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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 22, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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4 news heading. >> tonight at 8 and incoming storm a's possible power outages for some bay area. residents how people are getting ready ahead of the wind and the rain and the cdc is debating what it means to be fully vaccinated. we're going hear from a doctor. >> about what you may need before you can be considered fully inoculated plus an employee with the san jose police epartment is facing charges tonight after authorities say he may social media posts advocating killing officers. what police discovered when they searched his locker. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 on this friday. i'm pam moore. and i'm ken wayne showers continue to blanket the bay area tonight as northern california prepares for a heavier rains and stronger winds this weekend. we have team coverage tonight ahead of that weather event. >> which has many bay area residents taking precautions. but we want to start with the latest on the storm and what we can expect this weekend. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking the what's going on out there,
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lawrence. yeah, this may turn out to be a historic event. we're going to watch this one very close to them watching this build over the last few days and things are coming together now and it's looking like we're going to see this system really make its way on shore, maybe more of a sunday event. now the time has moved up. usually that's a good sign that that's going to happen. so out there right now we're seeing a lot of clouds, not much in the way of rain right now. kind of tapering off. of course, we started with the rain this morning. a national weather service has issued some flash flood watches. you can see those areas in yellow right along the peninsula. the san mateo county area. the santa cruz mountains expecting some very heavy rainfall, maybe 5, 6, inches of rain into the santa cruz mountains. but it's the north bay that will likely see the most. i think that's where that storm system is going to be hung up early on when first comes ashore. i think we may be talking about 8 to 10 inches of rain across some of the mountain peaks. so we're expecting the main rivers to stay within their banks is still early in the season. something's been very dry. so the russian and also nap or they're going to stay within their banks. but it's a small creeks in the tributaries that
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will likely see rapid rise is unlikely could flow over their banks. of course, the burn areas. that is a major concern as we're likely to see some debris flows from all that rain coming down in a short amount of time to go along with that expecting some very strong gusty winds with this storm system. this one. what's called a bomb cyclone that mean the area of low pressure going to rapidly really deepen over about a 24 hour period that is going to set itself up for some extremely gusty winds. so the entire bay area has been posted under watch that will soon become a warning as we get into sunday morning. that will continue throughout the afternoon and evening on sunday night. here's the forecast for some of those winds as we get toward. sunday at 6 o'clock in the morning. you can already see some of the areas shaded in purple. those winds gusting 40 plus miles per hour as that main front begins to really drive down south working across the bay area. look at the colors all the purples popping up. we're going to see gusts over 50 and likely some 60 mile an hour gust along the coastline, especially the coastal ranges that will
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certainly bring down some power lines, some power outages going to be calm. and i think by sunday afternoon and sunday evening. best now to prepare get all the flashlights, the candles ready, the generators. we're going to see some power losses around the bay area. guys. that's pretty certain with. without a doubt back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you. well, with this big storm on the horizon. we sent kron four's terisa out to find out exactly what people are doing to get ready and she joins us now live from walnut creek with the story to reset. >> hi, ken and pam said the clock is ticking and there are many people getting ready and i went to the states hardware, which is a fabulous place and they gave me a lot of recommendations. >> ready set. go from tarps to candles to oil lamps. the list is lengthy. if you want to be super ready for the upcoming storm. >> so this is a good emergency lighting. if you don't have if your batteries ran out last night runs out you can light one of these and gives full room lighting bob flores. walk
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me around ace hardware in wanna creek showing me what people should consider picking up for this weekend's storm of this is a really cool flashlights that only does it give up a good flight know it was a good light. but if you open it up gives you nice. i thought this gizmo was pretty helpful. battery tester. and like i said, you could view. you can put him in the top mucho show about is a contest. bob says tarps very popular, especially with the gusty winds predicted. and don't forget the rope. you can communities bungee cords. you can use ropes gloves and hand warmers. a good item to pick up the best bet to do get hand warmers to come inside the glove. so keep your fingers warm blankets. extra water jackets ponchos, umbrellas and saidbags. as i said, it is a long list. >> and a very good list. right. so it's better to be safe than sorry. bob was also mentioning that he has an electric stove. so he picks up an extra propane tank that if
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you lose his power, that he can actually use the barbecue to cook for his family thought that was pretty clever. so i have now like a sheet of paper and up. and i'm going to write down a whole bunch of other stuff so that i can pick it up. so i'm ready for the storm on sunday, just in case we lose power, which could possibly happen right. reporting live here and want to create theresa stasi. back to you guys. and the hardware stores probably be busy tomorrow. thank you to reset. preparations are also taking place. it. >> pg and e ahead of this weekend's storm employees air gives a tour of their facilities today while showing us how they're getting ready for the weather. this yard in fremont is where they keep a lot of equipment. they could need to fix storm damage. they're also keeping employees on standby ready to jump into action if they're needed. >> this is really an all hands when we experienced those outages.
