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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 22, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with us. bright and early on this friday morning. it's a wet one out there may know. harvey, thank you so much for joining us this morning. now, you know, just like yesterday where we had a very wet and slippery commute for you. there are a lot of accidents out there. slow bumper to bumper traffic. that's going to be the expectation for today. unfortunately as well. our meteorologists john stable is in the weather center tracking everything. it looks like from all those cameras just off the screen there. john. rain is starting to come down in different areas this
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morning yeah, this cold front that is making its way across the region. this is our second system or second weather maker right here. >> just part of this broader week of rainfall that is making its return across the bay area and making for certainly some wet commute out there. and today is going to be no different. heavy rainfall at times as we work our way through this morning. commute. this time around. it is going to be a quicker burst of heavier concentrate to drain. so rather than spreading it out like the light rainfall. we had 2 days ago or the moderate and even pockets of heavier rainfall. we had yesterday. what we are seeing today is a very well developed a line of showers that is formed right along this cold frontal boundary. that's also going to drop temperatures today and results in winds gusting well, in excess of 30 miles per hour in some areas. it's now just dropping into parts of the bay. and as you can see, there are some embedded areas of heavy rainfall in here. and as that system moves right over the bay area. this is going to make for a quick change of pace. as far as road conditions go and that's why
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we're going to keep you updated so much as far as where we're sitting. also, you can know that we do have our burn scars from recent fires outlined in red. these areas are going to be susceptible to to to some of these heavier showers, especially now that the ground is saturated napa up to saint helene as well as petaluma down through nevado and up to santa rosa are in the midst of some shower activity roadways becoming increasingly wet. many spots. some of our heaviest of intensity rainfall at this very moment is right along the shoreline searching from the golden gate bridge down through western areas of san francisco on into daly city pacifica and eventually further south into half moon bay. those areas of deep green and yellow indicating areas where intensity of rainfall is a higher and the showers are only going to further and further inland as we work our way over the next few minutes here. still pretty quiet for the east bay. you have seen a quiet morning thus far rainfall is right on your doorstep, though, now making its approach into richmond in the richmond center fell bridge in the midst of it.
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western span of the golden gate bridge. now also starting to see some light shower activity. little bit further southward. you're also still quiet across the south bay. but that is also soon to change as you have showers right on your doorstep as well. hugging the coastline about to push over the santa cruz mountains and will eventually make their way on over into further inland portions of the south bay future cast of rainfall total shows that today rainfall should amount to around a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of rain. that's a pretty decent rain right there. now as we work our way through the rest of this forecast rainfall totals will really start to increase come saturday night on into sunday morning. that's when our heaviest of rainfall of the week that we've had. we can expect it. as for current temperatures right now we're in the 60's. we're really not going to see a lot of movement from there this afternoon as daytime highs will really only rise into the 60's later on. so make sure to bring the rain jacket be prepared for wet conditions and a cooler feel
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as you venture outside for your friday right now. john, thank you so much for that. all right. we're getting a look at traffic this morning. and while things are looking. >> nice as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. we do have some accidents out there. so along highway 24 looks like we have an accident there. westbound east of states evens drive-in or end. again that saint stephen's drive in a renda highway. 24 that's been there since about one 38 am so again, producer richard said that he was actually trapped behind an accident along highway. 24 looks like that's what it was this morning. now, we also have an accident. this is out in hercules 80 eastbound, the west highway for the right shoulder looks like that's impacted. and up here the pedal in the area here we are one. oh, one northbound at all. redwood highway. >> we do have an accident there. >> so as you're heading into the city. we do have high gusty winds across the bay bridge at this hour. definitely want to take your time as you're driving this morning, there. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge
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heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes. now yesterday all of our bridges were impacted by this heavy rain and weather. that's going to be the same story today. so definitely factor in that in your morning commute this morning. let's get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading out a rich and just like john mentioned this where it's really coming down this morning. so we're looking at drive times left about 11 minutes. but you definitely want to slow your speeds down because of that rain and the golden gate bridge. look at that. we're seeing pockets of rain there coming down about 20 minutes for your drive. but again, you've got that rain to contend with along with the low visibility as you're heading into the city this morning. so it's about a 23 minute drive for you. but of course, the wet weather can also mean dangerous driving conditions. we saw yesterday. well, chp says slick roads may have led to this head on collision. you're looking at. >> between a recology truck and an suv on highway one in pacifica. it happened around 11 on thursday morning shutting down both lanes for about 3 hours. 4 people,
