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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 21, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon another difficult day in the city oakland. >> fortunately, this represents 115 homicide of the year. >> and this one hit especially close to home for opd tonight at 9 oakland. police are investigating after a fatal shootout involving this retired police captain you see here was at the chevron 17 think castro right along interstate 9.80, in oakland near downtown oakland's police chief says it all started with an attempted robbery. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lodes and vicki liviakis the victim has been identified as former police captain percy joyner. >> who was rushed to the hospital. kron four's. dan thorn has the very latest now from oakland. >> well, vicki and grant were outside of highland hospital where join our has been listed
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in critical but stable condition tonight, oakland police lauren armstrong saying the joyner was shot several times as at least 3 people trying to rob him today but join a return gunfire and shot and killed one of those men. >> security video shows the moment a group of 3 men attempt to rob a former oakland police captain or see joyner was seen being pushed around at a gas station pump before drawing his own gun and opening fire. the victim was. >> at the gas station. filling up his car with gas when he was approached by several individuals that begin to rob him of his belongings. during a robbery. at some point. shots were fired. and both victims sustained gunshot wounds. this happening at the chevron gas station on the corner of 17th and castro in oakland joyner killed one of the men before being shot several times. the former law enforcement officer was later taken to the hospital rushed to surgery and was then moved to the icu.
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>> joyner was the former leader of oakland's anti violence program called ceasefire from 2013 until his retirement in 2019. evidence markers were found spread out near the gas pumps with the shooting took place monday afternoon. >> the area cordoned off us investigators swarmed the scene. the identity of the attempted robbery suspect has not been released. the chief calling this another senseless act of violence in oakland. >> another difficult day in the city of oakland. fortunately, this represents 115 homicide of the year. >> investigators are right now in the process of reviewing that security video from the time of the shooting. there'll also looking for a black sedan in connection with the crime. so far no arrests have been made. reporting live in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. all right, thank you, dan. you mentioned that black sedan. we want to. >> give you a closer look kind of walk you through the surveillance video. that is the black sedan. you see
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joyner right here. he's approached by a guy in a black sweatshirt. 2 guys in black sweatshirt as well as a guy in a red sweater and there's a struggle here for several seconds as it seems like they're robbing it you don't see any guns from any of the 4 individuals right here at one point it seems like things are settling down this guy goes in his car. that guy in the black leaves this guy in the red kind of turns and that is when you see former captain joyner here pulls the gun. he then. shoots the individual in the red and then turns and shoots the individual in the what in the black there and that is when it all. all breaks loose. you have the getaway car here. there's a driver in there. this was the individual who had been part of the robbery he gets in the car. the car starts to drive away, but they realized a shooting has just
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happened. we obviously freeze the video right here because the rest of it is too graphic for a tv news audience. but again, it goes on to show how this played out and then the getaway car starts to pull away and stops in the guy in the black falls to the ground and then and someone else comes back. and that is when the former captain joyner, who's over here. he gets shot several times and this person right here. he never made it the way it is, guys. other guys tried to pull him away. he was unresponsive. it seems his body remained at the scene. no guy in the black here. they got in the car and the 3 people in the car took off. so that is what happened. we'll be posting this video on kron 4 dot com. if you would like to see it in its entirety. but again, very graphic, very graphic. so let's go and switch gears here for a moment. time to talk
