the first real break in the brian laundrie case in weeks. now, what we're learning about the search for gabby petito's fiance in florida. also a sad and poignant week in oakland. the chilling reason this is
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>> the city of oakland is declaring this week. love life week a week to honor all victims of violence. the model love life is in memory of 16 year-old alicia lacey. we should means love life. she was an innocent victim to a shooting 24 years ago today. our 4 spoke to her father, donald who says that the love life foundation with his daughters idea after her friend was murdered. that was just a few months before a was killed. her dad thanks to the violence in oakland goes beyond just accessibility to guns. >> i think a big part of the problem is the culture of violence. we sell pilots 24 7. we salute ballots. we even make jokes about violence. people who react violently are constantly inundated with violent him it's a cultural deep. sickness. really. i
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don't know how else to describe. >> the group will hold a moment of silence this sunday, october 20 forced to pray for all victims violence. investigators searching for brian laundrie in florida. they have found human remains as well as some of his personal items laundrie's a person of interest in the death of his fiance. gabby petito and has been the subject of a massive manhunt ever since last month. the fbi says that they found his backpack and a notebook along with with some remains rather in an area of the wilderness park that was previously covered by water. the remains still need to be positively identified. the fbi says investigators will continue to search the area for several days. up next, we're tracking a series of rainstorms doing that all night long. this is a. >> live look. actually not alive guests but maybe we'll have that later. we do have
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the latest on outages and traffic conditions coming up. and even though the rain is here, we are still, of course, under a drought emergency across the whole state a couple storms isn't going to change that. why this new emergency could mean more restrictions on how much water you can use and also crackdowns on waste and got to fly soon. why the seat you pick on a plane affects the quality of the air. you breathe we'll explain that a
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>> welcome back. talking weather as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast hello, san francisco international boy, a busy airport. there especially challenging tonight, the runways, of course, all wet but still operational. >> our first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look the clouds and what's in store for us. yeah, we've been hoping we get this rain here and finally arrive today. really picking up in the afternoon. continuing to 9 and very slick out there around the bay area. we've got some bigger storms to come. this isn't the main event, but still we're picking up significant total some of the mountains in the north. they already over an inch as much as 2 plus inches of rain there. and there's still plenty more to come. in fact, overnight tonight. we'll see more of that rain kind of moving on through out of sfo. it is very slick out there at this time will continue to be that way as we've really a train of moisture that is going to continue to make their way back in along the
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coastline and into early tomorrow morning. you see some of that moisture moving onshore kind of coming in waves on shore right now. and so most of us, just some light precipitation. but you cut the outside. you're certainly on some very slick roads out there as well. and we've got plenty more to come. in fact, here it is. you see all that moisture. coming up now rolling into the bay area, keeping things went on and off for the next 24 hours. and then i think the rain line is probably going to shift a little further to the north by tomorrow evening that we get ready for the main event at least for friday into early morning. we're looking at that system coming through, right time right around the commute time. early on friday morning. some heavy rain. there may be some blue skies behind but not for long. another storm system begins to move in as early as saturday. and then the main event really starts to roll in come sunday and into monday that one going to happen really lot of some tropical moisture potential for some extremely heavy rainfall around the bay area and certainly could see some flash flooding with rain rates going up so high so quickly by monday morning that begins to move on out. but there's another system right behind
9:31 pm
it. now that wants to drop and bring another chance of some showers and then even the following weekend. how about that? maybe some more rain. the following saturday right before halloween rainfall totals going to be impressive. in fact, that's what we're looking as we head toward tomorrow. you pick up where maybe another 3rd. maybe half an inch plus around parts of the bay area. so just a general rain, then picks up even further as we get in toward saturday as another storm system moves in on friday and saturday night and then the main event comes in. that's that atmospheric river. we've been talking about all that heavy rain. then we start talking about inches of rain all around the bay area. urban areas, maybe 2, maybe 5 inches of rain in the north bay mountaintops between now and next week. maybe as much as 10 inches of rain. that's impressive. yeah. well, that's what you do. much though. it's a whole lot in a short amount of time. if this were in the middle of the rain season. we'll be talking about some major flooding issues. now, mainly just last thanks a well, the rain we are getting is certainly putting an end to the.
