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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 22, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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barco standing by, of course here in the studio reyna harvey and john trouble with weather and traffic. let's begin with that forecast. john. yeah, guys we are still looking at a very active morning. mother nature did not work in our favor in this one. we could have seen this rain last night. we would have preferred to see it even in the middle of the day today. but this heavy rain, this cold front had to swing through right in the middle of our morning commute. now we do have 2 waves of energy that are currently making their way through the bay. the first most of us have already seen. and that is that wide swath of rain that you have on the right side of the screen between those 2 waves of energy. you have the brief break from rainfall and right behind at the second wave, which i have drawn our right for you is now working its way to the east, northeast through the bay and that is actually actually resulting in a resurgence of rain right now. right along the bay bridge as well as right or wrong. the richmond center fell bridge as well as the golden gate bridge. in fact, one of our heavier areas of rain is just right around point richmond. there just south of the richmond center fell bridge
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golden gate bridge. it picked back up and it's now starting to pick right back up along the bay bridge to san francisco down along. the coastline is also looking at some rainfall there. this brief break of rainfall. you can see that stretch right there. it doesn't last for long, but it's stretching right now. just east of oakland down across 92. if you are in these areas, all you got to do is wait a few more minutes. and this rainfall, this second wave of it is going to push right back your direction. in fact, let's draw a little bit of a line right here to show you when it's going to head towards those areas that are a little calmer right now for those of you in berkeley. wait, 5 more minutes and you'll see rainfall picking back up in oakland. wait about 10 more minutes and you're going to see a resurgence of rainfall san leandro there to a closer towards 7.30 well in hayward closer to 7.45 so these areas that are starting to calm down. now. don't expect it to remain that way. for long. we definitely do have more rain just around the corner. you can see that first wave of energy still leaving rain with it from san ramon down through fremont, palo alto across the dumbarton bridge and into the south bay too. second wave of
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energy resulting in that resurgence of at times. heavy rainfall. now pushing back in from pacifica through san francisco, south bay. you're definitely still in the midst of that first wave of moisture and still very widespread moderate rainfall all across the south bay from los altos through san jose down to morgan hill on up to fremont and on up through the grade 2 break from the rainfall right now across areas like palo alto and menlo park that breaks not going to last for too terribly long across the north bay. we are also seeing some areas of rain, although look at this. so right behind santa rosa right here once this last bit of rain clears out this is where the clear rest of the day areas like th that. now you've got a dry rest of the day ahead of you. santa rosa, you're right on the cusp of drying out. i anticipate around 30 more minutes of rain for you. and then you're going to be looking at the tail end of it now. but you've got a couple more hours of it. at least one more hour areas like lake county. also starting to exit the second wave. and then you
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see that heavier area of rainfall. still sitting, as i pointed out to you before right around point richmond this morning, future cast of rainfall totals. this is not including what we've already seen this morning. you can see santa rosa about to be drying out for the rest of the day. nevado and napa. you do still have around a 10th of an inch of rain yet to receive san francisco just below a 10th of an inch rain left to receive. this is what we haven't seen yet. so not including what we already got this morning. rainfall totals really begin to skyrocket on into sunday and monday. that's when that atmospheric river sets up shop and we do see the risk of flooding 50's for most of our current temperatures. if you're watching at 04:05am, we were all in the 60's. that's because the cold front hadn't plunge through yet now that that cooler air has pooled on in. we have seen temperatures fall and fall rapidly. so we're actually cooler right now than we were at the very start of the morning. we're also quite windy. 30 mile per hour gusts means definitely put on the rain jackets and hold on tight to the umbrellas. as you venture out
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there reena john, thank you that. we've got a lot of issues out there. some hot spots like this one out in hayward. 8.80, northbound. >> at west tennesse in a row. we have an overturned tractor trailer there. so we are seeing delays. 2.38 might be a good way for you to get around all of that a little under 22 minutes as you're heading into the city. it's been coming down pretty the bay bridge. looks like we have a brief break. that's not last furlong like john just mention about 21 minutes heading into the city to make it to at least that fremont street exit. flooding all throughout age of 5 in the eastbound of the 24 east connector the air 5.80 east just west of oakland avenues, air traffic hazard. looks like there's a stalled tractor-trailer here just as you're entering the bridge. any westbound east to west grand avenue in oakland 5, a and a very slow this morning because it's looking wet. we also have a traffic collision. 80 westbound at carlson boulevard in richmond. remember san pablo avenue. always a good alternate to get around that and the city right now we've got an accident. 2.80, northbound south of san