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including a toddler taken to the hospital in this crash. the cause of that crash is still being investigated. >> one of the vehicles did cross into the opposing lane of traffic at the time. it was not raining, but the roadway was wet. so we believe that may have been a factor in this collision when that first big rain comes with its own oil that's on the ground list. it all up and becomes very slippery for drivers. >> now, the advice, the chp always gives slow down. stay alert. >> good to remember since and even stronger storm is headed our way. >> well, meantime, people in the north, they are bracing for the larger storm system heading our way and the city of santa rosa is reminding residents to be ready, especially those. if you're living near the burn scar areas from last year's wildfires kron four's. gayle ong shows us how people are getting ready for all of this weather. >> here in santa rosa, the sandbag station is free and available 24 7. all you have to do is fill the bag up yourself. this santa rosa
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resident filled up thursday night to prepare for the heavy rain expected this sunday. >> with us, trying to make sure the home gym drown. you know. >> well, the bay area received a decent amount of rain this week. firefighters and public works employees are bracing for the atmospheric river beginning sunday for us right now. it's been beneficial where their wedding systems. >> they're spaced far enough apart to allow some of the water levels to help alleviate some of the ponding. but yeah, our eyes right now are on what this weekend could bring the storm could bring potentially significant rainfall and gusty winds. >> paul o and all the assistant fire marshal, the santa rosa fire department says residents should take advantage of the low and the rain. >> clearing leaves needles debris from not just your gutters. along the roof lines, but all around property. >> so the water can flow says burn scars in the higher elevations are areas of concern for mudslides and debris flows. but preparations have been done ahead of time.
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cities like santa rosa counties all across the bay area do a lot of preventative maintenance throughout the year to make sure that we do get these. >> wedding rains that our systems flow like we want them >> it will be available throughout the rainy season here in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. well, public works crews in contra, costa county took advantage of a break in the rain to clear of storm drains and water channels. >> workers. you shovels out there to remove trash and debris. kerry by the recent storms. >> they say routine maintenance like this is essential to keeping the rain water in the streams and canals and off of our roads. >> so trying to protect property along with you know, these cars are moving pretty quick up here and all it takes is couple inches of water for somebody to go by and hydroplane lose control. >> police crews made about 20 stops in the east bay from san ramon martinez to the next
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stop is going to be removing all tall grass in the creek so that water can flow freely through there. and the east bay a retired oakland police captain is at a hospital in critical condition this morning after a shooting at a gas station. we brought you the story yesterday. it was happening. the shooting happened during a robbery. at least one person is dead. kron four's. dan thorn has that story. >> security video shows the moment a group of 3 men attempt to rob a former oakland police captain or see joyner was seen being pushed around at a gas station pump before drawing his own gun and opening fire. the victim was. >> at the gas station. filling up his car with gas when he was approached by several individuals that begin to rob him of his belongings. during a robbery. at some point. shots were fired. and both victims sustained gunshot wounds. this happening at the chevron gas station on the corner of 17th and castro in oakland joyner killed one of the men before being shot
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several times co 3 perfect order. if you're on shot, they want to go with that again multiple the former law enforcement officer was later taken to the hospital rushed to surgery and was then moved to the icu. >> joyner was the former leader of oakland's anti violence program called ceasefire from 2013 until his retirement in 2019. evidence markers were found spread out near the gas pumps with the shooting took place monday afternoon. the area cordoned off as investigators swarmed the scene, the identity of the attempted robbery suspect has not been released. the chief calling this another senseless act of violence in oakland. >> and that a difficult day in the city of oakland. fortunately, this represents 115 homicide of the year. >> reporting in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> now to new mexico where police say actor alex baldwin shot and killed a woman. what prop gun that was supposed to be filled with blanks
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misfired. now the film's director was also injured. it happened on a movie set as crews are shooting a new western called rust. the 2 people shot were both taken to the hospital where 42 year-old an aisle. hutchens died. she was the film's cinematographer director. joel soza. also hospitalized has been no update on his condition that movie is being shot at a ranch outside of santa fe and police say they're not pressing charges at this point, but they're still investigating. now to our coronavirus coverage, 10's of millions of americans can sign up to get the moderna or johnson and johnson booster starting today a cdc panel voted unanimously to recommend boosters and the cdc director doctor rochelle walensky authorized extra dose late thursday, the agency recommends people stay with the same vaccine. they already received says it's okay to mix and match when it comes to the booster shot depending on preference or availability at that time. this decision also comes as a new study finds the pfizer which was approved last
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month is more than 95% effective against covid-19 10,000 people who had received 2 doses of pfizer took part in the study half were given the booster while the other half got a placebo 5 people got the booster ended up catching the virus while a 109 people in the placebo group. got it. the study did not describe the severity of infections. it also remains unclear how long the booster will be. effective right now. only certain groups are eligible to get a booster shot is not clear when the boosters might be made available to the general public. coming up on the cross, a morning news, the search for brian laundrie comes to weigh in. >> why many are even more suspicious of his family.