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about our other big story tonight. the weather. >> checking in our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at tonight. at the bay bridge toll plaza light in terms of traffic light, in terms of 5 wet stuff. but chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. he's been tracking this week. so rain hour by hour. how's it looking? yeah. been pretty watching even today. nothing really well organized. but we've been seeing some heavier amounts of rainfall, especially over the north bay mountains. the clouds. >> out there catching a little bit of a break tonight. the rain line is lift a little further to the north in response to an area of low pressure. it's kind of deepening off the coastline. lot of clouds out there now. but the rainfall totals over 8 inches of rain in middle peak. in marion mount tam over 6 inches of rain in the past. 48 hours, samara fell over 3 inches, san francisco over an inch pacifica almost 2 inches of rain. then you start to see the effects of the rain shadow as you get toward places like oakland. only about a quarter of an inch of rain and not much at all in the san jose. but don't worry, there's more
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to come. if you missed out on the rain. we've got plenty for the weekend to this next storm system, though, will affect your morning commute. that is coming in just at the wrong time. models picking up on. and now i think we're going to see a burst of rain and you notice how it's a kind of parallel the coastline. pretty typical or fronts coming in the bay area. so comes ine tomorrow morning. there you go. right step to 5 o'clock in the morning. much of that front draped across the bay area and then as we head through the morning kind of scoots out of town in a hurry by 9.10, o'clock. we're pretty much done and it moves up in the sierra nevada. so we dry things out behind that couple rainbows and a little sunshine maybe by the afternoon and then the clouds gather again on saturday. and by the middle of the day. some showers really picking up in the north bay. the kind of spreading across the bay area into the evening hours but will be more widely scattered. and then we get ready for the main event. and here we go. think setting themselves up. remember that last storm system came in, parallel the coastline. this one does just the opposite in this where we get lot of our moisture. this was coming in perpendicular. so it's coming from a west to east. you can
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imagine a train rolling down the tracks. well, you've got the head of that rain just coming on shore here. the caboose is way down near hawaii and all that moisture is going to be rolling in across the bay area right through sunday and into early on monday. and then things will begin to settle down but between now and them. it's going to be impressive. lot of rainfall around the bay area. heavy amount for going to be counting it improbably inches around the bay area. in fact, it's good that all those colors out there maybe as much as 6 plus inches in santa rosa mountaintops to the north, maybe over 8, maybe 10 inches of rain. i mean, tremendous amount of rain. we all want it to rain. but oh, my goodness. just saving it all up. this is going to be an incredible event. so you've got to be careful in that maybe some debris flows, some flash flooding along with that as well if this plays out this way, it's probably going to >> something of a historic october storm could be. we're looking at least 300% of normal. this is like something you see maybe in january. february. not at the end of october. but are we making up for lost time of baby. i hope
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so. you know, call shut off this. that's the thing. we don't know. it could come to an end and that could be we hope that doesn't happen. thanks so case. to the north bay where they're bracing for the largest rainstorm we've seen in more than half a year. the city of santa rosa reminding residents to be prepared, especially people who live around burn scars from last year's wildfires kron four's. gayle ong is live in santa rosa tonight with how storm preparations are going there. good evening, gayle. >> good evening, grant. and we have this sandbag station here at the municipal services center in santa rosa is open 24 7. it's free and all you have to do is fill it back up yourself. >> this santa rosa resident filled up thursday night to prepare for the heavy rain expected this sunday. >> with us, trying to make sure the home gym drown. you know. >> well, the bay area received a decent amount of rain this week. firefighters and public works employees are bracing for the atmosphere river
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beginning sunday for us right now has been beneficial where their wedding systems. >> they're spaced far enough apart to allow some of the water levels to help alleviate some of the ponding. but yeah, our eyes right now are on what this weekend could bring the storm could bring potentially significant rainfall and gusty winds. >> paul o and all the assistant fire marshal, the santa rosa fire department says residents should take advantage of the lull in the rain. >> clearing leaves needles debris from not just your gutters. along the roof lines, but all around her property. >> so the water can flow what without says burn scars in the higher elevations are areas of concern for mudslides and debris flows. but preparations have been done ahead of time. cities like santa rosa counties all across the bay area do a lot of preventative maintenance throughout the year to make sure that we do get these. >> wedding rains that our systems flow like we want them to float. >> and city officials are urging residents to take advantage of sandbags stations like this. it will be here throughout the rainy season.