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jose avenue in san francisco roadway flooding to 80 north cesar chavez street and at san jose avenue. let's head down a little further into daly city where you have roadway flooding all along 2.80 sarah monte boulevard, especially received reports there traffic collision to a southbound north of highway one in daly city down here in san mateo to 80 southbound north of i 2 west. you got a traffic collision. some roadway flooding there. san mateo at 2.80 northbound south of crystal springs role. but it's fair to say all along to a along the peninsula. we're seeing that flooding a rich across or sandra fell. look how slow traffic is going. it is slow because there's a lot of water on the bridge. 14 minutes an uptick and drive times for you and the south. but you've got some accidents like in sunnyvale. 1, one northbound at 2.37 west to 80 northbound south of lords expressway in 87 southbound south to a south there. so things are slow there and freemont 6.80 southbound north of scott creek road that accident has been there for about an hour or so. but again, you're not seeing any major delays along the highway
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heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 90 minutes for you. the golden gate bridge. look at that. now starting to come down again. they're about 23 minutes or so as you're heading into the city up in toledo. you've got an accident. 80 westbound east of marine world parkway. so traffic is pretty slow as you're traveling along a t and here conquer along highway 4, you had a couple accidents come and go. this one to 42 that northbound ramp that connected to highway 4. there is an accident. currently there. >> so you're seeing what the conditions look like today. a lot of problems all over the place. hopefully you're taking a little extra time this morning. historian james are really going to need it, right. all. yeah. and we're we're hunting to show you where the problems are show everybody where sarah stinson is now because we center well, we're going to look at the now, we can see sarah, that. >> it looks like the storm seas have parted for you. yes, but more is on the way. so stormy is going to find that storm trouble. yeah.
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>> yeah. it's to changes in in john's, right. it comes waves. you can see at taking off my good getting a little bit of a break and i'll take it. but don't get comfortable because on highway 24 behind me when you're driving west you will see the rain pick back up. once you get out of the caldecott tunnel and you head towards the bay bridge. it gets more and more intense and i'm sure it's going to pick up where we are at right now. on pleasant hill road and highway 24. you can see how slick is out there. you can see the reflection of the headlights on the road. would say my best advice to above all is stay in the middle lane and take it slow. the really is a lot of flooding on every single freeway i've been on in the slow lane and the fast lane. so. >> that is. and those are 2 lanes you want to avoid. and unfortunately, i always see the fastest people in those lanes, even the slow lane isn't slow. so take it slow out there who have both hands on the wheel. and if you are
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in a prepared, you can hit that flooding and hydroplane. you could also as i experienced earlier, have some water get near engine, which could be really bad. so make sure you stay slow. you prepare for anything. it is definitely slick out there. and you can see there's a lot of cars on the road while a lot of people are going way too fast. my opinion. i have seen a few people. i'm now in the live truck with our photographer yoli and i could see kind of above everybody. i saw man driving super slow hands on the wheel. you could tell he was really nervous out there and for good reason. it is not an easy drive. if you can stay home, that would be your best case scenario. but not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to stay at home and they've got to drive to work. they've got to drop the kids off to school. so as you head out the door today. make sure your extra cautious because we know rain in the
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bay area, but we don't know rain that well, because we don't get it that often. we've been in a drought. so we're a little bit rusty on how to react. and so when you're out there, you could be out for lee and caused a deadly situation. now we're seeing with rain out there that there is a lot of car crashes. and so i've seen chp out there. they are shutting down starting to shut down those lanes that have flooding. thank goodness because earlier those lanes were not shut down and people like driving and there are some serious flooding out there, especially going to be all over the place to kind of give you an up-close personal look what's going on. but for right now. >> comfortable. don't get too comfortable. pick back up. says yeah, i suspect by next time we chat with sarah. it's going to be coming down a little harder because he got that next wave coming your way. she's always prepare. that's why we color stormy since right. all right. let's