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>> pg e is asking customers to follow their lead and be prepared. make sure you have a flashlight with fresh batteries of the power does go out, try to keep the fridge and the freezer doors closed to keep your food cold for as long as possible. and keep in mind that if the power does go out, it could be out for some extended periods of time. >> well, even with the rain coming our way fire crews in the east bay are still preparing for the next wildfire crews in contra, costa county hope the consistent rain will put an end to the fire season within weeks. but until then, most of the east bay remains bone dry. the fire marshal for the contra costa county fire protection district chris bachmann says we are still in fire season bachmann believes it will take several weeks to determine how helpful this week's storms will be in countering the severe drought conditions. so few moisture, so low that, you know, it really akes a long time before. we'll really see things the film oyster go back up and things are to green up. >> in the meantime, bachmann
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says hand crews have been spending this break from the wildfires to clear dry vegetation and high fire danger areas including el sobrante east richmond heights and lafayette. stay with kron 4 for the latest weather in your neighborhood. you can scan this qr code to be taken to a special section on our website. kron 4 dot com. and there you will find the live radar the current conditions and what to expect in the coming days. well, other news now the definition of what it means to be fully vaccinated against covid could change in the future. the cdc director said today that they may need to updates that definition to include a booster shot. >> kron four's amanda hari has reaction from infectious disease experts and when all of this could take effect. >> with booster shots against covid-19 becoming increasingly available. the director of the cdc says they could change the definition of fully vaccinated to include a booster. according to the cdc web site
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about 57% of people in the u.s. meet the current definition of fully vaccinated and only 6% have received a booster. i think the announcement came a little bit prematurely to tell you truth. i was surprised to hear that the fda and the cdc a cip, which is really our mean advisory committee for vaccinations are not at all convinced that everyone needs a 3rd shot, local infectious disease experts agree that this announcement was unexpected. doctor peter chin-hong says he believes the booster dose could move the vaccines from preventing serious illness hospitalization and death to preventing contraction of the disease altogether. >> but with the rollout of the new series. it seems that our strategy now is to use it as a week to prevent transmission of infection from one person to the next right now. boosters are recommended for those over 65 immunocompromised and people in high-risk environments with more than 30% of the country
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completely unvaccinated. >> doctor chin-hong things they need to be the main focus. the reason why i'm worried is because we have difficulty getting. >> millions of americans to get their first shot. doctor chin-hong says the science is always changing. but changing this definition of fully vaccinated could be confusing to people and doctor monica gandhi agrees it will erode trust vaccines even further. and i i really want us to feel confident the texans doctor gundy's says she doesn't see the definition change happening any time soon. luckily, we have multiple layers just like and government for checks and balances and we have multiple. >> organizations that are responsible amanda hari kron 4 news. >> another potential milestone in the country's fight against the pandemic pfizer's covid-19 vaccine is about 91% effective in children between the ages of 5.11. that's according to a study released today, young
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children given the low dose shots developed covid antibody levels just as strong as teenagers and young adults that regular strength. vaccinations. if you regulate ers give the green lights that will make 28 million elementary school age children eligible for vaccination. the shots could be distributed starting early november. but the first round of children fully protected by christmas. >> remember children are not symptomatic as those that that adults, they do council that 15% of our population. so as many people that we can get vaccinated that is the most important thing. so right now we're just waiting for back, which is one of the extra means that the fda to review this on october. 26 and then again, a cip the following week to make sure that everything looks ok and that we authorized this. but remember, every single tiny little step we can take to vaccinate. everybody is one step closer to ending this pandemic.
