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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  October 22, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday. i'm glad you're up early. yeah. the extra time holy cow. yeah. it's coming down pretty hard in spots. so we're getting all our ducks in a row here in the studios behind yeah. try and get you some team coverage here. we've got reporters out in the field in that giving you a firsthand look at what it's like and there you can see we've got at the bay bridge at the san mateo bridge. everybody out there for us this morning. of course, in studio. john kicking it off. john. hey, guys. yeah. the good thing about this rain falls. it's a quick burst of rain that comes in and out. it's not sticking around all day long. but what we are going to be seeing out there is some really slick conditions right in the midst of your morning commute. >> as a result of this rainfall. the timing of that mother nature not working in our favor. and this one could have used this rain in the middle of the night last night when obviously no one is going to be venturing out onto the roads. so that's the big downside of what we've got right now as your morning commute starts to amp up here in the next few minutes. you can see those pockets of
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heavier rainfall that we do have sitting right across san mateo county. some pockets a little bit further north as well up into the east bay and then especially into the north bay. let's zoom in on a couple of our areas that are proven to be problem spots. so far this morning. right now it's light to moderate showers for most of both napa and sonoma counties have the burn scar from recent wildfires highlighted right here. those areas are going to be especially vulnerable come early next week. north of santa rosa, just east of cloverdale is where we are seeing some of our heaviest of rain that i have pointed out for you in the blue arrow nevada light rain up to fairfield on the light to moderate side now. but you just work your way through a heavier pocket of rainfall things on the peninsula are definitely one of our area near spots. let's actually focus up right here on san mateo county. as you can see, san francisco is certainly in the mix of it. but that heaviest of rainfall stretching from one. oh, one to 80 on through those peninsula, communities and cities still relatively quiet for the south bay san jose, you're quiet at the moment. sonny bill right on your doorstep. fremont. you're
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starting to see it done barton bridge as well as highway 92 also in the midst of some of those heavier showers we're going to zoom in on san francisco in some of our major bridges here because they are wet richmond center fell bridge bay bridge really in the midst of it right now as is the golden gate bridge. this pocket of heavy rain, right above financial district on over towards hill in san francisco is about to be working its way over the bay bridge in moments and that for commuters is going to come along with the heavy burst of wind, too. so it is quickly getting wetter and wetter. as for the east bay right now. you can see oakland has seen an increase in rainfall has has alameda down through san leandro and hayward crossing over to the tri valley in dublin and on of 6.80, to concord. all these routes are very wet and very slick at this moment. those of you a little bit further east in the east bay. you're still quiet, but don't expect that to last for long in areas like livermore or up to antioch where you haven't seen the rain yet from at least this morning's burst of showers rainfall amounts today could amounts anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of rain we're really going to see these total
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spiking on into sunday and monday, though. so those are the days to watch out for as far as the potential of flooding is concerned 50's and 60's for current temperatures 60's for highs. later today and we will see a breezy one, especially at the start. just make sure to bring the rain jackets this morning and look forward to a dry afternoon. once we get through this rough morning commute. >> thank you for rough morning commute is an understatement as we've got some accident. still a little bit all over the place. starting here in oakland, 5.80, westbound at that night. 80 connector the year and southbound north of union street in oakland. let's head over to highway 24. this accident has been here since about 01:00am this morning. westbound 24 just east of saint stephen's drive and one of our producers stuck behind this this morning. so we are keeping a close eye on that. that's out in orinda. a little under 11 minutes for your drive. time heading into the city and you see just how slick and wet the bay bridge is 5. 1880 also very wet this morning here in the richmond area. 5.80 eastbound on the
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richmond. sandra fell bridge and then another traffic collision, 80 westbound east of san pablo dam road in san pablo looking at richmond. sandra fell comey as you head to richmond a little under 10 minutes with slick conditions. there here in san lorenzo 80 southbound north of us. very boulevard. you've got an accident and in the south bay another one in milpitas 80 southbound north of to 37 east. the silver lining is we're not seeing a lot of delays because of these accidents just yet. but as the day goes on, more people leave the house. that's all going to change headed across towards the peninsula. things are wet a little under 14 for your drive time and the golden gate bridge into the city. a little under 21 minutes leave you with a look at highway 4 as you're traveling from one 60 a lot to 2.42. it's still a little under 15 minutes at this hour daryn. james, back to you. what could possibly go wrong. let's go to our team coverage now kron 4, sarah stinson. >> i think having a morning so that she could actually bring you a personal experience about how difficult it is to