9:32 pm
>> fire danger, at least for now, but it's creating a whole new set of problems. tow truck drivers are preparing for a busy few days as slick streets. >> cause a number of crashes out there from first jonathan mccall continues. our live team coverage in the city with a message at that they have for these drivers. jonathan. >> yeah there s it's definitely take it easy. slowdown as you're driving on the slick streets. that's because they're going to be out working just like we are as well trting to help folks in need and they say they don't want to see any other tragedies as a result of a driver in >> as mother nature looks to drench the bay area with much needed rain. you know, the rain is coming in a little bit and. it is getting a little bit more hectic out in the streets the day luge for days is also expected to bring on a flood of car crashes on bay area highways and roads. >> oscar monroy says that his team at auto towing in san francisco is already deep in calls for service.
9:33 pm
>> so yeah, we we are getting a lot more phone calls, you know, accident wise is breakdowns. you know, people a little too fast for him. u.s.. >> he says he expects to be swamped in the coming days as more rain moves into the area. >> supplied a record going all the trucks are equipped ready to go. right now. we're 17 drivers. and right now. >> chp says they're bracing for a rise in the number of car crashes in the coming days. they say that poor tire maintenance in speed often lead to many of the crashes. see during what weather they're urging drivers to give their cars a basic maintenance check including looking over tread depth on tires and windshield wipers officers say that a lack of tread on tires makes it difficult to break in the rain. chp says if there are crashes, drivers should expect to see high. we shut down for a period of time to clear the scene which could trigger backups and delays. monroy says if you are in a
9:34 pm
crash. >> always put your hazards that that the number don't stand outside of the car. all we know time is try to push window. >> and warns drivers to pay close attention on the roads in order to avoid even more tragedy here >> it's not a safe job for entire chain of us home. >> and it is a dangerous job that they are doing in time of need for so folks who are involved in wrecks as a result of the slick roads. the one thing that they do urge if you if they do have those amber lights on showing that they are on scene once again. they are urging folks to just move that one extra lane over to give them enough space to do their job and to also give them some distance as well protecting them as they're working live tonight in the city. jonathan mccall kron 4
9:35 pm
news. >> all right, jonathan, appreciate that. good heads-up and certainly the storms are going to help the drought, but they're not going to end the drought and california leaders are moving forward with their response to ir. the drought related emergency was just extended to the entire state yesterday and now includes san francisco, california's natural resources. secretary wade crowfoot says it's going to take a lot more than just a few storms here to get us out of a bad situation. the debt. so the challenge that we face with this trapped right now. >> our reservoirs where a lot of our water supply is how many are at their love, their lowest level in 40 years. >> crowfoot echoes the governor's call for californians to conserve water. residents can served about 5% of water in august compared to the same time last year. so these 5% less this year. governor newsom has requested a 15% conservation effort. the order to conserve water is still voluntary now
9:36 pm
mandatory at this point over the next few months. the state water board will decide what wasteful uses of water should be banned moving forward. assuming we're still in a drought. >> or you said on your next flight could impact your carbon emissions. according to the app and google flights emissions increase for premium economy in first class seats because, of course they take up more space and they account for a larger share of total emissions. so when you're packed in like a starting in 2, a basic economy seat on a budget airline. my you're taking up less room and the airline can fit more people on board. one of the only good things about flying like that. is you do have a smaller carbon footprint right now. google's estimates don't take into account what direction the plane is heading a potentially significant factor of flying in 2 or with the jet stream. the also don't consider whether or not the flight is using bio fuels or other alternatives. still ahead tonight, homeowners in the east bay are upset after wild takes care of their
9:37 pm
lawns. >> a closer look at the damage left behind. >> and in sports. the warriors back at work after it big win over the lakers in the season opener last night at staples sports director jason dumas as steve kirsch comments a bench. that bench was great. plus an update on the status of that is quarterbacks. jimmy garoppolo and
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> during the war years, glory years. they developed the moniker strength in numbers from one to 10, anyone on the roster at any given time could step up and have a big game. i'm not going to say we're back in the glory years of warriors basketball after one game. but last night so eerily similar and steve kerr. he agreed he thinks that death was the key to last night's win and he thinks that death will be the key moving forward. >> every guy can play and we've got guys who are injured right now. obviously clay you know, james who is just an enormous j k same thing just incredibly gifted young guys. so we have a really deep team this year. and it's exciting. it's also challenging because there's only so many minutes. this team is really committed to each other. and i think they understand that in order to be a great team, you know,
