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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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thank you, nikki. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. 3 good perfect order. >> they want to go that are to charged here on own time. >> breaking news tonight at 5 o'clock, retired oakland police captain or c joyner has been critically injured in a shootout at a gas station in oakland. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 5 everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis joyner shot and killed someone reportedly during the gun battle. it happened about 1 o'clock this afternoon. >> at the chevron station on castro and 18th streets near
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downtown oakland and not far from the interstate 9.80 and joyner was transported to highland hospital where he's now in the icu and highland hospital is where we find kron four's. dan thorn. dan, what can you tell us about what happened, what led up to the shooting. it it sounds like a a violent shootout, right at a gas station. >> and that's certainly what our sources are telling us. appears that are see joyner. the former oakland police captain got involved shooting while he was pumping gas around 1 o'clock this afternoon at the chevron station. he was on the 17th and castro side of that gas station when he was apparently approached by someone held at gunpoint. at some point during this confrontation. he then shot this person and then shot another the person that was shot. an unidentified man was killed. we have a video from the citizen app. i'm also
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telling there were witnesses were overheard. >> saying that this may have been an attempted robbery that it's unclear as to whether or not that has been confirmed. that's why we're here outside of the hospital we're waiting word official word from the oakland police department. >> joyner was also shot during this confrontation. again, it appears that joyner was being held up at gunpoint at the gas station. he then shot one of those people then shot another suspect and then a 3rd suspect that was involved with this apparently shot joyner up to 4 times. so he had to be rushed to the hospital here into emergency surgery. he has apparently been released into the icu pda right now apparently looking for others and a getaway car that was involved in this situation. just some more background information on joyner. he led oakland's anti violence. excuse me, anti violence program which is called cease fire from 2013 until his retirement in 2019. i'm still a lot of information that's being worked out in this situation. of course we are
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again live outside of highland hospital awaiting word in around 5.30. we'll be hearing police officials on this situation and i'm learning a little bit more about what went on certainly a chaotic scene out there today. the area blocked off by several investigators. several shell casings were seen. they're near near the gas again, we're going to be awaiting word here shortly from police. and we'll be bringing that to you live. grant vicki. >> all right. dan thorn live for us tonight outside highland hospital. certainly a disturbing incident there. and, you know, captain joyner a a respected member of the community. well known as dan in his leadership roles at opd and only retired a couple years ago lucky to be alive tonight. again, we are awaiting a press conference with oakland police set to begin at 5.30. we will bring that to you live when it begins right here on kron 4. our other top story taking a live look outside right now at
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the bay bridge much drier than it was this time yesterday, but it's not going to stay that way for long. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us this is one of those today where depending on where you were with in the bay area. totally different situations. you know, it's really interesting. like san jose last 48 hours no rainfall at all. some of the mountain peaks in the bay area over 7 inches of rain. so yeah, i mean, what a contrast and that's what you see when you get one. he said this is a type system. setting up outside. you've got a lot of clouds. a lot of moisture out there, but you need a way to squeeze out that moisture and that usually is done with the systems or graphically. that means by some of the mountain ranges. and so here you go. middle peak in the north bay. well over 7 inches, almost 8 inches of rain in the past. 48 hours. mount tam almost 6 inches of rain samara fell over 3 inches of rain. san francisco downtown over an inch of rain pacifica. yeah. almost 2 inches of rain in oakland. you can see they kind of fall in that rain shadow too. just a quarter of an inch of rain. but there is still
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plenty more to come. all right. you can kind of see it now a significant storm system now bearing down on the bay area today. these are kind of disorganized. so just seeing the showers outside a heavy rainfall coming through early in the morning, especially along the peninsula coastline. parts of the north bay to and then kind of tapering off that rain line like we talked about lifting to the north throughout the day. so we're drying out right now. but the north bay still seeing some scattered showers south of 8, not still staying dry but 2 north. there you go. still some scattered light showers. there's a lot more rain to come in. i think this could affect your commute tomorrow. we'll talk about forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, lawrence, our storm continues with proffers fleet to go. he reports now from contra, costa county. that is where crews are checking on drains and other water channels to try to prevent flooding. >> first thing after a storm hits contra, costa county public works crews head to the waterways are doing very important work. >> routine flood control essential to keeping rain water in streams and canals
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and off roadways are trying to protect property along with you know, these cars are moving pretty quick up here and all it takes is couple inches of water for somebody to go by and hydroplane lose control maintenance supervisor. matt olson and his team making about 20 stops in the east bay from san ramon martinez. other were spread out further east near brentwood here doing a pass to betancourt's basin in san ramon the crew yeezy shovels to clear clogged inlets from trash blowing in from west allen moved brought a lot of this stuff, a lot of the debris that's been sitting all summer all year. and since we got. >> really light rains last year. it's kind of doubled up. so we have a lot of stuff coming from the upstream side. >> crews spending about a half hour at each location one of about 25 tasks. the flight control teams routinely throughout the year. >> in contra, costa county phillippi of all kron. 4 news.