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get around in the rain. do tell did you wind up where you are at the bay >> well, i haven't driven through this intensive rain is my first year chron's of 3 years. and you know, it's dark outside driving and you can see how intense it is out here and there's at least a foot of flooding on the roadway as you head to the bay bridge drove through it as schools like could people doing the same. i know their cars doing my car is not sounding good so far. engineers are listening to this. they're probably mad at me right now. but i did everything i could i drove through my cars making really bad. sounds and worried about some water, my engine so take it slow out there. this is story just as you head out the door remind you to go slow because the roadways are flooding is also the point rose like should they close this roadway. i feel like they
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should because the it's dark out. there's an overpass as well. now out here. it's also very slick and. i can see and hear people aren't going as slow as they probably should, especially as they're approaching the toll plaza it's important that you slow it down. what is the rush? i mean, is it worth it. i don't think and i think a lot of people forget how quickly something can change with slick roads. you make one bad decision. you can end up spinning out, you could end up hydroplaning hitting someone and honestly not to be dramatic. but di, you could die out here if you're not careful. so be careful as you head out there on the road. this is intense rain. i didn't have my rain pants on because they're in the car. so i ran to my car and within those 10 seconds, my leggings were by socks or something. and now look at me. i'm wearing. jacket. rain pants that the
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rain boots were all set up. i hope. so far been pretty joy. but i hope his new trial morning love will be out here showing you all of the east bay. not sure from really my car here and the live >> yeah. i mean, kind of scary. >> oh my this is amazing. sarah. i mean, this is the best most informative report like that i've ever look so hot. so you actually think that the that area you drill through should be marked because it was that deep and and tell me more about how the car reacted and what what you think is going to happen with the car. now you don't think it will drive. >> sure hope so. but it just sounds really liked. there's water in there that's struggling almost like i had a flat tire that like scraping sound. and it was right, as you're getting on to the freeway from market street in
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san francisco and it says that straight away as you head on you either go south priority and are you rather go east >> yet intense you guys. i mean, it's very, very deep end. sometimes you can't see is well, i knew that area was flooded cars. it's always funny. but. >> i have seen this intense of grain and i honestly think son. >> 3 years ago when i first started to and this is like it's just yeah. >> well, and every now and then we'll see a car go by and set up a huge wave of water over the barrier there. so yeah. be careful and be careful out there. the cars. >> by me earlier. just had waves the side. we all were just and when you're on the bay bridge take it slow. there's a lot of wind on the upper deck. and so you're not only dealing with this intense rain. i mean, you can see the winds right now. but heavy, heavy wind on that upper deck.
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but what sale. yeah, that really is the red aheir show you some of the wind out here the yeah. look at that. when you guys. i mean, hold on to that wheel with all your might and make sure you know, we're making the decisions. don't break of roughly if you do hit flooding, take it easy. you know, every we've got this guys here. you know, this is lot. i know. and you you did all of the right things and i'm glad you're ok, but. >> great warnings and i mean all worked out for you. and we thank you so much, sarah. all right. we're going to give you a minute to contain gather yourself. >> so again, learned from sarah's experience give yourself a lot of following distance with car in front of you because obviously breaking distances and speeds are going to be really impacted by the rain today and taking a look at this video. this is this
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was right along alameda boulevard. san francisco by the 2.80 on-ramp, ok, honestly my looked worse and i was going the golden gate bridge in through brand. that story all over. that's about how it looked. >> for my ride in and again, this may be you and your mileage may vary depending on where you are because this storm system is very wide and it varies in intensity. and it's at points. it will be coming down real hard. your visibility is going to really reduced without much warning. well, let's check where we have our other reporter out this morning, kron four's, camila barco. she is in san mateo. >> looks much calmer there. how's it going right now. camilla. >> well, actually, i feel like i'm just getting rained on for the 10 is just to continue raining since i've been in the last hour. but as you can see, traffic is going on. fine. however, i will say on my right here, i did run some some flooding. i think it's.