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>> and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here at 04:15am, ameno harvey, thank you so much for waking up up with this this morning. another wet one. that is what we are expecting today. we're already seeing some accidents out there on the road. so biggest piece of advice, leave your house early. even if you think you don't need to give yourself a little extra time. it's better to be at your destination and be stuck in all the delays are expected to see. i meteorologists on travel has had his hands full the past couple of days and they're going to be busy for the rest of today in the next 2 days into monday dot because it's coming out there. then we
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catch break into the middle of next week. but you're exactly right. today. this morning we are looking at. >> an active system working its way right through the bay area as we speak. this is going to result in some issues for your morning commute for a lot of the bay area. so we are going to be moving in this way. and you can see out there that we are looking conditions today. that will be very wet. so it hasn't been super wet during overnight hours. in fact, quite dry. but as this cold front steers its way across the region. what we are going to be seeing is a quick uptick in rainfall all across the bay area. so where we sit right now. right now we're seeing some of our heaviest of rainfall stretching from daly city in south san francisco right up through san francisco itself and up into richmond across the bay bridge. the richmond center fell bridge in the golden gate bridge. so already your bridges are getting the mix with some slick roadways as we are seeing rain actively falling out there a little bit lighter intensity out towards point raise the thing about today's rain is it's pretty well formed along this frontal boundary. so it's going to be
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a quicker rush of rain followed by drier conditions for the rest of the day down the peninsula. half moon bay 92 as you cross over to 2.80, and eventually san mateo also pretty wet this morning having yet to see a lot of activity picking up in the east bay oakland. you're just now tapping into some lighter showers richmond on the other side of things. you're starting to see some moderate shower activity. the on over 37 on up towards napa. also in the midst of some showers moderate for the most part, santa rosa petaluma down through bottle. also there as his northern portions of napa county eventually up into lake and mendocino counties still very quiet for the south bay right now. as you can see, sunnyvale on over to san jose seeing nothing just yet. just a couple of light showers now working their way towards palo alto. now this cold front, as i mentioned, steering its way across the region is going to drop temperatures result in winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. and of course, the stormy conditions that we're in the midst of this morning. you can see those
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showers pushing in and out right across the region. pockets of heavier rainfall imbedded in the lighter to moderate showers in green by the time we reach 08:00am the north bay is starting the process of clearing out. then by 9 o'clock hour, we'll start to clear out for the rest of us. that heaviest of rainfall really shifting out to the central valley in the sierra foothills snowfall becoming an issue up in the sierra nevada, not so much an issue as far as fact that we need to see that snow. but if you are heading up there today. do expect some slick conditions. the rest of the day today on into tomorrow. after that point looks nice and dry after that tomorrow evening, a resurgence of rainfall that will really affect the north bay on into saturday night. but start to affect the rest of the bay area into your sunday morning hours, especially and then into sunday itself, we will see a resurgence of heavy rain sunday into monday will see the greatest of rainfall potential. that's when you're going to see these numbers on our map right here. really soaring upwards. again, this is by the time we reach sunday into monday. that's when we're
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going to accumulate the most of the rainfall and look at the potential of any sort of flooding or ponding of water on roadways that could result in any issues as you are venturing out into the start of next week. so today's rainfall, a brief burst of heavier stuff. it moves out really quickly, though. and that's why we're not talking so many issues today other than slick conditions on roads highs today will be in the 60's. and that's really the way we're going to stay all the way until wednesday of next week. this morning, our heavy rain. we dry out this afternoon. stay dry initially tomorrow before evening showers on saturday, sunday and monday, our heaviest of rain a few lingering showers on tuesday and then we dry back out into wednesday and thursday of next week. reyna john, thank you so much for that. all right. we do have some accidents out there to tell you you are commuting this morning. looks like. >> start to come down on the bay bridge. a little under 2 minutes. definitely want to take your time as you drive in a clos. the slick roads there. they started along highway 24 and the east bay westbound east, a state stevens drive in