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we're live in santa rosa. gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you, gayle and stay with kron four's. the latest weather in your neighborhood. you can scan this qr code to be taken to a special section on our website to find things like. >> a live radar forecast and current conditions. now to a stunning story. actor alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed a woman on the set of a new movie called mint was in new mexico filming a western movie called. >> rust when he fired a prop gun really something actually came out of that gun hitting the director a photographer. >> a photography howling hutchens and then director joel souza. hutchens was airlifted to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. so is it was put in an ambulance and taken to a hospital where he is being treated now investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. but so far baldwin is not facing any charges. another big story we're following for you tonight. the
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fbi has confirmed that the remains found at a florida nature reserve. are those of brian laundrie dental records were used to confirm the findings. laundry is a person of interest in the death of his former fiance, gabby petito, the couple was on a cross country road trip in her body was found in wyoming. the remains of laundry as well as a backpack and notebook believed to belong to laundrie were discovered yesterday in a florida wilderness park. the area where they found these items had been under water during previous searches of the area. but here's where things take a twist. a canine handler and former police officer says it's highly suspicious that cadaver dogs too, were there in the past may have missed a pair of human remains. even if they were under water. the laundry family attorney steven bertolino was asked tonight on newsnation. why brian's parents appeared to know exactly where to find his
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body. and here's what bertolino the attorney had to say. >> they started at the beginning of the preserve. it just so happened that that's where ryan was. my vote would be anybody who's questioning that it's not too bright. >> meantime, a gabby petito's family attorney released a statement that reads, quote, they are grieving the loss of their beautiful daughter. gabby's family will make a statement at the appropriate time. and when they are emotionally ready. >> new tonight at night in alameda police arrested a man in connection to a home invasion robbery happened on hate avenue. police say the suspect broken yesterday around 4.30 in the morning. well, a woman and toddler were sleeping. police did not release details of what happened in the home but did say the suspect was arrested for burglary robbery domestic battery and cruelty to a child. >> we now know what caused the
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mysterious deaths of a young family from the bay area who died while hiking in mariposa county in august to investigators say that ellen chung, jonathan garish and their one year-old little daughter issue all died from hyperthermia and possible dehydration and hyperthermia too hot. the mariposa county sheriff's office held a press conference today. >> about what they say. they now know kron 4 taylor bisacky has the latest. >> on thursday. investigators disclosed details of what caused the mysterious deaths. a young family from san francisco after they were found on a remote hiking trail in mariposa county, in august. we have determined. >> the official cause of death and our pathologist has complete completed his report based on the autopsy, our investigation and a multitude of toxicology results. the cause of death for jonathan garish. lunch on. me to chime garish. has been determined as
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hyperthermia and probable dehydration. did to the environmental exposure. the family was newer to the mariposa area, having just moved there from san francisco during the pandemic. >> the mariposa county sheriff believes they underestimated the elements that day on august 15th during their hike on the heights. cove trail trail in this area. >> drop severely in elevation and as well as the hike started off at 75 was 74 degrees. by the time they got down walking the roadway before they hit the trail. it's already job too 103. so yes, it definitely fluctuated. >> he says the family was hiking with an 85 ounce water blatter backpack which only had a small amount remaining when the bodies were found. the sheriff says they were wearing shorts and tank tops with no heads or she protection. we do. the one year-old was carried in a
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backpack. the family was just over a mile and a half away from completing the 8 mile loop trail when they died and there was no reception in the area. the determination of death comes after the family was originally thought to have possibly died from toxic algae in the area. however, that was later ruled out from the beginning. investigators have said there was no indication of foul play a real tragedy and. >> you know, it affects us as well. taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> switching gears. now businesses in sonoma county are now allowed to drop indoor masking requirements of health order was amended today for settings, including offices gyms, fitness centers, religious gatherings and college classes. everyone has to be vaccinated and there can be no more than a 100 people businesses can still choose to enforce indoor masking marin and san francisco counties have already east indoor mask mandates, contra, costa county. we'll start on