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>> the biden administration says it's purchased millions of children sized doses more than 25,000 pediatricians and primary care providers have already signed up to get shots into those little arms. >> coming up on kron 4 news just days after employees staged a walkout over his recent special dave chappelle announces a new comedy tour beginning right here in the bay and a new admissions report shows california, lowering its carbon emissions last year. why experts fear it won't last. plus, we'll take a look at how residents near the santa cruz mountains are getting ready for possible mudslides. and heavy rain in the forecast. just how much could you se
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news tonight at 8. of course we're going to check in again on our 4 zone forecast chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. lawrence, we this would be a huge storm any time of year. january, february really unusual. we're getting this so early in the season isn't usual. in fact, we are talking about the atmosphere river, the pineapple express a few years ago. scientists put together a scale for that right now on a scale from one to 5. >> with the one being the least 5 being the strongest this expected to be a category 5 as it comes on shore. so we're not messing around the storm system got to be careful out there. lot of heavy rain coming our way. we haven't seen anything like this for quite some time and just unusual to get in october. but here we go outside tonight,
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the clouds rolling in not much in the way of rain just yet. that will soon change. but look at the rainfall totals even over the last 72 hours. how about this? we had needed rain so badly. then all of a sudden here we go. middle peak in the north bay over 10 inches of rain mount tam 8 inches, even samara fell over 3 and a half inches of rain. the urban areas getting plenty to almost 2 inches in a san francisco over an inch of rain can remember, oakland had just under a quarter of an inch. as of yesterday. and just over a quarter of an inch in san jose. but plenty more to come. all right. tonight, things kind quieting down a little bit. a few scattered showers around the northern parts of the state were getting ready for this next front to move in. this is going to be weak system coming in for saturday to bring a few more showers. our way will be mainly scattered pop-up showers out there right now, but not much. but there will be plenty more to come back tracking the system as we head through time here taking to the weekend by 11 o'clock tomorrow morning to scattered showers. mainly in the north bay and slides across the rest, the bay area.
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so will be a little not going to rain out but will be some scattered showers on and off into the afternoon and evening hours and there we go. we get ready for the main event coming in about 3, 4 o'clock in the morning by 5 o'clock. you're into some major heavy rain in the north bay. some very strong gusty winds not only affecting them but even further south and it's going to be a slow mover. so really through noon. most of that heavy rain stays north of the golden gate bridge and they're going to get pummeled by as much as 8 to maybe 10 inches of rain there. and then finally sagging to the south and moving out of town as we head toward late on monday night and into monday morning. so that's the good news. there's going to continue to move at that thing stalls out. we've got some major problems rainfall totals looking like this. boy, it's going to get impressive in your neighborhoods. how about that? over 7 inches of rain. now the forecast for santa rosa almost 5 inches of rain in the bottle. about 4 inches of rain downtown san francisco. you're going to see higher amounts in the mountain tops. they've already seen over 10 inches of rain in the north bay mountains. they could easily see another 8 to 10 inches in the north. and i think maybe 5
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to 6 in the santa cruz mountains face saying let's the ground kind of soak some of that up because it's just o get a little break in the storms, but you get even this kind of that, then i mean, you're going to have some flash flooding debris flows and we've had all those fires will not only last year this year but 2 years ago we're going to see debris flows. i think in numerous places around the bay area. lawrence, thank u k. now to santa cruz, the santa cruz mountains where there are concerns about debris flow in the czu fire burn scar a scar area. lawrence is talking about this kron four's. gayle ong is live in felton tonight with how people are getting ready for the coming storm. gail. >> salmon. can i check in with local hardware stores. they were busy people buying sandbags and tarps to protect their homes. and i also spoke to a longtime resident who is checking all the emergency preparedness things off his list of roads are expected to be impacted. as you know, a lot of trees in this area of
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the storm could be bringing as lawrence mentioned, a heavy rain, downed trees and power lines. emergency officials out here want people to be prepared. a debris flow signs are up in boulder creek in other areas of concern that are in and around the czu burn scars. >> all eyes, of course, are going to be wet sunday could bring that longtime.resident. i spoke with, he's actually learn from past evacuations from wildfires and floods. >> food and all of this is a case we get stopped not to stay home, make sure you gas, ali. and if you have a ghastly drought we better be filled up because we ended up in a task and era, which is 3 hours from here. for lodging as we could get lodging. we got that far. >> yeah. that resident also said a lot of gas stations ran out of gas during the last big storm and last wildfires last year. so definitely a good day