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take a look at one of those come you said she was talking about, which is so now when you're behind the wheel like this somebody driving now. you tend to hold on to that. well, as the list. that's not helping like you realize that's not gripping activity ski policy can react. also, you know, here this was earlier this morning about a ton of traffic. but the more traffic that hits the road which is starting to happen in the 7 o'clock hour. the more difficult it is. and what we have to all. >> trust everybody else to drive person. if they do something wrong, that affects everybody don't be that pevson. so we saw there was a a there was a brief pause there for sarah. she had the hood off. but as we check in with proffers camila barco i see that he's got to put on looks like it might be a little bit. >> more intense there. alright warning. where are you now this time camilla. >> i am currently in san mateo and it's raining. it's pouring. i'm just getting hit
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with that will be a wave of rain a wave of rain right now that i was not seeing just half an hour ago. so as you can see, it just comes and goes. >> and it's been like this the entire morning. it's light rain right now. but this is the perfect time to grab the hat, grab the rain coat, grab the rain boots, grab the umbrella because you're going to need it. if you're stepping out in san mateo now. >> i'm currently on la crosse street. this rain has cut caused a few power outages in the area currently on a >> the power is back on. but pg e got to work because the lights were out juat about an hour or so ago and 10 minutes away from here in that's power is out for more than 800 people. so this rain while it may be not that harsh or just a little bit of light rain. it's still causing power outages in the i've been driving around this entire morning. and the roads are
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just slick and wet as mentioned how even on the highway you can even see those solid white lines. i've. driven to do some puddles of some flooding in the area. so just be mindful when you're out in the road you guys talked about giving people some space between cars you definitely want to do that because when you're hitting the brakes, it's not the same as when you're driving on a dry road. so be careful this morning when you're heading out and sam a tail right now. the rain is picking up. i know john was saying the rain is going later on. so right now i'm definitely feeling that. >> all right. well, thank you. camila. one of many people who has to work in the rain and drive in the rain reporters truck drivers and we're seeing some accidents yeah. already a big rig overturned in hayward. we've got a picture that was tweeted out by the chp and you can see it's on its side here. this is 8, 80 northbound at tennyson. >> the roadway there. yeah,
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that's going to be problematic and it's going to be a while as we've seen overturned big reason for taking a long time to clear that roadways is going to be with us for a good bit of the morning and the day. yeah. this is one of the days that when you don't map your commute to work. as you know, where you're going this you may want to. >> so definitely stay with kron 4 because we have live team coverage all morning long of this important news. if there's any other news that you want like, you know, when you're safe at home or at work. you can just. >> go to kron, 4 dot com. we have all the various stories. there's nothing that's affecting everybody right now. >> like whether that's why we're doing it wall to john. because we have multiple raids waves rainfall pushing through you remember the first wave that i1pacted us of the past few hours. >> then the brief break in the rainfall this year. second wave of rain and you see that deeper green that's now crossing into western portions of contra, costa and alameda counties right over the bay bridge on into the peninsula. that's going to be making its way to the east-northeast. so a lot of those areas that are calm right now. we're staring
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camila are about to see rainfall picking up here. temporarily santa rosa, one of our first spots to be drying out and you're about to stay dry for the rest of the day today talking about all that you need to know in this forecast. still to come. >> yeah, you've got a number of traffic collisions out their hot spots. a lot of roadway flooding. we're
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>> and this is my drive. this is driving on the golden gate bridge. that sounds pretty intense. it's i didn't encounter any crazy puddles that i had to then that are foot deep drive through and then pull over. my car was broken like sarah. i she's a trooper that has set up in the rain and do a live shot. but what i had to do, james was i had to figure out how am i going to get into the station with my hair still ok, right. everybody has their battles. it's a struggle in work in the morning and you see rain makes it difficult for different isn't of the crazy thing is so, so sarah has i got to get to this live shot the outside and show rain and your james. my job is to have dry air and i will admit to you that to to set that up to what i did you know, everybody has a battles. i left extra early. perfect hydro slowly i actually just said keep my hair way. if you can do this right. >> what you have a vast network. you have a bathroom take a blow dry with you. wait until you get there you go.