9:41 pm
do something special. then you have to make personal sacrifice and i have no doubt they're making that. >> the niners have had over a week to sit in think on their 2, 3, record is kind of like when i was a kid and i was on time out. there's some ups but is mostly downs now. they have a primetime matchup ahead of them as the colts and former niner deforest buckner. come on into town. jimmy g he missed that cardinals game with a strained calf. but all signs point to him being ready to go against indy. >> yeah. i be good to go out there and go full. go today. i i know is limited because we got to make sure you can do everything but what much better idea today, but i'm pretty optimistic about. >> feel real got there a little bit. overall, feel like it's in the right spot pushing off those quick. you know movements as you say, did in office too much last week. but i think during the bye week
9:42 pm
missed shot. so i'm first that can still be a 100% healthy this week. i'm hoping, get better every day. i tested out on the field so we can do everything. but right now it feels great. >> sounded like my guy grant cohn with that last question. an lcs game for dodger stadium. second inning. gavin lux. drives one to deep center. but adam duvall. feet in the middle of the night, robs him of at least extra-base is probably a home run what a catch there. let's go to the 9th inning braves up. 62 eddie rosario. he had 4 hits. and this one was the biggest, a 3 run shot. 92 atlanta. they are partying in no comeback for the dodgers tonight. max exodus from dodgers stadium cycle. i'm surprised, but guess it's a year ago, the braves were leading the dodgers in the nlcs. 3, 2, 1, 2, so can't get too ahead of yourselves. but
9:43 pm
it's looking really, really bad for the dodgers.
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>> wild pigs strech again. this time ripping up a couple's lawn in livermore. you're going to love this couple proportionally to spoke with them the owners of the cedar mountain winery where the pigs have been going hog wild. >> a quick survey of the oats property reveals an expensive
9:46 pm
problem about $30,000. the couple lives behind the business cedar mountain winery in livermore. and for the past week, linda and earl old have been dealing with the aftermath of feral hogs ripping up their first time in 8 years. the winery itself and surrounding vineyards have been mostly untouched. but the pigs keep attacking the grass the other night. i heard grunting. >> in the back of the house. that's what bedroom is. so i turned on the flood light and here are 5 picks. a really big one medium size 3 little ones. linda is trying everything she can to repel the pigs. she's been tossing fish oil. so cheerios in the grass to keep them away. but. it's something to make sure the raccoons would need to so i chili peppers powder to it as we grow chiles. why has the power to if you don't believe the drought is causing the pigs to expand their search for food. well, they explore options to install new fencing. they are
9:47 pm
working with the state department of fish and wildlife to file a wildlife incident report and if they are granted a depredation permit. they could possibly higher trappers to kill the animals don't want to put. >> the money. the new side only to have to do with the same problem. i had people saying that they want to be able to shoot a if you're going to fuel them to save some meat for me for carnitas bacon. >> you've got to look at the positive stuff. even when things look bad in livermore phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> law enforcement officials are speaking out tonight after san francisco announced it is offering up to $100,000 in reward money for information on car break-ins. that lead suit an arrest and conviction. police chief bill scott mayor london breed made the announcement yesterday right delhi square aquatic park. now many people are wondering if the incentive is really enough to deter the crimes. today we spoke with a local law enforcement officer who says the problem is that laws
9:48 pm
surrounding these crimes are just to lax the public's appetite. >> to aggressively prosecute people who commit property crimes isn't really there. all right. we stay see it on the news and they they don't like it. but bill voting laws that are apartments again, well-meaning altruistic laws keep folks out of jail and you know, maybe a great reasons for that. but we also with those laws need to appreciate the fact that they come with consequences that if we're going to the being law abiding. we're going to say what you there's not a lot of consequences. even if you do get caught this is to be expected in. >> officer savage. they're specifically talking about prop 47, which reduce the penalties for many property crimes as well as ab 3.92 which increased police officers criminal liability for use of force. >> with the pandemic hit mammogram screenings were delayed all across the country
9:49 pm
resulting in some women receiving cancer diagnoses much later. then they should have as kron four's. noelle bellow reports for us tonight. doctors at center health hope new technology and programs are going to get more women to get themselves. screened. >> a few moments of discomfort that could save your life. >> taking care of myself. my sister's a cancer survivor. and every year not require necessarily, but. requested that i do every year. >> listen, gunned run is a patient at sutter cpm sees center for women's health care on wednesday. she received a 3 d mammogram kind of goes around you when you're in the mammogram machine. and so it gets all of these different views and kind of put together this 3 d image of your. so it's really great at seen through tissue better than our standard. 2 d mammograms. the technology is the new standard for all patients at sutter's health center.