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saturday to prepare and get your homes ready people here definitely know the drill emergency officials are does urging everyone remind them to sign up for those emergency alerts and also know your evacuation zones as this storm could coming in in the overnight hours, which is always a concerning in this road here tends to build up traffic for up to an hour. there is a emergency shelter that will be set up at the san lorenzo valley high school gym if needed live in felton gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you, gayle. >> a recent report shows california saw a decline in emissions last year. but that same report suggest 2021 is expected to be much worse. the unrelenting cargo surge has brought more trucks to the port. >> and now on a round. the clock bases environmentalist say that is expected to worsen pollution levels as of wednesday. there were 70 ships waiting to unload at the port of los angeles. the port of
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long beach is expected to release its emissions report later this month. another problem is brewing. thanks to the supply chain. problem. breweries hit hard by the pandemic and smoke from wildfires. >> are struggling financially at one brewery in las vegas, a pallet of cans cost about 20% more this year than a year ago. the national trade association is warning these businesses. there will be challenges in getting the materials they need from overseas. raw material. so the malted barley a lot of the barley is malted in the uk and bavaria in germany. >> so those are taking longer to get on freight and over to united states. >> breweries that have struggled financially because of covid shutdowns may also struggle to keep customers coming in. that's in large part due to price increases because of the rising supply chain issues. back here at home comedian dave chappelle announced he will kick off a
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10 city tour at san francisco's chase center next months. announcement comes just 2 days after several netflix workers staged a walkout over his controversial comedy special in the 2 weeks since the special debuted netflix has faced backlash from employees who object to the comedian's comments about the trans community. netflix ceo initially defended the special and chappelle. but he later admitted to missteps and how he communicated with employees over their concerns tickets for chapelle's november 4th show at chase center. we'll go on sale. wednesday at 01:00pm. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 8, a retired oakland police officers still in the hospital tonight after that fatal gas station shooting what the city confirms tonight about that incident. and the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on the texas abortion law next month issues. the justices plan to focus on. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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department has announced an aggressive new program to fight discrimination in lending. a problem department has says has led to generational income inequality among minorities. >> senator le mon has the details. >> the justice department is cracking down on racial lending discrimination. home ownership gap. >> between white and black families is larger today than
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it was in 1960. the department launched a new initiative to fight discriminatory lending practices known as redlining by making far more robust use of our fair lending authorities. the justice department says its civil rights division will partner with us. attorney's office is to try to make fair access to credit a reality in underserved communities initiative represents the department's most aggressive. >> and coordinated effort to address redlining. the justice department also announced the second redlining settlement in 2 months. this time with trust. mark national bank in a case at of tenancy agreement, resolves allegations that trust mark engaged in lending discrimination by redlining, predominantly black and hispanic neighborhoods assistant u.s. attorney general kristen clarke explained that persistent lending discrimination has contributed to generational wealth inequality. the extent of the disparities is staggering. >> the median family wealth of
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the black family is $24,100 compared to $188,200 for a white family. the justice department says no resources will be spared and more legal action to fight redlining will come in washington. >> alexandra limon. >> the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on the texas abortion law on november. the first the justices said today that they will decide whether the federal government has the right to sue over that law. but they stop short of blocking it. the law that went into effect in september bans abortions once fetal heart activity is detected usually about 6 weeks and and before many women even know they are pregnant justice. sonia sotomayor was the only justice writing that she would have blocked that law right now. >> we have more stories coming up for you this hour on kron 4 news at 8 when we return. an employee at the san jose police department has been charged with gun crimes. what