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november 1st cdc director is now endorsing booster shots of the moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines and to allow mix and match doses kron four's. dan kerman spoke with local doctors who support the decision pfizer says a phase 3 trial has found its booster shot is more than 95% effective against covid-19. >> 10,000 people who had received 2 doses of pfizer. we're in the booster trial. half were given the pfizer booster. while the others got a placebo 5 people who got the booster ended up getting covid-19. 109 in the placebo group got it. it still gives extra pretense. that wall of virus is still circulating. >> that you're more likely to get infected with the virus. if you have don't have it was top of trend. >> but the study didn't say was whether those infections were severe or not. it also remains unclear how long the booster will be. effective but infectious disease experts are hopeful. >> many other vaccines when we
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get it in threes like. and you get 2 shots and then several months later you get a nice shot like hepatitis b, for example, that those shots last too much longer. in fact, for ever and many people. so it turns out that, you know, we don't know for sure. the idea of abuse or last much longer than. you know, 6 months that many people worry about. >> right now that pfizer booster approved for a select group of people. there's talk federal health officials could expand that group down the line at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> have some safety questions before this year's holiday gatherings. we talked to an infectious disease expert to get some answers. >> if you're vaccinated should you wear a mask just as an extra precaution for it's a good idea, especially if you're in a room with unknowns. even if you're vaccinated, should you get tested before going to a party. you know what, that is a good idea and a really good
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option. you can do it and it's available and it would actually add a level of safety. if people did that. >> doctor scott smith says if you're planning to take a covid test do so. 48 hours before attending an event. members of the campbell high school teachers association are making their voices heard by the school board, the steals with their current negotiations over salary and working conditions. his teachers picketed outside the campbell union high school district board meeting prefers amanda hari reports. >> both groups i spoke to said that this is a tough situation. the teacher i spoke to said the contract negotiations are a distraction at a time when students need so much more attention from teachers after year and a half of distance learning. >> dozens of community members, teachers and students showed up to show their support for the campbell high school teachers association.
9:19 pm
>> and even more support it from afar high school history teacher and president of the teachers association, ken mccarthy says it's been a tough year and a half. >> it's just been very difficult. i never have heard so many teachers talk about leaving the profession as this year. mccarthy tells me the black balloons you see are supposed to be symbolic of the black cloud over the district. this protest is after the board and teacher's association declared a joint impasse on september 29th in negotiations over changing working conditions and salary for the 2021. >> 2022 school year. the money that was on our salary schedule last year has not been applied to salaries this year, which means that teachers effectively are facing pay cuts. the teachers association says they're currently getting paid 2018,
9:20 pm
2019 wages were fighting over, you know, small scraps as a result school board. president killing gallagher says the state isn't giving him enough money to pay the teachers as much as they want. but he does want to give them a raise to try and keep up with the cost of living. we want to give the biggest race week and deserve our teachers a move mountains last 2 years. but the teachers association says district management is withholding $4,000 from the salary schedule that was previously negotiated and it's putting them at their breaking point. teachers are wearing about paying bills. they're worried about making rent it's that's unnecessary >> it's stop the teachers association president said they recently polled all the teachers within the union and 25% of respondents said they were considering leaving the district because of these wage issues in san jose amanda hari kron 4 news. >> another big story we're following tonight. san francisco building inspectors
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say chase center here met code regulations after to concertgoers fell in separate incidences from upper tiers. one fatally and investigators say that fatal fall was deliberate. falls happened sunday during a concert by the band phish. the san francisco police say earlier this week they believe the 47 year-old man from new york. di deliberately it and didn't actually fall. but jumped from an upper tier police have not said how nearly an hour later, a second man fell from the upper level. and the worriers home opener is happening right now as we speak at chase, they're hosting the la clippers tonight is the first regular season game at chase center. with no covid capacity. limits. first time they've had that in nearly 600 days. believe it or not, is that right. we'll have 4 on the game ahead. man. that feels like so long. that's
9:22 pm
coming with our sports director jason dumas us on kron. 4 news at night. >> and coming up, we're ready for the big one. how millions of californians are putting earthquake preparedness to test. plus the alameda county fair kicks off tomorrow. what you need to know before you go.