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>> and for for the latest forecast in your neighborhood. anytime you can scan this qr code to be taken right to a special section where you will find things like live radar forecasts and current conditions. the crowd for mobile app and kron 4 dot com. great resources. always. but especially during the storms. now to a big story tonight out of florida after more than a month of searching the fbi confirms the human remains found yesterday belong to brian laundry. laundry was the lone person of interest in the disappearance of his fiance. gabby petito. we now go to michael shure in florida with the latest. >> what had been an eventful thursday after a very eventful wednesday when investigators and brian laundrie's parents found some of his personal effect and human remains turned into a very eventful thursday by the end of the day and a very short quick matter of 2, 2, and a half minutes. 2 police officers pulled up to the house and on mark karr
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knocked on the door went in and came out after, you know, just such a short amount of time. it led to conjecture about what that visit was for was a 2 get dental records to get dna to ask questions of the parents or was it to say that the human remains that we were told we would not hear confirmation of today. were those of brian laundrie. and in the end, that was what was confirmed by the laundry family attorney steven bertolino who said that, in fact those were brian laundrie's remains as he had suspected the night before and then the fbi office in denver which is look into the gabby petito murder and followed the disappearance of brian laundrie confirm it with a tweet later in the day. the police wouldn't take questions from us afterwards. they left and then once we had that information, of course it does leave us with many more questions. how did brian laundrie di? did you have something to do with the death of gabby petito in. these are questions that are going to take a lot longer now that we know that he is deceased. but that's where the investigation goes. now into finding out what happened. what motivated the disappearance of brian
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laundrie and how did he die. for. now, though, this is the big news out of north port florida. >> other news tonight, a cdc panel voted unanimously today to recommend booster shots of the moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines and to allow mix and match doses. the agency is now advising that those who got the one shot, johnson and johnson. jab should get another at least 2 months later, the panel recommends that people stick with one version of the vaccine but say that it's okay to switch it up when it comes to a booster shot depending on preference or availability. and this decision comes as a new study finds that the pfizer booster which was approved last month is very effective. proffers. dan kerman live for us at ucsf with the details on this. dan. >> that's right. a new pfizer trial suggests that the pfizer booster is 95%. effective had some pretty dramatic results in terms of who got the
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booster who glad to see, though, and as a result who ended up getting covid-19. >> pfizer says a phase 3 trial has found its booster shot is more than 95% effective against covid-19 10,000 people who had received 2 doses of pfizer. we're in the booster trial. half were given the pfizer booster. while the others got a placebo 5 people who got the booster ended up getting covid-19. 109 in the placebo group got it. it still gives extra pretense. that wall of virus is still circulating. >> that you're more likely to get infected with the virus. if you have, don't have it was just going to cop a strike. >> but the study didn't say was whether those infections were severe or not. it also remains unclear how long the booster will be. effective but infectious disease experts are hopeful. >> many other vaccines when we get it in threes like. and you get 2 shots and then several months later you get a nice shot like hepatitis b, for
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example, that those shots last too much longer. in fact, for ever and many people. so it turns out that, you know, we don't know for sure. the idea of abuse or last much longer than. you know, 6 months that many people worry about. >> right now that pfizer booster is approved for just a select group. there is talk that federal officials might opened up to a larger group down the line live at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. coming up as your car ready for the rain because more rain is on the way. what you should have handy experts say case things take a turn for the worse and the are back and they're ready to go for a sports director. jason do much joins us live from chase center with what to expect tonight and this season. and finally some answers after a family mysteriously dies while out on the summer hike. what we're
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learning tonight from the mariposa county sheriff's office now get a good look on some of the high resolution models of just how intense the storm
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>> another big story we're following tonight. the mariposa county sheriff's office today released a cause of death for that family there with their dog and baby all found together dead on a trail. and that area. this is back in mid august. yes. so
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maderas babb joins us now live with details into their mysterious deaths of moderna's. what what are you learning? >> the sheriff's office did ruled the official cause of death as hyperthermia, which is heat related and possible dehydration officials say this is extremely rare and today a family spokesperson says, well, this does give some closure. the question of why still remains. >> our hearts will never forget the beautiful lives of jonathan allen need you. and of ski. they will remain with us wherever we go and where whatever we do. in the future when we sit beneath the trees listening to the wind soaring through the branches. we will hear them and we will remember. >> mariposa county sheriff's spokesperson, christine mitchell reading a statement from the garish chung family moments after the sheriff released their cause of death. >> the cause of death for jonathan garish. lunch on.