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orinda see it accident. there were looking at the san mateo bridge now little under 30 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula in the richmond area. 80 westbound west of solano avenue. you've got an accident there. also, you're looking at the richmond center fell bridge and so makes sense that we're seeing more accidents pop up there because the rain is coming down. so a little under 9 minutes. we also have an accident westbound east of san pablo dam road in san pablo another one 80 eastbound west of highway 4 in hercules. also,ewe're looking at the golden gate bridge conditions are like use can see bridge floor wet there into the city. there is a traffic collision that's 2 80 northbound at college avenue in daly city. now, while none of these accidents are causing major delays. if they stick around, they will be. so you do want to go ahead and leave your house. now you've got to be somewhere because we're seen accidents and the rain is starting to come down. lawmakers on capitol hill voted to hold former president donald trump's alty steve bannon in contempt of
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congress. this comes after bannon tonight appearing before the committee investigating the attack on january 6th kelli meyer explains what's all going to happen next. >> good morning. this all now moves to the department of justice who will decide whether to prosecute. it's all creating another divide here in congress, even among members of the same party. the yeas are 229. the nays are 202 9 house republicans voted with all democrats to hold steve bannon in contempt. steve bannon has led us down this path mississippi, democrat bennie thompson called for the committee vote. referring bannon for criminal contempt. >> after he declined to cooperate with the panel investigating the january 6th attack at the u.s. capitol. what sort of precedent would it set for the house of representatives. if we allow witness to ignore us flat out without facing any kind of consequences. those consequences could mean jail time. but it's up to the department of justice to
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decide whether to prosecute the department of justice will do what it always does in such circumstances will ply the facts and the law and make a decision consistent with the principles of prosecution. bannon says he can't cooperate with the committee because the documents the panel wants are protected by executive privilege and it's up to the courts to resolve it. we believe mister bannon has information valuable to a pro most republicans stand against the effort. issuing invalid subpoena. we conserve power, not of somebody votes against garland says the department of justice would review any referral but won't say when that referral. >> maybe share reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> where is an opera or 2 words you don't normally year, go together often. but the 2 worlds have collided for production at the san francisco opera house this month and kark four's ella sogomonian is here to explain that. >> people are so capable of deep change. and it's really hard worker. carol. new board has been helping inmates at san quentin prison. >> get through that hard work and find a sense of self through art these paintings are a gateway to self expression, but those behind bars in a 4 by 9 cell desperately need as former inmate isaiah daniels tells me is how we interpret. >> and respond. to the world
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and the people around us. because it's those emotions that determine the quality of our life and i gave my quality of life by understanding what was in finding myself out with arson corrections or any kind of art finding something to help. >> his piece is now hanging in the lobby at the san francisco war memorial opera. house alongside many others that service portals into the minds of many who are serving time at san quentin prison. the opportunity came in tandem with the performance of beethoven's one and only opera titled fidelio, which is a to freedom a story about a woman who infiltrates prison was disguised as a man to set free her wrongfully imprisoned husband, thereby standing against injustice, find some way of bringing the voices of those who are incarcerated. >> into the very space where we're presenting this opera. so that people would actually take this not only is a beautiful artistic experience,
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but as a direct connection to community and to the voices of those were too often unheard. >> some of the artists who have since been released were able to see their work on display wednesday night among a group of 150 community members. their paintings will be up through the run of the opera. fidelio, which ends next saturday, october 30th. >> and we are looking at stormtracker 4 right now lit up with some green and yellow. this is indicating that heavy rain at times. that is pushing right over the bay area today. it's going to be a quicker. >> first of rain followed by some drying conditions this afternoon. heaviest of rainfall. still ahead
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>> welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news radio harvey and the weather will see that something you have to keep in mind today as you're leaving the house are getting ready because it's already coming down in certain areas of the bay area on tracking the accidents that we're already seeing out there. our meteorologists, john shrable has been actively tracking the weather. john, you know, i got off to a rough start this morning. woke up my car wouldn't start so that's something that you need to keep in mind, you may run into some issues this morning at to catch an uber into work this morning. thank you, mister richard, for getting me to work on time for people who are just leaving their house right now. what are some things it they're going to run into potentially. so fortunately, as you're catching, your uber still dry out there and that now people


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