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good to know that sometimes in the middle of the night when you're driving, especially on the highway because there's some times where there's not enough lighting might not see some of those puddles of water. he might run into some flooding and your car just hit the big splash water. and that's what i was trying to avoid this morning. so if you're headed out this morning on highway one. oh, one. this is burlingame. you may notice that there will be some puddles of water on the highway to take it slow this morning, especially if you're not used to driving in the rain and as well as here in burlingame. i did notice that there was some flooding in certain parts of this area. so good to know for people who are heading out this morning. take it so take it and if you're not used to driving in the rain, take it slow because when you're getting that break, may not know what your you and i think darya james frey talking about >> earlier yesterday morning. i'm from florida and i'm used to driving in the rain when it is raining this hard. you want
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to take it slow because when you hit that break your harm. i just he just like hydroplaned into the well. and sometimes he may just go off on different sides may not know what your car is going to do play out. >> as you can see over here. i haven't seen any accidents coming to burlingame. the roads are looking okay of course, there are wet. they're yeah. just want to be aware of some of the flooding on the highway. >> you can put your hood because already worried. mila. can you put your little i know you have had on its not the for me. you're going to be out there all morning. her want to see without >> just really think you can these kids are out here in the rain i he out there, john, because it's coming down pretty hard in spots. you
5:13 am
know, darya has 2 pairs of rain boots either a couple of may so we got double coverage, but they're like sleet, guys. it is definitely coming down on camila standing right now. we're actually seeing an uptick in rainfall intensity. we are seeing pockets of heavier rainfall for the most part sitting just west of 2.80, still this is going to drop into more heavily populated areas right along one o one likes and detail palo alto. >> little bit further south from there over the next 5 to 15 minutes. so if you are on the peninsula, an uptick in rain fall is just around the corner for you pretty much the same everywhere else across the bay area tracking it all in your
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like like road crews on the northbound they were doing. but that was it, james. wow. well, i mean. >> john is right. it is more intense. this morning and it was yesterday and yesterday was plenty. thank you very much. but here we have on a friday morning. really multiple pockets of these yellows. those more intense downpours that are moving across the bay area this morning. there's a live look at sfo. we just got an update on the delays out there. only 10 so far. but this the daisy, i'm sure how they don't even really start rolling until right now. so i'm sure those are going to pile up because yesterday did morning we saw about a clore to 40 yes. so double. check flights before you head out the airport ok, let's look at what john and find out. let's hear more about those yellow pockets on the map because they know that means really heavy. that's the heavy stuff monday is going to be the heaviest of stuff. i'm expecting orange to red pockets on monday. that's going to be the worst of your commute. >> the good thing about today is we have a heavy burst of rain, but it moves out fairly quickly. the bad thing about it. if we were going to have
5:18 am
the burst of rain we should have had in the middle of the night last night, not the middle of your morning commute when so many people are venturing onto our roadways. so the timing of this is no good whatsoever. our friday morning commute is going to be a really, really rough. one you've heard camila you've heard sarah talking about it. they've been driving around in it. if you're still in the house, which is highly likely. if you're watching right now know that you're going to be venturing out in some less than favorable conditions. so make sure to give yourselves that extra time this morning. >> please take it. slow rain is going to keep you updated on all the traffic issues we have coming up in just a moment. but as daria noted, we have plenty of those yellow pockets popping up here on radar right now and it is wide coverage too. you're right on the cusp of it in san jose. the peninsula as well as the east bay and almost the entirety of the north bay seeing some heavier step. we're going to start in the core of the bay right here. a lot of her traveled bridges like the bay bridge. the richmond center fell bridge as well as the golden gate bridge are in the midst of some pretty heavy rainfall. it's quieted. just a touch of the golden gate bridge compared to where you were earlier. areas
5:19 am
like 24 above oakland in the midst of some very heavy rainfall has a right around oakland's airport too. now little bit further southward. these pockets of yellow right along 2.80 are about to descend further and further to the north and east up into salmon. tail and palo alto in the process of doing so you're going to see some even more water ponding up on roadways like one o one, which is a little bit flatter to 80 typically tends to drain a little bit better than one. oh, one does have that ponding a little bit worse along that one o one stretch, 92 as well as the dumbarton bridge. also in the midst of some moderate showers heavier rainfall still sitting in the santa cruz mountains about to be working its way your direction across the south bay and the east bay freemont on up to hayward, moderate rainfall for the most noted oakland. you see that pocket of heavy rain along 24 right here. this is going to make its way to the north and east gradually going to impact areas like walnut creek and pleasant hill within the next 10 to 15 minutes. and as that happens, you're just going to see an increase in your
5:20 am
rainfall intensity as the showers gradually steer their way right along. 24 closer to lafayette and eventually closer to walnut creek working your way on up towards bay point pittsburgh and antioch by the time we reach the end of the 5.30 a around 5.30, napa down through the late hope pocket of heavy rains centered right above american canyon right now. santa rosa also about to see rainfall intensity increasing along one o one between you in cloverdale. so it is quite the active morning. lots to talk about on radar for sure. this cold frontal boundary is currently what's resulting in this burst of rain. so we went from what was a dry evening last night. now to the surge range is pushing right across the bay area. it's only temporary, though. it's going to last through your morning commute pockets of heavy rain will continue through your 08:00am to 09:00am hours after that, though, look how quickly it starts to move out and skies will actually clear out really nicely. this is going to get chance for some of that rain to soak into the ground for the rest of the day today.