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how about that? good advice just a little i need to employ those tips because oh, no, it's not working up there now. it is definitely going to be one of those days where whatever the battle is, we're all fighting it together on this one because it is rainy. it is wet. >> mother nature not working in our favor with this storm. we could have seen it last night when that have been nice. get that rain out of the way. the rain that we need to see. then drive to it's calm conditions. but no, this cold front had a plow through during your morning commute. there's 2 waves of moisture here. the first having cleared out into the central valley. now that's resulting in some heavy rainfall up into the sierra foothills as well as portions of the central valley brief lull in the rain. that's pretty noticeable from sacramento down south towards santa cruz and then this second wave of moisture pushing in right behind it has now made its way into areas like san francisco oakland on up through richmond rainfall really increasing in these areas like the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge as well as the richmond. sandra fell bridge in fact, a pocket of heavy rainfall. now situated just south of richmond, right
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along 5.80, right there. also just south of daly city right around sarah monte. we have a very heavy pocket of rainfall. that is also working its way to the east. where is this wave heading next. well, it is about to be pushing its way further and further towards the east. that means areas like san leandro, which are relatively calm right now. we'll see rainfall picking up here in the next 10 minutes conquered around 7.30, hayward towards 7.45 antioch towards 8 o'clock and then pleasanton a little bit later from that pleasanton. you're still 6 period, sing rain from your first way you'll get the law and then you'll see it picking up around 8.15, about an hour from now. there's your little break between waves of moisture right around palo alto in sunnyvale, san jose. you're still raining. not so much. once you head up 85 towards sonny bill or along 2.81. oh, one that your break right there. it's about to be pushing right back in san mateo starting to see it picking back up saratoga in sunnyvale kind of calm at the moment. break from rainfall. just being seen in hayward,
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but you're also going to see rainfall picking back up. san ramon in concord. nice and calm for you. that's not going to last livermore up to antioch. you're still experiencing some moisture from that first wave that made its way through. interesting what's going up on the north bay right now that second wave of moisture pretty clear to see where it's at santa rosa. you are very first spot to dry cloverdale northward from there. you're also on the dry side. so these areas you're done with the rain. now the drying process begins for the spots. you can see where that last line of moisture is novato. you're likely to dry here within the next 45 minutes. areas like lake county. also in that drying process currently a cold front swinging its way through this morning. this is the second of a multi-system series that started earlier this week continues today, the 3rd. well, that's going to set up shop towards sunday and monday of next week. you can see how we do dry out this afternoon. the rescuing factor for us today is the fact that even though we had heavy rain and are in the midst of it still we get a good dry spell ahead of us for the rest of the day
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today on into the evening tonight now into tomorrow we will continue to see dry weather to start showers were surge in the north bay towards the middle of the day. the rest of the bay area towards the late afternoon and then into sunday. you can see what happens. heavy rainfall begins to move in. this is the atmospheric river that stretches offshore. i will step out of the way of it. that is going to bulls eye the bay area and from sunday into monday morning, we're going to see the heaviest of rainfall that we're looking at this is our rainfall ahead of us, not including what we've already seen. you can see that we will continue to stack up rain for much of the day today for areas further to the south. much of the morning, i should say rest of the day after that dries back out. then sunday into monday hits and that's when the heavy rain gets here. that's when we'll be seeing additional 3, 4, 5, even 6 inches of rainfall. a lot of that falling into sunday and monday. that's also when we're going to see the bulk of the snow piling up in the sierra nevada with temperatures from this point. cooling down above 8,000 feet. we will be under winter storm watches from sunday evening until monday
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evening and that's when we'll see that one to 3 feet of snowfall piling up from tahoe down through yosemite 60's for your daytime highs across the bay today. that's cooler than yesterday, 70's. and that's why we are seeing the opportunity for snow. finally in the sierra nevada. this is the winter weather that we need to see tomorrow evening. rain arrives again after a dry spurt this afternoon into tomorrow morning, sunday into monday, our heaviest of rain that we start to dry back out after that reyna. john, thank you for that. we've got multiple hot spots out there, starting with the san mateo bridge, stalled vehicle 92 westbound there. >> slowing us down. in addition to that, you've got water and is actively coming down pretty hard. visibility is really low. a little under 19 minutes heading across towards the peninsula there. an overturned tractor trailer here. hey, where we show pictures that was tweet is to out from chp not too long ago. so again, that's still there, the on ramp there block. this is at west tennis in the road. 2.38 would be a good alternate to try to get around that into the city this morning. look at that uptick in traffic.