8:27 pm
he's accused of plotting and what authorities say he had in his work locker and ride share company lyft finally releasing a safety report nearly 3 years after pledging to do so. the number of crimes recorded by saying about the safety of now - riders. plus an urgent recall warning the rare and dangerous
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>> let's check our 4 zone weather forecast a live look outside right now. the golden gate bridge very calm. no problems. no rain won't last payments dry. but like you said, it's going to be wet in short order. yeah. this is going to be some kind of event get more and more confident. the timing on this has moved up. usually when some of these storms are going to happen. you start to get pushed back. that really gets me where this one is moving up and that's a good sign that it's going to happen. dangerous, though. the storms that come in, that's going to be a significant rain event right now just quiet out there across much of the bay area. but. >> we're going to see some change. remember, these are warm storms moving in right now as we have been talking about much in the way of snow that likely to change starting by a sunday evening. a monday morning as we're going to see the snow levels really begin to drop right now. there are about 8 to 10,000 feet as we get into a sunday night. those are going to drop maybe down to 65 maybe 5500 feet. so if you're planning a drive in that direction be prepared for
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a lot of snow. you're going to see some of heavy snow across the peaks, maybe one to 3 feet up toward the coastline already seen some big-time swells moving in toward the beaches up to 20 feet high. so got to be careful there. this is going to be a must-see event. you're going to just have to watch the 49 er colts game just for the weather alone. it starts at 05:20pm in the afternoon on sunday. and that's when that storm come roaring in, it's going to be a heavy rain event. a lot of money uniforms out there and gusty winds all around. all right. now kind of quiet out there. just some scattered light showers. some of those begin to move into parts or in parts of right now. that is some very light rain out there. that's all going to let's time it out for you. we head through the weekend tomorrow, a few scattered light showers tomorrow morning. 10:30am, nothing too heavy the rest. the bay area, mostly dry as we head throughout the day, a chance of some more scattered showers, but really nothing. all that heavy that changes, though, as we get into early on sunday morning with that. just after 4 o'clock in the morning. my goodness. very heavy rainfall. you see the orange and the red in the
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north bay. a few showers for the south but not much. and then it continues to linger really north of the golden gate bridge right through noon and that's what makes a dangerous. it is really focused to the north. that is going to bring the heaviest rainfall in the north bay and northern california, maybe 8 to 10 inches the mountains there and then it starts to sag to the south by 3 o'clock in the afternoon address right across the central bay and pushing south and well there for the game. that's moving in the southern parts of the bay area by the afternoon not moving out of the bay area until it looks like late on monday night. so our tuesday night or i should say sunday night before that begins to move on out. so a lot of rain coming our way. flash flooding a real possibility. gusty winds and power outages are very, very likely. thank strong for will have team coverage of the storm when it hits this weekend. be sure to check the latest updates. you can scan this qr code to be taken to a special section of our website there. you will find things such as the radar, the current conditions and what to expect in the coming days to the south bay now
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where a civilian employee working as a community service officer with the san jose police department. >> it's been charged with gun crimes, amid allegations that he made social media post advocating for killing police officers found four's rob fladeboe has more on this story from san jose. >> san jose community service officer dennis shevchenko is on administrative leave after being arrested. this week and charged with possessing illegal guns including an assault weapon. shevchenko is alleged to have made anonymous post on the web site gab known for its far right extreme ideology said police chief anthony mata at a news conference friday. >> these posts encourage unsolicited violent acts against people who do not share the extreme views of the author of the post and included advocating the shooting of police officers after serving briefly as a sworn police officer in 2000, 13. >> the 40 year-old shevchenko was currently working as a civilian community service
8:34 pm
officer assisting with traffic control and other non enforcement duties but did not have standard police officer authority alerted by the fbi's bay area joint terrorism task force police also found a loaded handgun in ship chagos locker at the south san jose substation. >> this incident is unfortunate and i am extremely disappointed. that an employee in our organization. they have harbored and spread these hateful messages. the chief says there's no indication so far that shevchenko was planning to act on his views. >> the gilroy resident is out of custody and charged with 3 misdemeanors thus far. the ongoing investigation will look for other employees who might be harboring similar india elegies. >> i strongly condemn extremist ideologies and hate which have no place in this community. and will not be tolerated. just department. >> the san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news berkeley police