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really a mi joo chong garish. has been determined as hyperthermia. >> and probable the hydration share of jimmy breezes around 08:00am on august 15th 45 year-old. jonathan garish 30 year-old and lunch on their one. year-old daughter me due an 8 year-old dog off. he decided to hike the high cove eight-mile loop. brees says when the family started, the temperature was around 75 degrees. but over 6 miles in a large elevation decline. the temperatures quickly rose to around a 107 to a 109 degrees fahrenheit. there was very little shade on the trail. investigators say on the 16th the family was reported missing by their babysitter and on august 17th their bodies were found. >> we're confident of our findings. and our investigations supports the findings from the pathologist and coroner's office. sheriff 3 says the family only had an 85 ounce water container which was mostly empty.
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>> they also have a phone, but there was no so coverage on the trail. there are signs warning of toxic algae blooms. officials say there's no evidence that the family drink from water streams. they're also abandoned mine shafts in the area that can release hazardous gases. but the sheri f's office ruled that out as well. >> officials say that the family did use an app to find the hike in its not clear if they knew how difficult or what resources they would need on that day and the sheriff says that in his 20 year career. this is the first hyperthermia related case that he has seen reporting live in their oppose amateurs babb. back to you. >> appreciate that. a tragic story has we come back here to the bay. not hot here today in the bay area. warm, though, kind of a tropical storm day and. >> yeah, not a lot of heavy rain anymore. but there is a a light drizzle throughout much of the day and parts of marin
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county, which is where this video is from our charles clifford driving around shooting this. the roads were what they're for the whole day. when he come this pineapple express chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to clear it all yeah. all of this coming right from the hawaiian islands out there. so all that nice warm subtropical air temperatures today running up. >> in the 70's for highs. but yeah, a lot of rain in spots and there's a whole lot more to come. in fact, just getting a good glimpse. now in how intense these storms could be, especially over the weekend outside a lot of clouds out there. little break is some sunshine as well. but we're already getting ready for the next storm that looms large off the coastline. now, you'll notice the almost horizontal to the coastline. that's going to be important as we head toward the next few days as things going to change right now. mostly dry out there. a few scattered light showers continuing in the north bay. but then over time things begin to change now this a high-resolution computer model. i want to show you take this out for some time. there's that cold front out the coastline coming in almost parallel to the coast. watch as it comes on by gives a
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several hours or rain starting early tomorrow morning. i think the commute could be a mess, especially early on. then by about 9 o'clock or so. we're getting the back side of that. we're just about done by the afternoon. maybe a couple sunny breaks that will catch a break. before we get the following day. then on saturday starting out mostly dry. but then things begin to change. start to see another week system coming in showers beginning to pick up kind of on off pushing to the bay area as we head through saturday night as well. and then it looks like we get ready for sunday and wow. look at that. that is a tremendous amount of moisture. the models really start to pick up on this now that is extremely heavy rainfall around the bay area watching for the possibility of some flash flooding around some of the urban areas in some of the debris flows around some of the fire zones as well. so and in those areas, should you live in those locations. got to be extra careful. we're talking about the a lot of rain in a short amount of time. back here. some of the expected totals as we take you through time. yeah. nice little rain as we head in toward the next couple of days. a couple inches of rain over the mount
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ops. then things change as we get the weekend and then that atmospheric river event hits and look at that. mendocino over 8 and a half inches of rain between now and then that all holds true. some very dangerous weather headed to california. guys, back to you. all right. lauren. >> despite the current rain and national oceanic and atmospheric administration. it's predicted that are drought is actually going to continue into next year. the agency, which is part of the national weather service released their winter outlook today in the brown areas on their map that shows areas that forecasted to either have their drought conditions continue or to get worse. the yellow areas. they're expected to develop drought conditions. meanwhile, drought conditions are forecasted to improve for parts of the bay area and northern california. so there's lots of room for runoff the rain in drought stricken bay area reservoirs. as for sure, plenty of room. but do not expect to see much of a noticeable difference.