5:21 am
that's the big plus about today. at least we have a dry period ahead once this rain pushes out, it's going to be especially heavy for the central valley in the sierra foothills snow is really going to start to stack up now into the sierra nevada. now that we've had this cold front pushing through temperatures are cold enough for snowfall to become more and more of a thing on into tomorrow morning, dry to start, but come tomorrow afternoon. we'll start to see some spotty showers. mostly in the north bay during the morning but drifting into the rest of the bay area come the afternoon. then come sunday and the heaviest of rain starts. this is going to be the push that really could cause some problems for us because it's not just sunday but as atmospheric river takes up shop across the region. it's going to result in extended heavy rain from sunday into monday. so where is this morning? it's a burst of heavy rainfall sunday into monday. it's going to be upon hours of some really rainy conditions. that's where saturation is going to happen. and that's where we're going to start to see some issues with ponding of water, flooding and small streams as well as issues around your burn scars, too
5:22 am
future cast of rainfall totals really starts to show those total skyrocketing into the beginning of next week. santa rosa could approach 7 inches of rainfall oakland hayward san francisco. well above 3 inches. this is already on top of what we've already seen the sierra nevada one to 3 feet of it. once you head above 8,000 feet in elevation, winter storm watches taking effect sunday evening and lasting into monday evening. today's daytime highs in the 60's across the bay area. it is going to be a cooler one than yesterday and we stay cool all the way through this forecast, too. today morning rain fall. we dry in the afternoon showers again, move in tomorrow night and then sunday into monday, the very heaviest of rainfall and likely our most problematic days. if you can do work from home day on monday. i highly recommend it reyna. john, thank you for that. and today you're going leave your house early. lot of accidents out there. we're starting in the east bay here in oakland. >> 8.80, southbound north of union street in oakland got an accident. there. a lot of 5, 80 westbound at that 9 80 connector in oakland and 5.80, westbound east of grand avenue
5:23 am
in oakland. so we're seeing all these different accidents pop up. we have wanted to read a long 24 that has since been cleared. thankfully a little under 2 minutes heading into the city. rain is coming down. so we're starting to see things get really wet. there in the city, san francisco to 80 north at cesar chavez street. you've got an accident there. we also have some roadway flooding, some 2 80 northbound at san jose avenue in san francisco a little further down here in daly city. you got really flooding as well. both to 80 southbound side won at washington street and what its air monte boulevard. so what that means is along 2 80 southbound in this area. it's completely flooded and those are the 2 areas people have called. and but you just want to be cautious because there may be other spots as well. down here and they would park to 80 northbound south of golf course drive. you have an accident. look at a richmond center fell commute. a little under 9 minutes as you're heading out of richmond, as we're seeing wet conditions here across that bridge, 80 westbound east of san pablo dam road here in san pablo. we have a traffic collision. we have one along the richmond
5:24 am
sandra fell bridge on the eastbound side that has since been cleared. but as you can see, things are still pretty wet. a couple of accidents. they were able to just remove off the highway here. 8.80 southbound north of the spear in boulevard. we have that. so you see residual delays in san lorenzo and another one down in milpitas 80 southbound north of to 37 east. they've been able to remove that from the road as well. the san mateo bridge head across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes. we'll have more we i drop off and pick up my kids from school
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>> 5.29 and i don't care where you're going this morning is going to take you more time. it sure is. you see why got the radar on the left showing you a blanket of rain all around the bay area this morning. on the right hand side. just one example. >> what you're going to be heading into as you step outside this morning, commuters already dealing with it here at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you look at the headlights, you can see all that rain that's getting kicked up by the cars all around. and of course, that street lights above show it coming down in some cases sideways because the winds oup there, too. yes, i have to admit, john when i was getting ready to leave. >> i'm hearing you the roof rumbling and i'm thinking do i leave now. do i wait. will it back off. how long will it back off or you did say that these are like. waves. so there we do get a little so yeah, we'll see times where it dies down for i was like what do i really like. is there a good time. i pay just got to just just go early right now would say do the opposite of waiting today. sure. out are
5:31 am