8:35 pm
are reminding the public of a $50,000 reward that's being offered for information on the death of serenity henderson. the 19 year-old from oakland was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting on the night of october 21st 2020 police say the shooting happened shortly before 7 o'clock that night on prince street. she was in the car with her mother and siblings when their car was suddenly boxed in by 2 other vehicles for the driver of one of those vehicles opened fire. anderson was 2 months pregnant when she died. anyone who has information is asked to call berkeley police. >> a big story we continue to follow tonight. reaction is pouring in and about that gas station shooting that left an alleged robber dead and a retired oakland police officer critically wounded. you're watching this surveillance video there of the shooting moments before the shots were fired. we get the latest on this story from kron four's has meant to you? >> you know, i join many, many people in praying 4. a full recovery. >> point. for one long here to
8:36 pm
to pull through. >> heartfelt thoughts and prayers from oakland. mayor libby schaff and the president of the oakland police officers association officer barry donelan for retired oakland police captain or c joyner thursday, joyner suffered multiple gunshot wounds in what police describe as a robbery involving 3 men who approached the retired police captain while he was at the gas pump in west oakland. this is surveillance video of the incident. a shootout followed killing one of the alleged robbers joyner suffering multiple gunshot co 3 order. >> if you're on they want to go that again. order here hopeful officer barry donelan describes how 2 opd officers rushed captain joyner to the hospital, had the presence of mind for fun. hello. i'm in a squad car going to the hospital and trying to get guys that something you might rain far. probably never do in your career in the same 2 officers did this just few
8:37 pm
weeks ago when an officer was shot downtown. in the course of his oakland mayor libby chef says she has no and captain or si joint or for many years. >> his family is a very beloved family in oakland i think many of us. are particularly sad because we've seen for many years, the passion and effectiveness with which captain joyner worked to prevent gun violence from happening. you know how he's doing today. you still up their is so important. he still fight is e. >> has it lead kron 4 news ride share company lyft finally releasing a comprehensive report on the safety of its writers. the report listed 360 allegations of rape between 2000, 17 2019
8:38 pm
4,000 assaults. this report comes 3 years after lyft and rival uber promise to share safety data with the public uber put out its first report at the end of 2019 it reported nearly 6,000 assaults and 460 rapes over a 2 year period. both companies have said a vast majority of their rise. more than 99.9% occur with no safety incidents. >> nasa is releasing images of the rocket it to the moon again. when nasa plans to carry out the first launch. >> and who doesn't like having an entire row. all to yourself on board a plane. well, we have some travel hacks to get you that privacy just in time you that privacy just in time fo the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> wal-mart is recalling thousands of bottles of an aroma therapy room spray that the cdc discovered the brand contains a deadly bacteria infect 2 deaths are being investigated in connection to the better homes and gardens is central to roma therapy room spray with gemstones now believed to have traces of that deadly bacteria. 6 versions of the spray of being recalled and the cdc has posted instructions online for customers who may have purchased this product. >> for your money tonight. if you want the entire row of
8:42 pm
seats on an airplane to yourself. here's a potential to a travel guru from cheap holiday experts claims to know the best way to make that happen. yeah. it is suggested that you choose the aisle and window seats in the back of the plane leaving the middle seat empty between you and your travel partner also go 13 since a lot of people consider that number unlucky chances are that dreaded middle seat won't get books. and if it does, you can ask that person if they want the aisle or window and it works out for everybody. of course, this hack works best. if the flight is not fully booked, then it doesn't work at has for when the best time to book a flight to expedia says he should be buying plane tickets weeks in advance. >> the best time to book domestic flights between 2838 days before your departure international flights should be. but 3 to 4 months in advance. if you're looking to get the best deals possible and to get the best savings they recommend booking flights on a sunday that could save as
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much as 5% on domestic flights and 10% on international flights coming up next on kron, 4 news at 8, a bay area brewery known for its delicious beers is now being recognized for its new wastewater treatment facility. >> the effect anchor brewing plans to have on water conservation.