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definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> living in california means always being prepared for an earthquake. and today was the
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great california shakeout little earlier today, san francisco mayor london breed participated in a shakeout event at the san francisco library breed local law enforcement and emergency officials gathered at the library to simulate a quake afterward. they discussed the importance of being prepared for an earthquake in knowing what to do when one hits she is promoting the website. sf 72 dot org as a resource to help residents update their earthquake hits to ensure that they're adequately prepared. >> resort where, you that you need to update your just in case you a beard all of this stuff is this is the time that
9:26 pm
they will be our city 72 hours as the magic number other things to keep in other ways to communicate with your family in the event the power goes out and cell phone towers are down, which is very likely having a family plan is also key. designating a place for everybody to meet up. >> if communication is not possible. now, if you're looking for family fun. the alameda county fair opens its doors in pleasanton tomorrow. there's going to be more than a week of attractions, including some special ones like. food live concerts, movies. all kinds of seasonal stuff and more. the fair. it was canceled sadly last year for the first time in a 100 years because of covid and the pandemic a fair that will run intel halloween. >> still to come on kron 4 news in 92 with this as more rain coming better believe it. to keep your rain coats, handy umbrellas because it's going to be really wet the next
9:27 pm
several days our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the forecast for tomorrow is trying to get the good stuff to school go to work or what have you as well as the weekend and buckle up for sunday, monday also, it's the season's first real rainstorm. right. but is it enough to even make a dent in the bay area's water supply with local officials are saying about the drought. also new developments in the scott peterson case here when we may be hearing from peterson
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>> all right. welcome back. weather front and center for this weekend boy into next week as we take a live look over the golden gate bridge. maybe it's drying out. but if that's the case, not for long. yeah. a crime for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at the wet stuff. yeah. amazing. we're already talking about some totals in the bay area over 8 inches of rain so far. but we've got a whole lot more to come. and the biggest storm we've seen in quite some time like going to be rolling in. >> as we head toward the latter part of the weekend. still tomorrow morning's commute. yeah, it's going to be rough out there early on. you got this front coming through this more that typical front drop into the bay area by tomorrow morning. advisors, though, for the possibility of some flooding going up, slow county. much of the central valley expecting some very heavy rainfall could bring some of the local look creeks and streams over their banks. going to watch out for that monday as we're going to see that storm system moving in and on the on the backside of the storm. it's going to be
9:31 pm
cold enough that we're talking about some snow at least across some of the higher peaks, but we could see a 2 to 3 feet of that sierra cement that real wet snow over the mountain tops as we head through monday as well. so that's all good news. but here's that storm bearing down on the bay area. here comes the first one rolling in tomorrow morning making for a messy commute. then we dry things out showers continuing off and especially the afternoon on saturday. then the main event taking especially the north bay through the middle of the day on sunday and then sliding across the rest. the bay area overnight on sunday into monday morning. so some very heavy rainfall during that period and then we'll watch these try to settle down a little bit, although there's nothing weak system behind that. but all told it looks like we're going to be measuring the rainfall in inches unusual for this time of year. but here comes be ready this one a big one. we haven't even had a chance to talk about the winds. but we're looking at winds gusting 4050, maybe 60 miles per hour or so. you can expect power outages with this storm system to go along with all of that rain to a full-on storm. we've been experiencing yeah. all
9:32 pm
right. thank to all right. and contra, costa county crews were checking on drains and other water channels to prevent flooding. there. >> crews made about 20 stops in the east bay from san ramon to martinez. other maintenance teams. they were spread out further east near brentwood crews used shovels to clear clogged inlets from trash flowing in from west alamo creek. >> it brought a lot of this stuff, a lot of the debris that's been sitting all summer all year. and since we got really light rains last year. it's kind of doubled up. so we have a lot of stuff coming from the upstream side. >> these crews spending about a half hour each location of one of about 25 tasks. the flood control teams routinely perform throughout the year, but they are really busy. now. yeah, there's less room for a runoff from the rain in drought stricken bay area reservoirs. yeah, they're saying, come on down to all that water. but. >> experts say do not expect to see a noticeable difference
9:33 pm
really. and the levels of so many of those reservoirs anytime soon. >> despite this storm or just talking about could be a good old fashion goalie washer goalie washer car. first, rob fladeboe you like use that term the story now from lexington reservoir in the south bay. >> clouds loom over lexington reservoir above los gatos. >> heating of the first significant rain of the season this weekend. but even the most optimistic weather forecast falls far short of what is needed to ease the drought says valley water vice chairman gary craig money. >> you're going to need huge amount of rains and even one atmospheric river and is not enough. it's that's a drop in the bucket. seriously. >> lexington reservoir is now just 18% full. all other valley reservoirs are down to a combined 10% of capacity, anderson riser or the valley's largest is all but dry for a seismic retrofit. >> the south bay water supply
9:34 pm
is at an historic low throughout the state. we're in an all time low and locally we've way surpassed anything that we've ever been at since may be the 40's. >> when we started building reservoirs. it's that graham. >> what's needed is a long wet winter that saturates the ground allowing for runoff into those empty reservoirs and underground aquifers and not just those here in the bay area. we really need a good snow pack. >> because that's 30% of the state's storage. and this year it all sunk into the soil and it didn't run off and it didn't go into the rivers while every drop counts for sure. and welcome as they are. there are worries the much-hyped early storms that caused flooding in other problems. >> could actually distract us from the bigger picture says cremen. >> people have started to say the question is will they continue to say when they see raining like the folks that called me and said why am i saving because it just rain.