give yourself a lot of extra time. in fact, has anything that's going to. >> make you speed up on the roads is about the worst thing you could be doing. we definitely want to take it slow out there. roadways are super way. we'll have a reporter's coming up here in a second. ari was talking about her commute too. just how slick it is out there. also how windy it is for a lot of the bay area too. these factors all add up to this very much so. less than ideal commute would have loved to seen a burst of rain fall like this along a cold front last night when not a lot of people were on the roads. but that's not the way it's timing out. this is all happening right in the middle of our morning commute. as you can see, we do have heavy rain in pockets all across the bay area. we're going to start with the north bay here and talk about a couple of problem spots. we have we do have one of those brief moments right from canfield up to santa rosa, where you are and seeing as much of an intensity of rainfall. but that is not going to last for long as that next wave is situated right there towards point raise. let's zoom in on northern sonoma county right now because i want to point out these areas of rainfall to
5:32 am
you. these yellow areas on the map stretching from lake county down towards santa rosa are about to be moving closer and closer to former burn scars from fires, not this season but from the season before and as they move to the north and east. we are going to see a pretty good impact. there are some heavy rainfall making its way towards areas like middletown. you remember we talked about that to fire seasons ago as one of those areas that was threatened by these multiple fires. clear lake clark meet in saint all going to be affected by some heavier rainfall here within the next 30 so these areas are definitely subject to some flooding to some debris flows as we see more and more saturated soils into the core of the bay. we go and there's definitely widespread moderate showers and pockets of heavier rain, too focusing on our bridges just for a minute because these areas are very slick. the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge as well as the richmond center fell bridge. all these areas are seeing some heavier rainfall at this time. oakland as well as down to san leandro over to
5:33 am
alameda and many neighborhoods in san francisco are pretty waterlogged at this point. having seen some very substantial rainfall over the course of just the past few minutes, slowly making their way down to 81. oh, one down the peninsula. these pockets of rainfall right here of also been showing over the past few minutes now working their way towards one o one. i was showing you these about 20 minutes ago, a little bit further to the south and west. so they're continually trudging up this direction. what we're going to be seeing is 24 in the midst of some strong winds and some heavy rains. you see the path of these areas of yellow indicating that heavy rainfall taking them right over 24 as well as just north of the numbered and bridge heading towards redwood city. palo alto and eventually towards fremont and hayward as we advance or way on through the next couple of minutes here a little bit further southward, a little bit calmer for the south bay at this moment. but san jose are officially starting to tap back into something that you've been missing out on, which is the rainfall that the rest of the
5:34 am
bay area has been seeing. you can see light showers now making their way back into san jose yesterday we had a burst of rain around alum. rock only lasted for a few minutes, though. milpitas moderate rainfall for you. and we're going to add up 6.80 in the 80 here in the east bay. so no grade, one of those wind year stretches of roadways that can prove problematic, especially on a busy time. like we're seeing this morning is in the midst of areas, moderate shower activity. for the most part and pleasanton and livermore. even those shower activity for you right now is only moderate this area of heavy rainfall is about to be working its way your direction as we've been focusing on the east bay does have some problems spots to the inland east bay about to be seeing an uptick in rainfall intensity with these areas of yellow about to be crossing towards 6.80, impacting areas like lafayette, walnut creek, martinez and eventually conquered within the course of the next 20 minutes here and for our neighbors a little bit further to the east down in antioch. you're just now starting to see rainfall kicking up. it has been a
5:35 am
little quieter out there compared to at least the rest of the bay area so far this morning, futurecast of rainfall. total show some moderate totals today anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a half an inch which is definitely impressive considering how dry we've been. but the real rainfall, the very heaviest of stuff will start to arrive on sunday into monday. that's when the atmospheric river take square aim right at the bay. that's what's going to dump so much rainfall in such a short amount of time likely to cause some big issues. and your monday commute even as compared to today and yesterday, 50's and 60's for our current temperatures. it's cool. the rain jacket is your focus today and if you've got the umbrella, hold on to a tight because winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. well, make bit of a battle. has you start to open the umbrella hopping outside reyna. john, thank you for that. a lot of accidents and roadway. flooding is out there. let's start in the east bay. >> 5 80 westbound at that connector. you got an accident there. also see reports of some roadway flooding, 5.80, eastbound west of oakland avenue here in oakland. traffic hazards 80. so again, you're heading to the maze,