9:50 pm
>> co-director of the center. doctor and pellet is hoping after a year where 31% of women either delayed or missed their mammograms and screening rates will continue to rebound really? understandably, a lot of people have put off. >> preventive measures and things like mammograms and other cancer screenings 75% of women who were diagnosed with cancer in the last 6 months of 20 20 had at annual screening mammogram tests delayed. >> due to the pandemic. and we know that coming in earlier for mammograms. least earlier detection and less treatment. and hopefully better outcomes. so we're really encouraging people to come in and not delay their screening. women should begin annual screening mammograms at age 40. but if you have family history or other risk factors like dense. one might be necessary sooner. maybe the difference between finding a cancer stage 0 or maybe you just need surgery or possibly radiation to moving into stage one or stage 2 or you might need chemotherapy in addition, the surgery
9:51 pm
radiation doctor pellet is a cancer survivor herself. >> diagnosed at age 37 after finding a lump at home when it happened on the way in 2 weeks. i went and got a biopsy and was stunned to find that it was invasive cancer. she's almost 4 years out now and hopes by sharing her story. it will encourage all women regardless of age to self check their and see their doctor if they find a lot of people worry about what's going to happen if you get diagnosed with cancer, we know if you're treated early should do really well in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. important information there and following her own diagnosis doctor and created a new mastectomy procedure for women diagnosed with cancer coming up next, tuesday night or kron four's. noelle bellow, we'll take a look at the technique that's helping patients regain confidence after surgery. the nfl has agreed to stop using race nor ming in brain testing for dimension. all timers. it's a practice that.
9:52 pm
>> makes it harder for black athletes to secure compensation once they're retired and suffering for concussion claims. this binary testing assumes that black people do not start with the same cognitive functioning levels as do other races. so the baseline is just off because of racism. the adjustments. critics say may have prevented hundreds of black players over the years suffering from dementia to receive the money that they deserved. the black retirees will now have the chance to have their tests reese court or in some cases they can seek a new round of cognitive testing. up next. >> who to call when you need a friend. well. this little boy wanted an extra special play date will explain after the break.
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9:55 pm
>> police in new zealand scott an emergency call that is now gone viral. the senate this. >> read a statement to say. >> i at hand kept coming back. then. think think about my
9:56 pm
think it was. a state title making a mistake. >> yeah. know, for this know, 90's was fixing the other hope that always a problem today. >> well, constable kurt, was sent to the home where he had a talk with the boy about the proper use of the emergency number and then showed in the patrol car. that's pretty big. tory afterwards. the officer reported back that the boy did have some pretty cool toys. so there you have it. pretty cool name constable. kurt. kiwis for you. yeah. very sweet. no covid there. that wraps up kron 4 news at night. thank you for being with us. really appreciate it. stay safe. stay dry unless you want to go out and do a rain dance because
9:57 pm
boy, it's nice to see the rain. >> the news at 10 is next. pam and catherine are here with that. it is nice to see the right apply to grant. vicki, thank you both. coming up tonight at 10 o'clock. our coverage of the storm continues. in fact, we have team coverage. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking when this system will clear out and when an even stronger one will arrive. also, we are continuing to monitor the power outages leaving thousands of people in the dark tonight. >> where the efforts to turn the lights back on stand right now. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> we've got a call from the police. but by this morning, the power line outside of our house was on fire and we should shelter in place. >> now at 10 day 2 of the storm knocking out power to thousands of people tonight creating potential danger on the roads. but the heaviest of the rain is still to come. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne. >> we have team coverage tonight on the first really significant rain storm of the season and the pr


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