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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >>for a long hopefully you enjoyed a sunny friday and had little time to do some cleanup because a wet weekend is on the way thanks for joining us this evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis red notice we've got this week is said to be just an appetizer. >>stories still headed our way this weekend.
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>>chief meteorologist lawrence putting on his sting off the water droplets to give us an guys let's get ready to track shoes on get ready for this. >>we're still on course to see a major storm rolling into the bay area today of course we have the rain come through this morning. clouds now continue to drift to the bay area so far but things have calmed down quite a bit from what we had earlier today alright that being said we've got a flash flood watch is now going up for a good part of the bay area along the peninsula all the way into pacifica down to half moon bay, boulder creek and also the clock scotts valley in the north bay flash flood watch is going up to on sunday going to see the chance of flash flooding in many of these areas keep in mind some of these areas in the north they have already seen 8 to 10 inches of rain over the mountain tops and we could see another 8 maybe 10 inches of rain on sunday alone and of
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course that could cause some flooding concerns right as far as floods are concerned this is a general rise in the waters that is posted right parts of a and also into the central valley looking for the possibility of some flooding. most of main rivers are expected to stay within their banks is still early we're still fairly dry. but we could see some of the smaller tributaries, some of the streams and creeks start to go over as we head into that event on sunday as well not to mention also as we've got some very strong winds, here's the forecast by 09:15am in the morning on sunday, this is our future cast when product and you're looking winds of gusting, 4050 miles per hour maybe some 60 mile an hour gusts along the coastline power outages. i think going to be a common occurrence and definitely some trees and power lines coming down across the bay area guys back to you. i thank you large back to you throughout the broadcast crews respond to some of the debris left behind from this morning storm. firefighters in the east bay are using this little break in the action to get ready for the next potential.
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abbott as our kron four's phillipe ports tonight, firefighters in contra costa county say consistent dumping of rain could put an end of the fire season within weeks. >>remains bone dry. we need the rain so badly contra costa county fire protection district fire marshal chris buckman agrees overtake as another really hot spell and some and some northerly winds to start drying things out again bachmann says we're still in the fire season and believes it will take several weeks to determine how helpful this week storms have been encountering drought conditions a few moisture so low that you know really takes a long time before we'll really see think the film oyster go back up and things are to green up in the meantime bachmann says hand crews have been spending this break from wildfires to clear dry vegetation in high fire danger areas, including el sobrante east richmond heights
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and lafayette it's the tall grass that's a concern to us and another good soaking could help quell fire fears so so excited to actually see actually rain rain i thought it might just missed and maybe have a has he has >>drizzle but no one actually dumped on us which is really exciting morning storm did cause some damage trees fell like this one in san pablo but it was quickly cleared by the contra costa county public works department. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news kron 4 help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood just use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code. >>it will take you to download our kron 4 mobile app and there you'll find current conditions live radar up to date forecast from lawrence and much more. >>another big story we continue to follow reaction pouring in after that gas station shooting that killed an alleged robbery critically injured a retired oakland police captain yet today kron
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four's haaziq madyun has the latest details now on percy joyner's recovery. >>retiring in 2019 after 28 years of service in an oakland police uniform now oakland police captain or c joyner for his life at a local hospital they are known for are going to the police department. >>he is probably are the most well known and beloved figure. amongst those who have worn the uniform and the last 3 decades. >>his family is a very beloved family in oakland. >>heartfelt thoughts and prayers from oakland mayor libby schaff and the president of the oakland police officers association officer barry donelan for retired oakland police captain or c joyner thursday joyner suffered multiple gunshot wounds in what police describe as a robbery involving 3 men who approached the retired police captain while he was at the gas pump in west oakland, this is surveillance video of the incident, a shootout followed
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killing one of the alleged robbers joyner suffering multiple gunshot wounds april 3 perfect order if you're on want to go with that again for officer barry donelan describes how 2 opd officers rushed captain joyner to the hospital at 2 officers. >>probably to join or hospital in their own squad car trying to stem. >>got to believe care for him. the same 2 officers did the same thing. 3 weeks ago it one officer shot downtown. this is something you do once in your career we're doing it. every other month it is our job now to assure the public. that we will. conduct all investigations in an unbiased way. bring justice to all victims of gun violence, you know how he's doing today. he's still up there on island is so important. he still
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fight is it. has it made kron 4 news. >>now to berkeley where police there are reminding the public of a $50,000 reward that is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of someone related to the death of serenity henderson. the 19 year-old who you see here from oakland was shot on the night of october 21st 2020. that was on prince street in berkeley. police say the shooting happened shortly before 7 that night they found henderson in a vehicle on prince street between king and harper streets right near malcolm elks elementary anybody with any information on this case get 50 grand is being offered is asked call berkeley police. another potential milestone now as we move to the pandemic in the country's fight against covid today. we learned pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is nearly 91% effective at preventing symptomatic and severe illness in kids ages, 5 to 11 that.