9:35 pm
>> well, the rain won't make much of a difference to the reservoir levels. at least it should ring a temporary and to fire danger around the reservoirs, many of which are located in wild land areas at lexington reservoir in los gatos. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. all right, rob, stay with kron 4 for your latest weather forecast, right. your neighborhood, you can scan this qr code. >> and you'll be taken to a special section on our website where you'll find find things like live radar, current conditions and what to expect in the coming days. now to the east bay where 5 kids have been detained by oakland police connected to a carjacking. officers say they tracked these kids down yesterday morning. police say the stolen car had been involved in a crash. just 2 and a half miles from where it was stolen last week near park boulevard. there. police are asking anybody with information related to this to contact them. >> new developments in the scott peterson case. a judge has ruled peterson will not be allowed bail once he's transferred to the san mateo
9:36 pm
county jail pearson that was originally sentenced to death in 2005 for murdering his wife lacey and their unborn son conner the california supreme court tossed out that sentence last year. we're also learning the peterson. we'll speak at his december 8, 3 sentencing hearing attorneys say that lisa's family will be present there and will also be allowed to make statements. >> georgia congressional representative marjorie taylor greene will be visiting the bay area, san mateo county. in fact for a fundraiser as part of the san francisco republican party and one local leader is calling for that event to be shut down canceled. san mateo county board of supervisors. president david canada releasing the statement today here saying, quote, this is sneaky sad and shameful. and i think the local gop should consider shutting this event down as it may turn into a safety issue as it is sure to draw progressive minded protesters. want to shout her
9:37 pm
down green spreads misinformation and lies about covid which we have declared a public health crisis in san mateo county and quote, the fundraiser is scheduled for november 6th organizers say the location will be released. 48 hours prior to the event. in national news tonight, the house of representatives has voted to hold steve bannon in contempt of congress. >> the longtime aide to former president trump continues to ignore a subpoena from the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol insurrection 9 republican lawmakers cross the aisle to vote with democrats on contempt. the matter will now be referred to the justice department which will decide whether to file criminal charges. coming up, a high ranking officer with the texas state guard was given the boot because she was deemed. >> too heavy. we'll hear from the guard who says she was wrongfully fired. >> and in sports, the niners prepare for their sunday night matchup against the colts with the starting quarterback
9:38 pm
decision still up in the air. kylen mills says the latest there. plus an update on the warriors, their home opener against the clippers. that's against the clippers. that's next. in sports. when a truck hit my car, against the clippers. that's nthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let ouri was hit by a car help yoand needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> read ulises, all i have to say about this warriors clippers game. it really just came down to the wire. fans back in the building as the warriors hosted the clippers
9:41 pm
in their home opener tonight. the floor. general steph curry put on a show. he didn't miss a shot in the 1st quarter putting up 25 points and 12 minutes. he finished with a double double 45 points by the end of the game. the warriors won one 15 1.13, the final score a gritty matchup. we will have the full highlights later on tonight. we'll hear from sports director jason dumas was at the chase center live at 10 o'clock. the forty-niners back in action on sunday for the first time in 2 weeks today that he was preparing for the colts at practice in santa clara the quarterback situation remains a big question mark veteran qb jimmy garoppolo was limited in practice again today. he is still recovering from a calf strain rookie quarterback trey lance set out again with a left knee sprain that left third-string quarterback nate sudfeld to take reps with the first team today. head coach kyle shanahan said he's optimistic. rob lowe will be available to start on sunday and we're a close team mate said they're totally behind him. >> jim has done a great job.