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conditions are wet. we've been having break-in pockets of breaks and water coming down a little under 27 minutes as it starts to give us just a tap break before we start to see even more heavy rain on the bay bridge. a lot of roadway flooding in the maze. if you're traveling along 8 seen it all over the place areas of south and north of 98 west. 5, 80 eastbound at the eastbound connector. the as you're heading there, all of that slowing down because of roe way flooding into the city here in san francisco. you've got an accident. 2.80, northbound south of san jose app and roadway flooding. a loss. cesar chavez street and north down at san jose avenue. san mateo. you have really flooding northbound to a south of bunker hill road and it looks like we're starting to see delays along one o one because of all the issues along the san mateo bridge there, heading out of richmond. look at that. traffic can barely move pouring out their subtly slowly making their way a little under 18 minutes. looks like chp is closed. elaine there on the side so they can slow down traffic. so you at home can be safe and the south
7:24 am
bay. we had several accidents looks like that one along to 37 is clear but to north of the college avenue in san jose that still there. we had an accident in milpitas that has been cleared leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge about 26 minutes into the city will be back with more weather ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> 7.26 and this is a big storm. and you can see how it's been moving. >> and get the darker green areas of the heavier areas of
7:27 am
rain. it's been moving since we will allow you were sleeping started and you can see on the right hand side at sfo. the runways are wet and we know what that means. delays delays at last check. our producers telling us 19 flights delayed so far. >> and again, that's a mix of arrivals and departures more likely it is heavily on the arrival side because as we know with visibility gets bad when the weather gets bad, that's when they start staggering the landings for arriving flights. and that's when the ripple effects begin for the rest of the day. just about this to think about as good your your plane is delayed. is going to delay getting there. i mean, it's going to take a long time. this is a live shot. >> just some of the backups that we're looking at delays at oakland and san jose airport, too, by the way, and all over the bay area when it comes to the
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what are you waiting for? to get back to the various sha live shots video and the satellite that we have to coach our team coverage. >> of the storm that's hitting the bay area right now. while you can see some yellow there as well. which are the heavier pockets of rain. so we're looking at the other radar and the effects on the roads with that approach to the bay bridge john's been tracking will get to rain here with an update on. >> all the accidents that we're seeing out there, including that overturned big rig that sarah, since to now sarah stinson is now hitting towards to give us a live shot of but. >> well, we're talking about big rig drivers yet truck drivers and commuters that maybe didn't have to work during the pandemic. mostly everybody is back to work. now, that may be a hybrid may be lucky enough to work from
7:31 am
home. but this is the first time since before covid that we really see the volume of traffic back to normal on grain and a wrecked. a really stormy day. and as john was saying, this storm at yesterday between yesterday and today is heading earlier than we've seen in a couple of years. yeah. oh, yeah. october yet. not looking ago. not over like this. in a long time. over the past few years at least. normally even on our weather years, which was, as you remember, 2016 2017. those were our drought busters back in the day from the 5 year historic drought that we had last decade. >> those rains didn't really hit until later in the year. so this is very early season. rain hitting across the bay area. we love to see it because the past 2 years have been historically dry drier than even last decade. strout was. so we absolutely do need to see this kind of weather. the timing of it. well, that hasn't worked in our favor because it's the morning commute would have loved to see this last night. mother nature well, didn't time it well for us. you can see we have 2 waves of moisture. the
7:32 am
first is really clear to the area now. now sitting in the sierra nevada foothills as well as the central valley. the second wave of moisture now working its way through the bay area. northern sonoma county. you are in the clear. now you have worked your way out of the second line of showers that i'm early spelling out for you right there in that blue arrow. let's zoom in on the core of the bay. and this is one of those spots that we are seeing some very heavy rainfall at times that includes right around oakland right now alameda as well as on up the richmond center fell the showers continue to move eastward. you can see that movement a radar there just a second ago. san mateo. it's pick back up for you. we cite quiet low, which you can see also evidence out here towards san ramon down to fremont in palo alto right now. but this is the resurgence of that second wave of heavy rainfall that's now made its way right into oakland down to san leandro. so please be careful in these spots. 92 it's about to pick up for you. san mateo on up through sfo and then up across the golden gate bridge into marion county. it's still
7:33 am
very actively raining and all the spots stretching right across 92 out to half moon bay. little bit further south from there down the peninsula. we are seeing that little bit of break from the rain right now in saratoga on up to sunnyvale as well as up to fremont resurgence of showers immediately to the west of you, though. that's already picking up in areas in those higher elevations just to the west of the south bay san jose still holding on to some light rainfall. you'll see it die down temporarily. then slowly picking right back up again. and as for the north bay, this is one of our more interesting spots to look at right now because it's like night and day between western and northern portions of sonoma and marin counties and areas like napa and eastern portions of sonoma and marin counties. vacaville right down 80 allay still very wet. in fact, the carquinez bridge. it's really coming down right there along 80 right now santa rosa, you drive out guerneville you drive out on further northward up towards cloverdale. you've also dried out neighbors up in lake county. you're dry as well. it was very wet this morning. there's your burn scars from recent fires. and
7:34 am