8:44 pm
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>> anchor brewing. located in san francisco's potrero hill
8:46 pm
neighborhood. it's now home to the largest commercial water, reuse project in the city earlier today, mayor london breed cut the ribbon of the new wastewater treatment facility that now sits across the street from the brewery. >> well, for maureen kelly was at the ribbon cutting and says that new facility is expected to save 20 million gallons of fresh water every year. mayor london breed cut the ribbon at the new wastewater treatment facility that now sits across the street from the anchor brewery. >> she was given a tour along with members of the san francisco p you see which provided a 1 million dollar grant to the beer maker to help them installed the system and they're hoping other brewers here in the city will follow suit. it takes a lot of water to make beer typical brewery can use up to 7 gallons of water to make just one gallon of beer, meaning the other 6 gallons usually goes down the drain starting in january. the brewery will
8:47 pm
send the water used in the beer making process that doesn't end up as beer itself over to this new facility which will clean it so it can be reused. recycled water will not be used to make beer, but it will be clean enough to do other things like wash tanks and floors and classes it drops the demand for fresh water for doing simple tasks like cleaning and these other things that really don't need possible paula. t water for that purpose. andrew posner works for cambrian. the company that developed the technology behind the water. reuse facility actor and environmentalist. ed norton is on. cambrian is board and says what's happening here at the san francisco brewery should be repeated in other industries industrial uses of water must take responsibility. >> recycling that water and using it again, period. end of story and and it's not just the state of california and the governor that should pay attention to what san francisco is doing here. so should nationally pa this.
8:48 pm
this should be a national standard. what's going on right here. the amount of water expected to be recycled annually here at anchor brewery. >> is the equivalent of what 1300 san franciscans use each year. maureen kelly kron, 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> welcome into sports. we took the show on the road tonight. to danville, california. the monte vista high school mustangs taking on the california high school grizzlies on senior night. the mustangs with an arrow 1916 lead right now in the 3rd quarter. but just 6 months ago, the mustangs with a win 6 during the delayed 2020 football season tonight. they're 6 looking for their 7th straight win. >> the big difference. new head coach cj anderson also happens to be a pro bowl running back in the super bowl champion beat holding is completely change the way this
8:49 pm
team operates 2 cornerstones of his program or accountability and hard work and he says his players are responding. >> i mean, we're 6 our plan will want to continue to keep playing well. so it's been fun has been good. but obviously we're trying to win a game more important. i think the biggest thing is discipline. we've been very disciplined. that's how we do. you know where we've been so get up the pound down, get back to this one will be >> discipline. a huge thing. the anderson is talked about with his team throughout the summer and heading into this season. right now they're looking for their 7th straight win. anderson said the reason he got into coaching is because he wanted to make a difference in young people's lives and so far here monta vista. he clearly is doing just that well sticking with football. want to talk about who will be under center for the forty-niners come sunday in their sunday night. football matchup against the indianapolis colts san francisco looking to snap a three-game losing streak in that game as well. today head coach kyle shanahan announced set veteran quarterback jimmy
8:50 pm
garoppolo is expected to start on sunday. rob lowe is set to be a 100% after sitting out the last 3 weeks with a calf strain rookie qb trey lance will sit out on sunday after earning his first ever nfl start just 2 weeks ago. he is still recovering from a left knee sprain. that means third-string qb in modesto, native nate sudfeld will suit up. he'll need to be ready to go with garoppolo fresh off that injury and chan says all of his players will be ready to go and hungry to get a win in prime time. >> i think the guys are get up. i mean, he's on the lose 3 games in a row in this league. you know that he said everybody, it's tough. he is. you put a lot into it and we've had 3 games in a row that, you know, we felt we had opportunities to when we come up short. now, the week off to think about that. so it's been a month guys came back from bye week, probably sick of thinking about other bodies were fresh. we had a great weekend. i think our guys are fired up for sunday night. ready to go out there in front of our fans and i'm ready to do ever since its commercial to chance to feel better about ourselves.