9:42 pm
one. the new i think he was a little nervous after the game when he was emotional that it was going to be a little worse than it was. i think once he found that really she was back his normal self. but he's he's handled everything with tremendous humility and grace and as great of a teammate could i don't think anybody could have handled it better. that's why you tip your cap and you're just so excited to play with a guy like that because he is the perfect example of what to look at in terms of mental toughness and and blocking out the noise and being a professional and these last couple weeks is just continue to do the same thing. he's always got. >> the sharks looking to go 3 to start the season taking on the ottawa senators second period sharks down by one logan couture back with a fancy flick for the shots tied up 1 one later in the second. erik karlsson. right here to kevin labanc on the power play and he turns the red lights and takes the lead. they go on to win their 3rd straight game to one. the final score head
9:43 pm
coach bob said he likes his team's new attitude in this new season. >> there's such mentality. i think know, i think one of those wins this year. we're going to try to especially on the road that dot this. i think that's part extend france's right. that in all last year. isn't that make it easy plays you know, the right place try force to look for officers situations waters were guys that play right there. >> can you believe it? the warriors win their home opener. they pull out a stunner
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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opera, right. 2 words you don't often associate together. you do not. but the 2 worlds have collided for a production on stage at the san francisco opera house just this month than our kron four's. ella sogomonian is here to explain. >> so this protect place inside of a prison. that's why inmates have been invited to showcase their art and talents at the opera house here in san francisco. so on display in the lobby are many paintings and drawings that go hand in hand. but the theme of the performance which is freedom injustice and political persecution. >> people are so capable of deep change. and it's really hard. were carol, new board has been helping inmates at san quentin prison get through that hard work and find a sense of self through art these paintings are a gateway
9:47 pm
to self expression, but those behind bars in a 4 by 9 cell desperately need as former inmate isaiah daniels tells me is how we interpret and respond. >> to the world and the people around us. because it's those emotions that determine the quality of our life and i gave my quality of life by understanding what was in finding myself out with arson corrections or any kind of art finding something to help. >> his piece is now hanging in the lobby at the san francisco war memorial opera. house alongside many others that service portals into the minds of many who are serving time at san quentin prison. the opportunity came in tandem with the performance of beethoven's one and only opera titled fidelio, which is a to freedom a story about a woman who infiltrates prison was disguised as a man to set free her wrongfully imprisoned husband, thereby standing against injustice, find some way of bringing the voices of those who are incarcerated.
9:48 pm
>> into the very space where we're presenting this opera. so that people would actually take this not only is a beautiful artistic experience, but as a direct connection to community and to the voices of those were too often unheard. >> some of the artists who have since been released were able to see their work on display wednesday night among a group of 150 community members. their paintings will be up through the run of the opera. fidelio, which ends next saturday, october 30th. >> you can catch the performance and anyone can see that exhibit for free in the lobby. it's titled we shall be free. we shall find peace. it's going to be tomorrow next tuesday as well as saturday. and the art teacher who we briefly saw there says that she hopes whoever comes out to see this will reflect and come to terms with the fact that the forgotten population in our prisons are people who need support to. back to you. >> i tell fascinating and new at 00:00pm high ranking officer with the texas state guard is speaking out after
9:49 pm
being discharged because of her weight. she was let go from her volunteer desk job because the guard claimed her bmi was too high. reporter markie martin spoke with the guard. she says she feels she was wrongly fired. >> dry or wet lieutenant colonel cindy brister dedicated 13 years to the texas state guard, a noncombat volunteer force without law enforcement authority whose motto is texans serving texans brister antley rose through the ranks. i was only the second female to be a ridge mental plans and operations officer. but in february of 2020 records show she was honorably discharged for violating the guards wait rules, which states body mass index must remain below 40 for all who serve in an email wrister and lee was told, quote, you're encouraged to evaluate your personal health situation. i don't understand why they're kicking out people
9:50 pm