as you can see, we've had lots of rain around those this morning. novato down to kent field on over allay. also still on the weather side of things this morning. once we do see this passing of our last system right here. we're dry the rest of the day. novato. you're next spot to dry out saint helene and yacht bill right behind that napa campfield as well as mill valley in sandra fell. you'll be next from that point forward. our last spots to be holding onto rainfall today will be those areas further south and eastward across the bay area like the tri valley and like the south bay, these areas will hold on to rain. well, past 08:00am likely towards 09:00am this morning as you can see, our future cast of rainfall totals show santa rosa, you're not getting anything. the rest of the day. nevado nap and san francisco have minimal totals after this. last line of showers clears through our more significant totals are definitely for those areas further to the east and further to the south. current temperatures are in the 50's now during my 04:05am, checks with you. we were in the 60's. so why did a cooldown will all
7:35 am
this rainfall is situated right along the cold front that is plunged into the day. and that's why temperatures cooled around 10 degrees from the start of the show to where we're at now. that cooler air will remain over the next few days. and that's actually giving opportunity for some snow to form up in the sierra nevada. very welcome to see this cool down. of course, though, that means you just got to put on that extra layer. so do bundle up this morning. focusing on staying dry with the umbrella and the rain jacket back to rain. and john, thank you for that. ok. we've got several hot spots out there. let's start in the south bay. so northbound north of mcallen avenue. >> all lanes were shut down for. i would say at least 1510, minutes, the air they just opened up the lanes there because i was gonna say take 8.80, to 87 has a good option around that. but again, you've got a traffic collision the e to 80 northbound north of the college avenue got so bad they had to shut down all the lanes temporarily just open and then back up. so if you're trying get around that delay long to 8887 would still be good options for you. there. we
7:36 am
have another traffic accident. it's on the richmond. sandra fell bridge 5.80, westbound as you're heading out of richmond. so that in addition to the slick conditions makes for a longer commute. a little under 60 minutes for your drive time they're an overturned tractor trailer. we have a northbound at west tennyson road that off-ramp there block to 38 would be a good option if you're trying to get around that delay a lot of roadway flooding as you're heading into the maze into the city there. so long, 8, 8580, traveling. let's get a look at your east bay to the fremont city of that fremont street exit their little under 27 minutes as traffic slowly starts to build everybody slowly waiting their turn to make their way into the city this morning with slick conditions and the city right now we get a traffic collision. 2.80, north down south of geneva avenue and a lot of roadway flooding along 2 80 northbound at cesar chavez street heading further down to see more highway flooding northbound 2.80 north of bunker hill drive and look at one oh, one, a loss and tail and burlingame. we're seeing all those delays because of some issues on the san mateo bridge. we have a stalled vehicle. they're not
7:37 am
too long ago. in addition to that, a lot of the rain there. so things are moving slow along one. oh, one heading across towards been. it's like i just told you looks like they're getting rain right at this moment there little under 20 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling the golden gate bridge seen an uptick in traffic there. 20 minutes heading into the city and you've got a little fog to contend with as well out of the les hill, 80 westbound east of marine world parkway. we have an accident there, but it looks like the highway conditions along 80 are starting to improve there as we're tracking that we're going to have more weather and traffic coming up, daryn. james, we'll send it over to you. all right, guys. let's take a look out there and see some of the accidents and conditions. yes. so this is sarah stinson. >> and this is her drive as she was driving from lafayette hayward because she's big, you know. well, i think this is back at the bay bridge toll plaza where she was earlier this morning. >> and now idea of her driving and what conditions were in the area. she's heading to that overturned. big rig seen in hayward. well, the bay bridge no words, lights in the
7:38 am
distance. yeah. and also, you know, you can see that she's getting a lot of distance between the cars there, which is what you should do. >> you've got to be a good driver to everybody else because one person messes it up for everybody and you know, the truck accident is going to affect hundreds of people this morning and it is right now. that's one of the hotspots. rain is falling. you can just that now here's a still shot of the truck. >> right now. and now you know you're going to have backup should emergency crews out there. they got it right. the truck. so you're looking at long delays when accidents like this happens, then you take alternative routes and then those get clogged up. so that's kind of the way this can unfold, which is why you need to leave extra time. you can allow yourself to be extra careful and go slow this morning is going to be one of those mornings are going take a brief break as we go. another quick glimpse at stormtracker 4. looks like santa rosa starting to get out from underne-th that now. >> so northern portions of the north bay getting some relief and hopefully that will start spreading to the rest of the bay area as it looks like this last wave of wet weather is working its way through. >> we'll get him better. look
7:39 am
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7:42 am
exchanging shots at a gas station with some guys that were trying to attack. and here's how it happens. fill up his tank. as you can see. and a couple of guys walk around kind of ambush him. you can see they're they're confronting him. there's also a getaway driver to get in. and then he kind of backstop as they rifle through his car. he pulls out a gun. he fired shots. his name, police captain or c joyner. and after that, the guys jumped in a getaway car and they fired back at him. that's when joiner was hit. so we've got one guy who was shot dead joyner. the former captain who is in the hospital 8 in icu and then there's those other couple of 2 guys that got away. police are looking for that black sedan that the robbers got away and they're looking at surveillance tape and going over evidence hoping they can make some all right. let's give you another quick look here at the radar as we. >> take a brief break with again, another reminder that the wet weather. that's our big story this morning.