5:36 am
you got a lot of problems, a little under 12 minutes for you to make it into the city as the water continues to pummel the bay bridge there definitely definitely giving yourself a little more time. some traffic collisions and a lot of roadway flooding along to a t v a traffic collision. 2 80 northbound at cesar chavez streets. a roadway flying to 80 northbound just at cesar chavez street as well, which is probably what contributed to that accident. a little further down. san jose avenue in san francisco in geneva avenue along 2.80 southbound there. a little further down into daly city to 80 south in a washington street. and sara mata boulevard roadway, scene along there as you're traveling the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 9 minutes as you make your way at a richmond. another traffic collision here. 80 westbound, east of san pablo dam road in the san pablo area. the san mateo bridge can definitely see is coming down here. a little under 60 minutes. visibility is getting really low. definitely. definitely want to take your time as you're traveling there into the city, a little under 20
5:37 am
minutes. we have some rain drops right there. and some slick conditions across the bridge of in fairfield. a new accident popping up 80 westbound east of highway 12 out there keeping a close eye on everything that's going on this morning and it's really early. so, you know, as more people hit, the roads are going to see more traffic out there behind these delays. darya james, we'll send it over to you thank you, ray. all right. let's continue our team coverage here as we step back outside again, taking a look here. >> at stormtracker 4. >> this co there's the bay bridge and they're on the oakland is where sarah stinson ok, well, it could be yellow, which would be worse. you know, get like that. yeah. but we gave her a half hour. so we give you half are kind of collect yourself. let's see how she's all you drive your >> it is intense out here. told you our haven't seen this constant and heart of green. and so long and look at this. you can feel and see the wind take a look at the way you can see the palm trees blowing. so not only are you dealing with
5:38 am
flooding on the roadways. intense rain. you're also dealing with that wind. so you're going want to hold onto year. we'll like no other with both hands and prepare for anything. i said earlier, you really need to her parent and not overreact. you do hit some flooding on the roadway because you could hide you play brake too hard, you can spin out, though. take a look at how people are driving out there. they are going too fast in my opinion. i think everyone should really slow down. look at that when you're driving on the sides of the freeways either, whether it's the number one lane or the number 5 lane you're going to see some flooding. so that's what we're saying. you know, that big wave of water and people kind of hydroplaning a little bit. so make sure you take it slow. and if i were you, i would say in the middle lanes because that's where i'm seeing the least amount. flooding in the roadway. so it's intense out there and
5:39 am
it's nonstop. it was in san francisco. i side just coming down and then it's heading here east even more and more as time goes on where the wind look at that. the wind is strong. the rain is nonstop. >> and it's hard rain. it's not like yesterday where we saw sprinkles and what's interesting is when we hear john say it's only going to get stronger on sunday and into monday. i can't even imagine that thing stronger than this because the strongest rain i see myself. >> and so so long it's intense. you guys. i mean, can you imagine? i mean, you drove to work. so, you know, you're and driving is not fun right now. if you can stay home. if you the option to stay home or office yes, say, oh, yes, don't drive. you don't have to. it's not worth that. we talked yesterday about preparing. hopefully you've got everything you need and you're ready to hunker down you're ready to hunker down and yeah, but it's you be out there and we really
5:40 am
appreciate what you went. morning. thank you. i think i like when you said, you know, they're going too fast in your opinion because you know, you went slow and still you you you could feel how hydroplaning is. and you had a puddle in the dark. >> i don't understate. it's very dark outside still. so you could hit some flooding in and that some cases it's like a foot deep and they haven't closed the roadway. so. >> if you're going too fast, it's dangerous even slow. you can be in the water. my engine was in the water are hoping it's just in the wheel. well, hopefully my car, my work covers. okay. definitely a lot of hazards out there it's it's a pretty bad guys. yeah. take it slow. thank you to you and you only deal is out there working the camera this morning braving the elements right. >> and you know and and we touch reyna about talking you know, the police sure, yeah. pm whenever to get to take a look at that. thank you. we'll let you get back in the car, you find some we've got john,