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according to a study released today. >>young children given the low dose shots developed covid antibody levels just as strong as teens and young adults who got regular strength vaccinations if regulators give the green light that will make 28 million elementary school age children eligible for vaccination and the shots could be distributed. starting early november with the first round of kids fully protected by christmas. meantime children are not symptomatic those that the dew count to 10% of our populaton so. >>has made people that we can get vaccinated that is the most important thing so right now we're just waiting for the for her back which is one of the extra money that the fda to review this on october 26. and then again a cip the following week to make sure that everything looks ok and that we authorized this
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remember every single tiny little step we can take to vaccinate everybody is one step closer to ending this pandemic. >>the biden administration is purchased millions of kids size doses more than 25,000 pediatricians and primary care providers have already signed up to get shots into little arms and those who received either the moderna or the johnson and johnson vaccine are eligible for a booster shot now that the director of the cdc has signed off on recommendations from both a cdc panel and the fda pfizer recipients of course got the ok for boosters last month and today santa clara county health officials. >>encourage people not to wait to get that extra shot kron four's dan kerman live at the santa clara county administration building in san jose with more on that than they want folks who are eligible to get
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>>is that very large group out people are eligible for a booster shot, a news conference friday santa clara county health officials encouraged all those eligible, not to wait and get their covid-19 booster shot now what we now know about the vaccines as they're very safe and they're very effective and the protection has waned over time. >>and that's why boosters are now recommended health officials are making the push because right now only 40% of those 65 years of age and older in santa clara county have gotten their booster and that's the most vulnerable group if you're 65 or not we really want you to get out there and kick your booster health officials are also encouraging boosters for those 18 and up in nursing care facilities. those who live or work in high-risk settings and those with underlying medical conditions to the list of underlying medical conditions
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includes everything from being to having high blood pressure to having depression to having diabetes. and so that includes frankly most who are 18 and up then would be eligible for mr. >>when it comes to conserving water. >>plus it's like something out of a movie script the disturbing allegations against an employee at the san jose police department. >>and 7 women are accusing fraternity members of drugging and sexually assaulting them. and a prominent and now in battled california university. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>>for stormy morning. that was
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a nice little downpour overnight last night i was up let's see 4 o'clock in the morning, then things part is that front kind of move by you see the clouds rolling in now, but for the most part, the rain has come doing and and that's nice we need a little break some place in the north bay now over 10 inches of rain across some of the mountains so there's a whole lot more to come doppler radar showing you things are quiet at this time enjoy it while we have it i think tomorrow will watch things begin to pick up a little bit again you'll see it on the forecast model here through the night tonight, fairly quiet and then tomorrow morning we start to see a few showers sneak in the north bay and then as we head toward the afternoon that will spread to the south it's not going to be a washout tomorrow. it will be just scattered showers. now that everything changes as we get into sunday watch how impressive this look this is about as impressive as i've seen a storm in october ever look in here, it comes. there's the atmospheric river a little my goodness look at
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all the callers just lighting up the north bay by 4 o'clock in the morning, very heavy rainfall moving in slow to move out. so you might see another 10 inches of rain in the north bay mountains that's why we're worried about flash flooding, especially over the burn areas, some debris flows a real possibility that expect that to happen and this kind of situation by noon on sunday gets down almost making its way into san francisco you'll san jose is still dry. it will take to the afternoon before that really begins a sweeping the south. and you know what's going on on sunday afternoon. >>they've got the forty-niners playing the colts, they got a big football game out there in prime time and that storm is heading in right when that game begins guys back to you. >>all right lawrence, the chairman of san francisco's republican party says there's no way the party plans to cancel an upcoming visit from congresswoman marjorie taylor greene a green is the highly controversial republican congresswoman, who has been blasted for her past support
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of conspiracy theories, including qanon she is scheduled to appear in san mateo county since she will not comply with san francisco's proof of vaccination requirement for large indoor events. >>kron four's catherine heated is live in the newsroom tonight with the latest on this controversy. catherine. >>yeah, what talk to both the chairman of the san francisco republican party and the san mateo county supervisor who has been a arguing that she should not visit the bay area. period board supervisor david canepa says that greene has spread misinformation about covid he argues her parents could turn into a security problem. he says that progressive protesters will likely show up things could escalate and he says he wants the event shut down. here's how gop chairman john dennis is responding. for some councilman in san mateo you okay. >>now no one showing anything down really begin to wonder about the san francisco
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republican party and their intentions and having someone who is so out of the the mainstream basically professes all he's sort of outlandish conspiracy theories. it's a sad day has said republican party in san francisco has gotten to this point people like this councilman or whatever it is you know who will continue things on until someone actually does come out and commit some violence we're going to meeting were to talk about ideas we're going to agree where we agree. >>we're going to disagree where we disagree and and that's it that's what's going to happen. i mean the party knows better. there's a lot of moderate side. you know i have friends who are republicans and democrats to have someone who has caused so much to this to and to give that person a platform, something tells me that people are afraid of a strong republican woman, there's a fire risk and who can give will fight and ways but the major republican women are expected to fight.