8:51 pm
>> kickoff 5.15, at levi stadium on sunday evening. i also want to mention the san jose sharks 35 to 3 victory over the maple leafs earlier today they improved to 4 and oh, on the season, a very strong start for san jose. that's it for sports for now. we're live in danville will send it back to you. all right. cuyler looks like it was have a good time out there. thank you for that. >> and coming up, we'll take a look at a new national campaign trying to keep senior
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>> take a look. nasa is giving us a new view of a mega rocket that could eventually take astronauts back to the moon. the artemis one is now standing tall with ryan spacecraft on top of it. this is combined. the 2 massive pieces on wednesday making it taller than the statue of liberty. nasa says the space launch system or sls is the only rocket that can bring a ryan astronauts and cargo to the moon and back the first trip will be unmanned. nasa is targeting for that launch next month, but by 2024 they say they hope to get astronauts inside the orion spacecraft. if successful, it would land the first woman and first person of color on the moon. >> the white house massive christmas tree this year will be from north carolina peak tree farm in ashe county was selected for the honor for the 3rd time white house staff
8:55 pm
also selected the tree from that farm back in 2008 2000, 12. this is the 13th time the white house christmas tree has been selected from north carolina this year's tree is a fraser fir. it will stay on the farm until the middle of november when it will be cut down. >> sent to washington, dc, then it will be decorated in the blue room of the white house. but when people go to an animal shelter it for us as they are usually looking for a good fit for their family. but the dogs often not considered are the older dog sudden north bay woman has set out to try to change that. alice main started a national program called saving senior dogs week. >> the goal is to on a national educate the public about to play to senior dogs that are homeless and the joys of the top and think about and build a collaboration on long the few senior dog rescue says there are in the country.
8:56 pm
there are only about probably 40 of us that do strictly senior we get calls. all from people all over the country. and it's been really wonderful. as her collaboration. his bill and new rescues enjoying joined in with us to have to have a place that we can send people to say, you know, and now we have a web site saving to your dog's week. dot org and people can go to that. the web site and learn about the program and the campaign and also there's a rescue. there's a link all the rescue so they can find. >> somebody in their i think we're making a difference. you know that it's good that it's a long process and there are a lot of those out there that really need help and they couldn't get lost in the shelters. lot of people that go to shelters want younger dogs. and so they can get lost the shelters have been really good at reaching out to us senior dogs are amazing. amazing creatures and they grateful and they're loving. and you know, you just. you have a house full of just. >> constant love from that. it's estimated. there are about 14,000 different animal
8:57 pm
shelters in the country. but a family about 40 of them focus on. >> seen, you so want to find out more. go to our website. kron 4 dot com. we have a link to the website to find out how you can help the senior dogs maybe want to adopt one or alice for starting this and it's nationwide for said for about 40 across the country. about 40 right now about 25 or so are part of the senior dog. but last year's like 17 so it's growing every year. good and they hope to have a networks. everybody communicates and helps each other to take care of and we've all had a senior dog. loving they can be yes, absolutely. well. that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8 o'clock. our primetime news continues at the top of the hour is grant lotus and vicki liviakis skies. and happy friday that's >> we're getting ready to just hunker down. enjoy the rain this weekend. a lot of people getting prepared across the bay area for the weekend storm. it is set to bring
8:58 pm
significant rain, strong winds and the threat of flash flooding our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is going to map out the storm's path and let you know when you can expect to see the worst of the rain and just days after netflix workers staged a walkout over dave chapelle's news that special. >> the chase center announcing the comedian will be there next month. what local lgbtq communities are saying about the new tour making a stop in san francisco. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 9.
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