7:43 am
impacting everybody right now in san francisco, the north, a space out. they all quarters. although we are looking to get some relief. it looks like. >> in the north bay. they'll be the first ones to start drying out we'll get another update on the forecast from john in a minute and then has covered on the traffic front lot accidents out there. this is a look at northbound to 42 in concord avenue. >> we'll be back with complete updates in just a minute. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
7:44 am
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>> it's 7.45. and if you usually wait till 8 or 8.30 year, whatever time you normally leave the house. i would give yourself will you listen to rein in a minute here delays. yeah. i would give yourself at least a half or it may be needed today because of the storm. you can see how big it is. we're tracking its movement. then on the right-hand side, you can see the richmond center fell bridge. >> there are accidents everywhere this morning around the bay and beyond that, too. we have, you know, standing water and some of the lanes. so we have the seat that they're closing off some lanes that normally would be. >> open because of deeper water. and so now that you know, clogging up the roadways let alone the accidents. the overturned big rig that we've been talking about, although that is the good news is that, you know, we're driving in the dark. i got to tell you, it's light out now you couldn't see. >> how you know the shoulders and there will be puddles in their in their ran into one a foot deep damage your car so. >> when you could see it now that one that searing counters marked. and these are all marked off are closed off. so at least you know what you're in for this morning. same thing with watching our reports. you know what you're in for.
7:47 am
>> and john is keeping us updated on what we are in for with the movement of this rain and what he's seeing right now down. yeah, because it's been 2 waves of energy that have worked their way across the bay area this morning, guys. timing of it was certainly the least than ideal part of all of it because what we saw during your morning commute was these waves of rain fall. the first pushing its way further to the east right now. the second just dropping into the east bay having resulted in those very slick conditions. we would love to see this last night when we're sleeping, that was not the case, though looking outside this morning. we do have showers that have made their way heavier rain for that matter from hayward northward into san leandro oakland. it's quieted down a touch for you. 24 from berkeley on over towards walnut creek than especially down between walnut creek in san ramon right there. we have that heavier spot of rainfall. you can see in yellow. also right north of walnut creek up to concord. some heavier spots too. richmond center fell bridge golden gate bridge, bay bridge down to 92 in the dumbarton bridge. we're all looking at wet conditions. you can say the same for the and parking is bridges too. so where's
7:48 am
this wave of energy heading this is that a line of storms. the second wave that is making its way gradually further and further eastward areas like antioch expect an uptick in rainfall round 7 5681 for pleasanton for livermore closer to 8.17 for areas further to the east like discovery bay little closer to 8.30. so you've got some time there. you're going to see the low and rain and then it picking right back up along this line of showers that's working its way to the south bay associated with that same line of energy. the second wave of cold front that's sliding through this morning. stretches along 92 down into the south bay sunnyvale and palo alto. it's pick back up for you. a brief respite in saratoga san jose. you're also seeing it picking back up 2.81. oh, one up through san mateo, very wet half moon bay at the coastline. you guys are also in the midst of it currently as for the east bay already showed you this a second ago but hayward through san ramon on up to concord that line is very evident
7:49 am
right there on the other side of the picture as the second line of showers clears out of the north bay were actually dry for the rest of t%e day from santa rosa up through cloverdale lake county. you're good to go now. northern napa county beginning to clear and nevado. you just cross the cusp of the rain moving out now you've got a dry rest of the day. the same for you in point raise. so it's pretty easy to see where that second wave of moisture has cleared out where we're dry now. guess what? in these spots you're going to draw remain dry through the rest of the day today into tonight into early hours of tomorrow. so now it's just a chance for that rainfall to soak into the ground like it needs to. that's the plus to this heavy area of rainfall that scooting along this cold front is it is a heavy burst of rain and i know the timing was inconvenient, but at least it doesn't last for very long. we get a dry spurred ahead of us starting into the mid afternoon mid morning for areas further southward san jose and tri valley. you will be our last to clear out. well, the north bay you're already starting to clear out. so the rest of the day today.