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>>john dennis as the green was not their first choice senate knowledge is that not all local party members agree with her but he says republicans bottom line want to see her he says there will be security measures in place. the host committee by the way is not announcing the specific venue for the november, 6 event until 48 hours in advance. grant and vicki. >>all right we'll see what happens there. thank you catherine. now to a developing story. there is outrage on campus tonight after a usc fraternity. the suspended over an alleged assault that happened at their fried house last month. there were also reports of drugs being placed into women's drinks during a party at that same house that same night at least 7 women have come forward to say that they were drugged sigma nu fraternity parties. >>sandra mitchell reports for us. >>the house on fraternity row appears to be empty, but the young man or men accused in this cannot hide from the
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allegations. the university the lapd and the national chapter of sigma nu now are involved in the investigation. wednesday night the university sent out this crime alert. a student reported that she was drugged something put in or drink and then sexually assaulted that's like disheartening for every girl its on campus and we don't walk around in a place that we are already scared to be walking alone to come to this row and then again be assaulted at least 6 other women later reported they were drugged at the same house on the same night that was in late september that triggered outrage on campus and last night a protest. students swarmed the frat house saying it is part of a widespread problem on campus. >>this is kind of like campus culture, this is what students are doing. >>every weekend and put our post artist. >>upon their 10 and by late this afternoon, some of the protesters had moved down
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fraternity row i have female friends who said their moms and their grandma was like warn them about frat like it's like a generational thing and just like happens over and over over and don't have an issue with people saying abolish greek life because if it's a system that perpetuates rape culture which obviously it has been then like there needs to be something that is change. >>and that was sandra mitchell reporting for us usc will hold a hearing on the alleged assault. >>and if. >>if there are any uh students found guilty they would be expelled la pd also investigating so criminal charges are possible. >>all right now to those prescription drugs. the fda says there is a shortage of 109 drugs medicines needed for cancer heart patients and others issues related to the pandemic are affecting supply availability. the american medical society is calling the problem quote a national health crisis. 3 of the top 5
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shortages or drugs for chemotherapy. heart conditions and bionics. well taking a look at the weather right now a live picture outside the crowd for studios coit tower there. you have some clouds be also have hint of blue there in the sky and it has been kind of an up and down day here in the day more rain is on the way we have the forecast for your neighborhood just ahead. >>and if you like to crack open a cold one this get your attention why the widespread supply shortage issues are now af
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>>to help them installed the system and they're hoping other brewers here in the city will follow suit it takes a lot of water to make beer. >>typical brewery can use up
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to 7 gallons of water to make just one gallon of beer, meaning the other 6 gallons usually goes down the drain starting in january the brewery will send the water used in the beer making process that doesn't end up as beer itself over to this new facility which will clean it so it can be reused recycled water will not be used to make beer but it will be clean enough to do other things like wash tanks and floors and classes it drops the demand for fresh water for doig simple tasks like cleaning and these other things that really don't need probable faulty. >>water for that purpose andrew posner works for cambrian the company that developed the technology behind the water reuse facility actor and environmentalist edward norton is on cambrian is board and says what's happening here at the san francisco brewery should be replicated in other industries industrial uses of water. >>must take responsibility
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recycling that water and using it again period end of story and and it's not just the state of california and the governor that should pay attention to what san francisco is doing here. so should be a national epa. this this should be a national standard what's going on right here the amount of water expected to be recycled annually here at anchor brewery. >>is the equivalent of what 1300 san franciscans use each year maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>another brewing problem to add to the growing list of supply chain issues breweries hit hard by the pandemic and smoke from wildfires are struggling financially. a national trade association is warning these businesses that there will be challenges in getting materials that they need coming from overseas at one brewery in las vegas, a pallet of cans caused about 20% more this year than a year ago. >>still ahead tonight san jose police department has been charged with gun crimes, what he's accused of plotting. and
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what authorities say he had in his work locker. >>plus what we are learning tonight about that accidental fatal shooting on a movie set actor alec baldwin, who pulled the trigger saying tonight. >>and whether you have a whole bunch of rain. this week or if you've got just a little drop in the bucket buckle up the entire bay area. it's about to get inundated high just seen the biggest storm in quite some time is coming. look at the mighty golden gate lawrence will see him next when we come b
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call 1.877.only.att. >>our top story tonight at 5.30 a civilian employee working as a community service officer with the san jose police department has been charged with gun crimes. he's accused of making social media posts advocating killing cops kron four's rob fladeboe has more on the story from san jose. >>san jose community service officer dennis shevchenko is on administrative leave after being arrested this week and charged with possessing illegal guns, including an assault weapon. shevchenko is alleged to have made anonymous post on the web site gab known for its far right extreme ideology said police chief anthony mata at a news conference friday. >>these posting kurds and solicited violent acts against people who do not share the


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