5:41 am
stand by the weather center. again with another look at the radar for us this morning. this pretty widespread job. yeah. the splashes behind sarah that impressive right there. >> very widespread this morning. indeed areas of moderate to heavy rainfall continuing across the bay area and expected through your morning commute. here's your version of the radar from san francisco down to san jose. that entire stretch from 2.81, o one all the way from the south bay up to the city as well as along the east bay shoreline is being impacted by these heavy areas of rain, 92 dumbarton bridge bay bridge doesn't matter where you're at, you're going to be encountering some very slick roads. so if you must go, go early and taking a slow as you can. >> and just like john mention, 2.81 a wrong were seen roadway air accidents. pretty much all over the bay area this morning. definitely want to leave your house a lot earlier, not just a little bit earlier. we have all your drive times on
5:42 am
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>> 5.44, right now. and we're taking a look at stormtracker for a final look at and it's getting red. that's the first bit of red we've seen. yeah. so it gets pretty intense. now know there are mills north of the delta there on the north side of antioch which sometimes can give us are a lot. it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that actually is acela down pouring rain right now. this is a live look at west bound, 5.80, at 35th avenue. one of our cameras.
5:45 am
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>> 5.47, thanks for sticking with kron four's. we tried to navigate this storm for you before you head out. these are important shots that we have of the radar so that you can
5:48 am
see what you're in for and all of our live shots panned out around the bay. yeah. and you can see the radar on the left, the camera there on the right at the richmond center fell bridge toll plaza. it is wet out there. john has been tracking it. >> from the weather center. how much longer is this going to the whole morning commute that we're dealing with us. it's right in the middle part of the it literally can that i've got any mother nature is like you are going have a rough time this morning because if this what it came in last night. >> then we would have better drying period as so many of us would have entered into the roads, but that is not the way it's working out timing of this system. and it is just a burst of rainfall that stretching over the matter of hours. his are right in the middle of the busiest time of your commute in the morning, which is so hard to be talking about who would come in later in the middle of the day, at least we all would have been at our destination is already this line of storms is right along a cold front which is dropped in across the region. so it's not just heavy rainfall. it's also pretty strong winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. it's also cool down in temperatures with highs down into the 60's today that allows some snow to start piling up in the sierra
5:49 am
nevada. so that's actually quite a good thing as for conditions right now on radar pockets of heavier rain out there absolutely. that have moved in along with these moderate showers that are being seen across the wider bay area. bay bridge richmond center fell bridge as well as the golden gate bridge. all of them are in the midst of the showers right now. are seeing a brief break from rain, from sausalito northward into center fell this area right here is one of our drier spots out of anywhere in the bay area currently oakland down to hayward on over 5.80, out to the tri valley. san ramon all these areas are looking at widespread moderate showers, south bay are officially tapping back into it. now you can see these areas of yellow up into the santa cruz mountains, santa cruz mountains have so far been the biggest winners of us all this morning. we've seen widespread very, very heavy rain from half moon, bay south on highway one stretching up into those upper elevations. of course, we do have burn scars in this region. so too much rain is never necessarily a good thing, but it is looking like a very wet morning for these areas, sunnyvale
5:50 am
moderate showers for you. san jose lighter compared to the rest of the bay area as for the east bay this morning from oakland down to fremont. it is very, very wet. one 85 as well 80 both slick commute as you're making that drive san ramon down to the tri valley on up to walnut creek. all these areas widespread looking at moderate rain. i'm tracking this resurgence of heavier rain right here. you see those pockets of yellow. this is about to be working its way towards the tri valley over the next few minutes. so for those of you in seminole pleasanton livermore on a little bit further north towards san ramon do expect rainfall intensity to increase here in about 15 to 20 minutes. showers working their way to the north and east. finally the north bay cloverdale down to santa rosa down to novato. it may be dry south of there, at least for the moment, not dry. the roadways are wet, but no active rainfall for some of those spots from nevado northward to cloverdale. it is certainly not the case. in fact, right around santa rosa, you've got heavy rain falling at this very moment. same just south of guerneville north of the point raise area and up