7:50 am
your good to go. it's your break from the rain after this morning. rain clears out tomorrow afternoon. we'll start to see some showers initially in the north bay spotty showers through the rest of the bay area. after that and then on into sunday morning atmospheric river begins to set up shop across the region that is going to bring a day lose of rain. and it's not just going to be a heavy burst of it like we saw this morning. but through sunday on into early hours of monday. we'll continue to see that heavy rain at times. and that means that your rainfall totals are about to skyrocket by the time we reach sunday into monday. that's when areas like santa rosa will near 7 inches of rain. san francisco, oakland conquered as well as pacifica nearing 4 inches in some spots. so that's the day monday morning. that's going to be really rough if you can work from home that day. it's not the day you want to be venturing out very much up in the sierra nevada during the same time frame. we'll see our snow piling up. that's when winter weather watches will take effect from sunday evening through monday evening
7:51 am
and we will be looking at one to 3 feet of snow piling in the sierra. that's great news because that's where 30% of the state's drinking water through the year comes from snow is the most important aspect of all of this 60's for your daytime highs across the bay today. tomorrow will be another day in the 60's really, as will we will stay all the way through wednesday of next week. morning rain fog clears out this afternoon. we stay dry as i've mentioned through tomorrow into early afternoon. at least sunday and monday, our heaviest of rainfall tuesday. we begin to clear out wednesday and thursday. i think by this point we can call it a well-deserved break from all this rain, rain, a van that will observe break can't come soon enough. we've got those hot spots out there like along the richmond sandra fell bridge. >> where we have an accident. the year we can see traffic how fluctuating a little bit between 15 to 17 minutes. it's been going up and down, up and down traffic collision here. another hot spot. 8, 80 northbound at west tennyson road and overturned tractor trailer. one of our reporters en route to this currently to 38 a good alternate 8.80, all
7:52 am
along there pretty delayed another new accident popping up in oakland. this one 20 for westbound east of claremont avenue. but you had a lot of away flooding along 5, 8080. so you definitely want to take your time as you're traveling through the maze a little under 25 minutes. looks like we a little bright. a lot of traffic backing up over the overpass there. 5.80 in a very slick and wet slowing the air as well. san francisco really flooded along 2 80 northbound at cesar chavez streets. been there all throughout the morning along 2.80 south of bunker hill road. you've got roadway flooding. but in addition to that, you've got major delays along one. oh, one as you're traveling to sam a tail and burlingame because of all the delays were seen along the san mateo bridge. so all of us contributing to what we're seeing as you're heading across towards the peninsula. it looks like you can barely see anything here a little under 23 minutes as you're traveling there. so definitely, definitely. he got to get across towards the peninsula. he had a lot of issues here. that's the time you give yourself a little more a little under 35
7:53 am
minutes. if you're heading into the city via the golden gate bridge looks like. we've got a quick little break from the rain actively coming down in this area. you still that fog. you still got slick conditions, roadway flooding up in the 80 westbound east of that 37 ramp there and a traffic collision in martinez, northbound 6.80, just north of the toll plaza. but look at the highways are looking at a lot of green here. so that's not causing much of the delay. actively tracking your weather and traffic area. james, back to you. thanks a lot, right. okay. a tragic story out of new mexico actor alec baldwin accidentally killed a woman when a prop gun that was supposed to be. >> filled with blanks misfired on the set of a movie. he was shooting. you can see just how distraught he is. >> openly crying. he's talking to someone on the phone is all right after it happened. they were filming this movie on a ranch. and the move to western. yeah. out to western and so is so he had the gun and fired it and they always make sure that these guns
7:54 am
don't go off. something went wrong. horribly wrong and it killed the one woman who is 42 years old, cinematographer yet 42 year lena hutchens. she died. >> now it's and its other yeah. her little baby is about one years old. and then also the director of the film, joel susa. he's hospitalized now. he was injured. yeah. he's from the bay area's born fremont. he's based out of san francisco and he's in the hospital right now. no update yet on his condition. but the movie as daria said, was being shot in a ranch up santa fe, new mexico. they called paramedics took a little while to get out there and get people to the hospital at the investigation still ongoing. no charges have been filed just they're still looking into it believe it or not, where rare. but there have been other accidents in history with those prop guns going wrong. it's 7.54 right now. and we're going to continue with the kron 00:00am morning news. >> looking at the storm that is affecting the entire bay area right now. >> alt
7:55 am
7:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> and a quick look at stormtracker 4 as we get you prepared for our coverage here in the next hour, we got a lot of rain still moving through the bay area with looks like some heavier law showers now moving their way through the east bay out near stay tuned. we've got live team coverage in just a minute.
7:58 am
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major storm rolling through the bay area this morning. heavy rain making for some dangerous driving conditions. >> there's an overturned big rig to tell you about. stay rig to tell you about. stay tuned. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.


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