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>> in the levels of those reservoirs. anytime soon. experts say despite what could be a good old fashion. goalie washer on the way. kron four's rob fladeboe has that story. he's live from lexington reservoir in the south bay. vicki. correct me if i'm wrong, one of the reasons we love rob, is because we know goalie washer can enter the scripts when rob writes them. >> rob you the best. what's the latest? >> well, i think that's what's on the way according to lawrence, but out to grab, you know, some of our reservoirs, as you know, benefit imported water from sierra snow melt, but others like lexington reservoir here in los gatos entirely dependent on the rainfall. but the either way, they're going to need a whole lot more of what's on the way in the next coming no matter how much we get. there's more. >> clouds loom over lexington reservoir above los gatos. >> hinting of the first significant rain of the season this weekend. but even the
5:22 pm
most optimistic weather forecast falls far short of what is needed to ease the drought says valley water vice chairman gary craig money. >> you're going to huge amount of rains and even one atmospheric river. it is not enough. it's that's a drop in the bucket. seriously. >> lexington reservoir is now just 18% full. all other valley reservoirs are down to a combined 10% of capacity, anderson riser or the valley's largest is all but dry for a seismic retrofit. >> the south bay water supply is at an historic low throughout the state. we are in an all time low and locally. we've way surpassed anything that we've ever been at since may be the 40's. >> when we started building reservoirs. it's that graham. >> what's needed is a long wet winter that saturates the ground allowing for runoff into those empty reservoirs and underground aquifers and not just those here in the bay area. we really need a good
5:23 pm
snow pack. >> because that's 30% of the state's storage. and this year it all sunk into the soil and it didn't run off and it didn't go into rivers while every drop counts for sure. and welcome as they are. there are worries the much-hyped early storms that caused flooding in other problems. >> could actually distract us from the bigger picture says cremen. >> people have started the state. the question is will they continue to say when they see raining like the folks that called me and said why am i saving because it just rain. >> in other words, don't expect the water conservation measures to go away anytime soon. at vestal. this coming rain will at least lessen the fire danger in the hills around many of our reservoirs, many of which are located in. well inland areas live in los gatos. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> good reality check thank you, rob. now a quick check of radar as we head to break, you can see things have calmed down in the bay area, at least
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for now. still some rain in the far north bay santa rosa chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us when we come back, he says things are going to be dicey perhaps on sunday and monday. >> and heads up. if you're heading to the grocery store, the cdc warning of a salmonella ou with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch.
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don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent.
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might need some updating since we haven't had rain like this in many, many months. they say, to have a flashlight with extra batteries as part of it nonperishable food and water. a first aid kit and any prescriptions you might need and they say, of course, don't forget about your pets as well. as for things you may need in your car. any rain event or if you're headed to the sierra experts say a cell phone charger. if you don't have one. a first aid kit there, spare tire water snacks, chains for your tires, especially sunday, monday going to be a cold storm. all of this info. these details can be found on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> next on the news. at 5 we're continuing to follow breaking news out of oakland. police are getting ready to share new details after a retired officer was critically injured in the midday shooting. plus a more rain is on the way. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking a big system that is headed our way and the warriors are chase tonight.
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>> what you should expect from the team in their home o
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