5:51 am
into lake county. we've had some very heavy rainfall, too warm for any snow across mount saint but it is definitely wet up there into lake and mendocino counties. cold front making its way in across the region this morning. that's what's also upping our wind. so it's really not just the rain you're dealing with. you've also got some very windy conditions on our bridges this morning. and that is going to only complicate the situation further as we talked about at the start of the forecast. the timing of this could really not have been much worse. this is a short burst of rainfall right along the frontal boundary which usually last for a few hours and that's exactly what we're in the midst of rainfall kicked up at 04:00am and it's only going to start to die down after 08:00am to 09:00am once your commute starts to die down to after that point. look at the rest of the day. it's actually pretty quiet wall that energy ships out to the central valley in the sierra foothills snow stacking up in the sierra towards the afternoon. we stay dry for the rest of the day today after these morning rains and into tomorrow morning. we stay dry as well. tomorrow afternoon start to see some isolated
5:52 am
showers popping up initially heavier rainfall towards saturday night. into sunday morning atmosphere river begins to work its way back into the picture. this will actually be the first technical atmospheric river event of the season and that's what's going to result in prolonged heavy rains from sunday into monday. we're going to see very intense showers pushing into the region. that's what's going up. rainfall total so much. and that's what's going to result in a bad commute on into monday morning. so this morning's commute worse than yesterday's monday morning's commute is going to be worse than all of them that we've seen so far santa rosa looking at nearly 7 inches of rain from now on into the middle of next week and for the sierra nevada starting on sunday evening into monday evening. we do have a winter storm watch that will take effect one to 3 feet of snowfall stacking up in the sierra temperatures today in the 60's. that's 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. that's that cold front that's bringing us all this rain and we stay cool through this forecast, get a
5:53 am
break from it this afternoon into tomorrow morning. and then we really see the heaviest on into sunday and monday reyna john, thank you for that. we have a lot to tell you about as you're leaving the house this morning. a lot of roadway flooding. so we have. >> some accidents along 5, 18 8.80, this morning. now that those have been clearer seen roadway flooding which inshore contribute to that 5 80 eastbound at that 24 east connector of the year. 5.80, eastbound west of oakland avenue in oakland. so you've got that and residual delays some earlier accidents a little under 14 minutes heading into the city. conditions are slick and wet along fine, 1880, as well as you're traveling some roadway flooding along 2 80 northbound in the city's cesar chavez street san jose avenue in san francisco. we had an earlier accident near cesar chavez that's been clear, but it's still wet. there. roadway flooding down in daly city to 80 southbound as sarah monte boulevard and some other accidents that just popped at out in san carlos 1, 1, northbound south of holly street to 80 north bound south of 92 east. here in selma
5:54 am
tale. another 1 one. oh, one, northbound and marsh road in menlo park. let's get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. as you head to richmond. look at that drive times. our little sluggish this morning because of those wet slick conditions. 8 minutes to make it across towards sandra fell. you can barely see anything across the san mateo bridge. as you're heading across towards the peninsula to take you a little under 17 minutes to make that drive for you this morning about a 20 minute commute via the golden gate bridge. but again, remember, conditions are slick and wet. there out in fairfield yet a traffic collision. 80 westbound east of highway 12. so we are seeing delays up there danville. it looks like you're starting to get some accidents. 6 any northbound north of diablo roads. not the only one i saw looks like another one just behind that accident there. so again, starting to see delays and some issues along danville. we ha
5:55 am
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5:58 am
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>> right now, we've got major storms hitting the bay area with heavy rain making for a dangerous morning commute. we've got live team coverage all morning long right here on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. it is the friday we knew we were in for rights. when we went to bed last night and this storm is delivering the punch as advertised. yes. yet john was on it when he warned us that this morning would be more difficult than yesterday morning. and that's certainly living up to be a true case. the radar. they're completely lit up in green and a lot more


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