that have gained weight or suddenly less intelligent because we gained weight. her volunteer position was a part-time desk job. this is a photo of one of her weigh ins at the time. brister and lee was 5 foot. 8, 263 pounds, but she points to the cdc's online bmi calculator, which says her bmi was actually 39.9 she accuses the texas state guard of rounding up. i was not given an opportunity heard their own policy to get on their medical weight loss program. >> i was told you're 40 you're out in an e-mail obtained by news nation affiliate kxan, the guard's commanding general defending the policy saying this fitness directly impacts our ability to effectively respond to state and local emergency situations. i do feel it's discrimination. >> and that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. >> the boston celtics have been pulled from all chinese
9:51 pm
media after an nba player on the celtics expressed support for tibet. boston celtics center. and it's cantor tweeted a 2 minute video of himself wearing shoes with the phrase free tibet. it was during last night's game against the knicks when he wore those shoes. this comes as beijing prepares for the 2022 olympic games and that's prompted calls for a boycott over china's treatment of tibet. cantor says he stands by his message to china. >> brutal begin rule, china xi i have a message for you and your henchmen. i would say it again. again. and again. lauding clear. i hope you hear me. free to vent. free free tibet. >> always controversial when anyone associated with the nba says anything. >> bad about china. you're talking about billions of dollars. >> at stake. china is in love with the nba and home to
9:52 pm
millions of nba fans kobe was enormous over meeting with the houston rockets put china on the map in the nba. the league so far has not commented on the situation. they hope it goes away. still to come, singer. >> artist superstar. lizzo typically shows a lot of love to her fans. she gave one california chef and tiktok s
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> now to a san joaquin valley chef special invitation from a grammy award-winning singer dine and dish of sorts is viral video on tiktok shows ali 100 tapia at the home of singer lizzo reported mederios babb shows us how the cook hopes her story now inspires others the type >> she they saw. >> you like. like to me like i don't like the so like obviously just want her to like, you know, like enjoy your food and i 100 tapia never thought she would be in famous singer lizzo is dining room describing the food she just made all the toppings for her tacos cool to be those she had it all tapia known by her followers as 19 started
9:56 pm
posting videos of the lunches she made for her husband to tick. talk about a year ago. every time i would and sit on 2 20 my channel just. >> took off. then anna jo 19. the count viral and now has more than 4 million followers. yes, guys watches my videos lizzo commented on a few videos asking tapia to cook for her. but there's a catch. supposed to feel like i don't know we can rest of the research them here and they're going want live. spent 3 days in the kitchen. perfecting her recipes and then traveled to lizzo's los angeles house for a critique session. it was obvious from lizzo's reaction. >> tapia passed the thank you. tapia was born in mexico. still in disbelief that her dreams are coming true especially because of an immigrant child. she says she was given little hokey be prepared to cope with us for the rest you know, i was
9:57 pm
literally what they were telling us. her story an inspiration to the next generation to never give up. so i want. >> the youth to know that no, just because you are an immigrant just because fewer parents will have little just because you don't have money. >> just because you got in trouble was or something. if there's it can happen in 92 >> yeah. food for the salt. yeah. lizzo. you know, she likes to show a lot of love to her fans a couple years back. she actually took a visit to pittsburgh to see some elementary school students. yeah, we're big liz offense here. she went there because students from los medanos elementary. you may remember this. they went viral on social media for dancing to you rated re mix of liz's truth hurts the teacher created that re mix in this is backstage at her. >> show. you can see obviously the kids are enormous lizzo fans and lizzo just says a great disposition. and so celebrates positivity. so she's the best contagious.
9:58 pm
>> lizzo, by the way. be back here in the bay area she is headlining at the outside next weekend. as a matter of fact, that's going to be big make and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. stick around, though. our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour with the couple is offense. catherine heenan depend more. and i think we're haha. yeah. but it's hard not to lizzo and she's just so likable. all right. thank both. coming up, tonight at 10 o'clock, a gas station following an attempted robbery at is with one person dead and a retired oakland police captain in the hospital tonight, the latest on his condition and the surveillance video showing the deadly encounter. >> and we did get a break from the rain today. but this is not going to last long kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking a storm that. >> could slow down your morning commute. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
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